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Destination Changemakers is a project aiming at helping social entrepreneurs to scale up and maximize their social impact. After one year and a half of preparation in the UK and France, we will help social entrepreneurs in Asia and Africa during nine months, before coming back to France to share our experience to the general public.

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Destination Changemakers - Feb 12 - English

  1. 1. Destination Changemakers Spreading solutions for global change Brochure February 2012DARDAILLON MatthieuGUYOT Jonas
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION2 TOWARDS A NEW PARADIGM « SPREADING SOLUTIONS FOR GLOBAL CHANGE » Our system needs new economic, social and Men and women that re-invent the world and fight environmental adjustments. It has become non- urgent social needs through economic initiatives are sustainable, as it is built on an accumulation of social entrepreneurs. They use their business skills to unlimited natural resources ; non-desirable, as it design a solution to a social or environmental issue. creates poverty and disparities while creating wealth ; and sometimes non-ethical, when the rush for more But, these solutions are still often too local ; they have a and more profits justifies immoral means. limited impact and are not well-known. Besides, there are a lot of solutions in the world, ready to germinate. This system that revealed its limits with the financial Duplicated at a large scale, these three solutions can crisis of 2008 is today condemned by the civil society ; change the lives of millions people. recent movements like « les Indignés » or Occupy are This is the challenge we decided to take up when we good examples of it. But these movements do not created Destination Changemakers. We want to propose concrete solutions. contribute to the scale-up of three social enterprises and help them spread their solutions to impact as many SOLUTIONS EXIST beneficiaries as possible. We are convinced that our Still, there are some reasons to be optimistic. The generation can be the first one to eliminated extreme corporate sector must be part of the solution. poverty over the planet. Solutions to change the world exist. Let’s imagine a young graduate Filipino who decides SURROUNDING OURSELVES WITH THE RIGHT to struggle against poverty and rural exodus making PEOPLE the countryside attractive for business and enabling To succeed, we will need to be surrounded with the poor communities to gain autonomy and right people, in order to co-create and manage to do independence. what we could not do alone. Let’s imagine an Indian man that takes up the Alone, in a country we hardly know, we couldn’t do challenge to feed India through a local and organic much. But surrounded with the right partners and thanks agriculture, with provides competitive prices for to one year and a half of preparation, we could consumers and producers thanks to an innovative contribute to help these social entrepreneurs, and this is supply chain. the most important because everyone « can be a Let’s imagine a man in Senegal that uses his Changemaker ». experience and technical skills to develop an industrial Therefore, we invite you to join the adventure ; an process that uses alfalfa to fight malnutrition that adventure to discover innovative solutions to fight concerns 2 billion people in the world. poverty !
  3. 3. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY3 THE PROJECT DESTINATION THE ORGANIZATION OF THE PROJECT CHANGEMAKERS When is it ? Destination Changemakers in brief: The project lasts 3 years and a half. Destination Changemakers is a project aiming at : The preparation : January 2011 – September 2012 - Helping social entrepreneurs in the world by studying The missions : September 2012 – June 2013 the potential of their scalability - Philippines : September – December 2012 - Raising awareness about social entrepreneurship and - India : January – March 2013 social business - Senegal : April – June 2013 The sharing of our experience : july2013 – June 2014 What Destination Changemakers is not : - A humanitarian project as we are going to work with How is it financed ? social enterprises that are financially sustainable (not The provisional budget is 29000€. We want to finance it NGO) thanks to competitions, foundations, subsidies, private - A journalistic world tour as we want to contribute to sponsoring, crowdfunding and a small counterparty the development of these enterprises with concrete from the social entrepreneurs. actions The residual part will be financed by our own resources. Who are we ? We are two students in business school (ESCP Europe). KEY FIGURES We chose to realize two gap years before finishing our  20 months of preparation studies : one gap year for professional experiences in  9 months of missions the sector of social business, sustainable development  12 months to share our experience and microfinance; one year with social entrepreneurs in  3 countries emerging countries with the project Destination  3 social entrepreneurs Changemakers.  Thousands of beneficiaries Why this project ? We have chosen to create Destination Changemakers and to dedicate a whole year to work with social entrepreneurs in order to : - Make a difference by using our business skills in enterprises with great social added value - Learn on the ground - Be inspired to create then our own social enterprise and become changemakers “Be the change you want to see in the world” GANDHI
