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Culture Fin2
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Culture Fin2


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Published in: Travel, Education

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  • 1. HTM 2118
    United Kingdom
    Name: Anthony
  • 2. 1. Brief Introdction + History
    2. How History Occurred Impact on Culture
    3. Impact on Hospitality
    4. Impact on Tourism
    5. Impact on people
    Project Outline
  • 3. A Brief Introduction – United Kingdom
    Area: 244,820 km2
    Main Districts: England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland
    Population: approximately 61.3 millions (2008) Official Language: English
    Currency: Pound sterling (GBP) (£)Capital: London in England
    Edinburgh in Scotland
    Cardiff inWales
    Belfast in Northern Ireland The Largest City: London in England
    Main Religions: mainly Christianity (71%), Islam, Hinduism, Sikhism, Judaism
    GDP in 2008: $2.680 trillion The leading income: Service sector (73.0%)
  • 4. Map of the UK
  • 5. Travel Trends – International Tourist Arrivals
  • 6. History in UKEmpire of the SUN
    Industrial Revolution in 18- 19th century- Inventions of Technology->became the largest colonial empireImpact of WWII- Huge damages ->Lost the place as a superpower -> led to?
  • 7. Transfer of sovereignty of Hong Kong to Hong Kong1stJuly, 1997
    -> The end of colonial governance of the UK
    Political System The constitutional monarchy and Parliament -> highlydemocratic
    Head government: Prime Minister, Gordon Brown
    Head of state:Queen Elizabeth II
  • 8. Modern UK- Strong World Power
  • 9. What Occurred in History that impact culture?
  • 10. Catholicism  Christian  JESUS
    Main festivals- Christmas
    - Lent
  • 11. Scots hate the English
    Reason Act of Parliament in 1872decline in writing in Scots. "
    Relationship between Scots and English
  • 12. British Monarchy  Royal Costume
    A symbol of elegance and nobility
     reflect social status  upper class people
    formal dressing for upper class and business people or special occasions
    19th – 20th century:
    18th – 19th century:
  • 13. British Monarchy  Royal events
    • Trooping the Colour
    • 14. – The Queen’s birthday parade
    • 15. Changing the guard at Buckingham Palace
    • 16. Guards costume – bright red uniform & bearskin hats with guns
    • 17. adore the Royal family
    • 18. attract a lot of local people and visitors to watch the royal events
  • Culture in UK
  • 19. Religion
    • Most of whom are Christians.
  • Festivals
  • 20. The most popular fictions in the world….
  • 21. Music: Beatles & The Smiths
  • 22. Food: FISH and CHIPS and Afternoon tea
  • 23. SPORTS: Football
    FA cup
    Barclays Premier League
    -most famous clubs:
    Manchester United
  • 24. The Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Museum
    help promoting tennis in UKbring tourists in non-competition time
  • 25. Women’s clothing:
    Lace cap
    Lace neck kerchief
    Lace apron
    Silk petticoat
  • 26. Men’s clothing:
    Stockings or Hose
  • 27. Custom: Wigs
    -traditional clothing of lawyer and judge to wear wigs when handling cases in the court.
  • 28. Scottish Dress - Tartan
  • 29. Cultural Impact on hospitality
  • 30. Warm, friendly, easygoing
    willing to serve all people including strangers
    Have big house to invite a group of visitors to stay overnight
     B & B( Bed and Breakfast)
    Impact on Hosptalilty:
  • 31. Traquair Castle
    Impact on Hospitality:
    From the history of the war in UK  a lot of castles.
    E.g. Amberley Castle , Traquair Castle
    Amberley Castle
  • 32. Impact on Hospitality
    -most of the theme park in UK, have their own theme park hotels
  • 33.
    • Food Impact on Hospitality: Fast Food CultureMost hotels and restaurants
    - fast food in menus- Attractiveness: lower price than other local food
  • 34. ImpactonHospitality:
    TheBeatlesCafé – eat with Beatles music
  • 35. Strong culture of sports like football, rugby, tennis, etcsports wear storesconvenient to buy all sports’ items
    e.g. JJB Sports, Lillywhites
    Enjoy watching different kind of sports competitions-FA cup
    -Barclays Premier League
    - London Olympic in 2012
    Impact on Hospitality:
  • 36. consider about the classproduce a lot of brands and luxury productse.g. Vivienne Westwood, Stella McCartney
    Impact on Hospitality:
  • 37. British attitudes’ impact on Hospitality: - warm and friendly to give:- Presents E.g High-class chocolate, Wine, flower, local arts and crafts - precious eating utensils (silver tableware )- High-Class Tea (Red Tea)- clean and quiet environment by avoiding smoking
  • 38. Cultural Impact on Tourism
  • 39. Historical & Cultural HeritageImpact on Tourism
    A lot of tourists appreciate the historical heritage and classical buildings of UK
  • 40. Historical & Cultural Heritage Impact on Tourism
    British Museum
    Established in 1753
    - artefacts from all over the world
    - 6 million visitors / year
    Victoria and Albert Museum
    -collections of arts and crafts
  • 41. Unique Features Impact on Tourism
    • London double deckerred bus
    • 42. Red telephone box
  • Music Impact on Tourism
    • The Beatles Story
    • 43. 18 features – from the success of the band to their break up
    • 44. Fab4D – a new attraction opened in July 2009
  • Movies Impact on Tourism
    • Some films were made in the historical sites:
    • 45.  fascinate the tourists
    Oxford Castle
    • Gloucester Cathedral
  • Sports Impact on Tourism
    2012 London Olympic Games
     attract thousands of tourists to watch these mega events
     visit the Olympic venues of competitions
    Olympic Village
    Olympic Stadium
    Aquatic Centre
  • 46. Festival Performance Impact on Tourism
    • Trooping the Colour
    • 47. St. Patrick’s Day
    (Northern Ireland National Day)
    • St. George’s Day (England National Day)
  • Festival Performance Impact on Tourism
    • St. Andrew’s Day (Scotland National Day)
    • 48. Rochester's Sweeps Festival
  • Entertainment Impact on Tourism
    British needs excitement, fun and relaxation
     theme parks, water parks, theme park hotels
    Eg. Pleasure Beach Blackpool
    Alton Towers
    Water park of Alton Towers
    The Blue Hotel of Pleasure Beach Blackpool
    One of Europe’s tallest rollar coaster
    Europe’s first 360 degree roller coaster
  • 49. Language & Culture impact on Tourism
    Culture – native English language
     exchange programmes and study tour to UK
  • 50. Cultural Impact on People
  • 51. The British Social Class System
    the Upper Class
    the Middle Class
    Lower or Working Class
     affect employers and employee
     ineqality
  • 52. British aristocracy
    Affected by The old aristocratic- Be gentleman- Pay attention to the identity and upbringing- Generous
    Affected by The new aristocratic- Money Relations- Impersonal , Cool- Privacy - Handshaking is Standard Greeting
    - Dislike late comer
  • 53. Individualism Vs Collectivism
    personal freedom
    right to privacy and preserve one’s personal space.
    Encourage competitions
    Individual achievement
  • 54. The Empire on which the sun never sets
    Colony all over the world
    Superior than other nations
    Never apologize easily
    Never face their faults
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