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How to use mindmap v 7

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How to use imindmap v 7 draft.......

How to use imindmap v 7 draft.......

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  • 1. Help in using iMindmap version 7 Ian Hall Casual Relief Teacher iMindmap version 7 Links to videos Links to books IMINDMAP V 7 Information on Ian Hall, tutoring or training on creating or doing iMindMap, the meaning of (i)mindmapping, examples of iMindMaps, Tony Buzan info plus links, ways plus the benefits of using imindmap v7. Heaps of resources provided on imindmap v7. IAN HALL 7/16 North St Inglewood Vic 3517 Casual Relief Teacher QRcode for blog link http://about.me/ihall2057 This (e)book “Help in using “Mindmap v 7” by Ian Hall is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia http://casualreliefteacher.bl ogspot.com.au 1
  • 2. INDEX A. Introduction: Ian Hall is a Casual Relief Teacher Primary Schools and an IT trainer Chapter 1: Chapter 2: Chapter 3: Chapter 4: Chapter 5: Chapter 6: Chapter 7: Chapter 8: Chapter 9: Chapter 10: Chapter 11: Chapter 12: Chapter 13: Chapter 14: Chapter 15: Chapter 16: Chapter 17: Chapter 18: Chapter 19: Chapter 20: iMindMap version 7 downloaded Complete listening of recording & place info on Ned Kelly into imindmap format. What is iMindmapping? Examples of iMindMaps Getting started with iMindmap version 7 Exporting and sharing your iMindmap. DropTask 3D View Speed Mind Mapping Creating a Cloud Account (on computer or online: web site) Creating a Freedom account on web site Uploading to web site, You Tube, Facebook and twitter Create group sharing your iMindMap Flowcharts Inserting Links Easy and Advanced Presentations Exporting Presentations as PDF’s and slides Export Presentations to Video & YouTube Kiosk Mode How can we help? Think Buzan Placing mind map on web site with links for each branch (bottom of web site) More new features info Conclusion Resources and Thinglinks References Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 2
  • 3. Introduction of Ian Hall Casual Relief Teacher Information Technology Trainer I have used iMindMap versions over 10 years. I have done mind maps into journals and personal diary over many years. I was primary teaching in WA from 1981 until 1997. Since then doing casual relief teaching in Victorian schools. I have used Tony Buzan many lessons. I still undertake iMindMap on A3 paper. I have undertaken many training sessions with parents, teachers, and students on mindmapping e.g.: info on Ned Kelly or planning events for schools. Tony Buzan deserves a medal for coming up with the sanity-saving concept of Mind Maps, which make difficult mental tasks possible, even pleasurable. Here is a mind map on the topic of Teaching Tips. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 3
  • 4. Two iMindMaps on Skype communication service sessions over the many years…I have presented to trainers and parents on topic of Skype… I like using imindmapping personally for creating info on session presenting, interview preparation, update curriculum vitae and planning dreams/goals for 2014. I can saved mind map as screen savers, PDF, embed code and many other ways. I have freedom and cloud account to upload to cloud and do work in cloud. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 4
  • 5. New info imindmap v7 at: http://thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-7/ Fundamental applications of imindmapping 1. Memory 2. Creative Thinking 3. Making Decisions 4. Organising other people’s ideas(not taking) Study, Life and work 1. Diary 2. Study skills 3. Meetings 4. Presentations 5. Management I have installed iMindmap onto my Android Samsung Tablet 10.1 and Samsung Galaxy II. See Chap 3 for info on: Shop has desktop software, Apple/Android mobile, books & DVD, Collections, ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Courses in Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading. Located at http://thinkbuzan.com/shop/ I have also started using ThingLink for placing the mind map as screen saver and adding links to You Tubes, info and eBooks in 2013 as shown in this diagram. Also placed on my business card and for the resources (see in resource area below) I used mind mapping for many areas of my life. Now can share with onto a web site, Twitter, Facebook and view slideshow on You Tube. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 5
  • 6. Chapter 1: iMindmap version 7 downloaded Complete listening of recording and place Ned Kelly info into imindmap format. Intro at You tube TASKS: 1. Listen to intro above 2. Download iMindmap V7 3. Open iMindmap V7 4. Watch iMindmap video or go through steps 5. Complete listening of Ned Kelly recording 6. Place Ned Kelly info onto imindmap Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 6
  • 7. INTRO: voki recording with Ian Hall giving intro to Chap 1 http://www.voki.com/pickup.php?scid=9360693&height=267&width=200 A. A. Listen to this video first…… .....or go to the steps on the following pages. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 7
