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  • 1. Sinai fire victims Sooty? Show your sue for damages kitchen some love P. 10 Over 100 slum dwellers DN2 What you can do to turn now demand compensation it into a place of pride and fun∆∆ Nairobi | Thursday, May 10, 2012 KSh50/00 (TSh1,000/00 : USh1,500/00) : RFr500/00) No. 17211 APPOINTMENT PARLIAMENT | House debates plans for the next election Raila: NSIS has warned of new chaos Premier tells MPs intelligence service has cautioned that the use of tribe to mobilise voters is creating ethnic tensions and animosity, could lead to an outbreak of violence ahead of the election; briefed House on what government is doing FILE| NATION to prepare for a peaceful and Regional Development minister Fred Gumo during a past ODM rally in Kibera, Nairobi. Mr Gumo has been appointed the acting Local Government minister. credible poll. FILE| NATION Story on Page 5 Prime Minister Raila Odinga Gumo picked to replace Mudavadi ON OTHER PAGES BY PETER LEFTIE by hopeful politicians. Presidential Press Service, Mr Gumo, who is the which said President Kibaki COURTS INDEX Regional Development had made the appointment Mr Fred Gumo, the MP minister, is a senior mem- after consultations with Mr EX-MUNGIKI BOSS TO News P. 2-11, 16, Back for Westlands, is the new acting minister for Local ber of Prime Minister Raila Odinga’s Orange Democratic Odinga. In practice, the President STAND TRIAL FOR VIO- Opinion P. 12-13 Letters P. 14 Government. Movement. merely makes the announce- LENT ROBBERY World P. 19-24 His appointment in an The appointment was ment as the decision Maina Njenga and four others ac- acting capacity ends a week announced in a one-para- Business P. 26-31 CONTINUED ON PAGE 4 cused of attacking police officers County P. 32-34 of behind-the-scenes jostling graph statement from the and robbing them of their guns in Sport P. 56-59 church. P. 9
  • 2. 2 | National News DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012RESCUE | Red Cross appeals for speedboats and helicopters to move victims to safety GUIDE TO YOUR DAYFamilies marooned in homes Regional highlights Nairobi: Christian professionals expected to address a press con- ference on Kenya National Commission on Human Rights reportCONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 on reproductive rights in Kenya. Expo Group to host three simultaneous trade fairs from today towhile Bate sub-location in Magarini remained Saturday on automotive and spare parts, oil, gas and energy atinaccessible for the second day with houses the KICC.and roads submerged in waters from RiverSabaki. The Red Cross said about 280 families NHIF sagawere stranded in Bate, while 99 others inKakuhani and Kisiwani villages in Malindicould not be reached. Malindi MP Gideon Mung’aro asked thegovernment to evacuate them, saying thewater levels were rising fast. “Several people are yet to be evacuatedfrom the areas and there is need to work inhaste and use all means necessary to reachthem. We are in talks with the Kenya WildlifeService to see if they can assist us with ahelicopter,” he said. The MP donated food to the displaced asRed Cross Malindi branch manager HassanMusa said they had acquired two speedboatsto evacuate the families.Refusing to leave homes “All this is hullabaloo with very little Earlier, 12 families were taken to safety evidence. If indeed there’s evidence thatfrom Kaziani village. The authorities,however, were disappointed that some money was stolen, I am yet to see it. Ipeople were refusing to leave their flooded ROBERT NYAGAH | NATION have gone through what is being called ashomes. Malindi district commissioner Joshua A motorist gets stuck on a flooded road at Madunguni, Malindi District, yesterday. Hundreds of evidence, but it is not sufficient ”Nkanatha assured the residents that secu- families were marooned in their homes after River Sabaki burst its banks. Chepalungu MP Isaac Ruto on controversialrity had been beefed up and criminals would NHIF payments controversy Page 6be punished. In Kirinyaga, more than 50 families have situation gets out of hand,” said Uranga dis- Yesterday, the Kenya Electricity Generat- been displaced in Marura village after River trict officer Adams Kadilo. In the news tired between 1997 and 2003. Mr John Pesa (Migori) fileding Company issued an alert that four of Thiba burst its banks. Three cows were swept Three centres, Nyambare Mission, Urangathe five dams along River Tana had started away and several acres of rice and other crops Legio Maria Church and Nyadorera Catho- Nairobi: Former Vice-Presi- the notice which, he said, wasspilling. destroyed in fresh floods that have hit the lic Church have been identified as safety dent Kijana Wamalwa’s wife sponsored by ODM and seeks “As of this morning, our dams in Kamburu, area in the last two days. sites. has been sued by her step- to have the 31,082 teachers children over Sh36.5 million paid following a court decisionGitaru and Kiambere were spilling. Masinga Many houses are submerged and pit la- In Marakwet West District, scores of paid to the family as gratuity in their favour. Page 16may start spilling as well as its water levels trines destroyed, raising fears of an outbreak families have been forced to seek refuge in after his death. The two wantwere at 1,056.07m against full capacity level of waterborne diseases. a primary school after mudslides flattened the High Court to order Ms Murang’a: Tension is high inof 1056.50m. In Busia, Bunyala district commissioner homes in Lochin village. There were no Yvonne Wamalwa to account Murang’a after a drunk police “Communities living downstream Ki- Abdi Khalif advised those living near River injuries, but property worth thousands of for Sh8 million she allegedly officer shot dead a man andambere Dam have been communicated to Nzoia to move to higher grounds. The shillings was destroyed. received on their the Provincial Administration and the river has started overflowing in Usonga, District commissioner John Ondego said assaulted three others. The Page 9 police constable, who wasdisaster agencies to move to higher grounds Siaya District. at least 40 families had taken refuge atas the discharge from Masinga Dam will in- “The water level rises every hour and very Chebororwa Primary School. later arrested and arraigned in Nairobi: The Orange party court yesterday, went berserkcrease the total discharge from Kiambere soon the water will move into the homes yesterday notified ParliamentDam,” said the company in a statement to around this place. We are urging the residents Additional reporting by Philemon Suter and on Tuesday night and killed of its intention to push the Mr Victor Mwangi, at Gakurwenewsrooms. to start moving today (yesterday) before the KNA Treasury to release Sh17.6 bil- shopping centre. Page 32 lion owed to teachers who re- JARED NYATAYA | NATION Marakwet East residents address the Press at an Eldoret hotel yesterday over alleged misuse of CDF cash. They called for freezing of the constituency accounts following revellations by National Taxpayers Association that Sh16 million had been misued. SEE STORY PAGE 34 WEATHER FORECAST 24˚ 31˚ 28˚ 25˚ 0600 1200 1800 2300 Mombasa Temperature It will be clear Temperature morning will rises to 31 de- in the evening drops further be clear with grees at midday with a slight to 25 degrees temperature of and it will be drop in tem- with chance of 24 degrees partly cloudy perature showers
  • 3. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 National News 3RAINS HAVOC | Familes petition government to move them to higher ground permanentlyBoy saves villagers from killer floodsEight-year-old school pupil joined oldwooden doors for a makeshift raft tohelp evacuate his marooned villagers BY SANDRA CHAO T he primary school pupil says he has been in “this ferry business” ever since the Galana River burst its banks three days ago. And at a time when several parts of the country are suffering from the furry of killer floods, and families are marooned on roof or hill tops in rural areas, many Kenyan villages would welcome the creativity of this eight-year-old boy in Kaziani Village in Malindi. Baraka Rimba Kahindi has joined together two old wooden doors for a makeshift raft, and uses a long stick for an oar to help evacuate his marooned vil- lagers to safety. As other children his age look at the rising water levels from a far and wait for a helping hand, Kahindi has so fare helped the Red Cross team of volunteers to save 14 children and five women. Yesterday, Malindi MP Gideon Mung’aro and Mr Joshua Nkanatha who oversee the ROBERT NYAGAH | NATION rescue efforts branding the Kavinyalalo Pri- Eight-year-old Baraka Rimba Kahindi (above right and below, background) who built a raft and used it to rescue his family and villagers in mary School pupil the hero of the day. Malindi before he was joined by Red Cross volunteers. And when the Nation asked why he was not afraid that the flood waters would carry water jerricans the family would need and “When we arrived at around 10.30am, we him away, he beat his chest, saying “I am a went back for them. found him testing out his raft, crossing man”, to the cheers from the crowd. “I had to learn to swim because floods from the marooned village,” he said. “I have been using the makeshift raft have been a problem here for a very long He said the response team was intrigued to ferry people across, especially those time,” Kahindi said. by the boy’s creativity and used his inven- going to Malindi town and do not want to Several families in the low lying areas tion to evacuate the 12 households in the dirty their clothes. I charge them Sh20,” of Malindi and Magarini who have been village. Kahindi said. affected by floods have petitioned the “We would have definitely used more The money the third born of eight government to move them to higher time to evacuate them because most chil- siblings collects in a day, he gives to his ground as a permanent solution to the dren do not know how to swim,” he said. mother. annual problem. The Red Cross has pledged to train the The boy who has a passion for education, Red Cross Malindi branch manager Has- boy as a volunteer and equip him with first says when schools opened on Monday, he san Musa said Kahindi’s act of courage aid skills to use at school and at home. reported like other children and only con- could not be matched among his age mates. For now he remains among the more tinued with his business in the evenings. than 2,000 pupils in Malindi and Magarini 2,000 But the level of flood waters increased, districts unable to go to school because forcing him to halt his studies. He has left of the floods. his books and uniforms behind as there They hope the government, through the was not much time during the evacuation Ministry of Special Programmes to im- to take all his belongings with him. More than 2,000 pupils in Malindi and plement a proposal by the departments Yesterday, as he ferries two wooden of education in the area to have satellite boxes his mother asked him to get from Magarini districts unable to go to school schools set up so children’s education is the house, he remembered they left behind because of the floods not interrupted by the floods.
  • 4. 4 | National News DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012APPOINTMENT | Raila had come under pressure to name minister from Western Pastor killedGumo takes over day after honeymoonMudavadi’s post BY NATION CORRESPONDENT One of the pastors killed by a mob in Mombasa had returnedCONTINUED FROM PAGE 1 minister Eugene Wamalwa in the from his honeymoon just the day county. before.regarding MPs from the ODM side Led by Mr Henry Okumu, the coun- Mr Jackson Kioko of Melchidizekof the coalition is Mr Odinga’s. cillors said it was the only county in church of Buxton wedded Damaris Mr Gumo replaces Deputy Prime the province which did not have a Kioko two weeks ago.Minister Musalia Mudavadi, who Cabinet minister from the ODM Yesterday, the bride-turnedresigned last week as ODM deputy wing of the coalition. widow called for thorough inves-leader and Local Government But their Vihiga counterparts de- tigations to get to the bottom ofminister. He intends to vie for the manded that Mr Otichilo be appointed the killings.presidency against Mr Odinga but on to the post because Mr Mudavadi hails “I have so many questions sincea United Democratic Front ticket. from the county. I was not informed about the death His appointment came amid Sources close to Mr Odinga said of my husband on time. It is untilpressure, especially from Western the choice of Mr Gumo, albeit in an today, more than 24 hours afterProvince leaders, for Mr Odinga to acting capacity, had caught many the death of my husband, that areplace Mr Mudavadi with an MP party members by surprise. FILE | NATION senior church member informedfrom the region. “We expected him to call a meet- Prime Minister Raila Odinga (right) chats with Housing assistant minister Margaret me about the incident,” said Mrs Among those who had been touted ing of key ODM leaders or even MPs Wanjiru and Regional Development minister Fred Gumo during an ODM rally in possible candidates for the vacant from Western to explain to them his Kibera, Nairobi, in were Planning minister Wycliffe choice before making it public but First assignmentOparanya and assistant minister Al- this did not happen,” said an ally of somebody who can whip councillors She said she learned aboutfred Khang’ati. the PM, who asked not to be named into place and nobody can beat Gumo the death of her husband when for fear of appearing to challenge the in that field. she went to Changamwe policePossible candidates decision. “The game plan is to confirm him station to report that he had The others were MPs Ababu The Nation learnt that those who to the position and appoint Khangati disappeared.Namwamba (Budalang’i), Alfred had been pushing for Mr Namwamba Given the short time to replace him at Regional Develop- She said her husband did notSambu (Webuye), Ben Washiali to be appointed minister argued he remaining before the next ment while Namwamba goes to the return home after he went out on(Mumias) and Wilbur Otichilo would help sway the youth vote. PM’s office as assistant minister,” said his first assignment after their(Emuhaya). But critics say it would be unfair elections, we need somebody a Cabinet minister, who declined to honeymoon. The MPs have been jostling for for Busia County to have two ODM who can whip councillors be named because he had not been “Our gifts are still intact and wethe post through councillors allied tothem. A section of councillors from ministers, the other one being Dr Paul Otuoma of Sports while Bun- into place and nobody can authorised to speak on the matter by the PM. have not even received the photos which we took during our colourfulBungoma asked Mr Odinga to replace goma has none. beat Gumo in that field” The Rapid Response Team’s main wedding,” she said.Mr Mudavadi with Mr Khang’ati to Mr Washiali was last week forced to role is to intervene whenever serious Pastors Kioko and Benjamin“neutralise” the influence of Justice deny angling for Mr Mudavadi’s Cabi- Prime Minister’s ally disputes arise in the party and was at Juma were lynched when they went net position after he was criticised by the forefront trying to convince Mr to a home of Mr Mutana Nyandua, Kakamega ODM officials for allegedly Mudavadi to drop his presidential who is a recent Christian convert. undermining the Sabatia MP. mama and James Orengo. ambitions and back Mr Odinga. He had been a Muslim. TO COMMENT ON Mr Gumo’s choice appears to An ally of Mr Odinga argued that The PM is also yet to appoint a But Mrs Mapenzi Abdalla, a THIS ARTICLE, have been influenced by the stature the choice of Mr Gumo was informed substantive minister for Industrialisa- relative of Mr Nyandua, denied SCAN THE CODE he holds in the party as head of the by the MP’s experience gained when tion after Tinderet MP Henry Kosgey that he had become a Christian, OR GO TO informal Rapid Response Team, he served as chairman of the Nairobi stepped aside on being charged with insisting that all family members a grouping bringing together Mr City Commission in the 1980s. abuse of office. Fisheries minister were Muslims. Odinga’s key allies. The group also “Given the short time remaining Amason Kingi is still acting in the Nobody has been arrested in includes ministers William ole Nti- before the next elections, we need portfolio. connection with the killings. 10052012 PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATE & DIPLOMA IN PURCHASING AND SUPPLY CHARTERED INSTITUTE OF PURCHASING AND SUPPLIES MANAGEMENT (CIPS) – CERTIFICATE & DIPLOMA Registration for July 2012 intake is ongoing for day/evening classes in CIPS Level 3 Certificate and Diploma Level 4, 5 & 6. The program offers theoretical and practical insights useful to the student keen on excelling in a purchasing and supply chain management career. The program is also useful to experts from other disciplines that play critical roles in guiding strategy through purchasing and supplies decisions. Contact KISM Secretariat for further guidance and information on registration and tuition fees INTERNATIONAL TRADE CENTER DIPLOMA IN SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – MODULAR LEARNING Registration for September 2012 exams is ongoing for the International Trade Center professional certification in Supply Chain Management. This is a self study program supplemented by weekend workshops, held on Saturdays only. The courses are examined by the International Trade Center and certificates are issued jointly by the ITC and KISM. ITC is the focal point United Nations technical co-operation agency in international trade promotion and development. Tel. +254-20-2213908-10, Mobile. 0721-244828, 0733-333226 E-mail: Or visit us: Kenya Institute of Supplies Management, 2nd Floor, Cambrian Building, Moi Avenue, Nairobi.
  • 5. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 National News 5SECURITY | Intelligency agency warns Hague trials also dividing Kenyans BRIEFLYRaila warns of fresh poll chaos MERU Court blocks listing of voters in electoral unitsCases of politicians using alarmist, arguing that his opposition The High Court in Meru yester-their tribes to drum up to the March 4, 2013, election date day issued an order stopping the was fanning animosity. electoral commission from reg-support for presidency Mr Odinga said holding elections in istering voters in Igembe Southstoking ethnic emotions, March will interfere with the school calendar and the Budget cycle. and Igembe Central constituen- cies. The court also stoppedPM tells Parliament “I have stated clearly what the the Independent Electoral and Cabinet position was. It was not a Boundaries Commission fromBY CAROLINE WAFULA unanimous position but it was a posi- gazetting boundaries of the tion all the same,” he said. constituencies pending the hear- Eldoret North MP William Ruto ing and determination of an ap-T he government has been accused him of causing confusion plication challenging the IEBC ‘‘ ‘‘ warned of possible political by giving personal opinion instead report for failing to consider their violence ahead of the election of the official stand. views. The case will be heard laterby the intelligence services. “The PM has told Kenyans how in the month. Prime Minister Raila Odinga told Kenyans should engage in electionsParliament that the agency had alerted Those are very good A court ruling does not based on manifestos, he has also ex-the authorities of the high chances of values given by the stop us from thinking plained in detail that parties shouldn’t NAIROBIchaos as a result of politicians whip- be ethnic based. Those are very goodping up tribal emotions. PM, but I don’t know and as a thinking values given by the PM, but I don’t House team to collect “The service has warned and Iquote ‘the recent trend where a sec- whether the PM was Kenyan, I disagree with know whether the PM was listening to himself,” Mr Ruto said. views on next Budgettion of the political elite have resorted listening to himself” that” Gichugu MP Martha Karua agreed A parliamentary committee willto using ethnic groups for political Eldoret North MP William Narc Kenya chair Martha with Mr Odinga. start collecting public views onmobilisation in order to advance Ruto “A ruling of the court does not stop this year’s budget tomorrow. The Karuapersonal and community interests us from thinking and as a thinking House Committee on Budget onto the exclusion of other sections of Kenyan I disagree with that,” she Tuesday announced that the pub-the Kenyan community is posing a stated, urging the government to go for lic would be asked to give theirthreat to national cohesion and se- December as set in the Constitution. views for three days on how theycurity,’” he stated. Cherengany MP Joshua Kutuny want the 2012/2013 estimates The National Security Intelligence The PM said the NSIS had warned election. He said the political envi- asked the PM to provide a roadmap managed. The ConstitutionService (NSIS) is mandated to iden- that the use of tribal groupings to rally ronment required “urgent cooling” to peaceful elections. requires that Parliament seekstify threats against national security, ethnic communities to denounce the to stop it from “overheating” along The PM cited laws enacted to fa- views from Kenyans in the man-collect and analyse intelligence on ICC process could lead to inter-ethnic ethnic lines. cilitate the process and activities at agement of public resources. Thethese threats and advise the govern- tensions between those perceived to Among other measures, the PM the electoral agency. The electoral sittings will be held in 17 coun-ment accordingly. be for and against the process. said 7,000 police officers had been commission is preparing for voter ties from tomorrow. Committee The agency was accused of failing The premier was briefing MPs on recruited and trained to provide se- registration and is targeting 18 mil- chairman Elias Mbau yesterdayto warn of violence after the 2007 the measures the government has curity during the election. lion voters, up from the current 12.4 asked to MPs to encourage theirelection. put in place in preparation for the But MPs accused the PM of being million. constituents to give views.Uhuru hunts for Former KBC bosses tovotes among stand trial over fraudstudent leaders BY NATION REPORTER discovered that there were discrepancies in followingBY NATION REPORTER Former Kenya Broadcast- the correct procedures ing Corporation (KBC) after which they handed Deputy Prime Minister Uhuru managing director David the matter to the inspec-Kenyatta yesterday met university Waweru and secretary tor of corporations tostudent leaders as he moved to Hezekiel Oira have been put investigate.consolidate his support ahead on their defence on allega- The case is a result ofof the launch of his new party tions of irregular tendering allegations that KBC in-next week. of broadcast rights. formally invited bids but Mr Kenyatta met the 60 student The two had a case to rejected more competitiveleaders at Sagret Hotel in Nairobi answer over impropriety offers from other broadcast-for more than three hours where in a contract to broad- ers in what had become anthey pledged to support him in cast the 2010 FIFA World explosive scramble for thehis presidential bid. Cup matches live, senior right to broadcast the 2010 principal magistrate Lucy Fifa World Cup.60 Nyambura ruled. According to the prosecu- Ms Nyambura said the tion, Radio Africa Ltd paid prosecution had proved KBC Sh26 million for the its case beyond any rea- television rights in a dealThe number of student leaders sonable doubt to warrant which also entailed sharingwho met Deputy Prime Minister the accused being put on of advertising revenue.Uhuru Kenyatta trial. The government paid The corporation’s board Sh75 million for the rights chairman, Mr Charles through KBC but later The DPM he was more inter- Mwoki had told the court complained that it stoodested in seeing a united Kenyan. that Mr Waweru (pictured) to lose the money it lentHe added that the youth must be bypassed the board and the public broadcaster toin the forefront in uniting Ken- entered into partnerships invest in the World Cupyans to ensure that the country to broadcast the 2010 Fifa broadcasting rights.prospers. World Cup. Mr Kenyatta is expected to of- He said they were toldficially launch his presidential bid KBC was distributing thewhen he announces his new party shares of broadcastingon Saturday next week. and seeking partnerships Sources within his camp said with local media to recoupthat the party would be known their money and to generateas The National Alliance and the income.aim was to project it as a “youth- According to Mr Mwoki,ful party”. there was no procurement The planned launch of the or tendering process for theparty is reportedly being han- partnerships.dled by an international public He said that when theyrelations firm. later met as a board, they
  • 6. 6 | National News NHIF FIASCO DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012BIASED | Medics claim poor patients discriminated against EmbattledDoctors fault health Nyong’o gets rareinsurer payment plan supportUnion says moneyallocated to scheme “The remaining Sh500 can by no means purchase a single course of antibiotics,” said Dr from Ruto Waithaka.members is not Some hospitals under theadequate to cover NHIF scheme had resorted to providing patients with cheap BY NATION REPORTERmedical bills drugs that are of questionable Medical Services minister An- efficacy, the doctors said in a yang Nyong’o yesterday received statement. rare support from ChepalunguBY BENJAMIN MUINDI Further, the hospitals seg- MP Isaac Ruto on the gregate these patients by sial payments that the national providing specific drug lists health insurance provider madeD 2,850 octors have faulted separate from those of other to some hospitals. the national health patients seeking care under The support came just a day after insurer’s method of different medical schemes, the government shelved plans toallocating money to cover they stated. increase the monthly contributions Amount in shillings eachpatients’ bills, saying it is not “Discrimination amongst to the National Hospital Insurance NHIF principal membertenable. patients is obvious and Fund (NHIF). is allocated per year Under the National Health implied as they are seen as Some MPs have also asked ProfInsurance Fund (NHIF) capi- second class patients. Some Nyong’o to step aside to give waytation method, a principal have separate queues and not for investigations.member is allocated Sh2,850 The Kenya Medical Prac- subjected to the same atten- But at news conference at Parlia-per year for outpatient care titioners and Dentists Union tion as the patients making ment Buildings in Nairobi, Mr Rutoand an equivalent amount (KMPDU) says this amount payments through other backed the minister’s push for in-is extended for up to five for is not practical to even treat means,” KMPDU said. creased contribution to the NHIF,dependants. a patient once, leave alone It added: “As the doctors SALATON NJAU | NATION saying it was an “experiment” that This means a family of annually. of Kenya, we commend the Kenya Private Healthcare Association vice chairman Kany- if handled properly, would revolu-five dependants is allocated According to union treasurer nobility behind the launch of tionise the way the country’s health enje Gakombe before the House Health Committee at Con-Sh14,250 in a year for their Wambui Waithaka (above), the medical cover for all civil services were run.outpatient care. most hospitals under the servants through NHIF. This tinental House in Nairobi yesterday. According to the capita- NHIF charge Sh500 as con- is a step towards achieving Similar proposalstion schedules, the moneyis disbursed after every threemonths, translating to Sh712 sultation fee and Sh900 for a laboratory test, where at least two tests are required bringing universal health care but we have noted major shortcom- ings in the implementation Private clinics turned “President Obama has met op- position against a similar proposal in the US. When Ms Charity Ngilufor every principal member. the patient’s bill to Sh2,300. of the plan.” down offer to sign up was Minister of Health, she went through the same opposition, you’re now opposing Prof Nyong’o. If you make me a minister, I will GUSII INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY By NATION CORRESPONDENT association considered tak- ing NHIF to court over its also push for it, and you will op- pose it. But there’s no other way,” FAX: 058-31719 P.O. BOX 222 decision to work with Clinix said the Chepalungu MP. TEL: 058-31958 TEL: 058-31958 Many private health Healthcare Ltd and Merid- Critics of the scheme have KISII providers declined to ian Medical Group. doubted NHIF’s capacity to han- Mobile; 0700152177 OR 0752031300 participate in the National The two who scooped dle the increased contributions Health Insurance Fund a big share of the funds estimated to yield a total of Sh15 TENDER NOTICE scheme because the money it offered was inadequate. provided for the scheme are not members of the billion. Cotu secretary general Francis The providers said they association. Atwoli, who had called a workers’ Gusii Institute of Technology invites tender from interested suppliers for supply and provision of goods and services for the financial year 1st July, 2012 – 30th June, 2013. felt the Sh2,850 that was Meeting the parliamen- strike before the contributions being allocated per member tary committee on Health, were suspended, said the money CATEGORY A: GOODS TENDER NO per year was too little. the association said apart would be mismanaged. GIT/T01/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of stationary & office supplies Dr Peter Omboga, from issues of capacity and Mr Ruto dismissed allegations GIT/T02/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Laboratory chemicals & apparatus secretary general of the presence around the coun- that NHIF paid money to non- GIT/T03/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of General stores GIT/T04/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Loaves of bread Association of Kenya Pri- try, they felt that some of existent clinics as “some hyped, GIT/T05/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Fresh vegetables & fruits vate Hospitals, told MPs the outlets of Clinix Health- sensational issues that may not GIT/T06/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Fresh meat GIT/T07/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Firewood yesterday that the offer care and Meridian Medical have been investigated deeply”. GIT/T08/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Electrical & Electronics items & accessories was not workable and tak- Group did not go through “All this is hullabaloo with very GIT/T09/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Staff Uniforms, clothing practical materials GIT/T10/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Fresh milk ing it would mean rationing the due process of accredi- little evidence. If indeed there’s GIT/T11/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Student identity cards services to maximize tation as is the practice in evidence that money was stolen, GIT/T12/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Human drugs on profits, which would the health sector. I am yet to see it. I have gone CATEGORY B: SERVICES defeat the purpose of the He said the association through what is being called as GIT/T13/2012 – 2013 Provision of security services scheme. thought of taking legal evidence, but it is not sufficient,” GIT/T14/2012 – 2013 Provision of printing services GIT/T15/2012 – 2013 Provision of cleaning services A demand of Sh6,000- action against NHIF but said Mr Ruto. GIT/T16/2012 – 2013 Provision of Insurance services Sh9,000 per person per pulled back to give the He went on: “These are allega- year was the deal breaker, scheme a chance since it tions, yet you want people hanged. CATEGORY C: PRE-QUALIFICATION OF TENDERS GIT/PRE/17/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of library textbooks he said. was an attempt to offer A driver hits someone on the road GIT/PRE/18/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Laboratory equipment Dr Omboga said some of universal healthcare to and you want him lynched without GIT/PRE/19/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Computer materials & accessories GIT/PRE/20/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of Dry maize and beans their members eventually Kenyans. asking if it is the person who threw GIT/PRE/21/2012 – 2013 Provision of repair & maintenance of motor vehicles came down to Sh4,000- The providers met the himself on the road,” he said. GIT/PRE/22/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of building materials Sh4,500 which they felt parliamentary team to GIT/PRE/23/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of construction materials GIT/PRE/24/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of kitchen jikos & services would allow them to just shed light on ongoing in- GIT/PRE/25/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of furniture, furnishing and fittings offer essential services vestigations into alleged GIT/PRE/26/2012 – 2013 Servicing of equipment & machines GIT/PRE/27/2012 – 2013 Supply & delivery of hairdressing and beauty materials and equipment. without any profit. irregularities in the NHIF He said at one point the outpatient scheme for pub- Tender documents giving detailed specifications are available on request from procurement office upon payment of a non-refundable fee of Ksh 3,000.00 per set of tender document at accounts office during working hours. Prices indicated must be inclusive of VAT lic servants. and any other charges and must remain firm for 180 days. The committee had been informed that most private Completed tender documents (separated for each tender) bearing no indication of tenderer name should be enclosed in plain sealed envelope clearly marked with tender number and be placed in the Tender Box at Administration Block not later than 30th May, health facilities were unable 2012 at 10.00 a.m. Opening of tenders shall take place in the Board Room immediately thereafter in the presence of suppliers who to meet the requirements choose to attend or their representatives. The problem we had for inclusion in the new The institution reserves the right to accept or reject any tender(s) in part or whole and does not bind itself to accept the lowest bid or give reasons thereof. was the manner in outpatient scheme. “We were very supportive N/B: All tenders to be addressed to: which the scheme of the scheme, the problem The Secretary, Board of Governors, was being run” we had was the manner in Gusii Institute of Technology, which it was being done,” P.O. Box 222 – 40200 Dr Kanyenje Gakmbe, said Dr Kanyenje Gakombe, KISII PRINCIPAL/SECRETARY B.O.G Association of Kenya the vice chairman of the as- Private Hospitals sociation. Mr Ruto
  • 7. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 7
  • 8. 8 | National News DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 ENERGY | Swiss based company to take over marketerTrade in oil firm’sshares suspendedRegulator’s decision ,which is valued at Sh18.3 Sh3.2b billion, published a statementcomes a day after in the local dailies alertingKenol Kobil key shareholders of a plan by the company’s key shareholders toowners announced The profit that the com- pany made last year sell their shares to Switzerland-plans to sell stake based oil firm Puma Energy. “The transaction will enable Mr Jackson Maina Wangui (left) , the owner of Club Click and Mr Joseph Kirero Sepi, a bouncer at PAUL WAWERU | NATION the firm to expand its footprint th bar, when they appeared in court yesterday. They did not plead to any charges.BY IMMACULATE KARAMBU in the region,” said Kenol Kobil Club owner in court over death ‘‘ chief executive and chairman Jacob Segman.T he Nairobi Securities Ex- But with the contemplated change has suspended offer, Puma Energy is seem- trading in Kenol Kobil ingly interested in an eventual BY NATION REPORTER to comply with the consti- ducting postmortem, mentalshares, a day after the oil mar- The transaction take-over of the oil marketer tutional provision that an assessment and eliminationketer’s key owners announced will enable the contrary to the earlier proposed The owner of a popular city arrested person must be of fingerprints. Ms Mwanikiplans to sell their stake in thefirm. firm to expand its search for a strategic investor and partner. club and a security guard were yesterday brought to court produced in court within 24 added that the victim of the shooting had no documents footprint in the May 15 In a statement signed It also remains unclear over allegations of killing a with chief executive Peter region” which shareholders signed patron at the bar.Mwangi, the NSE said the oil the exclusive agreement with Mr Jackson Maina Wangui, Oppose bailcompany’s shares will remain Kenol Kobil chairman Puma Energy but sources close the owner of Club Click on His identity will only be es-suspended from the exchange and chief executive to the deal told Nation that all Baricho Road, and Mr Joseph The date when the two will ap- tablished if his fingerprints areindefinitely. Jacob Segman the five key shareholders have Kirero Sepi, a bouncer, how- pear in court to face charges taken to the National Bureau “The Nairobi Securities Ex- offered to give up their stake ever did not plead to any of Registration, a processchange in consultation with the in the oil firm. charges since police are still hours and requested for more which takes four days.Capital Markets Authority has pend trading of a listed share “All the top five shareholders carrying out investigations to time to allow the identification Their lawyer Cliff Ombetasuspended trading of the Kenol incase of acquisitions, merg- will give up their shareholding identify their alleged victim. of the deceased. opposed the prosecution’sKobil shares. This is pursuant ers or takeovers. A share can to Puma. It is on this basis that According to state counsel Investigating officer John application saying it was ato the provisions of the Capi- also be suspended if the listed Puma will then make an offer Catherine Mwaniki, police can Shegu requested the court to breach of his clients rightstal Markets Regulations 2002,” company is put under statutory to buy out the remaining share- only draw up proper charges detain the accused for seven and they should be the statement. management, receivership or holders,” said a source close after identifying the victim. days to enable the police fi- However, Justice Nicholas The market regulator may liquidated. to the deal but who sought The accused, she said, nalise investigations including Ombija ruled the two be re-require the exchange to sus- On Tuesday, Kenol Kobil anonymity. were brought to court only recording statements, con- manded until May 15. REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR CONSULTANCY SERVICES CALL FOR CANDIDATES FOR RENEWABLE AND ENERGY EFFICIENCY EXPERTISE TO SUPPORT THE RTAP The Regional Technical Assistance Programme (RTAP) operated by KAM, in cooperation with Burgeap (France) and Frankfurt School Kenya Association of Manufacturers is looking for qualified experts in Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency to perform short term of Finance & Management (Germany), has activities in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The RTA team provides technical support to project sponsors (pre-feasibility or feasibility study or technical support) and makes recommendation to the partner banks in order to assignments on renewable energy and energy efficiency projects part of the projects pipeline managed by the RTAP in view of debt mitigate the technical risk of the investment project. The RTAP is funded by AFD and the Africa Infrastructure Trust Fund (ITF) of the financing by the AFD credit facility for East Africa. These assignments shall be financed from the RTAP budget. European Union. Kenya Association of Manufacturers (KAM) is looking for Responsibilities: Renewable Energy technology or Energy Efficiency Technologies and Areas of Involvement qualified engineering companies to carry out Feasibility • To prepare Terms of Reference for detailed project studies • Six years of experience in targeted industries such as agro • Hydro power technology and Front End Engineering and Design Studies to be (Feasibility study) food industry and or utility industry performed for Renewable and Energy Efficiency projects • Biomass systems • To review existing detailed project studies (feasibility study) applying for debt finance by the AFD credit facility for East • Biogas systems • To review the technical specification of the project before Areas of Expertise/ Techniques Required Africa. These studies shall be pre-financed from the RTAP • Wind power technology revolving fund managed by KAM and co-financed by the project procurement in order to recommend the optimal technical and • Solar PV • Geothermal systems sponsor. economic design • Solar Water Heating • Large scale Solar power plant Responsibilities of the selected services providers include • To prepare the final financing application of the projects based • Heating Air conditioning and Cooling systems • Heating, air conditioning and cooling systems but are not limited to: on the output of the feasibility study • Combined Heat and power Systems • Combined heat and power systems • To answer the main objective of the feasibility study which is • To prepare the TORs for grid connection studies for relevant • Hydro power Technology. • Industrial Energy efficiency and Process improvement projects to provide the technical documents required for a reasonable projects. • Wind power technology technical certainty of the project and to ascertain the costs aimed at optimizing production and reducing costs. • To recommend for the award of a technical eligibility to • Geothermal technology and revenue of the project. • To design the civil structures and components for the projects screened by the RTAP team. • Biogas systems KAM now invites consultants to express their interest in providing relevant task / Technology at hand. • To review design documents of the project to enforce state • Biomass systems the services. Interested consultants must provide information • To carry out topographical surveys and project layout of the art quality standards taking in consideration sites • Industrial Energy efficiency and Process improvement indicating that they are qualified to perform the services • To provide technical specification of Electro-mechanical constraints projects aimed at optimizing production and reducing costs. components. (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in • To prepare a technical reception procedure of the facility in • To document and illustrate the construction Program, similar conditions, availability of appropriate skills among staff, Budget, schedule of activities and Period of the same. order to ensure that it meets its targeted technical contractual Qualified and Interested candidates are advised to submit their etc.). Consultants may associate to enhance their qualifications. • To listing of tools to be procured during the expected life of performance C.V’s, Cover Letters and supporting Documents quoting their the plant. Areas of Expertises. General Professional experience • To list construction materials ( in construction projects) Qualification and expertise required • To carrying out other complementary studies such as Minimum requirements for the consultancy firms to be short listed • Advanced degree (M.Sc., M.A, Ph.D. or equivalent) in Energy KAM will select the best qualified candidates and will contact Environmental impact / Social Impact assessment and are: hydrological studies (where required) / power engineering them for negotiating contractual arrangement. (i) A good international track record in renewable energy and • To recommendation between different competing alternatives • English speaking (working language) energy efficiency systems development, engineering and in the choice of technologies and designs. • Excellent communicator and trainer Expressions of interest and applications for STE candidates project implementation. The consulting firm must have • To recommend appropriate design capacities in cases where • Working Experience in the East African Region is an must be delivered in writing under sealed envelope marked the RE project is applying for Feed In Tariffs. prepared at least two similar projects in the last 3 years; (ii) Availability of a full time team with experience in renewable advantage but not a requirement. ‘’RTAP FS Expression of interest’’ and ‘’RTAP STE • To demonstrate the commercial and economic viability of the project (s) at hand. energy and energy efficiency, and Candidates’’ respectively. • To determine generation capacity of the plant whilst (iii) Mastering modern tools including CAD systems. General Professional experience considering the determinant factors in the case of RE. 12 years of professional experience To • To provide adequate staff to expedite the TOR for the study AAM Resources, Management Consultants, 13 Chiromo KAM will prepare a short list of about four to six qualified during the time allocated as per the program of activities. candidates for each feasibility study to be pre-selected on the Specific Professional experience Lane, Westlands, • To submit CV‘s of the staff to be included in the Team as per the RFP tendered by KAM. basis of the expressions of interest received to whom it will send a • Six years experience and expertise in energy systems P.O. Box 45931-00100, Nairobi, Tel: 3748947 • To deliver the report on time and according to the Request for Proposal to perform the services. analysis, design and or operation and or in one particular So as to reach not later than 25th May 2012 at 12 Noon. requirements of the TOR.
  • 9. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 National News 9IN COURT | Njenga and four others accused of robbery with violence BRIEFLYDPP orders ex-Mungiki boss trial MERU Mob lynches man over mugging claimsTobiko BY RICHARD MUNGUTI Two people were yesterday beaten by wananchi after theyhad earlier tried to mug a person in Meru F ormer Mungiki leader town. Imenti North police bosscastigated Maina Njenga will be James Kithuka said one of thethe police charged with robbery with violence. suspected muggers died at Meru Level Five Hospital while his ac-for not This is after the Director complice escaped with of Public Prosecutions, Mr Keriako Tobiko, ordered that He said nobody had turned up to claim the body at the hospitalhis office a case against Mr Njenga and mortuary. He called on residents four others proceeds. to stop lynching suspects andbefore Mr Tobiko had reprimanded hand them over to police.charging the police two weeks ago for not consulting his office beforethe five prosecuting Mr Njenga. NAIROBI “I have been instructed by the Director of Public Prosecutions Judiciary tenders for to inform this court that the case against the accused should pro- low cost courthouses ceed to its logical conclusion,” The Judiciary has invited ten- State counsel Lilian Obuor told ders for the construction of low trial magistrate Elijah Obaga cost courthouses in various coun- yesterday. ties. In a paid-up advertisement The former Mungiki leader is in local dailies yesterday, the Ju- accused alongside Mr Francis diciary said the first batch of the Mwangi, Mr Daniel Wanjohi, prefabricated buildings would be Mr Ngare Njogu and Mr Stephen put up at Limuru, Tawa and Kib- Kuria Mwangi of attacking four era in a bid to ease congestion. police officers and robbing them However, only contractors with of their guns in a city church. PAUL WAWERU | NATION a “clean” record on past public Mrs Obuor sought an order to projects will be considered in the Lawyers Paul Muite (right) and Cliff Ombeta (centre) with former Mungiki leader Maina Njenga in court before have the suspects record fresh multi-million shilling project that statements and have their fin- the mention of a robbery with violence case against him and four others. The case will be heard on July 9. is expected to be rolled out to all gerprints taken. 47 counties. But defence lawyers Paul Ondieki opposed the request, investigations before charging on April 22. The suspects have Muite, Cliff Ombeta and Evans accusing the police of rushing the suspects in court”. denied robbing police officers the suspects to court before The magistrate fixed the hear- Dalmas Muthoka, Edwin Koech, NAIROBI BACKGROUND completing investigations. ing of the case for July 9. Gregory Nzioka and Moses “The hurry with which the po- Mr Obaga also directed the Mwangi of cash, guns and live Crop research given Officers injured in fracas lice dashed the accused to court cannot be a good reason to request State to supply the defence with exhibits and witness statements bullets in the church. They also denied robbing Mr Sh45m EU injection Four police officers were that they submit again for further within 14 days to enable the ac- Joseph Thuo of cash and damag- Research in drought-resilient last month beaten up and investigations. Police should have cused to prepare their trial. ing his car worth Sh5.2 million crops got a boost yesterday when detained by members of taken their fingerprints before on April 22. the European Union gave a Sh45 a Nairobi church headed arraigning them,” Mr Muite said, Eight counts Other charges against them million grant to the Kenya Agri- by former Mungiki leader arguing that police should charge The five denied eight counts are unlawful confinement of the cultural Research Institute (Kari). Maina Njenga. a suspect only upon completion against them and were each law enforcers and malicious dam- Head of EU delegation Lodewijk of investigations. released on a cash bail of age to government and private Briet said in Nairobi that the The officers were respond- “It is against the spirit of Sh200,000. vehicles. grant was part of the bloc’s com- ing to a distress call from the Constitution to ask a court The capital offence against After yesterday’s court session mitment to increasing investment faithful, who claimed that to hand over a suspect to the them carries a death sentence Mr Njenga addressed and prayed in the arid and semi-arid lands. a man with a gun had en- officers to complete their inves- upon conviction. for hundreds of youths, who had Mr Briet said a recent stock-tak- tered the church. tigations,” Mr Muite stated. They are alleged to have sub- thronged the court precincts in ing tour by an EU commissioner The youths claimed the In a brief ruling, Mr Obaga de- dued four policemen who were solidarity with him. in Turkana had revealed impres- officers had been sent to clined the State’s request, saying answering a distress call at the He urged them to disperse sive results. He said the EU was One of the injured harm Mr Njenga. “the police have themselves to Hope International Ministries peacefully until June 8, when keen on increasing scientific re- policemen blame for not completing the Church in Kasarani, Nairobi, the case will be mentioned. search investment in Kenya.
