KMME 2014 Stephanie Barnes


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Stephanie Barnes' presentation at KM Middle East 2014, Dubai, UAE, 12 March 2014

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KMME 2014 Stephanie Barnes

  1. 1.­‐                                                                                info@km-­‐  1   Aligning  People,  Process  and  Technology  in   Knowledge  Management:   an  introduc�on   KM  Middle  East   March  12,  2014   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   1   Agenda     Introduc�on     Approach     Roadmap     Technologies     Case  Studies   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   2   Who  am  I?     Accountant  and  IT   Management  by  educa�on     KM  consultant  by  voca�on     Chief  Chaos  Organizer  at   Missing  Puzzle  Piece   Consul�ng,  Knoco  franchisee     4  yrs  KM  Program  Manager  in   HP     10+  yrs  as  consultant  to  a   variety  of  organiza�ons   including  BMO,  HSFO,  Kodak,   HP,  Zenon  Environmental,   OSC,  CIBC,  Calgary  Stampede,   ENEC,  PIND     Based  in  Toronto   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   3   What  is  knowledge  management?     Connec�ng  people  to  the  knowledge  they  need  to  do  their  jobs  whether   that  knowledge  is  tacit  or  explicit     Crea�ng  an  organiza�on  that  learns  from  its  experiences  and  improves     Said  another  way…       KM  is  the  process  through  which  organiza�ons  generate  value  from  their   intellectual  and  knowledge-­‐based  assets     “Knowledge  management  is  the  leveraging  of  the  organiza�on’s  collec�ve   wisdom  (know-­‐how)  by  crea�ng  systems  and  processes  to  support  and   facilitate  the  iden�fica�on,  capture,  dissemina�on  and  use  of  the   organiza�on’s  knowledge  to  meet  its  business  objec�ves.”   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   4   Approach   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   5   People   Process  Technology   Business-­‐IT  Alignment   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   6  
  2. 2.­‐                                                                                info@km-­‐  2   Collect:     • Business   Processes   • Informa�on   Flows   • Organiza�on   Strategy  and   Plan   • IT  Strategy   and  Plan   • Change   Mgmt   Analyze:     • Human,   Social,  and   Intellectual   Capital    Best   Prac�ces   • Change   Mgmt   Resolve:     • Policies   • Knowledge  &   process  flows   • Metrics   • Strategic   Goals     • Governance   • Change   Mgmt   Select   technology   • Change   Mgmt   Design/   Develop/  Test   • Info   Architecture   • Policies  and   Procedures   • Governance   • Change   Mgmt   Implement   • Change   Mgmt   • Processes   • Metrics   Use   • Change   Mgmt   Evolve   • Change   Mgmt   Knowledge  Management  Roadmap   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   7   Which  technology  to  pick?     What  problem  are  you  trying  to  solve?     What  challenge  are  you  trying  to  overcome?   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   8   Categories  of  KM  Technologies   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   9   Unstructured  Knowledge   • Domain  Knowledge  Wikis   • Blogging   • Communi�es  of  Prac�ce   • Collabora�on   • Document  and  Content  Management   • Portal   Semi-­‐structured  Knowledge   • Lessons  Learned  Database   • Yellow  Pages/  Exper�se  Loca�on   Structured  Knowledge   • Configura�on  Management   Database   Search   Business  Intelligence/  Data  Warehouse   Context   Organiza�on/   Enterprise   Group/team   Individual   Scan,     Map   Capture,     Create   Package,     Store   Share,     Apply   Transform,     Innovate   Learning  Management/eLearning   ECM     Component  Content   Management   Portal   Records   Management   Document  Capture   Communi�es  of   Prac�ce,   Exper�se   loca�on   Social   Media   Adapted  from:  Knowledge  Managements  by  Despres  and  Chuvel,   Journal  of  KM,  vol  3,  no.  2  1999,  p119.   Knowledge  Management  Technology   Collabora�on   CRM,  Contact  Centre,  Incident   Management/Helpdesk   eDiscovery   Search   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   10   Enterprise  Technologies,  Structured   and  Unstructured  Knowledge   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   11       Business   Intelligence  and   Data  Warehouse   Customer   Rela�onship   Management   Contact  Centre   Incident   Management/   Helpdesk   Learning   Management   System/  eLearning   Exper�se  Loca�on   Common   business  problem   solved   Be�er  decisions   making  at  all   levels:  strategic,   opera�onal,  and   tac�cal       Ensure  sales  staff   have  current   informa�on  for   customer   interac�ons   Standardize  and   streamline  sales  and   marke�ng  processes   Track  and  analyse   marke�ng   campaigns   Improve   