  4. 4. OUR TEAM4 JONAS I am a student in a business school (ESCP Europe) and I am passionate about social entrepreneurship and social business. This passion started during my internship with the Centre for Social Innovation (CSI) of the Filipino NGO Gawad Kalinga. I discovered there the potential of social entrepreneurship, that overcomes the potential of humanitarian action. Indeed, through a sustainable business model, a social entrepreneur can design sustainable solutions and integrate the communities in the process. I am currently having a six-month internship in consulting in sustainable development at Doing Good Doing Well, and I am going to start next March another six-month internship in microfinance at BNP Paribas. In addition to these professional experiences, Destination Changemakers is for me a great source of inspiration. MATTHIEU I am a student in Master in Management at ESCP Europe and I have always been involved in different social and environmental projects. I have above all founded and directed the student society Star Trek’ ESCP Europe that aims at organizing an eco- friendly event once a year. Passionate about this entrepreneurial experience, concerned about social issues in the world, fascinated about innovation and willing to make a difference, I am naturally attracted by social entrepreneurship. I believe in the power of the enterprise to solve social and environmental issues at a large scale. I would like to participate to the development of a new economic paradigm. I have some experience in Socially Responsible Investment in London and in Human Resources at Danone. I am currently having an internship at danone.communities : I am working on the management of various communities to inspire, engage and connect people in order to promote social business. I am sure that Destination Changemakers will help me to figure out how to be become a Changemaker ! You will find our CVs in the Appendix
  5. 5. THE HISTORY AND THE PLANNING OF THE PROJECT5 THE PREPARATION : January 2011 – Sept 2012 And today ? As we are both having internship, we spend our evenings The birth of an idea. and week ends to :  Look for innovative social entrepreneurs and define London, 2011, January 1st. A new year starts. The desire to make great projects. And above all to feel our mission with them  Develop partnerships with institutions in France and useful. The idea to travel and meet amazing changemakers was already in the mind of Matthieu. abroad  Look for financing Jonas didn’t hesitate a long time… We decide to  Participate to events linked to social dedicate a second gap year for our project and to work all the summer 2011 on it. Matthieu postpones his entrepreneurship and social business internship, Jonas refuses a well-paid internship in M&A… Let’s go ! Discovery and inspiration in London THE MISSIONS : September 2012 – June 2013 During the spring 2011, we meet many changemakers We will accompany each social enterpreneur during in London : we discover the sector of social three months to share the life of changemakers and entrepreneurship and we listen to their pieces of advice contribute to the development of their venture. We will and needs. We want to start from the needs of social share our experience and achievement with you, though entrepreneurs to get the more impact as possible ! It is our website and weekly videos. now much clearer : what social entrepreneurs really  Sept. – December 2012 : mission in the Philippines need are investments and human resources to scale up  January – March 2013 : mission in India and recognition because their initiatives are still quite  April – June 2013 : mission in Senegal unknown. The definition of the project We work all the month of July on the project. One THE SHARING OF OUR EXPERIENCE : July 2013 month of work and team-building in the Vercors, in – June 2014 (and ever after…) Normandie, and in Paris. We precisely define the The sharing project, create the website, look for financing… Above The project do not stop when we will leave the plane. all, we realize a pilot mission with a social entrepreneur First because it is not a parenthesis in our studies but a in Paris. inspiration for our career. Also because the more important will be to have encouraged others to commit An active preparation themselves. This last phase is essential and we are From September 2011, things accelerate. In preparing it from now on : we are working on the September, we organize our first meeting with the realization of a documentary, the publication of a book « Changemakers Crew », our groups of active and business cases. supporters. 20 people are attending. In October, we participate to the radio emission « Allô la Planête » of The relay by another team Le Mouv’. In November, we are invited at the Global All of this… while another team will doing new missions ! Social Business Summit in Vienna, where we meet Pr. Yunus.
