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  • 1. UsingGenerator sTo InspireLearning!
  • 2. A m b le w e b S t o r y M a c h in e
  • 3. One day while I was scratching in theCellar and a crazy computer fell throughthe roof. It immediately jumped on the stooland knocked over the mobile phone. Thenit ran out the door into the kitchen andslipped on the TV stand. It then knocked aglass of slime off the coffee table. Aftertwenty eight minutes of chasing thecomputer through the house I finallycaught it and put it outside. It quicklyclimbed the nearest tree.
  • 4. P r o p p ia nF a ir y T a le G e n e r a t o r
  • 5. One of them who came forward looked nothing likethe others. She was dressed in white fluff andsmelled clean. Her eyes were like a childs. "Im inneed of assistance," she said softly. "I need somehelp and I think you can help me."The silver fish leapt from the water from his gurglingmouth came a bubble that solidified and droppedinto my lap. Just as quickly as he had emerged,the fish plopped back into the water, leaving me topuzzle over this mysterious orb.But since I had been given my gift I did not fearwhat stood in front of me. As his body touchedmine if fell to the floor covered in a carpet ofneedles.
  • 6. S c h o la s t ic S t o r y S ta rte r
  • 7. In s t a n t S c i-F i p lo t G e ne ra to r
  • 8. M o ns te rs !
  • 9. Hero Machine
  • 10. Style a Hero
  • 11. www.ideasfactory.mehttp://idsfac.me/jgeBSD