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Icv bulletin december 2011

  1. 1. International Controller Association In this issue: • 10 core elements • Green Controlling Prize • An interview with Bojan Šćepanović from SerbiaICV Bulletin | No. 1 | December 2011 • Board’s Christmas letter Dear Readers! Speaking the same language all over the I’m happy to pass to you the first issue world of our ICV Bulletin. At the last ICV Man- agement Conference in Frankfurt we A strategy is as good as its realization. Closing the year realized that what we lack is a broader 2011 the ICV Board confirmed the previous strategy as platform for communicating our ICV successful and set goals for the coming years. Our main activities on an international level. We goal as an active international network is enhancing the intend to publish the Bulletin quarterly function of practically applied controlling and the role of and cover in it themes concerning con- controller in sharing the responsibility for successful trolling in general and important ICV company management. events. There is indeed much to be reported as the ICV is always active and gathers no moss. Preparing the first issue of the Bulletin is a great opportunity to go back to the roots of the ICV and its philosophy. So we decided to include a discussion paper by Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler. He analyzes in it 10 key elements of sustainable controlling which lie at the foundation of the ICV. The ICV is proud of its strong engagement in Green Controlling so we’re also going to report on “green” developments in this and coming issues. Making sure that the International Controller Association earns the first part of its name is my field of responsibility and I’m especially glad about our achievements in that mat- ter. For example, this year we have gained brand new mem- ICV Mission Statement The ICV being a non-commercially oriented association is the biggest bers: Croatia and Serbia. On two pages of the Bulletin you controller organization in Europe will get information from these and other ICV member coun- tries. We have also taken steps to translate materials from German into English for our non-German speaking mem- ICV Key Objectives bers - they have been published on the ICV Internet plat- The ICV as an active international network enhances the function of form www.controllerverein.com. practically applied controlling and the role of the controller in sharing the responsibility Last but not least, I have come up at the last ICV Manage- ment Conference with an idea of creating a list of specialists from our “better-established” members who could share To better realize the ICV strategy the Board have clear their experience with our new members. I imagine it as a fields of responsibilities. And thus Dr. Walter Schmidt team of volunteers who could be invited and hosted by will- focuses on setting new trends, Dr. Adrianna Lewandowska ing to participate countries with the purpose of organizing on internationalization, Dr. Bernd Schwarze on public trainings in English. The list of experts is already long and relations, Siegfried Gänßlen on key account management, we will provide more information on the project in the next Conrad Günther on the organizational basis of the ICV net- issue. work, Marcus Haegi on orientation on new trends and Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler on SWOT analysis & strategy. I wish all of you a Merry Christmas and a happy and successful New Year, Yours That’s why we hope that becoming more and more engaged in the ICV you will have the feeling that you Dr. Adrianna Lewandowska, ICV Board Member belong to the biggest controller organization in Europe. 1 www.controllerverein.com Controlling - Creating Future Publisher: International Controller Association ICV | Poznań Office
  2. 2. ICV Bulletin | No. 1 | December 2011 10 Core Elements of Sustainable Controlling Discussion paper by our Board Member Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler Controlling as we see it in the German speaking region was essentially shaped by Albrecht Deyhle and the ICV. Globally it tends to be perceived as a local model, which sooner or later subordinates itself to the American mainstream. From our point of view the ICVs sustainable controlling approach has proved its worth in practice. We firmly believe that our way is the right one. This is even more true now that the current world crisis has shifted the focus of attention to standards which we have already been using in business management. Both give sufficient reason to once again present the core elements of the ICVs sustainable controlling approach as a management concept as well as those core elements relating to the role of controllers: We understand controlling as the management control process of defining, planning and then pursuing goals. It is a process whose full potential can only be realized if controllers and managers are collaborating closely. The key objective of our controlling philosophy