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J. J. Keller & Associates Overview


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J. J. Keller & Associates Overview

  1. 1. Build a SmarterCompliance Program Safety & Compliance Services for Fleet & Transportation Workplace Safety Human Resources 1.888.473.4638
  2. 2. J. J. Keller Business Services Smart Compliance means Eliminating Risk & Saving Lives With industry-specific regulatory expertise, J. J. Keller helps companies eliminate compliance-related risk. Human Our services support three unique work areas ­ — Resources Regulated by transportation, workplace safety, and human resources Multiple — that are complex and subject to strict federal and Agencies state enforcement and requirements. The risks you face may mean exposure to fines and litigation, EEOC scrutiny, or even a fatality. We keep our attention on issues like these to help you develop more robust compliance programs. Our partnership goals with you are clear: Prevent accidents and save lives Lower workers’ compensation expenses Workplace Safety Regulated by Minimize fines & litigation OSHA & EPA Protect your company from regulatory audits Fleet & Transportation Comply with federal & state regulations. Regulated by Department of Transportation (DOT) | 1.888.473.4638 2
  3. 3. J. J. Keller Business ServicesBuild a Compliance Program to Fit Your Company With so many service choices, you can have a tailored compliance program with J. J. Keller. We address your unique needs with a blend of our products, services, and Advisors. When we meet with you to discuss compliance, we’ll work to get to understand your operation — and offer guidance based on your situation. It’s smart compliance. Advisory Services — Have on-site expertise Mobile Technology — Integrate our electronic at your site. Our veteran Advisors go to on-board recorders (EOBRs) to expand your your locations, identify compliance gaps, view of fleet performance, helping you get a recommend corrective actions, review your blended view of compliance and performance. files, and help improve management practices. Automate time-consuming work for accuracy and efficiency. Managed Services — Hand off tough regulatory tasks to our skilled and tenured staff. Our Training On Demand — Use engaging content, specialists provide a real ROI by eliminating real-life scenarios, and the most compelling internal costs and paying close attention to adult learning method to keep informed your compliance. and on top of regulations and important industry topics. Online Services — Take control over your compliance with our line of secure and Publications & Supplies — Keep your employees user-friendly online applications. Well-built and locations current with the latest regulatory dashboards keep you alerted of tasks that news and equipped with essential compliance need attention and provide up-to-date & safety products. regulatory content to support your core areas of compliance. BUILD A systematic process for protecting your company from risk and liability. SMARTER business decisions are achieved with the help of expert assistance. COMPLIANCE is more than a requirement, it’s a competitive advantage. PROGRAM your workforce to foster a unique culture of safety and | 1.888.473.4638 3
  4. 4. J. J. Keller Business ServicesFleet & Transportation Services The road to compliance with the DOT and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration is more complex than ever. Fortunately, we’re experts at fleet compliance and take much of the burden of records management off your hands. Advisory Services DOT Compliance & Safety Management Assessments & Training The mission of our expert Advisors is to Many companies require extra help to achieve ensure your compliance. We review your policies, compliance. We can perform short-term projects documentation, safety records, audit results, — usually in the form of on-site assessments or and compliance practices. We interview your key training — to put you on the right track to addressing stakeholders. It’s a cost-effective way of having compliance gaps. on-site compliance expertise without the overhead of an on-staff resource. Online Services J. J. Keller’s Encompass™ CSA Management Suite™ This service uses extensive fleet data — both driver Improve your safety performance under CSA and vehicle information — to track credentials and with an interactive dashboard that displays your alert you when regulatory work needs to be done so BASIC scores, along with detail to coach drivers you are compliant. Encompass is also the only system and improve safety performance. that integrates with J. J. Keller’s Android™-based mobile technology and J. J. Keller’s EOBR to deliver 2290online performance reporting as well as electronic logs and File your Heavy Vehicle Use Tax, IRS Form 2290, electronic driver vehicle inspection reports (E-DVIRs). electronically 24/7 if you have vehicles with a combined vehicle gross weight over 55,000 pounds. FleetMentor® Its user-friendly layout consolidates compliance Keller Permits™ tools and delivers current and easy-to-read state and Speed up the temporary fuel and trip permit federal regulatory content. The “Personal Assistant” process with our help — permits typically delivered feature let’s you ask our experts any compliance in 1-2 hours, with service 24 hours every day. question. Know where you stand under CSA to address problem areas and access a wide selection RegSense® of training programs that can be customized to fit Get immediate access to information covering your organization. over 1,000 key safety and regulatory topics, including federal DOT, OSHA, EPA, and TDG regulations. RegSense changes the way you access regulatory “J. J. Keller fulfilled their commitment to us! We have material and provides the convenience of up-to-date a safer working environment because we have people compliance information in a single online service. who are trained and knowledgeable.” Tammie Hamilton Chemineer, | 1.888.473.4638 4