  • 10. 10 | National News DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012LITIGATION | Residents say pleas for reparations from parties have been ignored BRIEFLY NAKURUSinai fire victims Two in violent robbery case released on bondsue for damages A Nakuru court yesterday freed two robbery with violence suspects on bond amid protests from the prosecution. The chief magistrate said the Constitution provided for bond for all criminalMore than 100 slum the area and allowing KPC to use the offences. Mr John Njuguna and duct to dispose of its waste. Mr Paul Kariuki are accused ofdwellers demand “The council failed to ensure the robbing a trader of Sh434,350compensation from waste water tunnel was in good condition and through negligence, goods and Sh300,000 cash at Milimani estate on May 4. TheyKPC, city council and exposed the victims to hazardous were freed on Sh5,000 bail andenvironment agency waste from the pipeline company,” said Mr Muite. the case set for hearing on July 3.BY PAUL OGEMBA Nema is accused of failing to sure that KPC disposed of its waste BUSIA in a proper manner and not warning Mob kills father andV ictims of the Sinai slum fire residents of the dangers they were have sued the Kenya Pipeline Company (KPC) for loss and exposed to. son over cattle theft 102damages. A father and his son were yes- The 102 victims say the KPC, City terday lynched by a mob overCouncil of Nairobi and National En- allegations that they stole a cow.vironmental Management Authority The two were accosted by angry(Nema) should be held responsible The number of people who are suing residents at Sirisia , Nambalefor negligence and breach of statutory KPC, the city council and Nema for who accused them of planning toduties that resulted in the fire. compensation for loss incurred in the sell the cow. They had allegedly The victims, who are represented Sinai fire stolen the animal belonging to Mrby six lawyers led by Mr Paul Muite, Gabriel Ouma at around midnightsubmitted that at the time of the fire, The victims said Nema should and were transporting it to thethey were occupants, workers or visi- be held responsible for not taking market when villagers confrontedtors in the Sinai Settlement Scheme adequate measures to safeguard the them. The deceased had been re-near Industrial Area in Nairobi. area inhabited by Sinai residents and BACKGROUND cently released from prison. “On September 12, 2011, while the for failing to instruct CCN to ensurevictims were in their residences, KPCnegligently and in breach of its duties the waste disposal tunnels were in good condition. How fire started NAIROBIallowed flammable petroleum products As a result of the alleged negligence The tragedy occurred on Sep-to run through waste water drainage and breach of statutory duties by KPC, tember 12, 2011, when petrol Motion on anti-graftdug by the CCN, which burned thevictims and caused massive damage CCN and Nema, the victims claim they suffered loss of life to friends and rela- spilled from the KPC depot in Industrial Area to the Mukuru- names expected todayto property,” said Mr Muite. tives, incurred burns and body injuries Sinai slums. PAUL WAWERU | NATION Justice minister Eugene The victims accuse KPC of failing and loss of property. Ms Sarah Njoki, a victim of the Sinai Wamalwa will be on the spot to-to store a highly flammable liquid “Some victims were working as The spill was allegedly caused day as Parliament revisits a mo- when a gasket ruptured. fire disaster, outside a Nairobi courtin a proper manner and letting it masons to earn a living but as a re- tion to approve or reject names of yesterday.escape. sult of the burns, they have not been A total of 119 people died when three officials to head the Ethics They say the company did not able to work while others will require the oil burst into flames, with sev- their claims seriously. and Anti-Corruption Commis-keep its machinery, plant and pipes medical attention for the rest of their eral others experiencing massive The September 12, 2011, tragedy sion. Before his appointmentin a proper state of maintenance and lives,” said Mr Muite. burns and loss of their property. claimed 119 lives and left scores with as minister, Mr Wamalwa was afailed to warn or notify them of the The victims submitted that despite severe burns. member of House committee that KPC said it would not take re-impending danger. a demand notice to KPC, CCN and The fire happened after oil that rejected the names of Mr Mumo sponsibility for the fire. The victims accuse the city council Nema of their intention to sue, the had spilled from a leak in the pipe- Matemu, Prof Jane Onsongo andof building a waste water shaft through parties had refused to reply or take line ignited. Ms Irene Keino. Bid to block debate on President’s speech fails BY NATION REPORTER The House rules give a maxi- mum four days within which to Cabinet ministers yesterday discuss the speech, which was defeated spirited attempts by made on April 24. backbenchers to block debate “The Leader of Government on President Kibaki’s State of Business should relook this mo- the Nation address made a tion because, from the way it is Karengata sports day fortnight ago. framed, the co-principals and KARENG’ATA ACADEMY Hawkish backbenchers said their ministers are all stuck in debating the speech was a relic the past. What we’re doing here of the old dispensation. is what used to happen in the Karengata Junior Academy (Boarding/Day) - 844 Pre-school to Std 8 res s They said the way Vice-Presi- Kanu days,” said Dr Khalwale s. Pr iew } Karengata Boys - 844 & IGCSE with good results dent Kalonzo Musyoka framed (below). in terv og All Boarding his prayers was typical of the However, when temporary Karengata Girls - 844 & IGCSE with good results In Kanu era where debate on the Deputy Speaker Philip Kaloki President’s speech was a time put the matter to a verbal vote, A one stop shop for school in decongested posh area in Nairobi for sycophants to sing their the backbenchers lost. praises. Mr John Mbadi, Mr Ekwee Ethuro, Dr Boni Khalwale and Mr Adan Duale said the WE BELIEVE IN THE BEST DO YOU? government was wasting MPs’ time by insisting on debating government agenda. Wednesday mornings are IGCSE A* past student IGCSE Current potential A* set aside for MPs to debate Ahmed Said Mohammed Jacqline Inamahoro motions from the backbench. The MPs said the new dispen- Located at Hardy, off Langata South Road past sation only recognised a motion Bomas of Kenya.(near Giraffe Centre). to have the President’s address Tel: 020 232 5872, 0729 243581, 0722 640170, 0733 955555 adopted and not discussed.
  • 11. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 National News 11ELECTIONS | Agency to factor in 80 new constituencies created by the Constitution Fees waived forTalks planned on polls budget woman in suit against StateIEBC has been allocated BY NATION REPORTERSh17.5 billion, less than A woman who camped at thethe Sh22 billion it says it Jomo Kenyatta International Air- port for several days before sherequires to conduct was taken to jail has been allowed to sue the state for and fair elections Mr Justice David Majanja yes- terday certified the case by MsBY PETER LEFTIE Agnes Nemakonde Galawu, is challenging a six-month jail termAND JULIUS SIGEI imposed on her by the minister, as urgent. She wants to be released on lessT he electoral commission will restrictive non-custodial terms or today meet MPs to discuss a on a temporary pass, pending the Sh4.5 billion shortfall which it determination of her status.says threatens to disrupt the GeneralElection plan. The Treasury has allocated the In-dependent Electoral and Boundaries 6 months ‘‘Commission (IEBC) Sh17.5 billion in The jail term that the petitioner SALATON NJAU | NATIONthe 2012/2013 budget, less than the wants reviewed Sh22bnSh22 billion it says it requires to Joint Chief Whip Jakoyo Midiwo, Jus-conduct free and fair polls. tice minister Eugene Wamalwa and Justice Majanja directed lawyer The commission and the parlia- IEBC chairman Issack Hassan address John Chigiti representing Msmentary Committee on Justice and We will discuss their the Press at the JKIA yesterday after ar- Galawu, 43, to file the main case What the IndependentLegal Affairs confirmed that today’s Electoral and Boundaries budget, including riving from Paris. They where in France free of charge. She is in detentionmeeting would discuss the electoral the proposals by the as presidential election observers. at Lang’ata Women’s Prison.budget. Commission says it re- Ms Galawu, who claims to be a Githunguri MP Njoroge Baiya, who quires to conduct the next Treasury” lors, they will be expected to pick citizen of Zimbabwe, was arrestedchairs the parliamentary team, said: polls governors, senators and women’s on April 10 and taken to the prison Githunguri MP Njoroge Baiya“We will discuss their budget includ- representatives in the next polls. under the Immigration minister’sing the proposals by the Treasury.” Mr Oswago said the commission directive after spending several targeted to register 18 million voters days at the airport.Efficient elections 45,000 polling booths to ensure that recent mock elections in Kajiado and to take part in the March 4, 2013 elec- She now wants the directive In an earlier interview, IEBC chief Kenyans vote on one day during the Malindi. tions. At least Sh4.5 billion would be reviewed, saying it was unfair.executive officer James Oswago had General Election. “We realised that it will take be- used to pay electoral officials during Lawyer Chigiti told the courtsaid the commission needed Sh22 The IEBC will also have to increase tween 15 minutes and half an hour the voter listing. that Ms Galawu is a destitute in abillion to conduct the elections ef- the number of booths to three or four for an average voter to go through the Another Sh2.5 billion has been set foreign land and her rights underficiently. per polling centre as opposed to past voting process. Increasing the number aside for a possible runoff. the Constitution and The Kenyan “This is the money needed to com- elections where only one booth ca- of streams will speed up the process,” “We shall also invest Sh3.5 billion Citizens and Immigrations Actpile a new voters’ register occasioned tered for all the registered voters in he said, adding: “This money will be for the biometric (electronic) voter have been the creation of 80 new constituen- a centre. spread through two financial years registration and another Sh1.5 billion “The petitioner was not givencies, buying poll books, ballot papers, Mr Oswago disclosed that 360,000 — 2011/2012 and 2012/2013. We are in for a poll book,” he said. reasons for the imprisonment andcarrying out a fresh voter registration clerks, 90,000 deputy presiding of- discussions with the Treasury to see A poll book is a machine used to she was not given a chance to beand paying the clerks,” Mr Oswago ficers and 45,000 presiding officers how we can meet the deficit.” inspect fingerprints to avoid double heard before the directive was is-had told the Nation. would be hired to handle the six-tier Unlike in the past elections when voting and stuffing of ballots, as well sued,” said Mr Chigiti. The commission will hire more than election. Kenyans were only required to elect as to track the number of people who The case will be heard on May500,000 election officials and erect The numbers were arrived at after the President, MPs and council- vote by any given time. 14.
  • 12. 12 | Opinion DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012County funds mustbe handled delicatelyA proposal on the sharing of public funds among counties has raised serious debate, with critics faulting it for favouringeconomically-endowed regions. Essentially, the proposal by the Commissionof Revenue Allocation provides for higherdisbursements to the densely populated comparedto the sparsely populated regions. The Commission estimates that the governmentwill have to allocate Sh200 billion for the counties,slightly above the 15 per cent of the total revenuegenerated in any given year. For good reasons, the proposal has generated alot of heat, with some politicians threatening toshoot it down when it is tabled in Parliament. They argue the formula is unfair to poor counties,most of which are sparsely populated. Thus, theyare asking for a review of the formula to includevariables like poverty levels, geographical and evenclimatic conditions. Sharing public resources is fraught with challenges.No single formula can work miracles, more so ina situation of mistrust and intolerance. This isespecially so in a country that is coming out of a darkpast, where resources followed political power. In response, the Commission proposes a co-ordination committee whose task will be to focuson the disbursement of Equalisation Fund, which isadditional cash earmarked for poor counties. The idea of a committee is reasonable because it WHAT OTHERS SAY | Charles Onyango-Obboserves the constitutional requirement stipulatingthat decisions on cash allocations must involvemany players and must be done equitably. But even the committee is not enough. TheCommission must find more innovative ways ofinvolving the public. If there is one thing that could World Economic Forum on Africa:derail devolution, it is resource allocation. It musttherefore be handled very sensitively. Secret of how we can grow very richAre they still Kenyans? T he 22nd World for a living; and so on. dry, we die in even larger prisons than out there in Economic Forum I couldn’t find a current numbers from famine society says volumes aboutN (WEF) is meeting in figure. However, sometime because we didn’t harness the failure of the state and ews stories illustrating insecurity in the the Ethiopian capital, Addis back police said that in an water while it was around in public institutions (police, forgotten reaches of Kenya have now Ababa. ordinary year an average of plenty. It’s a good statement courts, churches, mosques, become daily staple. Accounts of rampant There have been a lot of 20 people drown around the of Africa’s inability to profit civil society) whose dutybanditry, cattle-rustling, clan or ethnic feuds from articles and programmes areas of Mombasa, Malindi, from its gifts. it is to protect people, asnorthern and eastern Kenya are common. in world media about how Kilifi, and so on. Also, more than 50 per much as the withering Tuesday had reports of 2,000 people being forced the WEF is taking place in Occasionally, you have cent of Africans don’t have of our social institutionsto flee their homes due to rampant cattle-rustling in Addis Ababa at a time when a boat or ferry disaster access to clean water, a fact (family, neighbourhoods). the “continent is poised for and over 100 people die. that accounts for a lot of Again, prison is a “better”Baringo North. economic takeoff”, and when However, that doesn’t our diseases and lost man place for poor people too. Earlier reports from the same area recounted how it has “six of the world’s 10 happen every day or even hours. They are more likely toarmed raiders surrounded an Administration Police fastest growing economies”, year, so let us stick with an I read somewhere that the have at least one meal incamp and tied down the security officers with and so on. The idea that ordinary year. United Nations estimates two days, and a roof overgunfire before driving away livestock. Africa’s time has arrived is The issue here is that in that sub-Saharan Africa their head in prison – never In Marsabit on Monday, three children herding firmly taking hold. Kenya, and most of Africa, alone loses 40 billion hours that it will be in a horriblygoats were killed in a brutal fashion, their throats However, the continent water is more likely to kill per year collecting water; crowded cell –than as free still has the world’s poorest you when you live on land, that’s the same as a whole people out in society.slit by assailants who disappeared. people, its sickest citizens, then when you live or work year’s worth of labour by There are many people On Tuesday, there was the bizarre tale of a bunch most “failed” states, and on water. France’s entire workforce! who would say the secondof schoolboys in Isiolo who turned cattle-rustlers, lowest level of investment in So the first answer is that In addition, the World most important thingand made off with 400 goats after abducting their research and development. if Africa can conquer water, Health Organisation says Africa needs to fix is itsschoolmates who were on herding duties. So, everyone agrees, it will become the world’s that for every $1 invested democracy. The problem is Reports of unchecked violence continue to flow we need to fix a few more richest continent. in water and sanitation, that democracy is subvertedfast and furious into newsrooms from Baringo, things before we can rule In floods, we die and there is an economic return most by insecurity.Pokot, Isiolo, Marsabit, Turkana, Tana River, the world. eventually go hungry of between $3 and $34! We The most insecure time I listened to a radio because the water ruins our shall say no more. for the average Africa isMoyale and the entire North Eastern region. programme in which the crops. The second thing Africa during what is supposed to Residents of those neglected, forgotten, unpoliced presenter asked; “what are When the water goes needs to fix is security of a transformative momentand ungoverned areas would be forgiven if they the two things Africa needs away, and it becomes individuals. This means – election time. If you arebelieved they were no longer part of Kenya. to fix to become rich?” many things, but two a Kenyan or Ugandan, for Tough question. examples will: example, you are more likely However, I have my two Our institutions are to be beaten, cheated, or A PUBLICATION OF NATION MEDIA GROUP ideas. In the last few days generally weak, badly run, killed during elections – and LINUS GITAHI: Chief Executive Officer floods (both flash and non- and corrupt. However, in especially on voting day JOSEPH ODINDO: Editorial Director flash floods) have killed at Prison is a ‘better’ nearly all of eastern Africa and after results have been least 50 people in Kenya. a woman is more likely to announced – than at any MUTUMA MATHIU: Managing Editor It occurred to me to check place for poor people be raped or battered by her period. Published at Nation Centre, Kimathi Street and printed at Mombasa Road, Nairobi by Nation Media Group Limited the number of people who for they are likely to partner when she is a free So water and security it POB 49010, Nairobi 00100 have died at the coast where thousands cross with the have at least one meal individual in society, than when she is a prisoner. is. We rest our case. Tel: 3288000, 0719038000. Fax 221396 Likoni ferry to and from in two days, and a That our women are Registered at the GPO as a newspaper work daily; go out fishing roof over their head” generally safer in our bad &twitter@cobbo3
  • 13. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 Opinion 13YOU’RE WRONG, PROF | Fredrick Ogenga THE CUTTING EDGEWhat ongoing transformation of the BY THE WATCHMAN RATES SUSPENDED. Though the PostalKenyan media means for the electorate Corporation of Kenya has noted Karen Lang’ata District Association chairman Vincent Kambo’s query on the recent change of rental boxes from individual to corporate rates in select post offices inI Nairobi, it has been suspended for a while. On March will not apologise for scholars such as Stuart Hall, and the diffusion of power. 27, a spokesman says, Posta issued a notice of the beginning this article Michael Schudson, and my McLuhan presents the idea change that was effected on May 1. The post offices by demolishing two colleague, Prof Tawana Kupe. of technological determinism, are Westlands, Village Market, Karen, Yaya Centre,potentially misleading There are some institutional which is premised on theassertions by Prof Levi mechanisms that determine physical or natural sciences and Lavington Jamia Mall. For more information, callObonyo in an article titled journalistic practice shaped approach to epistemology Tel. 3242600, or write to“Media and Elections: Our by political, economic and where cause and effect arejournalists must follow the cultural factors. These established. TAKING IT TOO EASY. Popular public transporterrules to prevent chaos” (DN, mechanisms greatly influence The approach led to the Easy Coach has been doing an excellent job but itsMay 2). journalists in the process of birth of media effects theories high standards are now being undermined by lateness, Although the general news production. where agenda setting was says Ken Ayieko. On May 7, the bus going to Siaya,tone and angle of the article Furthermore, journalism popular. The idea that x on which his son travelled, left the Nairobi terminusis commendable, the two is undergoing a major causes y, emerging from the at 10.30am instead of 9.30am. As a result, the busissues raised in his thesis are transformation and we have realm of “physical facts”, was reached its destination late and his son had to sleep inproblematic. The first is how seen the emergence of new experimented on by early the company’s lounge. “Now, we have to explain to thehe conceptualises the media A Facebook enthusiast is happy kind of journalistic practice media scholars in the US who school why the boy did not report on time,” lamentsand audiences (electorate). with what she has been reading. (citizen journalism) through concluded that television Ken, whose contact is The former are assumed social networks such as blogs, causes violence – an idea thatto be a homogenous entity Facebook and Twitter. was later rejected.that serve an undifferentiated report. To reject that fact, So when we discuss the role The new media have changed FIX THIS STRETCH. Can the Kenya Urban Roads“mass” of audiences. The while at the same time of the media and elections and the character and conduct Authority (KURA) fix the 30-metre stretch of Outermedia in Kenya are diverse claiming that they rely on demand that journalists follow of politicians, electorate and Ring road adjacent to National Petrol Station and theand serve the interests of the agenda set by politicians, the rules, what media are we journalists, and it seems there new Taj Mall building, which looks worse than thefragmented audiences with betrays the very essence of the referring to, which journalists is no turning back. “lunar surfaces we see in pictures”? urges Bernarddifferent needs. And so, what argument presented. are we cautioning and what Is there any cause for Ochieng. The section, he adds, is a major culprit indoes he really mean when he It is the political-nonsense, rules do we have in mind? celebrating such changes? the endemic traffic jams, some lasting about 15 hourstalks of the media? dramatised during election These are issues that are Or should we now police the daily. Ochieng says KURA should make the section The second issue is the campaigns that the media clearly beyond the scope of Internet? Though independent motorable before the planned major reconstruction ofassertion that “the media do use as raw material for the agenda-setting. regulators are welcome to Outer Ring Road begins.not manufacture what they construction of “reality” or Prof Obonyo’s arguments monitor the conduct of thereport; the responsibility for what they call “news” to sell are confined in approaches of media, cosmetic measurespeaceful elections lies in the their stories. understanding mainstream such as those proposed bypolitical class, who, in any So genuine questions should traditional media and risks the Media Council of Kenyacase, set the agenda for the concern the factors that make being caught up in what I should be carefully scrutinisedmedia”. journalists construct news would call the “McLuhan- since they can be used as Theoretically, the agenda- stories in a similar fashion Williams problematic”. mechanisms for the abuse ofsetting theory is time-worn. using the information they get Marshall McLuhan and power.The media must refuse from politicians. Kevin Williams presented ato accept the agenda of The answers to such dichotomy in understanding Dr Ogenga is a lecturer inpoliticians and instead set questions will necessary lead new media as they sought to Communication and Mediathe agenda for them through the discourse to obvious explore the best possibilities Technology, Maseno University,issue-based politics. The factors that influence media of understanding its character and a visiting scholar inmedia surely manufacture operation and agency as and culture (cyber-culture), media and sociology, Bostonconsent through what they rightly pointed out by media the emergence of cybercitizens University, USA. KDF spokesman Cyrus Oguna (left) briefing the Press WHERE IS OGUNA? With the Kenya Defence Forces having joined Amisom, David Motari says heTREAD CAREFULLY, MRC | Okiya Omtatah Okoiti misses eloquent spokesman Cyrus Oguna’s press briefings on the progress in the military campaign in Somalia. “My favourite spokesman has been given aThe law allows secession, but try it and see blackout and yet, as a patriot, I deserve to know what is going on in Somalia, even if our troops have become a part of Unisom. Or could our forces have just secretly pulled out of that country altogether?” asks David,I reject the argument that because Kenya is poetry not logic; and to repudiate whose contact is Article 2(6) of the Constitution gives their obligation to obey the State’s laws ratified treaties the force of statute amounts to seceding, the Mombasa Republican Council In that case, Kenya will have little NO WATER IN UMOJA. For about three weeksor anybody has a right to secede, simply choice but to engage in warfare with now, the residents of Umoja estate in Nairobi’sbecause Kenya has ratified international The rebellious chant that ‘Pwani the MRC to determine which side wins Eastlands have not had any water, yet the city hastreaties which recognise the right of self- si Kenya’ is poetry not logic; and control of the contested, seceding been awash with floods as the rains have been fallingdetermination for all peoples. to repudiate their obligation to territory. And that will produce nothing day and night, moans Eliakim Diang’a. If Nairobi Water The international law protects the but evil unmitigated in character and Company is unable to supply all its customers, Eliakimterritorial integrity of just democratic obey the State’s laws amounts to appalling in content. proposes, the Ministry of Water or the water board instates. Kenya’s Constitution does not seceding unilaterally” Finally, the key argument of the MRC charge of the city should enable them to treat and useexplicitly recognise the right to secession. that the treaty colonial Britain signed rain water. His contact is Tel 0722854221. Indeed, the Preamble proclaims our with the Sultan of Zanzibar allows themdesire “… to live in peace and unity as one balances, entrenchment of civil rights to secede, fails to recognise the factindivisible sovereign nation,” and Article and liberties, recognition of marginalised that, throughout history, such offers of DRIVERS TO BLAME. The real cause of the traffic255(1)(b) prohibits any constitutional groups, integrity requirements, promise of secession rights have often been used as jams in Nairobi is not the rain or the roundabouts, butamendment affecting Kenya’s territory, democratic elections, and judicial review a tactic to attract smaller groups into a failure by most drivers to observe a simple traffic rulewithout approval through a referendum. powers can’t address historical injustices. larger political union. that works like magic: Do Not Enter a Junction Unless Besides endorsing the reality that the However, the MRC must strictly follow However, once the political union is the Exit is Clear, says Peter James Karanja. Peter wouldState is united by consent and not force, the concrete procedure on how to secede. attained, the right of secession is often like to see all the junctions marked with the caution,the fact that the Constitution does not They should raise one million signatures delegitimised, either through practical No Stationary Vehicle in This Box, and those found toprohibit amendment to any matters, and get the support of at least 24 county politics or legal repeal, and attempts to have flouted this rule severely punished. “The trafficincluding of Kenya’s territory, means assemblies (Article 257). secede result most often in a war by the jams will be greatly reduced,” says Peter, whosethat, implicitly, even if inadvertently, it Alternatively, they can ask Parliament central state to preserve political union. contact is a procedural right to secession. to initiate the move (Article 256). Then, For example, while the US Constitution That right is not substantive, absolute, to be approved, the secession must be implied a lawful right of a member State Have a jam-less day, won’t you!unilateral or unlimited. It is heavily supported by a simple majority at a to secede, President Abraham Lincolnqualified by the imposition of procedural referendum in which at least 20 per cent responded to the secession of thehurdles, allowing the Kenyan State to use of registered voters in each of at least 24 Southern states with a war that preservedthe rule of law to control the secession counties must participate (Article 255(2)). the Union and effectively settled the E-mail: through consensual negotiation. It cannot secede unilaterally without constitutional right of secession. or write to Watchman, Thus, the MRC is clearly within its the consent of, or negotiation with, theright to demand secession if it feels that remaining Kenyan State. Mr Okoiti is a human rights activist (omtat POB 49010, Nairobi 00100.the Constitution’s devolution, checks and The rebellious chant that Pwani si Fax 2213946.
  • 14. 14 | Letters DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012To the editor The editor welcomes brief letters on topical issues. Write on e-mail to: mailbox@ You can also mail to: The Editor, Daily Nation, POB 49010, Nairobi 00100. Letters may be edited for clarity, space or legal considerations.It’s regrettable buildings TALKING POINT SHORT TAKEScontinue to collapse Emails from correspondents The lackadaisical approach to Kenyans fatigued by bitter war of BISHOP ODEYEPO: While I concur words between Raila and Mudavadierecting buildings in Kenya is alarm- with Mr Killian K. Mavindu (Nation,ing, and is increasingly testing the May 9) that “(people who) may havepatience of Kenyans. been sent deliberately by extortion- It is regrettable that many more ists” should be thoroughly beaten bybuildings continue to collapse, lead- Bishop Odeyepo, he should lobby toing to loss of lives and wasted man- have the Catholics — whom he giveshours. We are eager to see this stemmed,as greed from building owners bent T he ugly, primitive war of words between the camps of Prime Minister Raila Odinga and his examples of — also cane all sinful people possessed of demons just like Jesus did. Again, we all know theon hurriedly finishing the work former ally Musalia Mudavadi are Catholic Church is not somebody’sin order to start making money is unfortunate. property. All Catholics are share-alarming. The thought that most are This bitter exchange, if not holders. Who are the shareholdersdriven by greed at the expense of checked, poses a threat to peaceful of LFWO? He seems to know moremeeting safety standards is sicken- campaigns. It’s likely to poison the about this battering And as demonstrated by the already volatile and toxic political TONY LAW, NairobiWestlands building, such collapses environment, further polarisingare not the preserve of slums. and dividing our motherland. The WRITING PASSION: From its TRACY NDEGWA, Nairobi overall consequences are too grave conciliatory tone, columnist Philip to contemplate. Ochieng’s “sometimes I got it We do not need political squab- wrong, but it was not out of malice”Wanted: Agency to take bles when we are facing the tragedy Sunday Nation, May 6) one wouldup NHIF investigations of insecurity, landslides, road ac- cidents, massive official corruption think he was quitting journalism. But it reminded me of another story and unprecedented impunity. where he claimed the Maragoli don’t The circus that is the NHIF saga We are fatigued by the never- circumcise. So chagrined was I thatwould be hilarious, if it was not that ending drama in the political arena. FILE | NATION I wrote to the Nation, challengingthe very lives of Kenyans is on the We are not amused at all with this Prime Minister Raila Odinga and Mr Musalia Mudavadi during the burial of that observation. My rebuttal gaveclinics. The circus crew have just new-found tactic of hitting political the Deputy Prime Minister’s father-in-law in Lugari last year. rise to a passion for writing that Istarted unpacking their props and opponents below the belt. never knew existed. I must thank Mrrelated paraphernalia, on who is go- And the venomous unorthodox Ochieng’ and NMG for igniting mying to investigate the muck. responses ignore the truism that Shallow politics by ideologies, not personal attacks. writing passion. This country has many investigat- two wrongs don’t make a right. Amid all the poverty, where do you ALEXANDER CHAGEMA, Kakamegaing agencies — and counting — that ENOCK ONSANDO, Mombasa The recent bitter exchange be- get the time for rhetoric and per-soon, for every 100 Kenyans, one tween PM Raila Odinga and the sonal attacks gentlemen? SHODDY REPAIRS: Recently thewill be an investigator: EMU, Ethics Address issues DPM Musalia Mudavadi presents PATRICK MUTUA, Kibwezi contractor who wins virtually alland Anti-Corruption, CID, Commit- The two spokesmen — Kabatesi an opportunity for the public to vet road works in Western was paid atees of Parliament, National Audit and Muluka — should tell Ken- these two presidential candidates. Sh1.2 billion to recarpet the road. IfOffice, DPP, internal investigation at yans what their respective bosses But the call by Mr Mudavadi ask- Sour grapes what I saw and heard Roads ministerthe troubled NHIF... are committing to do for Kenya if ing the PM to retire alongside the After Musalia Mudavadi’s depar- Bett saying in the media is anything In all this does, anyone detect the elected president. President is shallow politics. The ture, ODM has been behaving like to go by. However, the contractorinterest of the Kenyan? What are they going to do PM is not the incumbent President, a jilted spouse. Accusations against has began doing what he does best: GACHIENGO GITAU, Nairobi about jobs, crime, poverty, cor- and so is not bound by the constitu- Mr Mudavadi have been fast and filling minor potholes, conveniently ruption, inflation, tribalism, laws, tional two-term limit. furious. He has been described as skipping huge ones like ones near prices, tourism, education, roads, Again, the DPM has been part weak, cowardly, a traitor, a project i-Source Centre and at Ojolla Mar-Minister criticised the foreign policy, trade, national of the coalition government. What and corrupt to boot. ket. Can someone tell us why thisvictims of cattle theft debt and loan interests? If they can’t address these issues, has he done to uplift lives that he can use as the basis for asking his Did he acquire these negative traits overnight after leaving ODM? contractor always does mediocre jobs? Why do engineers briskly sign they should just shut up. boss to retire? It’s a case of sour grapes. certificates of completion? The story about MP Asman Kama- ANDAYI MUSHENYE, Texas, USA We need to hear politics driven DAUDI MWENDA, Nairobi OKORE CHARLES, Masenoma’s (East Pokot) reaction to a dem-onstration in Baringo North (Nation, POOR LAND GRABBERS: Yester-May 8) begged questions. The assistant minister roundly Secure the statues of Kenya’s Open up drainage systems to day in Bombolulu we witnessed a worrying trend in Coast wherecondemned what he termed “rowdymob” for blocking Loruk-Kinyang national heroes for posterity save residents from floods illegal squatters protest against law- ful evictions and forcibly stay on inRoad, but he should be reminded private land with the support of localthat the “mob” was protesting be- I was shocked to see and read about the statue of Mombasa residents watch in disbelief the sad me- politicians amid threats to involvecause the rights of the people of Tom Mboya in Nairobi’s Moi Avenue whose plaque dia images of Nairobi residents almost submerged. the MRC. They first erect mud struc-Baringo North have been violated by was missing (Nation, May 8). I believe this is not the Nairobi is now a city in the floods, not in the sun. tures to test the waters, then gradu-their neighbours - the Pokot - time intended way of honouring our heroes. Streets have become rivers. Man and machine ally move on to brick and stone. Youand again through cattle theft and Vandalism at the heart of the capital city must be a swim in the streams, sometimes never to come out will not miss a church in the mix forkilling of herders. big joke and those sleeping on their job must wake up alive. Jams extend late into the night. I think boats sympathy points against owners who When the aggrieved demand pro- to catch these thieves. will become handy, if this unusual weather condition used their savings and loans. Theytection by the government, the min- I believe this and other areas with statues should be continues a little longer. What is the cause of all this? are greedy opportunists hoping toister derisively calls them a “rowdy provided with security and 24-hour CCTV cameras. Piles of garbage have blocked drainage systems, and live without paying a cent. Beingmob” Why has he chosen to demon- . Our children will love to see how the heroes looked illegal structures block waterways. Over to the city poor does not make one above theise the victim? like because they died before many were born. council. law. And it’s not a crime to be rich. KIPTURGO MATHEW, Baringo SHEM MUTULU, Nairobi JUSTIN OSEY PETER, Mombasa MARTIN MAKUNDI, Mombasa YESTERDAY’S QUESTION DEBATE QUESTION Was the PM right to overrule Nyong’o and appoint a new team to run NHIF? Should African JOHN KEGODE: It was right for the found Prof Nyong’o’s decision incompetent ISAIAH OSALAH: Yes, “Dr” PM is 100 states move ICC PM to overrule Prof Nyong’o. ODM as the appointing authority would appear to be and was right to overrule it. It is time the professor was replaced. per cent right and he has the mandate. crime cases to an VICTOR ABUKA: He was not right. He making money for elections which could KOGI JAMLICK: Yes, the PM was right to insulated Prof Nyongo instead of firing him. African court? portray the party negatively to the elector- appoint a new team, since the NHIF saga ate who are the contributors to NHIF. CHARLES NZIOKA: Yes. The whole Send your comments to mailb needs to be investigated by a new and in- saga called for PM’s intervention. ANTHONY GITTENS: The PM clearly dependent team.
  • 15. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 Advertiser’s Announcement 15
  • 16. 16 | National News DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012Warrant issued against sacco officials over fraud INJUSTICE | Court order disregardedBY NATION CORRESPONDENT A warrant of arrest has been issued This followed the prosecution of the case privately on behalf of sacco member Geof- frey Ontieri by lawyer Kirathe Wandugi. to apprehend the said and to bring them before this court to answer to the said charges and to be further dealt with ac- ODM to push for paymentagainst 11 officials of a multi-billion shil- cording to the law,” Ms Maina said in theling cooperative society. Monthly contributions warrants signed on May 2. Two others are to be served with sum- The sacco savings are estimated to be Mr Macloud Malonza, Ms Belindamons in connection with embezzlement of Sh8 billion, with monthly contributions Oguya, Mr Muchiri, Mr Meshack Nyan-Sh11,924,126 from Harambee Sacco. of more than Sh500 million. Police offic- gute, Lt Col Richard Ngovi, Mr Charles of ex-teachers Issuing the order, Nairobi chief mag- ers, military personnel and civil servants Konzolo, Ms Nyambura Weru, Mr Joeistrate Esther Maina said Mr Franklin form the bulk of members. Ouko, Mr Charles Geni, Mr AmbroseMuchiri, who works with the International The 11 officials are to be charged with Oloo, Major Dennis Makau and MrLabour Organisation in Ethiopia and Mr three counts of stealing by agents, fraud Humprey Ogeto, who are HarambeeE. Okonji of Public Works ministry are to and obtaining money by false pretences. sacco board members, are accused ofbe served with the summons.. “You are hereby commanded forthwith stealing Sh1,290,950. Party files notice ministration. In 2003, the Kibaki admin- in House to force istration negotiated another Treasury to release agreement with the teachers which has been fully imple- Sh17.6bn owed to mented. But there was a legal hitch the retired tutors when it came to payment this year. Under the new dispen- BY ALPHONCE SHIUNDU sation, any payment must be authorised by the Controller of Budget, Ms Agnes Odhiambo, T he Orange party yester- who says she will not approve day notified Parliament any withdrawal of the money of its intention to push until she gets the Attorney- the Treasury to release Sh17.6 General’s legal opinion. billion owed to teachers who The AG’s opinion is required retired between 1997 and because during the court case, 2003. no mention was made of the Mr John Pesa (Migori) filed Pensions Act, creating a legal the notice which, he said, was hitch. sponsored by ODM and seeks Finance minister Njeru to have the 31,082 teachers paid Githae said as soon as this following a court decision in hitch was sorted out, the money their favour. would be disbursed. “The Mr Pesa said it was essential Teachers Service Commission that the teachers be paid even and Pensions Department have though some of them could be agreed on the modalities of pay- dead due to the tough life they ment which will start as soon had been forced to endure. as the Controller of Budget ap- proves the withdrawal of funds Risked being returned from the Consolidated Fund,” He said Sh3.34 billion had said Mr Githae in February. been allocated in the last Budget and the money risked being returned to the Treasury at the end of the current finan- cial year. “Mindful that the delay in payment has caused the parties untold suffering, this House urges the government to pay retired teachers their dues without further delay,” said Mr Pesa (right). The resolution is set for de- bate in the House next week. The teachers were paid their pensions based on the salary they earned before re- 31,082 The number of retired tirement. They subsequently went to court to have their teachers who are owed salary issue adjudicated since money after they won a the 1997 agreement in Legal court battle against the Notice No 534 of 1997 had not government been honoured by the Moi ad- 70 elephants killed BY NATION assigned to take care of one CORRESPONDENT rhino unlike in the past where we had only one ranger for one The Kenya Wildlife Service rhino,” he said. will increase the number of Surveillance in parks and rangers and buy more helicop- airports will also be stepped ters as part of a new strategy up to ensure illegal game hunt- to combat poaching. ers do not benefit from their KWS director Julius Kipnget- activities. KWS plans to buy ich said yesterday that poachers a third helicopter fitted with had killed four rhinos and 70 high lens cameras to help in elephants this year. Five rang- surveillance. ers have also been murdered The poachers, he added, while the wildlife unit has killed were a threat to Kenya’s 13 poachers. economy as they could easily He said at a press briefing in kill the lucrative tourism in- Nairobi yesterday that the ratio dustry. The director blamed of rangers to rhinos would be the increase in poaching to increased for easy tracking of increased prices if ivory. the animals. Last year, 278 elephants “We now have two rangers were killed.