is economic sustainability. The 10 core elements of the ICVs sustainable in our controlling approach as one defined by being controlling approach proactive and initiative. A controller is a positive "busybody" who is tireless in identifying trends and possibilities for 1. Sustainable value creation improvement. It requires, on the one hand, a profound The aim of controlling is to increase the companys value in knowledge of the market and business processes along the the long-term rather than to maximize profits in the short value chain. On the other hand, controllers have to adopt an run. It is crucial to find the right balance between independent position and hold their opinions. As a result, investments into new sources of future profits and current controllers take their share of responsibility for the profitability. In our efforts to create value, we take all companys success and for achieving objectives. stakeholders into account. 7. Business partner instead of a number cruncher 2. Beyond the costs Controllers provide transparency. They make strategy, Our controlling philosophy pursues an integrated approach profits, financing and business processes more visible. As a to value creation. The WEG symbol (growth-development- result management is able to lead the company in a more profit) provides guidance here. We focus not only on costs, predictable way. However, controlling according to the ICV but also primarily on the market and the competition. goes beyond reporting and has a strong focus on putting the 3. Dealing with symptoms is not enough figures into use. It is crucial for controllers not to satisfy According to the ICV controlling must not stop at the surface themselves with scorekeeping and number crunching. of financial symptoms. Controlling has also to consider the Controllers are supposed to be the business partners for underlying reasons for developments which all too often do management, providing business insights and support in not stem from financial causes. Thus effective controlling decision making. covers not only performance targets and KPIs, but also the 8. Seeing the people behind the numbers business processes and measures that drive performance. Controllers have to see the people behind the numbers. 4. Innovation and competitive advantages Being liaison officer and network builder is what makes the We believe that the aim of controlling as the management controllers work effective. Apart from an open attitude control process of setting, planning and pursuing objectives towards people, our global environment requires inter- is corporate flexibility and agility, rather than avoiding cultural awareness and readiness to act on an international deviations from current budgets. It is much more important scale. to identify business opportunities early by consciously 9. Representing the companys values shaping a companys future and developing competitive Controllers are committed to the good of the company and advantages. Target-oriented controlling tools enable not to particular interests. They must remain non-political in management to be informed better and faster. They can their actions. Only after achieving this neutrality, can analyze the ever increasing complexity of conditions with controllers do justice to their joint responsibility for reaching greater care and higher accuracy. Thus, management objectives. An honest and open attitude of controllers becomes ready to take action in a shorter time. establishes credibility oriented towards the companys 5. Taking actions above all values, which is of a higher priority than following the Controlling tools should be as lean, simple and mainstream or prominent single interest. understandable as possible. Management and employees 10. Being a person of integrity are supposed to understand the relevant performance Controllers are the business conscience of the company. metrics and tools in place and should be able to draw the They display strength of character and assume the role of a right conclusions on their own. Controlling has to be focused "spoil sport" in a positive manner. But they must not limit on taking concrete actions rather than on the system itself. It themselves to that role. Building on a solid foundation, they must be about people working together effectively and not need to be open for new experiences and ready to learn. about stylish arrangement of figures. The Role of Controllers: proactive and effective The image of the controller in our sustainable controlling- philosophy is in line with the controller’s mission statement 6. Taking responsibility2 of the International Group of Controlling (IGC). We see the role of the controller or the controllers function 2 © International Controller Association ICV | Poznań Office