customer   experience  for   service  and   support   Improve   customer   loyalty   Reduce  cost  of   customer   support   Enable  IT  to  quickly   iden�fy  and  resolve   service  outages   Establish  a   historical  record  of   service  outages  and   incidents  as  well  as   their  resolu�ons  for   reuse  and  analy�cs   Provide  single  point   of  contact   Tracks  IT  efforts  and   provide  visibility   into  service  support   Administer  and   track  employee   training  records   Deliver  training  and   test  par�cipant   learning   Locate  experts   within  the   organiza�on  and   enable  them  to   collaborate   Reduce  duplica�on   of  effort   Reduce  the  threat   of  communica�on   breakdown     Reduce  �me  to  find   Subject  Ma�er   Experts  (SME’s)   Enterprise  Technologies,   Unstructured  Knowledge     ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   12       Records   Management   Component   Content   Management   Content/   Document   Management   (ECM)   Imaging,   Forms,   Document   Capture   Search   Portal   Workflow   eDiscovery   Common   business   problem   solved   Compliance   Management   Produc�vity   enhancement   Risk   Management   Improve   document   quality,   consistency,  and   standardiza�on   Increase   produc�vity  in   crea�ng  content   Streamline   document/ content  update   process   Central  place  to   go  for   documents   Improve   accessibility   regardless  of   loca�on   Improve   document   lifecycle   management   Increase  reuse   of  documents/   informa�on   Reduce  paper   Reduce  storage   costs  of  paper   Standardize   data  collec�on   (through  forms)   Streamline   processes   Improve   informa�on   retrieval   Central  place  to   go  for   informa�on  and   access  to   systems       Improve   compliance  to   processes   Improve   efficiency   through   consistency   and   standardiz-­‐ a�on     Improve  the   ability  to   execute   administra�ve   and   compliance   processes   consistently     Reduce   process   execu�on  �me   Improve   security  of   informa�on   Reduce   li�ga�on   costs   Reduce  risk  
  3. 3.­‐                                                                                info@km-­‐  3   Social  Media  and  Collabora�ve   Technologies   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   13       Blogs   Micro-­‐ blogging   Social   Networking   Collabora�on                                   Instant   Messaging   Document   Mgmt   Wiki   Virtual   Mee�ng   Community  of   Prac�ce   Common   business   problem   solved   Communica-­‐ �on  across   func�ons,   teams,   depts,   stakeholder   groups   Quick,   status-­‐type   communica� on  across   func�ons,   teams,   departments ,  stakeholder   groups   Communica-­‐ �on   Sharing/   finding   exper�se   Quick,   immediate   communica �on  among   colleagues   Everyone   who  should   have  access   to  a   document   has  access   Reduces   confusion   caused  by   emailing   documents     Sharing   informa�on   Timely   crea�on  and   upda�ng  of   informa�on   Everyone   who  should   have  access   to  the   informa�on   has  access   Reduces   confusion   caused  by   emailing   documents     Sharing   informa�on   Timely   crea�on  and   upda�ng  of   informa�on   Facilita�ng   global/  virtual   teams   Reducing  travel   costs   Organiza�onal   learning   Sharing   exper�se       Collect:     • Business   Processes   • Informa�on   Flows   • Organiza�on   Strategy  and   Plan   • IT  Strategy   and  Plan   Analyze:     • Human,   Social,  and   Intellectual   Capital    Best   Prac�ces   Resolve:     • Policies   • Knowledge  &   process  flows   • Metrics   • Strategic   Goals     • Governance   Select   technology   Design/   Develop/  Test   Implement   • Change   Mgmt   • Processes   • Metrics   Use   Evolve   Knowledge  Management  Roadmap   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   14   CASE  STUDIES   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   15   Case  Studies   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   16   Case  Study   KM  Technology   KM   Implementa�on   Results,  if  known   Environmental  Company   Document   Management   Unsuccessful     and  then   successful   Increased  number  of  users   using  the  system  by  50%,  saved   their  million  dollar  investment   Financial  Ins�tu�on,  IT   Department   Document   Management   Unsuccessful   Lost  VP  support,  project   shelved   High  Technology   Company  #1   Enterprise   Content   Management   Successful   Significant  ROI  on  technology   investment,  validated  by   external  3rd  party   6500+  employees  par�cipa�ng   in  knowledge  sharing   Is  your  Technology  aligned  with  your   People  and  Processes?   Have  you  got  the  right  technology?   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   17   Thank  You!   ©  Missing  Puzzle  Piece  Consul�ng,  2014   18