TowerXchange Meetup Africa 2013 Final Programme Agenda


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Network with the top 200 decision makers in the African telecom tower industry at the TowerXchange Meetup, taking place on October 1 and 2, 2013 at the Birchwood Hotel, Johannesburg

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TowerXchange Meetup Africa 2013 Final Programme Agenda

  1. 1. The TowerXchange Meetup facilitates dialogues between operators, towercos, and investors to accelerate tower transactions, while examining the impact on the supply chain and showcasing innovations proven to reduce opex. This unique event features small group, round table sessions dedicated to key infrastructure sharing topics or regions, enabling you to tailor your agenda to your learning and networking objectives. A unique, invitation-only gathering of the top 200 decision makers in the African tower industry Meetup Africa 2013 October 1 and 2, Birchwood Hotel, Johannesburg developed by Media and association partners:Diamond Sponsor: Silver Sponsors: Bronze Sponsors: Register now at Questions? Call Annabelle on +44 7423 512588
  2. 2. <Ahjeeth Jaijai, Investec <Daniel Lee, Managing Director, Intrepid Advisory Partners <Christian Skaanild, Partner, Capital International Private Equity Funds <Eric Crabtree, Senior Investment Officer, IFC <Gilles Tre-Hardy, Lazard <Nina Triantis, Managing Director, Global Head of Telecoms & Media, Standard Bank 5:20 Close of Day one 5:30 Operator and towerco only drinks reception 6:30 Main drinks reception 8:00 Dine-around (evening meal is not included in your registration fee) Day two, Wednesday 2 October 9:00 How towercos are valued: public towerco valuations and private market M&A multiples <Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets 9:20 Towerco keynote panel: <Inder Bajaj, CEO, Helios Towers Nigeria <Chuck Green, CEO, Helios Towers Africa <Alan Harper, CEO, Eaton Towers <Fazal Hussain, CEO, SWAP International TowerXchange Meetup Schedule | TowerXchange Issue 3 | XX| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com2 Day one, Tuesday 1 October From 8:00 Registration and coffee 9:00 Welcome and opening remarks 9:10 The current state of the African tower industry and forecasts for the next three years <Kieron Osmotherly, Founder & CEO, TowerXchange 9:40 Mobile network operator tower decision makers panel: <Michel Faivre, Directeur Programme Partage d’Infrastructure AMEA, Orange <Douglas Lubbe, Group Executive: International Business Development, Vodacom International <Tim Knowles, Head of M&A, Etisalat 10:40 Morning coffee and networking 11:00 First structured networking round table 12:20 Networking lunch 1:40 Second structured networking round table 3:00 Afternoon coffee and networking 3:20 Investor keynote panel: <Chris Gabriel, Senior Adviser, Macquarie and former CEO, Zain Africa <David Porte, Vice President, International, SBA Communications 11:00 Morning coffee and networking 11:30 Partner selection shootout 12:30 Networking lunch 2:00 Third structured networking round table 3:20 Afternoon coffee and networking 3:40 Case study: the launch and expansion of TowerCo of Madagascar <Laurent Roineau, General Manager, TowerCo of Madagascar 4:00 Where value is being created and where value is being destroyed in the African tower industry <Andrew Snead, Managing Partner SSA, Delta Partners <Fede Membrilla, Managing Partner and Head of Corporate Finance, Delta Partners 4:20 Summary and closing remarks <Kieron Osmotherly, Founder & CEO, TowerXchange
  3. 3. TowerXchange Round Table Ropics and Expert Hosts How our structured networking round tables work Each “Round table” is a 80-minute structured networking session assembling participants in groups of 8-10, brought together by a common regional or topic matter interest, and arranged so each group ideally, includes 1-2 MNOs,  1-2 towercos, an investor, advisor, OEM or managed service provider, energy equipment and a static asset or RMS manufacturer. Country-specific round tables Country focus: Tanzania Hosted by Norman Moyo, CEO, Helios Towers Tanzania Country focus: Nigeria Hosted by Fazal Hussain, CEO, SWAP International Country focus: South Africa Hosted by Keith Boyd, Managing Director, Eaton Towers South Africa Country focus: DRC Hosted by Jeff Schumacher, Chief Commercial Officer, Helios Towers DRC How to reduce opex Business models for buying and selling energy by the kWh Hosted by Bob Hurley, VP MEA, Eltek How to efficiently implement intelligent power systems Hosted by Bill Bubenicek, Managing Director, Clean Power Systems ‘Real’ asset management - how to identify the capital investments that deliver the best RoI Hosted by Jannie van Rhyn, General Manager, Inala Infrastructure Intelligence Optimising the relationship between towercos and hybrid systems suppliers Hosted by David King, CEO, Flexenclosure How to protect your sites from theft of fuel and equipment Hosted by SiteOne How to progress from reactive to proactive maintenance Hosted by Satish Kulkarni, CEO, Invendis How to conduct a green power feasibility study Hosted by Satish Kumar, Africa Project Manager – Green Power for Mobile, GSMA Mobile for Development How to conduct a green power feasibility study (repeat session) Hosted by Areef Kassam, Director – Infrastructure, GSMA Mobile for Development How to build a separate P&L for each tenant Hosted by Asher Avissar, CEO, AIO Systems | TowerXchange Meetup | 3| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com2 Jonathan Atkin, Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets Inder Bajaj, CEO, Helios Towers Nigeria Eric Crabtree, Senior Investment Officer, IFC Michel Faivre, Directeur Programme Partage d’Infrastructure AMEA, Orange Chris Gabriel, Senior Adviser, Macquarie and former CEO, Zain Africa Chuck Green, CEO, Helios Towers Africa Alan Harper, CEO, Eaton Towers Fazal Hussain, CEO, SWAP International Ahjeeth Jaijai, Investec Daniel Lee, Managing Director, Intrepid Advisory Partners Douglas Lubbe, Group Executive: International Business Development, Vodacom International Tim Knowles, Head of MA, Etisalat Fede Membrilla, Managing Partner and Head of Corporate Finance, Delta Partners Laurent Roineau, General manager, TowerCo of Madagascar David Porte, Vice President, International, SBA Communications Christian Skaanild, Partner, Capital International Private Equity Funds Andrew Snead, Managing Partner, SSA, Delta Partners Gilles Tre-Hardy, Lazard Nina Triantis, Managing Director, Global Head of Telecoms Media, Standard Bank Our speakers and panelists will include
