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  • 2. Women are the GOD’s GRACE on this earth. A Women act as a mother, wife, child or a sister. They provide us with all the happiness and plays an important role in one’s life. We don’t bother to give them respect and love which they deserve unless we start playing with their emotions….. Their love is everlasting….. and never ask for anything. Women bear almost all responsibility for meeting basic needs of the family, yet are systematically denied the resources, information and freedom of action they need to fulfill this responsibility. The vast majority of the world's poor are women. Two-thirds of the world's illiterates are female. Of the millions of school age children not in school, the majority are girls. And today, HIV/AIDS is rapidly becoming a woman's disease. In several southern African countries, more than three-quarters of all young people living with HIV are women. It’s really a shameful thing for us that we the women are the part of that country which got his independence on 15 august but still sking for women’s safety, space and independence……
  • 3. WOMEN EXPLOITATION Rape Forced Prostitution Sexual Harassement Gender Inequality Domestic Violence
  • 4. 1) Rape- sexual harassement and sexual abuse of women…… 2) Forced prostitution – family pressure, lack of opportunities…… 3) Domestic violence- dowry related problem, sati system, emphasis on giving birth to son…. 4) Sexual abuse with girl child…. 5) Making ridiculous signals in front of women, sending unwanted MMS, messages, videos…… 6) Gender based violence – discrimination in family, society, unequal wages.... 7) Physical and psychological violence……
  • 5. Some of them are…… Forced early marriages. Abortion of girl child. Forcing girl child. Exploiting widows. Ill-treatment. Acid attacks, ritual rapes, gang rapes. Murders…
  • 6. SEXUAL EXPLOITATION is a global problem that until recently has remained hidden. It happens predominantly to women and girls. It is increasing day by day. The women especially primary girls get sexually assaulted by men….. And yes, the day is not so far when this earth will left with men only… The motto of choosing this particular problem out of so many causes is that there are still some many areas on this globe where there is null awareness about sexual exploitation and the women who are sexually harassed by this commit to suicide….. WOMEN-”the most strongest and powerful name” are exposed to rape and even forced to trade sex for food and money. They are forced to do so and things become even more complex to them. We have come with many examples where women were sexually abused: 1) Incidents of rape and self-immolation among women have been on the increase in northern Sar-i-Pul province, an official said on Thursday. So far 125 cases of violence against women have been registered in the province since the start of this solar year, the women’s affairs director, Nasima Arzo, told Pajhwok Afghan News. 2) A review ^to 1999& of population)based studies from around the world found that between 10 and 69] of women reported being physically abused by an intimate male partner at some point in their life. 3) Violence against women has increased in northern Takhar province, where 180 cases were registered over the past four months, compared to 100 incidents during the same period last year, an official says.
  • 7. How can anyone forget the bus incident that took the heart of every women???? In retrospect, it wasn’t that unusual of an event but would be one that finally broke the silence surrounding violence against women in the world’s second largest country. On December 16, a 23-year-old medical student travelling with a male companion on a bus in New Delhi was beaten and gang raped by a group of 6 men for over an hour as the bus traveled across the city. When they were done, they threw her from the bus onto the road leaving her in critical condition. On December 30, she died from her injuries in a Singapore hospital, leaving a country to grapple with an entrenched political and social culture that does little to prevent other women from suffering the same fate. That is because this incident is increasingly common in India. Less than two weeks after this rape, a 17 year old girl committed suicide after receiving police pressure to marry one of her attackers after she was gang raped in November. In 2011, a 16 year old Dalit girl was gang raped by 8 men who then circulated pictures of the crime throughout her village. In that case, none of the men involved were arrested for their crime but the girl’s father eventually committed suicide out of shame. Just a few days ago, a 15 year old Dalit girl was “released” by 3 men that kidnapped and raped her while holding her hostage for 15 days. This is just a small offering of the thousands of cases that occur throughout the country. Far from media headlines, women suffer the consequences of violence and sexual harassment every day in India. According to government figures, 228,650 of the 256,329 violent crimes committed in India last year were committed against women, a rate of nearly 90%. And those are only the crimes that are officially reported and logged by police, meaning the total number is likely much higher. All these things make this sweet and incredible country to look more worst beyond anybody’s expectations…….
  • 8. The culture of violence against women is so prevalent that it begins even before birth. India has one of the worst imbalances of women to men, currently standing at 914 women to every 1000 men. The imbalance is the result of gender-selective abortions called femicides where parents determine the baby’s gender via ultrasound and then terminate the pregnancy if the baby is a girl. In a country where sons bring prestige and money while daughters are viewed as a burden with their dowries and low income prospects, rather than work to change the gender inequalities that fuel this system, expecting parents from the affluent neighborhoods of Mumbai and New Delhi to the poor rural communities in the countryside turn to femicide to ensure that only sons will be added to their family. The resulting imbalance encourages trafficking and abuse, making things even worse for those girls who are born. Looking at the daily struggles women face throughout the country, it is no wonder that earlier this year India was voted as the worst place for women among the G20 by gender specialists, even beating out Saudi Arabia for the top spot. Violence against women is always a public health issue, but in India it is clear that the inequality that underlines such violence is also a drag on economic growth and development, two things India needs. In the wake of the New Delhi gang rape, the culture of silence around the issue of violence against women may have been broken, but whether this most recent tragedy will mark a true wake-up call for the Indian elite remains to be seen. One hopes that it will, not just so a woman’s brutal death can mean something but also because without real change the lives of millions of women will continue to be defined by suffering for their birth in the world’s largest democracy as the rest of Indian society will continue to suffer the social and economic consequences of inaction.
  • 9. Since, we have discussed the problem, it’s root cause but now the question is how to resolve this problem???... It’s but obvious that the awareness of women’s safety and empowerment is spreading everywhere but what new solutions we can add to this problem is the big question….and how to implement it…. 1) We can provide a women android application for their help and empowerment. Women are very much scared of securing themselves and this will really help out them. According to this idea, we’ll be using an option say (power button or menu button) with the new functionality so that by double clicking on it, it will try to connect to the location of helpless women or a needy girl by setting their nearby GPRS location whenever they asked for the help. Also the signal will further transmit to nearby police station or agencies for their help…. It is possible to develop such an application since such ridiculous activities are happening at every street corners….. 2) Our second idea will be to ask the government to provide women taxi services that will be “from the women, by the women, for the women” i.e., it will be drive by the women and only women (of every ages) are allowed to sit in those taxi and it can be easily reach to every common women…..
  • 10.  Since, the root causes of such violence are well-documented. It will be very challenging to analyze such information both legal and charitable to reduce the occurrence of such violence.  It will going to be very difficult to mould the minds of society in order to remove these from our country.  We need to increase access to opportunities for women to avoid abusive relationships.  Building the capabilities of women- including physical capabilities/ create awareness/ conducting workshops/ crisis counseling and supporting groups.  We need to make all the victims or women who had gone through such a crime to raise their voice and making others to safe themselves from getting into such problems.  To make the women living at the outskirts of the country to fight back for their right and respect…. CHALLENGING FACTORS
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