  • 8. Web site link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UVt3Qu6Xcko#t=0 B. Now download the iMindmap V7 Download free 7 day trail of iMindMap 7 here: http://thinkbuzan.com/download/ C. Listen to Ned Kelly soundcloud recording with info about him, his life and adventures. Soundcloud link here https://soundcloud.com/ian-hall-26/ned-kelly D. Participants can use the Steps in creating imindmap on next page with instructions and screen savers. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 8
  • 9. E. While listening participants are to do iMindmap of the info using iMindmap version 7. Steps in creating iMindmap 1. Start menu 2. Choose a central item Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 9
  • 10. Select item and press Choose 3. Press twice in the centre area and type your title “Ned Kelly” Press outside area or enter to save 4. Press RED area and draw mouse outwards to create the BLUE branch Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 10
  • 11. 5. On the branch label it with a word or phrase eg: Birth 6. Add new branch with the birth for year/month and another branch with place. 7. Add more branches (click on to edit) for each new event of Ned Kelly The video shows additional boxes and connecting info. I am showing you images in the next area below (not shown on the above video) I think you would like to use in your mindmaps Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 11
  • 12. 8. To choose an image Go to menu at top area- next to file, edit. Images from imindmap 9. To choose image from your computer where you pictures would be…..jpg, gif etc files Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 12
  • 13. Tears and applause at Ned Kelly's farewell Link to the info on the funeral at: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-18/tears-and-applause-at-ned-kelly27s-farewell/4471524 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D4P9LtUZ2pQ#t=0 Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 13
  • 14. EPerfect Rhymes #EbookEVO Rap by Jason Levine & Andre Spang https://soundcloud.com/shelly-sanchez-terrell/eperfect-rhymes-ebookevo-rap Soundcloud links https://soundcloud.com/ian-hall-26 https://soundcloud.com/pages/embed Please note with Glossi only allows  You Tube  Vimeo  Vine  Instagram  Soundcloud  Google Maps  Hulu  8tracks  Spotify Thanks to the course, with over 560 teachers and moderators, called “Crafting an ePerfect Textbook” an google plus community over 5 weeks…..January/February 2014 Info here: https://plus.google.com/communities/108458862109297898812 More links below: Community Guidelines & Navigation Course Website Syllabus Listly Bookmarks Video Recordings #EbookEVOImportant Survey for Wkly Email Updates Peer Group Leader Guide Wk 4 Tips & Missions Wk 5 Tips & Missions Here is a link to the ebooks created over the course: EVO 2014 – eTextbooks Link: http://www.symbaloo.com/mix/evo2014-etextbooks Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 14
  • 15. Chap 2: What is iMindmapping? Swiss Army Knife Our brains are divided into the left and right cortex. The left side is dedicated to tasks involving order, logic, words, lists, numbers and analysis, the right side deals with rhythm, colour, imagination and daydreaming. If we want to improve memory, learning and thinking skills we have to use our whole brain. (Ref 1) “MindMapping, according to the real Buzan, is about image and association. It’s a metalanguage that geniuses across history (think Leonardo) have tapped into by connecting thoughts with images. A typical MindMap has a central theme, and radiating from it, a series of connected words and images. For Buzan and many users of mindmapping, it’s a way to take notes and connect ideas that fits more perfectly with the brain’s way of doing things than a typical list or piece of prose.” (Ref 2) iMindmap is the name created by Tony Buzan also called the “Ultimate Thinking tool” (Ref 3) Mind Map is a powerful graphic technique which provides a universal key to unlock the potential of the brain. It harnesses the full range of cortical skills - word, image, number, logic, rhythm, colour and spatial awareness - in a single, uniquely powerful manner. In so doing, it gives you the freedom to roam the infinite expanses of your brain. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 15
  • 16. Laws of Mind Mapping According to the Wiki. A mind map is a diagram used to visually outline information. A mind map is often created around a single word or text, placed in the centre, to which associated ideas, words and concepts are added. Major categories radiate from a central node, and lesser categories are sub-branches of larger branches. The idea of visually representing thought for problem solving and organization goes back centuries. (Ref 4) Similar to a road map, a Mind Map will:         Give you an overview of a large subject/area. Enable you to plan routes/make choices and let you know where you are going and where you have been. Gather and hold large amounts of data. Encourage problem solving by seeing new creative pathways. Enable you to be extremely efficient. Be enjoyable to look at, read, muse over and remember. Attract and hold the eye/brain. Improve and accelerate your learning and thinking skills. iMindMap is from the Inventor of Mind Mapping iMindMap is Mind Mapping software from the man who invented Mind Mapping, Tony Buzan during the 1960s. Everything we do is designed to get you thinking creatively and without limitations. Our 40 years of research – more than any other organisation in this field – has culminated in us perfecting the Mind Mapping technique. Mind Map software doesn’t just try to replicate what you’re already doing in a slightly prettier format. It encourages you to think creatively and approach Mind Mapping in a way that is in line with how your brain naturally processes information. (Ref 5) Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 16