  5. 5. J. J. Keller Business ServicesFleet & Transportation Services (continued) Managed Services Driver Qualification File Management Drug & Alcohol Program Management Offload the time-consuming task of centralizing, Have complete program administration in standardizing, and maintaining your driver compliance with Part 382 of the FMCSRs, including qualification files. We’ll manage all of your drivers’ random drug pool management, document auditing, required documents so they’re always compliant. and TPA services. CSA Program Administration Licensing & Permitting Protect your CSA safety rating by having our Save time by having us obtain vehicle licenses specialists collect, audit, and score your fleet and permits, as well as complete renewals for your safety information. We’ll even notify you if your International Registration Plan (IRP), International data needs fixing and we’ll help you fix it before Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), Unified Carriers DOT intervention. Registration (UCR), and mileage tax accounts. DQ Platinum™ Fuel Tax / IFTA Reporting Get a best-practice service by combining Limit your tax liability and audit risk by allowing driver qualification (DQ) management with our our experts to manage your mileage reporting CSA monitoring to prevent Driver Fitness BASIC requirements. violations. Title & Registration Services Driver Vehicle Inspection Report Auditing Avoid the burden of untitled and unregistered Ensure your DVIRs are completed correctly and vehicles by outsourcing time-consuming title and improve vehicle maintenance processes. registration work to us from start to finish. Temporary Permitting Log Auditing Get your oversize, overweight, fuel, trip, and Reduce the risk of Hours of Service BASIC violations mileage permits quickly and accurately. Our by letting our professional log auditors report specialists are available to assist you 24/7. compliance gaps. Mobile Technology “We wanted to work with the experts, so we called J. J. Keller. It would take three employees J. J. Keller Mobile® to do the job that J. J. Keller does.” Manage your fleet with the only solution that offers a blended view of both performance and compliance Lisa Pierce, Fleet Manager data. Using our Android™-compatible on-board Altec Industries recorder, you can automate E-Logs, E-DVIRs, fuel tax reporting, and more for complete fleet oversight. The system is powered by our online service, J. J. Keller’s Encompass. Training On Demand Publications & Supplies Engage your drivers with interactive training Leverage J. J. Keller’s transportation materials to fit primarily aimed at keeping them safe and compliant. your organization’s needs. From custom handbooks Hundreds of topics, tools, and formats to help and private-labeled training videos to inventory them learn. management, we will help you build the right compliance | 1.888.473.4638 5
  6. 6. J. J. Keller Business Services Workplace Safety Services Safety is a mandate. Not only because OSHA says so, but because your brand is at risk when accidents happen. We work to keep your employees safe, protect your brand, and provide resources to make regulations manageable. Advisory Services OSHA Safety & Environmental Compliance Assessments & Training Programs When you need supplementary help to achieve Develop a world-class OSHA and environmental needed compliance levels, we can perform compliance program with J. J. Keller on site. Our short-term projects — usually in the form of on-site compliance experts will tailor a plan that includes assessments or training that takes 3-5 days — regular assessments, training, and management to put you on the right track to addressing review meetings to keep you on a path of compliance gaps. continuous safety improvement. Online Services KellerOnline® OSHA Incident Tracker ™ Reduce accident rates, lost productivity, and Quickly and easily comply with OSHA 300 and workers’ comp costs with the most widely-used workers’ compensation recordkeeping. Provides safety management tool on the web. A full suite step-by-step guidance for filling out forms, tools to of interactive tools help you develop and conduct identify safety issues, and the ability to track trends workplace inspections, train employees, search in your safety program. regulatory materials, create safety plans, track workplace incidents, and more. RegSense® Get immediate access to information covering over 1,000 key safety and regulatory topics, including federal DOT, OSHA, EPA, and TDG regulations. RegSense changes the way you access regulatory material and provides the convenience of up-to-date compliance information in a single online service. “The level of responsiveness is outstanding. Training On Demand They are very patient, nice to work with, and pay particularly close attention to detail.” Rely on essential safety training programs to teach workers about risks and dangers in their Steve LaPorte, Director of Business Operations day-to-day duties. Many of our interactive courses Iron Mountain are specific to work settings and industries. Publications & Supplies Establish a world-class compliance & safety program developed specific to your needs and deployed across your organization. Our regulatory content and product portfolio make it | 1.888.473.4638 6