  4. 4. Upgrading passive infrastructure and extending networks Tower strengthening and power system upgrades for multiple tenants Hosted by MER Telecom Buyer beware: is the cheapest price the lowest total cost for passive infrastructure products? Hosted by Anni Boddington, CEO, TESA Africa How to audit the tenancy capacity of legacy towers from a structural and power systems perspective Hosted by Gary Staunton, CEO, Likusasa How to make rural communications commercially viable Hosted by MER Telecom + special guest How to make the economics of rural connectivity work by combining low cost, low power base stations with community power and value added services Hosted by Dion Jerling, Director of Special Projects, Connect Africa Health, Safety and Security Health, Safety and Security Working Group I: Policy Practice Hosted by Marnus van Wyck, Managing Director, EMSS and Nick Summers, Director of Director of Compliance and Safety, Helios Towers Africa Health, Safety and Security Working Group II: Access Control and PPE Hosted by David Meganck, Founder COO, Acsys and Hemmant Sapra, President, Karam Tower strategy How towercos achieve SLAs Hosted by Glyn Sowerby, General Manager – SMC Operations, Quintica How to measure and improve Tower Cash Flow Hosted by Udhay Mathialagan, Chairman, Tarantula How to measure and maximise performance and the achievement of SLAs Hosted by Laurentius Human, CEO, Inala How to overcome the perceived country risk, political risk and operational risk of operating towers in frontier markets Hosted by Monty Simus, CEO and Chris Lundh, COO, Frontier Tower Solutions Opportunities to buy, sell or build smaller portfolios of less than 300 towers in Africa Hosted by Nathan Foster, CEO and Mike Powers, Legal Director, Atlas Tower How to negotiate the SLAs and MLAs that underpin tower transactions Hosted by Natasha Good, Partner, Freshfields How to structure a tower carve out Hosted by Andrew Doyle, Managing Director, Communications Technology, Mott MacDonald Structuring African tower transactions: which type of transaction works best? Hosted by Jeff Eldredge and/or Robert Dixon, Partners, Vinson Elkins The investibility of African telecom towers Hosted by Nina Triantis, Global Head of TMT, Standard Bank How to engage key group and local stakeholders at operators to improve the chances of closing tower transactions Hosted by Chris Gabriel, Senior Adviser, Macquarie; Chairman, Clean Power Systems Former CEO, Zain Africa How to raise capital for tower transactions Hosted by Alex Leigh, Business Development Director, Helios Towers Africa Beyond passive infrastructure sharing Business models for towercos to move beyond passive infrastructure sharing into FTTT, transmission sharing and active infrastructure sharing Hosted by Hallgeir Juliebo, HSJ Partners Active RAN sharing is coming, is your tower strategy future proofed? Hosted by Nick Elverston, Partner, Herbert Smith Freehills How will African operators and towercos need to evolve for LTE? Universal licenses and wholesale infrastructure sharing Hosted by Lars Stuber, Head of Engagement Practice, Managed Services, Ericsson | TowerXchange Meetup | 3| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com4
  5. 5. Optional post-Meetup workshops | TowerXchange Meetup | 5| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com4 11:15 How to raise capital for emerging market tower transactions This workshop will explain how to demonstrate the investibility of an emerging market telecom tower transaction. We’ll explore the financing options available given the risk, size of investment, hold and potential returns of investment in emerging market towers. We’ll consider the relative cost, availability and appetite of debt, private equity, development fund and infrastructure fund finance. And we’ll examine tower portfolios from an investor’s perspective in terms of country risk, regulation, competitive environment, the credit worthiness of anchor tenants and the key components of potential Tower Cash Flow (TCF) in terms of tenancy ratios, demand and capacity for additional tenancies, and operating costs. How to secure a terms sheet to demonstrate your ability to finance a winning bid The due diligence investors will conduct on your business and on your prospective tower transaction What you need to know about the documentation that underpins a towerco investment What level of gearing will investors permit towercos to reach before they wait for proven results before investing again? Thinking ahead: refinancing and exit strategies 2:00 How to maximise the value of passive infrastructure through the sale and leaseback of towers This workshop will explain how to structure a tower transaction to meet your organisational objectives, and how to drive the strategy for the sale and leaseback of tower assets. Operators able to bring their tower assets to market in a timely manner can secure first mover advantage and a premium valuation, while those left behind risk their towers becoming stranded assets on their balance sheets. Defining your objectives, including the balance of capital release and opex reduction The information you need in your data room How towercos conduct due diligence to evaluate tower portfolios Identifying the best deal structure to meet your needs: operational leases versus sale and leaseback versus retaining a stake in a joint venture What you need to know about the documentation that underpins a tower transaction How to solicit and negotiate bids Priorities after the deal has been agreed – what needs to be done during the ‘run period’ and who should do it Thursday 3 October, 9:00 - 4:30 Light lunch and refreshment breaks provided 9:00 The implications of 3G or 4G deployment for tower operators Whilst mobile penetrations are reaching high levels in some African countries, all expectations are that there is still considerable growth remaining across the continent. The growth in penetration will come through providing voice and SMS services to currently unconnected people; something which 2G technologies can easily accommodate. As experienced all over the world though, there will also be significant growth in data use, particularly given the generally limited reach and capabilities of fixed infrastructure. 3G and 4G technologies will be needed to meet this demand. However, there can be very different drivers and outcomes when deploying 3G/ 4G compared to 2G. This workshop will seek to explore some key areas that may impact tower operators. What are the technical underpinnings of 3G and 4G (in particular), and why is this important to towercos? How far will 3G/ 4G deployment reach, and how can towercos assist? What capacity densities might be needed, and can/ will towercos offer more than macro sites? Will there be any impact due to Single RAN solutions, and can towercos maintain their revenues? Will active shared infrastructures be deployed, and what might the implications be for towercos? About your workshop host Daniel Lee is the “rainmaker” of African towers, having worked on eight different tower transactions, advising mobile operators such as MTN, Millicom and Cell C. Daniel has also worked closely with a number of independent towercos, including assisting them in raising capital to finance transactions. Daniel recently left Citi to form Intrepid Advisory Partners – an independent advisory firm focused on the tower industry. Your workshop hosts Andrew Doyle, Managing Director, Technology Communications Practice, Mott MacDonald and Dave Tanner, Director of Technology Strategy and Design, Mott MacDonald 4:30 Close of workshop day