  6. 6. OUR OBJECTIVES 1. HELPING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS TO SCALE UP (1/3)6 OUR OBSERVATION DEFINITION  Solutions to change the world already exist, but they need to scale up to Social enterprise have a significant impact A social enterprise operates  Institutions like Ashoka or danone.communities do remarkable work to like a business, produces help high-potential social entrepreneurs to scale up goods and services for the  Some of the most innovative social entrepreneurs can’t benefit from the market, but manages its support of these institutions because they do not meet the restrictive operations and redirects its criteria or lack of time to apply surpluses in pursuit of social and environmental course. OUR MISSION WHO ? The entrepreneurs we want to  We will realize studies of the potential of scalability of these social work with are small enterprises entrepreneurs that need help  We believe in co-creation and co-construction : we work with Ashoka to scale up. which has a 30-year experience in that field to develop a methodology for our missions
  7. 7. OUR OBJECTIVES 1. HELPING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS TO SCALE UP (2/3)7 AND CONCRETELY ? PARTNERSHIPS During the preparation phase :  Realization of a 2-week pilot mission with a French social entrepreneur to help him on his business model (July 2011)  Collaboration with Ashoka to understand their Fellow selection criteria, and to develop a methodology for our studies  Working at distance with our social entrepreneur to provide some ideas Ashoka is the global before our arrival association of the world’s leading social entrepreneurs. During our missions, with the three social entrepreneurs : Since 1981, they have elected  Helping them on their specific challenges : assessing their social impact over 2,500 leading social with their community ; rethinking their Business Model ; formalizing their entrepreneurs as Ashoka Business Plan ; etc. Fellows, providing them living  Organizing MakeSense HoldUps (brainstorming adapted to social stipends, professional support entrepreneurs), one in France and one in their community, to find creative and access to a global network ideas to help them solving some of their challenges of peers in 70 countries.  Linking them to other local Changemakers to accelerate social change ( in their ecosystem (MeetUp : organizing an event with all the Changemakers of the area and brainstorming on how they can partner together, share their experience and tips and learn from each other) MakeSense is a community of 300 young people (called Gangsters) in 20 countries who spread the virus of social business into capitalism. They use brainstorming (called HoldUps) to solve social entrepreneur’s challenges. ( WE WILL SUCCEED IF...  At least 1 social entrepreneur out of the 3 scales up (more than 10,000 people impacted ) by 2015
  8. 8. OUR OBJECTIVES 1. HELPING SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS TO SCALE-UP (3/3)8 SCALABILITY : WHAT ARE WE TALKING ABOUT ? SOURCES & READINGS The challenge : How a local solution can have a global impact? The specificities for the scale-up of social enterprises Different bottom lines  The question is different : in which way the scaling up will optimize the social impact of the solution ?  Value-sharing approach (open source, « copyleft »), but no logic of value appropriation (copyright)  Co-creation and co-construction in a integrated ecosystem Changer d’échelle Géraldine Chalencon and Anne- Specific challenges Claire Pache  The mobilization of resources is harder  Difficulty to find the good fixing that enables to maximize the social impact while being financially sustainable. The adjustments are sometimes very precise : for example, the experiences of danone.communities show that the adjustments can sometimes be about 0,01€  The stakeholders are more numerous, private and public. Scaling Social Impact: New Thinking Paul N. Bloom and Edward Skloot And Destination Changemakers in all of that ? The scale-up is possible only if the business model is perfectly well defined. We will work with the social entrepreneurs to :  Verify the social and financial sustainability of the business model and Business Model Generation to opportunities of scalability Alexander Osterwalder and Yves  Study the potential of scalability, and define a development strategy Pigneur with an appropriate planning We will assess the results of the first pilots and the sustainability of the business model to duplicate it at a larger scale.