  3. 3. ICV Bulletin | No. 1 | December 2011 First Green Controlling Prize goes to Deutsche Post DHL By Hans-Peter SanderStuttgart/Munich, November 24, 2011 - The Carbon Accounting & Controlling Team of Deutsche Post DHL (DPDHL) was re-warded on November 24 for its controlling solution as part of the environmental program "GoGreen" with the Green ControllingPrize. It was the first time that the prize was awarded by Péter Horváth Foundation in association with the International Con-troller Association (ICV). The transparency created by the Controlling Team enabled, above all, identification of financial risksand effective controlling of ecological measures.The DPDHL Team Carbon Accounting & Controlling re- "We feel responsible for the climate, that is why we haveceived the award at the specialist conference "Controlling initiated the environmental program GoGreen", explainedCompetence Stuttgart - CCS 2011" from the hands of the Stefan Freigang, responsible for Carbon Accounting & Con-presiding judge Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Péter Horváth trolling at DPDHL concern controlling, who presented the(Horváth AG, IPRI gGmbH, Leader of the ICV-workshop) solution in the plenary meeting CCS 2011. Carbon Account-and the ICV Board Chairman Siegfried Gänßlen (CEO ing & Controlling supported the company’s GoGreen pro-Hansgrohe AG). "Carbon Management is a social task gram. The aim was to enhance its own CO2 efficiency - in-which we face at Deutsche Post DHL constantly and on a cluding activities of its subcontractors - till 2020 by 30% incross-sector level", said Melanie Kreis, Executive Vice relation to the basis year 2007. According to Stefan Frei-President of Corporate Controlling at Deutsche Post DHL. gang this enhancement would be facilitated by numerous"Our todays distinction means that the whole approach has measures, both centralized and decentralized.been acknowledged and it reflects at the same time engage-ment of numerous colleagues taking part in the project." A new department in company’s controlling, whose task would be to push ahead Carbon Accounting & ControllingThe criteria "fulfilled outstandingly well" program, would be founded in 2012. The innovative element of the awarded solution is to consequently integrate into anIn order to develop and implement environmental manage- organization a system of controlling CO2 efficiency aims,ment in the company’s practice, which goes beyond techni- processes and systems of financial management. A man-cally-oriented "island solution", you need to integrate con- agement reporting, running through the whole year, is to betrolling into the process. As the presiding judge Péter created for an effective management - additionally to theHorváth explained in his congratulatory speech from that annual disclosure. The developed tools also enabled theresulted a threefold requirement for controllers: "It is neces- company to forecast, set aims and calculate measures forsary, first of all, to implement an integrated general system increasing efficiency.of controlling all environmental processes synchronized withthe company’s strategy. And secondly precise KPIs (Key "Controllers play in the conception, implementation and ap-Performance Indicators - performance ratios) are needed, plication a fundamental role. Being a part of carbon control-which make target-oriented economic controlling possible. ling the controllers become more and more partners of man-Thirdly, this system has to be implemented, cared for and agement, in addition to the classical role of financial ana-further developed", clarified Horváth. lysts", added Stefen Freigang. "Carbon Controlling" was created in synergy between controllers and managers. TheThe Green Controlling Prize winners from Deutsche Post created transparency in actual emissions made it possible toDHL developed an environmental controlling system which identify financial risks and effectively manage ecologicalfulfilled all these criteria outstandingly well, added Péter measures. In that way carbon controlling supported theHorváth. It was the key to a strategic-oriented general pro- management in making decisions and managing the com-gram for supporting the management. He said that an ex- pany. It prepared and reported facts as well as modeltensive set of KPIs for controlling made sure that planning, evaluations about possible economic and ecological effects.reporting and control could be translated into practice on allcompany levels. In addition, there were precise controller The International Controller Association (ICV) with its Ideatask appointments for implementation, maintenance and Workshop and a team of scientists and controlling expertsfurther development of the system which were introduced headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Péter Horváth dealt inenterprise-wide. 2010, in accordance with its focus point, with "Green Con- trolling". This work has been continued since the autumnController as a partner of the CO2-management 2011 by a new work group "Green Controlling". To facilitate developments in this area Péter Horváth Foundation in as- sociation with the ICV annually award the most innovativeDeutsche Post DHL as a globally acting logistics service and effective "green" controlling solutions with the Greenprovider with about 470,000 employees transports goods Controlling Prize.and information worldwide. Being an engine of world tradethe company causes CO2 emissions on quite a great scale. 33© International Controller Association ICV | Poznań Office