  6. 6. TowerXchange’s unique structured networking round tables Partner selection shootout in Progress Small groups of buyers recieve 5 minute demonstrations 200 Director, VP and C-level Decision makers broken down as follows: Mobile Network Operators Towercos Investors and Investment Management Advisors Lawyers and Strategic Consultants Energy Equipment Providers OEMs Managed Service Providers Static Assets (10), Access Control Monitoring and Management TowerXchange roundtables bring together 8-10 representatives of different segments of the tower industry ecosystem, brought together by a common geographical focus or hot topic. There are 3 roundtable sessions at the Meetup, each new roundtable “reshuffles” the decision maker-level participants at your table so you will meet several different prospective partners. | TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com6 | TowerXchange Meetup | 5
  7. 7. Backhaul, FTTT, Core Network Active equipment Tier 1 OEMs Mobile Network Operators Investors: private equity, debt finance, infrastructure funds Law firms | TowerXchange Meetup | 7 Group level strategists C-suite network planners at local OpCos Outsource to Strategic consultancy Due diligence Demand forecasts Valuations Independent Towercos Sell co-locations Upgrade capacity Build-to-suit Maximise uptime Reduce opex Invest in network Transfer assets to Construction services Turnkey infrastructure rollout Manufacture of steelwork Import, customs delivery Leasing permitting Installation of towers Upgrades for capacity OM services Dynamic assets Energy equipment Diesel genset Solar Wind Fuel cell Batteries Rectifiers Inverters Line conditioning PIUs Air conditioning Lightning protection Controller Voltage regulator Managed service providers ESCOs Static assets Towers masts Shelters Brackets Enclosures Lighting Fencing 0M services Maintenance Staffing Spare parts VMI? Refueling Energy as a service Monitoring management RMS Intelligence/analysis Site management Job ticketing Asset lifecycle platform Access control Subcontract Microgeneration Community power Subcontract or in-house Outsource to Somebecome towerco Tower Industry Value Chain Investment management advisors TowerXchange serves the African tower community along two intersecting axes. On a horizontal axis we facilitate relationships between MNOs, towercos, investors and their advisers, aiding the structuring of deals and the transfer of assets. On a vertical axis, we examine the impact on, and opportunities for, the passive infrastructure supply chain, whether they sell to MNOs, towercos or through OEMs. How TowerXchange ensure an audience of decision makers Many of our clients complain that similar events have failed to deliver genuine decision makers; that won’t be the case at TowerXchange. The TowerXchange Meetup is exclusively for Director, VP and C-level decision makers. If registrants are substituted, we will only accept replacement registrants of equal or greater seniority than those pre-approved. Through our passive infrastructure focused journal publication and research, TowerXchange have cultivated relationships with 3,052 (at time of press) decision makers in African towers, 85% of whom are at Director, VP or C-level. More importantly, we have personal relationships with the 200 or so individuals with genuine strategic and procurement decision making responsibilities. The TowerXchange Meetup has been requested and designed by the top decision makers in African towers, so you can be confident that the vast majority of those key contacts will be at the event. Who will you meet | TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com6
  8. 8. Sample of registered delegates to date at the TowerXchange Meetup | TowerXchange Meetup | 5| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com8 Africa Chief Commercial Officer, DRC Helios Towers DRC CEO, Helios Towers Nigeria Chief Marketing Officer, Helios Towers Nigeria CEO, Helios Towers Tanzania Senior Manager: MA, MTN Directeur Programme Partage d’Infrastructure AMEA, Orange VP, Business Development, SBA Communications Vice President - International, SBA Communications Group CTO, Smile Communications CTO, Smile Communications General Manager, Stelekom Global Network Ltd CEO, SWAP International Director Real Estate Consulting South Africa, SWORN Senior Manager, Telkom Mobile Executive, Telkom Mobile Executive, Telkom Mobile Managing Executive, Telkom SA SOC Ltd General Manager, Towerco of Madagascar Chief Technology Officer, Vimpelcom (Telecel Zimbabwe) Business Performance Partner, Vodacom Manager, Network International Operations Support, Vodacom Group Executive: International Business Development, Vodacom International Investors and advisers Head: TMT Coverage, Absa Capital / Barclays Partner, AT Kearney Investment Analyst, Capital International Partner, Capital International Private Equity Funds Managing Partner, Ergos Energy Head - Telecom, Media Technology Group, IFC Investment Banking Specialist, Investec Consultant, Investec Senior Advisor, Macquarie Managing Director, Mott MacDonald Director of Technology Strategy Design, Mott MacDonald Head of Africa, Mott MacDonald MD: Energy Infrastructure, Shanduka Group MD, Global Head of Telecoms Media, Standard Bank Investment Banking Credit Manager, Standard Bank Managing Partner, SSA, Delta Partners Managing Partner and Head of Corporate Finance, Delta Partners Partner, Herbet Smith Freehills Managing Partner, HSJ Partners Managing Director, Intrepid Advisory Services Merger and Acquisitions, Lazard Partner, Vinson Elkins Africa Project Manager, GSMA Mobile for Operators and towercos CEO, Africa Towers (Airtel’s towerco) Operations Director, Africa Towers (Airtel’s towerco) Key Accounts Manager, Africa Towers (Airtel’s towerco) CEO: Africa, American Tower Head: Power Solutions, American Tower CEO, Atlas Tower Legal Director, Atlas Tower Special Projects Director, Connect Africa CEO, Eaton Towers Managing Director, Eaton Towers Kenya Business Development Director, Eaton Towers South Africa Group Corporate Finance Operator, Econet Wireless Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Etisalat Director - Valuations MA / Corporate Strategy, Etisalat Chief Operations Officer, Frontier Tower Solutions Chief Executive Officer, Frontier Tower Solutions Chief Commercial Director, Globalcom Group CEO, Helios Towers Africa COO, Helios Towers Africa Business Development Director, Helios Towers Africa Director of Compliance and Safety, Helios Towers