  7. 7. J. J. Keller Business ServicesHuman Resource ServicesAs the company gatekeeper for employee hiring, benefits, compliance,and training, the HR professional wears many hats. Our job is to makeyour life easier. Managed Services FMLA Program Administration Drug & Alcohol Testing Service Reduce the burden of managing FMLA so you can Leverage our deep experience in helping focus on other priorities. Our compliance experts companies implement a drug-free workplace. Our understand leave regulations, guide you through pre- and post-hire programs and management allow the process of determining and tracking leave, and companies of all sizes to effectively test employees. work directly with you to oversee communication Accurate, efficient, and confidential program and documentation. management. Background Checks “The ways we use Prospera are endless. From a Turn to us for a variety of background checks to assist in your hiring process, as compliance and efficiency standpoint, Prospera well as for management and reporting tools has helped tremendously.” to help you view and understand results. Maria Charping, Director of Human Resources Select Energy Services Online Services OSHA Incident Tracker ™ Prospera® Quickly and easily comply with OSHA 300 and Manage the core areas of your HR program and workers’ compensation recordkeeping. Provides handle complex regulatory tasks with this powerful step-by-step guidance for filling out forms, tools to web-based tool. Use it to: identify safety issues, and the ability to track trends Maintain compliant employee records in your safety program. (FMLA, OSHA, VET-100, EEO Reporting) Manage Affirmative Action Plans FMLA Manager ™ Manage recruiting, hiring, and evaluation Track FMLA leave quickly, accurately, and practices consistently. Continually updated with the latest Evaluate FLSA compliance and pay structure requirements, this online service offers simple Develop HR policies, job descriptions, ways to: and handbooks Track federal, state, and company-specific leave Attend webcasts, access experts, Determine leave eligibility based on your criteria and train employees. and each state’s FMLA laws Schedule intermittent or continuous leave Generate reports on status, usage, action items, and more. Training On Demand Publications & Supplies Give employees the training they need to ensure Tailor our employee handbooks, signage, labor their safety and compliance. Our range of topics law posters, and compliance communications to fit cover areas such as discrimination, employee your needs. We can help you establish and manage orientation, sexual harassment, substance abuse, a program that delivers accurate and consistent and much more. compliance information to all | 1.888.473.4638 7
  8. 8. Truly Reliable Services You can confidently build your compliance program around our breadth of services. We bring our reputation and our credibility to the table. After all, safety and compliance has been our business since 1953. We deliver: Compliance Experience Services Across Platforms Nearly 40 in-house regulatory subject-matter People, technology, systems. We bring them experts monitor regulations, provide interpretations, together to provide you with options — whether you write and publish articles, and answer hundreds of face regulatory enforcement or are going through compliance questions every day. a company merger. Compliance with DOT, OSHA, The average J. J. Keller associate boasts over and other agencies requires acute attention to 10 years of company experience. For our clients, this regulations, and that’s what we deliver. translates to accurate, personal, and skilled service regarding any regulatory challenge. Loyalty Over 200 J. J. Keller Client Service Representatives work with our business partners every day. Our customer loyalty is over 95% — and we didn’t get there by accident. We are serious about consistently exceeding expectations. Results 300,000 businesses — including 90% of the Our track record is about helping companies Fortune 1000 — trust J. J. Keller to help them stay run safely, be compliant, and reduce or eliminate safe and compliant. penalties. We’ll even prepare your materials and represent you in the event of an audit or intervention. We make safety & compliance our business, so you can focus on yours. Our family-owned organization has been at it for 60 years and counting. When you want a partner to help you build a smarter compliance program, there’s one name you can always trust. Robert KellerMarne Keller-Krikava ChairmanVice President — James J. KellerStrategy & BusinessPlanning President (CEO) 1.888.473.4638 Rustin Keller Vice President — Business Services 60 ©2012 J. J. Keller & Associates, Inc.® 418670-122