Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed


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How I Earn $150 A Week - Guaranteed

20 pages | March 2011 | PDF | Emma Stanley

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Internet Marketing Secrets Revealed

  1. 1. INTERNETMARKETING SECRETS How I earn $150 a week – REVEALED GUARANTEED Read in amazement as I reveal my powerful strategy for Internet profits. Learn what I am doing, and discover how you can replicate my success instantly. My unique method requires minimal investment of time and money, and requires no technological skill whatsoever.
  2. 2. ContentsCopyright, Legal and Disclosure Notice P3Personal note from the author P4What is it that I do? P5Who are these companies? P5What do you have to do? P5Getting people to join P6Steps to get started P7Useful Websites P8Proof of method P9Proof of earnings P10Information about my advert P11Template Advert P12Important Notes P13What next? P13Products to advertise P13Your referrals P15Emails P16Another email strategy P18Final Thoughts P20 Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  3. 3. Copyright NoticeAll rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or byany means, electronic or mechanical. Any unauthorized duplication, reproduction, or distribution isstrictly prohibited and prosecutable by the full extent of the law.Legal NoticeWhile attempts have been made to verify all the information contained within this publication, theauthor, hereby assumes no responsibility as it pertains to its contents and subject matter; nor withregards to its usage by the public or in any matters concerning potentially erroneous and/orcontradictory information put forth by it.Furthermore, the reader agrees to assume all accountability for the usage of any informationalobtained from it.Everything written in this book is written in good faith, and is accurate to the best of my knowledge.DisclosureOver the course of this ebook I will be providing my own affiliate links. I would like to be upfront andhonest about this. If you sign up using any of my links I will earn a commission. I believe that this isfair bearing in mind I am revealing my secret, giving you my templates, and showing you how to earnhundreds of dollars using my method! Whilst you are under no obligation to sign up using my links, Iwould appreciate it if you repay the hard work and effort that I have put into this ebook simply bysigning up using the links I provide. Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  4. 4. Personal NoteHi Guys,Thank you for purchasing my ebook!I am going to share with you my simple, but very powerful method for earning money online.You’re probably eager to get started, but I’d just like to introduce myself and tell you a littlebit about who I am, and how I came to discover my method.My name is Emma Stanley, I’m 30 years old. I’m from London, United Kingdom and I workfull time as a shop assistant.My son, Adam, is 2 years old, and as I am sure any parents reading this will be aware, he isat the age now where he is inquisitive about everything and requires constant supervision.So between juggling a full time job and looking after my son I do not have very much freetime.However, for the past year I have been consistently earning a couple of hundred dollars aweek from my internet business. The fact that I’m useless with computers, and that I don’teven have a website makes this even more impressive!Over the course of this ebook I am going to share with you what I do, and how you can copyme exactly.I have tried to keep the book as short and as simple as possible – time is precious andnobody wants to read 50 pages when 2 pages will do! I recommend that you read theentire ebook first before attempting the method for yourself.I have tried to include everything that you need to know. I have provided you with all thelinks you need to get started, and have even given you the exact adverts and emails that Iuse!If you follow all my steps you can start earning too!If you experience any problems then please do not hesitate to contact me. I will do my bestto help you out as much as I can.You can contact me on:Emmastanley05@gmail.comHope you enjoy the ebook, and good luck with earning money online!Emma Stanley Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  5. 5. What is it that I do?I act as a “middle man” between big companies, and potential clients. What this means is I find acompany a new customer, and in return the company pays me a commission. The more customers Ifind them, the more money they pay me. Companies Me Potential clients This concept is known as affiliate advertising. Although there are millions of affiliate advertisers onthe internet, I hope to show you how I have developed a method of advertising that is unique, lowcost, easy to implement and unbelievably effective.So who are these companies?All of these companies are well known, reputable businesses. And what’s more, once you havesigned up you can promote any of them you want. It doesn’t matter if you find 10 clients for 1company, and 2 for another – all of them will pay you the same rate!It also doesn’t matter where you live in the world – the reason why these companies are willing topay you is because they are looking to expand their overseas client base.What do you have to do?Before you can recommend their services to others, you must first try one of the companies out foryourself. This is the only point at which you may incur a cost. Depending on which company youchoose to trial it may even be free!If you do not like the service you can cancel at any time – there is no obligation to continue once thetrial has finished. After you have tried the service yourself, you can then start promoting it to others. Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  6. 6. How do I get people to join these companies?The only way to experience any real success when marketing online is to find a niche, find a methodof promotion that works for you, and then experiment by changing your method gradually until youfind what works and what doesnt .Basically my ebook does all the hard work for you! I’ve found the niche, found the affiliate companyand found the method of promotion! This has taken months of trial and error, but I am now at thestage where it is consistently earning me money.So what is this special promotional tool?Without a doubt the best way of getting people to sign up is by advertising on auction websites.One of the most famous and visited websites in the world is eBay, and I have found a way oftargeting their traffic to sign up for the offers I am promoting. For the rest of this ebook I am goingto guide you on how to use my method on eBay, however it is very important to remember that thesame thing will work for most auction websites!To find a comprehensive list of auction sites in the UK, USA, and Australia please click hereTo find a list of the top 100 auction websites in the world please click here. Many of these websitesare absolutely perfect for us, as you will soon see!Later on in this “ebook” I have included the exact advert that I have been using with great success.You can copy this advert word for word if you choose, or you can change it however you want. Ifyou can find a new twist to my method, and can start earning even more money then great! If not,then you can still earn hundreds of dollars by just copy and pasting my advert!!Of course this is not the only way of promotion! There are also many others ways, including tellingfriends and family, creating a website or even printing out leaflets. However, in my experience I havefound that none of these methods are as effective as auction adverts, so this is what I will be sharingwith you in this ebook. Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  7. 7. So what should you do now?Step 1Click here and enter your email address in the “Sign up now” section.Step 2Fill in all your details correctly. If you give false details you will not get any payment.Step 3You must now complete your trial with one of the companies.Depending on your country of residence there will be a variety of different companies that you cantrial. Some of these trials may be free (e.g. Intuit is free in UK/USA/Canada/Australia).If there are no free offers in your region, or if you want to start earning immediately then Irecommend choosing Little Bid Tasty. Click the Little Bid Tasty sign, then choose “Sign Up”. Youmust sign up and deposit £10 (roughly $15) then place a bid on one of the items.It is completely up to you which company you want to try out!Remember, if you do not complete the trial, you will not get paid for referring others. Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  8. 8. Step 4Choose which gift you want to receive. If you do not want a gift, select “My Gift” then ask for money.For each customer you provide you will be paid £17 (roughly $27). In your first week you should beaiming to have a minimum of 10 customers.Step 5Once your trial has finished you can start getting referrals for yourself! This is when you placeadverts on auction websites such as eBay.So at this point your probably thinking….How do I know that this is not just a scam?There’s lot of resources on the Internet that you can use to check the affiliate company FreebieJeebies but here are just a few:  Hundreds of Youtube Videos:  A forum where people post pictures of all the gifts they have received: don’t just take my word for it! Search the net. Do your own research. Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  9. 9. Now I want to prove to you that my auction method really does work:When I log into my Freebie Jeebies account I can see a list of everybody who has signed up using mylink. This includes their email addresses, and the offer which they have completed.I can also see “Detailed User Information” which shows me where they saw my link. In the screenshot above I have highlighted the fact that I am getting referrals from eBay.Here is another screen shot proving that my eBay method works. Although the referring url is longerthan the first picture you can still clearly see that this person saw my advert on eBay. Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  10. 10. I would now like to show you proof of my earnings:Below is a screen shot of my Paypal account.As you can clearly see, in a 5 week period between 19th October and 28th November I was paid £527(over $800). This was not a special period – this is typical of the earnings that I am making.Hopefully you can now see the potential of this method!If you haven’t already done so sign up now:Click Here To Get Started! Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  11. 