  • 17. Chap 3: Getting started with iMindmap 7       iMindmap Start page Getting started videos Latest News Help Centre Check for updates iMindMap from My computer area iMindMap cloud location            iMindmap V 7 main menu below from left side of screen across to the right Home Maps Contacts Settings Help Start new mind map Open mind map Cloud Size Help area with lots of links Skin Chooser Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 17
  • 18.  Click picture or here http://thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-7/ Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 18
  • 19. ?  Top right hand corner it is the in the help area with: A. Mind Map help B. Video tutorials C. Contact Us D. More than Software E. Keyboard Shortcuts F. Mind Map Gallery G. Accredited Training H. Diagnostics Detail about your version/serial number (Make a copy of serial number)  More details on A to H below.  A. Mind Map help http://thinkbuzan.com/support/ Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 19
  • 20.  B. Video tutorials http://help.thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-desktop/video-tutorials  C. Contact Us https://thinkbuzan.zendesk.com/hc/en-gb Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 20
  • 21. D. More than Software Shop has desktop software, Apple/Android mobile, books & DVD, Collections, ThinkBuzan Licensed Instructor Courses in Mind Mapping, Memory and Speed Reading. Located at http://thinkbuzan.com/shop/ E. Keyboard Shortcuts View PDF which list shortcut keys Link to document here: https://app.box.com/s/lgvzfm07pbd75nme7ynx Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 21
  • 22. F. Mind Map Gallery As part of our iMindMap Hall of Fame, you can view some of the very best iMindMaps in action. The Gallery features Mind Maps created by iMindMap users for a wide range of purposes including education, business and more. *Click on the images on the web site to view larger versions. http://thinkbuzan.com/gallery/ G. Accredited Training http://thinkbuzan.com/training/details/thinkbuzan-licensed-instructor/ Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 22
  • 23. H. Diagnostics Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 23
  • 24. Chapter 4: Exporting and sharing your mind map See Chapter 7 CLOUD ACCOUNT ON WEB for Setting up Facebook/Twitter accounts Videos on exporting here: http://help.thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-desktop/exporting-maps Formats to choose from:  Share Map on Facebook, Twitter and You Tube  Place in PDF document  Place in IMAGE (picture)  Place in 3D Image  Place in Document  Place in Presentation  Place in Pack & Go  Place in Spreadsheet  Place in Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG)  Place in Web  Place in Project  Place in GPML  Place in Audio  Place in DropTask Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 24
  • 25. Here is some ways of saving your mind map with business equipment mind map done on 27th Feb 2015 DropTask is shown below. Videos at http://help.thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-desktop/droptask-integration Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 25
  • 26. Chap 5: DROPTASK iMindMap and DropTask make the perfect pairing, with both focusing on giving you an intuitive and visual environment in which to manage information. So now you can make the most of iMindMap’s creative workspace to generate and organise your ideas, then fire them into DropTask and power them through to successful implementation with DropTask’s fluid approach to task management. How it works In iMindMap you can send any branch straight into the visual task management app, DropTask, to become a ‘task’. You can also export whole Mind Maps into DropTask, which will become ‘Projects’. Once you export your iMindMap branches into DropTask, individual and actionable task circles will form. You’ll then be able to use DropTask’s powerfully visual task indicators to give your project increased clarity and depth. Delegate tasks and manage priorities and deadlines Collaborate with colleagues in real time Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 26
  • 27. Get updates on your schedule and task progress Say goodbye to complex project management tools that become a project in themselves, with convoluted features and overly-complicated interfaces. DropTask is about a simple, visual and fluid way to handle your workload and complete successful projects. Example of steps 1 to 5 Step 1 Brainstorm ideas in iMindMap's generative and creative workspace, to capture and grow them fast. Organise and group those ideas to create a clear overview. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 27