  4. 4. ICV Bulletin | No. 1 | December 2011 Let’s go in pole position On November 26, 2011 in Frankfurt took place the ICV Management Conference. 63 participants from 14 countries, Members of the Board of Directors, work group leaders, regional delegates and ICV employees came to this hub of financial world to discuss the most important issues at the ICV. Volatility: the new normality Siegfried Gänßlen, the Head of the ICV Board of Directors, began the conference with his presentation: “Volatility: The New Normality”. He gave a full report showing how the ICV fared in this fraught with turbulences year. Among other things, he summed up the 2011 DreamCar report, which has been focused on the issue of behavior and its meaning in management and controlling. Then the Chairman re- counted all new events that took place in the ICV. Especially encouraging was the increasing number of participants tak- ing part in ICV events. The closing motto in his presentation was: “Let’s go in pole position”, pole position being the best front row starting position in a motor race clearly expresses Siegfried Gänßlen’s attitude towards the ICV and its future. The numbers speak for themselves Then Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler, ICV Board Member, took the floor and gave a summary on developments in the last Our brand new member: Serbia ten years. Worth mentioning are the numbers concerning new individual members and company members. In eleven Important building elements of the International Controller years the number of non-German speaking members in the Association are its work groups. That’s why many presenta- ICV increased by 222%. The number of work groups in tions dealt with this issue. Martin Herrmann, a Regional 2011 has reached 72, including 9 specialist work groups. Delegate, Nord, explained how to establish a work group Whereas the ICV consisted of a paltry three countries in and make sure that it remains successful (see below). 2000, there are 16 now. The number of visits on the ICV Dragica Erčulj talked about how she managed the ICV- web site also shows a clear tendency of rapid growth. In the rollout from Slovenia over Croatia to Serbia and further on. next part of his presentation Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler pre- sented the decision of the Board about the future ICV strat- Controllers - a most sociable and easy going lot egy. Frankfurt seemed to be a perfect venue for the meeting of Why public relations? the ICV. Its cityscape and atmosphere certainly added to the climax of the ICV Management Conference. Also the dinner This much promising introduction was followed by a series after the conference was full of positive energy and spirited of presentations and discussions, all were equally interest- discussion. The dinner lasted into the night and the control- ing and ended with lively debates. For example, Dr. Bernd lers yet again proved to be a most sociable and easy-going Schwarze, Dr. Herwig Friedag and Hans-Peter Sander lot. talked about the important matter of public relations. They documented the work of such platforms as the ICV web site, ControllingWiki and the press with illustrative statistics and To watch all presentations surveys. After the presentation nobody had any doubts and a video go to: about the answer to the question which the three public rela- http://www.controllerverein.com/Events tions experts asked in their presentation: “Why Public Rela- tions?”. How to create a successful work group? In his witty and intelligent presentation Mar- The new work group is ripening. Your idea is taking its form. tin Herrmann goes through all steps of creat- You have reached an agreement in your region, the Board ing a work group. Firstly, as usually, there is has backed up the decision. You announce your success. an impulse that makes you do something. It Nothing more easier. can be a need to grasp an opening up op- portunity, or realization of a slowly increasing Easier said than done, that’s why Martin Herrmann analyzes demand, perhaps even a kind of pressure all practical aspects of each step in his presentation. You from somewhere. can download it at the above given link. On the next page there is also an interview with Bojan Šćepanović, who has At the moment you have taken the decision to establish a recently established a work group in Serbia.4 work group, you slowly start to consider how to actually real- ize your idea. You begin to be more and more specific. 4 © International Controller Association ICV | Poznań Office