  9. 9. OUR OBJECTIVES 2. STUDYING THE SOCIO-CULTURAL MECHANISMS OF SOCIAL CHANGE9 OUR OBSERVATION DEFINITION We think Changemakers are drivers of social change. Their common trait Changemaker ? They have the leadership and the commitment to convince other people to change their own personal behavior in a positive way to accelerate social A Changemaker is a man or a change. We believe Changemakers are the leaders of tomorrow’s world; woman with system changing they are visionaries and act to accelerate the transition to a more solutions for the world’s most sustainable world. urgent social problems. OUR MISSION Social entrepreneurs are obviously Changemakers, but  We will study how Changemakers can change mentalities, mindsets actually everyone can be a and behaviors : which quality enable them to have a positive influence Changemaker, providing he/she on society and its stakeholders ? wants to accelerate social change  We will study the specificities of leadership of the changemakers and has a positive contribution to according the culture : how their culture influence their leadership the world through his/her action. style? Changemakers can be social entrepreneurs, but also business AND CONCRETELY ? leaders, politicians, investors, academics or simple citizens… During the preparation phase :  Meeting inspiring Changemakers  Preparation of a methodology for the socio-cultural studies During the missions :  Meeting inspiring changemakers that contribute to social change in the region studied  Establishing a typology of Changemakers (example : the social entrepreneur; the intrapreneur; the politician...) explaining how they manage to change mindsets in their culture WE WILL SUCCEED IF...  We manage to establish a clear and inspiring typology of changemakers
  10. 10. OUR OBJECTIVES 3. RAISING AWARENESS ABOUT SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP10 PARTNERSHIPS OUR OBJECTIVE  We want to inspire a generation of Changemakers and transform the Y generation into a YY generation (YY : Yunus &You, the symbol of social business).  We are aware the most important part of our project is probably the part after we come back: one of the key point of success is the impact we will have on other people. Le Mouv’ is a French radio channel belonging to Radio France. AND CONCRETELY ? We will use various means of communication to reach as many people as possible. For each of them, we will partner with the media, producers and editors. Sparknews is the media of Before and during our missions : solutions that gives a second  Regular update of our blog to share every step of our project  Community management through social networks (Facebook, twitter, life to documentaries on YouTube) positive initiatives and gather  Communication on French media: for instance, the radio Le Mouv’ and the them on the same internet website Sparknews are already our partners platform.  Communication through specialized partners (Les Ateliers de la Terre)  Realization of bi-monthly short videos Once we will be back :  Publication of a photo-book “Profiles of changemakers” (guiding principle : how changemakers can change mentalities and accelerate social change?)  Realization of a documentary about one or several missions Les Ateliers de la Terre (The  Edition of a boarding game in which players must manage their social Planet Workshops) is a think enterprise and partner with different Changemakers (Matthieu is a “serial tank specialized on creator” of boarding games with more than 30 games to his credit) sustainable development and  Realization of academic business cases for business schools to raise social entrepreneurship. They awareness among students. invited us to share our studies during the Global Conference WE WILL SUCCEED IF... in September 2013. This conference is organized every  At least 1000 people regularly follow our adventure year and gathers 900 leaders  Our experience encourages at least 50 people to become changemakers from 65 countries.
  11. 11. OUR SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURS11 PARTNERSHIPS Selecting the social entrepreneurs Finding innovative social entrepreneurs with a local and impactful solution is not easy. The majority of the social entrepreneurs we target do not have any website. That’s why we are in contact with local partners in the Philippines, Ennovent is an Austrian social in India, and in Senegal that help us to target the social entrepreneurs that capital venture that invests in have a real need. social enterprises that develops solutions for the « Base of the Our selection criteria Pyramid » in India. Ennovent helps We have defined 4 criteria for our researches : us to identify social entrepreneurs  Social mission: the social (and environmental) bottom line is at least in India and to prepare our equal to the economic bottom line mission.  Post-pilot phase : the enterprise has a few years of existence and finalizes its tests on its business model  A potential of global impact : the solution has the potential to impact at least one million people in the world  A deep integration in its ecosystem : the enterprise is integrated to its communities and participates to social and economic development of The Grameen Creative Lab is an the region organization that aims at creating a global movement around social business. It raises awareness about the philosophy of social business and advises big companies to Post-pilot create social businesses. We are in Social mission contact with the Indian team. phase A deep A potential of integration in global impact Gawad Kalinga is the biggest its ecosystem Filipino NGO, created by Antonio Meloto who is our godfather. Gawad Kalinga struggles against We present you in the 3 following pages 3 social entrepreneurs we have pre- poverty in the Philippines. It has selected for our missions. created more than 2000 united and autonomous communities in the Philippines and encourages the creation or settlement of social “Social entrepreneurs do not only give a fish or teach how to fish. They businesses in these communities. are satisfied only when they have revolutionized the fishing industry.” Gawad Kalinga helps us to prepare our mission. Bill Drayton
