Spaceport America Economic Development Plan


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Spaceport America Economic Development Plan

  1. 1. Commercial Space Committee Briefing February 10, 2011 1
  2. 2. Regional Economic Development • Local Contractor • Regional Economic Outreach & Development Services Development •NMSA •Local EDOs • NMSA Procurement •NM Econ Dev Dept • Operators •NM Partnership • Local EDOs •Commercial space • Chambers of Commerce 1. Contractual 2. Industry committee • SBDCs Services Development • Industry & Trade Assns 3. Tourism & 4. Research & •Experience Visitor Development / Development Experience Education • FAA Commercial Space •NMSA / Virgin Center of Excellence •NMSU Hospitality & Arrowhead • NMSU •Chambers of Commerce, • NM Tech CVBs • National Labs •SBDCs • WSMR •Colonias Promotores Assn •NM Incubators Assn 5. Workforce Development 6. Infrastructure Development 2
  3. 3. Economic Development Structure• SCEDO and MVEDA are primary partners with NMSA.• Partners to draw on expertise as necessary for specific projects, ongoing activities for each cluster.• Ensure regional focus and collaboration.• Our goal is for the opportunities to be owned by the communities in partnership with NMSA. NMSA is committed to partnering with the Communities!! 3
  4. 4. Contractual Services• Contractual Services Purpose – Identifying opportunities from NMSA operational RFP’s • Local Contractor Outreach & Development – Conduct outreach strategy with • NMSA Procurement • Operators local chambers and EDO’s • Local EDOs • Chambers of Commerce • SBDCs 1. Contractual – Expand and grow local businesses • Industry & Trade Assns Services to respond to RFP needs. – Reward Prime Contractors for partnering through subcontracts with NM Businesses by the evaluation matrix. Connecting Local Businesses to Real Opportunities! 4
  5. 5. Operations Services1. Protective Services: 2. General Services: 3. Technical Services: • Fire rescue • Facilities Maintenance • Ground Safety • Medical/EMT personnel • Janitorial • Flight Safety • Visitor Security • Ground Vehicle Maintenance • Mission Planning • Customer/Industrial • Groundskeeping • Airspace Management Security • NMSA Fuel Handling • Scheduling • Law Enforcement • Airfield Maintenance • Crisis Management Bidder Registry on Pre-proposal conferences held Dec. 1st; 60+ companies, 100+ attendees Site Walk held Dec. 2nd; 80+ attendees RFPs Award Extended late May 5
  6. 6. Business Industry Days• Industry Event Participation • Doña Ana County – 65+ Local Business Booths – 50+ Prime Contractors • Sierra County – 40+ Local Business Business Booths – 50+ Prime Contractors• Contractual Services Area Progress – Extensive Coordination: • Defined the RFP work services • Developed Business Registry established online • Organized Industry Events in Doña Ana and Sierra County • Outreach and Marketing the Industry Event – Working Groups: • Doña Ana County Industry Event – Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce / CSC (Pam Wood and Wayne Savage) – MVEDA (Davin Lopez) • Sierra County Industry Event – SCEDO (John Mulcahy) and NMSA (Gary Whitehead and Jerry Stagner) 6
  7. 7. Contractual Services• Upcoming Activities – Greater Las Cruces Chamber of Commerce • Luncheon April 21st, 2011 – Spaceport America participation • Business Networking Social – Local Community Businesses – Spaceport America participation – Hispano Chamber of Commerce • Foreign Investment Trade Mission – March 18th, 2011 – New Mexico Space Grant Consortium • Student Launch Program • SL5 – Friday, April 1, 2011 More Educational and Engaging Activities 7
  8. 8. Industry Development• Industry Development Purpose – Identifying opportunities related to supply chain needs from Spaceport Tenants • Regional Economic Development Services •NMSA •Local EDOs – Recruit new tenant and fulfillment •NM Econ Dev Dept responsibilities for companies •NM Partnership •Commercial space committee relocating to NM 2. Industry Development – Develop Regional Lead Sharing System – Develop comprehensive response packages to new industry needs within the region. • Site Locations • State and Local Incentives Working Together on a Regional Recruitment Effort!! 8
  9. 9. Industry Development• MVEDA and SCEDO partnership with NMSA• State Economic Development Department participation• Emerging industry operators – Mixture of different type and size of operators – Interviews for parameters and requirements• Currently recruiting a half dozen real leads• Conduct Site Selection, Marketing and Fulfillment Requirements Focused and Organized Approach to Recruiting within Southern NM
  10. 10. Tourism and Visitor Experience• Tourism / Visitor Experience Purpose – Organize a regional strategy for identifying opportunities to expand local tourism related businesses 3. Tourism & Visitor •Experience Development Experience – Create a regional matrix and gap •NMSA / Virgin analysis of Tourism assets •NMSU Hospitality & Arrowhead •Chambers of Commerce, CVBs •SBDCs – Provide the recruitment and fulfillment •Colonias Promotores Assn •NM Incubators Assn responsibilities for companies relocating for tourism and NMSA visitor experience needs. Preparing our Region for a Robust Tourism Experience 10
  11. 11. Tourism and Visitor Experience• Qualifying Visitor Demographics – Forecast currently shows 500,000 visitors – Currently conducting additional research of demographics• Virgin Galactic ASA Forum – Date: Oct 4th and 8th, 2010 – 75 Top Global Travel Agents – Focus Group Feedback and Analysis• Tourism Asset Matrix and Gap Analysis – NMSU graduate student compiling an asset matrix – Matrix to define: • Category of Assets: – Hotel, Restaurants, Tour operators, visitor experiences, etc. • Quality of Assets • Location of Assets Building a Tourism Assessment for Southern NM 11
  12. 12. Research & Development/ Education• R & D / Education Purpose – Identify opportunities related to the research, development and testing specific equipment and 4. Research & Development / components to enable growth Education • FAA Commercial Space within the region. Center of Excellence • NMSU – Establish regional curriculum to • NM Tech • National Labs incorporate within the local • WSMR education system for elementary, middle school, high school, community college and university levels. Educating the Future Generation 12
  13. 13. Economic Development – R & D/ Education• Enabling Technologies for the Region – Fly Back Booster Technology – Propulsion Technology – Carbon Composite Manufacturing – Research and Development in Ultra light materials – Space based Telecommunication Capabilities – Rocket Motor Manufacturing – Advanced Payload Processing – Advanced Operating Concepts – CubeSat / NanoSat Technology• Education Focus – Develop Applied Learning opportunities with local educators • Annual Student Launch Program – Develop Internship opportunities – Sync Spaceport needs with Local Education System Enabling the new commercial space industry in Southern NM
  14. 14. Workforce & Infrastructure Development• Workforce Development – Preparing a skilled workforce to support all four quadrants within this new industry in Southern New Mexico 5. Workforce Development – Define skills required to educate and train new and existing NM residents to work within the new industry – Connect the local workforce to new businesses in the aerospace industry• Infrastructure Development – Identifying the required infrastructure needs to support all four quadrants 6. Infrastructure Development – Define specific needs and work with regional planners to appropriate necessary funding for infrastructure requirements – Organize the regional leadership to construct the infrastructure