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Jade Gazette January 2010

  1. 1. JADE - European Confederation of Junior Enterprises - Gazette for Junior Entrepreneurs Issue January 2010
  2. 2. As high-level strategic managers we know: there is no better feeling than being in control of the happening. Because happening means New, means Antonia Sariyska Change - like New Year and New Decade, New Hope, President New Dream, New Challenge. And all this New is in our Head of Public Affairs, hands, the hands of our generation of world-changers. Enlargement and Alumni On the way, I can wish ourselves only one Management thing for the coming '10s decade: being truly ethical antonia.sariyska@jadenet.org and socially responsible, as only a Junior Entrepreneur EXBO CORNER can be! Welcome to the new Decade, folks! It's our Decade! Moritz Beck Vice-President Antonia Sariyska Head of Private Cooperation moritz.beck@jadenet.org Dear Junior-Entrepreneurs, First of all, I would like to wish you a great and Matthieu Milan successful 2010! Vice-President As you know, 2009 was the year of financial Head of Inner Enhancement crisis and difficulties… Even for Junior Enterprises… and Civil Cooperation Don‘t forget that crisis also means opportunities! So matthieu.milan@jadenet.org guys, innovate, take risks, … for sure you will be awarded for that entrepreneurial behaviour! Cheers and see you in March for JADE Spring Adelina Peltea Meeting! Secretary General Head of Communications, Matthieu Milan HR and Events adelina.peltea@jadenet.org After 4 years in this network, I got the opportunity to meet a lot of people, see opportunities, Ricardo Ponce experience great moments, through all over Europe, Treasurer that because some of us 40 years ago, thought about a Head of Finance and Legal strikingly concept where there is no boundaries, where ricardo.ponce@jadenet.org nothing is impossible, where we can just learn by doing: J.E. But the most important things that come to my mind, is that this network, this concept, got the power Carlos Morales to move you! Senior Project Manager I look forward to this effect in all of you! Head of IT carlos.morales@jadenet.org Ricardo Ponce Dear future leaders, The European Union realizes the importance of youth entrepreneurship. With their support and your www.jadenet.org motivation, we can realize big things in 2010! All the best and a successful year! Moritz Beck
  3. 3. Content JADE House o CDP Auditors training weekend o Fundraising team – strategy and teambuilding weekend Brazilian corner o Good Bye Ticão and Vini! Welcome Luiz, Miriam and Naone! New Year – new fashion o JADE - refreshing its visual identity Dear Junior Entrepreneur, o Better promoting the Junior Enterprise concept – JADE France rebranding The beginning of a new year is always a good opportunity to look back and analyse what it took us to get where Towards a stronger movement we are and also to set up new aims, o Lobbying driven by new ambitions. o CDP updates oJE.net – the JEs exchange platform One of these aims for JADE Executive Board 2010 is to get closer to you, to JADE events help you understand why it is worth to o JADE Spring Meeting be engaged in the European network. o Junior Enterprise World Conference Through this montly Gazette, o Other events in the network alongside with other communication platforms we are using, we hope to Career opportunities remind you that you are part of a o JADE Executive Board 2011 huge international network created to o Communications Senior Project support young ambitious people like Manager you. o IT Project Manager o Research Project Manager Never forget that JADE is actually YOU! And together we grow! Adelina Peltea Head of Communications JADE Executive Board 2010
  4. 4. CDP Auditors Training weekend - Last 16th and 17th of January, in ING HeadQuarters, occurred the Confederations‘ Development Programme (CDP) training session. After having successfully passed the whole selection process, 8 highly motivated Junior-Entrepreneurs have been trained to the audit by the European Organisation of Quality (EOQ) and by the CDP team. They learned the basis of being an auditor in order to get the right information using the right questions. They have also been informed on the context and origins of the CDP and on the way they will help JADE within this project. JADE HOUSE Fundraising team – strategy and teambuilding weekend JADE ExBo is restructuring the fundraising of JADE. Under the leadership of Moritz Beck, Head of Private Cooperation, a team of five took on the fundraising challenge: Sebastian Bette (in Brussels) and Dominik Klimmek from Germany, Matthieu Le Bris and Guilhem Moulin from France, Guilio Sciarappa from Italy. The kick-off for the fundraising team took part in JADE House, for three productive and motivating days. After discovering the cultural differences and how to use them best for the team, they created the 2010 fundraising strategy after understanding the full background of JADE. In addition, the team was trained at a practical workshop with simulated business sales meetings with video recording. And after all this, they experienced the legendary night live of Brussels, thus building the social scope of the team. Good Bye Ticão and Vini! Welcome Luiz, Miriam and Naone! Well, they did a really nice job, but now they are going back to Brazil. Tiago Mitraud and Vinícius Carraro, the Brazilian Ambassadors, worked for the past six months as Senior Project BRAZILIAN CORNER Managers at JADE. Their main tasks were the CDP Project, Enlargement, benchmarking and others. Now they will continue their work in the Brazilian Network where Tiago Mitraud is now the President of Brasil Junior and Vinicius Carraro is the Head of Internal Management Department (for the new Brasil Junior Board that started its term in January 2010). Luiz Gonçalves, Miriam Ascenso and Naone Garcia are now the new Brazilian Ambassadors. As Senior Project Managers of JADE they are already working in the CDP Project (Luiz), Management of Jade Spring Meeting (Miriam) and JE.NET Project (Naone) and soon they will also manage new projects. As Brazilian Ambassadors their main tasks are: gather the best JADE practices; maintain and consolidate the partnership between Brasil Junior and JADE; organize the Brazilian commission that will go to the JEWC and represent Brasil Junior in Europe.