  12. 12. Philippines : Sept-December 201212 JUSTIN DE LA CRUZ, HAPPY GREEN Justin is a smart Filipino business graduate. His inspiration started as he got introduced with Gawad Kalinga, the most important NGO in the Philippines that builds empowered, sustainable, and self-sufficient communities. Today, more than 2,000 "GK Villages" cover the country with a social impact estimated at one million beneficiaries. Justin observed there that the poor can overcome their poverty and form into a community with a disciplined work ethic. This insight is what inspired Justin to found Happy Green, with the center being the country’s neglected farmers. Happy Green was created in 2010 and has now 5 regular employees. The problem  Around a third of the Filipinos (more than 30 millions) live in poverty  About half of the population live in rural areas whereas almost 80% of the country’s poor people live there  Agriculture is the primary and often only source of income for poor rural people  Farmers think their jobs are of the lowest kind and that their children should pursue anything else, leading to problematic rural exodus The solution  Happy Green develops, prepares and bottles authentic farm-to-market beverages. Residents of Gawad Kalinga communities are empowered to take part in the entire design, development and distribution of these countryside drinks.  Happy Green "romanticizes" the countryside and makes it attractive for markets, customers and partners  Happy Green promotes green-collared work and provides communities with jobs & training Objectives for 2015  Scaling social impact : from 60 to 1000 direct and indirect beneficiaries  Scaling the activity : development of the product portfolio ; industrialization of the company ; more communities engaged (the opportunity is available to expand to the other 23 GK Villages across the Philippines).
  13. 13. India : January-March 201313 ASHMEET KAPOOR, JAGRITI AGRO TECH Ashmeet graduated from Brown University, USA. He started Jagriti Agro Tech after moving back to India from the US and traveling widely across India, which made it clear that the precursor to rural development is financial stability and that agriculture presents enormous opportunities to achieve that. He believes that holistic rural development cannot begin until the rural economy develops enough to provide respectable and sustainable livelihood opportunities. Given that agriculture is the primary occupation, successful development in sectors like education, health, and energy is directly or indirectly dependent on the success of the agro-economy. The problem  Farming Crisis: farming has become unsustainable economically for the small farmer, driving them into debt.  Marketing crisis: There is a 400-700% price hike on produce from farmer to the consumer. Supply chains are fragmented with 5-7 intermediaries, who add little value. 40% of produce is wasted before reaching the consumer due to various inefficiencies in supply chain. Planning between producers, buyers, and consumers is non-existent.  Health and Environmental Crisis: increasing resistance of pests demands harsher pesticides with detrimental effects on health and environment. Local products are on the verge of extinction because foreign, genetically modified seeds have become the norm. The solution  Jagriti Agro Tech supplies high quality, fresh, and affordable organic produce through an efficient supply chain that connects farmers straight to consumers thereby enhancing rural livelihoods, incentivizing sustainable agriculture, and promoting socially and environmentally-conscious produce.  The production of the farmers are planned according to the market demand, providing the farmers an assured market and high prices for their entire produce, and reducing post harvest losses. Objectives for 2015  Scaling social impact : make benefit at least 1000 Indian producers and their family to enjoy stable and fair prices ; raising awareness about organic food in India  Scaling the activity : spread the production and the distribution networks to other Indian regions
  14. 14. Senegal : April – June 201314 BERNARD GIROUD, SAFE Bernard Giroud is a French engineer with a long experience in the milk industry. Member of the « Association for the promotion of leaf concentrate for the nutrition » (APEF), he is convinced that leaf concentrates are a revolutionary low-cost food supplement to fight malnutrition at a large scale in the world. Married to a Senegalese, he decides to go in Senegal to produce directly there alfalfa and creates Safe Nutrition. After three years of experimentation that enabled him to test his business model, the first leaf concentrates are planned for January 2013. The problem  Senegal is the 144th country for the Human Development Index ranking (above 169 countries).  Malnutrition is a major problem : 84% of children of less than 5 years suffer from anemia and 61% of women ; 61% of children of less than 6 years lack Vitamin A  NGO spend a lot of money to buy food supplements, that are often limited The solution  Safe makes the rich components of green leaves available to humans thanks to the extraction of the leaf concentrate.  Such an extraction already exists and has been sold since 1975, but was usually produced in France and then exported to developing countries.  Bernard Giroud is developing a smart business model to produce concentrates at a low cost to fight malnutrition and sell the fodder to local farmers to finance his activity Objectives for 2015  Develop the social impact : provide leaf concentrates to 100 000 malnourished ; inject some economic dynamism in the region and have a positive impact on 100 local farmers  Develop the activity : grow the agricultural surface from 30 to 300 acres ; launch a second line of extraction
