Research proposal


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Research proposal

  1. 1. LEE JO YEE 0314880 Foundation in Natural and Built Environment (FNBE) April Intake 2013 PSYC 103 Research Proposal
  2. 2. COMPONENTS HYPOTHESIS DESCRIPTION If red color lighting is shown on an object, the viewers experience a higher level of happiness. QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH The research is conducted on 50 students. The results is collected and calculated from the scale of happiness (1 - 5) given by the participants in the questionnaires. PROCEDURES 1. Hold group meeting to discuss the concept and idea of research that is going to conduct. 2. Get the approval of idea from lecturer and come out a research proposal, as a group. 3. Execution of the research by start preparing the props. The tasks of making the props are as following: a) Make ONE standing box with a window in front so that the viewers can view from outside. b) Buy ONE happy face mask from the toy shop. c) Buy TWO red color A4 filter paper from the stationary shop. d) Borrow the table lamp from Lee Jo Yee 4. Prepare the questionaires. 5. Book a booth in front of Taylor's Student Life Center as the research will be conducted there. 6. Prepare the consent form and information letter. 7. Carry out the experiment by the following steps: a) Setting up the booth and the standing box. Require a socket to light the table lamp. b) 2 of us will be looking for volunteers, 2 taking care of the counter by distributing and collecting forms whereas the rest 2 in charge of the standing box. c) Looking for volunteers in front of the Student Life Center. REMARKS
  3. 3. d) The consent forms and information letter are given to them to read and fill up. e) Brief is given to them on the research that we are going to conduct. f) Let them observe the happy face mask behind the red filter paper. g) Questionnaires are given to them and kindly have them fill up the scale of happiness after observing the mask. h) The questionnaires are collected from them and the debriefing will be given at the same time. i) The data will be collected from a minimum of 50 participants. 8. Analysis of data will be made. 9. Discussion and conclusion will be made. ETHICAL CONSIDERATION 1. Confidentiality - The information on the questionnaries ( Gender, course, age) will be handled with care and will only be shared among the researchers. - The forms will be anonymised and after the submission of the report, all the data will be destroyed. 2. Technical Consideration -The lighting behind the red filter paper will be adjusted to suit the participants' eye sight. - The research will be stopped immediately if the participants find they are uncomfortable with the lighting. 3. Voluntary - The participants are based on full voluntary. They have their full right refuse to participate or request to stop in the middle of the research. - The participants have the right to not to continue the research once they find the happy face mask uncomfortable.
  4. 4. 4. Personal Safety - The research will take place only in front of the Student Life Center where is a public space. -Any emergency or accidents can be reported immediately.