  • 28. Step 2 Select ideas that you would like to put into action and bring up the Branch Editor. Use the DropTask tab to send your branch and any attached notes as new tasks to DropTask. Step 3 You can now move into DropTask's collaborative and fluid task management workspace to organise your new tasks. Simply drag your new tasks into the relevant project. Step 4 Add priorities, attach files, update progress, and assign the tasks to your colleagues and more; all in a flexible, visual environment. Step 5 Reap the benefits of a simple, smooth process, with plenty of visual feedback, that lets you generate the right solutions and successfully implement them. No convoluted features, no jargon. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 28
  • 29. Support for DropTask at: http://support.droptask.com/knowledgebase Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 29
  • 30. DropTask - The Fluid & Visual Way Towards Getting Things Done Delivering a fluid and engaging visual experience for effortless task management. Video at : http://youtu.be/WDqWDlje620 or click picture below Export your DropTask project into iMindMap 7  https://www.droptask.com/imindmap-integration/droptask-to-imindmap  Or http://youtu.be/Fmi44Eo7FM4 Sign up for free at https://www.droptask.com Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/+Droptask/posts Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 30
  • 31. The export to iMindmap is very straightforward and easy- your groups will be exported as iMindmap branches and your tasks as descendent child branches. One of the great things about this export is that you’ll find all of your corresponding branches in the same colour as you’d originally selected in DropTask, so your user experience is greatly enhanced by allowing you to make a visual connection. Sending a task to Droptask - iMindMap 7 Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 31
  • 32. Chapter 6: 3D View Click here for the branch target video tutorial Or here: http://help.thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-desktop/3d-view To access 3D View 1. Create or Open a Mind Map 2. Select 3D Map from the main toolbar. To Navigate 3D View 1. Hover over the end of a Branch or on a Central Idea to bring up the Branch target. 2. The Branch target in 3D view works exactly the same way as the Branch Target in 2D View. 3. To Pan the camera in 3D View simply Click & Drag the Compass icon around the View circle in the bottom right hand corner of iMindMap To Select a Background 1. Select the Settings cog icon in 3D View and select Environment 2. Select one of the pre-set 3D Backgrounds that are available in 3D View. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 32
  • 33. To Export 3D View the current 3D View as an Image 1. Firstly Pan the camera angle to the position you wish to export the view as. 2. Select the Settings cog icon in 3D View and select Export View As Image. 3. Select either Export PDF, PNG or JPG. 4. Save the file to a familiar location on your computer To Exit 3D View 1. Select the ‘Mind Map’ button from the main toolbar. Tip: You can even select 3D Background for when presenting within iMindMap! Simply select the Settings icon when in the Presentation Builder and select ‘Default View’ as 3D. You can also select the 3D Environment from these Settings also. The 3D View will display once you’ve started the Presentation. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 33
  • 34. Chapter 7: Speed Mind Mapping http://help.thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-desktop/speed-mind-mapping What we do at Speed Mind Mapping is bringing mind mapping to a whole new level. We chart your ideas visually at the speed of thought. Tony Buzan is the inventor of Mind Maps, the revolutionary thinking tool used by over 250 million people to help them unleash their mental potential. He is the world's leading authority on the brain, learning and memory. His multi-million copy bestselling books are available in 100 countries in 30 languages. He lectures worldwide and acts as a consultant to multinational companies, governments, and athletes. He has recently launched the world's first official mind mapping software tool – iMindMap (http://thinkbuzan.com) On 25th Dec 2009 view this you tube: http://youtu.be/uMLhNojbr9w Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 34
  • 35. Chapter 8: Creating a Cloud Account (on computer/online: web site ) How to create a cloud account? Store and sync your maps in iMindMap Cloud so you can access them from all ... other Freedom users to share Mind Maps, work together and develop ideas. Log in to account here: https://app.imindmap.com/ As you can see on the computer with iMindMap’s version 7 you can be LOCAL or in iMINDMAP CLOUD area Maps Area Local and Cloud - iMindMap 7 Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WMnBe1gMWH4 Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 35