11. The Auction AdvertsFreebie Jeebies can buy you any gift that you ask for. I use this fact to my advantage.I place adverts on auction sites such as eBay for popular items that a lot of people will be searchingfor. Later in the ebook I will explain exactly which items I place adverts for, but for the purpose ofthis example I will place an advert for an iPhone 4.If someone is searching for an iPhone on eBay then there is a good chance that they are keen topurchase one and are willing to pay for it (why else would they be on an auction site?!). If I canshow them how to get this expensive item for free, then I will definitely get their interest, andhopefully they will sign up to the link I give them (and therefore earn me money!!!).Once they have clicked on my advert I need to inform them about how to get the item for free,prove to them that it is real, and give them the link needed to sign up.Ultimately, the more people that see your advert, the more chance there is of people signing up.This is why placing adverts on eBay (one of the most visited websites in the world) helps me so much.The beauty of my auction method is that rather than me chasing potential customers, on auctionsites the potential customers come to me! I save myself hundreds of hours that it typically takes topromote a product, and I am able to utilize the popularity of eBay for my own personal gain!I would like to point out at this stage that I am not breaking any rules by posting my adverts onauction websites. As you will see on the following page, I clearly state that I am not selling anything,and that users should not bid on my item.Occasionally people ignore my instructions and bid on my items. When this happens I always refundtheir money. I strongly recommend that you should refund money too.For eBay It is free to list adverts providing the starting price is 99p or under (for UK). Other eBayshave similar rules (eg under $1 in USA). This is also great for us because by advertising expensiveitems for such a cheap price lots of people look at your advert!On the page below you will see my advert. Before posting onto any auction site there are a fewthings you should remember:  Do not post the advert directly into the website - copy and paste it into Microsoft Word (or any other similar word processor). This will allow you to keep the formatting and colour scheme that I have used. It also makes it much easier to make your own changes.  Never include your full Freebie Jeebies code – it scares people away. Always put your code in the form of a hyperlink. If you do not know how to insert a hyperlink then this website shows you all the steps needed - microsoft-word.html  The title of your advert should never have the word “free” in it – in order to avoid it being flagged as spam, and being deleted by eBay make your auction look as genuine as possible. So for example, rather than “Free iPhone 4” I would use “Brand New iPhone 4 – Still in box!” Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  12. 12. **PLEASE DO NOT BID** ABSOLUTELY AMAZING OFFER, IT IS 100% TRUE, I GOT MINE FOR FREE! I am sharing this information on how to get an iPhone 4 for free! All you have to do is this: Sign up using this link below. Complete one of the free easy offers. I did the free Intuit offer. Tell your friends and family to do the same. Click Here To Get Started I can guarantee that it works because it worked for me and it has been proven BBC, CNN and featured in the T3 magazine! Some people might think that there could be a catch, but there is NO CATCH, read this:Advertisers are finding it more and more difficult to persuade people to try outproducts and services. Companies spend millions in advertising budgets each yeartrying to attract customers via television, magazine and billboard advertising.A new type advertising has emerged called „affiliate marketing‟.Affiliate marketing is described Wikipedia as “an internet based marketing practicein which a business rewards affiliates for each customer brought about by theirefforts.”Put simply this means an advertiser will pay you directly if you can successfullypromote their business.This is precisely what Freebie Jeebies is all about. The affiliate marketer, FreebieJeebies earns money by getting you, the customer, to try out a service product fromany particular company. Freebie Jeebies then passes some of money onto you inthe form of gadgets.The website also has loads of other great gifts and custom orders, so take a lookand pick up your free gift today! Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  13. 13. Please Note:You should insert your referral code as a hyperlink in the words “Click Here To Get Started”. Yourunique referral code can be found on your freebie jeebies page.If using eBay you should place this advert on your national eBay to avoid having to pay internationalsellers fees. So for example, if you are from USA you would use, UK is etc.Make sure that you have selected a nice photo as your primary image for the item being sold. Don’tjust use a generic image– find an attractive photo using Google images. If you can make your picturestand out then your advert will have more clicks!So what happens now?Experiment with running different adverts for different lengths of time. I personally find that 1 daylistings work best, however you may have greater success if you list it for 3 days, or a week. Don’tforget that everything that I am detailing in my ebook can be modified by you – don’t hesitate totake my method and make changes to it. Making those little changes could possibly take you fromearning hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars!Remember that this is a numbers game – the more people that view your advert the more successfulit is likely to be. If you find that not enough people are signing up to your Freebie Jeebies, then trychanging the product that you are advertising, the length of time your advert is running for, or theauction site you are advertising on.I recommend that you run no more than 2 adverts at a time per site– from my own experience I findthat if you run too many adverts at once people are more likely to think that it is a scam, and aretherefore less likely to trust you. Just like my mother always says “all good things in moderation!”What products should I advertise?When it comes to selecting which products to advertise, I always try to keep up with the latesttrends. It is very important to know what products are “hot” because if we know what people aresearching for then we are likely to have a large number of people viewing our adverts.The two best websites for keeping up the latest trends are: Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  14. 