  • 17. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 17 REPUBLIC OF KENYA THE KENYA NATIONAL ASSEMBLY RATED A (-) BY GLOBAL CREDIT RATING CO. RATED A (-) BY GLOBAL CREDIT RATING CO. PUBLIC HEARINGS/ RECEIPT OF MEMORANDA Head Office: Nairobi, Ecobank Towers, Muindi Mbingu Street, Tel: 2243681/2, 0718979236, 0731515 515 Fax: 2215528 Head Office: Nairobi, Ecobank Towers, Muindi Mbingu Street, Tel: 2243681/2, 0718979236, 0731515 515 Fax: 2215528 Branches Offices: Mombasa,Zulfat Plaza,Dedan Kimanthi Street,Tel:041-2229214,2226331, Fax:041-2223918 Dedan Kimathi Branches Offices: Mombasa,Zulfat Plaza,Dedan Kimanthi Street,Tel:041-2229214,2226331, Fax:041-2223918 Nakuru: AFC Finance House, George Morara Street,Tel:051-2215546, Fax:051-2215423. Nakuru: AFC Finance House, George Morara Street,Tel:051-2215546, Fax:051-2215423. The Minister for Finance laid before the House the 2012/13 Budget Estimates and Financial Statement on 26th April, Thika: Kigio Plaza 2nd floor,Kwame Nkrumah Street,Tel:067-21999, Fax:067-22086 Thika: Kigio Plaza 2nd floor,Kwame Nkrumah Street,Tel:067-21999, Fax:067-22086 2012. The Budget Committee and Departmental Committees are currently reviewing them. The theme of this year’s Budget Hearings is “Creating Job Opportunities for Kenyans using available resources in the Budget” STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME FOR THE PERIOD ENDING 31/12/2011 Chapter 12 of the Constitution establishes a participatory process through which citizens can contribute to decision MERCANTILE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED making in management of public resources, more specifically, Article 221 of the Constitution requires Parliament to seek views from the public in discussing and reviewing the Estimates. LONG TERM GENERAL TOTAL TOTAL INSURANCE INSURANCE 2011 2010 In order to realize these goals, the Committees will be holding 2012/13 Budget Public hearings in the following BUSINESS BUSINESS centers: Ksh ‘000 Ksh ‘000 Ksh ‘000 Ksh ‘000 INCOME Gross Written Premium 40,539 560,388 600,927 528,777 REGION VENUE DATE Outward Reinsurance Premium (2,838) (350,541) (353,379) (301,633) 1. Machakos Machakos Municipal Hall Friday, 11th May,2012 Net Written Premium 37,701 209,847 247,548 227,144 Gross Earned Premium 37,701 559,435 597,136 513,678 2. Nyeri Nyeri Municipal Hall Friday, 11th May Net Earned Premium 37,701 207,957 245,658 219,598 3. Nakuru Nakuru Municipal Hall Friday, 11th May Investment Income 71,487 75,171 146,658 108,845 4. Kitale Kitale Municipal Hall Friday, 11th May Commissions Earned 362 43,308 43,670 39,055 5. Kericho Kericho Municipal Hall Friday, 11th May Total Income 109,550 326,436 435,986 367,498 6. Kisumu Kisumu Municipal Hall Friday, 11th May 7. Kisii Kisii Municipal Hall Friday, 11th May OUTGO Claims & Policyholder benefits 73,104 128,241 201,345 180,264 8. Bungoma Bungoma Municipal Hall Friday, 11th May Less: Reinsurers’ share of claims (5,600) (69,410) (75,010) (61,564) 9. Malindi Malindi Municipal Hall Friday, 11th May Net claims and policyholders benefits 67,504 58,831 126,335 118,700 10. Wajir Wajir Municipal Hall Saturday, 12th May Commission Payable 9,838 42,493 52,331 42,129 11. Isiolo Isiolo Municipal Hall Saturday, 12th May Operating & other expenses 35,281 125,789 161,070 136,746 12. Meru Meru Municipal Hall Saturday, 12th May Total outgo 112,623 227,113 339,736 297,575 13. Kakamega Kakamega Municipal Hall Saturday, 12th May 14. Nyandarua Nyahururu Municipal Hall Monday, 14th May Profit/(Loss) before tax (3,073) 99,323 96,250 69,923 15. Lodwar Lodwar Municipal Hall Monday, 14th May Income Tax Expense/(credit) 3,073 (42,545) (39,472) (21,110) 16. Voi Voi Municipal Hall Monday, 14th May Profit for the year after Tax 56,778 56,778 48,813 17. Nairobi County Hall, Parliament Buildings Monday, 14th May OTHER COMPREHENSIVE INCOME All the Public Hearings are scheduled to commence at 9.00am. Change in fair value of available for resale (22,370) (6,428) (28,798) 5,294 Deferred Tax 1,929 1,929 (1,589) In addition, written Memoranda may be forwarded to the Clerk, Kenya National Assembly, P.O. Box 41842- 00100, Nairobi, hand-delivered to the Office of the Clerk, Main Parliament Buildings, Nairobi or emailed to Total Profit & Other comprehensive income (22,370) 52,279 29,909 52,518, to be received on or before 18th May 2012. STATEMENT OF MOVEMENT IN DEPOSIT ADMINISTRATION CONTRACTS 2011 2010 PATRICK G. GICHOHI, C.B.S., Payable under Deposit Administration contracts CLERK OF THE NATIONAL ASSEMBLY. At 1 January 290,003 236,300 Pension fund deposit received 83,898 60,318 Pension Withdrawals and annuities paid (38,167) (27,818) interest payable to policyholders 18,452 21,203 Reclassification from insurance contract liabilities 6,710 At 31 December STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION AS AT 31ST DECEMBER, 2010290,003 360,896 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION AS AT 31ST DECEMBER, 2010 STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSITION AS AT 31ST DECEMBER, 2011 LONG TERM GENERAL TOTAL TOTAL LONG TERM GENERAL TOTAL TOTAL MERCANTILE INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS BUSINESS 2010 2010 2009 2009 KSH ‘000 KSH ‘000 KSH ‘000 KSH ‘000 KSH ‘000 KSH ‘000 KSH ‘000 KSH ‘000 SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS Long Term General Total Total Share Capital Share Capital 150,000 Business 150,000 300,000 Business 300,000 450,000 2011 450,000 200,000 2010 200,000 Retained Earnings Retained Earnings ksh ‘000 ksh ‘000 49,733 49,733 ksh ‘000 49,733 49,733 ksh ‘000 150,920 150,920 SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS Revalution reserves-available for resale Revalution reserves-available for resale 3,887 3,887 (182) (182) 3,705 3,705 - - Share Capital Proposed dividends dividends 150,000 300,000 30,000 450,000 30,000 450,000 - Proposed Earnings Retained 30,000 66,511 30,000 66,511 - 49,733 Revalution reserves-available for resale TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS (22,370) 153,887 (4,499) 379,551 (26,869) 533,438 3,705 350,920 TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS Proposed dividends 153,887 379,551 40,000 533,438 40,000 350,920 30,000 ASSETS TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 127,630 402,012 529,642 533,438 EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) FOR TRAINING ASSETS Property & Equipment Property & Equipment 4,368 4,368 11,246 11,246 15,614 15,614 11,593 11,593 Investment Property ASSETS Investment Property 59,000 59,000 130,000 130,000 189,000 189,000 171,500 171,500 Mortgage& Equipment Mortgage loans Property loans 3,267 465 15,507 465 18,774 595 15,614 Muramati Sacco Society is a fast growing Sacco with its headquarters in Murang’a town. Investment Property policies Loans secured on life policies 62,240 5,939 465 170,000 465 232,240 5,939 595 189,000 6,527 Loans secured on life 5,939 5,939 6,527 Muramati as a financial institution provides saving and affordable credit services with the Mortgage loans Receivables arising out of direct insurance Receivables arising out of direct insurance 313 313 465 66 18,572 18,638 21,281 objective of achieving financial freedom for her members.The Sacco is seeking for firms to arrangements on life policies Loans secured arrangements 6,343 66 18,572 6,343 18,638 5,939 21,281 express interest in provision of Training servicesfor the period 2012/2013. Training will be Reinsurers share of out of re-insurance arrangements Receivables arising insurance contract liabilities Reinsurers share of out of direct insurance arrangements Receivables arising insurance contract liabilities 1,311 1,311 445 12,115 88,203 88,203 27,278 12,115 89,514 89,514 27,723 64,804 64,804 18,638 Current income tax Current income tax insurance contract liabilities Reinsurers share of 6,911 11,353 78,402 11,353 11,353 85,313 11,353 11,406 89,514 11,406 in areas such as but not limited to lending, risk management, customer care,OSHA, and Other Receivables and prepayments Current income tax Other Receivables and prepayments 1,270 1,270 3,834 3,834 5,104 5,104 9,846 11,353 9,846 Marketingamong others. Government Securities available for resale Other Receivables and available for Government Securities prepayments resale 154,227 6,367 154,227 88,826 7,494 88,826 243,053 13,861 243,053 187,776 5,104 187,776 Government Securities available for resale Commercial paper Commercial paper 176,756 71,500 71,500 218,480 70,855 70,855 395,236 142,355 142,355 243,053 108,300 108,300 Commercail papers fair value through profit and loss A/c Equity investments at Equity investments at fair value through profit and loss A/c 106,969 107,186 12,003 12,003 214,155 12,003 12,003 142,355 5,315 5,315 Interested firms must submit proof that they meet the following criteria;- Equity investments at fair value through profit and loss Equity investments available for resale Equity investments available for resale 21,278 21,278 17,623 17,623 21,278 21,278 12,003 - - • Have been in business for not less than 3 years and working experience with financial A/c Deposit with financial institutions Deposit with financial institutions 287,707 287,707 210,122 210,122 497,829 497,829 386,471 386,471 institutions Cash and Bank Balances for resale Equity investments available Cash and Bank Balances 11,594 20,465 20,465 11,594 20,465 20,465 21,278 13,527 13,527 TOTAL with financial institutions Deposit TOTAL ASSETS ASSETS 286,261 606,666 606,666 44,880 665,944 665,944 331,141 1,272,610 1,272,610 497,829 998,941 998,941 • Registration with Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) will be an added advantage Cash and Bank Balances 5,011 8,979 13,990 20,465 LIABILITIES TOTAL ASSETS LIABILITIES 672,164 708,257 1,380,421 1,272,610 Applicants should take note that only those with physical address, valid trade license, Insurance Contract Liabilities Insurance Contract Liabilities 150,626 150,626 126,785 126,785 277,411 277,411 255,276 255,276 LIABILITIES Payable Under Deposit administration contracts Payable Under Deposit administration contracts 290,003 290,003 290,003 290,003 236,300 236,300 business License and have a comprehensive profile will be considered.Personal profiles of Insurance Contract Liabilities Provision for Unearned Premium Provision for Unearned Premium 178,176 117,616 98,094 98,094 295,792 98,094 98,094 277,411 82,998 82,998 the lead trainers should also be attached. Payable Under Deposit administration contracts Deferred income tax Deferred income tax 360,896 6,646 6,646 16,338 16,338 360,896 22,984 22,984 290,003 16,132 16,132 Provision arising from reinsurance arrangements for Unearned Premium Creditors arising 738 99,060 30,950 99,060 31,688 98,094 30,153 Creditors income from reinsurance arrangements 738 30,950 31,688 30,153 Other payables tax Deferred Other payables from reinsurance arrangements 3,892 3,892 26,817 14,226 14,226 26,817 18,118 18,118 22,984 24,379 24,379 Interested firmsshould submit duly completed documents in the tender box situated at Creditors arising 54 40,686 40,740 31,688 Current income tax Current income tax Other payables 340 340 3,535 20,215 340 340 23,750 2,782 2,782 18,118 Muramati Temple Road Branch GATKIM Plaza along Temple Road, Nairobi On or before Bank overdraft tax Current income Bank overdraft 534 1,873 534 1,851 534 3,724 534 340 25th May 2012 at2.00pm. TOTAL LIABILITIES Bank overdraft TOTAL LIABILITIES 452,779 452,779 286,393 286,393 739,172 739,172 648,020 534 648,020 TOTAL LIABILITIES 544,534 306,245 850,779 739,172 NET ASSETS NET ASSETS 153,887 153,887 379,551 379,551 533,438 533,438 350,921 350,921 The envelope should read expression of interest on training services and addressed to; NET ASSETS 127,630 402,012 529,642 533,438 Key Ratios Key Ratios Key Ratios Capital adequacy Ratio Ratio 100% 100% 100% 133% The Chairman Capital adequacy Ratio Capital adequacy 100% 100% 100% 100 133% 100 Solvency Ratio Solvency Ratio Solvency Ratio 310% 310% 847% 847% 632 973 Tender Committee Claims Ratio Claims Ratio Claims Ratio 45% 45% 29% 29% 34% 34 34% 38% 38%34 Muramati Sacco Society Ltd Expense Ratio Expense Ratio Expense Ratio 35% 35% 29% 29% 34% 36 34% 35% 35%34 P.o Box 1145 – 10200, Muranga The above balance sheet and profit and loss statements are extracts from the Company’s financial statements The above balance sheet and profit and loss statements are extracts from the Company’s financial statements TEL: 060-20-30882, 060-20-30273. which were audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and received an unqualified opinion. which were audited by PricewaterhouseCoopers and received an unqualified opinion. E-mail: 8 The financial statements which were approved by the board of directors on 17th March 2012 and signed on its The financial statements which were approved by the board of directors on 17th March 2012 and signed on its behalf by: behalf by: Muramati sacco tender commitee reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the CHAIRMAN: Mr N P G Warren DIRECTOR: Mr Dhruv Pandit PRINCIPAL OFFICER: Mr S Sen EOI either in whole or in part and is not bound to give reasons thereof. CHAIRMAN: Mr N P G Warren DIRECTOR: Mr Dhruv Pandit PRINCIPAL OFFICER: Mr S Sen
  • 18. 18 | Special Report DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012CAMPAIGN | Ministry launches fortnight of awareness on importance of a healthy nation RANK Mothers’ healthDrive to have children feed on risk in countries Top Ten countries to be abreast milk for better health mother. 1-Norway 2-Iceland 3-Sweden 4-New ZealandBid to fight malnutrition, 5-Denmarkthe underlying cause of at 6-Finlandleast a fifth of mothers’ 7-Australia 8-Belgiumdeaths and more than a 9-Irelandthird of child deaths 10-Netherlands/United King- domBY JOY WANJA MURAYA Bottom Ten countries to be mother 156- Democratic Republic ofA fortnight of health campaign has Congo been launched to create awareness 157-South Sudan on the importance of a healthy na-tion, especially its children. 158-Sudan Known as “Malezi Bora”, the Ministry 159-Chadof Public Health and Sanitation drive 160-Eritreahopes to fight malnutrition, which is theunderlying cause of at least a fifth of ma- 161-Maliternal mortality, and more than a third of 162-Guinea Bissauchildren’s deaths. According to deputy head of the de- 163-Yemenpartment of nutrition at the ministry, Ms 164-AfghanistanGladys Mugambi, this year’s theme - Fight- 165-Nigering for Nutrition - centres on improvingthe diet of children countrywide. Ms Mugambi warned that children whose 5pcbodies and minds were limited by stuntingwere at greater risk of catching diseases,adding that stunting could result in poorperformance in school. Percentage of public clinics JOSEPH KANYI | NATION that can perform a CaesareanBalanced diets section and half of those are Ms Mugambi noted that some mothers Nyeri Provincial General Hospital nurse Phrasia Njagi, left, trains a young mother, Ms Fridah Wambui, how to hold her new- born baby at the hospital maternity ward yesterday. The hospital was recognised as the best Level Five hospital in maternity in Nairobidid not exclusively breastfeed their childrendue to a myriad of challenges, including services by Johnson and Johnson in conjunction with National Nurses Association of Kenya.strict work schedules, stress and failure toeat balanced diet due to poverty. But Ms Mugambi said that breast milk Six key nutrition solutions, including out of the 20 lowest-ranking countries. “Holding the baby in the wrong position was the best food for the child until six breastfeeding, that have the greatest The report further highlights that themay lead to sore or cracked nipples, depriv- months because it not only served as potential to save lives are highlighted by best method for breaking this cycle anding the baby of milk,” Ms Mugambi told the food, but also provided the much needed the report. protecting the pregnant mother and herNation in an interview yesterday. immunity the newborn needed in the first The ranking compares 165 countries baby from malnutrition is to focus on the She cited the critical role played by few years. around the globe, and looks at factors first 1,000 days starting from workers of screening children for The nutrition campaign by the ministry such as a mother’s health, education and This includes simple support measure ofmalnutrition and offering solutions, thus coincides with the week when charity or- economic status, as well as critical child ensuring mothers continually breastfeedaverting the problem that later affected the ganisation, Save the Children, released a indicators such as health and nutrition. their young ones, a move that, it has beenchild’s growth and development report on global maternal health. The 10 bottom-ranked countries — eight said, could save one million children’s Last year the ministry launched a Fa- It shows that while a child born in Kenya from sub-Saharan Africa — are a reverse lives annually.cebook page dedicated to breastfeeding is more likely to be breastfed within the first image of the top 10, and performed poorly The report shows that less than 40 perto engrain the practice especially among birth hour than one born either in Uganda in all indicators surveyed. cent of all infants in developing countriesyoung mothers. or Tanzania, it’s a different scenario as The report notes that whereas virtually receive the full benefits of exclusive breast- Breastfeeding is slowly losing popularity the child grows, as Tanzania and Uganda every birth in Norway is attended to by a feeding.among the youth due to myths that abound beat Kenya at the recommended exclusive “Our research shows that a mother’sabout weight gain and sagging breasts. breastfeeding that should be observed in breast milk — one single nutrition inter- the first six months. vention — can save a million children’s lives Sixty per cent of mothers in Uganda each year,” said Ms Miles. breastfeed their children the first six All mothers should have the support months compared to Tanzania that stands they need to breastfeed if they want to. at 50 per cent and Kenya at 32 per cent. The theme, “Fighting for Breastfeeding is good for babies no matter The World Health Organisation defines Nutrition”, centres on improving where they live, but in developing countries, it as the practice of feeding only breast diet of children countrywide” especially those without access to clean milk to allow the baby to receive vitamins water, breastfeeding can be a matter of life and minerals. Gladys Mugambi, Ministry of Public or death,” she added. The 13th State of the 2012 World’s Health The report urged countries to prioritise Mothers report shows Niger as the worst fighting malnutrition by setting targets to place globally to be a mother in the world, health professional, only one in every 13 reduce its prevalence to reduce child mortal- meaning the health indicators are the worst births are conducted. ity and thereby promote child health. among the surveyed countries. “We urgently need global leadership on The index relies on information published Norway was rated the best place to be- the malnutrition issue, so that policies and by governments, research institutions and come a mother. programmes are put in place to ensure the international agencies. However, Afghanistan which was rated health and survival of mothers and their This report corroborates the situation the worst the previous year improved by babies,” said Carolyn Miles, president and in public health centres as was captured one position to become the second last. CEO of Save the Children when releasing by the 2010 Kenya Service Provision As- The report describes the conditions the report this week. sessment Survey released a year ago by of mothers and children in the bottom The report details a vicious cycle of young the government in partnership with other 10 countries as “devastating” and calls mothers, who may themselves have been development partners. for concerted efforts by the government stunted in childhood, going on to give birth KSPA catalogued disparities in maternal and donors to improve the health indi- to underweight babies who have not been health care across the country that leave cators. adequately nourished in the womb. women in rural areas vulnerable in an The report shows which countries are Save the Children notes that in sub-Sa- emergency. doing the best — and which are doing the haran Africa, up to 20 per cent of women The report stated that only five per cent FILE | NATION worst — at providing nutrition during the are classified as excessively thin, while of facilities nationwide can perform a Cae-One-year-old Mercy Wamaitha is vaccinated critical window of development that starts that figure rises to up to 35 per cent in sarean section and half of those facilitiesagainst polio and measles at Nyahururu Dis- during a mother’s pregnancy and goes South Asia. are in Nairobi, which leaves the rest of thetrict Hospital a month ago. through her child’s second birthday. Sub-Saharan Africa also accounts for 18 country to share 2.5 per cent.
  • 19. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 19WORLD WAR ANNIVERSARY Russia stresses its role in ending Fascism as World War II end marked. P. 24VERDICT | Judge says PM was one of the victims of the violent crackdown BRIEFLY TRIPOLISA court orders its prosecutors to Libya ex-rebels in deadly office raidprobe torture by Mugabe regime One man was killed and four people wounded as Libyan security forces on Tuesday repelled armed demonstrators who attacked gov- ernment headquarters in Tripoli, a senior official said. The country’s interim prime minister Abdel Ra-Former opposition party hails the him al-Kib read out a statement ondecision saying torture is a barbaric television denouncing the violence and vowing not to give way to “out-instrument of dealing with issues laws” making demands at the end of a gun. The casualties occurred as government forces sought to clear BY KITSEPILE NYATHI the area and open access to the be- NATION CORRESPONDENT sieged building, government spokes- and Agencies man Nasser al-Manaa said. (AFP) HARARE, Wednesday DAR ES SALAAM Z imbabwe has dismissed a South African court Declining water levels judgment ordering the prosecution of its ministers may hit power plants and security chiefs for alleged The declining water level at human rights abuses saying the Tanzania’s biggest water reservoir ruling is part of a regime change is threatening the generation of campaign in the country. hydroelectric power in the country, A South African High Court a top official of the national power judge yesterday ordered that distribution company warned here prosecutors must investigate on Tuesday. William Mhando, man- Zimbabwean officials accused aging director of Tanzania Electric of torturing supporters of Prime Supply Company (Tanesco) revealed Minister Morgan Tsvangirai five the worrisome situation during a years ago. PHOTOI | AFP meeting with the Public Organiza- The case centres on Zim- Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe (right) listening to Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai at the National tions Accounts Committee (POAC) babwean officials accused of Sports Stadium in Harare during a past function. Court wants probe over torture of Mr Tsvangirai. chairman Zitto Kabwe. Tanesco state-sanctioned torture against communications manager Badra Ma- scores of activists following a (Zimbabwe’s former colonial supporters. Shumba said. soud said despite the declining water raid on the headquarters of government) who brought a In 2007, the then opposition The ruling is likely to give volume at Mtera Dam there would be the Movement for Democratic case against government on leader was badly beaten while South African President Jacob no power rationing because the firm Change in 2007. the land issue,” he said. in police custody after he was Zuma a headache as Zanu PF al- also depends on power generated The South African Litiga- “They use the same source of arrested during a prayer meet- ready accuses him of bias in his from other sources like natural gas tion Center (SALC) and the funding to push a vendetta by ing in Harare. mediation role in Zimbabwe. and oil. (Xinhua) Zimbabwe Exiles Forum white former colonial masters Pictures of a bruised Mr President Zuma’s government (ZEF) approached the court to cast Zimbabwe in the worst Tsvangirai splashed by the has also refused to release a re- after South Africa’s National light to the world.” The minister international media forced re- port compiled by South African KANO Prosecuting Authority refused claimed the ruling had brought gional leaders to intervene in judges for his predecessor Mr to investigate the matter. the South African justice system Zimbabwe yielding an inclusive Thabo Mbeki on political vio- Bombs found onThere was SALC and ZEF cited that country’s obligations under into disrepute. “No specifics have been iden- government in 2009. “There was reasonable lence in Zimbabwe. He was appointed by the Nigerian campusreasonable to the International Criminal tified because they should have suspicion that crimes were Southern African Development Three unexploded bombs weresuspicion Court (ICC). laid a blow to blow account of committed,” Justice Fabricius Community to mediate in the discovered yesterday at a university Six ministers from President what crime has been commit- ruled. Zimbabwean crisis. in northern Nigeria that was the sitethat crimes Robert Mugabe’s Zanu PF party ted,” Mr Chinamasa told state ZEF director Mr Gabriel The MDC hailed the deci- of an attack on church services lastwere and service chiefs are affected media. Shumba escaped Zimbabwe sion. “Torture is a barbaric month which killed at least 19 peo- by the judgment and face arrest “That the court made a ruling after he was allegedly tortured instrument of dealing with ple, authorities said. A Bayero Uni-committed” if they visit South Africa. based on a generalised opinion by police for his work as a issues of politics,” spokesman versity spokesman said the bombsJudge Hans Justice Minister Patrick is a sad moment for the justice human rights lawyer. Nelson Chamisa said. “For that made of gas cylinders were believed Chinamasa, a key ally of Presi- system in South Africa.” “If you look at the interna- reason it remains our wish that to have been at the university sinceFabricius dent Mugabe said the ruling Judge Hans Fabricius of the tional trends and see how many all people of Zimbabwe with in- the April 29 attack. The military was irrelevant and would not North Gauteng High Court said people have been arrested for jured hearts and troubled minds was notified and a bomb squad be enforced. Mr Tsvangirai was one of the example, over the Rwanda geno- are brought to restorative and moved the devices before detonat- “These people are working victims of the violent crack- cide, this judgement will send rehabilitative, as opposed to ing them safely. Three bombs were in cahoots with the ex-Rhodies down by President Mugabe’s shivers across Zimbabwe,” Mr retributive, justice.’’ discovered in three locations on old campus of university. (AFP) JOHANNESBURGSomalia concludes talks on uniting pro-government forces SA to launch nationalBY ABDULKADIR KHALIF groups fervently opposing the Tran- the need to unite all pro-government digital TV project 13NATION Correspondent sitional Federal Government (TFG) forces wherever in the country they South Africa is making prepara-MOGADISHU, Wednesday in Somalia. Currently, diverse forces are. He added that Al-Shabaab loy- tions for digital TV broadcasting, and militias belonging to the TFG, alists were infiltrating in the Golis said a government official said on The 13th meeting of the Joint the semiautonomous states of Punt- Mountain Range in the Puntland yesterday. Communications Min- This was the 13th meeting of the ister Dina Pule said the transfer toSecurity Committee (JSC) for So- land and Galmudug, respectively in State. “The united force must operatemalia was concluded in Mogadishu North-eastern and Central Somalia Joint Security Committee (JSC) for under the command of the Xoogga digital terrestrial television (DTT) istoday. as well as Ahlu Sunna wal-Jamea, a Somalia Dalka Somaaliyeed (Somali Defence on track with “substantial progress” Participants from the international moderate Islamist group with mili- Burundi, Kenya and Djibouti operat- Force),” said Minister Issa. having been made towards imple-community and Somali stakeholders tants in various regions in Southern ing under the auspices of the African The minister welcomed the mentation of the broadcasting digitalendorsed, among others, a plan to and Central Somalia, fight the fanati- Union Mission in Somalia, Amisom, presence of representatives from migration policy since last year. “Weamalgamate the various pro-gov- cal Islamists. as well as forces from neighbouring the Intergovernmental Agency on are on course to launch digital mi-ernment forces fighting Al-Shabaab The pro-government forces are Ethiopia. Mr Hussein Arab Issa, the Development (Igad), African Union gration in the third quarter this year,”and Al-Qaeda, the radical Islamist supported by troops from Uganda, TFG’s Defence Minister, announced and the United Nations. said Pule. (Xinhua)
  • 20. 20 | DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 UNAUDITED FINANCIAL STATEMENTS AND DISCLOSURES AS AT 31ST MARCH 2012 BALANCE SHEET 31-Mar-11 31-Dec-11 31-Mar-12 Unaudited Audited Unaudited A. ASSETS Ksh ‘000’ Ksh ‘000’ Ksh ‘000’ INVITATION TO TENDER FOR PROVISION OF SECURITY 1. Cash balances ( both local & foreign) 2. Balances due from Central Bank of Kenya 448,380 387,538 627,453 318,715 526,860 308,346 SERVICES FOR JULY 2012 – JUNE 2014 3. Kenya Government securities 4. Foreign Currency Treasury bills and bonds 797,105 - 395,445 - 230,965 - 5. Deposits and balances due from local banking institutions 50,231 511,029 521,328 6. Deposits and balances due from banking institutions abroad 32,306 45,013 15,781 7. Government and other securities held for dealing purposes - - - The Kenya Pipeline Company Limited (KPC) invites sealed tenders from eligible 8. Tax recoverable 38,685 38,685 38,685 9. Loans and advances to customers (net) 5,364,846 6,754,243 7,065,834 candidates for the Provision of Security Services for the period July 2012 – June 10. Investment securities - - - 11. Balances due from group companies - - - 2014. 12. Investments in associates - - - 13. Investments in subsidiaries companies - - - 14. Investment in joint ventures - - - 15. Investment properties - - - THE SCOPE OF SERVICE 16. Property and equipment 427,838 378,035 374,446 17. Prepaid Operating Rental Leases - - - The scope of services shall include but not limited to the following:- 18. Intangible assets 70,579 81,071 74,343 19. Deferred tax asset 152,324 69,847 69,847 1. Provide Security Services to KPC Installations. 20. Retirement benefit asset - - - 21. Other assets 99,937 99,180 90,143 2. Provide radio communication HF & VHF deployment and routine check 22. TOTAL ASSETS 7,869,768 9,318,715 9,316,576 B. LIABILITIES patrol vehicles, (provide details of motor vehicles) together with CCK radio 23. Balances due to Central Bank of Kenya - - 24. Customers’ deposits 5,698,781 6,446,016 6,455,994 communication licenses. 25. Deposits and balances due to local banking institutions 50,000 - - 26. Deposits and balances due to foreign banking institutions - - - 3. Provide sound and effective security guarding dogs and dog handlers where 27. Other money market deposits - - - 28. Borrowed funds 754,239 1,224,671 1,148,424 applicable. 29. Balances due to group companies - - - 30. Tax payable - - 31,276 4. Attend fire emergency situation /fire prevention, detection and control of 31. Dividends payable - - - 32. Deferred tax liability - - - spillages and vandalism. 33. Retirement benefit liability - - - 34. Other liabilities 162,126 317,030 276,907 5. Provide literate and trained guards capable of using radios and modern 35. TOTAL LIABILITIES 6,665,147 7,987,717 7,912,601 C. SHAREHOLDERS’ EQUITY equipment. 36. Paid up/Assigned capital 1,139,612 1,139,612 1,139,612 37. Share Premium/(Discount) - - - 6. Ability to control Industrial disputes /assembly control and riots 38. Revaluation reserves 21,507 21,274 21,274 39. Retained earnings/ Accumulated losses 4,365 135,577 208,554 40. Statutory loan loss reserve 39,138 34,535 34,535 41. Proposed dividends - - - MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS: 42. Capital grants - - - 43. TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS’ EQUITY 1,204,622 1,330,998 1,403,975 The Tenderers must meet the following minimum requirements:- 44.TOTAL LIABILITIES AND SHAREHOLDERS’ EQUITY 7,869,768 9,318,715 9,316,576 PROFIT AND LOSS ACCOUNT I. Provide a copy of certificate of registration/ incorporation 31-Mar-11 31-Dec-11 31-Mar-12 Unaudited Audited Unaudited II. Provide a tender security of Kshs.200,000.00 from a bank registered in 1.0 INTEREST INCOME Ksh ‘000’ Ksh ‘000’ Ksh ‘000’ 1.1 Loans and advances 260,206 1,255,240 420,120 Kenya. 1.2 Government securities. 1.3 Deposits and placements with banking institutions 6,590 11 45,950 5,588 7,165 12,826 III. Provide a copy of valid KRA Tax Compliance Certificate. 1.4 Other interest income 1.5 Total Interest income - - - 266,806 1,306,778 440,111 IV. Provide Audited accounts for the last Two years. 2.0 INTEREST EXPENSES 2.1 Customer deposits 24,985 113,451 89,783 V. Provide (3) reference letters of contracts held over the last 2 years indicating 2.2 Deposits and placements from banking institutions - 12,816 371 2.3 Other interest expenses 19,217 83,880 42,256 value of each contract. 2.4 Total Interest Expenses 44,202 210,147 132,411 3.0 NET INTEREST INCOME 222,605 1,096,631 307,700 VI. Provide a valid Communications Commission of Kenya radio frequency 4.0 OTHER OPERATING INCOME 4.1 Fees and commissions on loans and advances 30,333 186,905 22,385 licences. 4.2 Other fees and Commissions income 58,589 274,386 70,042 4.3 Foreign exchange trading income 3,394 18,300 (643) VII. Provide a valid vaccination certificate for the dogs 4.4 Dividend Income - - - 4.5 Other income. 4,101 38,653 9,042 VIII. Provide training program offered to the guards. 4.6 Total Non-Interest Income 96,416 518,244 100,825 5.0 TOTAL OPERATING INCOME 319,021 1,614,876 408,526 IX. Provide a list of office and service equipment, including 4WD patrol vehicles, 6.0 OPERATING EXPENSES 6.1 Loan loss provision 27,848 289,948 53,542 Motorcycles, Telephones, Computers Fax, email, HF/VHF Radio (proof of 6.2 Staff costs 105,530 483,898 107,640 6.3 Directors’ emoluments 5,851 29,735 7,351 Ownership necessary). 6.4 Operating lease rental 6,634 16,183 1,625 6.5 Depreciation on property and equipment 25,649 98,537 20,865 6.6 Amortization charges (Intangible) 6,925 29,385 6,728 6.7 Other operating expenses 93,495 411,247 106,522 Interested firms may obtain the tender documents from the Procurement Manager, 6.8 Total Operating Expenses 271,932 1,358,932 304,272 Profit/(loss) before tax and exceptional items 47,090 255,944 104,253 Kenya Pipeline Company Limited, Nairobi Terminal situated at Industrial Area Exceptional items - - - Profit/(loss) before tax 47,090 255,944 104,253 Sekondi Road, off Nanyuki Road upon payment of a non –refundable fee of Current tax - - - Deferred tax - 82,578 31,276 Kes. 3,000.00 either in cash or in bankers Cheque, in favour of Kenya Pipeline Profit / (loss) after tax 47,090 173,366 72,977 OTHER DISCLOSURES Company Ltd. 31-Mar-11 31-Dec-11 31-Mar-12 Unaudited Audited Unaudited 1) NON PERFORMING LOANS AND ADVANCES Ksh ‘000’ Ksh ‘000’ Ksh ‘000’ a) Gross non-performing loans and advances 952,378 900,874 755,917 Tenders in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked: “SU/QT/228N/12 Tender b) Less Interest in Suspense 132,796 128,931 143,787 c) Total non performing loans and advances (a-b) 819,582 771,943 612,130 for Provision of Security Services for the Period July 2012 – June 2014” d) Less loan loss provisions 333,611 348,695 276,420 e) Net NPLs (c-d) 485,971 423,248 335,710 addressed to: f) Discounted value of securities 458,930 373,492 300,594 g) Net NPLs exposure (e-f) 27,041 49,756 35,117 2)INSIDER LOANS AND ADVANCES a) Directors, shareholders and associates 63,202 39,064 36,309 The Managing Director b) Employees 323,876 553,550 554,180 c) Total insider Loans and Advances 387,078 592,613 590,490 Kenya Pipeline Company Limited, 3)OFF BALANCE SHEET ITEMS a) Letter of Credit, guarantees, acceptances 62,008 39,115 152,754 P.O. Box 73442-00200, b) Other contigent Liabilities - - - c) Total Contigent Liabilities 62,008 39,115 152,754 Nairobi 4) CAPITAL STRENGTH a) Core Capital 1,120,432 1,275,190 1,311,678 b) Minimum statutory capital 500,000 700,000 700,000 c) Excess/ deficiency (a-b) 620,432 575,190 611,678 And be deposited in the Tender Box situated on the Ground Floor of the Kenpipe d) Supplementary capital 44,514 39,853 39,853 e) Total Capital (a+d) 1,164,947 1,315,043 1,351,531 Plaza, Sekondi Road (Off Nanyuki Road), Industrial Area, Nairobi, so as to be f) Total Risk Weighted Assets 5,435,358 6,649,967 6,742,227 g) Core Capital/ Total Deposit Liabilities 20% 20% 20% received on or before 31st May, 2012 at 10.00am. Tenders submitted later than h) Minimum Statutory ratio 8% 8% 8% i) Excess/deficiency (g-h) 12% 12% 12% this date and time shall automatically be disqualified. Opening of the tenders j) Core Capital/ Total Risk Weighted Assets 21% 19% 19% k) Minimum statutory ratio 8% 8% 8% will take place thereafter in the presence of the Tenderers or their representatives l) Excess/deficiency (j-k) 13% 11% 11% m) Total Capital/ Total Risk Weighted assets 21% 20% 20% who choose to attend. n) Minimum statutory ratio 12% 12% 12% o) Excess/deficiency (m-n) 9% 8% 8% 5) LIQUIDITY a) Liquidity ratio 27% 29% 25% The tender documents are not transferable. b) Minimum statutory ratio 20% 20% 20% o) Excess/deficiency (a-b) 7% 9% 5% 6) MESSAGE FROM DIRECTORS Kenya Pipeline Company Limited is not bound to accept or reject any tenders The financial statements are extracts from the books of the institution. either in whole or in part. Signed by: George Okado Albert Ruturi INTERIM CHAIRMAN MANAGING DIRECTOR Yours faithfully, *** Forex Bureau Services available in all our branches countrywide *** Visit our new Branches in Kerugoya, Nkubu & Busia PROCUREMENT MANAGER Mlolongo Branch - Coming soon *** MoneyGram, Western Union and M-Pesa Services Available *** FOR: MANAGING DIRECTOR Register now in any of our branches and access your account through your phone *** ATM Network Countrywide *** Members of Hela, Kenswitch & Pesa Point, over 800 cash access points & 35 branches outlets For Enquiries: 3906000-7; 0732158000-7; 0711058000-7 Kenya Pipeline Company Limited: An ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company
  • 21. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 Africa News 21DISPUTE | The two states have to agree where the border isSudan spells out termsfor pullback of forcesBoth sides have deadline loomed as the South Sudan and South Sudan aroundbeen ordered to alleged violation of a ceasefire in effect since May 4 along the the time of the South’s separa- tion last year.establish a safe border. They have failed to imple-demilitarised The UN’s call for a pullout from the disputed frontier ment those agreements, under which they were supposed tozone at border by Wednesday is in line with pull back 10 kilometres from agreements for a monitored the north-south border thatKHARTOUM, Sudan, Wednesday demilitarised zone made by was in place on January 1, 1956, when Sudan becameS udan and South Sudan independent. faced a United Nations ACCUSATIONS Under a May 2 UN Security deadline on Wednes- Council resolution which seeksday to pull troops back fromtheir disputed frontier, but South denies to address “a serious threat to international peace and secu-Khartoum said it could notcomply until there is a border aiding rebels rity” both sides are to establish , a “Safe Demilitarised Borderagreement. Sudan’s President Omar Zone” and jointly begin moni- Earlier today, Sudanese al-Bashir (pictured) accuses toring the frontier.war planes have launched the South of backing rebels The demilitarised zonerenewed air strikes against from Darfur as well as would be monitored by ob-South Sudan, violating a UN those fighting in Sudan’s servers from both sides, withSecurity Council resolution to security and other support South Kordofan state andend weeks of a bitter border provided by the UN’s Interim Blue Nile. Juba rejects theconflict, the South’s army said Security Force for Abyei, or claims, and in turn accusesWednesday. UNISFA, which is based in the “The Republic of Sudan has Khartoum of backing rebels contested region of Abyei.been randomly bombarding on its territory, a tactic But a foreign diplomat hascivilian areas,” said Southern it used to deadly effect said the two sides “refused toarmy spokesman Kella Kueth, during their 1983-2005 civil let UNISFA deploy along thewho claimed the air strikes war. The South also accuses border”.hit the border states of Upper Khartoum of occupying The May 2 UN resolutionNile, Unity and Western Bahr several parts of its territory, says the call for a demilitarisedel-Ghazal on Monday and including Abyei region, zone and border monitoringTuesday. claimed by both sides “in no way prejudices” nego- It was not possible to inde- but which Sudan’s army tiations over disputed areas,pendently confirm the reports stormed last year forcing and border demarcation.and Sudan has repeatedly over 100,000 people to flee But Sudan’s foreign ministrydenied it has bombed the southwards. South Sudan said it already notified the UNSouth. broke away from Sudan and the African Union that it “The people of Khartoum, in July after a 2005 peace has reservations about thethey just deny,” Kueth said, deal. demand for a demilitarisedadding that both fighter jets zone.and Antonov airplanes car- “First the two states have toried out the air raids. agree where the border is and Both sides say they are com- sign an agreement. Then afterplying with a United Nations that we can do the 10-kilometreSecurity Council resolution withdrawal,” said the ministry’swhich ordered them to stop spokesman Al-Obeid Meruh.fighting from last Friday, The South’s army said onamid international concern Wednesday it had pulled backthat the rivals could return to its forces in line with the UNall out war. The Wednesday resolution. (AFP)UN transfers Gambia troops preparecase file for Darfur deploymentto Rwanda BY BABOUCARR CEESAY Gambia Armed Forces Training NATION Correspondent School. Commandant Njie saidARUSHA, Tanzania, Wednesday BANJUL, Wednesday GAMCOY 14 had significant training in mine awareness, The International Criminal After the completion of a laws of arms conflicts, cor-Tribunal for Rwanda is to one-month peace Support Op- don and search operations,transfer a fourth case file of a eration training, 198 security and the rules of engagement,genocide suspect to Rwandan personnel from different secu- public order operations, peoplecourts as part of its winding rity services that formed the and vehicle search, mountingup strategy, court papers GAMCOY 14 are now flexing vehicle check point, operationshowed today. their muscles for peacekeeping room procedures and reacting The case is that of the fugi- mission to the conflict region of to incident among others.tive former mayor of Nyakizu, Darfur, Sudan under the United Addressing the awaitingLadislas Ntaganzwa. Nations African Union Mission contingent, he refreshed their The three cases already in Darfur (UNAMID). memories of professionalismtransferred to Rwanda by The personnel comprise of as standard bearers of Thethe UN-backed tribunal are 188 members of Gambia Armed Gambia as a country and thatJean Uwinkindi, a pastor Forces, 10 personnel from the of the GAF as a disciplinedwho was physically sent to sister security services, among force in Darfur.Rwanda in April, and two them 12 female soldiers, said Navy Captain Sambou Bar-other files of suspects who Lt Col Sait Njie, commandant, row noted that the Gambiaare still fugitives. Armed Forces depend on the 198 Those are former criminal knowledge and skills baseinvestigation department in- of its personnel to craft thespector Fulgence Kayishema, atmosphere conducive forand another former mayor, professional development ofCharles Sikubwabo. (AFP) The number to be deployed its members.
  • 22. 22 | International News DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012Niger is worst place to be mother: study ALL RISE... | Queen’s speechWASHINGTON, Wednesday The report, which this year it said. After Niger, the next focuses on nutrition particu- worst countries were listed Niger has ousted Afghani- larly from the time a woman as Afghanistan — which heldstan as the worst place in the gets pregnant until the child the lowest spot for two yearsworld to be a mother, largely is two, said that malnutrition — Yemen, Guinea-Bissau,due to hunger, according to an is an underlying cause of 2.6 Mali, Eritrea, Chad, Sudan,annual report out on Tuesday million child deaths worldwide South Sudan and the Demo-by Save the Children. each year. cratic Republic of Congo. In contrast, Norway is the “Millions more children “Of the 10 countries at thebest according to the group’s survive, but suffer lifelong bottom of Save the Children’s“Best and Worst Places to Be physical and cognitive im- annual index, seven are in thea Mom” ranking which com- pairments because they did midst of a food crisis,” it said.pares 165 countries in terms not get the nutrients they ‘‘Niger is currently in the gripof maternal health, education, needed early in their lives of a worsening hunger situa-economic status and children’s when their growing bodies and tion, threatening the lives of ahealth and nutrition. minds were most vulnerable,” million children.” (AFP) ARTHUR EDWARDS I AFP Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh walk into the Chamber of the House of Lords to read the Queen’s Speech during the State Opening of Parliament in the Palace of Westminster in London yesterday. Queen Elizabeth unveiled the coalition government’s legislative programme in a speech delivered to Members of Parliament and Peers in the House of Lords. TEA PARTY VICTIM | Richard Mourdock the new favourite Veteran US Senator out in primary poll Richard Lugar was eign Relations Committee. The six-term incumbent Mr Romney’s victories in In- diana, North Carolina and West first elected to the was left flat-footed in his Virginia pushed his delegates home state, losing his party’s total up by about 100 to some Senate in 1976 and primary to a more conserva- 975, nearing the threshold of headed committee tive alternative by 60-40 per cent, according to US media 1,144 needed to win the nomi- nation and square off against WASHINGTON, Wednesday projections. President Barack Obama in “If Mr Mourdock is elected, I November. L ong-serving Republican want him to be a good Senator,” “I’d say if you’re an incum- Senator Richard Lugar Mr Lugar said in a statement. bent you’d better not lose was routed in Tuesday’s “But that will require him touch with home,” said Sena- Indiana primary, marking the to revise his stated goal of tor Lindsey Graham, reflecting demise of a moderate at the bringing more partisanship to sweeping criticism that Mr hands of a conservative who Washington. ... His embrace of Lugar was too disconnected deemed him too willing to an unrelenting partisan mind- from Indiana voters and failed compromise. set is irreconcilable with my to acknowledge his own vulner- Even as Richard Mourdock, philosophy of governance and ability this year until he was in the state’s tea party-backed my experience of what brings deep trouble. (AFP) treasurer, celebrated his stun- results.” ning victory before ecstatic Defeat of the man who supporters, Democrats ex- shared the role of longest- pressed hope that Mr Lugar’s serving Republican currently defeat could help them snatch in the Senate overshadowed the seat in November. a three-state presidential pri- Mr Lugar (pictured) was first mary sweep by Mitt Romney, elected to the Senate in 1976 who marched closer to offi- and twice served as chairman cially clinching the Republican of the chamber’s powerful For- nomination. BRIEFLY LONDON JAKARTA US self-defence guru Dutchman with cocaine in barred from Britain belly arrested in Indonesia A US self-defence instructor who teaches pu- A Dutchman faces a possible death penalty pils to “inflict crippling pain from injury to easily after he was caught at Jakarta’s international damaged body parts” has been barred from Brit- airport with more than $100,000 worth of co- ain where he was to give seminars in areas hit by caine stashed in his stomach, an official said 2011 riots. Mr Tim Larkin, who runs Target Fo- on Tuesday. Customs officials who arrested cus Training and has been accused of promoting the unidentified man at the Soekarno-Hatta vigilantism, was turned back at the airport in Las airport in the Indonesian capital said he had Vegas on Tuesday with notice that he had been flown in from Bangkok at around noon on denied entry by British interior minister Theresa Friday. “We arrested a man from the Neth- May. He had been due to speak at Martial Arts erlands carrying 205 grammes of cocaine Show in Birmingham and give classes in areas in large capsules in his stomach,” a customs including Tottenham in north London. (AFP) spokesman told AFP.