  9. 9. | TowerXchange Meetup | 9| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com4 Energy solutions VP CEO, Ascot Area Manager, Ascot Managing Director, Clean Power Systems Market Strategy and Planning Manager, Cummins Managing Director, DAQs Europe VP MEA, Eltek Regional Sales Manager, Eltek Managing Director, SSA, Emerson Network Power VP of Global Marketing, Emerson Network Power Sales Manager, Enatel Global Accounts Manager, FG Wilson VP Strategy, Flexenclosure CEO, Flexenclosure VP eSite, Flexenclosure Head of Emerging Markets, Gildemeister Director, SSA, Heliocentris RMS and site management systems CEO, azeti Network VP Sales and Marketing, azeti Network Executive Chairman, Tarantula Sales Director EMEA, Tarantula Marketing Manager, Tarantula General Manager: SMC Operations, Quintica Strategy Director, Quintica Global Key Account Manager, HMS Industrial Networks Founder CEO, Invendis VP Business Development, Invendis Co-founder and CEO, AIO systems VP Sales, AIO systems VP Marketing, AIO systems CEO, Galooli General Manager, Infrastructure Intelligence, INALA CEO, INALA Sales Director, Qowisio, Commercial Director, Telemisis Towers and components Channel Manager, Dialight Head - Telecom and structures, Ganges Internationale Co-Founder, President and CEO, Geostrut CEO, Intelli Towers Ltd Marketing Manager, Orion Head of Business Development, TESA Africa CEO, TESA Africa Sales Manager, International, Valmont Site Pro 1 Export Sales Manager West Africa, Valmont Structures Others Founder, Acsys COO, Acsys Managing Director, Anzac Cables Wire President Africa, Ceragon, VP, CHANNEL IT NIG LTD. Managing Director, EMSS Consulting President, PN International (Karam) Chief Executive Officer, Site Acquisition Services Development Director of Infrastructure, GSMA Mobile for Development Managing Director, RBC Capital Markets Turnkey infrastructure and managed services CEO - Africa, Alkan Country Manager, Alkan Sales Account Manager, Alkan Director Business Development, Camusat Deputy CEO, Camusat Member of the Board of Directors, HOI - MEA Infrastructure Sharing Project Manager, HOI - MEA Country Manager, HOI - MEA CEO, Leadcom Business Development, Leadcom SVP, Lemcon CEO, Likusasa Managing Director, Likusasa, Divisional Director - Group Sales, Likusasa VP Sales and Marketing, MER Telecom Regional Director Africa, MER Telecom Head - Projects Strategy, NEWL Business Development Manager, NEWL Managing Director, Reime East Africa Chief Marketing Officer, Reime/ACME Managing Director, Reime/ACME Deputy Sales Director, Sagemcom Energy Site Management Product Manager, Sagemcom
  10. 10. 28 guaranteed, qualified introductions‘How to’ advice from proven practitioners Your trusted community host and commentator Dedicated to passive infrastructureDecision makers only An aid to shortlisting / receiving RFPs 4 structured networking sessions assemble participants in groups of 8, brought together by a common regional or topic matter interest, and arranged so each group includes 2 MNOs, a towerco, investor, advisor, OEM or managed service provider, energy equipment and a static asset or RMS manufacturer The main TowerXchange Meetup is supplemented by ‘how to’ workshops, tackling topics from how to structure a tower transaction to the implications of 3G and 4G, while the business leaders from MNOs, towercos and investors will debate hot topics in unmissable panel discussions The TowerXchange Meetup draws on the credibility, original research and comprehensive relationships with African telecoms infrastructure decision makers who read our renowned journal While other events increasingly focus on devices and VAS, TowerXchange maintains a laser-beam focus on passive infrastructure Access to the TowerXchange Meetup is by invitation- only. Our 200 attendees are vetted for decision making authority (Director, VP and C-level only), and the ratio of buyers to sellers is carefully managed Shootouts: we take groups of buyers on a tour of our expo to receive 5 minute demos from the leading vendors – a unique way to accelerate partner selection due diligence and shortlist RFP recipients What makes TowerXchange Meetups unique Join the TowerXchange community at our exclusive executive retreat in Johannesburg where our unique, networking-driven “unconference” will facilitate tower transaction deal-making, accelerate buyers’ partner selection due diligence, and provide passive infrastructure equipment and service providers with dozens of highly qualified new prospects. | TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com10 | TowerXchange Meetup | 7
  11. 11. Respecting confidentiality yet revealing what’s really going on Enjoy networking with 200 VIPs Tower transactions are highly confidential, so the TowerXchange Meetup is held under “Chatham House Rule” and our unique roundtables, private meeting space and informal receptions will enable you to discreetly discuss and advance strategic partnerships After our first venue sold out, the TowerXchange Meetup has been moved to the Birchwood Hotel, South Africa’s largest independent hotel and conference centre. Conveniently located near the international airport, the venue is surrounded by numerous shopping attractions as well as 3 golf courses and a casino. The must-attend event for tower industry decision makers AfricaCom and Mobile World Congress are great events for general networking, but they increasingly focus on devices and VAS, not towers and passive infrastructure. Of the 200 passive infrastructure providers most active in Africa, only 15 exhibited at AfricaCom 2012 – that’s 5% of 292 listed exhibitors. Only 20 passive infrastructure providers exhibited at Mobile World Congress – that’s 1% of their 1,700 exhibitors. The TowerXchange Meetup is 100% devoted to passive infrastructure. It’s 100% decision maker level: only Director, VP and C-level are permitted to attend. And our ratio of buyers to sellers is carefully controlled. TowerXchange Passive Infrastructure footprint AfricaCom: 5% passive infrastructureMobile World Congress: 1% passive infrastructure Devices VAS footprint Mobile World Congress footprint Africacom footprint TowerXchange: 100% passive infrastructure | TowerXchange Meetup | 11 For our exhibitors, “all booths are created equal” at TowerXchange – you won’t be swallowed up into the shadow of the huge exhibits of deep-pocketed big brands – at TowerXchange everyone gets the same size turnkey booth, which means vendors are shortlisted to receive RFPs purely on the basis of their ability to meet buyer requirements. The TowerXchange Meetup has been designed to incur low logistics costs – there’s no need to ship anything to the event – all the materials you will need will fit in the hold of the plane you fly in on. | TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com8
