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Feedback From Tourism Pros


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Feedback From Tourism Pros

  1. 1. 150 ASAs in over 40 countries. Handpicked from the best travel agents in the world. Extremely well travelled – luxury, adventure, high-end. Will be helping VG customers with New Mexico travel. Already wanting to promote the destination.
  3. 3. “ I had not been south of Albuquerque before as I really didn’t think anything exciting was there. I was pleasantly surprised!!!”
  4. 4. “ Surprise would sum it up for us. It’s rare to visit a new destination and not realise how much the place has to offer.”
  5. 5. “ The people more than anything blew me away. The immense hospitality was something I did not anticipate and should be used to their advantage.”
  6. 6. “ Gorgeous scenery and rich in history from the wild west to space.”
  7. 7. “ I was just amazed at how much history they have about space and rocketry. This is the perfect place for Spaceport America.”
  8. 8. “ This was an amazing evening. The food, the people, The Pelham House...this is the kind of place I would put my clients”
  9. 9. “ TorC knows how to throw a party! The music was great, the food delicious, the townsfolk exceptional.”
  10. 10. “ The State will have the highest (Spaceport America) and the deepest (Carlsbad Caverns) so it will soon be one of the most remarkable States in the USA.”
  11. 11. “ The New Mexico Museum of Space History is one of the best space museums in the country.”
  12. 12. “… this was a highlight of the trip. The people of Hatch went out of their way for us. We felt truly welcomed.”
  13. 13. “ I really want to go back to New Mexico when I have kids so I can teach them about space history. And about American history.”
  14. 14. “… from alien beer to homemade soup, the smell of wooden furniture & deep fried onion rings, VIP greetings and a live band. The people of Hatch filled us with their great hospitality and friendship.”
  15. 15. “… experiencing the history & beauty of New Mexico, leading us along the way to finally seeing Spaceport America was incredible.”
  16. 16. “ Wow, wow, wow! Words cannot describe this experience, Spaceport America was the highlight of the entire trip.”
  17. 17. “ This is an experience we will remember for the rest of our lives.”
  19. 19. “ They need to pull all efforts in the same way and maybe learn from other areas that have undergone similar development.”
  20. 20. “ I hope they keep the character of the area and build experiences around that.”
  21. 21. “ Dream big. Not having ‘luxury’ is ok as long as you offer a ‘true’ experience.”
  22. 22. “… it’s a chicken and egg situation. Some locals understandably don’t see the need to invest in improving or adding services when there is no immediate demand, yet when the demand comes it may be too late.”
  23. 23. “ A beautiful part of the State. I think with some improvements to hotels and transportation, my clients would have a wonderful time there.”
  24. 24. “ Tell them to please be one community as visitors don’t care about individual counties – they are all an integral part of what makes up south-western New Mexico.”
  25. 25. “ Coordinate websites and marketing. There is a lot out there but it’s disconnected.”
  26. 26. Warm, friendly hosts. All the elements required to attract tourism are here:
  27. 27. Warm, friendly hosts. Scenic beauty & natural assets. All the elements required to attract tourism are here:
  28. 28. Warm, friendly hosts. Scenic beauty & natural assets. All the elements required to attract tourism are here: Unique & exciting attractions.
  29. 29. An (almost) ready-made facility that the whole world is anticipating.
  31. 31. Areas for Improvement: Hotels
  32. 32. Areas for Improvement: Hotels Transportation
  33. 33. Areas for Improvement: Hotels Transportation Service
  34. 34. Areas for Improvement: Hotels Transportation Service Sales & Marketing
  35. 35. Areas for Improvement: Hotels Transportation Service Sales & Marketing PR
  36. 36. Areas for Improvement: Hotels Transportation Service Sales & Marketing PR Cooperation
  37. 37. It’s not as hard as it seems… Luxury doesn’t have to mean the Four Seasons. People want genuine life experiences and New Mexico is full of them.
  38. 38. Inspire small businesses that keep the character of the people and places intact. Quality can be high and experiences rich without huge investment. YES NO!
  39. 39. Don’t try to be something you aren’t. Work with what you have. Which is a lot. YES NO!
  40. 40. Polish the service but don’t lose the character. Upgrade the hospitality but keep it authentic. Incentivize businesses to improve. WORK TOGETHER. CREATE AN IDENTITY. Combining resources & talent saves money, time and is more effective. Consumers will understand the offering better. People will find you more easily.