  • 23. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 International News 23UNDERWEAR TRICK | Cavity used Sarkozy holds last French Cabinet meetingUS tells of new PARIS, Wednesday Outgoing French leader Nicolas Sarkozy’s cabinet met for its last ses- said, with ministers giving Sarkozy a standing ovation after he told them he wished Hollande “good luck” following his election win on Sunday. is inaugurated on May 15. Hollande meanwhile met with senior party officials at his campaign headquar- ters, where talks focused on securing thebomb plot by sion today as president-elect Francois “Nicolas Sarkozy’s main commitment Socialists a majority in the two-round Hollande held talks with top Socialists in 2007, to put France on the move, has parliamentary vote on June 10 and 17. to gear up for next month’s parliamen- been met,” Prime Minister Francois Fillon “We are closing one period and opening tary vote. said after the session. another, that of the parliamentary elec- Mr Hollande also held consultations “We did this with a number of reforms tions,” party leader Martine Aubry toldterror group on forming a government and preparing that no one else managed, and we did it journalists. “It is important not to slacken for his first foreign visit, to Berlin, where during a climate of crisis.” our efforts.” Winning in June will be crucial he is expected to get a frosty reception Government spokeswoman Valerie for the Socialists as the president requires over his plans to renegotiate the Euro- Pecresse said Fillon would tender the a parliamentary majority to maintain gov- pean fiscal austerity pact. The Cabinet cabinet’s resignation on Thursday and ernment otherwise the prime minister is meeting was “emotional”, participants that it would take effect when Hollande in charge of the cabinet. (AFP)Double agent was two ways, in case one failed, theplaced in group unnamed official was quoted as saying.before handing The main charge was a high-grade military explosiveover information that “undoubtedly would have brought down an aircraft,” theWASHINGTON, Wednesday official said. ABC News had reportedT he man ordered by earlier that the latest plot by Al-Qaeda’s branch AQAP was thwarted by a spy in Yemen to blow up who infiltrated the group anda US-bound airliner was a took the explosive to Saudidouble agent who infiltrated Arabia. The CIA and other gov-the group and volunteered for ernment agencies declined tothe suicide attack, with Saudi comment on the reports whenintelligence likely playing a key contacted by AFP.role, US media reported. FBI experts on Tuesday American officials leaked out were analyzing the seizeddetails of the extraordinary in- explosive that officials saidtelligence coup two days after was an updated version of thethe White House announced a “underwear bomb” used in aplot by Al-Qaeda in the Arabian failed attack on ChristmasPeninsula (AQAP) had been Day 2009.successfully thwarted. Although officials touted the The double agent managed disrupted plot as a success,to spend weeks with AQAP be- they acknowledged AQAP re-fore handing over information mained determined to strikethat allowed the United States and its master bombmaker,to launch a drone strike on Sun- Ibrahim Hassan Taleh Al-day that killed Fahd al-Quso, a Asiri, was apparently hard atsenior figure who was wanted work seeking to circumventfor the 2000 bombing of the airport security. Saudi intelli-USS Cole in Yemen, the New gence likely had the lead roleYork Times and other media in disrupting the conspiracy,reported, citing unnamed US possibly providing the doubleofficials. A senior US official agent. (AFP)told the Times that a bomb forthe would-be attack was sewninto “custom fit” underwearthat would have been difficultto detect even in a careful pat-down at an airport. Main charge was a Unlike the device used in the high-grade militaryfailed December 2009 plot byAQAP to blow up an airliner en explosive that canroute to Detroit, this explosive bring down an aircraft’’could have been detonated in US official U.S. officials warn that Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula pd| wu| wr dwwdfn dlufudiw zlwk h{sorvlyhv vxujlfdoo| sodqwhg lq d whuurulvw◊v body cavities – undetectable by current airport screening methods Backscatter body scanner: Uses X-rays that penetrate clothes but stop at skin Millimetre scanner: Uses radio waves similar to microwaves. Neither can detect cavity bombs Feb 2007: First body scanners installed Apr 7, 2012: CIA reveals it has at U.S. airports. Currently there are 373 disrupted Al Qaeda plot to bring scanners at U.S. airports, 15 in Netherlands down U.S.-bound airliner using and 8 in UK. Unit cost: $200,000 upgraded “underwear bomb” 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 Mar: Iraqi national Aug 2009: Failed Dec 2009: found carrying assassination of Christmas Day electrical wire, Saudi Arabian bomber attempts magnet and putty prince using to blow up aircraft in his rectal cavity body-cavity bomb. with “underwear at Los Angeles Suicide bomber is bomb” Device – airport. Incident brother of Yemen- built by al-Asiri – believed to be based bomb maker bursts into dry run for Ibrahim Hassan flames but fails cavity-bomb plot Tali al-Asiri to explode Source: Use of Body Cavity Suicide Bombs by Robert J. Bunker © GRAPHIC NEWS
  • 24. 24 | International News DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 Tymoshenko halts hunger strike after move QKHARKIV, Ukraine, Wednesday for the moment Tymoshenko ���������������������� jailed opposition for comfort and peace in life was taking in just water and Ukraine’s juices and would only start leader Yulia Tymoshenko eating food later. PACIS INSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED ��������������������� today halted a 20-day hunger According to her daughter strike after she was moved to She is very weak and we Yevgenia, Tymoshenko lost ������������������� DECEMBER 2011 FINANCIAL STATEMENTS FOR THE YEAR ENDED 31ST will need to wait several a hospital to defuse a crisis 10 kilogrammes while refus- Loss of Use Cover STATEMENT OF COMPREHENSIVE INCOME FOR THE PERIOD ENDED overshadowing the Euro 2012 days for her situation to ing food. football. “We will start a thorough C M Reasonable Premium Rating 31-12-2011 Ukraine’s prison authori- stabilise” therapy programme which will INCOME GENERAL INSURANCE GENERAL INSURANCE ties in the early morning Dr Lutz Harms take some time — most likely Flexible Premium Payment2011 BUSINESS Terms BUSINESS 2010 YCM transferred Tymoshenko from it will take at least eight weeksMY Free cover for alternator and starterAmount Kshs’ 000 Amount Kshs’ 000 her jail in the eastern city of “She has halted her hunger and up to several months,” the Gross Written Premium 509,147 425,013 Kharkiv to the hospital where strike. We are now building doctor said.CY Outward Reinsurance Premium Political risk coverage (60,735) (33,542) she will receive treatment from up towards a normal nutri- Ukraine is facing a pos-CMY Net Written Premium 448,412 391,471 a German doctor for severe tion regime,” Lutz Harms of sible extensive EU boycott K Gross Earned Premium Free Riot & Strike cover 479,702 375,622 back pain. the Berlin Charite clinic told of the Euro 2012 matches it Net Earned Premium Free windscreen & Radio cover 418,967 342,080 The doctor confirmed that reporters. “This process will is co-hosting with Poland in Investment Income 29,229 60,892 the 51-year-old former prime take several days.” June over its treatment of Ty- Commissions Earned 11,618 5,841 minister had ended the hunger “She is very weak and we moshenko, who was jailed for Other Income 12,500 CONTACT US: 2,507 strike she began in April in pro- will need to wait several days seven years in October after a Head Office: 472,314 test at allegedly being roughly Nakuru Branch: for her situation to stabilise,” trial condemned by the West. Total Income 411,320 Tel: +254-20-4452560, Cell: 0720 113122, 0733 777717, handled by prison guards. Tel: +254-51-2213747 / 2213752 / 2213749 said Dr Harms. He said that (AFP) OUTGO Fax: +254-20-4452561 Email: Claims & Policyholder benefits 236,593 Email: 154,218 Meru Branch: Less: Reinsurers’ share of claims City Center Branch: (30,251) CREDIT | Praise by Winston Churchill and Charles de Gaulle (3,724) +254-064-30730/1/2, Email: Tel: Mombasa Satellite Office: Net claims and policyholders benefits 206,343 150,494 Tel:+254-20-2213449, Cell: 0733 777 771 Tel: 041 231 2324 /5 Email: Commission Payable 43,815 42,209 The Soviets saved the Email: Operating & Other Expense 170,876 136,950 Total outgo 421,033 329,654 Profit/(Loss) before Tax 51,281 81,667 Income Tax Expense (23,609) (26,615) world from Fascism Profit for the year after tax 27,672 55,052 OTHER COMPREHENSIVE INCOME Fair value loss on available for sale finacial Assets, Net of Tax (14,167) - Other Comprehensive income/ Loss net of tax 1,000 Total other comprehensive income for the period (14,167) 1,000 European cities were Total Profit other comprehensive income 13,505 56,052 liberated among STATEMENT OF FINANCIAL POSTION AS AT 31 DECEMBER 2011 them Vienna, Prague SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS Share capital 300,000 300,000 Sofia, Bucharest and Share Premium Revaluation Reserve 4,709 (11,155) 4,043 3,012 Germany’s Berlin Fair Value Reserve - - MOSCOW, Wednesday Retained Earnings 73,041 56,752 O TOTAL SHAREHOLDERS FUNDS 366,595 363,807 ne of the major topics over the years remains ASSETS the role the Soviet Property & Equipment 61,830 12,511 Union played in the llibera- Intangible Assets 4,525 2,075 tion of Europe from fascism Investment Property 158,050 158,150 and the exaggeration of the US Investments in Equity 29,003 43,170 and UK role in achieving the Receivable arising out of reinsurance arrangements - 3,505 victory over Nazi Germany. Receivable arising out of direct insurance arrangements 122,459 103,399 Throughout the post-war Reinsurers share of insurance contract liabilities 72,518 63,746 period, the events of World Deferred acquisition costs 37,748 16,997 War II are the subject of sharp Other Receivables 14,802 24,620 ideological debate. Government Securities 217,843 216,277 The truth of history is that Deposits in financial institutions 82,686 82,212 much of the war against fas- Cash & Bank Balances 24,697 10,428 cism was carried out by the TOTAL ASSEST 826,161 737,090 Soviet Union. This conclusion is based on PHOTO | AFP an objective and comprehen- LIABILITIES Russia’s newly-inaugurated President Vladimir Putin (left) and new sive analysis of events and facts Insurance Contract Liabilities 184,423 129,701 Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev speak as they watch Victory Day of the Second World War. Provision for Unearned Premium 223,307 193,862 parade at the Red Square in Moscow, yesterday. The main front of any war Payables arising out of reinsurance arrangements 16,026 - is the one on which the war- Loans Payable - 756 ring parties pursue the most And though the opening “The French know what Russia Deferred tax liability 16,603 14,191 decisive goals and concen- of a second front shifted the has done and know that it was Tax payable 1,366 13,817 trate the bulk of the troops balance of power, the Soviet- Russia that has played a major Other payables 17,841 20,956 (the most efficient at that) to German battle-front remained role in their liberation.” Bank Overdraft achieve them. the main one and drew away Meanwhile, today, in TOTAL LIABILITIES 459,566 373,283 During World War II the So- the overwhelming majority of Moscow, newly-inaugurated viet-German front was about armed forces of Nazi Germany President Vladimir Putin KEY RATIOS 4,000 kilometres long in 1941 and its allies. presided over Russia’s annual Capital Adequacy Ratio 100.00% 100.00% and more than 6,000 thousand display of military power as Solvency Ratio 366.87% 377.87% kilometres in 1942, exceeding Over a year missiles and thousands of Claims Ratio 46.47% 36.29% four times the total length of About seven million Soviet troops paraded across Red Expense Ratio 42.17% 42.15% the North African, Italian and soldiers for over a year waged Square to mark World War Western fronts. bitter battles with the enemy II victory. The above are extract from the financials statements audited by Ernest & Young Certified Public Accountants and received During the 1418 days the in the territory of 11 countries Two days after Mr Putin’s an unqualified opinion Soviet-German front existed, of Europe, covering over one swearing-in, over 14,000 intense fighting was conducted million square kilometres. servicemen marched along- The financials statements were approved by the Board of Directors on 30th April 2012 and signed on its behalf by: during 1,320 days. Major European capitals side nuclear-capable missiles Chairman: James Wangunyu Director: Fr.Antony Mwituria Principal Officer : Peter C. Makhanu On the Soviet-German front were liberated - Bucharest, to commemorate the 67th an- during 1941-1945 main forces Belgrade, Budapest, Warsaw, niversary of the Soviet victory Head Office CBD Branch Meru Branch of fascist Germany were con- Vienna, Prague, Sofia, and over Nazi Germany. Centenary house Tel: 020 2213431/2/3 Tel +254-064-30730/1/2 centrated. Berlin. Mr Putin watched from the 2nd floor, off Ring Rd, Westlands Email: Email: On other fronts 119 divisions At the end of the war Brit- stands with his new Prime P.O. Box 1870-00200. Nairobi fought, or 38 per cent. ish Prime Minister Winston Minister and former presi- Tel +254-020-4452560, Nakuru Branch: Mombasa Branch Thus, on the Soviet-German Churchill admitted that it dent Dmitry Medvedev, who Fax: +254-020-4452561 Tel: +254-051-2213747/49/52 Mombasa Tel: 041 2312324/5 front before the beginning of was the Red Army that had had been confirmed in his Email: Email: 1944, 153 to 201 German divi- decided “... the fate of Ger- post a day earlier, in a job swap sions fought, and against the man militarism.” scheme first announced in Sep- Allies. Charles de Gaulle noted: tember. (AFP, Agencies)
  • 25. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 25 TENDER NOTICE Founded in 1933, the International Rescue Committee is a global leader in Emergency Relief, THE REGISTERED TRUSTEES OF K.I.S.T. rehabilitation, protection of Human rights and post-conflict development. The IRC is a non- profit, non-governmental organization that has been working in Kenya since 1993. FURNITURE (TIMBER) PRODUCTION WORKSHOP This Tender Notice informs the general public that the IRC has a requirement for suppliers to AVAILABLE FOR LEASE OR JOINT VENTURE provide the goods and services listed below:- Offers for supply by tendering the following items: The Registered Trustees of Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology, wishes to offer KIST Carpentry 1. Tender KEN/0556/GSA/2012. Production Unit (K.C.P.U.) for LEASE or suitable JOINT – VENTURE arrangement on a “RUNNING BUSINESS” basis. # Item Description 1. STEEL WATER TANK – PRESSED PANEL TANK The workshop has a range of wood working machinery and equipment capable of producing and fabricating a wide range of furniture items from building partitions and doors to various domestic/office furniture products. When submitting offers to IRC, the following documents MUST accompany the offer: The schedule of machinery is as follows: 1. 24” Thicknesser 13. Moveable compressor. 1. Bidders MUST bind the bid documents 2. Combined saw, moulder and tenoner machine 14. Dust and chip extractor. 2. Bidder must attach a copy of certificate of registration. 3. Tilting circular saw. 15. General purpose tool grinder. 3. Bidder must attach a copy of the current valid trade license / local authority’s license. 4. Spindle Moulder. 16. Multi blade saw machine. 4. Bidder must attach a copy of V.A.T, PIN Certificate and valid Tax Compliance 5. High speed router. 17. 2-Roll glue spreader. Certificate. 6. Surface planner. 18. Hot laminating pressing machine. 7. Automatic grinding machine. 19. Moveable air compressor. 5. Bidder must have fixed business premises. 8. Chain mortise. 20. Band saw welding machine. 6. Bidder must provide a minimum of 3 (three) references / clients (attach copies of 9. Band saw. 21. Sanding machine. recommendation letters from clients) 10. Radial arm saw. 22. Lathe machine. 7. Bidder must submit bank statements for the last (3) three Months in the Name of the 11. Combined planner and thicknesser machine 23. Sander belt machine. firm. 12. Water curtain spray booth. 24. Oven fired kiln 25. Wood processing kiln 8. The offer must include Brand, Manufacturer, and Country of Origin & Expiry Date for vetinery supplies & consumables. The workshop building has approximately 2000 square metres accommodation comprising Production area, 9. Bidder must attach a copy of the receipt used to procure the tender documents. management offices, sales, storage etc. The unit is ideally located separately from K.I.S.T. premises and is on a two (2) hectares plot on its own with all utility services connected. 10. Offers must include total delivery time from the confirmation of the order. The oven fired kiln is in excellent condition. Note: NO PARTIAL DELIVERIES WILL BE ACCEPTED. Interested parties should make arrangements to view the premises weekdays between 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. and • Tender documents for this supply may be obtained from IRC offices: International Rescue apply to: Committee, IKM Place, 4th Floor, Tower B, 5th Ngong Ave, Off Bishop’s Road, Upper Hill, The Registered Trustees of KIST Nairobi on payment of a Non-refundable fee of Kshs. 2,000/= per document category. P.O. Box 2284 – 00900, • The tender is valid for seven (7) calendar days (weekends inclusive) from the date of KIAMBU. TEl: 0715078173 advertisement. Email: • Interested and suitably qualified manufacturers or suppliers must submit their offers and quotation documents in sealed envelopes clearly labeled. Applicants should give the following information: 1. Lease - Monthly rent offered. IRC is not bound to accept the highest, lowest or any other tender or bid, and is not 2. Joint-Venture - Capital available for injection into Joint-Venture including other conditions attached to offer. bound to give any reasons therefore. Applications should reach The Registered Trustees of KIST not later than 31st May, 2012.
  • 26. 26 | DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 TOYOTA’S NET PROFITBUSINESS DECLINES BY 30 PER CENT Automaker hit by a tsunami disaster and a strong yen. P.31ECONOMY |Current account deficit widens by 13.6pc in the first quarter, putting pressure on shilling Boda bodaFresh headache for policy operators could soonmakers as import bill rises pay taxesKenya not out of the woods yet as ENGINEERS MEET | Talks on implementing Constitution BY NATION CORRESPONDENTescalating oil prices and stagnating Motorcycle operators commonly known as boda boda will soon beremittances depress efforts to compelled to pay taxes and join savings and credit cooperativereduce bill, analysts say societies, just like public service vehicles.BY GRIFFINS OMWENGA “This implies that we are Mr Joseph Nyagah, not out of the woods yet. tive Development and Marketing Added to this, remittances minister, said his ministry isK enya’s ability to pay which have grown strongly crafting a law to compel them to for its increasing in recent months appear to join saccos. imports continues to have stagnated. Speaking while fielding ques-weaken with the widening “We, therefore, think the tions from the Parliamentaryin the last four months of situation explains the reluc- Committee on Agriculture onthe current account deficit, tance of the CBK to loosen Tuesday, the minister said theputting fresh pressure on the monetary policy for fear of a move is aimed at bringing orderlocal currency. weakening shilling,” read the to the sector, which has increas- Data from a Central Bank report in part. ingly become popular, especiallyof Kenya (CBK) report show Kenya reported a trade with thousands of youth in thethat food, fuel, machinery deficit equivalent to Sh59.3 country.and chemical prices have billion in January of 2012. “We are fast-tracking the processrisen by 13.6 per cent of the Usually, when the country that would see boda boda operatorscountry’s gross domestic records a strong current ac- incorporated in the cooperativesproduct in the first three count, its gross domestic system to ensure they operatemonths of the year. product expands boosted under an organised environment The import bill as at the by export revenues. like their counterparts in thebeginning of the year had matatu industry,” Mr Nyagah said.grown by Sh170 billion to Forex reserves This will also ensure they pay taxesSh368 billion from 2010. Renaissance Capital said to the government. The situation has caught the move by the international Mr Nyaga added that thethe interest of economic monetary fund to approve process has already started withexperts at research firm Sh16 billion in extended allocation of Sh20 million in theRenaissance Capital, who credit facility to Kenya has ministry’s budget estimates forsay that despite attempts helped shore up the country’s 2012/13 financial the banking regulator to forex reserves. The allocation was, however,formulate policies to reduce However, analysts who cite criticised by the parliamentaryimport costs, escalating oil capital equipment and ma- committee on grounds that it wasprices — a barrel of oil is at chinery imports intended for too little to help in setting up sys-$115 currently — wiped off infrastructure projects, par- tems that would ensure regulationany gains. ticularly geothermal plants of the sector, like is the case in the170bn and road construction, re- matatu industry. mained strong in the period say the ballooning deficit may not worry the CBK becauseAmount in shillings by which the imports are investmentimport bill had risen by at the related.beginning of the year com- Speaking to the Dailypared to same period in 2010 Nation on phone, analysts We are fast-tracking the say Mr Karithi Murimi said process that would see that the effects of these will boda boda operators59.3bnValue of trade deficit re- spill over to financing the next budget, especially on implementing the devolu- tion dream. EMMA NZIOKA | NATION Mr Kaushik Shah, CEO of MRM, makes a presentation during the 19th Engineers international conference at the KICC yesterday. The theme of the conference was ‘The role of engineering incorporated in the cooperatives system ” practitioners in the implementation of the Constitution’.ported in January 2012 Mr Joseph NyagahNock enters deal with Japan to explore for oil Oil, Gas and Metals National Corporation that the country will soon become an oilBY NATION REPORTER (JOGMEC), which are critical for explora- producer after Tullow and Africa Oil, who tion companies to establish areas where struck oil in March, revealed that they have State-owned National Oil Corporation of drilling is likely to have the most chance now found 100 meters of net oil pay. TheKenya (Nock) has entered into a deal with of success. discovery.its counterpart in Japan to jointly survey “Nock plans to acquire FTG on Block 14Tfor commercially viable hydrocarbons in Surveys from June 2012 and this latest developmentKenya. In a statement, Nock said the initial is a major boost to the corporation’s oil and The agreement is for evaluation of hy- contract will be for one-and-a-half years, gas exploration activities,” read a statementdrocarbon potential of onshore Kenya by pending outcome of the surveys. signed by managing director Sumayya Has-undertaking geophysical surveys with Japan This comes following growing confidence san-Athmani. NOCK managing director Sumayya Hassan-Athmani
  • 27. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 Business News 27REVIVED | The housing construction subsidiary owned by Housing Finance became defunct 13 years agoKenya Building Society back in businessThe firm BY NATION TEAM ock estate in Nairobi’s Eastlands area.plans to The houses will be sold for atstart by M ortgage provider Hous- least Sh6.8 million on comple- ing Finance has revived tion.putting up its construction subsidi- The revival of KBS is part of ary, giving it headroom to tap into the mortgage financing com-162 four- the lucrative property develop- pany’s plans to shore up itsbedroom ment market. The property development revenues. The company is posi- tioning itself to rake in revenuesunits at arm known as Kenya Building from the property market due toa cost of Society (KBS) was instrumen- tal in putting up housing units rising demand. It plans to set up 15 satelliteSh800 in Komarock and Buru Buru es- towns around Nairobi as the tates in Nairobi in the 80s and county system of administra-million in 90s, before it became defunct tion begins to take shape in theKomarock for over 13 years until its revival yesterday. country. “We have more property in thisEstate Speaking during the ground JENNIFER MUIRURI | NATION area that we intend to develop, breaking ceremony at the con- but we are also looking to part- struction site in Komarock estate, Housing minister Soita Shitanda (right) with chairman of Housing Finance Steve Omenge and MD Frank Ireri ner with land owners to construct Housing minister Soita Shitanda, (third right) during the groundbreaking ceremony of Komarock phase 5A yesterday. housing units to meet rising de- said this is part of a plan to pro- mand, especially from the middle vide adequate and affordable has put pressure on the housing Kenya Building Society is part KBS has hit the ground run- and low income earners in the housing units to a fast-growing sector with demand standing at of the plan to provide afford- ning with a plan to put up 162 country,” Housing Finance MD population in Nairobi and its over 250,000 against a supply able housing, in partnership four-bedroom housing units at Frank Ireri said. outskirts. of only 50,000 units every year. with other stakeholders,” Mr a cost of Sh800 million on 13 “The growing urban population The investment through the Shitanda said. acres of land located in Komar- Reported by Joshua Masinde, Yvonne Kawira And Terry NjokI A. RESULTS OF 182 & 364 DAY TREASURY BILLS ISSUES 1932/182 & 1875/364 DATED 14/05/2012 This week the Central Bank of Kenya offered 182 and 364 Days Treasury Bills for a total of Kshs 4 Billion. The total number of bids received was 145 amounting to Kshs. 4.6 Billion representing 232% subscription and 126 bids amounting to Kshs. 8.3 Billion representing 413% subscription for 182 and 364 days respectively. Bids accepted amounted to Kshs. 1.91 Billion for 182 and Kshs. 2.05 Billion for the 364 day. The weighted average rate of accepted bids, which will be applied for non-competitive bids, was 13.076% and 12.431% for the 182 and 364 Day Treasury Bills respectively. The other auction statistics are summarised in the table below. 182 DAYS 364 DAYS TOTAL Due Date 12/11/2012 13/05/2013 Amount Offered (Kshs. M) 2,000.00 2,000.00 4,000.00 Bids Received (Kshs. M) 4,633.66 8,263.48 12,897.14 Performance Rate (%) 231.68 413.17 322.43 Number of Bids Received 145 126 271 Number of Accepted Bids 131 91 222 Total Amount Accepted (Kshs. M) 1,909.46 2,049.92 3,959.38 Of which : Competitive bids 1,408.19 1,414.63 2,822.82 : Non-Competitive bids 501.27 635.29 1,136.56 Purpose / Application of Funds: Rollover / Redemptions 845.11 3,362.17 4,207.28 New Borrowing / Net Repayment 1,064.35 1,312.25 Market Weighted Average Rate 13.805% 13.656% Weighted Average Rate of accepted bids 13.076% 12.431% Price per Kshs 100 at average rate 93.879 88.970 B. COMPARATIVE AVERAGE INTEREST RATES This Auction Last Auction Variance (%) (%) 182 - day 13.076 14.775 1.699 364 - day 12.431 16.915 4.484 C. NEXT TREASURY BILLS AUCTION: ISSUE NOS. 1952/91 & 1933/182 DATED 21/05/2012 TENOR 91 DAYS 182 DAYS TOTAL Offer amount (Kshs. M) 2,000.00 2,000.00 4,000.00 AUCTION DATES & BIDS CLOSURE 17/05/2012 16/05/2012 RESULTS ANNOUNCEMENT 18/05/2012 17/05/2012 Redemptions 3,446.26 New Borrowing 553.74 The actual amount to be realised from the auction will be subject to Treasury’s immediate liquidity requirements for the week. Where several successful bidders quote a common rate, the Central Bank of Kenya reserves the right to allot bids on a pro-rata basis. The Central Bank reserves the right to accept/reject bids in part or in full without giving any reason. Individual bids must be of a minimum face value of Kshs 100,000.00. Only CDS holders with updated mandates are eligible. Bids must be submitted using the specified format and must reach the Central Bank (HQ, Branch or Currency Centre) by 2.00 p.m. on Wednesday 16th May 2012 for 182 and Thursday 17th May 2012 for 91 Day Treasury Bills. Payments above Kshs.1 Million must be made by electronic transfer using RTGS. Payments below Kshs. 1 Million may be made by Banker’s Cheque or RTGS and must reach the Central Bank not later than 2.00 p.m. on Monday 21st May 2012 for Cheques and 3.00 p.m for RTGS electronic fund transfers. Please provide the following details with each payment: Name, Reference No., Issue No., and include the Portfolio number and the Investor’s virtual account number when using RTGS. D. NON-COMPETITIVE BIDS Non-competitive bids are subject to a maximum of Kshs. 20 Million per investor and are issued at the weighted average of accepted bids. MWENDA K. MARETE ASSISTANT DIRECTOR, FINANCIAL MARKETS DEPARTMENT Wednesday, May 09, 2012
  • 28. 28 | Business DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 NAIROBI SECURITIES EXCHANGE Manufacturing & Allied UNIT TRUSTS Last 12 Mths Security Prices - A.Baumann & Co. Ord 5.00 11.10High Low Yesterday Prev Shares 155.00 89.00 B.O.C Kenya Ord 5.00 110.00 115.00 5,100 Money Market Funds Daily Yield Effective Annual Rate deal traded 330.00 166.00 BAT Kenya Ltd Ord 10.00 330.00 329.00 36,600 African Alliance Kenya Shilling Fund Kenya Shilling 12.02% 12.71% Agricultural 155.00 85.00 Carbacid Investments Ord 5.00 102.00 106.00 200 Old Mutual Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 12.94% 13.73% 217.00 148.00 East African Breweries Ord 2.00 214.00 213.00 716,400 British-American Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 12.38% 13.18%58.00 19.00 Eaagads Ord 1.25 29.00 3.05 1.35 Eveready EA Ord 1.00 1.60 1.60 3,400 Stanbic Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 11.20% 11.79%90.00 63.00 Kakuzi Ord.5.00 82.00 81.00 1,000 - - Kenya Orchards Ord 5.00 3.00 CBA Market Fund Kenya Shilling 13.11% 14.01%135.00 90.00 Kapchorua Tea Co. Ord 5.00 115.00 115..00 2,000 10.20 4.40 Mumias Sugar Co. Ord 2.00 5.60 5.65 978,800 CIC Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 17.96% 19.51%400.00 290.00 Limuru Tea Co. Ord 20.00 410.00 410.00 100 12.00 8.20 Unga Group Ord 5.00 11.00 10.30 7,800 Amana Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 18.40% 22.26%21.00 13.00 Rea Vipingo Plantations Ord 5.00 15.15 15.70 600 Suntra Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 14.70% 15.83%15.05 7.40 Sasini Ltd Ord 1.00 11.20 11.25 5,600315.00 130.00 Williamson Tea Kenya Ord 5.00 260.00 Telecommunication & Technology Zimele Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 9.0% 9.31% 14.90 3.50 AccessKenya Group Ord 1.00 4.80 4.80 31,600 ICEA Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 12.64% 13.48% Madison Asset Money Market Fund Kenya Shilling 18.08% 19.65% Automobiles & Accessories 4.85 2.70 Safaricom Ltd Ord. 0.05 3.35 3.35 5,503,800 African Alliance Fixed Income Fund Kenya Shilling 10.56 10.21 NSE All Share Index(NASI)-(1 Jan 2008=100 Unchanged to close at 78.09 points68.00 19.50 Car & General (K) Ord 5.00 29.00 29.00 100 CIC Fixed Income Fund Kenya Shilling 10.27 10.54 NSE 20 Share Index Down 13.25 points to close at 3585.9315.00 9.25 CMC Holdings Ord 0.50 13.50 Stanbic Fixed Income Fund B1 Kenya Shilling 102.02 102.02 Equity Turnover Close sh390,535,376 Previous sh659,559,97919.00 11.40 Marshalls (E.A.) Ord 5.00 12.60 Stanbic Fixed Income Fund A Kenya Shilling 101.37 101.378.00 3.55 Sameer Africa Ord 5.00 4.15 4.45 2,000 BANK RATES Standard Investment Income Fund Kenya Shilling 88.92 89.45 Standard Investment Equity Growth Fund Kenya Shilling 64.44 65.19 Banking Euro $ £ C$ SF IR JY ZR African Alliance Kenya Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 115.46 108.43 BANK ICEA Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 85.30 89.79 ABC buy 108.18 82.20 128.60 82.98 89.48 1.64 99.82 10.8818.00 10.40 Barclays Bank Ord 0.50 12.95 12.95 211,600 British-American Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 132.45 141.02 sell 108.48 82.40 128.96 83.16 90.00 1.65 100.18 10.9784.00 38.00 CFC Stanbic Holdings Ord.5.00 41.75 41.50 5,000 CBA Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 109.28 115.03 Barclays buy 107.56 83.00 133.83 82.78 89.50 1.57 103.91 10.45160.00 70.00 Diamond Trust Bank Ord 4.00 100.00 100.00 3,100 CIC Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 11.00 11.59 sell 108.38 83.50 134.80 83.44 90.24 1.58 104.80 10.5430.25 15.00 Equity Bank Ord 0.50 20.50 20.50 937,900 Dyer and Blair Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 125.99 132.62 Co-op buy 109.36 82.65 131.18 83.62 90.63 1.64 99.05 10.7830.00 12.00 Housing Finance Co Ord 5.00 15.10 15.05 10,800 Old Mutual Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 252.70 266.70 sell 109.65 82.85 131.52 83.36 90.86 1.64 99.30 11.1027.00 14.75 KCB Ord 1.00 23.50 23.50 1,969,400 Stanbic Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 105.42 111.26 Equity buy 107.91 82.75 129.44 83.33 89.07 - 99.89 10.8048.00 16.00 NBK Ord 5.00 19.50 19.75 129,500 Suntra Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 93.39 98.31 sell 108.54 83.05 130.24 83.80 89.69 - 99.46 10.8454.00 22.50 NIC Bank Ord 5.00 30.25 30.00 36,300 Madison Asset Equity Fund Kenya Shilling 59.10 62.21 NBK buy 107.95 83.20 134.32 83.04 89.83 1.55 104.31 10.47281.00 153.00 StandardChartered Ord 5.00 169.00 169.00 8,800 African Alliance Managed Fund Kenya Shilling 16.73 15.76 sell 108.21 83.40 134.59 83.26 90.08 1.55 104.60 10.5121.25 9.60 Co-op Bank of Kenya Ord 1.00 13.90 13.90 1,176,100 British-American Managed Retirement Fund Kenya Shilling 111.91 115.18 KCB buy 107.85 83.30 134.05 82.90 89.80 1.54 104.60 10.35 Amana Growth Fund Kenya Shilling 84.57 89.02 sell 108.10 83.50 134.40 83.15 90.05 1.55 104.95 10.45 Commercial & Services CBA buy 107.61 83.20 134.32 82.34 89.93 1.56 104.16 10.45 ICEA Growth Fund Kenya Shilling 96.28 101.359.00 3.50 Express Ord 5.00 3.80 3.85 3,000 Amana Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 86.98 90.60 sell 108.44 83.40 134.77 83.42 90.29 1.57 104.57 10.58- - Hutchings Biemer Ord 5.00 20.25 British-American Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 147.29 156.42 CFC Stanbic buy 109.42 83.20 134.70 84.22 91.08 1.54 103.75 10.7744.00 12.55 Kenya Airways Ord 5.00 14.45 14.35 50,300 CIC Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 10.74 11.25 sell 109.69 83.40 135.03 84.42 91.30 1.55 104.00 10.80190.00 130.00 Nation Media Group Ord. 2.50 170.00 170.00 44,800 Old Mutual Balanced Fund/Toboa Kenya Shilling 118.82 125.08 GulfAfrican buy 108.03 83.25 134.32 83.10 89.95 1.55 104.36 10.4968.00 35.00 ScanGroup Ord. 1.00 52.50 52.50 62,700 Suntra Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 85.99 90.52 sell 108.33 83.45 134.70 83.32 90.19 1.56 104.68 10.5346.50 21.00 Standard Group Ord 5.00 23.25 22.25 700 Madison Asset Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 70.54 73.86 FCB buy 108.00 83.20 134.20 82.90 89.90 1.54 104.60 10.3569.50 42.00 TPS EA (Serena) Ord 1.00 45.00 45.25 800 Zimele Balanced Fund Kenya Shilling 4.05 4.17 sell 108.20 83.40 134.50 83.15 90.15 1.55 104.90 10.4015.90 6.50 Uchumi Supermarket Ord 5.00 15.00 15.00 597,800 CFC Simba Fund Kenya Shilling 108.48 114.19 Prime buy 107.75 83.25 133.80 83.20 89.60 1.55 104.45 10.40 Old Mutual East Africa Fund Kenya Shilling 115.60 121.04 sell 108.25 83.45 134.30 83.60 90.00 1.56 104.75 10.70 Construction & Allied British American Bond Plus Fund Kenya Shilling 154.57 157.73 Dyer and Blair Bond Fund Kenya Shilling 114.12 116.45196.00 101.00 Athi River Mining Ord 5.00 196.00 196.00 30,800 CBK RATES ICEA Bond Fund Kenya Shilling 89.14 90.04207.00 125.00 BamburiCement Ord 5.00 145.00 145.00 411,500 Mean Buy Sell35.25 19.00 Crown Berger Ord 5.00 24.75 26.50 2,500 Old Mutual Bond Fund Kenya Shilling 92.18 94.06 1 US Dollar 83.2958 83.2139 83.377821.50 10.00 E.A.Cables Ord 0.50 10.80 10.80 16,400 1 Sterling Pound 134.4613 134.3013 134.6213119.00 51.00 E.A.Portland Cement Ord 5.00 60.50 60.00 300 1 Euro 108.0969 107.9755 108.2183 ARAB CURRENCY/$ Algerian Dinar 73.70 1 South African Rand 10.4668 10.4120 10.5217 Energy & Petroleum Ksh/Ush 29.7975 29.7082 29.8868 Bahrani Dinar 0.37717.50 6.80 KenGen Ord 2.50 8.55 8.75 94,900 Djibouti Franc 175.85 1 Ksh/Tsh 18.9806 18.9019 19.059312.30 8.90 KenolKobil Ltd Ord 0.05 12.50 Egyptian Pound 6.0353 1 Ksh/Rwanda Franc 7.2333 7.1602 7.306525.00 13.75 KP&LC Ord 2.50 15.35 15.40 896,700 Jordanian Dinar 0.7075 1 Ksh/Burundi Franc 16.2914 16.2154 16.367530.00 13.50 Total Kenya Ord 5.00 15.00 15.00 10,500 Kuwait Dinar 0.27774 1 UAE Dirham 22.6779 22.6549 22.7008 Lebanese Pound 1501 1 Canadian Dollar 83.1679 83.0543 83.2814 Insurance 1 Swiss Franc 90.0259 89.9090 90.1427 Libyan Dinar 1.2406 Omani Riyal 0.38509.00 3.80 British American Investments Co.0.10 5.35 5.30 238,700 100 Japanese Yen 104.3892 104.2212 104.5572 Qatar Riyal 3.640520.00 5.50 CFC Insurance Holdings Ord.1.00 7.50 7.85 400 1 Swedish Kroner 12.1433 12.1167 12.1700 Saudi Riyal 3.75225.00 145.00 Jubilee Holdings Ord 5.00 180.00 181.00 1,300 1 Norwegian Kroner 14.2580 14.2370 14.2790 Syrian Pound 57.311.70 6.80 Kenya Re Corporation Ord 2.50 11.05 10.85 454,700 1 Danish Kroner 14.5354 14.5179 14.5529 Tunisian Dinar 1.506955.00 18.00 Pan Africa Insurance Ord 5.00 29.75 29.50 1,100 1 Indian Rupee 1.5604 1.5581 1.5627 UAE Dirham 3.6725 1 Hong Kong Dollar 10.7318 10.7211 10.7425 Investment 1 Singapore Dollar 66.6527 66.5605 66.744924.25 10.95 Centum Investment Co Ord 0.50 14.90 15.05 33,200 1 Saudi Riyal 22.2107 22.1880 22.2335 Currencies are quoted against the US Dollar280.00 90.00 City Trust Ord 5.00 225.00 1 Chinese Yuan 13.2008 13.1872 13.21446.00 3.05 Olympia Capital Holdings Ord 5.00 3.50 3.45 11,000 1 Australian Dollar 83.8373 83.7132 83.961460.00 20.00 Trans-Century Ord 0.50 26.50 MARKET UPDATES FOR NATIONmobile ALERTS ON YOUR CELLPHONE, SMS THE STOCK, E.G. STOCKS KENGEN, SAFARICOM TO 6667 Each alert costs Sh10 KITENGELA & ONGATA RONGAI PLOTS RESIDENTIAL & COMMERCIAL ONGATA RONGAI- Commercial / Residential Plots • Near Nazarene University, Touching TUALA Shopping Centre, MUSIC COPYRIGHT SOCIETY OF KENYA LIMITED • 1/8 Acres and ideal for commercial/residential use. • Borehole & Electricity On site. • Title Deeds ready, OFFER! Deposit: NOTICE TO ALL MEMBERS • Price: KShs.649,000 Kshs.100, 000 Only • Balance Payable in 3 Months. *Few remaining Music Copyright Society of Kenya (MCSK) would like to inform its Members of the following: - KITENGELA, Residential Plots (Site 1) 1. We have finalized the compilation of payments and ready to disburse royalties from • PARK VIEW ESTATE, (Noonkopir)-The most devp’d area in Kitengela. the below listed stations. • Beautifully Developed –VERY PRIME FOR IMMEDIATE DEVP’T. • 1/8 Acres, Gated Concept & Ideal for Residential. Kindly note that the stations in BOLD and UNDERLINED have paid out royalties but • Borehole & Electricity On site have not yet submitted log sheets for the financial period June 2010- July 2011. • Title Deeds ready, In order to proceed with distribution of these royalties, Stations have been clustered • Price: kshs. 599,000. Deposit: Ksh.250,000 Only and logs have been generated from the monitoring system as below; • Balance Payable in 3 Months. *Few Remaining • Kenya Television Network (KTN) and Citizen Tv • Ghetto Radio, Kaya Fm, Radio Umoja and Milele Fm • Royal Media Services and Mbaitu Fm KITENGELA –Residential Plots (Site 2) • Capital Fm and Nation Media (Easy Fm) • ACACIA Area and Neighboring Acacia School off YUKO’S petro station, highly • Hope Fm and Bibilia Husema devpd area with beautiful neighborhood. • Radio Afrika Group (Kiss & Classic Fm) • About 200 Metres from the prestigious Acacia School Entrance/Main Road. • Kalee Fm (Kass Fm) • 1/8 Acres with Title Deeds, Gated Concept & Ideal for immediate devp’t. • Media Max (Kameme & K24) • Price kshs.649,000 • Kenya Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) • Deposit ksh.250,000 • Homeboyz Radio (still in progress) • Balance payable in 3 months (Tabulated playlists/log sheets are available on our website KITENGELA –Residential Plots (Site 3) • YUKO’S Area, behind Kaputiei Hotel and neighboring Kitengela International School in a highly devpd area. 2. We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to the above listed Broadcasters • 1/8 Acres with ready Title Deeds for remitting payments and playlists/logsheets during the financial period • Price kshs.549,000 June 2010- July 2011. • Deposit ksh.200,000 3. All members whose musical works were broadcast from the above listed • Balance payable in 3 months stations shall be contacted from the following lines 0708 804 890 and 0731 765 291from Thursday 10th May 2012 SITE VIEWING: RONGAI PLOTS Call Mr. Gathambo on: 0728 818 590 4. Further clarification on Scientific distribution and/or any issues regarding the log KITENGELA PLOTS Call Mr. Kayaya on: 0721 672 048 sheets may be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer at or P.O. Box 14806-00800 Nairobi, Kenya and on 0722 200 872. For & on Behalf of MCSK MAURICE MWANDE OKOTH CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER 6th Floor, Shelter Afrique Centre, (Next to KUSSCO & TSC), Upper hill. Nrb May 9, 2012 Tel: 020-3525210 / 2472011, 0722 947 611, INVESTMENT - RETIREMENT - REAL ESTATE
