_Warnings_ About Duplicate Content From Hubpages


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_Warnings_ About Duplicate Content From Hubpages

  1. 1. "Warnings" About Duplicate Content From HubpagesRecently, I wrote a hub that was a review of a cruise ship my husband and I recently cruised on. Thenext day I received a warning from Hubpages stating that they found duplicate content on another siteand that I must revise or remove my hub. The hub was "unpublished" by Hubpages. I left the hubunpublished and did not attempt to re-publish it until I got clarification from Hubpage staff.I do have another website and I did write an article about this cruise that was published on my site. Idid read the Hubpages regulations regarding duplicate content and it was my understanding that aslong as the hub was substantially revised that it could be published on Hubpages. I did completelyrevise as well as expand the hub article, therefore, I am confused as to the exact definition of"revised" by the Hubpage editors. I did send an email to the editors asking for some clairification as Iam rather new. I also did not know by the warning what and where the duplicate content was foundthat was referred to. If Hubpages did not find my other website with the article, then perhapssomeone took my article from my website and used it elsewhere. This was my questions to theeditors but today I just received another "warning" but no answer to my questions. I was also going topost this in forum question form but it is too long so I figured, why not a hub?When I received the second warning to revise or remove the hub, I was wondering how I do I makerevisions to something but I dont know what that "something" to revise is? I frantically searchedthrough questions posted but could not find this topic or anything closely related. Perhaps I need togo back and do a takeover of Hubpages 101 or, if one exists, purchase a Hubpages book forDummies. I am trying to learn everything as well as concentrating on many other aspects of writingand web marketing. I will probably come to find out that I am a big dope and did miss the pertinentinformation to this issue that was right in front of my nose. This will cause me to suffer a total episodeof Hubpages humiliation. I have still decided to put this out there, if for no other purpose thanpreventing another from suffering the same public Hubpages humiliation also because I am terriblystubborn.In my fear and frustration and after a second warning, I went ahead and deleted the complete hub. Ihope that this is the end of the Hubpage warnings but I welcome any input from other authors or aHubpage editor that could add some clarity to this issue. I do tend to be a boat rocker from time totime but I really didnt use all this time and effort to be DELETED from writing hubs.This is a very short hub and I know that once I hit the "publish" button, I will be warned that my hub issubstandard in length. It will have to remain so and I hope that this is not also a means for a DELETEfrom writing more hubs!website content