  • 36.  Contacts  Sign in to view Contacts Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 36
  • 37.  Create Cloud Map  Signing in to iMindmap V 7 cloud account on computer Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 37
  • 38.  iMindmap account log in CLOUD area on computer  Having Sign in to view Cloud account with mind maps etc. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 38
  • 39. CLOUD ACCOUNT ON WEB (ONLINE) Setting up Facebook and Twitter accounts Link: https://app.imindmap.com/en Or https://app.imindmap.com Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 39
  • 40.  Sharing a mindmap with embed code Video at: http://youtu.be/csb9-8znj64 Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 40
  • 41.  Sharing a mindmap with link Video at : http://youtu.be/Igavj05jivA Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 41
  • 42. Chapter 9: Creating a Freedom account on web site  http://thinkbuzan.com/products/imindmap/freedom An iMindMap Freedom subscription unchains you from your desktop computer and lets you take your ideas with you, wherever you go. Capture, share and present ideas with full access to your iMindMap on any supported device. Now that’s Freedom. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 42
  • 43. Cost of Freedom is in Australia $21.99c for 12 months Subscription a. iMindMap Cloud Store and sync your maps in iMindMap Cloud so you can access them from all your devices b. Contacts & Sharing Connect with other Freedom users to share Mind Maps, work together and develop ideas c. Premium Mobile & Web Log into iMindMap apps on web browsers, iOS or Android devices & get the full feature set Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 43
  • 44. Chapter 10: Uploading to web site, You Tube, Facebook and twitter  Go to Settings (Cloud) to set the links of Facebook, Twitter in Social Media area. Sharing mind maps publicly http://help.thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-desktop/sharing-mind-maps  Go Maps area and click on the mind map you want to place on web site/or blog Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 44
  • 45. On the right hand side on the corner click on the area. Open, Move, Rename, WayBack, Share and Delete appear The other option is in the far right area. Options area Open, Move, Rename, WayBack, Share and Delete appear Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 45
  • 46. Video link: http://youtu.be/TuHorRYo6hY Share mind map appears and tick the necessary twitter or/and Facebook boxes. Type your brief message in the area then Select Share. (Bottom right side) There is only 107 characters for the message. It does a count for you need the share box. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 46
  • 47. Before sending to Facebook or/and Twitter you may like to edit the picture for appearance online.  Edit the picture by select Edit drag area to be displayed  View the picture  Resent to default picture  Cancel what done  Save the picture to be displayed Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 47
  • 48. Chapter 11: Create group sharing your iMindMap Select CONTACTS box Type in contact group name Choose photo for the contact group from computer Select Create contact Group down the bottom to SAVE the Contact group Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 48
  • 49. Chapter 12: Flowcharts Video at: http://help.thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-desktop/flowcharts Or http://youtu.be/P_djsssN88Y Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 49
  • 50. Chapter 13: Inserting Links Video at: http://help.thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-desktop/inserting-links Inserting Links To insert a link to a Web Page on your Mind Map: 1. Select a branch or Flowchart item you wish to add the link to. 2. Select the Links icon from the Side Panel 3. Ensure that ‘Web’ is selected from the left hand side of the links panel and simply type in a web URL address. 4. After typing the URL press Enter to add it to the Branch. You will now noticed a Blue chain icon appears on your Branch. To access your link simply select this icon and then select the Link address from the drop down menu. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 50
  • 51. To insert a link to a File on your Mind Map: 1. Select a branch or Flowchart item you wish to add the link to. 2. Select the Links icon from the Side Panel 3. Ensure that ‘File’ is selected from the left hand side of the links panel. 4. Select Browse and search for the file on your computer and select Open and then OK You will now noticed a Blue chain icon appears on your Branch. To access your link simply select this icon and then select the Link to the file from the drop down menu. Tip: Links will also be available within a word document file if you use the File > Export > Document option in iMindMap Ultimate. Removing Links To remove a link from a branch: 1. Select a branch or Flowchart item you wish to remove the link from. 2. Select the Links icon from the Side Panel 3. Select the icon from the right of the Link in the side panel An INSERTING LINKS video: http://youtu.be/m0JWARpdjjg Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 51