  5. 5. JADE - refreshing its visual identity JADE website was also And that’s the renewed from November 2009. moment when we ask for The year of 2009 marks an The new website is more your contribution to the important moment in the history of interactive and modern, being process of implementing the our network. JADE Executive Boards now up-to-date with the online visual identity change in the NEW YEAR. NEW FASHION 2009 and 2010 with the help of JEDES technological progress. network. It’s time that you - an Italian Junior Enterprise JADE Headquarters change all the old branded specialized in design – developed the started to use the new visual materials (for example, JADE visual identity of JADE, trying to boost identity from November 2009, logo on your website). Ask the youth spirit behind it. and because it involves a lot of your International Manager Still keeping the high- resources to change the for the new visual identity awareness elements, the new logo network’s visual identity, JADE elements you need. looks now younger and more modern National Confederations have a expressing the never-ageing concept time buffer of 12 months to of youth entrepreneurship and the convert entirely. always young members with fresh All these changes aim ideas. Starting from this, all the visual at keeping JADE visual identity identity elements (templates etc.) always fresh and so to reveal were changed to express our dynamic the young spirit of our network. network. Better promoting the Junior Enterprise concept – JADE France rebranding The institutional logo is going from red to blue: red for Juniors, blue for the institutional aspect of companies; the young and dynamic network echoes backs to the spirit of entrepreneurship and professionalism. The transition is done through the first letter of the word “enterprise”, an “e” that is the heart of the change of color with a circle to call up the notion of network that enforces each Junior-Enterprise. The Willing to better promote the whole expression is written on an upward diagonal, entrepreneurship spirit in French symbolism of expansion, optimism and dynamism, like the Universities and the National network of Junior Enterprises are. nearly 140 Junior Enterprises, JADE The signature « Révélateurs d’esprit d’entreprise » is France is renovating its visual identity the right way up, it is clear: using one’s entrepreneurship during the 40th anniversary. The new spirit, taking decisions, innovating, managing people and visual identity enhances now the “Junior projects, but also assuming risks with the excellence as a goal Enterprise” brand, thus allowing the JEs to reach. The signature is the result of the four components glow. of Junior-Enterprises: the economic one that gives In a context that needs to give competencies, dynamism and the capacity of students to value to the Junior Enterprises activities, innovate for companies or associations; the entrepreneurial the confederation reorients its politics one that gives students a first experience of towards the brand that is promoted for entrepreneurship and also provides them with innovative 40 years and focuses its new visual projects: the pedagogical and professional components identity on this brand. propose students a concrete and enhancive experience promoting the professional integration. Based on article by Adeline Lajoinie, France
  6. 6. Lobbying - Promoting the Junior Enterprise Concept and ensuring the recognition of JE experience: the key objectives pursued by JADE on an institutional level. January 2010 brought a TOWARDS A STRONGER MOVEMENT great new wave of recognitions. Through the European Commission, JADE earned the right to revise policy documents related to Entrepreneurship education before it actually goes live. The reason for this decision was given shortly by a member of DG Enterprise: "JADE is one of the most important youth organisation in Brussels, and definitely the entrepreneurship leader in Europe". Looking into the new decade, JADE ExBo attended a few briefings on the strategy for EU 2020: Growth and Jobs. Moreover, Junior Enterprises are already mentioned surely and frequently in the new resolution of the European Council on the Youth framework as a part of the EU 2020 strategy. Last year, JADE was a key speaker at the UNESCO World Conference on Higher Education. 6 months later, the leading youth organisations of the World got together in Paris to discuss how to ensure access to high-quality education and easiness of education migration. JADE and Brasil Junior attended the event as the single body of the Junior Enterprise Movement, proposed many effective solutions, and the results are expected soon in the official communiqué by UNESCO. CDP updates - Our Junior Auditors are now visiting the Confederations and they will have to write a precise report with the help of the whole CDP team and the concerned Confederations in order to get a real overview of the situation. This information will be used to give guidelines to each Confederation for their development: by promoting knowledge exchange between them, JADE network will become stronger and stronger! The main feedbacks of the project will be given during the JADE Spring Meeting (5 th to 7th of March 2010). JE.net – the Jes exchange platform is itself a website, where each Confederation, Member State and Junior Enterprise (from JADE and Brasil Junior) will develop a profile, which will allow the sharing of international projects, knowledge, experience and even the exchange of members at international level! A mixture of a social networking webpage and a travel directory will ensure that your organisation has chosen the right partner for the international purpose wanted. The pilot test started in January 2010 and the official launch for all the Junior Enterprises will take place during Spring Meeting, in March 2010.