  5. 5. ICV Bulletin | No. 1 | December 2011 An interview with Bojan A very successful German- Šćepanović - Polish work group meeting a work group leader in Serbia15 Controllers, mainly members of the work groups Poznanand Berlin-Brandenburg met on November 5, 2011 Serbia is the youngest ICV member, so we have decided to(Saturday) and November 6, 2011 (Sunday) in a beautiful ask its work group leader a few questions on joining thehotel Luisenhof by the lake Gabelsee in Falkenhagen, Bran- ICV.denburg. The topic of the conference, held in English and Bulletin: What motivated you to establish the ICV inGerman, was “The model of the controlling process of the Serbia?IGC”. 2 teams from Poznań and Berlin, led by Małgorzata Bojan: A possiblity to share information with otherPodskarbi and Silke Lehmann, prepared the content of the controllers in Serbia and a chance to get in contact wtihmeeting. many interesting people. It is also a great international experience. Bulletin: What was the greatest challenge that you faced? Bojan: Overcoming the passive attitude of controllers in Serbia. It was also a great personal challenge which required a lot of my energy and time. Bulletin: What kind of opportunities can the ICV bring for Serbia? Bojan: It is certainly a unique opportunity to better understand the role of the controller. Being an ICV member is a chance to exchange new ideas. Bulletin: What are your plans for the immediate future as far as the ICV is concerned? Bojan: We would like to establish a vast network of 50 members and to organize 4 meetings per year. Moreover we would like to organize first trainings with the ControllerThe topic was introduced by short presentations of each Academy.member. Everybody had 5 minutes to present his currentprojects, ideas and his personal situation – it was also anopportunity for further discussions, suggestions and tips.Afterwards, the organizing team presented the introducingthoughts of the process of controlling, based on the practi-cally oriented model of the controlling process of the Inter-national Group of Controlling (IGC). You can find the pres-entation (in German) on the German ICV site.The group work regarded 3 subjects:a) Controlling-Service as Shared Serviceb) The process of controlling for innovations andc) Demography Controlling.All the participants were really enthusiastic about their prac- Bojan Šćepanović is the first person on the righttically oriented work and they are going to participate in themeeting next year. The next Polish-German WG, this timeheld in English and German, takes place on November 09, Bulletin: What sort of advice would you give people who2012 and November 10, 2012 in the area of Poznan. The would like to establish the ICV in their countries (mistakes totopic is “Controlling-Service as Shared Service Center”. All omit, must-dos etc.)?interested, also in the work of the organizing team, are Bojan: First of all use your hard skills:asked to contact Małgorzata Podskarbi (mail: Malgor- Take a phone and call 100 controllers. You will be lucky ifzata.Podskarbi@vw-poznan.pl) and Silke Lehmann (mail: you get 5 controllers for a meeting :) So, then you need toLehmann.ICV-DPL@gmx.de). Guests and all the interested call other 100 controllers for 5 new controllers to come.in strengthening this international work group are warmly Do it again, again, again...welcome. Your soft skills can also be useful: You can find the presentation (in German) You will need a lot of personal energy, time... and on the German ICV site at: sometimes money :) and a positive attitude. Do not give up. http://www.controllerverein.com/Deutsch- Be patient. Set a high, unrealistic target. And, after that - just 5 Polnische-Arbeitsgruppe.164447.html do it. It works.5© International Controller Association ICV | Poznań Office
  6. 6. ICV Bulletin | No. 1 | December 2011 Britta Metzen from TNT Innight talked about business proc- Controlling Congress of the ess management and process excellence. She stated that: Baltic States - Kaunas 2011 • process should be analyzed and simulated • process should be documented The 4th Controlling Congress of the • process should match the customers needs also in Baltic States, prepared by Aiste Lör- process management you should find a way to communi- gen (on the photo), took place on cate with all stakeholders Friday, October 21, 2011 in Kaunas, Lithuania. The program included Frank Ahlrichs, the owner of „Konsequent Management speeches and discussions on the Services“ from Remscheid had a speech on the topic main subject of the conference: "Sustainable success through consequent customer orienta- "Process Controlling: Flexibility tion". He also pointed out that the highest effectiveness is and Effectiveness - a contradiction". There were about not most important in the management - the company can 40 controllers from Lithuania, Poland and Germany. At the lose flexibility and can no longer fulfill the customers beginning Prof. Edita Gimzauskiene from Kaunas Univer- wishes. sity introduced the topic. Thomas Zielinski from Poznan, Poland, CEO at „ABC Prof. Mantas Vilkas from the Kaunas University of Technol- Akademia“ asked the question: "process or costs"? He de- ogy talked about balancing flexibility and effectiveness. cided in favor of