  • 52. Chapter 14: Easy and Advanced Presentations  Easy Presentations Published on 5 Dec 2013. The quick start guide to getting started in iMindMap 7's presentation view. Link to view: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7Ylc6Cm4WE  Advanced Presentations Published on 1 Nov 2012 Take your presentations to the next level and learn how to create individual slides from branches, the various ways iMindMap can be leveraged to auto generate slides and much more! Link to video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7M-_6bJlSc Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 52
  • 53. Chapter 15: Exporting Presentations as PDF’s and slides Published on 5 Dec 2013 This tutorial shows you how to to export your presentation created in iMindMap as a PDF document or visual Powerpoint slides. Link here: http://youtu.be/t7i9goNDmYM Or click picture Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 53
  • 54. Chapter 16: Export Presentations to Video & YouTube Published on 5 Dec 2013 Learn how to export your iMindMap presentations as videos and even upload them directly to youtube from iMindMap. Link to the video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHlEuTt3zoE Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 54
  • 55. Chapter 17: Kiosk Mode Published on 5 Dec 2013. This video will teach you through the Kiosk functionality in iMindMap, where you can set durations for individuals slides and have iMindMap auto-play through them. Find out more at http://www.thinkbuzan.com Link to video at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sYPV1RQMyEk Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 55
  • 56. Chapter 18: How can we help? Think Buzan When you click Submit a support request this screen appears So enter your question or search iMindmap Knowledge Base area. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 56
  • 57. Chapter 19: Placing mind map on web site with links for each branch (bottom of site) Web Site to view this: http://www.tonybuzan.com/about/mind-mapping/ Move down to bottom of web site and select this.. This open up this…..CLICK the links…SOFTWARE, ABOUT, NEWS and others Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 57
  • 58. Chapter 20: More new features info New info imindmap v7 at: http://thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-7/ SOME OF THE NEW FEATURES…….with iMindmap Version 7  BRANCH ART iMindMap 7 is more flexible and better looking than any other tool out there and Branch Art is a perfect example of this. Choose from our range of diverse new Branch Art designs and apply them to any branch on your map. It doesn’t just make your Mind Maps look good – with arrows, lightning bolts, roads and more – it also helps you to visually represent your ideas.  The New Editor iMindMap 7′s map editor is packed with new tools that mean the features you need are right there when you need them. Here are the new tools: Faster Branch Target Draw branches with one click and access the Branch Editor by clicking the new grey segment . Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 58
  • 59. New Branch Editor With formatting, inserting and editing options to hand, you can stay focused on your map without revisiting the top tool bar time and time again. New Text Editor A useful new tool that appears when you are typing, so you can access font, size and colour options for text. Drag on images or icons Drag and drop images or icons from the Properties Panel right onto your map. You can also now drag and drop icons between branches. Make it a new central idea You can now add any image from our library as a new central idea on your canvas to start a new Mind Map Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 59
  • 60.  SAVE DOCUMENT Go to the left hand area and click Save A. Save B. Save As C. Save as iMind Cloud D. Save as Template  Skin Chooser. Choose your favourite skin from the option below Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 60
  • 61. With the Skin Chooser I have chosen the “Colours” one below  http://blog.thinkbuzan.com/imindmap/4-ways-to-make-your-central-idea-stand-out Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 61
  • 62. Not to mention…more Faster loading time More 3D environments and more Central Images "While organising projects, the Mind Map has made it easier for our company to identify all our resources, facilitated easier delegation of tasks, managing and prioritising the activities, making better choices and setting realistic deadlines. " from Gautam Ganglani, managing director, Right Selection LLC Group Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 62