  • 29. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 29 2012 IST ANNUAL MEDIA COUNCIL OF KENYA JOURNALIST OF THE YEAR AWARDS MAY 4, 2012 1ST ANNUAL MEDIA COUNCIL OF KENYA JOURNALISM AWARDS WINNERS Winners of the inaugural Annual Media Council of Kenya Journalism Awards were feted in Nairobi on 4th May 2012.The awards were part of the two major events that the Media Council of Kenya had organised around the World Press Freedom Day celebrations between 2nd and 4th of May 2012. The other event was the East African Journalists’ Convention. The media awards were organised under the Communication for Development (C4D) partnership between the Media Council of Kenya, the Ministry of Information and Communications, the School of Journalism of the University of Nairobi and UNDP. From 2013, the event will be held to coincide with the World Press Freedom Day celebrations held on 3rd May each year. Below is the list of nominees and winners in the various categories in 1st Annual Media Council of Kenya Journalist of the Year Awards held on 4th May 2012. The full list of citations for the various categories are available on our website A. AWARDS WINNERS & RUNNERS UP IN THEIR CATEGORIES i. ICT and Telecommunications’ Award vi. Sports Award Television stories 1. Isabella Kituri – 2nd Runners Up Print entries shortlisted Print 2. Rose Wangui – 1st Runners Up 1. James Rawlings – 2nd Runners Up 1. Phares Mutembei – 2nd Runners Up 2. Elias Makori – 1st Runners Up 3. Francis Mutegi - Winner (NTV) 2. David Herbling – 1st Runners Up 3. Antony Gitonga – Winner (The Standard) 3. Jonathan Komen - Winner (Daily Nation) xiii. Young Journalist of the Year Award Television shortlisted vii. Arts, Culture and Travel Award 1. Catherine Nasimiyu – Runners Up Print 2. Andrew Ochieng - Winner (Citizen TV) Print shortlisted entries 1. Njoki Chege – 2nd Runners Up 1. Rawlings Otieno – 2nd Runners Up 2. Emannuel Sabuni – 1st Runners Up Radio 2. Joy Wanja – 1st Runners 3. Frankline Sunday - Winner (Business Daily) 1. John Nene - Winner (BBC) 3. Nicholas Anyuor - Winner (The Standard Newspaper) Television ii. Children and Youth Affairs Award Television entries shortlisted 1. Saida Swaleh – 2nd Runners Up 1. James Smart 2. Willis Raburu – 1st Runners Up Print entries shortlisted 2. Jeff Koinange – 1st Runners Up 3. Job Mwaura - Winner (Citizen TV) 1. Joy Wanja – 1st Runners Up 3. Lulu Hassan - Winner (KTN) 2. Mwaura Samora – 2nd Runners Up xiv. Reporter of the Year 3. Joe Kiarie - Winner (The Standard Newspaper) viii. Photographer of the Year Award Television TV entries shortlisted Print shortlisted stories 1. Ferdinand Omondi – 2nd Runners Up 1. Evelyne Wambui – 2nd Runners Up 1. Jennifer Muiruri – 2nd Runners Up 2. Dennis Onsarigo – 1ST Runners Up 2. Pamela Asigi – 1st Runners Up 2. Moses Omusula – 1st Runners Up 3. Mohammed Ali – Winner (KTN) 3. Rose Wangui - Winner (NTV) 3. Collins Kweyu - Winner (The Standard) Print iii. Science and Environment Award ix. Cartoonist of the year Award 1. Dann Okoth – Runners Up Print shortlisted stories 2. Nyambega Gisesa - Winner (Nation Newspapers) Print entries shortlisted 1. Iddi Musyimi – 2nd Runners Up 1. Samuel Muigai – 2nd Runners Up 2. Anthony Gitonga – 1st Runners Up 2. Eric Jacob – 1st Runners Up xv. Cameraman of the Year 3. Wanjohi Kabukuru - Winner (Diplomat East Africa) 3. Victor Amatieku - Winner (Star Newspaper) Television stories 1. Edwin Mwai – 2nd Runners Up iv. Health and Terminal Illnesses’ Award x. Business Award 2. Eugene Osiadana – 1ST Runners Up Television entries shortlisted Print shortlisted stories 3. Mauritius Oduor - Winner (Citizen TV) 1. Irene Choge – 2nd Runners Up 1. Constant Mundia – 2nd Runners Up 2. Evelyne Wambui – 1st Runners Up 2. Boniface Ongeri – 1st Runners Up xvi. News anchor of the Year – Television 3. John Allan Namu - Winner (NTV) 3. Abel Kabiru - Winner (Think Business magazine) 1. Michael Njenga – 2nd Runners Up 2. Swaleh Mdoe – 1st Runners Up Print entries shortlisted xi. Good Governance Award 3. Smriti Vidyarthi – Winner (NTV) 1. Diana Mwango – 2nd Runners Up Radio shortlisted stories 2. Joe Ombuor – 1st Runners Up 1. Marciella Wamoyi – Runners Up xvii. Journalist of the Year 3. Joy Wanja - Winner (Nation Newspaper) 2. Kioko Kivandi – Winner (Radio Amani) 1. Nyambega Gisesa – 2nd Runners Up 2. John Allan Namu – 1st Runners Up v. Gender Award Television 3. Mohammed Ali - Winner (KTN) 1. Calvin Chitwa – 2nd Runners Up Print 2. Munira Mohammed – 1st Runners Up 1. Ali Hassan – 2nd Runners Up 3. Judy Kosgei/Justus Onyango - Winner (Citizen TV) 2. Isaac Ongiri – 1st Runners Up 3. Carolyne Wafula - Winner (Sunday Nation) xii. Development Award Television Print 1. Ferdinand Omondi – 2nd Runners Up 1. Rawlings Otieno – 2nd Runner Up 2. Joy Mkawasi – 1st Runners Up 2. Joy Wanja – 1st Runners Up 3. Josephine Maina – Winner (K24 TV) 3. Joseph Wambugu - Winner (The People Newspaper) Follow us on Twitter@MediaCouncilK and you can also like us on Council of Kenya
  • 30. 30 | DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 ��������������� ���������������������������������� ������������������������ ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ��������� ������������ ��� ������� ����������� ���� ���� ������������ ������� ���� �������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� � ��������� ���������� ��� ���� ��������� ��������� ���� ��������� ����������� ����� ��������� ��������� ���� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������� � ��������������������� �� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������ �� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �� �������������������������������������������������������������������� �� ���������������������������������������������������������������� �� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ �� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������� �� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������� �� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �� �������������������������������������������������������������������� �� ��������������������������������������������������������� �� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������ ����������������� ��������������������������������������������� �� ������������������������ �� ������������������������������������������������������������������������� �� ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������� �������� �� ��������������������������������������������������� �� ������������������������������������ ����� ��� �� ���������� ��������� ������ ������� ��� ���������� ������� ������� ������������ ���� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ������������ MURANG’A SOUTH ����������������� ����������������������������������������������������� WATER & SANITATION COMPANY LIMITED ������������������������ P.o Box 87-01034 Kandara ��� ���� �������� ���� ������ ����������� ��� ������� ���� ������� ��� ���� ��������� ��� ���� ���� Cell phone No. 0705385803 ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� TENDER NOTICE FOR SUPPLY OF GOODS & �������������������������������������������������������������� SERVICES FINANCIAL YEAR 2012-2013 �������������������� Murang’a South Water & Sanitation Company Ltd (MUSWASCO) invites applications for tenders and prequalification from ��� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� eligible, interested and competent bidders for the supply and delivery of the under listed goods and services for the financial year ������������������������������������������������������������������ 2012-2013. ��� �������������������������������������������������������������������� CATEGORY A-SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF GOODS ��� �������������������������������������������������������������������������� 1. MUSWASCO/TENDER/01/2012-2013-SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF UPVC PIPES �������������������������������������������������������������� 2. MUSWASCO/TENDER/02/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF G.I PIPES ��� ����������������������������������������������������������������� 3. MUSWASCO/TENDER/03/2012-2013-SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF WATER FITTINGS (UPVC AND G.I) 4. MUSWASCO/TENDER/04/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF WATER METERS ����������� 5. MUSWASCO/TENDER/05/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF WATER TREATMENT CHEMICAL ��� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������� 6. MUSWASCO/TENDER/06/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF OFFICE STATIONERIES ������������������������������������� 7. MUSWASCO/TENDER/07/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF COMPUTERS & ACCESSORIES 8. MUSWASCO/TENDER/08/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF HARDWARE MATERIALS ��� ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 9. MUSWASCO/TENDER/09/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF STAFF UNIFORMS ������� 10. MUSWASCO/TENDER/10/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF ELECTRICAL MATERIALS ��� ���������������������������������������������������������� 11. MUSWASCO/TENDER/11/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF ACCOUNTABLE DOCUMENTS 12. MUSWASCO/TENDER/12/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF MOTOR TYRES,TUBES & BATTERIES 13. MUSWASCO/TENDER/13/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF FUELS, OIL & LUBRICANTS. ������������������� 14. MUSWASCO/TENDER/14/2012-2013- SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF OFFICE FURNITURES ��� ������������������������������������������������������������������������������� CATEGORY B- PREQUALIFICATION OF SERVICE PROVISION 15. MUSWASCO/PQ/15/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR INSURANCE SERVICES ���������� 16. MUSWASCO/PQ/16/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR LEGAL SERVICES ��� ������������������������������������������������������� 17. MUSWASCO/PQ/17/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR MOTOR VEHICLE REPAIR AND SERVICES ��� ����������������������������������������������������������������������� 18. MUSWASCO/PQ/18/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR MOTOR CYCLE REPAIR AND SERVICES 19. MUSWASCO/PQ/19/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR COURIER SERVICES ��� ������������������������������������������������ 20. MUSWASCO/PQ/20/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR MAINTENTANCE & SERVICING OF COMPUTERS ��� ������������������������������������������������ 21. MUSWASCO/PQ/21/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR SECURITY SERVICES ��� �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� 22. MUSWASCO/PQ/22/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR SUPPLY,INSTALLATION AND MAINTENANCE OF WATER PUMPS AND MOTORS ������������������������� 23. MUSWASCO/PQ/23/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR CONSULTANCY SERVICES IN VARIOUS FIELD ��� ��������������������������������������������������������������� 24. MUSWASCO/PQ/24/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR LABORATORY MATERIALS 25. MUSWASCO/PQ/25/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR CIVIL WORKS 26. MUSWASCO/PQ/26/2012-2013-PREQUALIFICATION FOR DEPT COLLECTION ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������� All the interested candidates may obtain tender/ prequalification documents from our procurement office during normal working ����������������� hours upon payment of non- refundable fee of Ksh.3,000.00 (Three Thousand shillings) for category A above and Kshs 2,500.00 (Two thousand five hundred shillings) for category B in cash or bankers cheque. � Completed documents in sealed envelopes, indicating tender number should be deposited in the tender box located at our ������������������������������������������������� headquarters (Kandara) next to DC’S office and addressed to: MANAGING DIRECTOR MURANG’A SOUTH WATER & SANITATION COMPANY LTD P.O BOX 87-01034, KANDARA To reach on or before noon of 4th June 2012. Documents will be opened on the same day in the presence of suppliers or their representatives. The company reserves the right to reject any application in part or in whole and is not bound to give reasons for its decision. MANAGING DIRECTOR MUSWASCO
  • 31. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 Business News 31FINANCIAL RESULTS | Automaker hit by tsunami RESEARCH | EU day in support of research for developmentToyota’s net profitdeclines by 30 pcBut firm pledges a in emerging markets. country’s huge earthquake Toyota also forecast oper- and tsunami, which causedsharp rebound of ating profit to nearly triple enormous production prob-more than double year-on-year to 1.0 trillion yen as consumers opt for lems, while the later Thailand flooding created supply-chainthe net returns small and economically priced headaches for firms with vehicles, as well as “green” plants there. models, a key segment for The yen, which hit a recordTOKYO, WEDNESDAY the manufacturer. high against the dollar in “Our vision is to establish 2011, began to weaken earlyJ apan’s Toyota Motor said a strong business foundation this year, a decline that will Wednesday net profit for that will ensure profitability help exporters whose prod- the year to March fell 30.5 under any kind of difficult ucts become more expensiveper cent to 283.56 billion yen business environment,” Presi- overseas when the currency($3.56 billion), hit by Japan’s dent Akio Toyoda said in a strengthens.quake-tsunami disaster and statement. Toyota, which said it soldrecord flooding in Thailand. “Certainly the last fiscal 7.35 million vehicles in the But Japan’s biggest au- year was extremely challeng- year to March for total salestomaker, also stung by the ing due to the natural disasters of 18.58 trillion yen, down 2.2strong yen, pledged a sharp in Japan and Thailand, plus percent, lost its number one BILLY MUTAI |NATIONrebound in the current fiscal the unprecedented strength spot in the global carmakers’ From Left: European Union representative to Somalia George-Marc Andre, head of EU in Kenyayear, expecting net profit to of the yen.” league last year. Lodewijk Briet, head of European Investment Bank in the region Kurt Simonsen and German ambas-more than double to 760 bil- Japanese automakers were The company had been the sador to Kenya, Ms Margit Hellwig-Boette, during a celebration to mark the day.lion yen on surging demand hammered last year by the world’s biggest automaker
  • 32. 32 | DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012COUNTY NEWS KILIMO REJECTS REPORT ON MISUSE OF CDF CASH Marakwet East was ranked the worst performer in the utilisation of funds. P.34MURDER | Argument with a video shop attendant provokes AP BRIEFLYTension high as drunk officer kills MERU Man, 63, surrenders to police over son’s killingvillager in night shooting spree A 63-year-old man surren- dered himself to police in Im- enti North after allegedly killing his son and injuring another following a dispute. The man reportedly slashed 25-year-oldDC denies AP had taken Benson Koome and injured Mr CHRONOLOGY Nicholas Murithi, 23, after aalcohol but says he was dispute over land at Mpuri vil-under the influence of What led to the lage in Thimbiri location. Meru police boss James Kithuka saidother undisclosed drugs trader’s death Koome died while undergoing treatment at the Meru Level 5 Argument: Intoxicated AP of- Hospital. Mr Kithuka said MrBY SAMUEL KARANJA ficer is involved in an argument Murithi was being treated at with a video shop attendant. It same hospital. is not clear what they arguedT ension is high in Murang’a about. after an intoxicated police EMBU officer shot dead a man and Firearm: The officer goes toassaulted three other people. Gakurwe AP post and returns 76,000 face hunger with a gun. Police constable Dedan NjugunaNgotho, who was later arrested and Businessman shot: He starts after poor harvestarraigned in court yesterday, went shooting and in the process kills More than 76,000 people inberserk on Tuesday night and killed Victor Mwangi, a loca; trader. Mbeere districts are in needMr Victor Mwangi, 25, paralysing busi- of relief food. An assessmentness at Gakurwe shopping centre and Arrest: Police arrive and arrest by the Kenya Food Securityadjacent homesteads. the officer who is later charged Steering Group in February According to witnesses, trouble with murder. and March showed that moststarted at around 7.30pm when Con- residents were in need of foodstable Ngotho, who was attached to aid with the most affected areasGakurwe AP post, was involved in an the deceased, condemned the inci- being Kiritiri, Gachoka, Kiam-argument with a video shop attendant dent and demanded justice for his bere, Mutuovare and Muvuria.identified as Mr James Maina. nephew. Mbeere North district commis- The AP, who is said to have been “It has become a routine for po- sioner John Chelimo said theydrinking at a local bar, went for his lice officers to shoot innocent people would start distributing relieffirearm at the post and started shoot- indiscriminately. This must end,” he food in the lower parts of theing indiscriminately. told the Nation. semi-arid region. Elsewhere, a 35 year-old man wasForced to close shop yesterday stabbed to death by his In the process, he shot Mr Mwangi friend during a drinking spree at LAIKIPIAtwo times in the head and shoulder, a bar.killing him on the spot. The incident happened at Chinga Chief accused of land “We scampered for safety as the APabused us and ordered all traders to in Nyeri South district. Police said the two were enjoying fraud faces sackingclose their shops or be killed,” said Mr drinks at a local bar when an argu- Disciplinary action will be JOSEPH KANYI | NATIONMaina Njuguna, one of the business- ment arose and the assailant rushed taken against an assistant chiefman at Gakurwe shopping centre. Police Constable Dedan Ngotho in a Nyeri court yesterday where he was charged to his employer’s house and came in Laikipia East who allegedly Other residents claimed the officer with the murder of a trader. There are conflicting reports on whether he was shot back with a sword. colluded with other people tothreatened to shoot dead a watchman during his arrest. He stabbed Mr John Mugendi in defraud two widows of theirbefore attacking a motorist and a to surrender and he complied,” Mr regular police officers shot the AP the stomach. property in Nanyuki town. Localmotorcycle rider. He also harassed Njuguna recounted. before disarming him. Central Police spokesman John DC Julius Mathenge has writtena woman and her children. Mr Amos Mwangi, another witness, “We will put all measures to ensure Katumo said the victim died on the to the permanent secretary in The officer then shot several times claimed that the police shot the of- our officers carry out their duties in way to hospital. charge of Provincial Administra-in the air, dispersing traders from the ficer before disarming him. the most disciplined manner,” Mr The assailant, a 45 year-old man, tion seeking the interdiction ofmarket. While confirming the incident, Natembeya said. was arrested and the murder weapon, the chief. The chief had allegedly The trader said he called the area district commissioner George The AP was taken to Kiria-ini police a Somali sword, recovered. written to the local Lands officechief and councillor and reported Natembeya denied that the AP was post and later transferred to Murang’a. Mr Katumo said it was not clear that one of the widows had diedthe matter. drunk but “was under the influence He was yesterday charged with mur- what triggered the argument between while her co-wife was missing, “We later heard a police Land Rover of other drugs.” der at the High Court in Nyeri. the two friends who were both tea leading to the sale of their land.approach and police ordered the AP He also dismissed claims that Mr James Mukora, an uncle of pickers in the area. MERUSmall businesses receive Sh2bn to boost productivity Court bars IEBC from gazetting vote zones The High Court in MeruBY NATION REPORTER small businesses mainly in Jeff Karingo Njagi at a Nairobi community-based organisa- had boosted repayment rate has stopped the Independent the agri-business sector. hotel yesterday. tions. that now stands at 97 per Electoral and Boundaries Com-Nairobi The funds will be spread The funding targets all cent, Mr Njagi added. mission from registering and over the next five years to Financial services sectors although agriculture MESPT has also received compiling a voters’ register in Small and medium busi- enhance the manufacturing He said the trust had takes the lion’s share of the Sh400 million from the Eu- Igembe South and Igembe Cen-nesses are set to receive a value chain of the small and received funding from the funds. ropean Union which has been tral constituencies. The courtSh2 billion loan to improve medium enterprises under the Danish Government, which “Our rates are very com- used to reduce post-harvest also stopped the IEBC fromtheir productivity. business sector programme. would be distributed through petitive at eight to 12 per cent losses in horticulture and gazetting the final boundaries of The Micro Enterprises “We have signed a deal its partner intermediaries. for agricultural businesses fisheries sectors. the two constituencies pendingSupport Programme Trust with the Kenya Association The funds will also be used and 10 to 12 per cent for The funds have also been the hearing and determination(MESPT) has entered into of Manufactures to ensure to build capacity for financial business loans,” he said. used to build capacities of of the case. A former MP and 10an agreement with the the funds benefit processors service providers including The arrangement applies rural financial intermediaries others accuse the polls body ofKenya Association of Manu- especially in agri-business,” micro-finance institutions, the micro-finance lending and to support the leather and rejecting their proposal for anfacturers (KAM) to support said MESPT chief executive savings and credit and model of group loans, which handicraft sectors. additional constituency and two
  • 33. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 County News 33 READY | Residents collect their ID cards Teenagers sentenced to death for robbery Two teenagers have been charged as an accomplice in moved to Kakamega. seven thugs, one of them convicted of robbery with the robbery, was acquitted However, the sentence was being a woman. violence and rape and sen- due to lack of evidence. passed by his successor, Mr The gangsters robbed tenced to death. Aletia Ekiru, 18, Benson Edwin Mwaita. her of a mobile phone and A third 17-year-old boy nar- Ekutan Lotiang, 19, and 17- The boys committed the Sh1,500 and then assaulted rowly escaped being sent to year-old Loter Ibuya were offence on April 24, last her. the gallows because he is found guilty of robbery with year next to Mum’s Hotel The teenagers thereafter underage but will be held in violence and three counts of in Lodwar town at about raped her, the court heard. prison at the pleasure of the gang rape by former Lodwar 5am. An 11-year-old girl who saw President. principal magistrate Thomas The complainant was on what had happened from a Another teenager, John Nzyoki last month. her way home from a club balcony helped the victim. Long ’ole, who had been The magistrate has since when she was attacked by (KNA) ISAAC WALE | NATION Residents collect their national identity cards from Ministry of Immigration and Registration of Persons officials at Muliro Gardens in Kakamega town yesterday. The IDs have been dis- patched to chiefs for easy collection by owners.ROW | Legal fees too highMutula firmallowed to sellMP’s propertyCourt gives orderallowing sale ofMututho’s propertyover Sh5.2m feesBY WANJIRU MACHARIAlwmacharia@ke.nationmedia.comA 2008 law firm associated with a Cabinet minister has been allowed to auc-tion the property of Naivasha The year when the elec-MP John Mututho to recover tion petition was filedlegal fees amounting to Sh5.2million. Kilonzo and Companyadvocates, a firm started by him object in good time.Education minister Mutula However, the application forKilonzo, are claiming the an extension of time was dis-amount for representing missed by Lady Justice WendohMr Mututho(pictured) in an who said that the suit had beenelection petition filed against overtaken by events.him by former area MP Jayne She added that the applica-Kihara in 2008. tion was meant to scuttle the Efforts by the MP through execution process since an-lawyer Gordon Ogolla to save other court had issued ordershis property failed after the for his property to be attachedHigh Court dismissed his to settle the fees.application for an extension Initially, lawyer Mutulaof time to allow him file a Kilonzo Junior had wantedresponse. to be paid Sh13.4 million Mr Mututho told Lady Jus- but the court cut downtice Roselyn Wendoh that the the figure to Sh5.2 costs were “inordinately The lawyer wants the fees ashigh and unconscionable.” payment for defending the MP Mr Ogolla claimed that the and re-tallying and computingcourt did not inform his client the votes in court in an exerciseabout the initial ruling to allow that lasted for two months.
  • 34. 34 | County News DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 MISSING CASH | MP dismisses group as maliciousGangsters kill SCARCE | Sweet potatoes importedman in front Kilimo rejects reportof his familyBY NATION REPORTER Armed men carjacked a man and on CDF cash misusekilled him as his family watched onTuesday night. According to taxpayers’ lobby, report. “These NTA officials are not auditors Mr Dennis Simiyu, a manager Marakwet East was the worst and I cannot believe their report. How canat Technoserve, was driving home they rank us with other urban constituenciesat around 9pm when he was car- performer in the utilisation of which can easily access building materials forjacked. Guards said Mr Simiyu was kitty in a survey of 38 zones development projects?” asked Mrs Kilimo. However, a report released by Auditor-Gen-talking to two men when he drove eral last year also alleged massive loss of fundsinside the gate of the residence in BY PHILEMON SUTER in the constituency, leading to the interdictionJamhuri estate, Nairobi. of CDF manager Kariuki Mugolwe. The guards said they thought the AND SAMUEL KOECH Local councillors yesterday asked themen were his friends. legislator to take political responsibility and They went into the house and resign. Mfound his wife and a sister watch- arakwet East MP Linah Kilimo “This is not politics but the misuse of publicing television. has disowned a report ranking her money and the buck stops with the CDF pa- The gangsters told the family constituency as the worst performer tron who is the MP,” said councillor Johnstonethat they had been sent to kill him in the use of the Constituency Development Kasenge.and demanded money, his ATM Fund (CDF).card and its pin number. According to the National Taxpayers Associa- REACTION tion report, out of the Sh31 million allocatedBlocked first aid They then shot Mr Simiyu and to Mrs Kilimo’s constituency in the financial year 2009/2010, Sh16 million could not be Residents speak outwarned the wife against adminis- accounted for. Residents of Marakwet East constituencytering any first aid on him though The money was allegedly allocated to ghost have demanded an immediate freezing ofhe was bleeding profusely. projects or misappropriated by project man- all CDF accounts following claims of embez- The gangsters drove away in Mr agement officials. zlement by the NTA.Simiyu’s car, which by yesterday But the MP dismissed the report as mali-evening had not been traced. cious and biased. “We are saddened by the performance of Nairobi deputy police boss Mo- The Cooperative Development assistant the constituency. We demand that all CDFses Ombati said the ATM cards minister said at Chesong’och Health Centre accounts be frozen and the committeewere later used to withdraw money SULEIMAN MBATIAH | NATION yesterday: “Though my constituency was the disbanded to allow for investigations,” theyin Kariobangi. Ms Evelyn Moraa arranges sweet potatoes for sale at her last, it was not out of the total 210 constituen- said in a statement. The victim was rushed to the shed in Nakuru town yesterday. Ms Moraa said traders cies but only the 38 singled out.” They added that funds were siphoned offNairobi Hospital after the assail- were importing the tubers from Tanzania as they were The development projects funded through through many ghost projects includingants had left but he died before he out of season. CDF speak for themselves, she said, urging her schools, health facilities and bursary funds.could be treated. constituents not to be alarmed by the damning
  • 35. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 35 NOTICE TEA RESEARCH FOUNDATION OF KENYA Are you a Flying Doctors Society of Africa LIFE member? Please contact the membership office to update your records and contact information TENDER AND PRE-QUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS FOR THE FINANCIAL YEAR 2012 – 2013 by 30th June 2012 The Tea Research Foundation of Kenya invites interested eligible candidates to apply for tender and pre-qualification as suppliers of the following goods and provision of services for the financial year 2012/ 2013. Tel:+254 020 699 4410/1/2/3 Category A: Tenders TENDER NO ITEM DESCRIPTION Mobile:0722 205 084, TRFK/1/2012/2013 Provision of insurance services (Brokerage or direct). TRFK/2/2012/2013 Provision of medical insurance cover. 0733 333 004 TRFK/3/2012/2013 TRFK/4/2012/2013 Provision of courier services (both local and international). Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of a Public address system. TRFK/5/2012/2013 Supply, delivery, installation and commissioning of the following laboratory equipment: (UV-VIS spectrophotometer, deep freezer(-20c,white lightbox (for gel scoring), Nanodrop 8000 series (multisampling micro-volume UV-vis spectrophotometer),Micro centrifuge,48 well thermocycler, Gel dryer, weighing balance, 200V/2000MA PAC 200 power supply, Vertical gel electrophoresis unit with power supply, Genetic Mapping software, freeze drier, ultra-low freezer(-80c), fume extraction hood, UPS for PCR machine, Laminar flow, High performance liquid chromatography(HPLC system),Hot plate, Ovens, Infra-red thermometers, Disk infiltrometer(double ring)infiltrometer 550x440, 5&10 bar Ceramic pressure plates 27-28cm diameter, Mite brushing machine, Psychrometer, Soil Moisture Tensioner with 36’’(or longer probe),Micro hammer mill, Baking Oven, Puller finisher for juice extraction, Inductively Coupled Plasma System (ICP). Category B: Prequalification of suppliers PRE-QUALIFICATION NO. ITEM DESCRIPTION TRFK/PREQ1/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of analytical chemicals and reagents. TRFK/PREQ2/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of Assorted laboratory glassware. TRFK/PREQ3/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of general office stationery, toners and other computer consumables. TRFK/PREQ4/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of petroleum products (oils, fuels and lubricants). TRFK/PREQ5/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of staff uniforms, protective clothing and footwear. TRFK/PREQ6/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of medical drugs, Pharmaceutical products and equipment. TRFK/PREQ7/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of farm inputs and chemicals (herbicides i.e. Round up, touchdown, wound out fungicides and pesticides and DAP, MOP, TSP, SSP fertilizers). TRFK/PREQ8/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of tea nursery materials (polythene tubing, sleeves, sheets and synthetic netting or tilder net). TRFK/PREQ9/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of fresh milk. TRFK/PREQ10/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of meat products. TRFK/PREQ11/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of fresh green vegetables. TRFK/PREQ12/2012/2013 Supply, repair, servicing and maintenance of ICT equipment (computers, printers, server, UPS, fax machine, laptops and accessories). TRFK/PREQ13/2012/2013 Supply of power saw and spare parts. TRFK/PREQ14/2012/2013 Supply of tea pruning machine and spare parts. TRFK/PREQ15/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of tyres, tubes and batteries TRFK/PREQ16/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of general building and hardware materials. TRFK/PREQ17/2012/2013 Supply, installation, commissioning, repair and maintenance of laboratory scientific equipment as follows: (Fume extraction hood, Spectrophotometer, High performance liquid chromatograph system (HPLC+DAD+UPS),UPS for Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)machine, thermocycer, Automated capillary DNA sequencer, hot plate, ovens, GIS equipment, Infra red gas analyzer (IRGA),Centrifuge, Pathology camera, Pre-column derivitization accessories, Inductively Coupled Plasma System(ICP),freeze driers, Ultra low freezer(-80c),Laminar flow, incubator. TRFK/PREQ18/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of office furniture and fittings. TRFK/PREQ19/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of strong safes and fire proof cabinets. TRFK/PREQ20/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of NPK 25:5:5 fertilizer. TRFK/PREQ21/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of clean dry white maize. TRFK/PREQ22/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of plucking capes, receptacles and tea sacks. TRFK/PREQ23/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of sunshine cards and rainfall dine charts. TRFK/PREQ24/2012/2013 Supply, servicing and maintenance of weighing scales and balances. TRFK/PREQ25/2012/2013 Supply, service and maintenance of firefighting equipment. TRFK/PREQ26/2012/2013 Supply, design and printing of Journals, reports, bulletins, diaries, brochures, flyers, banners, snapper frames, publications, letter heads and business cards. TRFK/PREQ27/2012/2013 Provision of internet service connectivity. TRFK/PREQ28/2012/2013 Provision of legal services. TRFK/PREQ29/2012/2013 Provision of documentary, shooting editing and photography services. TRFK/PREQ30/2012/2013 Provision of consultancy services on employee and customer satisfaction and work environment. TRFK/PREQ31/2012/2013 Repair, maintenance of PABX switchboard and extension lines. TRFK/PREQ32/2012/2013 Repair, servicing and maintenance of motor vehicles and motorcycles. TRFK/PREQ33/2012/2013 Repair, service and maintenance of water pumps. TRFK/PREQ34/2012/2013 Overhauling and supply of tractor spare parts. TRFK/PREQ35/2012/2013 Air travel agency services. TRFK/PREQ36/2012/2013 Provision of welding services. TRFK/PREQ37/2012/2013 Provision of Equipment calibration service. TRFK/PREQ38/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of franking machine. TRFK/PREQ39/2012/2013 Expression of interest for provision of service for management of gratuity fund. TRFK/PREQ40/2012/2013 Expression of Interest for supply, design, installation, implementation and commissioning of Intranet. TRFK/PREQ41/2012/2013 Supply and delivery of live hens /cocks. TRFK/PREQ42/2012/2013 Provision of training on Microsoft server 2008R2 and Microsoft exchange server 2010 management and configuration. TRFK/PREQ43/2012/2013 Expression of interest for supply, installation and commissioning of computer software (Finance and Accounting Information System, ERP, statistical packages). TRFK/PREQ44/2012/2013 Expression of interest for supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Local Area Network(LAN). TRFK/PREQ45/2012/2013 Provision of Cooperate governance and team building training TRFK/PREQ46/2012/2013 Provision of training on program based budgeting. Tenders and prequalification documents containing detailed specifications and other conditions can be obtained from cash office on payment of a non- refundable fee of Kshs.1000 per set respectively except for expression of interest which is free starting on 10th May 2012. Completed tender and prequalification documents in plain sealed envelope clearly marked with the tender and pre-qualification number and bearing no indication of the sender should be addressed and posted to:- The Director Tea Research Foundation of Kenya P.O. Box 820 –020200 Kericho Email: Website: Or deposited in the tender box at the Foundation’s office, Kericho by 10.30 am, on 30th May 2012. The documents will be opened on the same day at 11.00 am in the TRFK Training Centre in the presence of bidders or their representatives who may choose to attend.