  12. 12. With special thanks to the TowerXchange “Inner Circle” About TowerXchange TowerXchange is your independent community for operators, towercos, investors and suppliers interested in African towers. We’re a community of practitioners formed to promote and accelerate infrastructure sharing in Africa. TowerXchange don’t build, operate or invest in towers; we’re a neutral community host and commentator on African telecoms infrastructure. The TowerXchange Journal is free to qualifying recipients. We also provide webinars and regular meetups. TowerXchange monetizes this community through hosting annual Meetups and the sale of advertising, without compromising editorial integrity. TowerXchange was founded by Kieron Osmotherly, a TMT community host and events organizer with 16 years’ experience, and is governed with the support and advice of the TowerXchange “Inner Circle” – an informal network of advisors Our informal network of advisers: Chuck Green CEO Helios Towers Africa Michel Faivre Directeur Programme Partage d’Infrastructure AMEA France Telecom-Orange Fazal Hussain CEO SWAP International Nina Triantis Managing Director, Global Head of Telecoms Media Standard Bank Jeffrey Eldredge Partner Vinson Elkins Ayman Al Adl Associate Director – TMT Standard Chartered Bank Torsten Esbjørn Regional Director, Africa Ramboll Gary Staunton CEO Likusasa Group Alan Harper CEO Eaton Towers Riana Donaldson Manager: International Network Operations Support Vodacom Laurentius Human CEO Inala Andrew Doyle Managing Director Tech Comms Practice Mott MacDonald Natasha Good Partner Freshfields Ahjeeth JaiJai Consultant Investec Rajat Malhotra CEO, Middle East Africa Hayat Communications David Meganck Founder COO Acsys Daniel Lee Managing Director Intrepid Advisory Partners Adeel Bajwa Senior GM of Legal Affairs and Contracts Warid Telecom Inder Bajaj CEO Helios Towers Nigeria Chris Gabriel former CEO, Zain Africa Senior Adviser, Macquarie Group Chairman, Clean Power Systems Areef Kassam Director of Infrastructure GSMA Mobile for Development Tunde Titilayo Vice Chairman SWAP International Zouhair Khaliq Consultant, Executive Director Warid Telecom, Former CEO, Orascom Int’l Investment © 2013 Site Seven Media Ltd. All rights reserved. Neither the whole nor any substantial part of this publication may be re-produced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted by any means without the prior permission of Site Seven Media Ltd. Short extracts may be quoted if TowerXchange is cited as the source. TowerXchange is a trading name of Site Seven Media Ltd, registered in the UK. Company number 8293930. | TowerXchange Meetup | 9| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com12
  13. 13. TowerXchange exhibition floorplan | TowerXchange Meetup | 13| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com10 Networking area Acacia room Silverleaf room Main entrance and Registration kitchen Main conference room Oak room VIP lounge HTA meeting room ToiletsKitchen Kitchen Foyer Patio Veranda 15 10 14 13 12 11 23 24 25 26 27 151617 18 19 20 21 22 1 2 6 5 4 3 9 8 7 Helios Towers Africa Helios Towers Africa (HTA) is the leading independent telecom towers company in Africa. HTA builds and manages shared telecom infrastructure, delivering improved efficiency and reduced costs for operators and their customers. Helios Towers Nigeria, an affiliate of HTA that was launched in 2005, was the first independent tower company in Africa. In 2010, HTA pioneered Africa’s first sale/ leaseback transaction with the acquisition of Millicom’s network of tower sites in Ghana. HTA currently owns and manages 3,500 towers and has operations in Ghana, Tanzania, the Democratic Republic of Congo and a sister company in Nigeria, with new operations under development in several other African markets. DIAMOND SPONSOR: Outdoor networking area 1 Eltek Group 2 azeti SiteOne Lemcon 3 Quintica 4 FLEXENCLOSURE 5 Inala Technologies 6 HOI-MEA 7 ACSYS 8 tarantula 9 TESA Africa 10 Invendis 11 GILDEMEISTER energy solutions 12 Ganges Internationale 13 Telemisis Ltd 14 TowerXchange 15 AIO Systems 16 GeoStrut 17 LIKUSASA 18 Sagemcom 19 QOWISIO 20 Ascot Industrial 21 ACME 22 Clean Power Systems 23 MER Telecom 24 ENATEL ENERGY 25 ALKAN CIT 26 Leadcom Integrated Solutions 27 Emerson Network Power
  14. 14. Our sponsors | TowerXchange Meetup | 11| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com14 Eltek Eltek are committed to meeting the power needs of our customers. For more than four decades Eltek has provided power solutions for telecommunication networks globally. Our systems cover the entire range of power requirements; from small to very large, meeting all the power needs of the telecom industry, in both fixed and mobile networks. Our broad range of rectifiers and converters comply with all international standards and requirements.  Eltek’s high efficiency solutions and new, innovative designs help the industry achieve the objectives of combating climate change whilst remaining competitive, by reducing energy spend and environmental impact. Eltek have offices in more than 40 countries and business in more than 100. Our presence and expertise is close to each individual market we serve. This enables us to truly understand the needs of each market and provide solutions and services specifically adapted to local requirements. Telecom Hybrid Solutions  Eltek’s hybrid solutions are based on the HE technology for optimal utilization of all energy resources. By combining solar or wind energy input with smart generator control and optimally dimensioned batteries, the scene is set for dramatic OPEX reductions and a positive environmental impact. Mott MacDonald Technology and Communications Consulting Mott MacDonald’s specialist consultants make technology and communications infrastructure projects work. We are an integrated team of strategic advisers, technical experts and project managers driving and delivering major telecommunications and IT projects around the world. We work with you to make connections happen.  We are a specialist division of the Mott MacDonald Group, one of the world’s largest employee-owned companies, with 14,000 employees, principal offices in nearly 50 countries and projects in 140. Whether you are a public-sector organisation or commercial business Mott MacDonald can help you build the connections your citizens and customers demand, and ensure you harness the value of your technology and telecommunication investments. SILVER SPONSOR: SILVER SPONSOR: Site One SiteOne, developed by azeti in collaboration with Lemcon, is the most comprehensive solution to monitor and manage remote Sites. The 360o approach enables businesses to centralize the management of traditional IP-based systems with operational processes, creating a unique and centralized platform to improve the operational efficiency, reduce OPEX costs and consolidate multiple technologies in a single interface. With state-of-the-art appliances made in Germany and software designed by experienced telecom and network engineers, operators will be able to remotely manage the most extensive number of components and devices than any other solution could offer, like Environmental Control parameters (temperature, humidity, power consumption etc.), Security (video surveillance, theft detection for fuel, assets and other elements etc.), Access Management (access via camera, pin-pad solutions etc.) and Passive Monitoring (battery and rectifier monitoring, fuel status, energy logging etc.). SiteOne. Site Management. Made Intelligent. developed by SILVER SPONSOR:
  15. 15. transducers, business applications, systems integration, product engineering, Installation, maintenance, 24X7 Global Monitoring IT infrastructure services. Invendis pioneered customizable Front End Monitoring controlling equipments, which helped Towercos to roll out Monitoring Energy optimization solutions in shortest possible time. Invendis has a global footprint with over 25,000 installations spread across Asia, Africa Europe. Acsys Acsys is one of the global leaders in cell tower access control solutions. Our patented, military-grade solutions fill the industry gap for highly secure, remote | TowerXchange Meetup | 15| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com12 HOI-MEA HOI-MEA is a leading company in GSM full turn key industry field in Middle East, North Africa and Gulf Areas. Since its establishment in 2001, the company has always strived for the highest quality innovated products, which contributed to several projects’ success. HOI-MEA offers technical solutions from Antenna Supporting Structures, Rapid deployed Mobile Permanent Solutions, Decorative Structures (Pine Tree, Palm Tree, Flag Pole…) and Passive Cooling to Hybrid Power Solutions. HOI-MEA was the first company to get the right to provide IS service in Egypt, that lead up to signing agreement with Vodafone Egypt to build-to-Suit for 150 Sites in Delta region. Our sponsors Bronze Sponsor: Bronze Sponsor: site access management.  Acsys offers a combination of solutions that are wired, wireless and/or wire-free to gain access to any site under any circumstances. European-rooted, with an innovative team from around the globe, and the benefits of China-based production, Acsys stays at the forefront in designing cutting-edge security and staff management solutions at a competitive price.  Our programmable locks and keys have earned recognition from Africa’s leading telecom operators, tower management companies, and equipment providers. Bronze Sponsor: Invendis Invendis Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. was started in 2007 by people with more than 100 man years of experience in Telematics. Today, we are a global leader in the business of Remote Monitoring of Telecom Towers. Invendis designs and delivers technology-enabled business solutions that help Telcos Towercos to offer uninterrupted services to their clients. Invendis also provides a complete range of Remote Monitoring Energy Optimization services by leveraging our domain and business expertise. Our offerings span front end equipments, sensors, Bronze Sponsor: TESA Africa TESA Africa are specialists in steel fabrication and manufacturing, supplying Operators and telecoms/ renewables infrastructure companies in Africa with a broad range of steel products, including: towers and pylons palisade and mesh fencing solar support structures generator cages general fabrication of all types of steel A partnership with Ramboll Telecom for optimized and site specific tower designs provides the industry
  16. 16. | TowerXchange Meetup | 13| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com16 with a bundles of steel products for BTS, from one source. Highly rated in customer surveys for quality, service and price by networks, OEM’s and sub contractors, TESA pride on extraordinary service and creativity with focus on quality product and long term relationships. Our sponsors Our exhibitors Bronze Sponsor: Vinson Elkins RLLP Vinson Elkins is one of the oldest and largest international law firms, with over 700 lawyers located in 16 offices around the world. Our global telecommunications team has extensive experience advising on specialist international telecoms and telecoms infrastructure transactions. We have extensive experience in Africa, advising on telecoms transactions in numerous countries. Our telecommunications advice includes acquisitions and disposals, debt and equity financing, infrastructure development, operational arrangements, regulatory matters and dispute resolution. We also have significant experience and expertise in the negotiation and drafting of sale and purchase, debt and equity financing, master lease, build-to-suit, site management and service level arrangements; and have played a prominent role in complex fibre transactions. Flexenclosure Flexenclosure is a specialist developer of hybrid power systems and prefabricated data centres for the ICT industry. The company provides systems that are fully integrated, modular, factory tested for reliability, adaptable to local conditions and quick to install. With local offices in Africa, the Middle East and Asia and over 9,000 product installations in more than 50 countries worldwide, Flexenclosure has unique experience and a proven track record, especially in sub-Saharan Africa. eSite is a portfolio of energy-efficient hybrid power systems for base station sites and can deliver a 90% reduction in diesel consumption, CO2 emissions and energy-related OPEX compared to traditional diesel based systems. Ganges International Private Ltd. GIPL (Ganges Internationale Pvt Ltd), started in 1991 manufactures and supplies Tower for Telecommunications, Windmills, Power Transmission Distribution and Railway Electrification. The Company has earned the reputation for timely delivery, quality and total reliability of its tower installations. At the core of its reputation lie GIPL’s team of committed, skilled and experience professionals who will oversee the A-Z of your tower installation. Tarantula Tarantula’s platform is the worldwide industry standard for co-location and tower lifecycle management. It is used by leading telecom operators and tower companies, in both emerging and developed markets, to manage in excess of 350,000 telecom towers globally. Tarantula’s platform includes a comprehensive range of capabilities: site-finder, asset and lease management, project and document management, operations and maintenance and mobile field-force solutions. Importantly, it provides a configurable approach to these capabilities – drastically reducing customisation costs and time – and provides smart, industry-relevant dashboard reporting. Increasing numbers of customers, internationally, leverage this platform to increase co-location, control expenses and achieve superior asset returns. Bronze Sponsor:
  17. 17. Our exhibitors GIPL has a production capacity of 50,000 MTPA (Metric Tons Per Annum) and galvanising capacity of 54,000 MT per annum. Expertise: Tower design, Manufacturing Supply 100% own manufacturing for all products ISO 9001: 2000 certified We provide all types of Towers – Angular, Tubular Hybrid Products: Poles – 3 m to 9 m Accessories Roof Top Towers – 9 m to 30 m (We supply both Angular Tubular) Accessories Ground Based Tower/Green Field Tower – 5 m to 100 m | TowerXchange Meetup | 17| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com14 Inala Technologies Founded in 1996, Inala Technologies has achieved an increasing level of customer satisfaction, and market share, due to its ability to innovate and to provide trustworthy solution platforms for mobile networks. Inala Infrastructure Intelligence is a service designed to effectively and efficiently optimise, maintain and manage passive assets. The service correlates technical and financial data with performance data through the collaboration of systems, processes and people. The resulting reports allow for the efficient management of AIO Systems AIO Systems is a solution provider of next generation of remote management, monitoring and control systems for critical unmanned sites. Offering customized infrastructure management solutions, AIO’s products are designed for telecom, infrastructure, power and water utilities, urban infrastructure, and others. AIO’s total site efficiency solution offer 34% OPEX Emerson Network Power Emerson Network Power, a business of Emerson, maximizes reliability, deployment speed and operational efficiency for communications networks and data centers. A trusted industry leader in smart infrastructure technologies, Emerson Network Power provides innovative, rapidly deployable solutions that deliver efficiency and uncompromised reliability regardless of network demands. Emerson Network Power offers expertise in AC DC Power, renewable energy, precision cooling systems, infrastructure management, integrated racks and enclosures, power switching and controls. Our solutions are supported globally by local Emerson Network Power service technicians. Learn more about Emerson Network Power products and services at: infrastructure which helps to improve asset availability and utilisation while providing effective decision support. Inala Infrastructure Intelligence is independent of hardware or software systems that might already be in place, such as Inala’s own SAM (Site Asset Management) solution. Clean Power Systems Clean Power Systems (CPS) is focused on the implementation of efficient, intelligent power systems for African mobile networks.  Our solutions provide customers with savings in excess of 60% on operating expenses associated with maintaining passive networks.  In addition to supplying our proven systems for both on- grid and off-grid (AC and DC) systems, CPS also provides software solutions to optimize the power system audit design process, while providing cost-benefit analysis, allowing customers to make informed decisions to maximize return on investment in the shortest possible timeframe.  CPS continues to develop and improve our systems, software and methodologies to help our customers achieve their intended results.
  18. 18. | TowerXchange Meetup | 15| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com18 Our exhibitors reduction to telecom tower operators, allowing them to manage every asset and every tenant individually. Capable of monitoring all infrastructure aspects –power, environment, communication, access control and security – AIO Systems manages a modular configuration fit for the clients’ needs, in full automation, and providing timely alerts via a variety of communication channels. With powerful protocol implementation, AIO Systems ensures organizational business continuity and provides much more control and monitoring power – at a far lower cost. Mer Telecom Mer Telecom provides end-to-end Wireless Infrastructure Turnkey Solutions – from network planning, site design and provision of towers, to site construction, equipment installation, network optimization and maintenance. Combining cost effectiveness, short lead times and advanced engineering techniques, we are strongly committed to client satisfaction. With a highly developed logistics chain, advanced tower manufacturing facilities and an extensive network of warehouses, our solutions are flexible and scalable, providing measurable benefits for customers. Our strong presence in Africa enables us to leverage the combined in-depth regional knowledge of local partners with our industry acknowledged engineering expertise for our customers’ benefit. developed a modular and flexible solution designed with the principle to provide a smart and flexible power solution with the minimum initial capex, at in the same time, to be able to expanded gradually in conjunction with the acquisition of additional tenancies. The Modular DC-HPU is suitable to power from one to three BTS of up to 2 KW, it has an engine capable of supplying power up to three banks of batteries, so the main change to accommodate multiple tenants is to add extra battery stacks. We also enable metering to bill each tenant for their own energy consumption. Likusasa Focused on the Sub Saharan Africa market since 1995, Likusasa is a specialist project service provider offering innovative solutions to the telecoms, transport and resources sectors. Infrastructure solutions include turnkey site build, upgrades and designbuild ICT facilities such as MSC/ BSC, DC and CLS. Likusasa deploy conventional, modular and light steel building systems and which include HVAC, fire, BMS and power systems. Energy solutions include diesel generator, PV Solar, hybrids, DC power systems, site utility power up to 33kV and electrical upgrades.   Telecommunication services include radio, MW, VSAT Telemisis Telemisis manufactures the SiteProTM telemetry, remote monitoring and automation solution for all business sectors; our specialisation being mobile operators and tower owners. We have delivered full site management systems, including power optimisation, fuel management, electricity metering, facilities/environmental management and machine/equipment control in harsh and demanding locations since 2000. Telemisis manufactures the industry’s smallest, most flexible and cost-effective remote telemetry node “SiteNode”. SiteNode units provide interfacing and data collection capabilities from a wide range of standard devices and sensors that may already be deployed or will be added. Coupled with Telemisis’ back-end server systems we offer standard or bespoke total solutions. Ascot Modular hybrid power technologies for tower operators Modular and flexible energy solution specifically designed for independent tower operators, who want to enter into multi-tenancy agreements with different telecom operators. ASCOT, a leader in Hybrid Solutions, has studied and