costs management on the basis of process Demonstrating on the example of oil industry he showed costs. how to be really effective, but also stay flexible - to cope with the changes on the market. Dr. Herwig Friedag (Germany) showed that a company always needs management of innovations, also when it The speech of Stephan Jockel from Buxtehude, Germany means changing the corporate culture. And controlling plays was about process indicators in a global organization. He also a relevant role in the management. claimed that for a successful company the most important indicators are time, costs and quality. Using the early indica- tors is the most relevant, but it only makes sense when the To watch all presentations go to: company has defined objectives and responsibilities. The profit oriented indicators are necessary, but not so practical. http://www.controllerverein.com/ Events.125039.html Dr. Darius Silingas from „no Magfic Europe“ talked about a better understanding of processes by process management with clear and uniform notation. Meeting in Poznań „The great day – when the informa- tion for solving a management prob- lem is only a push button away – is closer than you think.” Business Week [1963] But in 2011 we are still waiting … The participants of the Polish work group Poznan met on November 16-17, 2011 to discuss the problem Controlling Conference Slove- of successful reporting – the subject of the first part of the meeting was “Manager’s cockpit”, the topic of the nia 2011 second part “How to speak correctly”. The 11th Controlling Conference in Slovenia took place on The two-day meeting started with the dinner in the evening, October 27-28, 2011. This year’s motto was Controlling – on Wednesday. The ICV members could “catch up” – it had the tool of Business Excellence, with intention to connect been a few months since the last meeting in the spring. On controlling to business excellence. It was a regional confer- Thursday, after Dr. Dariusz Gulczynski welcomed the par- ence held both in English and Slovene. ticipants, the first speaker was Jakub Tomaszewski (on the On this year’s conference the participants talked about: photo) from Hansgrohe. He spoke about the cockpit of a • Changing role of controllers in “business excellent” manager – he showed how controllers from Hansgrohe pre- company pare reports and which information they choose. • Key competences of employees for effective imple- His presentation was also a chance mentation of business renovation to present the philosophy of the • Innovations in business company – to visit “Aquademy” – where you can see the products of • Communication and team work as prerequisites for the firm and some bathroom styliza- business excellence tions and to present the under-6 • Role of IT in providing successful information system standing of the controller’s function and environment for business excellence and how it has changed since 1993. 6 © International Controller Association ICV | Poznań Office
  7. 7. ICV Bulletin | No. 1 | December 2011 ICV Board’s Christmas Letter Gauting, December 2011 We are glad about our new work groups, but we are also pleased and proud to celebrate special WG anniversaries.Dear Members of the International Controller Associa- The WG West II met in Cologne on October 14 for the 50thtion, time and celebrated on the occasion its thirtieth anniversary. We cordially congratulate on this occasion one more timethe year 2011 is drawing to its close. For the International our long-standing work group leader Ralf Lehnert and sendController Association it was a year full of events and many thanks for his tireless engagement. In the 50th meet-changes. ing Ralf Lehnert passed the leadership of the West II region into Thomas Ruhs hands and his deputy Bernd Voss. WeThe Association has further developed and we controllers wish both gentlemen a good start and much success in fur-have learned that: "Navigating by sight" became in the fi- ther leading this rich in tradition work group. (…)nancial crisis and is still becoming navigating in volatiletimes. We will also put emphasis on this aspect in our 2012 So the year 2011 was again a successful year for us, for thework. association. We deal with the right topics, we have built a good network in economy and science. Our web activitiesIf we can take the number of participants in our events as an are exemplary, our press presence is better than ever.indicator for controlling demand, then we can state that: Ourcontrolling is in demand! With over 2000 participants at the In 2012 we invite you to make an intensive use of our asso-congress and in regional events we have reached a good ciation’s offer, which we want to considerably extend also14% more interested persons than in the previous year. this year. We would like to invite you to take part in our member meeting on May 6, 2012 and will be happy to meetPreparations for the congress 2012 have already reached you at our 37th Controller Congress on May 7 and 8, 2012.an advanced state, the program is essentially