  15. 15. OUR PROJECTED BUDGET15 OUR PROJECTED BUDGET HOW ARE WE GOING TO FINANCE THE PROJECT ? It amounts to 29 000€ Competitions The major part of the expenditures is dedicated for We participate to all the competitions linked to our the missions with the entrepreneurs. They include the project, with a lot will annouce their results during the life expenditures during the missions (housing, food, spring (Social Business Youngsters of health, transports) and the material necessary to their danone.communities, Dream It Do It of Ashoka, Prix de realization. la Solidarité étudiante of the Fondation Veolia, Paris 35 000 Jeunes Aventure of the Mairie de Paris, BeProject of Administrative Bearing Point, Prix Engagement Citoyen of MoovJee, 30 000 & Unforeseen 1 210 PIEED of Etudiants et Développement). costs 25 000 5 050 Foundations 20 000 Raising We should obtain the support of the Foundation awareness & Masalina that belongs to the Fondation de France. 15 000 Engaging 10 000 22 740 people Public subsidies We are in contact with the Conseil général de la Marne. 5 000 Missions Sponsoring - We are currently looking for sponsoring, and we are in Expenses contact with some big companies to design a win-win partnership. 35 000 Private donations 30 000 Personal We are going to start soon a crowdfunding, though the 25 000 resources website 10 000 20 000 Contribution fom the entrepreneurs Private 15 000 sponsorship We are looking for a small contribution from the social 11 000 entrepreneurs (like housing) to be certain of their 10 000 motivation. Competitions, 5 000 8 000 Public subsidies Personal contribution - & Fondations As this project is very important for us we are ready to contribute financially to this project thanks to our Resources savings, in the limits of our capabilities. NB : you can find our detailed projected budget in the appendix
  16. 16. PARTICIPATE TO THE ADVENTURE16 WHAT WE NEED JOIN THE ADVENTURE ! The success of Destination Changemakers will depend We are looking for win-win partnerships, with a logic on the partnerships we will manage to create… with of co-construction. you ? Look at the following page to discover how our project We have identified some key elements for the can be useful to your organisation. success of our project A financial support We need some financial support to finance our expenditures for the missions : without any financial support, we won’t be able to work voluntary with three social entrepreneurs… A material support We would also need some material support to work in good conditions during the missions (laptops, internet access) and to communicate on our experience (camera). A support in competencies Your collaborators are experts in a specific sector (social impact assessment, business plan, communication, website creation) ? - pro bono : why not asking them to help the association Destination Changemakers during a few hours ? - formations : why not asking them to organize a formation to acquire some skills that could be useful for our studies ?
  17. 17. WHAT WE CAN BRING17 CUSTOM STUDIES A STRONG VISIBILITY Thanks to our different professional experiences in As our partner, you will be present on all our means of sustainable development, SRI, microfinance and social communication : videos, documentary, book, website, business, we would be happy to study how your Facebook & Twitter, our events, etc. company can use his competencies to fight poverty. AN EFFICIENT TOOL FOR INTERNAL We could propose you 4 kinds of studies, which are of COMMUNICATION course adaptable to your needs : Share the news of our project internally… Do you know that...? 42% of employees working in « Bottom of the Pyramid » Approach enterprises which communicate their sponsoring We could study how your company can adapt its programs say that it boosts their motivation, and 78% products, services and processes to penetrate new are proud of the commitment of their enterprise.* markets and answer the needs of poor populations. A SOURCE OF INNOVATION AND MOTIVATION Impact study FOR YOUR COLLABORATORS You already have a CSR program in one of these Why not asking some of your collaborators to join our countries ? Or you are wondering if entrepreneurial mission during a certain time ?... 2/3 of the employees initiatives to fight poverty do have a real impact ? We can would like to be dedicated to the projects sponsored by realize for you a study on the impact of a project of your their enterprise. * choice. Propositions of partnerships with local changemakers During our missions, we will work with all the ecosystem of social change in these regions (big corporate companies, social enterprises, NGO, universities, public sector, etc.). We could make you some propositions of partnerships according your needs. « How to manage a triple bottom line in a social enterprise ? » study Before scaling-up, a social business must find the right adjustment between economic sustainability, and social and environmental impact : what are the tools used to manage a triple bottom line ? We could associate you to this study. Depending on your needs and your support, we could *Source : « Le Mécénat : Point de vue du grand public et spend a certain amount of time during our missions to attitudes des collaborateurs des entreprises privées », cf work on your studies. We could also work on it before our missions.
