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Can you imagine skying over the opposing team’s big man to grab that crucial rebound in the low post? What about throwing down a tomahawk dunk on a coast to coast fast break? How sweet would that be? Jacob Hiller says he can help you get it done.

The Jump Manual is a twelve-week program consisting of a complete workout chart, a complete training video library, an exact nutrition plan, and weight room alternatives. You can purchase it online and download it immediately in PDF format.

This program is tried and true. People who have used it see huge increases in height. And one of the things you will love is the fact that you will see gains in only a matter of a few weeks.

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  • Jump Manual Download Working Link --- http://tinyurl.com/jumpmnual
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Jump Manual Download – How to Dunk

  1. 1. Jump Manual Download –How to DunkThe Jump Manual
  2. 2. Introduction• Quite a few products claim to boost yourvertical jump so you can squeeze out everylast drop from your athletic potential anddominate your competition. But… beforeyou decide to invest… you should take aclose look at the benefits of each program.• Here, we’ll take a look at Jacob Hiller’s JumpManual, a very popular vertical jump trainingprogram on the market. Can you imagineskying over the opposing team’s big man tograb that crucial rebound in the low post?What about throwing down a tomahawkdunk on a coast to coast fast break? Howsweet would that be? Jacob Hiller says hecan help you get it done.• …So let’s take a closer look and see if thisJump Manual download is right for you…
  3. 3. “Exactly What Is the Jump Manual?”• The Jump Manual is a twelve-week program consistingof a complete workout chart, a complete trainingvideo library, an exact nutrition plan, and weight roomalternatives. You can purchase it online and downloadit immediately in PDF format.• Over 10 different chapters, Jacob Hiller goes over thenine essential variables that you need for a trulyexplosive, jaw-dropping vertical leap…Here they are:1. strength2. flexibility3. quickness4. form5. fuel6. stability & balance7. body composition8. conditioning & hereditaryfactors9. neurological recruitment• Then, he shows you how to construct your highestvertical jump by maximizing each variable.
  4. 4. What’s More…• Other jump programs focuson only 2 or 3 aspects ofjumping, but Jacob Hillerbreaks down all nine ofthem for cumulative effect,allowing you to get themost out of your verticalleap and gain everyprecious inch possible.• Much of this program focuses on increasing our body’s strength(obviously), but you have to know the proper exercises to jumphigher …AND… the right strategy to boost your leapingexplosiveness . This sets the Jump Manual apart from all theother training programs out there.• And when folks like you (or a friend or relative trying out for theteam) try the exercises in the Jump Manual, they quicklyexperience vertical jump gains. Average athletes have gone frombarely grazing the rim with their fingertips to dunking standingunder the basket flatfooted… Let Jacob Hiller show you how!
  5. 5. Who’s the Creator?• Jacob Hiller has worked with NBA pros andOlympians alike. This vertical jump andquickness trainer has used all his years oftraining and expertise to put together oneof THE definitive vertical jumpingprograms on the market today.• Jacob Hiller has revolutionized vertical training, developing exercisesand jump techniques that have helped people all over the sportsuniverse - basketball, baseball, football, volleyball, soccer… you nameit! So many have benefited from Hiller’s straightforward yetpowerful exercises and nutritional advice,… and now it’s your turn!• He claims that he can “increase your vertical jump by 10 inches within12 weeks…or you get every cent of your money back.” (10 inches??WOW!! How’s that for confidence?)• Remember, Jacob Hiller will show you how to improve in ninedifferent areas. Count ‘em… NINE! That’s powerful stuff.
  6. 6. “What Will You Find Inside?”• You get a training guide including: The LAWS ofVertical Jump Improvement, The 9 EssentialVariables of an Explosive Vertical, Explanation ofthe Max Explosion Workout,… and much more. Thevideo library consists of videos that show you howto do every exercise and stretch perfectly.• You also get workout charts and inclusive dietplans for better nutrition and better physicalhealth... which includes helping you ward offwear and tear on your body during training . Itgoes together perfectly with the training guide.• And there’s more… You get access to theJumpers Forum where you can meet otherathletes for advice and support on how to dunk.** The program also comes with some bonuses. Dave Hopla gives you his 99%shooting from the foul line secrets. YES, 99%!! And… you get Peak Performancematerials so you can find out how the top athletes thrive under pressure!