  • 36. 36 | DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 KENYA ACCREDITATION SERVICE P.O.BOX 47400 – 00100, NAIROBI KENYA TEL: +254 725 227 640, +254 787 395 679 E-mail: Web page: REPUBLIC OF KENYA OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER PREQUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS MINISTRY OF STATE FOR DEVELOPMENT OF NORTHERN The Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS) is an independent corporate legal entity that was established in May 2009 under legal notice No. 55/2009. KENYA AND OTHER ARID LANDS KENAS wishes to invite applications from interested eligible candidates for purposes of pre-qualifying suppliers for the supply of various goods, services for 2012/2013 financial year ending 30th June 2013. NATIONAL OPEN TENDER No. CATEGORY REFERENCE CATEGORY DESCRIPTION No. TENDER NO: NDMA /HQRS/2/2011-2012 SUPPLY & DELIVERY OF GOODS 1 KENAS/01/2012-2013 Supply of general office stationery TENDER FOR SUPPLY AND DELIVERY OF HEAVY DUTY 2 KENAS/02/2012-2013 Supply, installation and maintenance of fire-fighting equipment UTILITY PASSENGER VEHICLE, 4X4, LWB, 2400-3000cc 3 KENAS/03/2012-2013 Supply of computers, office equipment, consumables and accessories 4 KENAS/04/2012-2013 Supply, installation and maintenance of Office furniture 5 KENAS/05/2012-2013 Supply of daily Newspapers, periodicals and magazines The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of State for Development of 6 KENAS/06/2012-2013 Supply and maintenance of cut flower arrangements and potted Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands is implementing the Kenya Drought plants 7 KENAS/07/2012-2013 Supply of water dispensers, drinking water and cups Recovery Programme funded by the United Nations Development Programme 8 KENAS/08/2012-2013 Supply of motor vehicle parts & accessories (UNDP) and intends to apply part of the funding of this programme towards PROVISION OF SERVICES 9 KENAS/09/2012-2013 Provision of postal & courier services payment under contract for procurement of a motor vehicle. 10 KENAS/10/2012-2013 Provision of Internet service 11 KENAS/11/2012-2013 Provision of software development & implementation services The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of State for Development of Northern Kenya 12 KENAS/12/2012-2013 Provision of Design, Artwork and printing services (Promotional material & accountable documents) and other Arid Lands invites sealed bids from eligible bidders for supply and 13 KENAS/13/2012-2013 Provision of research & consultancy services (consumer & employee delivery of Passenger Vehicle, 4WD, heavy duty utility, LWB. satisfaction, work environment, corruption eradication, strategic planning) 14 KENAS/14/2012-2013 Provision of insurance brokerage services (IRA registered firms.) Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from and inspect the 15 KENAS/15/2012-2013 Provision of legal services tender documents at National Drought Management Authority, P.O Box 16 KENAS/16/2012-2013 Provision of Travel Agency & related services for local and international air ticketing ( IATA registered firms) 53547-00200, Nairobi, Kenyatta International Conference Centre 13th Floor, 17 KENAS/17/2012-2013 Provision of event management and related services (exhibition Procurement Office during normal working hours. stands/ tents, chairs, tables, PA, Decoration) 18 KENAS/18/2012-2013 Provision of publicity, media relations & media monitoring services 19 KENAS/19/2012-2013 Provision of website upgrade and maintenance services A complete set of tender documents may be obtained by interested bidders 20 KENAS/20/2012-2013 Provision of cleaning services upon payment of non-refundable fees of Kshs. 3,000 in cash or Bankers cheque 21 KENAS/21/2012-2013 Provision of security services 22 KENAS/22/2012-2013 Provision of Taxi and cab services (only for KATO members) payable to Permanent Secretary, Ministry of State for Development of Northern 23 KENAS/23/2012-2013 Provision of Networking and telecommunication equipment Kenya and other Arid Lands. Completed tender documents are to be enclosed in maintenance services plain sealed envelopes marked with tender reference number and be deposited A complete set of the pre-qualification documents may be obtained upon payment of a non-refundable fee in the Tender Box at KICC 13TH Floor or be addressed to of Kshs. 3,000.00 per category paid in cash or Bankers cheque at the KENAS offices located in Upper hill Ag. Chief Executive Officer, on Embankment Plaza, 2nd Floor, along Longonot Road. National Drought Management Authority, Prequalification documents must be submitted in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked TENDER NO. KENAS/T10/2011/2012 P.O Box 53547-00200, PRE-QUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS FOR SUPPLY OF GOODS AND SERVICES (2012-2013) Nairobi CATEGORY NO………………………………………… so as to be received on or before 6th June 2012, 10.00 Am CATEGORY DESCRIPTION………………………….. Bids should be deposited in the Tender box located at the KENAS offices reception area addressed to: The Managing Director Prices quoted should be inclusive of all taxes and must be in Kenya Shillings Kenya Accreditation Service (KENAS), Prices quoted shall remain valid for (90) days from the closing date of the tender P.O. Box 47400-00100 submission. Nairobi, Kenya. So as to be received on or before 28th May , 2012 by 1100hrs. Tenders will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of the bidders or The pre-qualification envelops will be opened immediately thereafter at the KENAS offices in the presence of candidates’ representatives who choose to attend. their representatives who choose to attend at KICC 13TH Floor Board Room, Note: This is a Tender prequalification of suppliers and not for supply of goods/ services. Harambee Avenue Only short listed candidates will be contacted to give competitive quotation for the purchase of goods/services. For Permanent Secretary KENAS reserves the right to accept or reject the applications and is not obliged to assign reasons for its Ministry of State for Development of Northern Kenya and other Arid Lands decision thereof. Any canvassing of giving of false information will lead to automatic disqualification. P.O. Box 53547-0200 NAIROBI KICC 13th Floor Tel. 020-2227496/2227627, Fax 020-2227982
  • 37. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 37 Invitation for Bids (IFB) Issuing date of the IFB : 10th May 2012 Name of Country: Kenya Name of Project: Kenya Transparency & Communications Infrastructure Project (KTCIP) Loan / Credit Number: 4284-KE IFB Title: Supply, Installation, Configuration & Commissioning of Software and Hardware for the Establishment of a National Public Key Infrastructure IFB Number: KICTB/KTCIP/ICB/20/2011-2012 1. This Invitation for Bids (IFB) follows the General Procurement (Support HTTP 1.1 and SSL/CGI) Notice (GPN) for this project that appeared in UNDB online on Item 8: Supply and Installation of Two (2) KGS software of Government CA 2nd November 2007. (Support digital Encryption with RSA 2048bit, Support algorithm of 2. The Government of Kenya has received financing from the World SHA1, SEED/3DES) Bank toward the cost of Kenya Transparency & Communications Item 9: Supply and Installation of Two (2) CA software of Government CA Infrastructure Project (KTCIP). KTCIP will be executed by (Generate digital Encryption with RSA 2048bit, support ssuance/ the Kenya ICT Board under the Ministry of Information and renewal/suspension/recovery/ removal of authentication keys) Communications. The Kenya ICT Board therefore intends to Item 10: Supply and Installation of Two (2) RA software of Government CA apply part of the proceeds to payments under the agreement(s) (Provide basic functions of registering/ modifying/renewing/deleting resulting from this IFB: Supply, Installation, Configuration & the user information) Commissioning of Software and Hardware for the Establishment Item 11: Supply and Installation of Six (6) Security Toolkits of Government CA Vision of a National Public Key Infrastructure. IFB No: KICTB/KTCIP/ (Support generation, verification and encoding of digital encryption) Kenya becomes a ICB/20/2011-2012. The complete works have been divided Item 12: Supply and Installation of One (1) Directory Service software of top ten global ICT into 3 LOTS. The Government of Kenya is the recipient for the Government CA (LDAP V2, V3 Support and 10,000 Entry License) hub. proposed activity. Item 13: Supply and Installation of One (1) DB cluster solution (CA) of 3. The Kenya ICT Board serves as the implementing agency for the Government CA project and now invites sealed bids from eligible Bidders for: Item 14: Supply and Installation of Two (2) RDBMS (CA) of Government CA (For use at small and medium-size companies and offices) Supply, Installation, Configuration & Commissioning of Item 15: Supply and Installation of Two (2) Web Servers (DMZ) (Support Software and Hardware for the Establishment of a National HTTP1.1 and SSL/CGI) Public Key Infrastructure. Item 16: Supply and Installation of One (1) Backup software of Government CA (Support for data backup) LOT 1: Supply, Installation, Configuration & Commissioning of Hardware for the Establishment of a National Public Key LOT 3: Supply, Installation, Configuration & Commissioning of Network Infrastructure. Equipment for the Establishment of a National Public Key Item 1: Supply and Installation of two (2) Hardware Security Infrastructure. Modules (HSM) Servers of Root CA (Support independently Item 1: Supply and Installation of Two (2) L4 Switches (DMZ) of Government Mission operating cryptographic process, Support RSA 1024, 2048 CA(Interface : 10/100/1000 Ethernet 16 Port, Tx/Sx Support (Combo To rapidly and inno- & 4096 bit) Type), Gigabit Uplink module(2Port), Support Half/Full-Duplex Speed vatively transform Item 2: Supply and Installation of Two (2) Root CA Servers of Root and Auto-negotiation by port) CA to include Operating System (UNIX) Item 2: Supply and Installation of Two (2) L2 Switches of Government CA Kenya through Item 3: Supply and Installation of Two (2) Web Servers (DMZ) of (Interface: 24port 10/100/1000, 4port SFP uplink ports) promotion of ICT Root CA to include Operating System (LINUX) Item 3: Supply and Installation of Three (3) Racks, KVM Switches and for socio-economic Item 4: Supply and Installation of Two (2) KGS Servers of Root CA Monitors of Root CA (42U Standard Server Rack, 8 Port KVM Switch, enrchment of our to include Operating System (Windows 7) 17” flat Screen TFT-LCD monitor) society Item 5: Supply and Installation of One (1) NMS Server of Root CA Item 4: Supply and Installation of Two (2) Network Racks of Government CA to include Operating System (Windows 2008 Server) (42U Network Rack) Item 6: Supply and Installation of One (1) SMS Server of Root CA Item 5: Supply and Installation of Two (2) Firewalls and IPSs for Backbone to include Operating System (Windows 2008 Server, Oracle Network (Interface: 10/100/1000 8 Port, Concurrent Sessions: Standard Edition 10 Named user) 500,000, F/W Throughput: 5Gbps,VPN Throughput : 2.5Gbps, IPS Item 7: Supply and Installation of Two (2) DS Server (Master) of Throughput : 500Mbps, Only Firmware OS) Item 6: Supply and Government CA to include Operating System (UNIX) Installation of Two (2) Routers for Backbone Network (Interface: KENYATTA NATIONAL HOSPITAL Item 8: Supply and Installation of Two (2) DS Servers (replica, DMZ) of Government CA to include Operating System Item 7: 10/100/1000 4port, 4EHWIC Slots) Supply and Installation of Two (2) Backbone Switches for Backbone Hospital Rd. along Ngong Rd. P. O. BOX 20723, Nairobi. (UNIX) Network (Interface: 10/100/1000 48port, 2X2- BASE 10G PORT) Tel: 2726300-9 Fax: 2725272 Email: Website: Item 9: Supply and Installation of Two (2) DB Servers (CA) of Item 8: Supply and Installation of Two (2) L4 Switches for Backbone Network Government CA to include Operating System (UNIX) (Interface: 10/100/1000 Ethernet 16 Port, Tx/ HIGHER DIPLOMA COURSES IN SPECIALIZED NURSING Item 10: Supply and Installation of Two (2) CA Servers of Government CA to include Operating System (UNIX) Sx Support(Combo Type), Gigabit Uplink module(2Port), Support Half/Full- Applications are invited for the following courses at Kenyatta National Item 11: Supply and Installation of One (1) Storage (CA) of Duplex Speed and Auto-negotiation by port) Government CA (Controller Duplication, 600GB SAS x 6 Hospital. Usable, 1.5TB and Unix, Windows, Linux OS Support) Item 9: Supply and Installation of Four (4) L2 Switches for Backbone Item 12: Supply and Installation of One (1) GPS time receiver of Network (Interface: 24 port 10/100/1000, 4port SFP uplink ports) Government CA(Network Time Server(8 channel), Antenna, Bidders can bid for one or more than one LOTS. HIGHER DIPLOMA COURSES IN SPECIALIZED NURSING (NCK APPROVED) Time reception module and Antenna Kit with L1 Down- Converting Antenna) Bidders must bid for all items in a LOT. Bids will be evaluated, and COURSE DURATION COMMENCEMENT COST Item 13: Supply and Installation of One (1) Test server of Government contracts awarded on a LOT by LOT basis. Bids quoting for incomplete DATE (EXCLUSIVE CA to include Operating System (UNIX) items (i.e. any missing item and/or missing required quantities) in a LOT OF VAT) Item 14: Supply and Installation of Two (2) Hardware Security shall be considered non-responsive. Modules (HSM) Servers of Government CA (Support 1 Critical Care Nursing One (1) year September 2012 200,000 independently operating cryptographic process, Support 4. Bidding will be conducted using the International Competitive Bidding RSA 1024, 2048 & 4096 bit) Item 15: Supply and (ICB) procedures specified in the World Bank’s Guidelines: Procurement 2 Peri-operative Nursing One (1) year September 2012 200,000 Installation of Two (2) RA Servers of Government CA to under IBRD Loans and IDA Credits, edition of IDA Credits: May 2004 include Operating System (UNIX) Item 16: Supply and (revised October, 2006), and is open to all Bidders eligible as defined in NB: A fee of Ksh. 17,400.00 is payable separately to the Nursing Installation of Two (2) KGS Servers of Government CA to these Guidelines, that meet the minimum qualification criteria in the BDS Council of Kenya for indexing, materials and licensing exam . include Operating System (Windows 7) (ITB 6.1 (a)) Item 17: Supply and Installation of Two (2) Web Servers (DMZ) of 5. Interested eligible Bidders may obtain further information from Kenya ICT Government CA to include Operating System Board and inspect the bidding documents at the address given below Qualifications: (LINUX) from 9.00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m.- 4.00 p.m. every day excluding • Diploma in KRN, KRCHN or Bachelors degree in Nursing (BScN) Item 18: Supply and Installation of Seven (7) Operator PCs of weekends and public holidays. A prebid meeting which potential bidders • Working experience of NOT LESS than two (2) years as a Registered Government CA to include Operating System (Windows 7) may attend will be held on Thursday, 7th June 2012 at 10.00am East Nurse in a NHIF accredited Hospital. Item 19: Supply and Installation of Three (3) Operator notebooks of African Time at the Kenya ICT Board offices, 12th Floor Teleposta Government CA to include Operating System (Windows 7) Towers, Kenyatta Avenue Entrance, Nairobi. • Must be registered by the Nursing Council of Kenya and has a valid Item 20: Supply and Installation of Three (3) test PCs of Government 6. A complete set of bidding documents in English may be obtained from practicing license CA to include Operating System (Windows 7) the Kenya ICT Board Procurement Office at 12th Floor, Teleposta Towers, • Must have attained grade ‘C’ plain or DIV III in ‘O’ level. Item 21: Supply and Installation of One (1) Backup Library of between 9.00 a.m. – 1.00 p.m. and 2.00 p.m. – 4.00 p.m. Upon payment Government CA (1 Tape Drive with Tape Media 40EA, of a nonrefundable fee of Kenya Shillings (KES) 5,000/= or an equivalent Application letters accompanied by copies of academic and professional Interface Dual SAS Interface) amount in a freely convertible currency. The method of payment will be in Item 22: Supply and Installation of One (1) Backup Server of cash or banker’s cheque payable to the, Kenya ICT Board. certificates should be addressed to the Chief Executive Officer, Government CA to include Operation System (Windows 7. Bids must be delivered to the address below at or before: Friday, 29th Kenyatta National Hospital, to reach the office NOT LATER than 5th 2008 Server) Item 23: Supply and Installation of One (1) June 2012 at 10.00am East African Time. Bids need to be secured by June, 2012. Rack, KVM Switch and Monitor of Root CA (42U Standard a bid security. The amount of Bid Security required is Kenya Shillings Server Rack, 8 Port KVM Switch, 17” flat Screen TFT-LCD 1.5 Million per LOT. Late bids will be rejected. Bids will be opened in M. N. Kathungu (Mrs) monitor) the presence of Bidders’ representatives who choose to attend at 10.00 LOT 2: Supply, Installation, Configuration & Commissioning of a.m. East African Time on Friday, 29th June 2012 at Kenya ICT Board FOR: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER Software for the Establishment of a National Public Key offices, (Main Boardroom) 12th Floor Teleposta Towers, Kenyatta Avenue Infrastructure. Entrance, Nairobi. Item 1: Supply and Installation of Two (2) KGS software of Root CA 8. The attention of prospective Bidders is drawn to (i) the fact that they will (Generation of electronic keys with RSA 1024 or 2048 bit, be required to certify in their bids that all software is either covered by a Support algorithms of MD2, MD5, HAS160, SHA1, SEED/ valid license or was produced by the Bidder and (ii) that violations are 3DES) considered fraud, which can result in ineligibility to be awarded World Item 2: Supply and Installation of Two (2) Root CA software of Root Bank-financed contracts. VEHICLES FOR SALE CA (Generation of electronic keys with RSA 1024 or 2048 bit, Support issuance/renewal/suspension of authentication keys) 9. Bids should be submitted in a plain sealed envelope clearly marked: DIRECTOR, INFRASTRUCTURE & PROJECTS Item 3: Supply and Installation of Two (2) Security Toolkits of Root KENYA TRANSPARENCY & COMMUNICATIONS INFRASTRUCTURE Description Reg. No CA (Support electronic keys with RSA 1,024 bit or larger, PROJECT (KTCIP) Toyota Corrolla S/Wagon E 104 KAW 977L Support algorithms of DSA, RSA, DES, Triple(3)-DES, KENYA ICT BOARD, 12 Floor Teleposta Towers- Kenyatta Avenue SEED) P.O. BOX 27150 – 00100, NAIROBI, KENYA. Isuzu Lorry FTR 115 KXJ 588 Item 4: Supply and Installation of Two (2) RDBMS of Root CA (For use at small and medium-size companies and offices) BID NO: KICTB/KTCIP/ICB/20/2011-2012: Supply, Installation, Item 5: Supply and Installation of One (1) NMS software of Root CA Configuration & Commissioning of Software and Vehicles to be sold on “As-is, where-is” basis, (Support SNMP v1/v2c/v3, IPv4/IPv6, Provide licenses for Hardware for the Establishment of a National Public Key Offers in writing to be addressed to, 100 network equipments, Support web console) Infrastructure. Item 6: Supply and Installation of One (1) SMS software of Root CA THE CHAIRMAN (Database availability and performance monitoring) and placed in the Tender Box situated at Kenya ICT Board Entrance, 12th floor P.O. BOX 14-00900 Item 7: Supply and Installation of Two (2) Web Servers of Root CA Teleposta Towers or mailed so as to reach the above address on or before KIAMBU Friday, 29th June 2012, at 10.00am East African Time. To reach us not later than 24th May 2012. For further details and viewing contact Kenya Information & Communication Technology Board Tel: 0722-971023 / 020-8080393 CCK Compound, Waiyaki Way. P.O. Box 27150-00100 Nairobi, Kenya, Tel: +254 20 2089061, Website:
  • 38. 38 | DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 COUNTY COUNCIL OF MERU OFFICE OF THE PRIME MINISTER MINISTRY OF STATE FOR DEVELOPMENT OF NORTHERN KENYA RE: ADVERTISEMENT OF TENDERS AND OTHER ARID LANDS FY 2011/2012 REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST (EOI) The County Council of Meru Central hereby invites tenders from eligible firms for supply of the following: Provision of Consultancy Services for the Medium-Term ASAL Programme (MTAP) On Assessment of the social, economic and NO. TENDER NO. PARTICULARS cultural impacts of the LAPSSET Corridor at Isiolo Growth Axis Tender No. C.C of Supply and installation of an automatic 3- 1. M.C.25/2011/2012 Phase Standby Diesel Generator Background i. A dedicated staff on full time basis for the assignment The Ministry of State for Development of Northern Kenya and ii. Legal status of the organization (copies of certificate 2. Tender No. C.C of M.C 4-wheel drive Double Cabin 26/2011/2012 Other Arid Lands, through the Medium Term ASAL Programme of registration; PIN and VAT registration numbers and (MTAP) Unit of the ASAL Secretariat, and supported with funding KRA compliance certificate); 3. Tender No. C.C of M.C Supply of high speed photocopier 27/2011/2012 from DANIDA, intends to undertake an Assessment of the social, 3. The dedicated staff should have; economic and cultural impacts of the LAPSSET Corridor at Isiolo i. Postgraduate professional qualification in areas The document detailing requirements can be obtained from the cash office room 2 Growth Axis relevant to the scope of these terms of reference; county headquarters, Meru Town during office working hours, upon payment of non- refundable fee of Ksh3,000 in cash or bankers cheque payable to the County Council of ii. Members of the team should consist of people with Meru Central. Complete tender documents in plain sealed envelops marked with tender The Ministry therefore intends to engage a consultancy firm to the following qualifications and working experience in no. and Tender description should be submitted to:- undertake the following tasks. Northern Kenya and Other Arid Lands - ; THE COUNTY CLERK Sociology; Development Economics; Civil Engineering COUNTY COUNCIL OF MERU CENTRAL Objectives of the Consultancy (Roads); Spatial Planning; Hydrology/Watershed P.O BOX 3-60200 MERU The consultancy will help to establish a more open and transparent Management; Ecologist/Range Management/Natural Tel 064-30042 decision-making process about the LAPSSE Transport corridor Resource Management. Or be deposited in the tender box situated opposite the cash office Ground Floor, that avoids and mitigates negative social, economic, and iii. Track record of successful mapping and spatial County Council Headquarters Meru Town so as to be received on or before 31st May ecological impacts with focus on the Isiolo Growth Area, whose analysis that incorporates natural resources and socio- 2012 at 12.00 noon. Opening of tenders will take place on 31st May 2012 at 12.00 noon boundaries need to be defined. It will support MDNKOAL to lead economic data. in the committee room 314, County Headquarters. The county reserves the right to reject any tender (s) and does not bid itself to accept the lowest or any bidder a participatory assessment of risks and opportunities arising from iv. Experience with applying a spatial multi-criteria tool for the LAPSSET transport corridor in the Isiolo Growth Area. routing of transport infrastructure. S.M MUGUNA v. Familiarity with Environmental and Social Impact CLERK TO COUNCIL The analytical work will help MDNKOAL to; Assessment and Strategic Environmental • Explicitly incorporate economical, social, and ecological Assessments considerations specific to Northern Kenya, and the Isiolo vi. Capacity to carry out economic analysis of different Growth Area in particular, into the development of the land use and routing options (including cost benefit LAPSSET transport corridor; and analysis and economic valuation of selected ecosystem • Engage stakeholders more effectively around the services). development of the LAPSSET transport corridor through the vii. Detailed knowledge and experience with spatial data Isiolo County stakeholder Stake holder Forum and various sets for Kenya including natural resources data, socio- other forums. economic data, and latest remote sensing products. viii. Strong communication skills to translate technical, Scope of work economic, and scientific issues for non-technical Technical service provider will in close collaboration with the audience. MTAP Unit: ix. Working experience with MDNKOAL and other ASAL ‘The investment vehicle of choice’ 1. Organize Isiolo County stakeholder Forum stakeholders. Office: Safaricom Care Centre, P.O. Box 66827-00800 Westlands. i. Individually meet key stakeholders and invite them to join x. Knowledge of LAPSSET Corridor. Tel 020 4274802. Website: the forum and actively engage them in one of the thematic xi. Direct experience of working under systems of Email: groups (economic, social, and ecological). devolved governance; 2. Define the scope of the risks and opportunities assessment related to LAPSSET in the Isiolo Growth Area. xii. Familiarity with the development context in Kenya; xiii. Ability to engage and communicate effectively with a PLOTS FOR SALE Location Details Price Payment terms i. Describe the economic, social, and ecological varied group of stakeholders. resources in areas of concern with available data (e.g., 4. The firms should provide brochures, business profiles NGONG Approximately 50x100 (1/8) From 50% deposit and located 2 kms from Ngong Kshs. 1.27 million three monthly mapping overlays, quantification, and surveys). and description of similar assignments undertaken. The town on the Forest line road installments ii. Review expected types of impacts resulting from information should include name and addresses of at least (towards Matasia) the LAPSSET transport corridor in ASAL based on 2 clients (giving contact person in each case) that the KISUMU 1/8 and 1/4 acre plots in From 50% deposit and literature review and expert knowledge. consultancy firm has worked with within the last 5 years. Kisumu- Riat Hills. 6km from Kshs. 475,000 three monthly the city center and 3km from installments iii. Convene Isiolo County Stakeholder forum to produce 5. A consultancy firm will be selected in accordance with the the Kisumu – Kakamega road. preliminary list of economic, social, and ecological GoK regulations. Near SOS Childrens home characteristics of the Isiolo Growth Area that are likely MALINDI 1/4 and 1/2 acre plots in the 1/2 acre Kshs. 50% deposit and to be sources of risks and opportunities in regard to the The Ministry will prepare a shortlist to be preselected on the basis Mayungu area of Malindi. 4km 2.215m three monthly from the Malindi Marine Park installments LAPSSET transport corridor. of Expression of interests received to which the client will send 1/4 acre Kshs. along the Malindi-Watamu iv. Lead stakeholder workshop in Isiolo to finalize request for proposal (RFP) documents with relevant terms of 1.175m the identification of the key economic, social, and reference. JUJA 1/4 acre plots 6km off the 1/acre 50% and three ecological characteristics likely to be sources of risks Nairobi Thika highway Kshs.1.1Million monthly installments and opportunities in regard to the LAPSSET transport Complete expression of interest in plain sealed envelopes clearly ISINYA 1/4, 1/2 and 1 acre plots in 1 acre Kshs. 50% deposit and corridor. marked on top with the name “Provision of Consultancy 3km from Isinya town along 670,000 three monthly pipeline road (Isinya-Kiserian installments 3. Analyze and prioritize the risks and opportunities in Services for the Medium-Term ASAL Programme (MTAP) on road) and then 15km off 1/2 acre Kshs. regard to the LAPSSET transport corridor in the Isiolo Assessment of the social, economic and cultural impacts of Pipeline road 385,000 Growth Area and development of potential strategies to the LAPSSET Corridor at Isiolo Growth Axis so as to reach 1/4 acre Kshs. address them. the Ministry Headquarters at The Bazaar Plaza on Biashara/Moi 245,000 i. Assess economic, social, and ecological risks and Avenue Procurement Office 4th Floor and the same should be opportunities related to the key economic, social, and deposited in the Tender Box situated in the same office so as to Contact: Hellen OR Joy on 0722-004802/ 020 4274802 /0722005627 ecological characteristics of the Isiolo Growth Area in reach him on or before 23rd May,2012 at 11.30 a.m local time and FOR MALINDI , Contact: City and Wide, Wachira on 0700415311 regard to the LAPSSET transport corridor. be addressed to: ii. Convene LAPSSET Stakeholder Forum to produce a preliminary ranking of sources of risks and opportunities The Permanent Secretary in regard to the LAPSSET corridor in the Isiolo Growth Ministry of State for Development of Northern Kenya and REQUIRED URGENTLY Other Arid Lands ACCOUNTANT Area and potential strategies to address them. iii. Lead stakeholder workshop in Isiolo to finalize the risk P.O Box 79247-00200 and opportunity analysis and prioritization as well as Nairobi – Kenya Description finalize potential strategies to address them. Tel: 254-20-244504/2214905 The person will be responsible for general day to day financial 4. Engage stakeholders through the posting of report and Fax: 254-20-2214345 matters of the company. minutes of meeting resulting from this project on the ASAL Qualifications Secretariat website. 1. Accounting qualification (atleast CPA part 1 or equivalent) from a professional body. The ministry therefore invites eligible consulting firms who Head, Supply Chain Management officer 2. Computer skills in accounting software will be an added should meet the following minimum requirements: For: Permanent Secretary advantage. 3. Have at least 10 years experience in a busy organization 1. Proof that they are a financially sound entity by providing For any queries, please contact: asalsecretariat@northernk 4. Age - At least 40 years. audited financial statements for the last two (2) years. Send your CV with copies of testimonials to: 2. The successful firm will provide; DN/A 1283 P.O. Box 49010 - 00100 Nairobi.
  • 39. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 39 PREQUALIFICATION/ REGISTRATION OF VENDORS FOR GOODS AND SERVICES FOR THE YEARS 2012 TO 2013 Balozi Sacco Ltd a Savings and credit co-operative Society , invites applications from interested vendors (including current suppliers) for prequalification for the supply of TENDER NOTICE goods and services to the organization for the period 2012 to 2013. SUPPLY OF GOODS AND SERVICES The office of the Norwegian Refugee Council Horn of Africa invites qualified companies to submit Categories as follows: SERIAL NO: CATEGORY firm offers for the following BSL/001/12-04 Supply of general office stationery Photocopying papers, Office stationeries ITEM REFERENCE DESCRIPTION BSL/002/12-04 Supply of printed office stationery Loan application forms, Cash payment Vouchers (loans/ General), Cash Receipt Vouchers (Journals) 1. KK-05-12-007-001 Tender for Drilling of 2 Boreholes in Kalobeyei – Kakuma BSL/003/12-04 Supply of printed promotional materials T-shirts, Shirts 2. Complete tender documents may be collected by interested eligible suppliers from the office BSL/004/12-04 Supply of Computer, Printers and Accessories Printers, Server, Toners, Computers of Norwegian Refugee Council Kakuma Office & Horn of Africa offices in Nairobi located BSL/005/12-04 Supply of Office Furniture and Equipments at El Molo Drive, Lavington Green on 10th, 11th & 14th May 2012 Office desk, Members card printing software, and cards, PABX System, Boardroom furniture, Shredder, Air Conditioner, Reception Desk, Office chairs, Filing cabinets 3. The tender documents shall be issued during the normal working hours upon payment of non BSL/006/12-04 Supply of Consultancy services refundable fee of Kshs 3,000 per tender. Legal Services, Insurance brokerage, Fumigation and pest control The application forms can be obtained by payment of a non refundable fee of 4. Completed tender documents shall be sealed and marked as stated in the particular tender Kshs. 3,000 for each of the categories in the form of cash payable to Balozi Savings & Credit Co-operative Society (Koinange Street – Nginyo Towers - 6th floor). document and be hand delivered to NRC Horn of Africa office in Nairobi (El Molo Drive, Properly completed prequalification documents, VAT Certificate, company profile and Lavington Green) on 18th May 2012 between 8.30AM-2.00PM tender opening same day at reference clienteles should be enclosed in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked “Serial Number……….. Category ………..” and addressed to:- 2.00PM To the Manager, Balozi Savings & Credit Co-operative Society, P.O.BOX 11539 – 00400, Nairobi. Tenders will be opened on 18th May 2012 at 2.00PM in NRC Horn of Africa offices in The completed prequalification documents should be dropped into the Tender box Nairobi in the presence of the tenderers or their representatives who choose to attend. situated at our reception. The closing date will be COB 25th May 2012. Balozi Savings & Credit Co-operative Society reserves the right to accept or reject any Enquiries can be sent to email: application and is not bound to give reasons for its decision. KENYA TRADE NETWORK AGENCY (KENTRADE) TENDER NOTICE INVITATION FOR PRE-QUALIFICATION OF SUPPLIERS FOR PROVISION OF SERVICES AND GENERAL CONSULTANCIES The Kenya Trade Network Agency invites applications for pre-qualification/registration of Suppliers from interested and eligible bidders for the provision of the under listed services and consultancies for the financial year 2012/2013. PROVISION OF SERVICES B12 Provision of Courier Services B13 Provision of Security Services B14 Provision of Maintenance of Computers and IT Equipment PROVISION OF CONSULTANCY SERVICES C5 Provision of Legal Services Prequalification/registration tender documents, containing detailed terms and conditions of tendering, may be obtained from the Head of Supply Chain Management, Kenya Trade Network Agency Forodha House, Ground floor Community, during normal working hours, upon payment of a non-refundable fee of KShs 3,000.00 (for pre-qualification documents) per each category payable either in cash or in Banker’s Cheque payable to “Kenya Trade Network Agency”. Duly completed pre-qualification documents in plain sealed envelopes clearly marked “Category No… ….. For the provision of ……….” should be addressed to: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER KENYA TRADE NETWORK AGENCY P.O BOX 36943-00200 NAIROBI. and be deposited in the Tender Box at the Kenya Trade Network Agency offices at Forodha House (Ground Floor)so as to be received on or before 30th May, 2012 at 10.00 a.m.Applications shall be opened immediately thereafter, in the presence of candidates or their representatives who may wish to attend, in the Boardroom, situated on the Ground Floor, Forodha House.. Tenders delivered after the closing date and time shall not be accepted. HEAD, SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT UNIT For: CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICER
  • 40. 40 | DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 NAIROBI CITY WATER & SEWERAGE COMPANY LTD. REPUBLIC OF KENYA MINISTRY OF HOUSING Excellent, Affordable, Adequate and Quality Housing for Kenyans PRESS RELEASE TENDER NOTICE WATER SUPPLY INTERRUPTION TO NAIROBI TENDER FOR PROVISION OF CLEANING & REFUSE DISPOSAL, CLEANING & GARBAGE COLLECTION (ESTATES), SANITARYThis is to inform our esteemed customers that the water supply pipeline from AND SECURITY SERVICES FOR THE YEARS 2012/13/14Sasumua Dam was damaged last night arising from heavy rains that have beenencountered lately. The affected line is 24 inches in diameter and supplies about The Ministry of Housing invites sealed bids from eligible candidates for the48,000 cubic meters of water per day which is approximately 10% of the total provision of cleaning, security and sanitary services.production capacity for Nairobi. S/No. Tender No. Tender Name ApplicationThis has interrupted supply to the following areas: Fee(Kshs.)• Karen, Uthiru, Kangemi, Westlands, Parklands 1 MH/ED/13/2012-2014 Cleaning & Refuse Disposal 5,000/=• Lower Kabete, Loresho, Gigiri, Kitisuru, Spring Valley Services to Protection House/• University of Nairobi main campus, Lower & Upper Kabete campus Makao (Nairobi) and Bima• Kawangware, Lavington, Waithaka, Kileleshwa, Riruta, Satellite Towers (Mombasa)• Upper Hill, KNH, Nairobi Hospital, Dagoretti Corner, Lang’ata• Areas along Naivasha Road, Ngong Road, DoD, Community and 2 MH/ED/14/2012-2014 Provision of Sanitary Services 3,000/=• Kenya Institute of Administration. 3 MH/ED/15/2012-2014 Provision of Garbage Collection 5,000/= ServicesFurthermore there has been reduced abstraction of raw water at the Mwagu intake 4 MH/ED/16/2012-2014 Hiring of Security Services 5,000/=due to massive clogging. This has reduced production from the main treatment plantserving Nairobi. 5 MH/ED/17/2012-2014 Provision of Cleaning Services 5,000/=Our rapid response team has identified the damaged section of the Sasumua pipeline The minimum requirements for the prospective tenders:-at Gakoe forest and corrective measures have commenced. Similarly measures to (a) Must be registered with the Registrar of Companies and other relevant bodiesunclog Mwagu intake are ongoing. Full supply is expected to be restored within 48 (Proof of registration must be attached)Hours. (b) Must be registered with Nairobi City Council(for Sanitary and Cleaning services)In the meantime the following measures have been put in place to minimize the (c) Must have proven experience in area of specializationimpact of this interruption: (d) Must be tax compliant (Proof of such compliance).• Transfer of water from Gigiri to Kabete storage through pumping (e) Must provide a bid security in form of a Bank Guarantee of Ksh. 1,000,000.00)• NCWSC has mobilized 15 water tankers to supply to the affected areas. (Kenya shillings one Million)for security services and Kenya shillings 100,000 Furthermore private water tankers registered with the company have been invited for cleaning or sanitary services from an approved Commercial Bank to complement tracking.• 30 collapsible tanks have been made available to transport water to the affected Interested tenderers who meet the above criteria may obtain a complete set of areas tender documents in person or against written application from the Head, supply• NCWSC is under instruction to ensure all the 50 boreholes are fully operational chain management, Ministry of Housing, 6th Floor, Ardhi House, Wing ‘B’ Ngong• NCWSC is making available disinfection materials (Chlorine tablets) for use Road during normal working hours upon payment of a non-refundable fee as during this crisis to ensure safe water indicated above.• A crisis centre has been established at Kabete water works to respond to The amount can be paid by cash or a banker’s cheque payable to the Permanent customer queries. Secretary, Ministry of Housing at the Accounts Office located in Ardhi House Second Floor.The centre is manned by Margaret Benson, RM/Western Cell phone 0726848972and Godfrey Masinde, RM/Southern Cell phone 0735880433 Tender bids in a plain sealed envelope marked with the respective ‘Tender NO’We regret the inconveniences caused and NCWSC undertakes to provide to the as indicated above and bearing no other indication of the identity of the tendererspublic regular updates on progress. should be addressed and posted to:-CEO, ATHI WATER SERVICES BOARD and MD, NAIROBI CITY WATER AND Permanent SecretarySEWERAGE Co. Ltd Ministry of Housing, P.O. Box 30119 – 00100 NAIROBI Or be deposited in the tender box located at the Ministry of Housing, 6th floor Wing ‘B’ Ardhi House Road, Ngong road, Nairobi so as to reach the above addressee on or before, 31st May 2012 at 10.00 am. Submitted bids will be publicly opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders or their representatives who may choose to attend in the Ministry of Housing’s Conference Room on 6th Floor, Ardhi House. Late bids will be returned unopened. The tender’s bids must remain valid for a minimum period of one hundred and twenty (120) days from the opening date of the tenders. The Government reserves the right to accept or reject any tender without giving reasons thereof and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. Please attach a copy of Receipts for each tender document purchased. Head, Supply Chain Management Services For: PERMANENT SECRETARY
  • 41. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 41 REPUBLIC OF KENYA REPUBLIC OF KENYA MINISTRY OF HOUSING Excellent, Affordable, Adequate and Quality Housing for Kenyans MINISTRY OF HOUSING Excellent, Affordable, Adequate and Quality Housing for Kenyans TENDER NOTICE PRE-QUALIFICATION OF TERM CONTRACTORS FOR TENDER NOTICE MAINTENANCE OF GOVERNMENT HOUSES FOR THE PERIOD 2012/2013 & 2013/2014 LEASING OF CANTEENS/SHOPS IN KILELESHWA AND TENDER NO. MH/ED/18/2012-2014 UPPER HILL, NAIROBI The Ministry of Housing through Estates Department wishes to lease out commercial premises used The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Housing intends to procure and maintain as canteens/shops in the above areas. contractors for maintaining Government Houses for the financial years 2012/2013 & 2013/ 2014. Sealed bids are now invited for leasing of the under listed premises. Each of the premises should be tendered separately. The Ministry of Housing now invites sealed tenders from eligible building contractors for the maintenance of Government houses. Location Premises Lettable Area Kileleshwa Estate Shop 45A – Tender No. MH/ED/19/2012-2017 38 sq. m. The minimum requirements for the prospective tenders are as follows:- ,, Shop 45B ,, 38 sq. m. a) Must be registered company incorporated in Kenya under the Companies Act CAP 456. ,, Shop 45C ,, 38 sq. m. b) Must be registered by the Ministry of Public Works for respective category applied. Proof ,, Shop 45D ,, 31 sq. m. ,, Shop 45E ,, 50 sq. m. of registration required. Upper Hill Flats Grocery/butchery – Tender No. MH/ED/20/2012-2017 42 sq. m. c) Must be tax compliant (Proof of such compliance). Details of the respective premises and conditions of tendering are contained in the tender Interested contractors who meet the above minimum requirements may obtain a set of tender documents. documents in person from the Supply Chain Management Office, MTC Secretariat, 6th floor, Wing ‘B’ Ministry of Housing headquarters, Ardhi House, off Ngong Road, Nairobi, during normal Interested parties may obtain a set of tender documents in person from the Supply Chain Management working hours upon payment of a non-refundable fee of KShs. 3,000.00 payable to the cashier Office, MTC Secretariat, 6th floor, Wing B Ministry of Housing headquarters, Ardhi House, off Ngong at the cash office, located on 2nd floor, Wing B of the same building. Road, Nairobi, during normal working hours upon payment of a non-refundable fee of KShs. 5,000.00 payable to the cashier at the cash office, located on 2nd floor, Wing B of the same building. Payment should be either in cash or bankers cheque drawn in favour of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Housing. Payment should be either in cash or bankers cheque drawn in favour of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Housing. Tender bids in a plain sealed envelope marked “Tender No. MH/ED/18/2012-13/14 for Term Contractors for Maintenance of Government houses for the financial years 2012/2013 & Completed tender documents in plain sealed envelope should be addressed to:- 2013/2014 and bearing no other indication of the identity of the tenderer should be addressed The Permanent Secretary to:- Ministry of Housing P.O. Box 30119 -00100 The Permanent Secretary NAIROBI Ministry of Housing P.O. Box 30119 -00100 And be deposited in the tender box located at the Ministry of Housing headquarters, 6th floor Wing C, NAIROBI Ardhi House, Ngong Road, Nairobi on or before 31st May, 2012 at 10:00 AM. And be deposited in the Tender Box located on 6th floor, Ministry of Housing headquarters, Bids will be opened immediately thereafter in the presence of bidders or their representatives who Ardhi House, Nairobi, not later than 5th June, 2012 at 10.00 am. choose to attend at the Ministry of Housing Conference Room on 6th floor, Ardhi House. Late bids will be returned unopened. Received tenders shall be opened publicly immediately thereafter in the presence of tenderers Canvassing shall lead to automatic disqualification. or their representatives who wish to attend on the 6th floor Boardroom, Ministry of Housing headquarters. Late bids shall be returned unopened. Prices quoted must remain valid for a minimum period of One Hundred and Twenty (120) days from the tender opening date. The Government of Kenya reserves the right to reject any tender without giving reasons thereof. The Ministry reserves the right to reject any tender without giving reasons thereof, and does not bind itself to accept the lowest or any tender. Head, Supply Chain Management Services Head, Supply Chain Management Services For: PERMANENT SECRETARY For: PERMANENT SECRETARY Vacancies in Child Rights NGO CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY A leading National Child Rights NGO invites applications for two posts: SERVICES OF MT. KENYA EAST. 1. Policy & Advocacy Coordinator (Nairobi) VACANCIES Qualifications Christian Community Service of Mt. Kenya East (CCS MKE) is Development Arm of • Minimum Degree preferably LLB or Policy Planning with 3 years experience in NGO the Aglican Church of Kenya, working in Mt. Kenya East Region, covering 5 Dioceses • Have knowledge of legal & policy framework of children in Kenya of Kirinyaga, Embu, Mbeere, Meru, and Marsabit Missionary Area with a vision of a • Knowledge of adult training methodologies, management & organizational skills society that enjoys wholesome and dignified life. • Good understanding of children rights issues & working with multiple-interest groups 1. PROGRAMMES MANAGER • Good communication, Computer & networking skills The organization wishes to recruit a Programmes Manager to be based in Kerugoya Head Office, in Kirinyaga County. Main Responsibilities Job Profile • Organize and manage lobby groups for legal and policy reforms on the rights of 1. Lead in implementation of programme work. children • Train policy makers, monitoring legislations and policies on children matters 2. Provide technical support to programmes. • Work with parliamentary committees to lobby for recognition of children rights 3. Lead a fundraising team. • Enhance collaboration and networking within children sector. 4. Plan and co-ordinate capacity building of staff and community partners. 5. Develop and lead programmes’ monitoring, reporting and evaluation. 2. Regional Coordinator - Western Kenya 6. Provide systematic, regular and timely monitoring of the programmes’ activities. 7. Compiling programme reports for sharing with partners, Board, communities and Qualifications other stakeholders. • Minimum Degree in Social Sciences with 3 years experience preferably in NGO Qualification Sector 1. Must be a committed Christian who demonstrates outstanding leadership and • Knowledge in children rights, project management and fundraising strategic management abilities. • Mobilization & networking skills will be added advantage 2. Must be a University Graduate with at least 3 years experience. A Masters degree • Excellent computer & communication skills in English and Kiswahili will be an added advantage. 3. Must have initiative, motivate and be a self starter who can carry out duties with Main Responsibilities little or no supervision. • Mobilize, coordinate & facilitate all organizational policy activities in western Kenya 4. Strong analytical, communication, dynamic thinking skills and result oriented. region 5. Must have interpersonal relation and team orientation. • Capacity building for agencies, schools & government officers on children programs 6. People management, technological orientation and change management. • Networking with children based organizations and government Departments 2. NURSES • Resource Mobilization to expand the organizational programs and presence • KRCHN or KECHN Preferred Abilities • Must be registered with the Nursing Council of Kenya These are senior management positions for persons aged 27 – 39 years. Hands-on- • Previous experience in a busy health facility set-up. experience in resource mobilization, interpersonal skills, ability to work independently & • Be a Committed Christian. with children, honesty and dedication to duty will be added advantaged. HOW TO APPLY Those fulfilling the requirements for the positions are required to submit their Qualified candidates should th forward a cover letter, detailed CV and current applications together with their cell phone numbers, detailed CVs, 3 Referees one of responsibilities not later than 18 May 2012 to: whom should be his/her Pastor and all relevant attachments via Mail/email before close PAC 3 or RCW 2, of business on 21st May 2012 to the following address. P.O. Box 73637 – 00200, Nairobi. Email: EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR CCSMKE, P.O. BOX 290 – 10300, KERUGOYA. Email: Only short-listed candidates will be contacted.