nailed down.This is also the case of regional events, which traditionally The coming Christmas and the New Year are a good oppor-take place in autumn. The appointments are fixed and also tunity for each of us to pause for a moment and reflect.here there already are considered programs, speakers etc.We firmly believe that we can keep the usual high level of all We wish you and your families a peaceful, contemplativeevents in 2012 and constantly raise the number of partici- Christmas and for the year 2012 luck, health and success.pants. With Kind Regards,Many warm thanks to all responsible organizers and assis-tants of the congress and of all regional events for their Yours ICV Boardenormous work input and for their high professional engage-ment. And we wish you and ourselves as well a lucky hand Siegfried Gänßlen Conrad Güntherfor the events in 2012! Marcus Haegi Dr. Adrianna LewandowskaIn the proper member meeting of the International ControllerAssociation on Mai 15, 2011 in Munich our Chairman, Siggi Prof. Dr. Heimo Losbichler Dr. Walter SchmidtGänßlen, granted Dr. Lukas Rieder for his controlling life-time performance an honorary ICV membership. Board Dr. Bernd SchwarzeMember Marcus Haegi from Switzerland delivered congratu-latory speech for Dr. Lukas Rieder.We send congratulations also to our deputy ICV ChairmanProf. Dr. Heimo Losbichler. He took over the presidencyover the International Group of Controlling (IGC) after Dr.Wolfgang Berger-Vogel, who served as the IGC Presidentfor more than ten years.We are happy that the number of our work groups, the basisof our association, has also in 2011 significantly increased.In that matter the WG Serbia in Belgrade has begun its workin October. We wish the WG leader Bojan Scepanovic muchsuccess in organizational works in the 17th ICV country! InAustria - but still taking into account Germany, Lichtensteinand Switzerland - the WG Voralberg headed by ThomasPrugger has begun its work. We wish you successful work!In Coesfeld has begun the WG Westfalen headed by Chris-tiane Strathaus. We are happy about the further develop-ment of the West region and wish them much success! 77
  8. 8. ICV Bulletin | No. 1 | December 2011 Dear Readers, The ControllerPrize in we want you all to feel a part of our the amount of € 5,000 international association. For better still to be taken understanding of controlling themes and events and activities in the ICV we prepared this Bulletin. For mem- The ControllerPrize of the bers from non-German speaking International Controller Association countries we translate German arti- will be awarded on May 7/8, 2012, at cles, write in English about ICV de- the 37th Congress of Controllers. velopments and new trends in con- Every year the ICV awards for trolling. You can also subscribe to exemplary controlling solutions which the English e-news and the ICV site have had a significant contribution to is regularly updated. We hope that the achievement of the objectives of with your help our publications will a company or an organization. be more and more successful with each issue. We are looking forward to hearing from you – if you have any ideas or you know of any inter- esting events, please let us know. Yours Anna Włodarczyk and Piotr Buza We cordially invite you to compete for All work groups in non-German speaking countries: the ControllerPrize 2012 by submitting your controlling solutions by January 31, 2012. Challenge Bulgaria your colleagues in the competition Denko Yamboliev and face the decision of our denko@excite.com competent judges. Croatia Lublin Jasmina Očko Pawel Rafalski More at: jasmina.ocko@kognosko.hr pawel.rafalski@icv.pl http://www.controllerverein.com/ Awards.158549.html Estonia Łódź Karolina Zielińska karolina.zielinska@icv.pl Lithuania Edita Gimžauskienė edita.gimzauskiene@ktu.lt Poznań Romania Dariusz Gulczyński Bukarest dariusz.gulczynski@icv.pl Hungary Cristina Hodea Budapest 1 Cristina.hodea@gmail.com Ervin Nemesdy Szczecin nemesdy@mce.hu Aleksander Socha Sibiu aleksander.socha@ramirent.pl Nicoleta Thomka Budapest 2 n.thomka@gmx.de Andreas Kovacs Toruń Kovács@mcskft.hu Andrzej Derkowski Russia Andrzej.Derkowski@icv.pl Valentin Usenkov Poland zoom@mail.ru Warszawa Gdańsk Karol Sikora Serbia Robert Panufnik karol.sikora@icv.pl Bojan Šćepanović R.Panufnik@vector.com.pl mcb@eunet.rs Wrocław Katowice Honorata Ulatowska Slovenia Anna Jarkulisz honorata.ulatowska@icv.pl Dragica Erčulj Anna.Jarkulisz@arcelormittal.com Dragica.erculj@crmt.com Zielona Góra Małgorzata Lepak Spain Kraków Malgorzata.lepak@icv.pl Ulrich Müller Bosom Dorota Gołąb-Bełtowicz8 dbeltowicz@bonifratrzy.krakow.pl ulrich.mueller.bosom@gmail.com Impressum Editing International Controller Association Piotr Buza 8 Brigitte Dienstl-Arnegger ICV Office Poland Publisher and Copyrights: Dr. Herwig Friedag ul. A.Fredry 7/1 International Controller Association PL 61-809 Poznań Dr. Adrianna Lewandowska Public Relations Committee Hans-Peter Sander Phone/Fax + 48 61 853 20 10 Anna Włodarczyk e-mail: anna.wlodarczyk@icv.pl