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2011 11-26-präs-strategie en


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2011 11-26-präs-strategie en

  1. 1. International Controller AssociationThe ICV Strategy, Heimo Losbichler, 26.11.2011 Controlling – shaping the future
  2. 2. The ICV has developed into the first address for controlling competence 2000 2010/2011 changes members: 3,492 4,395 +24% including non-German speaking countries 91 293 +222% company members: 0 38 all work groups: 40 72 +85% including specialist groups: 1 9 countries: 3 16 +430% guests on events : ca. 1,100 ca. 1,900 +150% web visits: 30,737 454,922 +1,380%International Controller Association | 23.11.2011 | page: 2 Internationaler Controller Verein e.V. | 28.11.2011. | Seite: 2
  3. 3. Other Developments ideas workshops: The ideas workshops systematically monitor the controlling- relevant environment and early identify the fundamental trends The ideas workshops are in the ICV at the cutting edge of innovations and their ideas or results are then converted into concrete practical products in the specialits groups or other project groups. Leadership: Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. It contributes considerably to the thematic leadership of the ICV Peter Horváth in the financial and controller community. Main focus of the ideas workshops: 2010: Green Controlling 2011: Behavioral ControllingInternational Controller Association | 23.11.2011 | page: 3 Internationaler Controller Verein e.V. | 28.11.2011. | Seite: 3
  4. 4. Other Developments The ControllerPrize as a sign of an exemplary controller work The ControllerPrize is annualy awarded for exemplary controller work in companies and other organizations. Challenge your colleagues in the competition and face the decision of our competent judges headed by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Jürgen Weber. Application deadline: 30. January, award ceremony at the Controller Congress in Munich Prize Money: € 5.000 Previous Winners: Sick AG, Aventis Pharma Deutschland GmbH, T-Online International AG, Kaufhof Warenhaus AG, Hansgrohe AG, Lufthansa CityLine, Bernd Voss, Bundesargentur für ArbeitInternational Controller Association | 23.11.2011 | page: 4 Internationaler Controller Verein e.V. | 28.11.2011. | Seite: 4
  5. 5. Other developments Practically applicable controlling knowledge Magazine With the print run of more than 10,000 issues the ”Cotroller Magazine” released six times in year is the most popular magazine dealing with controlling subjects. Finance Monthly provided magazine for CFOs with the print run of more than 25,000 issues Statements: The „Controller Statements“ provide detailed guidelines for controller work. Discussion papers with white papers giving feedback on recent developments. Web At and we offer a rich knowledge base. Free subscription of the newsletter „Controller’s E-News“ keeps you informed.International Controller Association | 23.11.2011 | page: 5 Internationaler Controller Verein e.V. | 28.11.2011. | Seite: 5
  6. 6. Our strategy 2006 is a part of this successDevelopment start: November 2005 – Finalization: Autumn 2006 Stoß- Direc- Policy packages 06 07 08 Maßnahmenpakete richtung tion 4.Q Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 Business processes Geschäftsprozesse - -output-oriented planning process (statement) Output or ientier ter Planungspr ozess (Statements, …)  - -Member administration(Eintr itt/ Austr itt) M itglieder ver waltung (joining/leaving) Communication, team building Kommunikation, Teambildung offen open - -info-letter once a month, Christmas ief monatl. Info-Letter , W eihnachtsbr letter  Inin progress Arbeit Profe- - -reporting project leaders Repor ting Pr ojektleiter ready - -Frankfurt ”new” (team building) Fr ankfur t „Neu“ (Teambildung) fert igProfessiona- Web ssiona- lisation Web lisierung - -ideas board at the web Ideen-boar d am W eb - -member analysis M itglieder analyse - -webmasters/ / -stude nte n W ebmaster students Quality assurance Qualitätssicherung - -mentoring concept neue AK-Leiter Patenkonzept für for new WG-leaders  - -regional conferences Regionaltagunge n  Clearly-defined executive board Eindeutige Vorstandsressorts Benefit concept Nutzenkonzept Bündelung Trend scout, web literaature scan Pooling of knowledge Trendscout/ Web-Literaturscand. Wissens Vernetzung Fachkreise/ AKs / WGs Networking expert groups  Businessplan Businessplan Risk management Riskmanagement Work groups in Eastern Europe Arbeitskreise in Osteuropa Inter- Inter- English Englisch nationa- - -web W eb nationa- - -congresses Congr esse lisation lisierung - -statements Statements - -E-news E-news National associations/Int. Org. Landesvereine/ Int. Organisation Int. Offices Int. Geschäftsstellen CICl Journalistenpflege with journalists Fostering relations Marketing expert groups Öffentlich- Fachkreise vermarkten Public Web keits- Relations Web arbeit - -Web 2.0 W eb 2 .0 - -Google Ranking Google ranking - -WG presenting AK-Dar stellung Associated members AssozierteMitglieder - -rules egeln Spielr of play  Growth - -target lists Tar getliste Wachstum - -companies as the hostsfür AK-Sitzungen Fir men als Gastgeber for WG sessions - -finding speakers for thegewinnen Redner für Congr ess congress Internationaler Controller Verein e.V. | 28.11.2011. | Seite: 6 Weiße FlächeWGs White area AKs
  7. 7. The strategy was integrated in 2008 into the business plan 2009-2013 Mission Statement / Key Objective The ICV being a non-commercially oriented association is the biggest controller organization in Europe. The ICV as an active international network enhances the function of practically applied controlling and the role of the controller in sharing the responsibility for successful company management. key ratio: Acquired funds (sponsorships, money prizes, financing projects etc.) in relation to the numer of multiplicators, ICV members *sector mix / companies mix *biggest Polish investors basing on the foundations in the German-speaking region gradually anchoring the ICV as an opinion leader goal achieving a higher level anchoring the ICV and its values in the in practical controlling European target countries public relations& bundling and strategic issue internationalization processing of the knowledge available organization in the ICV number of members outside the number of publications of the ICV ratio companies’ revenues German-speaking region qualified members forms of organization communication management & special projects offices & special representatives website Bernd Schwarze Adrianna Lewandowska Conrad Günther & Siegfried Gänßlen development field promotion and development of controllers in companies personal members 1.1 2.1 3.1 individual performance Conrad Günther image of a successful creator multipliers number of the multipliers 1.2 2.2 3.2 Heimo Losbischler improving one’s own self-esteem the ICV top performers number of awards 1.3 2.3 3.3 Marcus Haegi creating a win-win situation cooperation partners & companies- members number of cooperation partners & 1.4 2.4 3.4 companies-members Walter Schmidt improving the training situation access to practical knowledge projects scientists 1.5 2.5 3.5 number of cooperation partners Siegfried Gänßlen International Controller Association | 23.11.2011 | page: 7 Internationaler Controller Verein e.V. | 28.11.2011. | Seite: 7
  8. 8. Key elements of the current strategy modification adaptation - not redirection Stronger focus on the three target groups controllers CFOs companies Making our profile more distinctive through clear USP network internationality setting trends Strategic projects and budget arrangementInternational Controller Association | 23.11.2011 | page: 8 Internationaler Controller Verein e.V. | 28.11.2011. | Seite: 8
  9. 9. Current stand of the realization of the strategy International Controller Association | 23.11.2011 | page: 9 Internationaler Controller Verein e.V. | 28.11.2011. | Seite: 9