  • 42. 42 | DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 PUBLIC NOTICE TENDER NOTICE 2012-2013 QUARRY FOR BKL-001I/2012 Supply of Dry Food BKL-002/2012 BKL-003-2012 BKL-004/2012 Supply of Perishable( Fruits & Vegetables ) Supply of Meat Cuts & Fish Supply of Chicken and Eggs BALLAST FOR SALE BKL-005/2012 Supply of Packaged Milk and Other Dairy products BKL-006/2012 Supply of Fresh Bread, Bakery and Confectionery Products BKL-007/2012 Supply of Non- Alcoholic beverages, plus Bottled Water BKL-008/2012 Supply of Kitchen Utensils, Cutlery & Glassware BKL-009/2012 Supply of Cleaning Materials & detergents BKL-010/2012 Supply of Restaurant Clothing & linens BKL-011/2012 BKL-012/2012 BKL-013/2012 Supply of Office & Computer Stationery Supply of LPG Gas Supply of Office furniture A 25 Acres of Quarry for BKL-014/2012 BKL-015/2012 BKL-016/2012 Supply of Flowers, Bouquets & Decorations Supply & Install Fire Fighting Equipments Supply of Staff Uniform Take notice that VINCENT OTIENO OKONG’O of ID NO. 13164211 and who’s photo appears above is no longer ballast with “NEMA” licence BKL-017/2012 BKL-018/2012 BKL-019/2012 Provision of Security Services Provision of Legal services Provision of Accounting & auditing services authorized to carry out any transactions on behalf of BAWAN LIMITED or any of the companies associated with is on sale in Katani. Price BKL-020/2012 BKL-021/2012 BKL-022/2012 Provision of Repair office machine & Equipments Provision of Out-side Catering Services Provision of Customer Food Delivery Services it (Hillpark Hotels). Call 2724315, 2724312 or 2724313 per Acre is Ksh 5million. BKL-023/2012 BKL-024/2012 Provision of Printing & publications, Provision for Internet Services Management Only serious buyers BKL-025/2012 Provision of Laundry services Tender Documents to be collected on site @ The Greenhouse, Adam Arcade Suite 34, Kula Korner Restaurant, on Payment of a Non – Refundable fee of Kshs 2,000/= Per Set. Complete document to be returned in sealed enveloped clearly indicating tender No need to apply contact Only addressed to,The General Manager, The GreenHouse Kula Korner, P.o. Box 76632-00508, Nairobi Documents to be collected on 11th( 8.30am-4.30pm ) 12th ( 9.00-12.00 ) 14th May 2012, (8.30-4.30 ) 15th May (8.30-4.30 ) 2012. Complete Documents To Be returned by 18th May 2012 by 12.00. Same collection Place Office Nairobi INVITATION TO TENDER The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH is implementing Technical cooperation measures on behalf of the Government of the Federal Republic of Germany. The GIZ office Nairobi now invites Bidders to submit, free of charge, and without obligation on part of GIZ, a bid REQUEST FOR EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST on the basis of the following terms and conditions. Non-conformity with all conditions mentioned could lead to the exclusion of the bid. The African Trade Insurance Agency (ATI) is a multilateral agency whose principal objective is to promote trade and investments in the African Region through providing insurance, reinsurance, co-insurance to Bids should be submitted for any or all lots, provided the bid for each lot includes the requested quantity. Partial or cover political and credit risks and other financial products. incomplete bids may be considered non-responsive. Bid evaluations and contract awards will be made on individual lot basis and/or combination of lots basis, whichever is economically most advantageous to the Buyer. The Agency wishes to contract Consultant(s) to provide services in each of the following areas: Bidders should collect additional documents i.e the drawings from GIZ office Riverside Drive (reception) Monday to (1) CONSULTANCY SERVICES FOR THE DEVELOPMENT, DOCUMENTATION Friday from 0800-1600 hrs AND IMPLEMENTATION OF A BUSINESS CONTINUITY PLAN Equipment / Specifications Tender Quantity Closing Date The consultant’s main objectives will be to develop, document and implement a comprehensive Business Reference Continuity Plan for the Agency in line with best practices. 1 Pole Type 1: 50mm internal Diameter 3mm thick Circular GIZ/91056957 4320 Pieces 22nd May 2012 hollow section (CHS) 3m Long The tasks to be performed by the consultant will include, but not limited to the following: 2 Pole Type 2: 50mm internal diameter 3mm thick Circular GIZ/91056957 600 Pieces 22nd May 2012 • Review of the existing ICT Plan and recommendations by the former Consultant; hollow section (CHS) with 2m long single anchor as shown in • Develop and document a comprehensive and holistic Business Continuity Plan that covers all the chain link fence drawing critical business risks; 3 Pole Type 3: 50mm internal diameter 3mm thick Circular GIZ/91056957 80 Pieces 22nd May 2012 hollow section (CHS) with 2m double anchors as shown in the • Formalize a policy for a Business Continuity Plan that encompasses among other things Corporate chain link fence drawing Continuity, Corporate Crisis Management, Corporate Systems, Corporate Facilities, Corporate 4 Holes in post for straining wire 5mm thick 600mmc/c(5 holes GIZ/91056957 25,000 holes 22nd May 2012 People, recovery strategies, evacuation, transfer of business, etc and any other rescue plans; in each pole • Train staff in Business Continuity Plan and implementation 5 4.0 m Gate from steel prepainted and welded as shown in the GIZ/91056957 15 Pieces 22nd May 2012 drawing (2) CONSULTANCY SERVICES TO REVIEW THE ENTERPRISE RISK 6 1.0M pedestrian steel door welded as shown GIZ/91056957 20 Pieces 22nd May 2012 MANAGEMENT FRAMEWORK 7 14 gauge Galvanized Chain Link wire for fencing 2.4m wide (8 GIZ/91056957 850 Pieces 22nd May 2012 ft). The consultant’s main objectives will be to update the risks identification and determine their potential 8 Galvanized Straining Wire 3.2mm thick GIZ/91056957 76,000 Pieces 22nd May 2012 impact. 9 Binding Wire in 25 kgs rolls GIZ/91056957 180 Pieces 22nd May 2012 10 Transport for all materials from Nairobi to Dadaab and 8 more GIZ/91056957 40 feet trailer 22nd May 2012 The tasks to be performed by the consultant will include, but not limited to the following: locations within Dadaab (Radius of 5km) • Review the risks identified in the risk register of the ERM Framework; • Assess the continued relevance of the Risks in terms of likelihood and magnitude of impact, and If interested, please submit your complete tender documents enclosed in A SEALED Envelope together with the determine response strategy; Company Profile, Copy of VAT and PIN Certificates clearly addressed: • Identify and propose treatment for new risks; • Prepare ERM report; GIZ KENYA • Training and presentation to the Board, Management and Staff TENDER NO: 91056957 PROCUREMENT DEPARTMENT RIVERSIDE DRIVE opp. PRIME BANK The Agency now invites eligible consultants to indicate their interest in providing either of these services. P.O. BOX 41607, 00100 Interested consultants must provide information indicating that they are qualified to perform the NAIROBI services (brochures, description of similar assignments, experience in similar conditions, availability of TEL: 0722 205170 OR 0733620625 appropriate skills among staff, etc.). Consultants may constitute joint-ventures to enhance their chances of qualification. Additional Requirements: Interested consultants may obtain further information at the address below during office hours from 8:00am The Bidder shall submit along with the bid the following information and documents: to 5:00pm Monday to Friday. • Confirmation of available stocks: 30% of the quantity of the goods inquired • Reference list of supplies made for any of the goods inquired over the last three years Expressions of interest must be delivered to the address below by 25th May 2012 at 5pm and mention • Description of the company and trade license “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR ………”. Email or hard copy submissions are acceptable. • Turnover for the last three years • Prices quoted should be net excluding all taxes and must be in Kenya Shillings Attn: Rodgers Siachitema Administration and Procurement Unit All the tenders will be received at the GIZ Reception on Riverside Drive on or before 22 May 2012 at 1530hrs. th African Trade Insurance Agency 5th Floor, Kenya Re Towers Bidders are not allowed to contact or discuss any aspect of the tender with GIZ before and after closing of the tender P.O. Box 10620 – 00100 as such will lead to automatic disqualification. Nairobi, GIZ reserves the right to increase or reduce the above quantities by maximum 15% according to the available Kenya budget or prevailing rates. Tel: +254 20 272 6999 Facsimile (fax): +254 20 271 9701 Payment will be made by bank transfer to the Supplier’s bank account. E-mail: and copy
  • 43. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 Property Guide 43 0702-928982 0700-290989
  • 44. 44 | Property Guide DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 GODOWN / WAREHOUSE REQUIRED COMMERCIAL & RESIDENTIAL PLOTS FOR SALE COMMERCIAL PLOTS-KITENGELA TOWN (Ideal for Flats) KAMULU PLOTS SKYLARK Prime Commercial Plots, Behind Kamulu Residential Plots near KBC CREATIVE PRODUCTS LTD We are a company in pursuit of Equity Bank in Kitengela Town station along Kangundo road, next Group of Innovators • Ideal for building Commerclal/ Rental Flats. to Up coming Estate (KBC View Estate) a rented or up-for-sale godown / • Title Deeds ready • 1/8 Acres with ready title deeds • Borehole & Electricity on site • Fresh water bore hole on site warehouse preferably in industrial • All services available (Electricity & • Price Kshs.2.9M RESIDENTIAL PLOTS- Water) area measuring 20,000 to 30,000 • All weather access road KITENGELA YUKOS AREA • Price Kshs. 350,000 • Few plots remaining square feet. YUKO’S Area, behind Kaputiei Hotel, 200M off Nairobi Namanga THIKA PLOTS highway. ideal for beautiful residential homes in a gated concept. 1/8 Acre Prime Plots Within Thika Imported kitchens now available Locally manufactured kitchens Interested parties willing to provide Municipality, Along Thika Garissa • 1/8 Acres with ready title Deeds • Full time Water supply & Electricity Highway Behind Makongeni Shopping us a quote, please contact us at Centre On Munyu Road • All weather access road • Developed & Secure • Title Deeds Ready • All services on site Neighborhood • Price Kshs. 1.1M • Secure Neighbourhood • Pricer Kshs. 295,000 with your quote, location, map and THIKA - NGOLIBA PLOTS 1/8 Acre Prime Plots Within Thika Municipality, Along Thika Garissa Highway touching tarmac, situated in a developed and secure neighbourhood, all services full contact details. available (electricity and water)................................................Price Kshs. 295,000 LOCATION: WESTLANDS MPAKA PLAZA ALONG MPAKA RD, 3RD FLR, LEFT WING CONTACTS: 020 2026095 / 0726 225796 / 0722 426386 Imported kitchens Sink & WHB taps Alternatively, you can also give us a call on 0707726560. 0723 926310 / 0724 978844 / 0723 718942 / 0722 999492 Along Obote Road, P.O. Box 2740-40100, Kisumu 0724 836537 / 0712 561553 / 0723 019698 Website: Tel: (057) 2026007 / 020-2674488, Cell: 0725-980648 / 0788-644127 Email: Email: Web: Head Office, Rehema House, 3rd Floor, Kaunda Street. Box 43077 - 00100, Nairobi. Tel: 0720680398 / 020 2352489 / 312443. WAMBUGU & MURIUKI TO LET Kasarani 2br new flats with bore hole & ADVOCATES secure parking..Asking Kshs. 18,000 • Lavington 5br Town House with an sq.....................................Asking Kshs. 150,000 and Commissioners for oaths • Westlands 3br apartment ideal for Shop.............................................Kshs. 120,000 • Greenfields, Donholm 3br m/s with DSQ...........................................Kshs. 30,000 • Kikuyu, Shakiwa Gardens 3br Executive Apartments......................Kshs. 25,000 PRIME PLOTS IN MAVOKO MUNICIPALITY • Santack, Shop .........................................................................Asking Kshs. 12,000 • Kasarani Hunters 1 & 2br flats..........................Kshs. 7,500 & 8,500 respectively PROPERTY FOR SALE • Ongata Rongai 1 & 2br flats............................Kshs. 11,000 & 13,000 respectively FOR SALEOn behalf of our clients we are selling residential • River Bank Estate: 3br M/s M/ensuite with DSQ.................................Asking 10.5m • Ongata Rongai Acacia Court 3br Bungalow.......................................Asking 6.5mplots with ready clean titles, 1/8 Acres in size, ideal for • Kinoo 3br bungalow on 1/4acs..................................................................Asking 4.5m • Kinoo 1/2 acre vacant................................................................................Asking 5.5mdevelopment of maisonnettes and/or residential use, at • Kiserian near Saitoti Farm, Prime 1/8 acre plots on a gated community with a borehole...........................................................Asking Kshs. 950,000Kshs 1 Million per parcel. • Kariobangi North, 6 storey block, income Kshs. 240,000pm......Asking 19,000,000The parcels are on a controlled development witha stone perimeter fence and steel gate. Very prime WE’VE GOT YOU COVERED!location along Kenanie North Road in Athi River. Looking for a High Quality, Light Weight, Stone(approx. 1.5Km from Mombasa Road) Coated Affordable Roof?Chamas and Housing Co-operatives are preferred.Interested buyers can contact our offices on: 0202224990/0735333706.WAMBUGU & MURIUKI ADVOCATES(for the Vendor)OSORO CHEGE KIBATHI & CO. ADVOCATES 3rd Floor Hughes Building, Rm 10, Kenyatta Ave. P. O.Box 21838 - 00100, Nairobi, Kenya. Tel: 0723 403673, 0734 338758 PRIME COMMERCIAL PLOT FOR PROPERTIES FOR SALE SALE WITH OFFICE BLOCKOur clients are desirous of selling the following plots: AREA: Nairobi, Kilimani1. Thika Road opposite Mang’u High School, 2 km from LOCATION: On Lenana road Thika Super Highway - 37 Acres at 15M/Acre2. Pangani Shopping Centre 1/4 Acre, ideal for apartments at PLOT SIZE: 1.052 acres. 75M NOTE: 75% of the land is empty as excisting3. Industrial Area godown 1.25 Acres at 40M office block occupies only 25% of the4. Enterprise Road - 10 godowns for 600M5. 61/2 Acres touching Mombasa Road at 35M/Acre land (prime for more development)6. Kabarsiran, Lavington 1.4 Acres at 195M. OCCUPANCY: 100%7. Kitengela 200 Acres at 750, 000/Acre Income from existing office block : 1,500,000/= per month8.9. Pipeline Rd, Kiserian 100 1/4 Acre plots at 500, 000/plot. Denis Pritt Rd 3/4 Acre at 150M Additional discounts on all online enquiries. Asking : 370,000,000/= or nearest offerOur client is desirous of purchasing 100 Acres in Athi River. Offersare invited. Contact us on 0720 814141/0736 814141 OWNER: 0733336194, 0721511618
  • 45. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 Fullpage 45 MINISTRY OF TRANSPORT Telegrams: “TRANSCOMS”. Nairobi NGONG ROAD Telephone: 2729200 P. O. Box 52692-00200 NAIROBI, To continue improving on service delivery, we have installed the following mobile telephone numbers. 1. 0708 286 221 2. 0708 286 222 3. 0708 286 223 4. 0731 098 234 5. 0731 098 366 Email: This is in addition to the landline numbers 020 2729200 and ISDN No. 4966xxxxxx denotes the existing telephone extension number. .........Transport for Prosperity......
  • 46. 46 | DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012 IMETHA WATER AND SANITATION CO. LTD. Tel: 064 - 31781 Cell: 0729 248 108 Email: JOB ADVERTISEMENTImetha Water & Sanitation Company is one of the Water Service Providers contracted by Tana Water ServicesBoard (TWSB) as an Agent to provide water and sanitation services in 10 water schemes namely; Maua, Tigania,Timau, Nkubu, Mitunguu, Kibung`a kakimiki, Gituma mutonga, Kanyakine, Ruiri, and Mwimbi.To strengthen our corporate management team, we invite applications from suitably qualified and experiencedcandidates with excellent credentials to fill the following positions:GENERAL MANAGERReporting to the Board of Directors, the General Manager will be expected to provide overall direction throughplanning, directing and coordinating the activities of the company. The General Manager shall provide strong andinspirational leadership to performance goals and objectives of the company and in particular improving servicedelivery to all customers and stakeholders.Specific Duties and Responsibilities• Ensuring full compliance with all the legal/statutory requirements.• Provide visionary leadership and manage IMETHAWASCO resources for maximum productivity.• Develop and operate company management systems.• Ensuring continuous achievement in Performance Targets, financial and operating objectives.• Acting as secretary to the Board of the company and ensure implementation of Board policies.• Developing and periodically updating the corporate plan including projections of any necessary expansion and development of facilities and extensions of the business operations.• Be a Leader in change management.• Effectively promote a positive image of the company at all times.• Any other duties as may be assigned from time to time by the Board of Directors.Minimum Qualifications.• Higher National Diploma in Water Engineering, Business related field, Environmental science or equivalent. Bsc. Civil Engineering Degree holders or its equivalent shall have an added advantage.• Minimum of 5 years working experience in a managerial position in a water institution.• Good report writing, communication skills and team player.• Proficiency in standard Office Computer Applications.• Proven strong organizational skills and ability to multi-task.• Demonstrated experience in strategic management, including planning goal setting, and preparation of technical reports.COMPANY ACCOUNTANTReporting to the General Manager, the Accountant shall be expected to provide direction through planning andcoordinating the financial activities of the company. The Accountant shall provide strong and inspirational leadershipon financial matters to ensure performance goals and objectives of the company and in particular improving servicedelivery to all customers and stakeholders are achieved.Specific Duties and Responsibilitiesa) Analyzing performance in terms of revenue and expenditureb) Ensure budget preparation and control.c) Ensuring maintenance of accurate accounting records as per approved procedures and policiesd) Analyzing cost variances, investigating their causes and preparing report as required.e) Ensuring preparation of payroll as per approved procedures.f) Reconciling cash books and ledgers and ensuring accuracy of the same.g) Preparing accounting statement as required and presenting to General Managerh) Ensuring accurate costing of products/services.i) Ensuring that cash received is banked intact on daily basis and as per approved procedurej) Approving payment vouchers as per approved established systems and approved levelsk) Ensuring proper maintenance of effective billing systems and proper collection of billed accountsl) Performing any other duties as may be assigned by the General Manager from time to timeMinimum Qualifications• A diploma in Accounting (Accounting or Finance)• Passed at least Part III of CPA(K)• Proven merit and ability in work performance and results in an accounting environment• Proficiency in computer application preferably in an accounting packages• Minimum of 3 years working experience in a financial or accounting institutionInterested and Qualified candidates should forward their applications with updated CVs and copies of education andprofessional qualifications, indicating day time telephone contacts and three professional referees, to the address VACANCY: MONITORING AND EVALUATION OFFICERbelow.Applications should reach the undersigned not later than 22nd May 2012. The Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers, the National Implementing Agency for the Kenya National Domestic Biogas Programme with support from SNV and Hivos, has a vacancy for a Progarmme Monitoring and Evaluation officer.ChairmanImetha Water and Sanitation Company Ltd, Summary of Position Responsibilities.P. O. Box 467-60200 Meru, . Reporting to the Programme Coordinator, the M&E will have responsibility for development of monitoring tools , data collection, database management and production of overall monitoring reports for the programme. She/he will work closelyCANVASSING WILL LEAD TO AUTOMATIC DISQUALIFICATION. with other programme officers to ensure the consistency of tools, methodologies used and IT support as well as timeliness, reliability and accuracy of any information coming out of the programme M&E system. Primary Duties & Responsibilities • Developing and maintain programme database and results. • Organise and oversee project monitoring activities implimentation, training, data collection, mid-term and final evaluations. • To support the design and implimentation of baseline/midline/and other programme surveys and studies. • Conduct and/or support data gathering (needa assessment) on programme activities. • Update the M&E Database Management System for the programme. • Monitoring all the programme activities, including visiting the project sites. • Any other duties assigned. Qualifications. • A degree in a relevant discipline, i.e sociology, demography, statistics, International development, or a related field. • At least 2 years experience working in monitoring and Evaluation, designing, preparing and conducting surveys, collecting and analysing baseline data and reporting. • Demonstrated ability in the use of quantititave and qualititive methods including questionaire design, survey techniques, and participatory approaches. • Computer profficiency in word processing, database, speadsheets and graphic presentations including one or more of the following: SPSS, Excell, EPI INFO, Access. • Excellent communication and writing skills. • Experience working in projects with multiple implimentation partners a plus. • Demonstrate ability in collaborative/team work. Send your application to: The Chief Executive Officer Kenya National Federation of Agricultural Producers Through: not later than May 26th, 2012.
  • 47. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 Classifieds 47 A265 Medical ETR @18,000/= 0717-572824 B085 For Sale, PrivatePERSONAL NOTICES ETR-KRA approved 0724523434A116 Marriage Get partner ? get concrete LAPTOPHP1.6duo@20K 722283796 evidence 0722795671 LATEST Point of Sale stock &DO You suspect your spouse is restaurant mngt softwares (Quickbks, cheating to verify 0202162769 AccuPOS, Inflow) 0722256704INVESTIGATE ua cheating PAYROLL Software 0704706981 wife/ spyweb 0722542937LOVE Quotes sms mylove to 4535 �������������� From ���� 1.1m������������������������������������� 1800cc, Rear Camera, CD-DVD, ���������� ������������� � ������� 3741179 Alloys, Fully Loaded Choice of 8, ���������������������� 0733-718337 many colours. 0722-242243 Finance arranged and also Import onNEED A Partner? 0708631449 Behalf, for brand new and clean used units.SPY ur spouse by phone 0729-299595 A279 Notices Others: Prado from 3.7M, X-Trail from 1.58M, CRV from 1.75M, VW Golf from 1.15M, Noah from 1.15M, Liberty fromA123 Prayers / Retreat 820K, Premio from 880K, BMW 330ci, 318i, PHYSICAL PLANNING ACT (PPA) 320i, 520i, X3, X5, Fielders, NZEs, Demios, Colt, Probox, Passo, Allions, Mark X,PRAYERS to get jobs, spouse, money , CAP. 286: Avensis, Touareg, Mitsubishi Canter. Change of User: visa, & HIV, etc Prophet 0723104113 Change of use from residential to offices Agba Motors Ltd. Ngong Rd. on L.R. No. 1870/V/72- Along Waiyaki Way Hekima Gardens. Opp. Pirelli. near Church road-Westlands, Nairobi.PERSONAL SERVICES The owner(s) of the above mentioned plot wish to seek the above referenced Call: 0706 232 544, 0707 003 545, 0707 003 546, 0707 003 547 development permission subject to approval ADVANCE selling ur car 0722833300 by the City Council of Nairobi.A167 Acupuncture Any individual(s), institution(s) or organization(s) with objections are requested to do so in writing within fourteen (14) daysADDICTION Stop Smoking with effect from the date hereof pursuant to 3744885,0737540562,0721170217 the requirements of the PPA - Cap. 286; and address them to:AFTER Delivery Firming 3749529, SALE! SALE! SALE! 0737540562, 0721170217 The Town Clerk City Council of Nairobi USED Tyre changers, EX-UK, P.O. Box 30075 – 00100, Nairobi. Fridges, Deep freezers, cookers,HIGHBLOOD Pressure 3745861, 0737540562, 0721170217 washing machines, electric kettles, A286 Personal Hoovers from Kshs 10,000.HIGHBLOOD Pressure 3745861, 0737540562, 0721170217 40 yr old lady suffering from cancer Unbelievable Sale at Henrys needs help financially for treatment Investment,PARALYSIS Related Disorders from well wishers mpesa no Dar-Esalaam Road No 31, 3741179,0737540562, 0721170217 0714-399924 thanks Industrial Area. ASIAN Man 46 from UK wants Asian Tel 0714438868, 0722665669A181 Beauty bride single 30+ no chd to take old0723408602@Mombasa mens delay gel mum and me. Call Mob 0723277921 A892 Musical, Radio, TV0723408602@mombasa mens maxman A557 Apartments Available MUSIC Guitar Drums 07207341800723408602 @ mombasa mens VigrX 3&1/2 BR flat Westlands 0728111998 A988 Dogs, Pets, Kennels0724299338 inst &power vigour @200 ARROW Furn apts 2726833/2728710 1 Yr GSD Ksh 25000 07226688190724299338 magic slim flat tummy0724299338 wt gain & muscles @1000 A571 Hotels ALSATION Pups 12,000 0722651023 B008 ������A188 CounsellingWANT Breakthrough Unlimitted RABBITS 4 breeding California White. Call 0721354204 Karanja call/sms ur needs for prayers. 0722696054/ 0722210593 WELL drill 4hire @10k 0722890813A202 Entertainment MOTOR VEHICLESSPAGSHOW Club 0707-842505TOYS Call 0729 248 004 B049 Car Hire 0704-267715 4hire cars + Rav + VoxyA230 Health 0715599430 new cars @ 2,500/= pd0202245564( NAKURU Blue Bay Hotel Exc. Rms B/B Tel. 0726302969 0721-144998 New NZE 1500/-0700146392mens power & size 1500/= A871 Miscellaneous NAKURU WEBHOSTING + Free Domain 0722169877 150K 4 corporate hire0723408602@ Mba ladies hip booster Exec. rms b/b Tel: 0723-218090 0713 478555 0722831752NEW cars from 30000723408602 Black gold caps power 2k pd B686 Agricultural Produce A829 Domestic Appliances 0722-928124 cars wtd 4 50-160K pm0723408602 Eagles caps for delay @2k BEE Hives & Equip 0722-721-677 0737492160 NZE Probox Noah0723408602 Maxman 100% 2k A801 Audio Visual Equip. for Sale CAR hire 0720308752 , 07239736770723408602 Maxman caps delay/size SONY PD175P Video camera & CARS for hire 07202305200723408602 Original Tiger size caps HDR-FX7E (B/New) Tel.0723900770 CARS needed adv pay 07233511720723408602 Rockhard instant@200 A822 Computers FIELDER 1500/24HRS 07217493200723408602 Vigrx big-size @1500 0733716178 * Laptop Motherboards! LEVERAGE Car Hire & Tours needCD4 Boost by 100% in 8wks 0714467776 well maintained saloon cars for long term lease 0722594632, 0726034973DETOX centre W/lands 0729-524441 NZE Kbp pvt 1500pd 0788870950 PATRAVEL Wants Allion Premio • Vig-RX for men size 1,500/= Prado Xtrail 4longterm Hire Tel off: • Viguor & Power Plus 200/= 0202605388 0727949916 • USA Maxman Men’s size 1,800/- LADIES NEW PICK Ups for hire 0202508659 B12 Local AH clean 0721420893 • Slimming Belts for Tummy Trimmer & Beer Belly PREMIO 10DAYS 10K 0711413477 BENZ KBJ 2.5M S/class 0722512645 • Breast Firming & Enlarging • Hip & Thigh Booster & Weight Gain BMW 325i ‘01 v/cln 0711840442 • Wild Growth Hair Oil USA SUZUKI maruti gypsy 08 580 ono • V-Drops Dildos & Rabbits 0788107643 BMW 325i 950K KBD 0726 464 499 Lose 5kg in wks ORIGINAL VICTOR Safaris & tours wants Rav4 BMW 525i ‘05 diesel 0711840442 @ 70k & Prado @ 150k p/m 4 long BMW 730i KBN 04 2.5M 0722512645 BRANDED!! New laptops 1.3duo/ term lease. Westlands 0722379197, BUS 67P clean 800K 0722374640 2GB ram/320GB/DVD-Rw/ Wi-fi/ 0203521741 Bluetooth @34k, Hp desktops 3.0/1 DATSUN 1500 p/up KSZ 0722696841 GB/ DVD/80GB/ 17” Screen @17k, 020 5004401 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 8MEN’S vigrx & maxman 0725-218027 Arcade hse 2nd flr room 204. Call 020 2194401 / 2 / 3 B077 For Sale, Dealers Defender 110 s/w ‘96-09 0724588925 0700853144, 0736964410(Upcountry? 0734 440444 / 0721 378629 Discovery TD3v6 ‘04-06 0725104903PRO-EXTENDER machine (USA) we will parcel to you for free) NISS Mat 250K KAN 0721296555 for size, 100% guarantee 0722-506355 Discovery TD5 ‘03 2.4m 0724588925 Visit: ETR @18,000/= 0714-950652 NISS Mat body 100K 0721296555 EXTRAIL KBF 950K 0722149791 negTEETH Replacement 0704477100 ETR @18,000/= 0715910455 CONTAINER for sale 0722712877 TOY Mat body 100K 0721296555 F/Lander man 03 0722767752
  • 48. 48 | Classifieds DAILY NATION Thursday May 10, 2012MERCEDES TRUCKS NAVARA 06 s/roof 2.3m 0722784296 SUB legacy 04/05 1.3/1.4 0722462688. TOY Cald 01 KBA 490k 0722117755 B243 Domestic UN jobs sms ur E-mail to 0713-281359 NAVARA DC 04 1.75M 0705136364 SUB legacy 01 630k neg 0721417135 TOY Carina KAW auto, white 1999 UPPER Kabete H Sch Kinoo wants 1 UNIT ACTROS 1850 NAVARA DC 07 3M 0705136364 SUB Legacy 04 1.1m 0720346533 480K Call 0720 217 583 H/Girls wanted best salary 0722466091 Eng & Lit, Chem&Bio grad teachers YEAR 2005 TOY d/cab p/up 3choices 0725104903 2yr exp Tel 0202106523 0726211390 Kshs 4M NISAN B15 ‘01’ 310K 0722893584 SUB Leone s/w ‘AD 280k 0722709719 B250 Gеnеral URGENT h/helps, nannys, gardeners, NIS B14 KAR silver 345K 0721911517 SUZ ESC KAN 5dr 450K 0720393836 TOY Dx 103 KBA 560K 0725561774 3 UNITS cooks, drivers required 0728-436657 ACTROS 2546 NIS B14 KAS 250K 0727784405 SUZUKI Escudo KAL 0722283103 TOY dx KBA 01 410k 0718770302 KISWAHILI Teachers Required YEAR 2007 Urgently in an Eldoret Secondary Kshs 5.2M NIS B15 KAX ‘99 @375K 0722274810 or0722605143 TOY E80 KSH 170,000 0722740375 School. Call 0723 932528 1 UNIT NIS B1 KAN MAN 265K SUZUKI KAM short 435k 0722705485 TOY Fielder 04 890k 0722117755 An international NGO in Nairobi 0700008508 NGO Urg req cashier AXOR 1840 SUZUKI Siera 4WD 0733724468 TOY Gaia ‘04 BQ 890k 0720791992 requires:- YEAR 2005 NIS March KBJ 430K 0722519404 store/k customer/c msger recep clner Drivers, Cashiers, Customer Care, Kshs 3.95M NISS /Vanette KAU q/s 250K 0722960491 T/104 KAV v/c 480K tel 0723952670 TOY Gaia KAW 0721449217 550K tea/g office/a drivers&t/boys 0704813200 Computer-operators Store-keeper T/110 KAP v/clean 380k 0720313709 0700054284 Airport casuals rqd with one year exp and above. Call 0724 516 455, 0722 347 411 NISSAN Advern KAT Station Wagon TOY G Touring very clean metalic v/clean 295K 0721212789 T/110 manual clean 390k 0718837682 green auto f/loaded 490k 0725878942 0700130899 bank cleaners rqd Clerk, Receptionist, Office-Assistant,FAW Tipper 2008 J5 KBE 32ton call 0703436114 NISSAN b15 KBE @ 420k 0722678443 T/Allion ‘05 1.8lt Silver f/l 0722743852 TOY Harrier KAY yr2000 3000cc 0700137318 Aircraft cleaners Social-Workers, Messengers, Casuals, alloy 880k neg vclean 0715339589 Tea-Girls, Cleaners.FIBREGLASS Bodies 0725799884 NISSAN B15 KBL yr2003 auto T/ Allion BQ 04 Slvr 900K 0717051549 0700271544 20 airport casuals No experience required v-clean 485,000 0722529069 owner T/CARINA BH 1.5cc 580k 0750660199 TOY Harrier ‘KBD’ 1.5m 0733 788970 0700351966 Trailer Turn boys rqdFIELDER BM 6sp 850k 0736087716 FOR MORE DETAILS NISSAN Sunny B14 Salvage KAW T/Duet KBK 02 pink 389k 0714805753 TOY Harrier KBP/BR 05 Sil 0721216443 0700391918 30office asst & msgrs 0708 466465 0707737745GRADER Cat 120G KBJ 0722766016 658k Tel 0722860906 0708 463355 0708639111 T/Fielder BM 03 680K 0725561058 TOY Hilux 06 diesl KAV 0720013086 0700443910 12supermarket att rqH/CRV KAT v/c 595K 0722347398 NISSAN Sylphy KBR/T, 2005 modelHONDA CRV KAT green auto ‘97 alloy, grey, 740k 0727944431 T/Fielder KBR 05 970k 0716457435 TOY Kluger 04 BM 1.8m 0721968315 0700472854 hotel waiter cooks VACANCY model 530K Call 0720 217 583 T/Harrier 00 1.25m 0720346533 TOY Noah ‘00 v/c 675k 0727464775 0700683837 15turnboys & 15 drivers PRIVATE School in Karen, Langata NISSAN UD ‘09 mdl KBH covered TOY-NZE 04 local 5spd 0722374276HONDA Partner s/w BQ 0722780929 0700724946 A/port rq cleaners requires an experienced graduate body 6 wheel 3.7M 0720 802 717 T/Hilux D/Cab 2008 2.6m 0722253464 teacher for key stage 3 & 4 of BritishHYUNDAI Accent KAD 1994 local T /HILUX Vigo 2005 2WD S/cab KBR TOY NZE 05 Slvr 1.1M 0723923482 0700747447 3 Bce drivers & t/boys req NISS Navara ‘06 manual 0725104903 curriculum in Geo/Math, PE, Chem Bio efi 185,000 White Tel 0722833300 2.5D 5MT Sh 1.9M o.n.o 0722995040 TOY nze kbb 420k 0724754949 0700747454 NGO req 15messengers & Phy in combination and key stage 1 NIS Staff van KBA 14seat 0722743852 class teacher.HYUNDAI excel efi v/c 0736219685 T/MarkX 05 leather seats 0722632819 TOY nze kbk 690k 0721417135 0700903420 4bank clner & msgers rq Application with latest CV and details NISS Wingroad ‘03/04 0711840442ISU FRR ‘03 & ‘10 model cov & h/sided NISS Xtrail 04 1.35m 0722117755 T/NZE 2pcs 04 from 750k 0722117755 TOYO Shark BC 695K 0722865535 0701190267 10 Ngo cleaners rq of work experience with 2 professional body from 2.3M 0725 863 242 reference by 21st May 2012. T/nze 04 bp white v/cln 795k 0728316855 TOYOTA 100 KAN Ksh 385,000 0705609927 20airport cleaners rq Only selected candidates will be NIS Xtrail 02/03/04 0722-228273ISUZ Dmaz KAT 1.1m 0722519404 T/NZE beige br @1m.0720079955 ono v.good condition tel.0731448433 0706498595 8mpesa att & shop att contacted. NZE BL 04 720k 0738959967 TOYOTAISUZU Dmax choice of 3 KAZ & T/NZE BR X 960k 0770231113 IST KBK Blue offers 0707313304 airport casual 15k PAJERO io 01 590k 0722354147. DNA 1281 KBD alloys from 1.5M 0725 863 242 0722700161 / 0722475514 Evening 49010-00100 Nairobi PAJERO Io Kaw 430k ono T/NZE KAX owner 0722301465 570k 0707777350 Drivers,Mechanic, T/boy,ISUZU elf 04 1.45 0722354147. TOYOTA L/Cruiser KAS ‘04 model Loaders, T/girl, messenger,cleaners 0722781954 T/NZE KBH v/neat 680k 0721144158 hardtop 1.85M Call 0725 863 242 B257 MenISUZU fvr13 kag extremely clean with 0716568240 10 bank cleaners rq new engine 0722401780 PAJERO iO KAY ‘00 model auto T /NZE KBJ 02 wht lady owner v/clean TOYOTA Marino KAN manual clean white 580K Call 0720 2017 583 kshs 750k 0721553173/0722440800 0722860223 messenger & reception WAITER 20-30yr 0708292933Isuzu FVR Tipper ‘05 4m 0720791992 350K Call 0720 802 717 PAJERO V45 clean 780K 0726888606 T/NZE KBK v/c 650k 02 0721825673 TOYOTA Mark2 GLX saloon KBA 0729879009 NGO req cleaners, t/girls B277 DomesticISUZU lorry KBQ 1.4m 0722534960 yr 2002 795,000 Tel: 0733507120 15 home drivers 0706739100 PAJERO V78 ‘00 1.2m 0716-324937 T/NZE KBM V-neat 760K 0721-144158ISUZU NPR 29 seater Tel: 0722802505 TOYOTA Platz KBK white ‘02 model A Hotel in Limuru requires a 0722516342, 0721834778 trained h/g PEU 504 v/clean 140K 0704787969 T/NZE KBQ 940k neg. 0723035025ISUZU NQR BQ 37pas 0733822675 T /nze kbr @980k.0722568399 auto 550K Call 0723 810 654 Supervisor, waiters & waitresses NIMU /Hgirls/Boy/Cook 4448947 PEUG 405 v/c 125k 0727784405 cook/chef Call 0708347357ISUZU p/up KAB 280k 0722705752 T/PASSO KBR 05 silver615k 0714805753 TOYOTA Townace KBE ‘01 mdl VETTED, trained house-helps PRADO box auto/man 0722709719 AIRLINE G/STAFF 0734698083Isuzu Troper ‘AC cl 350k 0722370573 T/PRADO 04 BR 3.0L 3.7m 0722292251 white 550K Call 0722 425 148 available. Tel. 0707243393 PRADO KBA v/cln 1.7m 0722784296 AMERICAN NGO JOBS (EA)KILIMANIMotors,T/wish,Fielder,P TOYOTA Wish 03 BN/Q 0733623658 rado,Premio,Hiace,Kluger,ISIS,No PRADO L/cruiser ‘KBL’ 0733 788970 T/PRADO BR 05 6 spd fwd manual 3L 0722299816 B284 General Turbo dsl owner 0720-790457 TOY Prado TX ‘00 1.5m 0727464775 ah,Succeed,NZE,0725 673786 PRADO TZ 02 KBJ slvr 0717166172 AN org needs county youth peace ACCOUNTSCLERK Above 25yrs T/Premio ‘99 auto 580K 0722316590 TOY Premio 700k ‘BK 0712031004 coordinators call 0720998633/L/Cruiser h/tops ‘95-06 0725104903 PREMIO 05 slvr 1.255m 0722590485 honest, can work under min T/PREMIO 05 BR 1.8L 0737363000 TOY probox 04 590k 0721417135 0720861663 jobs guaranteed supervision, min CPA 1, ComputerL/Cruiser p/ups ‘94&04 0724588925 PREMIO BN 1m 0738959967 AUTOCAD Draughtsman for part T/Premio BR silver 0721272563 TOY Probox BR white 07’ 0720013086 Literate, Quick books, Previous Exp.L/Cruiser Safari ‘01 1.5m 0727464775 PROBOX 04 KBR 625K 0786528011 time projects 0703411097 or In a school setting added adv. Apply T/PREMIO KAT 485K 0722-504792 TOY Rav4 ‘04 auto 1.7m 0719490444L/Freelander ‘98 780K 0722525269 Probox 05 BR’QGL 610K 0723109166 to Advertiser P.O.BOX 90506 T/Premio KAT a/t 98 450k 0724268552 TOY Shark/QD/Probox/NZE/Premio/ BCE Drivers & t/boys req 0700592889 Mombasa Tel 0723535107 byL/R Discovery ‘AQ 1m 0720791992 PROBOX BK auto 500k 0722533333 Fielder/ Wish/ Harrier & many more 15/5/2012 Indicate Phone Contact. T/Premio KAZ a/t 00 470k 0724268552 BISMATT supermkt att: 0706589100LEXUS 04/05 0722-767752 PROBOX BR 1.3L 640K 0723724700 dep 250-900k bal 12-36 months EMPLOYERS call Abela 4 all staff T/PREMIO KBM v/n 900k 0723474214 0710-260436 0720-616300, , COMMUNITY Oral Health WorkerLEXUS RX300, 2005, Fully loaded, PROBOX BR 05 640K 0722638430 Adm Sec. Acct Drvrs etc 0202223131 V.Clean, KBR, 0722298389 T/Prob. BL & 102 BJ 465K 0720443781 07146-27051 Call now! 0716693188 Probox KBR alloy 610K 0722332844 TOY shark 03 mat 980k 0718770302 B291 MenLEXUS RX300, 2005, Fully loaded, T/Probox BN03 460K 0708808531 COOKS needed call 0786-638936 Range Vogue ‘05 BR 5m 0720791992 TOY Shark KAS 0721736242 480K V.Clean, KBR 0722298389 T/Probox KBR MAN 730k 0716457435 CUTEST Chics wanted 0722798431 H/SCH Manager ready 0721711881 RAV4 BP Sunroof 1.6M 0736087716 T/Raum KBE @470K 0729207907 TOY Shark KAZ 520K 0716-402888LEXUS RX300 2002 KBA fully loaded DRIVER & longdis t/boy 0722161929 Gold colour 1owner v/clean 0722440647 S/Escudo ‘95 4wd neat 580k 0722316590 T/RAV4 KBB 1.1m ono 0722519404 TOY surf auto 97 730k 0722354147. B324 Building DRIVERS/T-Boy 0712799052 wantedM/Benz 230E 495k 0716-324937 S /FORESTER 2007 dealer maint. good T/Shark KAS,AY, AZ, BA, BG 0714425432 TOY twnace 01 650k 0722354147 ALUMINIUM and UPVC windows,M/Benz C180 680K 0716-324937 condition 0722-964713 T/Shark KBJ v/clean 0775547204 TOY Van KAL 465K 0718169114 CITY CABANAS doors, partitions Tel 0722849632 S/IMPREZA KAP 395K 0718169114M/Benz E240 ‘02 2.1m 0719490444 T/Sprinter man v/cln 390k 0722117755 TOY Vista 2001 KBC 0727-450601 –Mombasa road B382 SchoolsM/BENZ KXY vc 180K 0721296555 S/LEGACY KAM 395K 0718169114 T/SUCCED05 silver 685K 0722827557 TOY Vitz ‘01 silver v/clean 0722786312 City cabanas is looking for ALPHA AUTOMOBILE LTDM/Benz S/wg KBQ 1.85M 0726 464 499 DRIVE YOUR DESIRE !!! T/Succeed KBR-W 05 680k 0722616632 TOY Vitz 3dr 1.3cc 380k 0720791992 experienced chefs/ sous 2 vacancies urgently wanted Agri BioM/DEMIO KBR 580K 0717-720662 PEUGEOT 504 & 405 from 165k chef, supervisors, waitress/ Chem Call 0726026179 Ucekeini Sec. SUZUKI SWIFT 1300CC from 345k T/ TOWNACE KBR @850k 0722747147 TOY Vitz KBD cln 430K 0788588858MAZDA 323 KAE 135K 0722705752 waiters and sales & ENNA Girls Boarding H. Sch,Nairobi DONG FENG TRUCK from 385k T/wish 03/04 silver/grey 795k 0728316855. TOY Vitz ‘KBM’ 1300cc 0733 788970 SUBARU IMPREZA KAQ from 385k marketing executives. vac. in F1,2,3 21k: 0723423132MAZDA Bongo van auto KBR T/Wish KBQ: 1060k 0723035025 TOY Voxy KBR 2005 0725654288 TOY AE 110 SE LTD MANUAL from 455k Interviews will be held on MUGUGA Complex Academy day & 0725039660 TOY SURF 97 MODEL WINE RED from 455k T/WISH kbr110x pearl wht r/rails TOY Wish KBP 950K 0722701142 16/05/12 from 8.30am. boarding primary school St 1-7MAZ Demio 05 BR red 0715055880 NISS B15 KBJ SILVER from 475k TOY PREMIO KAX 1800CC from 565k alloys b/kit fog v/clean kshs.1.08m neg For more information call 0722281805 mca@shulebora.comMERCBENZ E230 KAK round light TOY CARINA KBC 1500CC from 645k 0721520144 TProbox (2)KBR 05 659k 0714805753 CALL: 0723-092 888 / 0734-890 600/0716-052 000 0722 363 908. Upper Matasia Academy Mixed Day v/clean 880K local 0721212789 T/Wish KBR-W 2005 960K 0722616632 T Probox 2004 model very clean Primary Sch. Admissions now in TOY PROBOX 05 MODEL 3 UNITS from 685k TOY SUCCEED 04 MODEL from 725k 565,000 Tel 0722444822 FH driver/Tboy,loader 0708591209MERC E200 05 BQ 2.3m 0722705752 T/WISH v-clean BP & BR 0722-783094 progress Std. 1 to 7. Boarding facilities MIT PAJERO DIESEL from 765k T/SHAK KAR 400K 0729835915 Kisii also available for Girls ContactMIT/galant 97 man 360k 0721521404. NISS SLYPHY N16 05 MODEL from 835k T.Hilux p/up ‘06 1.65m 0727464775 FORESTRY Trainees 0202129939 NGO 0722238930MIT-Canter ‘BG 950k 0724285413 NISS WINGROAD NEW SHAPE 06 from 865k T-Shark KAT 375K 0710163177 HOTEL Rq Waiter, Chef & IT TOY VEROSSA 04 KBN from 865k T.L/Cruiser vx&gx ‘00-05 0719490444 Diploma Tel 0716358030 Upper Matasia Sec. Sch. AdmissionMIT Canter KBM 1.28M 0724609228 MERCEDES KBK &KBG C 200 E200 from 925k TSHARK KBN DEP 200 0715473081 TOY PREMIO KBN WHITE 1800CC from 925k T.NZE ‘01 KBD Sil 695K 0722743852 now in progress limited vacancies T-WISH KBQ grey KBR black with JOB vacancies. Call 0708-531448 available F1 to F3 ContactMIT Fuso KAB 1.3M 0728464292 CALL 0722-364 864 / 0733-836 485 / 0716-052 000 T102 KAR Manual clean 0722782490 TOY FIELDER 4 UNITS 04 & 05 from 985k sunroof & back camera fully loaded LAB Technician with his or her own 0722238930MIT L200 cbody KBJ tel: 0710-435247 TOY RAV 4, 3 UNITS KAY, KBA, KBJ from 985k T103 KAU clean 480 0721-321681 0721720329 / 0733668740 instruments Tel: 0722-349465MIT lancer KAJ mnl 260k 0718770302 NISS X- TRAIL KBH, KBL,KBQ from 1035k T/110 KAW AUTO 430K 0722781954 B382 Schools TOY ALLION 1500CC WINE RED ‘04’ from 1125k VANNETE KBR 740K neg 0722149791 LAW clerks kazijuu@gmail.comMIT Mignon KBG 2.3M 0728464292 TOY CALDINA ‘06’ SILVER & WHITE from 1135k TOY AVENSIS 1800CC & 2000CC from 1.25m TATA Ace van 750K 0722254668 VGOLF KBB owner 0722301465 670k MARKETERS 10 ladies for phones B.A Com. Dev. 11,500/- p/m 0710904377MIT Pajero 04 0722-767752 TOY WISH 3 UNITS “05” & “04” MODEL from 1195m Terios 4wd man 480k 0711840442 VITZ 345,000/= 0720-721742 & electronic accessories F4s & above B.A Religion/Dev.11,500/-p/m 0710904377 TOYOTA NOAH KBR from 1.280m 12K basic 0705820048 NairobiMITS Canter ‘04 mdl with fridge body TOY KLUGER SILVER KBH from 1355m TIPPER Truck Scania d/steering gd VITZ BN 03 530k 0722784296 B.COM. 11,500/month 0710904377 unregist. 