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Sonia Ben Jaafer - KM Middle East 2011
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Sonia Ben Jaafer - KM Middle East 2011


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Sonia Ben Jaafer's presentation at KM Middle East 2011, Abu Dhabi,

Sonia Ben Jaafer's presentation at KM Middle East 2011, Abu Dhabi,

Published in: Business

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  • 1. KM as a Practical Solution for Professional Communities Dr. Sonia Ben Jaafar Director EduEval Educational Services UAE Research Findings: Learning from Real 1
  • 2. Professional Community Professionalism Community Rooted in specialized Rooted in caring, & knowledge support Focused on serving Requires mutual specific needs responsibility within a group Service industry Self-governing A professional learning community, focus on learning rather than on teaching, work collaboratively, and hold yourself accountable for results Richard Dufour Characteristics of Professional Learning Communities 1. Shared values and vision 2. Collective responsibility ◦ Inclusive membership 3. Focused collaboration ◦ Mutual trust, respect, and support 4. Individual and collective professional learning  Openness and partnership 5. Reflective professional 2
  • 3. Characteristics of Success  Shared Focus  Sharing leadership with a focus on „bridging‟ relationships, on processes and on actions  Collaborative work ◦ Joint work with purpose ◦ Joint planning and dialogue ◦ Active participation Technology is a Tool  5 Steps in KM for Organizations 1. Capturing knowledge 2. Storing knowledge 3. Processing knowledge 4. Sharing knowledge 5. Using knowledge (Seng et al., 2002) Steps 1-3: Technology assists Steps 4-5: People access & interact w/ 3
  • 4. Technology is a Tool When knowledge management projects are managed from a technical perspective rather than on the flow of people and knowledge, they will fail! Scarbrough, 2003 The Twitter 4
  • 5. Example: Tunisia‟s Revolution  Shared Focus: Liberated from current government  Goal: “Degage” ZABA & RCD ◦ Measurable outcome 1: ZABA gone ◦ Measurable outcome 2: RCD gone ◦ Measureable outcome 3: Free elections Community  Tunisians in rural areas  Tunisians in capital city  Tunisian Diaspora ◦ France ◦ Morocco ◦ Germany ◦ Canada ◦ 5
  • 6. Challenges  Disconnected  Regionalism amongst Tunisians  Multilingual  Censorship  Access to information  National silence  Questions on accurate information  Etc….. Knowledge 6
  • 7. Knowledge Sharing: Tweet Tweet  Physical ◦ Started in Sidi Bouzid in Dec 2010 ◦ Moved into Hammamet & Sfax ◦ Entered the Capital  Online ◦ Sharing through social media ◦ Mobile picture upload: Facebook ◦ Video uploads:YouTube: & Dailymotion 7
  • 8. Knowledge Sharing Instructions Tweeting Tunisia  28,000 tweets / hour with #sidibouzid since Dec. 27 (NDItech)  2 hrs after the 1st report that ZABA left Tunisia: ◦ 28 tweets/s (100,800/hour) ◦ +196K tweets mentioning Tunisia ◦ +103K tweets w/ #sidibouzid ◦ 26 million Twitter users 8
  • 9. Twitter taught me everything about the momentous events in Tunisia: the uprising has been hashtagged Mona Eltahawy Egyptian-born award-winning columnist & public speaker on Arab and Muslim issues Media 9
  • 10. Media Silence Al Jazeera 10
  • 11. Top Sites shared on Twitter 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. Mainstream Media: Playing Catch 11
  • 12. Tweet Tweet Tunisia Facts Questions Slogans Answers Encouragement Rumors Commentaries Lies Links Anxiety Fear Courage Concern Hope Sharing 12
  • 13. Sharing Videos: 5,300 Sidibouzid Increased access to Information  Belha: Studied Political Science in Brussels & returned to Tunisia in 2009  Translated Wikileaked U.S. State Department documents on Tunisia from English to Arabic & French  Posted to Facebook 1 week: 170,000 readers 1 month: Authorities to delete the page Community spread 13
  • 14. #Sidibouzid: Arabic to English Critical information "Tunisia Telecom announces free calls to emergency numbers whether landlines or cell phones" (@karim2k) LAC two helicopters are circling and scanning the area. They seem to be looking for people on foot. Keep a sharp lookout." (@_lamias) 14
  • 15. Requests & Instructions  Dear journalists, situation in Tunisia is tragic Please help! Follow #sidibouzid were on the edge of chaos!  "Dont post pictures of the army or their location!!! It helps the looters to organize themselves” Specialists & Credibility  Weddady; activist & Outreach Director, American Islamic Congress  Slim404; Web activist  Yasmineryan; Al Jazeera journalist  Emnabenjemaa; Tunisian journalist  Monaeltahawy; World Columnist and public speaker on Arab and Muslim issues  Brian Whitaker; Former ME editor, The 15
  • 16. Ethical Code of Conduct  Nawaat received dozen videos per day and only published ones that he could authenticate "to give a little more credibility to the news and rumors flying around." Spread tweets from “eyewitness testimony of people I know on the field." Disagreement & Critique  To its credit Le Monde has been covering the #Sidibouzid very critically and vigorously #media  RT @nmoawad: We got carried away with twitter rumors! There is no #coup in #Tunisia. Not this morning at least. But keep rooting for #sidibouzid ...  Why is #TTN not covering the press conference of Prime Nimister Ghannouchi !? 16
  • 17. KM is about Social Processes They called it the jasmine revolt, Sidi Bouzid revolt, Tunisian revolt… but there is only one name that does justice to what is happening in the homeland: Social Media Revolution Flow of People & Information KM in the Middle East Lesson?  Youthful population adept with technology  Cultural predisposition to share  Networks are organic  Motivation for KM is strong Cultivating KM for professional 17
  • 18. KM in the Middle East Lesson?  Technology Trap  Information system  Networking system  Web 2.0 Example: MENAME Middle East and North African Monitoring and Evaluation Professional Network  Gap & Need  Informal LinkedIn Group  34 members to 18
  • 19. Example: MENAME  IDEAS conference: Jordan ( Workshop: MENA Evaluation Experiences & Networks The IsDB Evaluation Experience in Some MENA Countries and Economic Development Sectors Representation and Participation of MENA M&E Practitioners in the Online M&E Professional Groups Professionalizing Monitoring and Evaluation in MENA The MENA Evaluation Network in Action Egypt Initiative to Institutionalize M&E Efforts Challenges to Evaluating Development in Egypt: Towards Building Networks & Professionalizing Evaluation Example:  171 members  35 subgroups: 2-25 members  145 discussions  Group leader: 19
  • 20. Mission Statement Mission: Enable educators to collaborate, share knowledge and support one another All teachers within RAK are welcome to join, …. Process  Private firm built network & manage content on social networking platform  Teachers across the school system  Real-time virtual environment  Helps teachers: ◦ Find resources ◦ Understand Web 2.0 ◦ Share best practices ◦ Feel connected (rural) 20
  • 21. Teacher in Network Cultivating Network Learning Communities  Networking with purpose  Focused goals  Measureable objectives  Relational trust then Collaboration  Conflict & disagreement  Questioning & Clarification  Celebration and 21
  • 22. 22