10 Best American Presidents
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10 Best American Presidents






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10 Best American Presidents Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Made by: Benedict S. Gombocz10 BEST AMERICAN PRESIDENTS
  • 2. #1. Abraham Lincoln (Republican) Born February 12, 1809. Died April 15, 1865. 16th President (March 4, 1861-April 15, 1865). First Republican president. Led United States through American Civil War of 1861-1865. Was country lawyer, Illinois state legislator, and one-term member of U.S. House of Representatives prior to his election as president in 1860. First president to be assassinated. Regarded as greatest U.S. president by historians and scholars.
  • 3. #2. Franklin Delano Roosevelt (Democratic) Born January 30, 1882. Died April 12, 1945. 32nd President (March 4, 1933-April 12, 1945). Spoke German and French. First Democrat since 1912 to be elected (and re-elected). Led United States through Great Depression from 1929-1941 and World War II from 1941-1945. Also instituted New Deal to provide for three Rs: relief, recovery, reform. Only president to serve more than two terms. Ranked as one of the top three U.S. presidents.
  • 4. #3. George Washington (No party) Born February 22, 1732. Died December 14, 1799. 1st President (April 30, 1789-March 4, 1797). Only president not to be affiliated with a political party; set precedent for his successors by warning against creating political parties. Was dominant military and political leader of United States from 1775- 1799. Led victory over Great Britain in American Revolutionary War as commander-in-chief of Continental Army from 1775-1783 and headed writing of Constitution in 1787.
  • 5. #4. Thomas Jefferson (Democratic-Republican) Born April 13, 1743. Died July 4, 1826. 3rd President (March 4, 1801-March 4, 1809). 2nd Vice President (March 4, 1797-March 4, 1801). 1st U.S. Secretary of State (March 22, 1790- December 31, 1793). In addition to English, he claimed ability to read and write in five languages: Greek, Latin, French, Italian, Spanish. Was president during Louisiana Purchase (1803) and Lewis and Clark Expedition (1804- 1806). Principal author of United States Declaration of Independence (1776) and served in Continental Congress where he represented Virginia. Served as a diplomat from mid-1784; was stationed in Paris, originally as commissioner to aid in negotiating commercial treaties, and became U.S. Minister to France in May 1785.
  • 6. #5. Theodore Roosevelt (Republican) Born October 27, 1858. Died January 6, 1919. 26th President (September 14, 1901- March 4, 1909). 25th Vice President (March 4, 1901- September 14, 1901). Read and spoke French; could read German. First of three Progressive presidents; was youngest man, at 42, to become President (was not elected because he succeeded William McKinley after McKinley’s death). First president to receive Nobel Peace Prize, in 1906; received it for negotiating end to Russo-Japanese War (1904-1905). Founded short-lived Progressive (“Bull Moose”) Party after being denied Republican nomination in 1912.
  • 7. #6. Harry S Truman (Democratic) Born May 8, 1884. Died December 26, 1972. 33rd President (April 12, 1945-January 20, 1953). 34th Vice President (January 20, 1945- April 12, 1945). Served remainder of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s fourth term; led United States through end of WWII (1945) with fall of Nazi Germany and decision to drop atomic bomb on Japan, establishment of United Nations, Marshall Plan to rebuild post-war Europe, Truman Doctrine to prevent spread of communism, onset of Cold War, Berlin Airlift, founding of NATO, Chinese Civil War, and Korean War. Popularized phrases like “The buck stops here” and “If you can’t stand the heat, you better get out of the kitchen”.
  • 8. #7. James Madison (Democratic-Republican) Born March 16, 1751. Died June 28, 1836. 4th President (March 4, 1809-March 4, 1817). 5th U.S. Secretary of State (May 2, 1801-March 3, 1809). Is saluted as “Father of the Constitution” and prominent champion and author of U.S. Bill of Rights. Started his studies of Latin at only age of 12; already been fluent in both Greek and Latin by the time he attended College of New Jersey, later renamed Princeton University. Became one of the proponents of ratifying the constitution after it was drafted.
  • 9. #8. James Knox Polk (Democratic) Born November 2, 1795. Died June 15, 1849. 11th President (March 4, 1845-March 4, 1849). 17th Speaker of U.S. House of Representatives (December 7, 1835-March 4, 1839). Governor of Tennessee (October 14, 1839- October 15, 1841). Negotiated annexation of Texas in 1844 election and defeated rival Whig candidate Henry Clay. Last strong pre-Civil War president; led United States to victory through Mexican-American War (1846-1848) after Mexico rejected U.S. annexation of Texas. Despite being unpopular upon leaving office, Polk has been ranked favorably among U.S. presidents because he achieved his entire agenda; he is known as the “least consequential president”.
  • 10. #9. Thomas Woodrow Wilson (Democratic) Born December 28, 1856. Died February 3, 1924. 28th President (March 4, 1913-March 4, 1921). 34th Governor of New Jersey (January 17, 1911-March 1, 1913). 13th President of Princeton University (1902-1910). Learned German as part of receiving his Ph.D. in history and political science from Johns Hopkins University, but never claimed fluency in the language. Last of three Progressive presidents. Led United States during World War I (1914-1918) and second President to be awarded Nobel Peace Prize, in 1919.
  • 11. #10. Ronald Wilson Reagan (Republican) Born February 6, 1911. Died June 5, 2004. 40th President (January 20, 1981-January 20, 1989). 33rd Governor of California (January 2, 1967- January 6, 1975). Started career as an actor in 1937, first in movies and later on television; starred in Knute Rockne, All American (1940), Kings Row (1942), and Bedtime for Bonzo (1951). Was originally a Democrat; his political positions began changing rightward late in the 1950s, and he became a Republican in 1962. Lost Republican nomination in 1968 (to Richard Nixon) and in 1976 (to Gerald Ford), but won both nomination and election in 1980, defeating Democrat Jimmy Carter. In foreign policy, he worked closely with Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, West German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, and British PM Margaret Thatcher throughout his (Reagan’s) second term , which resulted in INF Treaty and foundation for closer ties and reforms in the Soviet Union.