  • 63. CONCLUSION Thanks to:  The web site http://www.thinkbuzan.com and its support with the many issues over the years, their helpfulness and providing many resources.  Tony Buzan for he being a world renowned inventor of Mind Maps and author of Mind Maps for Kids: Rev up for Revision, Brain Child, How to Mind Map and numerous other books. Tony Buzan features regularly in the media and advises governments, educational authorities, international Olympic athletes and leading multinational companies. His work has been published in 100 countries and 30 languages. I have been purchasing and using his books, CDs and resources over the many years of my teaching, coaching and training citizens. I have used the many different versions of imindmap created over the many years.  The many mind mapping web sites I have visited over the many years of my teaching life. I have used Xmind, Free minding and many others. Other types of iMindMaps info here: https://ballaratcrtnetwork.wikispaces.com/mind+mapping  The web site that show me the link to Thinglink…..a great way to share you tube and links to web sites.  True Learning Centre where I first learnt about mind mapping in Perth from the Training & Development located at 90/ 78 TERRACE Rd, Perth WA 6000 Phone (08) 9221 8666.  Reg Bolten who help with my circus skills with students in schools. Outstanding guidance helped me learn to unicycle riding, juggling and magic performances. Visit his web sites: 1. http://www.regbolton.org/ 2. http://www.suitcasecircus.com/ Here is comments from Erick H. He is in the LinkedIn - Mind Map User Group (MMUG) created by Ruud Rensink, Chairman at Mensa, The High IQ Society. PM at HP I have been using this tool for several years now since version 4. I think. I am glad they keep improving each year to bring more flexibility and innovation into the Mind Mapping community. I am a visual thinker passionate and Mind Mapping lover. I use it for work, personal grow and almost anything where a mind map can be applied to. One thing though is that I have been searching for the ultimate, do it all, 4x4, DMM tool. I can say I am still searching. I personally own licenses for Mindjet, Novamind, IMM and Dropmind (and the brain but this one falls in another category) and none of these has fulfilled my needs 100%. iMindmap Ultimate - I think is the best tool for creativity and flexibility. Coming from Buzan's trademark company, makes honor to the foundations of mind mapping principles, offering a lot of flexibility, organic look and feel and design options. Presentations are great too however I still not feeling comfortable to use for any business or formal work presentations. I probably need to explore more on this new version but I highly recommend if you want to express to the highest in the mind mapping method. Maybe, space optimization has some room for improvement in future versions and alternative business like templates and viewer tool for sharing maps. I mainly use this tool when I need to achieve an artistic work and when I am in my creative mood. Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 63
  • 64.     OUTLINE OF iMindMap v 7 “Let's use our Brain tries to give you some insight on Mind Mapping. Mind Mapping is a method developed by Tony Buzan. Drawing a Mind Map can give you more insight on any challenge. Using some basic rules to create a Mind Map in the right state of mind will tap into your thoughts. You will be amazed of what you are capable of. How do you know Mind Mapping works for you? Ask yourself if you never ever...: click on tab "did you never ever..." Look for a challenge that you come across or invent one for yourself: click on tab "challenge" Juggle your mind and find out if you struggle: click on tab "struggling?" Roll up your sleaves and start with simple hands-on mindmapping rules: click on tab "role up your sleaves" Remember: MMMEE = mindmapping makes everything easier. “(Ref 6) Paid version - iMindMap 7 (released November 2013 includes the following features: Presentation View; DropTask integration 3D View, Branch Art, Smart Layout, MultiMaps, Flowcharts, Spreadsheets, Map Snippets, adding & exporting audio notes, attaching data (via dragging and dropping), intelligent printing, filtering, integration with Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Project, Outlook), Apple iWork (Pages, Numbers, Keynote) and OpenOffice.org (Writer, Calc, Impress); Project View for project management; image and icon library; sketch tool, OPML Import & Export, expand and collapse; focus on and focus out; relationship arrows; boundaries; importation of Mind Manager, Novamind, Freemind and Word files; export as web pages, PDFs and SVGs, It also Supports Mac Mavericks and Windows 8. Languages include: English and Japanese. In the newest update, 7 (released November, 2013) new features have been added to the desktop software including Branch Art, a whole new user interface, export presentation to PowerPoint, DropTask integration, new editor tools, presentation backgrounds, templates and PDF handouts, new Sketch and changeable Skins. Subscription version - "iMindMap Freedom" is a subscription package released in March 2012. It includes iMindMap mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, Android Phone and Android Tablet, an online editor that can be accessed through a web browser and ThinkBuzan Cloud to store and sync Mind Maps between the supported devices. “iMindMap 7 is an exceptional, functional and beautiful tool. So many things to use and do.” from Daisy Shum, Teacher “It’s look and feel is far more vibrant than iMindMap 6, which was already streets ahead of competitors” from Paul Roberts, Principle Fellow, Warwick University “I have been using the iMindMap with DropTask integration and it is superb. It really adds a whole new dimension to both products.” from Chris Taylor Reed, Founder of Your Agile Mind “Branch Art is awesome!” from Daisy Shum, Teacher “The software is awesome. It’s a lot cleaner, a lot quicker and there are some fantastic new features.” From Paul Collins, Business Consultant “Faster, easier and more intuitive than the already fantastic iMindMap 6.” from Ton Meeuwissen, Business Consultant Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 64