14. of these websites allow me to see what the most popular Internet searches are right now.Using this knowledge I can then create an advert which I am sure people will look at.Let me guide you through this process:A quick search on tells me that right now, the most searched forproducts on the internet are:As you can see, the hottest product right now is called “Go the F**k to Sleep”. I have never heard ofthis, so I need to google it and find out what it is. I quickly find out that it is a book which is not dueto be released until October 2011 – no good for me.I work my way down the list, and find two products which stick out. The Kindle DX and the ASUSTablet Computer.So the next thing I do is go onto an auction site, and see how much competition I will have if I listeither of these items.I discover that although there are lots of people selling the Kindle on eBay, but only 1 person isselling the Asus Tablet. Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  15. 15. That’s great news!!!Why? Well its simple. I know that right now this product is one of the most searched for productson the internet. Due to the power of eBay it is also safe for me to assume that people who want tobuy it will check to see if they can get it for cheap on eBay.There is only 1 person selling it, and he is listing it at £330.38 plus shipping fees.I will now create an advert (using the template I gave you above), but for the Asus tablet computer.I will list the starting price of the auction at £0.01, so that everyone looking for a bargain will bedrawn to my page. The fact that my listing will be so much cheaper than the other sellers meansthat every single person who searches for it will have to look at my advert.How do I know when someone has signed up using my code?Every time that someone signs up to Freebie Jeebies because of your advert, they will be listed onyour “My Status” Freebie Jeebies page. Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  16. 16. Those who have signed up but not completed an offer will be shown in red.Those who have signed up and completed an offer will be shown in green.You only get paid for your “greens”, so it is therefore in your best interests to try to convince your“reds” to finish the process!The great thing about Freebie Jeebies is that you are able to see the email address for every singleperson who signs up using your code. This means that it is possible to email your reds, asking themto complete an offer.As you can see from my screenshot above, I have two reds which I need to try to turn into greens.Emailing RedsI will now share with you the email which I send out to my reds. Before sending out the email it isimportant to know which country they are from, because this will affect which offers they are ableto complete.To view which offers are available to residents of different countries please check the following links:USA - - - Offers - Europe - will then modify my email to make it as personal as possible. I will list their chosen gift, theircountry, and a few of the advertisers offers I believe that they may be interested in.The template below is the email I send to my UK reds. It has taken me many months of trial anderror to finally come up with an email that is good at converting reds, however please feel free tomodify it however you want! Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  17. 17. Hi,Thank you for signing up to Freebie Jeebies for your free iPhone 4. I have noticed that you haven’tcompleted one of our advertisers trials, and as such you are not currently entitled to receive your freegift. I would like to guide you through this process to ensure that no problems arise.Firstly, which trial would you like to complete?Before receiving your gift there are two things you must do:- You must try out one of our advertisers services.- You must recommend them to your friends.The trial which is most popular with our customers is the Intuit trial. Intuit are a website buildingcompany which allow you to sign up for a free 30 day trial. Provided that you cancel before your 30day trial expires you will not be charged anything. This offer is completely free to try out, and there isno obligation to continue with the company after the trial period has ended.If Intuit is not a company you would like to try, there are many other options available to you. Otherpopular offers include placing a £5 bet on the Coral website, taking out break down cover from theAA, placing a bid using the reverse auction site Little Bid Tasty, applying for an Egg Credit Card, oreven taking a one month subscription to the dating website Whatever you are after I’msure there is an offer suited to your needs!All of these companies are reputable high street names, and you can rest assured that if you areunsatisfied you can cancel at any time.Are you aware that you can receive money rather than gifts?A lot of people are using Freebie Jeebies