  19. 19. and optical networks, WiFi networks, remote monitoring, IBS, rural communications and transmission solutions. Geostrut GeoStrut has developed a unique carbon fiber lattice tower that achieves the strength and durability of a steel tower at 80-90 percent less weight and 20 percent less cost. Its non-corrosive, non-rusting towers are easy to install and transport to remote locations, and have lower maintenance costs than alternatives. The global ecosystem is in favor of light-weight, cost effective non- steel towers and GeoStrut is the only solution today to meet such stringent specifications. Enatel Energy Enatel Energy delivers an expansive portfolio of configurable systems designed to meet every telecommunication network power requirement. Solutions offer flexibility and scalability, by way of hot pluggable combinations of modular Rectifiers, Inverters, Converters, Solar/Wind Chargers and encompass advanced energy management. Enatel’s SYNERGi hybrid solutions include unique patented generator control capabilities allowing dynamic optimisation to accommodate off-grid site variables so ensure the highest levels of network uptime, ease of deployment and OPEX savings. Renewable energy inputs can be integrated simply and blended intelligently. Enatel Energy offers renowned support, reliability, and Qowisio Qowisio is a french company based in Angers which provides all-in-one solution dedicated to monitor all site aspects related to AC, DC, hybrid energy, fuel, solar stations, security with main objectives to help operators manage sites energy, security with more intelligence capability. This is a «PlugStart» solution, very easy to install. It can be connected wirelessly or via cables. The solution is managed via a large scale web application, enhanced to support various functionalities. The concept of the solution has been proven to be highly effective in managing sites environment, reducing energy opex, increase availability of network, secure critical sites. Sagemcom French high-technology group with an international dimension, Sagemcom is a worldwide leader in telecom networks and the energy management. Thanks to these expertises, but also through its strong presence in Africa with 17 subsidiaries, Sagemcom has already deployed more than 1,500 radio sites and more than 27,000 km of optical networks in Africa during the last 20 years. The alliance of its expertises allows offering turnkey networks solutions: feasibility study, design, survey, equipment supply, civil works, active/passive equipment installation and commissioning. Sagemcom operates on markets of broadband, management of documents, telecom and energy. With a turnover of about 1.3 billion Euros, Sagemcom employs 4,600 people on five continents. | TowerXchange Meetup | 19| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.comXX Our exhibitors | TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com16 Quintica Quintica is a multinational ICT specialist organisation, offering integrated services and technology solutions into the Enterprise and Mobile Network Operator markets. We assist you in creating, understanding and aligning technology alongside the overall business environment spanning People, Processes and Technology. Our solutions are lead by recognised frameworks such as ITIL®, eTom and ISO. Quintica offers specialist software solutions, both our own and third party, to support the desired business outcome. Our SITE products are based on the BMC product suite supporting every aspect of telecommunications site operations, passive equipment monitoring (via third party products) and reporting against supplier SLA’s.
  20. 20. | TowerXchange Meetup | 17| TowerXchange Meetup | www.towerxchange.com20 Our exhibitors Leadcom Leadcom Integrated Solutions Ltd. is an international leading supplier of telecommunication network deployment services and solutions. We combine extensive global experience, high level of engineering and project management and a major Pan African Vendor with very wide footprint in over 15 African countries. Acting as a System Integrator, Turnkey Provider and Value Added Reseller, we provide a comprehensive service offering aimed at major global and local telecom operators, towercos, vendors and large enterprises. Our service offering includes design, engineering, implementation of mobile telecommunication infrastructure as well as vendor-independent managed services provider – focusing on reliability, efficiency and OPEX reduction for our customers. Alkan C.I.T Alkan CIT is a leading telecommunication System Integrator Solution Provider, operating in 19 different countries across the MEA region through its regional branches, providing state of the art technologies and turnkey solutions that fully support clients’ business needs from inception to completion. Services include Tower production, Network planning Rollout, Installation Commissioning, Operation Maintenance, Tower Sharing, Fiber optics, Electromechanical Services, Facility Management, Satellite Wireless Connectivity, Network Integration, Tracking Fleet Management, OSS/ BSS, Video Technologies, IT Business Process Outsourcing, GIS applications and digital mapping. Alkan is not just a turnkey Infrastructure provider but a full end to end service provider capable of building the entire GSM/CDMA Network and IT Infrastructure for Telecom operators GILDEMEISTER GILDEMEISTER energy solutions provides innovative and fully integrated solutions to generate, store and utilise green energy for telecommunication sites. Our Vanadium Redox Flow energy storage system CellCube, is the perfect solution to guarantee uninterrupted power supply for telecommunication towers. The large battery can be used with solar or wind power as a stand alone set or as a substitude for expensive diesel generators. The weatherproof and fully integrated system assures 99,9% up time for off-grid or instable grid installations. It can be easily intergrated in DC-power systems and has a fully remote monitoring option. “We deliver power to your tower!” ACME ACME Cleantech Solutions Ltd is a Telecom Passive Infrastructure solutions company with green initiatives in Energy Conservation, Energy Management and Energy Generation. The REIME Group of Companies in Africa is wholly owned by the ACME Group and is a “One Stop Solution” for Telecom infrastructure services from tower supply and erection, installing passive infrastructure to post sales maintenance and servicing of the sites. Using ACME’s innovative and energy efficient solutions, REIME provides the value add to its customers by reducing their OPEX with reasonable ROI. ACME holds Leadership position in the Indian Continent. system efficiencies. Solutions are New Zealand made to guarantee design, manufacture and process integrity. For a bespoke proposal tailored to your objectives and budget, contact Annabelle Mayhew, Chief Commercial Office, TowerXchange at or call her on +44 7423 512588 Interested in exhibiting at TowerXchange next year?
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