The Holy Grail Of Social Media Privacy


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There is no denial to the fact that social media has increased the threat for enterprise using social channels as a way to build reputation and deliver marketing collateral. CIOs and Security Experts regularly speak about the importance of increased need to secure corporate networks and setting up enterprise-wide guidelines for authorization and use of software and applications in use, including social media platforms. Privacy guidelines play a critical part in enterprise security, providing sound basis for any good security practice because they set the principles.

So, if you are looking to devise a security policy guidelines or are looking for help with your social media management and security, read on this PowerPoint!

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The Holy Grail Of Social Media Privacy

  2. All devices (PCs, Laptops, Tablets, etc.) that access social media platforms must be frequently updated for operating system, Apps, Security software and supporting programs such as Java, Adobe and Flash, etc. 1
  3. All devices must run a full security suite that offers protection against malware (viruses), phishing filters, spam and potential threats. 2
  4. All devices must be password protected to ensure security and avoid unauthorized access. 3
  5. All portable devices should have remote tracking and wiping software in place. Sensitive data should be encrypted as well. 4
  6. All devices must be scanned completely by the security software at least once a week. 5
  7. All devices that are used to store critical data must be backed-up weekly on another computer or devices located at a secure location. 6
  8. All devices that are connected to corporate social media accounts must not be allowed to use personal accounts on the same device. Apps and software must be checked for security before installation. 7
  9. All email accounts associated with social media channels for authentication or reset must be controlled by the IT Dept. of the organization. 8
  10. All social media accounts must integrate two factor authentication. 9
  11. All devices must use a password manager and generate complex passwords for each social media account. Passwords should never be written down, only managed using the password manager. 10
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