to run internet businesses generating hundreds of poundsprofit a month.If you would like to receive cash rather than a gift all you have to do is click on the “My Gift” section,and tick the relevant boxes. In this way many people are supplementing their income for minimaleffort. How does it work? Well, considering you do not have any business expenses, any referralsyou earn instantly mean you have made a profit! For each customer you refer you are awarded £17.Even if you only manage to refer 10 people a month (many people can do this in a day), then that is£170 extra for you to spend however you want!Please click on the link below to complete your registration: you have any questions, or would like advice on getting referrals then please do not hesitate to getin touch.Good luck with getting your gift!Emma Stanley Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  18. 18. When using my email remember to list the offers which are relevant to your specific red. Alsoremember to change my referral code to yours!Like any email campaign the hardest part is actually getting the recipient to open and read the email.It is therefore best to email them within a day or two of them signing up, so that it is still fresh intheir memories.I tend to add stars to the subject line, just to grab their attention. I also include the Freebie Jeebiesname (because it is very memorable) and the free gift they wanted.A typical subject line would be:**** Your Freebie Jeebies iPhone 4****I find that this is far more likely to result in a green than if I used a subject line such as “Your FreeiPhone”.The “Money Back Guarantee” StrategyThis is an alternative strategy that I am going to share with you - it may not appeal to everybodysimply because it involves an additional cost.It is important to remember that a red is only one step away from completing an offer, and so isworth spending extra effort trying to turn green. A red must have originally been tempted to tryFreebie Jeebies, otherwise why else would they have signed up? Turning a red into a green shouldbe easier then turning someone new into a green.With this in mind, one method of turning a red into a green is to give them an added incentive.Considering the fact that I am going to receive £17 for each green, I can afford to pay them a little sothat they complete an offer.If for example I offer to give a red £5 for completing an offer, I am still left with £12 profit. You haveto be prepared to give the red an attractive sum of money, but obviously not too much as it will eatinto your profit!I have found that paying for greens works extremely well with students who are often in need ofquick cash for easy jobs. They are also more likely to be tempted by £5 than someone working fulltime.This obviously works best in countries where there are free trial offers, because that way the red willnot have to spend any money.Below is the email that I send to reds which I am willing to pay: Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  19. 19. Hello,A short while ago you may remember that you signed up for an account with Freebie Jeebies.Unfortunately, it looks like you didn’t actually complete an offer to get started with your journey toget a FREE gift.I’m going to be totally honest; when you sign up to an offer, I get money back from the company yousign up to. However, I’m prepared to give some of that money back to you in exchange for a validcompletion.Therefore, in order to convince you to complete an offer and get your free gift, I’m offering £5 forcompleting a valid offer!Your offer doesn’t even have to cost you anything. If you select the ‘Intuit’ trial, you get 30 days oftheir website service for free, with no obligation. Once you’ve set up your account, we’ll know within48 hours. Once your signup has become valid, we’ll credit your PayPal account with £5.So, that’s £5 for FREE!If you do not already have a paypal account you can set one up easily at you’ve completed your offer, you’ll just need to get a few friends to do the same and you’llreceive a FREE iPod, iPhone, iPad or Mac - totally FREE!If you are interested in completing this offer please reply to this email stating your FreebieJeebiesusername.You can access the site from the following link: you have any questions please let me know,Emma StanleyObviously this method requires an element of trust so it is important that you are completely honestwith your red, and that they truly believe that you will pay them once they have completed theiroffer. You must also never pay your red upfront, otherwise you have no way of ensuring they willactually complete an offer for you. Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!
  20. 20. Final ThoughtsSo there you have it - that’s my method!Hopefully this has demonstrated to you that by simply following my method step by step you canstart earning instantly! The risk/reward associated with this is incredible. The set up costs areunbelievably low (often free), the time needed to place adverts is minimal (few minutes a day), andyou need very little technical knowledge to set this up.All that you need is a completed Freebie Jeebies account, and as many accounts with auctionwebsites as possible.I strongly believe that even if you follow exactly what I am doing, with no twists of your own, youwill still earn hundreds of dollars a month. If you are willing to experiment with your own twists,then who knows, you may find something that works amazingly well and boosts your earning evenfurther!I wish you all the best of luck!Emma. Copyright Emma Stanley 2011 Get Started Now!