  7. 7. • The Jump Manual download is easy to understand. He starts off explainingthe “physical aspects of jumping” but he also explains proper rest andnutrition.• The exercise part is logical as well, so you can implement the exercisessimply and effectively. But keep in mind, you need to give 100% effort whenperforming the exercises. So be ready to put in some hard work! Some ofthese exercises require weights, but others can be done without weights.• The workout program is where the Jump Manual really soars. You get avariety of strength exercises, plyometrics, stretches and drills designed toget you jumping out the gym. Some of the exercises will be brand new,while others will be familiar to you. (…Simple enough so far, right?)• The “secret formula” comes down to how you perform each exercise. Sodon’t underestimate or devalue the training just because you come acrossexercises that you already knew about… or perhaps even tried before. Youmay have been performing certain exercises incorrectly.• Everything is structured into a neat workout chart. You will perform a set ofexercises every 14 days. After 14 days, you start on a new training set. Soyou see… you are building up your leg strength one component at a time.• If gaining inches and explosiveness on your vertical wasn’t enough you willbe mixing up exercises every 2 weeks so nothing gets boring or played out.
  8. 8. “What Are the Benefits?”• You get a Multi-Faceted Training Approach:No screwing your knees up doing hundreds ofjumping exercises over and over again. Thisprogram looks at the nine essential elements ofan explosive vertical and improves on all of ‘em!• 1-on-1 Coaching and SupportYes, with this program you will get 30 days worthof support from Jacob Hiller – to help you get themost out of this program.• Easy to Follow Training VideosThese straightforward videos guarantee that youperform each exercise properly. Reading the guideis certainly helpful. But the videos show youexactly how the exercises are done so there isabsolutely NO guesswork.• …And, of course, the money back guaranteeTry this extraordinary program for 60 full days. Ifit fails increase your vertical leap to a satisfactorylevel during that time you will have every centrefunded to you. Jacob Hiller is THAT confident!
  9. 9. “Okay, So What’s the Downside?”• Quite Frankly, You Are Gonna Have to Work YourTail OffYeah, I know I said the program was laid out foryou on a platter… but you still need to put in thework. It’s not a magic pill. You need hard work anddedication to get the results you want.• Some of the Video Quality is Kinda ShabbyThe videos will definitely help your learning curve.But, admittedly, they are not all the best quality.Disappointing, yes. But certainly not a dealbreaker.• Sadly, Not Everyone Can Do This ProgramThe Jump Manual will help ALL athletes, amateurand professional alike. Just name any sport whererunning and jumping is concerned and there issomething for you here. Unfortunately… thisprogram is not advisable for people who havecertain medical conditions; or balky & surgicallyrepaired knees.
  10. 10. Final Thoughts…• Being able to dunk a basketball is an awesome feeling. Dunking maybe the hardest thing to do in sports! It ain’t easy… especially if youdon’t have a lot of height. But the Jump Manual will help youincrease your vertical leap up to 10 inches in 12 weeks – guaranteed!• With a number of videos, workout charts, nutrition tips and plans,this vertical leap program goes over every intricate aspect that goesinto the jumping process.• This program is tried and true. People who have used it see hugeincreases in jump height. And one of the things you will love is thefact that you will see gains in only a matter of a few weeks!• Our research has revealed that you can really get fantastic resultswith The Jump Manual. It was chosen as the best online verticaljump program in ‘09 by ESPN Radio’s Kenny Roda and "Fadeaway"magazine for a good reason. So, ask yourself, when now would be agood time to get started down that road to learning how to increasejump height? How about now?