  • 65. Download free 7 day trail of iMindMap 7 here: http://thinkbuzan.com/download/ Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 65
  • 66. RESOURCES: See the link to these resources here: https://www.thinglink.com/scene/485964055224254466 or the picture below QR code for access to web site I have placed most of these links from the resources onto ThingLink….link above also with the QR code. I can always edit or charge links at any time to the ThingLink creation. Feedback appreciated on ThingLink and imindmap version 7 Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 66
  • 67. Mind Mapping  http://thinkbuzan.com/  http://thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-7/  http://thinkbuzan.com/products/imindmap/uses/  http://thinkbuzan.com/gallery/  http://www.buzan.com.au/buzan_centre/tony_buzan.html  http://www.biggerplate.com/  http://www.biggerplate.com/tutorials  You Tube channel https://www.youtube.com/user/iMindMap  On line training http://thinkbuzan.com/training/online/  Freedom Account http://thinkbuzan.com/products/imindmap/freedom/  Free eCourse at http://www.mindwerx.com/HowToMindMap  How to use mind maps to unleash your brains http://lifehacker.com/how-to-use-mindmaps-to-unleash-your-brains-creativity-1348869811  http://www.biggerplate.com/tutorials/4/iMindMap Further links at iMindMap Templates and Examples , iMindMap User Groups and iMindMap website  Features at http://thinkbuzan.com/products/imindmap/features/  Presentations at http://help.thinkbuzan.com/imindmap-desktop/presentationview  Help at http://help.thinkbuzan.com/category/imindmap-desktop  Why imindmap? http://thinkbuzan.com/products/imindmap/why-imindmap/  Have a look at these brilliant videos: "Create Mind Maps - Productivity Tools for Graduate Students" at http://ow.ly/tiqbz  www.letsuseourbrain.com Facebook for iMIndmap for Apple iPhone  https://www.facebook.com/iMindMapMobile Android software  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.thinkbuzan.imindmap.phone&hl=en Scoop IT  http://www.scoop.it/t/imindmap Livebinder  http://www.livebinders.com/play/play?id=165702 ThingLink web site  My mindmapping in Education presentation with links to You Tube, an ebook and other info https://www.thinglink.com/scene/477038711096213504  TOUCH this image: Mindmapping by wwl2 http://www.thinglink.com/scene/405889263004024832  5 Ways to Send a Stronger Message - Tony Buzan http://www.thinglink.com/scene/430739055349596162  How useful mindmapping is? http://www.thinglink.com/scene/317993381252825088  Imaginarium http://www.thinglink.com/scene/286442337364606976 Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 67
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  • 69. EXAMPLES OF MY USE OF iMINDMAP over the many years as primary school teacher Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 69
  • 70. EXAMPLES OF MY USE OF iMINDMAP over the many years as information technology trainer Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 70
  • 71. QRcode for “About Me” Contact Details: Ian B Hall Casual Relief Primary School Teacher 7/16 North St Inglewood 3517 Mobile: 0403 264 041 Skype Phone 03 90149457 Skype User: skippy32519 Skype: https://workspace.skype.com/users/ian-hall Biographical site https://www.vizify.com/ian-hall Web site: http://vu2lioj.dhpreview.devhub.com/ Main WEB SITE: https://sites.google.com/site/ianhallseportfolio/ Google WEB SITE: https://plus.google.com/+IanHall Yahoo Profile: http://profile.yahoo.com/K44SAXW5ZAFBVHVTMAFNT73KUE LinkedIN: http://au.linkedin.com/in/ianhall2057 Moodle blog: http://moodle2012.blogspot.com.au/ Casual Relief Teacher blog: http://casualreliefteacher.blogspot.com.au/ Edublogs: http://ianhall.edublogs.org Pearl Trees web site: http://pear.ly/f3nPm Word Press: http://challengementorofepcopmooc.wordpress.com Wikispaces: http://ihall2057.wikispaces.com/ Slide Share: http://www.slideshare.net/ihall2057 Gnomio: http://ihall.gnomio.com/my/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ian.hall.16 ThingLink: Ian Hall Nov 2013 https://www.thinglink.com/scene/448629198429356033 Mahara Ian Hall March 2014 Training, Voluntary activities and Mind Mapping at: http://mahara.brightcookie.com/view/view.php?t=a1G6RKAyQnwb4Hs9xuqi EPortfolio Assessment: Framework for understanding at: https://sites.google.com/site/eportsforlearning/ Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 71
  • 72. HOW TO MIND MAP Thanks to Qucho Felix Ian B Hall CRT in Bendigo Vic Australia 72
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