  7. 7. JADE EVENTS JADE Executive Board 2010 would like to And because you are the leaders of welcome Junior Entrepreneurs from all over tomorrow and you have the power to Europe to Spring Meeting – the international improve the world around you through your event hosted in the home town of the JADE actions, we dedicated this event to the theme Headquarters - Brussels, Belgium. of Social Entrepreneurship and we invite you This event will give you the chance to: to debate on different related topics. - meet like-minded Junior Entrepreneurs So don’t miss the opportunity and from other cities and countries with whom to come to Brussels from 5th to 7th of March exchange knowledge and experience 2010 (see here the agenda). You are able - attend the Excellence Awards ceremony to subscribe online until the 14th February and be inspired by the commitment, 2010, but don´t forget that there are only 120 professionalism and innovative ideas of the places so hurry up! members of our network - develop skills and project ideas through www. jadenet.org/events workshops - discover the JADE spirit, the awesome mixture of cultures and ideas, the perfect balance between doing business and having fun Other events: May Meeting Prepare for our biggest international event! 30.04 – 02.05 in When? 22nd – 25th July 2010 Tours, France Where? Milan, Italy An event for Confederations and What? “Ideas to (re)design (y)our world” Consultative Members Organised by JEME Bocconi representatives
  8. 8. Are you a Junior Entrepreneur that wants to: -Gain Top Management experience at European level? - Discover yourself by testing all your aptitudes and skills? Boost CAREER OPPORTUNITIES -Work and live in a multicultural your personal environment? and -Expand your friends and business professional network worldwide? development! If yes, then think about taking the step that will improve your Take the big professional life! JADE offers you challenge the opportunity to achieve all this and apply for at a very fresh age by becoming a JADE Executive member of JADE Executive Board 2011! Board 2011! Deadline for application: 4th June 2010 More info soon on: www.jadenet.org/career If you are interested and you want to discover more about what it takes to become and be an „ExBo“, to discover what you win from the experience, then come to Spring Meeting from 5th to 7th March and attend the workshop „Being JADE ExBo“ ! For any questions don‘t hesitate to contact: Adelina Peltea, Head of HR, JADE Executive Board 2010 Email: adelina.peltea@jadenet.org Skype: adelina.peltea
  9. 9. Communications Senior Project Manager IT Project Manager Research Project Manager Time frame: 15th March – Time frame: 15th March – 15th August Time frame: 1st – 15th April 30th April Location: Brussels (with handover; 15th May – 1st Location: Work remotely short periods of working September working time from home with start and remotely if necessary) Location: Brussels (with finishing visits to Brussels short periods of working Objectives: Increase the remotely if necessary) Objectives: Discover facts CAREER OPPORTUNITIES awareness of JADE towards about the members of JADE third parties and the Objectives: Offer IT support (regarding studies, awareness of JADE to all activities inside the entrepreneurial spirit etc.) Headquarters activities JADE Headquarters. and write a report that will towards the members. develop a better Improve JADE image for all Main responsibilities: understanding of the stakeholders by creating a - Website development Network, and will be sent to 360° Communications - Network support organisations in order to Strategy and implementing - Offer IT solutions for show the potential of our it in a professional way. facilitating the work inside members. the Headquarters Main responsibilities: Main responsibilities: -- Create the Your benefits: -Develop the questionnaire communications plan for all - Gain professional together with JADE ExBo target audiences of JADE experience in a multicultural - Create the project plan - Manage the environment - Create the report of the communication tools - Improve your skills research findings - Develop media relations at -Expand your network international level Your benefits: Profile: - Gain professional Your benefits: -Attention to details experience in a multicultural - Gain professional -IT knowledge environment experience in a multicultural -Website development - Improve your skills environment knowledge (joomla) -Expand your network - Improve your skills -Good level of English -Expand your network Profile: -Knowledge in Marketing Profile: Apply until 8th March 2010 Research and Statistics -Strategic thinking - Structured, reliable -Good communications skills - Detail oriented -Good level of English - Good presentation skills Apply until 17th Feb 2010 Apply until 12th Feb 2010 For questions and applications (CV and Motivation Letter) contact: Adelina Peltea, Head of HR, JADE Executive Board 2010 Email: adelina.peltea@jadenet.org Skype: adelina.peltea More info on: www.jadenet.org/career
  10. 10. Curious to discover the people from JADE Headquarters and their activities? Come and meet them all. If you are a Junior Entrepreneur you are more than welcome to visit JADE House either just to meet the Executive Board and the Project Managers, either to use the space for teambuilding or work sessions with your Junior Enterprise colleagues. Just send an email to open.doors@jadenet.org to establish your visit! Stay always informed about JADE opportunities and news. Visit our website www.jadenet.org Your feedback is very important for making this Gazetter better and more interesting for you! Send your comments and suggestions to gazette@jadenet.org