2.3M ono 0720 802 717 CALL: 0726-285 591 / 0716-052 000 working cond. 5.4M neg 0717-295952 MARKETERSwith Dip&Deg. 0736857222 B.Sc Hospitality11,500/- p/m 0710904377MITS Canter 1.5m 0721859585 ISUZU ELF TRUCK 05 KBR from 1455m VW Bora KAW v/clean 0722747147 MLM Business Jobs MIT L200 PICKUP from 1175m T NZE ‘X’ KBR 04 900k 0751702015 B. Sc IT @ 11,500/- /month 0710904377MITS FH 215 KAM 1.6M 0704529911 TOY HARRIER KBL from 1985m VW Golf 2005 1.12m 0720808862 NGO rq casuals sms 0720750440 MIT CANTER TRUCK from 1985m TOWNACE br @830k.0722568399 B.Sc Tourism 11,500-0710904377MITS FH 3choices ‘05-06 0722709719 TOY MARK X SILVER from 1950m VW GOLF 2.0cc, KBQ, 900k. NGO rq f4s as paid volunteers sms ur B.Sc Travel/Tourism 11,500/- 0710904377 JEEP CHEROKEE from 2150m TOWNACE KAD cheap 0721459811 0721358580 phone no 0726896596MITS Galant KAR 280k 0726472036 TOY FORTUNER KBM “05” from 2.5m TOY/caldina 02 bk 590k 0721521404 CERT. KCSE D+/C-@6500/- 0710904377 TOY LEXUS 04 MODEL BLACK from 2.75m VW Golf KBH ‘02 mdl red auto v/clean OFFICE/Ass, cleaner 0715749662MITS io ‘01 KBD v/cln 0724588925 MIT SHOGUN DIESEL from 2.85m TOY/Ist ‘04 auto 780K 0722316590 680K Call 0723 810 654 DIPLOMA @ 8,500/- p/m 0710904377 TOY PRADO LOCAL & IMPORT from 2.95m PHARMTECH 2-3yrs experienceMITS L200 p/up diesel KAQ man ISUZU GIGA TIPPER from 2.95m TOY 100 ‘AJ m/t 250k 0722370573 VW Passat 99 1.6cc 0721352947 call / SMS 0722409328/ 0737409328 B403 Colleges v/clean 790K 0721 911 517 CALL: 0721-314 508 / 0722-527 238 / 0716-052 000 TOY 100 KAM 315k v/c 0728658666 VW Passat clean 650k 0726888606 REQUIRED Electrical engineersMITS Lancer 190K 0721296555 For Direct Import of used Cars Call 0721-417418 TOY 110 495k v/c auto 0722117755 MIEK/ERC, Civil engineers/ TRAIN b/dozer 0726782440 Email: VW Polo KBP 720K Tel.0717802458MITS P/mover 6X4 06 0734 243525 Located along Kiambu Rd. next to Rock City TOY 110 AP 355k cln 0722534960 Technician KIHBT/KTC Certified. B462 Business for Sale XTRAIL 04 1.38m 0721721287 Email CV ToMITS RVR KAU Ksh 380000 Tel SUB/Forester 00 KAZ 590K 0722588890 TOY 110 KAP ‘96 v/c 390K 0718770302 0723144239 0733874217 XTRAIL 06 Silver 1.69M 0716380066 BABERSHOP+ staff, equipment, nbi SUB/ Fr yr2000 630K 0722717754 TOY 110 KAQ v/c 310k 0727784405 SALES Executive required for west, asking 550k call 0722493146MITS Shogun ‘02 manual 0719490444 B113 Motor Vehicle Repairs agrochemical. Email cv to SUB/impreza 98 KAT 370K 0723593184 TOY 110 KAZ cln 470K 0721359732 BAR 600k all inclusive Ruiru mainMITSUB ISH FH KAL 1.4M 0720966541 SUBARU Forester x20 yr2003 KBM TOY 110 mn KAY 440k 0722819255 WINDSCREEN Repair 0725766799 SALES Persons for roto moulded town 0722557356 automatic Red 1.1M 0733507120 TOY 110 SE AW 460K 0721359732 tanks. Send Curriculum Vitae to CYBER /Shop, T Mall (Langata Rd.).MITSUBISHI Canter D32 KAT 2004 model 1.95m v/clean 0721212789 SUBARU KBR 2005,0725654288 TOY 111 manual 450k 0722354147 B148 Tyres, Spares and Accessories Call 0715818775 or 0722527434 forMITSUBISHI io 0732-330777 details/viewing. SUBARU Leon KAK s/wagon v/clean TOY 4wd d/cab‘06 mnl 0733 788970 ALARMS @5950/- fitted 0722824844 STATISTICS / physics, Maths/ ITN/B12KAC, Sylphy KBK KBH 0714425432 265K Call 0721 911 517 Tutors required urgently Call CYBER Very profitable Moi Avenue TOY 91 SE KAJ efi 275K 0729535564N/BUS KBA 07 29pas 800k 0718770302 SUB F mnl green AV 0713155012 B212 Tractors for Sale 0725891952 prime location 45 computers fiber TOY Allion KBR silver 1.2M TEACHERS rqd in girls high sch- optic. Tel 0722427125N/SUNNY 05 BR Silver 0721572696 SUB forester 05 1.6 0722462688. 0722787718 SCANIA Prime Mover 124, 420 D/Diff Kikuyu . Bed/Geo/His/CRE/Kis Call HARDWARE Business for saleN/Wingrd KBQ 04 630k 0715360351 SUB Impreza ‘97 320k 0722709719 TOY Avensis a04/05 0720831744 KAV g/condition 2.2m 0732577336 0722323919 urgently Utawala bypass rd 0722-519031
  • 49. DAILY NATIONThursday May 10, 2012 Classifieds 49HOTEL For Sale CBD 0723-543827 020-2245564 spot loans on Toshiba, DIGITAL WEIGHING SCALES FORTCOM Syokimau 1/4acre opp KAREN Plains 1/2acre prime plot MWIKI Karura – A Clean TitleLUTHULI Ave Hardware 0727309426 Macpros& HP Laptops btwn 20K-50K Kapa Oil Refinery 0722876198 @19.5m Owner 0721348712 approved plan 0202363864MOI Avenue Cyber 0787423234 GATUANYAGA 50’x100’ Kshs. KAREN prime land 1acre x10 plots NAIROBI Kasarani Eastern bypass ADVANCE selling ur car 0722833300 350,000/= Call 0729-480447, 0727 no agents 0733624353 32m per acre 100acrs 8M per acre 0734958423MOTOR cycle business for sale Meru 439644, 0724-406111, 0723-043623 Town next to KRA. Contact the KATANI 1/8acr near Syokimau & NAIVASHA 40 Acs near Kongoni owner on 0723677488 CASH on cars/lgbks 0723145428 GITHURAI- 45 plot big 50ft by 140ft near Utawala, r/titles Aberdeen Hol Police 3M p.a 0721377227 title no agents 2.5m 0731234265 dings Ltd 0722829195, 0734572994 NAKURU Bahati 2acres plus 4bdrmNAKURU secondary sch 0720739708 INDUSTRIAL Enterprise Rd 1acre KATANI 1/8 touching bypass with hse elec & water 0722265775 ownerPRINTING Bus 4sale NCBD 500K CASH on your car 0735815086 Tel 0721390394 titles 0702-260280 , 0722541757 0724441370 0732441370 urgent NAKURU Kabarak 50-130acs 800K ISINYA 70acres 2M p.a 0724477969 KATANI 5,10,20 acres Tel:, 0721377227SALON 4sale 250K 0704990936 CASH - Model: MEPL 0722869101, 020-2610923 NAKURU Kiambogo 0.3ac 0727558194SHOP for sale River Rd 12x15 Features KATANI 50acres 4M p.a 0722440647 Tel. 0731-272655 0722-673131 • Cap. 6kg/15kg/30kg x 2g/5g/10g NAKURU Njoro 107acs 800K pa FINANCE we advance you cash as • Internal rechargeable battery (70 hrs) KATANI 50X100 dep. 100,000 0721377227B469 Business Offers we sell your car 0713266196 • Ideal for butcheries and groceries. balance 4months, Titles ready, Model: BWS NANYUKI most prime 400acs-195k, Features 2610923, 0715 514989 Viewing free 200acs-250k, 100acs-270k, 40acs0733880818 Company registration INVEST 5K & > 10% R.O.I 0728243488 • Platform size: 460mm x 600mm( stainless KENOL 1 1/2acre tel 0786564499 -280k, 10acs-295k each 0727239343 or mild steel)ACCTS solutions+QBKS 0722713264 • Capacity 0 - 250kgs x 100gms Kenyatta Rd 40x80 1.3m 0724890202 NEW Kitsuru Estate, 1/2ac residentialBIZ. Partner @10% ROI 0786822433 LOAN on Car Duty? 0710456884 • Ideal for industrial use, LPG and various KIAMBU 1/2acre plot 7.5M 0720855278 plot, 22m, 0720755992 weighing needsBOOKKEPING services 0707922435 • Internal rechargeable battery (70 hrs) KIAMBU rd 1/2ac 10m 0721687326 NGONG 1/2 1/4acre r/soil 0722275282BUSINESS Development& Mangmnt LOAN on logbk/title Tel 0720490090 KIAMBU T/Plot 2M 0723405795 NGONG 1acre with eucalyptus trees Consultancy @5k only 0728243488 Ksh. 8million 0720934292 Nairobi: Vision Plaza 1st floor RM 15. KIKUYU Kidfam 2.5m 0721978761MBA/PHD prop/Analysis 0718823883 LOANS on the spot between 15-40K Tel: 020-2013976/0722 303505 NGONG Rd 2 & 1ac prime 0733363100 Kileleshwa 3/4 & 1ac 0733363100MBA Proposal / Analysis 0728615097 with laptops as security, 0723408602 Eldoret: KFA Bldg opp Uchumi S/MKT NYAHURURU Pesi Area 36 Acres Tel:053-2032561/0738 829064 KINOO prime plot 50x100 0729722832 @120K per acre ONO 0721218755REGISTER Company in 10 days. Call KISAJU Pipeline 30acres 800m from 0731-806602 LOANS with car as security O/RONGAI prime 1/4 acre plots tarmac 1.1M per acre 0722887139 opposite leisure academy 300mts tel:SALON Moi Ave Rent work station 0728733192 B553 Machinery Wanted 0722-769388 KISERIAN 1/8 acre, next to St. in a High Class Salon Tel 0721229975 USED Generator 20KV silent diesel Patricks 1.3M owner 0723392916 OLD Msa rd 5ac’s plot 0727-558194TO Register a company Tel: 0707922435 LOGBOOK loans Thika 0721680208 0724290000 urgent KISERIAN Pline Rd near Sands Inn OLEKASASI 1/4ac 6M 0722226198B476 Business Opportunities SPOT cash on cars 2hrs 0713389744 B595 Security Services 2acres @3.1 p.a ono Tel 0723593248 O’RONGAI1/8 nkoroi 1.1m 0722871605 KITALE /Waitaluk 10acre parcel OWN a plot worth 1.2M @ 700K JujaInvest 100k and earn 8k monthly in a Rent a walk through metal detector 0720917391 gated estate 0724337886 genuine biz. Assured 0721999668. B546 Machinery for Sale for events SHARP 0720884391 KITE 200acs nr ICT 400k 0722416118 P/Lands 1/2ac 5th Ave 160M 0722440647INVEST 500K 10% PM 0722878635 0707640242 KITE 2ac nr ICT 500k 0722416118 NKU PLOTS land hses. 0722-807923LEARN how to make and sell African B616 Telcom Sales & Service KITE 5.0ac prime 0722518457 RUAI 50x100 100,000/= Best Offer theme cakes, african pot, modern KITE EPZ 50x100 3.2M 0700083850 0722986680, 0789767109 Nemuge Ltd cake making & decoration, guitar, BLACKBOX / Internet 0722843826 KITE Korompoi plots For Sale 1/8 JOSKA 50x100 250k with t/deeds devd RUAI 50x100 150,000 Tel.0722 football, teddybear, blackforest, 0736444977, 0725939618 Global Plan acre 1Km from the road with water & 986680, 0789767109 Nemuge Co. Ltd swissroll, plastic icing, samosa, bread, meatpies, yoghurt, pizzas, cookies, AGRICULTURE & HOME Jubilands: Isinya Malili rd 50x100 55k power 550k, neg Tel 0725619730 RUAI 50x100 200,000 Tel.0722 0731788959 tomato sauce, juices, sweets, jam e.t.c. 0714915424, 0728879191, 0736901000 986680, 0789767109 Nemuge Ltd 2,3,4 & 6wks practicals. Continuous B671 Fertilizers, Seed & Seedlings Jubilands: Isinya Malili rd 50x100 75k KITENGELA 1/4acre near tarmac Tel. 0722618267 RUAI 50x100 230k with t/deeds devd intake. 25% sponsorship available.Call 0714915424, 0728879191, 0736901000 0725-939618, 2316208 Global Plan Principal NCBCT 0722237181, Eucalptus 6yrs call : 0722 802102 KITENGELA 1/4ac Thorn Grove 0203504453 or visit 1st Flr NHC Hse JUBILANDS: Kitengela Isinya 50x100 RUAI 50x100 320,000/= very prime Aga-khan walk Nairobi. Mombasa RESIDENTIAL & s/offer 150k 0714915424,0728879191 1.2m 1/8ac 450,000 Tel 0710952777 0722986680,0789767109 Nemuge Ltd branch now open next to summerlink hotel, Meru rd off Digo rd. BUSINESS PROPERTIES JUJA 30acres 2.5M p.a 0720787477 KITENGELA 1/8acre 0722785932 KITENGELA 1/8acs 1.3M 0722503136 RUAI 50x100 350k with t/deeds devd JUJA 3br bung. 10m 0722489638 0736444977, 0725939618 Global Plan B733 Stalls Available KITENGELA 15km from tarmac RUAKA 1/4 ac ideal for flats 8.7m Tel JUJA 40 by 80. 900 meters fromB490 Computer Services highway. 1.2m. Owner 0725967235. behind ICT Malili City 50x100 0710952777 CBD Stalls No goodwil 0735708052 95,000/- Viewing Wednedays & FRONT / 1st, 2nd stalls available JUJA 40’x80’ 3kms from town off Juja Saturdays Time: 9.00a.m 0722312387 RUAKA plots 0720041251DOMAIN+HOST 2,000/= 0786129121 farm rd 450K Call 0722717406 busy st. 0714301907 KITENGELA Acacia View Est 1/8ac RUIRU 1/4ac comm. 600m from JUJA 5acs ideal 4 subdivision @5.5m, plts @500K. 0725767650, 020550287 Thika Rd clean t/d 0724-899404 B740 Land, Plots for Sale 1/8ac 1.4m 0710952777 Vineyard Properties Ltd RUIRU1&2ac on bypass 0729475785 JUJA 65 acres 7m p.a 0720787477 KONZA Malili 7.8ac half km off Msa RUIRU 40x60 250k 0722936698 1/8 acre touching Msa Rd nxt to Coop JUJA Farm 40x80 150K Tel Road Owner 14M 0721662819 Bank 5.5m 0724504546 RUIRU 40x90ft 100m from bypass 0733439519 0739267216 0788923526 KONZA plots 1/4,1/2,1AC 50ac & 2.4m neg Tel 0733439519 10Acre Kiserian Magadi Road Tinga JUJA Farm 7acres 0715745213 100acre available see map town on tarmac 220,000/= per acre RUIRU 50x100 Quick sale 750k neg 0721347080, 0722270313, 0733347080 0721308021 JUJA Kalimoni 50x100 250,000/= 10ac Tel.0722798852 owner, Ready title 1/4AC KABETE 10.5M 0732229050 @ 1.8M Juja farms 50x100 250,000/= KSM A/port gate 0.85ac commercial RUIRU ALONG KIGANJO ROAD 1/8 PLOTS RIRONI Near tarmac 1.2m Gachororo 1/4acre 1.2M Chipro 0734 0736050075 Ready Title price enquiry 0.27 AC. WITH TITLE 3.7M. CALL 0732229050 730041, 0722438206, 0724406111 KWAMAIKO 1km off Ruiru - 0727 375877 3/4 Ongata Rongai, Ole Kasasi, main rd, KAJIADO town plots 50x100 Githunguri rd 1HA 4.5m 0738-343848 RUIRU bypass 1/8a 1.3m 0722-557356 0721314756 0752-867393 Gamar Investments 4.2m quater 0722315677 RUIRU bypass 1.25ac on tarmac COMPUTER stationery printing 50Acre Kiserian Magadi Road Tinga KAMIRITHU 1/4 ac plot LAVINGTON 0.78ac on sewer 90m v-prime 25m 0722699817 0737888354 0722825801/020-3861345 machine. KORD64. GT046. Other town next shopping centre with RUIRU Bypass 500K 0714370476 printing and industrial machinery +254712877395, +254718629060 freehold title deed 120M 0721347080, 0722270313, 0733347080 Nyotu KAMULU JOSKA MAKADARA plot Call 0723862067 RUIRU - Juja 40x80 250k-400k PLOTS for SALE Viewing on Wed/Sat 9a.m. Family 50AC’s Kajiado 65k p.a 0721687359 Shade Ltd 0711-169921, 0736411671 DENTAL Equipment Tel 2250030 31 acres land in katani next to an Size: 50ftx100ft With door/window Alarms RUNDA 1/2ac 18M Tel 0722563753 existing quarry for ballast production SCHEME 11 RUNDA 1.5acres 0737888354 EX UK Balers claas markant 65 ksh available for long term lease. Call 0723445391 or 0722765416 Price: 90,000/= • Battery Powered • Very loud noise RUNDA Old 1/2ac 24M 0733-363100 Few Remaining. 950,000 ono Mccormick B46 ksh • Easy to install 550,000 ono Tel 0722370903 BONDO town 1/8acre Kshs. 650,000 • No wiring SOUTH-B 60x140 plts 0733-363100POS systems & Corporate website call 0720560408 Distance from Kangundo rd 4km’s SUSWA Twn 1/8 500,000 0722583812 Design 0715418433 CHUMVI 50x100 1/2km from tarmac KEROSENE pump 4 sale 0721-459811 Individual Titles per plot SYOKIMAU 1/4acre next Jam BushWEB Design @ 8,000 0703803999 residential with title 0722541757 Viewing: Tue, Thurs, Sat Time: 9.00a.m Kshs 500/= 0722244335 Owner CLAYWORKS plot size 30x78 with 0722-312387, 0724-334234 , 0733-582208 SYOKIMAU 1/4acre tel:0721439922B497 Contracting LATHE machine Tel 0723-233316 title call 0727811129 KAMULU 1/8ac 2.5km 0722-375376 SYOKIMAU 1/8ac clean titles 1.8mREG subcontractor 4 elec & mech COMMERCIAL plots 40x80 Kdo rd Dealers wanted Countrywide Tel 0710952777 works reqd 4 multistorey dev nrb HEAVY DUTY FOILAGE dep. 100,000/= bal 4months, titles Deca Ltd- viewing free daily Email: SYOKIMAU 1/8 w/title 0722541757 CHOPPER ready, 2610923, 0700497890 KAMULU 50x100 dep. 50,000 D/Star U. Msa rd 100a @3m 0712984584 balance 4months, titles ready, Call: 0707155118 TASSIA 33x66 1.8M 0720701678B525 Financial • Ideal for cutting 2610923, 0751201267 Viewing free TASSIE massai 66x33 0722-342614 Nappier Grass, DANDORA ph-5 450k 0722162266 MALILI 7.8acre 5.2M 0788822111 KAMULU 50x100 dep 100k bal 4mths. THIKA Juja 850acres coffee farm @ dried/green corn DONHOLM Ph5, Plot, 8mx19m, Ready titles. 0720287678, 0723504714 MEMBLEY40x80 1.95M 0733-259307 sewer line, 3m, 0720755992 5.5m p.a 0734949425 stalks, Rice Straw & Brookton Properties Ltd, Shankardass MEMBLEY 40X80 Tel 0720717726 other forage crops EMBU 1/4ac Muthatari 0725012489 Hse 3rd flr rm 303. Viewing free daily THIKA Ngoigwa 2.1M t/r 0720908923 MEMBLY 0.1Acre 1.7M 0720206849 THIKA Ngoingwa (Tola) 1.5km • Small size EMBU Dallas 1/8 200mtr from KAMULU- Joska at KBC 500m • Easy to operate 50x100 250,000/= 0722312387 MEMBLY 40x80, 2.4m 0724890202 behind Mangu High School Owoods Lodge 2.5m 0724317772 MEMBLY by/p 1/8 plot 0716355040 overlooking Ngoingwa Estate 194 For Discounted prices Visit Us at: FINELANDS Isinya Kitengela 50x100 KAMULU- Joska at KBC Dev. area plots remaining 40x80 titles ready Lusaka Road, Shop No. 29. s/offer 60k 0722417074, 0724816611 50x100 titles 180,000/= 0722312387 MLOLONGO 1/8acre for flats Tel. deps ok 650K 0728267725 Tel: 0770 333034, Industrial Area, Nairobi KAMULU- Joska at KBC Dev. area 0722618267 FINELANDS Kitengela Isinya 50x 100; 125K offer 0722417074, 2472045 50x100 titles 100,000/= 0722312387 MOMBASA Road 1/2acre oppsite - THIKA - NGOLIBA-MAGUGUNI 3rd KAMULU- Joska at KBC farm ‘C’ Ole Sereni Hotel&behind Zain/Carpet row 1/4 acre redsoil-0722706677 FINELANDS Kitengela Isinya 50x100 centre 2nd row 37M 0726341993 140K offer 0724816611, 2472045 50x100 titles 150,000/= 0733582208 THIKA plots Magogoni 40x80 & KAMULU- Joska at Sunshine 50x100 MSA rd 5acrs @ 10M p.a 0732346788 Kwaheri 1/8 0731544828/0788508031 FINELANDS RuaI 50x100 180k • 20 – 24 Cows 0724816611, 2472045 dev. titles 200,000/= tel: 0722-312387 MUIGAI-INN 1/8acre Ksh1.9M Tel THINDIGUA Kmbu prime plot with per hour KAMULU- Joska special offer 50x100 0724853613 Mac2properties two hses serviced 26M 0722744900 FINELANDS Ruai 50x100 Kshs. • Stainless steel 90,000 offer 0724816611,2472045 titles 120,000/= 0722-312387 MUIGAI Inn 40x80 2M 0714496699 TUALA /Kite 1/4ac 1.3M 0712984584 milking bucket FORTCOM Gachie 1ac 0722876198 KAREN 1/2acres 17M 0722440647 MUIGAI-INN Thika superh/way UTAWALA 30x60 w/t 0722893663 • Easy to operate FORTCOM Kawangware Msalaba KAREN 15acs 30m p.a 0722503136 40x80 res & comm from 900K Tel UTAWALA40x120 1M 0728794254 KAREN 4.5acs commercial touching 0788923526 0733439519 0739267216 Utawala 40x80 560K 0732668396 near ACK 1/8 acre 0722226198 For Discounted prices Visit Us at: Ngong Rd 40M p.a 0722440647 MWEA prime plot 0700022360020211120 , 0722632287, 0710142257 Lusaka Road, Shop No. 29. FORTCOM Rimpa Rongai 1/8acre UTAWALA prime plots 100m from Cash on cars, laptops, households Tel: 0770 333034 1.5M 0722-226198 KAREN KCB 1acre 0723862067 MWIHOKO 50x80 t/d 0734663471 bypass 0722871633, 07233246720719568652 Loans on Laptops Industrial Area, Nairobi INERCORE 40x80ft 4M 0722788500 KARIOBANGI 30x80 1.5m 0732791721 NAKURU building 4 sale 0724139459 Westlands 1/2 & 1.5ac 0733363100
  • 50. �������������������������� ������������ ���������������������WANTED 40 members for a Joint HECT & ASS. 0202240058, 0703137297 AT Pangani Single & 2bedroom To Let UPPERHILL4br mtview 3br 0725817817 Venture to purchase 24 plots of 07044124129, Kitengela 3brm m/ensuite 1/8ac 4.7M - 7.8M Rongai BU 0728782464 0750583390 WESTLANDS 3bdr bungalow 3sqs ������������������������������ 50x100 @650K & 16 plots of 40x80 AT SouthB new 1br studios secure ���������������������������������������������������� @500K Thika 0708706790 3br BU 1/8ac - 1/4 ac 4.2M - 5.2M 1/4acre 130k pm 0733298500 water supply DSTV 24/7 security ���������������������������������������������������WESTLANDS 1/2ac plot off Rhapta HECT & ASS. 0202240058, 0720451423, 0706116647 ������������������������������������������������������ rd 135m 0735-800222 0704412429, 0703137297, WESTLANDS 3br apt near Sarit ���������������������������������������������������� South C 4br maisonette all ensuite 3 B/BURU 1br 6k 0710678435 0wner 75K Tel: 0716236799 ����������������������������������������������������ZIMMERMAN Sidiani, Plot for ext 1br each ensuite 1DSQ self, B/BURU 3BR 20K 0718790144 ����������������������������������������������������� Apartment Block, 3.5m, 0720755992 borehole 18M Langata 3br maisonette OWNR W/LAND EXT 5K 0737626935 �������������������������������������������������������� own gdn 24hrs security spacious rms. OWNERB761 Premises, Offices for Sale HECT & ASS. 0202240058, 0704412429 BEDSITTER & One bedroom ��������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������� apartments at Supacare Ruaka Limuru WOODLEY 4BR mnst 0722730570 Kitengela 7brm D/s all ensuite 2 sitting Rd attractive Rent 0712007616 �����������������������������������������������������MIRAA Miraa! (Khat) seedlings for rms 2 kitchens 2 entry Verandas ������������������������������������������������������ sale: the hybrid seedlings that produce 5acres mature Gdn. Borehole & EPZ BELLEVUE Estate South C – 3 b/r B803Property Management ���������������������������������������������������� best quality for export. Can grow well water for school Hosp. or community maisonette, m-ensuite, DSQ and ����������������������������������������������� in all types of soils. Contact gated housing study room, well maintained. Price 0720-989919, 0750-153272 RELIABLE Management of Kshs. 15M o.n.o. Contact: HECT & ASS. 0202240058, Masterways 0722-749385, Residential & Commercial Properties �����������������������������������������������������B768 Premises, Offices to Let 0704412429, 0703137297, Contact Lucy on 0724139935 ������������������������������������� Donholm 3br Spac Apts. m/ensuite 0714-498948, 0721-858034. ������������� 24hrs security new 28k Utawala 2brm CRETECOM Ltd Lone Tree 5brm ��������������������������������������������������@WESTLANDS next to Sarit apt. Balcony new secure 12,000 villa 1/2acre 400k 0731414664 B810 Wanted to Buy ����� ���� ����� ��� ����� ��� ���� ������� ��� ���� ����� ������ Center offices 25k,30k&40k 0722125049 JUJA Muigai-Inn Valley View Estate 0721429114 ������������������������������������������������������0722899717 CBDfurnshd+intrnet 9k A block of flats wanted with good inc 4bedroom house 5.9m 0729475785 CRETECOM Ltd Ngong Matasia and fair price 0738208849BEAUTIFUL Offices city centre 3brm bungalow 20k 0731414664 ������������������������������� 16000-20000 0722856871 K/Sukari 5br m/t ens 15m 0712210624 0721429114 UMOJA B/Buru cash 0736802856EQUIPED Offices Viewpark 16th Flr KAHAWA Sukari – 4 b/r double storey house, all ensuite, quality CRETECOM Ltd Nyayo Est 3brm ����������������������������� 11K-30K tel: 020-2585384 fininshing, spacious compound. Rent apt 30k 0731414664 0721429114 B817 Wanted to Rent ��� ��� ����� ������� ����������� ��� ������ ����� ����� ���FULLY furnished excutive office Kshs. 70,000/- p.m. Contact: ELGONview apt uperhill 2br 0722551429 ��������� ���� �������� ��� ��� ���� �������� ��������� Mombasa road . Call 0733708274 Masterways 0722-749385, 0714- RUNDA 4-6BR+comp 0714-685077 �������� ������ ����������� ������ ��������� ��� ���� 498948, 0721-858034. FULLY furnished and serviced Guest ���� ����� ��� ������� �������� ��������� ������ �� �����GODOWN with modern offices wing. Comprising Lounge / Dining, �������� �������� ������� ���� ��� ���� ����� ������� ������ opp. Sameer Business Park Msa rd. ������� ����� �������� ���� ����� Bedroom and fully equipped D531 Hotels ����������������������������������������������������� ������������������������������������������������������� 6793sq/ft very prime 0717500010 ���������� kitchenette. DSTv, WiFi, Fridge, ������ �������� ���� ��������� ������ ������ ���� ������KABARNET Rd office 0721103950 KAREN 2x1acre ready titles Tel Laundry, linen change. Daily/ weekly ������������������������������������������������������� 0721990237 No agents /monthly tariffs. End May. Langata. ������������������������������������������������������MSA rd bhd Libra hse 1/4 acre stone 0721592416 / 0733776585 ����������������������������������������������������� wall power water shed 0720174149 KASARANI Sunton House for sale ����� ��������� ������ ������� ���� ���� ����� ������ ������� income Ksh165K pm tel 0724853613 Furnished 1br apartment new very ������� ������������ ��� �������������� ���������� ������OFC to let Westlands 0707119531 neat 30k 0726879502 ������� ����� �������� ������� ������� ������� ������� Mac2properties �������� �������� ������ ���� ������ �������� �������OFFICE 10k 15k 20k 0723521594 KAYOLE (near Kayole Police Station) HAZINA 2br flat g/flr 0722152232 ������ ������������ ��� ����� �������� ���������� ����OFFICES 7000/-pm Nbi 0720916550 4rms+foundation 1.2M 0720855278 HMX opp Taj mall 1br big 12k, small ���������������������������������������������������� �����������������������������������������������������O’RONGAI executive offices. Tel KILIMANI 3br m/sonette 22M 10k & b/s 7500 0720081032 0789215427 ���������������������������������������������������� 0738115242 0724477969 JACARANDA Gardens (Kamiti Rd) -3 b/r Apartment, m-ensuite. Rent ���������� �������� ������ ����� ��� ��������� ����� ���������������������������������������������������� ���������TASSIA big hall for Bank/Agency S/Market, Hospital/Church, Hardware KINOO 2br flats @3M 0720-456749 Kshs. 40,000/- p.m. Contact: ���������������������������������������� �������������� 95k goodwill 1m 0752-695315 KOMAROCK 2br 0729-294621 Masterways 0714-498948,WESTLANDS 120sqft prestigeous LANGATA southlands 4br 0721-858034. ������������������������������������������������ ���������������������������������������������� ���������� K /SUKARI bedsitters + 2br flats ��������������������������������������������� ��������������� and secure. Call 0786787137 M-ensuite, 3sqs + extras 0733-363100 8500-18000 0722856871WESTLAN DS Office Park Compound MATHARE ‘N’ 8 rooms 0722630985 K APUTEI 5 br town hse Gardens. Call of 11units Tel: 0722-446055 MEMBLY 1/8ac 2.5m 0723330207 owner 0722511154. No agents please ��������������������������������B782 Properties for Sale MEMBLY 40x80 owner 0711831204 KAREN house to let. 1 spacious MEMBLY 5br new 6.9m 0723330207 ��� ��� ����� ������� ����������� ��� ������ ����� ����� bedsitter with separate kitchen and2 b/r Nyayo Highrise 3.5m 0722965557 toilet. 18,500 incl. dstv, water, elec ��� ��������� ���� ������ ��� ����� ������� �������� MSHAMBA Hse Co-op: Inviting ���������� ���� ��� ����� ������ ������ ���� �������2B/R Suna Estate phase 2 Sh. 4m offer for sale of hse at Kahawa West- opp Tangaza College 0720566408 ������� ������� �������� ��� ����� ������ ������ ���� negotiable 0720560408 Nbi. Opening tender 26/5/2012 at KIAMBU road Baraka Complex ����� ������ ��������� ������� ��� ������� ���������3BR HOUSE KINOO MASTER noon Tel. 051-8002443, 0722791916 1bedroom flats ensuite, shop, DSTV, �������� �� ������������ �������� ����� ���������� ENSUITE 4.7M 0722790200 Mwihoko 4br mans. 5.7m0722890202 parking Call 0724-320632, 0704-501525 �������� ������ ��������� ��������� �������� ��������� ��������� ����� �������� ������� �������3BR HOUSES SIGONA (2UNITS) New 3bedroom town house for sale, KIAMUBI 1&2br 5-8k 0724674808 �� ����������� ������ ����� ������� �� ��������� MAISONETTE 8M 0722790200 Mombasa Bombolulu, 800 meters off KIKUYU 2broomed Ksh 15000 Tel ��������������� ������ �������� ������� �������� ��4BR HSE KANYARIRI ON 1AC 6.5M the main road, 2.5km from Nyali. 0722831093 �������������������������������������������������� 0732229050, 0722790200 Mature garden. 13m negotiable. For ���������������������������������������������������� inquiries call 0722754523, KILE SQ 28K 0710446388 no agentsA block of apartments Thika rd with KILIMANI Off Denis Pritt Rd. 4BD ���������������������������������������������������� good income price 150M 0738208849 0722412689 ���������������������������������������������������� NKOROI 3br 1/4ac 4.7M0712984584 +sq Luxury maisonette 150K p/m ������ ������� �������� ��������� ����� ���� ����AVENUE Park Ph1, 3bd house, DSQ, Call: 0720953959, 0733251458 ������ ��������� �������� ������� �������� ������� car park, 12m, 0720-755992 O’RONGAI 3br near Thorn tree & KINOO/Rungiri 2bedroom 0722701142 ������� ������� ������ �������� ������ ��� ��� �������AVENUE Park PhII maisonette Osupuko on 1/8 6.5m 0722-367058 owner occupied price 15M serious RESTAURANT To Let South B KITENGELA 3bedroom �� ������ ������ �������� ������ �� ����������� �������������������������������������������������� ������������ buyers only Call: 0720953959, .0727986431 0733251458 Balozi 0715-786808, 0739-620786 KITENGELA 3bedroom ������ �� ������� ������� ������� �������� ���� ������������������������������������������������ ���������������� RIMPA 2x1/4ac @ 2.5m 0732346788AZIZI 1/4acres Ngong Ksh. 250,000 SABAKI 1/4Acr 2.5M 0722762233 .0727986431 ��������� �������� �������� ����� ������� ������� ����������� ������ ������ �������� ������� ������� ��� ������ 0723861747 KOMAROCK PHs 3b 3bedroom & SOUTH-B : 3br Maisonette + SQ 9M sq 0725877566, 0733788286 ������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������AZIZI 1.1 acre Upperhill price 380 Call 0720242240 ��������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� million 0713627425 KOMAROK 3br 18k 0722658463ownr �������� ��������� ������� ������������� ������ ������������ ������ ����� �������� ��� ���� ��������AZIZI 3/4acre in Lavington freehold SOUTH-B 3br apt 8.5m 0708826192 LANGATA 3BRM + SQ maisonette �������������������������������������������������� title 0713627425 SOUTH-B 4BR+SQ ms0723330207 @50K pm Rent. Tel 0714128056 ����������������������������������������������������������������������������������������AZIZI 10 acres Kajiado Ksh. 800,000 THOME 1/2acre 12M, 3/4acre 13.5m, LANG’ATA Park 2 - 1BR apartment ���������������������������������������������������������������������������������������������� per acre 0724972140 Maziwa 1acre 13m 0722254565 Call 0720 148 211 �������������������AZIZI prime 1/2acres Kiambu road UMOJA1 2Br 3.8M Tel 0722788500 LORESHO 6broomed Ksh140,000 price 14 million 0713627425 �������������������������������������������������������������������������������� VISIT www. Tel 0722831093 ��������������������������������������������������������������������������AZIZI prime 1 3/4acre Ruiru Southern ������ ������� ���� ���� ������������ bypass 500,000 per plot 0724972140 WESTLAND1acre Plot ,0727-558194 WESTLND 4br masontte 0721698394 ������������������������AZIZI prime 2acres Athiriver price 12 MBAGATHI 2BR Apartments rent million per acre 0723861747 B789 Properties to Let Kshs 29,700 Call 0720 148 211 ������������������������������AZIZI Realtors Ltd 0703790095 MLO 360court 18k own 0722215780BLOCK Of maisonette 3 and 2 Br at 1&2BR adams ngara 8-15k 0727097735 ��� ��� ����� ������� ����������� ��� ������ ����� 1&2 brm Kilimani near yaya N /WEST 1br & 2 br 26K & 33K ����� ��� ��������� ���� ������� ������ ��� Olympic Call 0723417787 0722-527514 respectively Call 0720 148 211 ���� �������� ����� ����� ������� �������� ���BURU-4 3br msnt 8m 0722740375 NGARA 1br Tel. 0716-358030 ������� ������� �������� ��������� ��� ���� �����D/corner building 4sale 0716-935457 1 2 &3br Westlands 8-30k 0722914205 ������������ �������� ���� ����� ��������� 1B/R South B/C 9,000/- 0720040895 NGARA 2 bedroom 0708466469DONHOLM Ph5 modern 4b/r all ensuite �������� ��� �������� ����� ��� �������� ������ Classic Kshs 9M ono 0722-524270 1 b/r spacious opp juja pre 0733259307 NGUMO 2br 15k 0729579496 owner ��������� ������� ��� ������� ���������� �����FLAT Githurai 12m 0715610420 1b/s State hse rd,Yaya 4k 0724780399 N/WEST 1BR 9K OWNR ������������ ��������� ������� ��������� 0720076630 D857 Furniture �������� ������� ������� ������ ���� ������� 1b/s up/hill n/west 3-5k 0727097735 NYARI 5Br on 0.5ac 0725923311 �������� ������������ ��� ���������� ������� ��� 1BR Buru-1 Tel 0722387397 OFFICE! Furniture @ best prices Tel ��������������������������������������������� NYAYO Emba Corner Maiso 0723316474 0751704088! Khimji’s! �������� ����� ������ ����� ������� ���������� 1BR Ext Hurligham 12k 0716365649 NYAYO Est Embakasi 3bdrm flat �������� ���� ���������� �������� ������ ��� 1Br Ngando/Lenana 7.5k 0720291409 offers 0722700161 / 475514 Evening ������� �������� � ��������� ������� ��� �������� Located at Ruiru Kihunguro 500M E546 Machinery for Sale 1BR Nrb West 25K Call 020 2214860, PARKLAND 4br flat 0722555570 �������� ���� ��������� ��������� ��� �������� from Thika Highway and 600M 0720 716 078 Ena Property �������������� ��� ���������� �������� ����������� from the Eastern Bypass RONGAI spacious 2br apt Call JCB Excavator HP285 MDL 2011 1 br southB Tel 07233387931 owner 0724477906 or 020-2587006 $160,000 Tel 0700702288 ��������� ������� ������� ��������� ������� ��������� ����������� ������ �������� ��������� ��������������� 1rm R/Satellite nxt police Stn. 0716-935457 RUAKA 1bd v/spacious 0725514565 ������� ��������� ������� ����� �������� 2BR mapa hse kiambu secure f.serviced RUNDA 5Br on 0.5ac 0725923311 E740 Land Plots for Sale ������&#