Life of pi mise en scene evaluation

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  • 1. All of the backgrounds are really good at setting the scene. They are a good replacement for real locations. The props/characters although all toys still create an effective trailer and tell a story through their movement and through the support of cinematography, editing and sound. What went well... The mise en scene is probably one of the strongest parts of the trailer. It shows how you can make an effective and visually effective film on a small budget. We thought out of the box on how a trailer many thought would be impossible to recreate could be. The tea lights shot on water is a very good shot and is a great idea of how to recreate the lanterns on a lake shot in the real trailer. The fairy lights wire was not as obvious in the starry sky scene at the end of the trailer. It is small things like this that must be taken into consideration and how props and materials needed for production do not appear on screen when they are not required to. This is because they can often ruin a shot or draw focus away from what is happening on screen. The occasional edge of a backdrop was seen. This makes the background/location seem even more unrealistic. Even better if... The lighting on the rotating boat shot was a little lighter, but still dark. This could have been achieved by covering a torch with a tissue which gives a faded light to the shot. The lighting could have been brighter also in the sunny shot at 1:10. A high- key lighting would have set the mood better.