  18. 18. A COMPLETE PREPARATION (1/2)18 We started our project in January 2011. We will leave France in September 2012, so we will have had a 20-month preparation. 20 months of preparation allow us to work on a professional value proposition to create partnerships and therefore to have an ambitious project. LEARNING BEING INSPIRED As we are curious, we want to learn as much as During our preparation, we attend as many events and possible during these 20 months of preparation. Here conferences on topics related to our project as we can. are our three main activities : Here are some examples, to name but a few : The Travel 4 Change Group work Sustainable Business Summit Launched by a « social backpacker » and Organized by The Economist in London in March 2011, danone.communities, this initiative aims at gathering this one-day summit focused on the fact that corporate all the tips from previous responsible world tours to social responsibility has move from a “nice-to-have” to help and inspire future projects. a key strategic issue. Destination Changemakers is in charge of the Convergence 2015 animation and coordination of the group work on the Organized in Paris in June 2011, this three-day summit ‘After-World tour’: how can projects like responsible focused on microfinance, social business, social world tours inspire others ? what is the ideal medium entrepreneurship and social and solidarity-based to do so ? economy. The objective of this group work is to capitalize on the The Start Up Week End experience of previous “social backpackers” to Organized in Paris in November 2011, this two-day publish a handbook that will be delivered during an event aims at creating a social business within 48 hours. event next April. The Global Social Business Summit Meeting Changemakers Organized in Wien in November 201, this three-day Meet a great deal of innovating and inspiring social event gathers some of the most inspiring leaders of the entrepreneurs, in the UK and in France, in order to world of social business. The motto : put society back at understand the reasons of their success. the heart of business. We met Prof Yunus during this event. Reading We read many articles, reports and books on topics The Social Workshop such as social entrepreneurship, social innovation and The event is a competition of creation of social sustainable development to understand the stakes enterprise during one day. It was organized in Paris at related and have a critical point of view on these the end of November 2011. The team of Matthieu won issues . the first edition on the topic: « intergenerational solidarity », with the creation of the enterprise Knowl’Age.
  19. 19. A COMPLETE PREPARATION (2/2)19 TRAINING MAKING OUR PROJECT RESPONSIBLE FROM A TO Z ! Helping a social entrepreneur We realized a two-week pilot-mission with a young Carbon Compensation social entrepreneur during the Summer 2011. This We want to offset 100% of our carbon emissions which social entrepreneur launched its venture SendMeLove are due to our transports. Thanks to The Planet and needed a business plan, so we helped him for his Workshops, we have been introduced to Pur Projet financing modeling, his market study, his measure of which is an environmental organization to fight climate social impact and the redaction of the business plan. change through reforestation. We worked with La Petite Etoile, a French consultancy specialized in business development, who gave us pieces of advice and feedback after our work. CREATE A COMMUNITY We spend a lot of time to build a Crew. Members of the Crew are people interested by our project, they should be friends of us or not, they often participate in events we organize and are free to give us advice on Responsible behaviours our project. In a word, they are active followers. We try to have a responsible behaviour during our project, but also outside of the project. For example, Brainstormings our business cards are 100% recycled ! :) We are regularly organizing brainstorming on our project, and everyone is welcome. It enables us to have many ideas on issues related to our project, and it enables people to get involved in our project. HAVING A LONG TERM IMPACT Meetings We are aware that a « one shot » project is not the best We are regularly organizing meetings to give news of way to maximize our impact for our entrepreneurs and our project. The more events like this we organize, the our partners. That’s why we are working on the more people follow us. sustainability of the project and recruiting a new team for the next edition. MakeSense We are part of the worldwide MakeSense community, so our news are followed by more than 300 people in 20 countries.
