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FE Student Induction 20012-3

  1. 1. “The Library is situated on theFolly Lane campus up the stairsbehind reception.”
  2. 2. “The library is a wonderfulspace to research artists,materials, galleries, techniques& images of all kinds..”
  3. 3. “...or meet friends, readnewspapers & just catch up withyour correspondence..”
  4. 4. OPENING HOURSMon – Thurs: 8.45 – 6.30 Fridays: 8.45 – 4.15
  5. 5. “The student card you receivewhen enrolling is also yourlibrary card. You will need thiscard to join the library.”
  6. 6. “The student card you receivewhen enrolling is also yourlibrary card. You will need thiscard to join the library.”
  7. 7. “The library has an onlinecatalogue that you can accessfrom any computer. Thecatalogue enables you tosearch the library collection”
  8. 8. “You can also borrow itemsfrom The College of Technologylibrary next door.”
  9. 9. “You may wish to join the CityLibrary in Broad Street, directlyopposite the cathedral.Their catalogue is online too”
  10. 10. “Before accessing anylibrary computer you willneed your personal log-in IDfrom the IT Suite. The libraryhas a wireless connection forlaptops &c”
  11. 11. “There is an out-of-hoursdrop-off box outside thelibrary. You can return anylibrary items here”
  12. 12. “Just outside the libraryare two colourphotocopiers, one of whichis a printer/copier.”
  13. 13. “A Library Shop sells basicartist’s materials such aspaper, pens, sketchbooks,paints etc. at specialdiscount prices for HCAstudents.”
  14. 14. Shop
  15. 15. “We also sell lab coats,display portfolios, ear plugs,book binding equipment,memory sticks &c.”
  16. 16. “The shop is open the samehours as the library.We accept debit cardpayments for transactions of£5.00 or over.”
  17. 17. “The Library has a widerange ofmagazines stretching rightacross thespectrum of Art & Design.”
  18. 18. “So that you can be sure tofind it in, the LATEST COPY ofeach magazine is referenceonly.”
  19. 19. “Back copies are loanablefor one week.”
  20. 20. “Magazines are an invaluablesource of information oncontemporary artists, exhibitions,fashion &c. Informatuion you willbe expected to know at anyforthcoming interviews”
  21. 21. “The library has a largecollection of DVDs includingnew and classic films,performing arts, art & design,animation & documentaries”
  22. 22. DVDs
  23. 23. “DVDs are free to borrow ona 1-week loan but there is afine of 50p a day if they arereturned late.”
  24. 24. “The HCA library has aLibraryThing page where youcan see a selection of newbooks.
  25. 25. “We also have a Facebook pagewhere you can catch up onLibrary updates, links to onlineresources, news of exhibitionsand much more.”
  26. 26. “& Finally....”
  27. 27. “There is a Quiet Study Roomconnected to the library withcomputers and study tables.You must book a place at thelibrary desk if you wish to usethis room.”
  28. 28. Quiet study
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