  20. 20. CONCLUSION20 AND AFTER DESTINATION CHANGEMAKERS? « Do not be afraid to care and Destination Changemakers is for us a great opportunity to discover social entrepreneurship and participate concretely to this emerging movement. A lot of dare » social innovations come from developpingcountries. We want to be inspired by Antonio MELOTO, founder of these innovations to fight poverty in the developed countries… We hope that this project will be a great source of inspiration to create our own social enterprise in Gawad Kalinga, godfather of the future ! Destination Changemakers (Manille, Philippines) We also know that a lot of students are interested in social innovation but they do not know or believe in the opportunities of social entrepreneurship. We hope that our adventure will inspire them and encourage them to make our economies more *** human. « Enjoy this adventure on the THANKS FOR YOUR INTEREST ! next three years. I hope you will become amazing changemakers» Deborah SZEBEKO, Founder and CEO of Thinkpublic (London, UK) *** « I wish you a great adventure and to realize interesting studies. Entrepreneurs need guys like you» Nathan GRASS, Chaire Entrepreneuriat ESCP Europe (Paris, France)
  21. 21. FOLLOW US AND CONTACT US21 Jonas Guyot Matthieu Dardaillon President & Responsible of the missions Treasurer & Responsible of communication +33 +33 We want to co-create, do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to share ideas with you ! WWW.DESTINATIONCHANGEMAKERS.COM CHANEL DESTINATION CHANGEMAKERS PROFILE DESTINATION CHANGEMAKERS @DCHANGEMAKERS
  22. 22. Destination Changemakers Spreading solutions for global change Appendix Our godfather Our partners Our detailed budget Our CVs
  23. 23. OUR GODFATHER23 THE WORD OF OUR GODFATHER WHO IS ANTONIO MELOTO ? Mr. Antonio Meloto, 61, is the Founding President of « I fully support your project Destination the NGO Gawad Kalinga (to Give Care in Tagalog). For the past 15 years, he has devoted himself to the fight Changemakers. I see people in your group as the against extreme poverty in the Philippines, with the next generation of young people who want to build aim to restore dignity to the 25 million poorest a better, a safer planet. We will work together in the Filipinos by 2024 (5 million households in slums). Philippines to eradicate poverty and to restore His approach is to build empowered, sustainable, self- human dignity, and I guess this is an exciting sufficient "Communities", accompanied by 7 opportunity for us to build new business models development programs (including for education and together. So I will be your godfather. » health), and now, to significantly develop and scale-up social businesses. Antonio MELOTO, 27/11/11, in Paris Today, more than 2,000 "GK Villages" cover the country with a social impact estimated at one million beneficiaries. Tony has initiated the concept of the "Enchanted Farm" (to prevent rural migration to urban areas), and the first one out of 24 has just been inaugurated by the President of the Republic of the Philippines. To achieve such ambitious objectives, Gawad Kalinga promotes the concepts of "caring & sharing" and involves a large number of people to support this "Grand Cause", with no exceptions : young people, previous "gang leaders", students, faculties, politicians of all sides, employees, business leaders (including Shell, Unilever, Philips, Coca-Cola, IBM, HP, Hyundai or Air France-KLM), GK is now supported by an "army" of 25,000 regular volunteers and 1 million occasional volunteers. In fact, we can summarize the "GK Way" as a three- step process: changing values within affected communities, extensive public-private partnerships, and massive volunteerism. The construction process actually begins with a rebuilding of the values of the community and the change of mindset of "rich" people by building authentic relationships. Tito Tony, is a remarkable example of "transformational leadership" ; in 2009 he wrote "Builder of Dreams", and he is also the recipient of numerous awards, including the "Social Entrepreneur of the Year" in 2010 in the Philippines by Ernst & Young and the Schwab Foundation. As such, he will be a guest-speaker in January 2012 at the "World Economic Forum" in Davos. With Antonio Meloto, et Olivier Girault (Président de Gawad Kalinga Europe)
  25. 25. DETAIL BUDGT