6    A U G ’ 1 2         –    2 0     A U G ’ 1 2                                            EduTrackResearch4India       ...
EduTrackInvestment Activity        Recent PE Deals in 2012                                                      Stake   Am...
EduTrack News and Policy UpdateHigher education poised for huge growth:                world university ranking or the Aca...
EduTrack(OECD)      Secretariat    that  gauges     where    commence from the first week of Septemberschoolchildren stand...
EduTrackBrazil. However, it’s relatively low whencompared with the US ($4,950) and Canada                                 ...
EduTrackSkill Development Corporation’s programme,          Next Education India Pvt Ltd, a digital learningIL&FS Educatio...
EduTrackinvestors. Founded in 2007 by Sangeeta             education startups. Imagine K12 Incubates theKhurana    and    ...
EduTrackHCL My EduTab Wins ‘Best TabletProviders in Education’ Award at the WorldEducation Awards 2012HCL Learning, the ed...
EduTrack   Stock Market Update   Share Price Performance     As on 17th Aug 2012            Market Cap                Pric...
EduTrackFour-S Services Pvt Ltd Founded in 2002, Four-S has a strong & successful track record of genuine, accurate and ob...
EduTrackDisclaimerThe information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable but is not neces...
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Four s fortnightly education track 6th august - 20th august 20123


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Four s fortnightly education track 6th august - 20th august 20123

  1. 1. 6 A U G ’ 1 2 – 2 0 A U G ’ 1 2 EduTrackResearch4India Fortnightly update on Education Industry In The Spotlight ContentsGovernment ties up with Pearson in schooleducation News of the fortnight 1The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE)and the Pearson Foundation will set up a centre for Investment Activity 2assessment, evaluation and research, marking thefirst concrete move by the Indian governmenttowards fostering public-private partnership (PPP) in News and Policy Update 3the space and aimed at reforming the higher-secondary segment. How the venture fares will help Corporate Update 5set the country’s PPP education agenda during the12th Five-Year Plan (2012-17). Stock Market Update 9The central government has been trying to set up2,500 model schools with private participation for thelast two years. The centre will develop research and Peer Benchmarking 9assessment capabilities and resources for CBSE, itsnetwork of 13,000 schools and tens of thousands of About Four-S Services 10teachers. It will focus on international best practicesin school-based assessment, teaching techniques andhigh-stake examinations.The government has been seeking privateparticipation in education to improve access and About Research4Indiaquality. Currently, only 20% of India’s schools are runby private entities. While CBSE will provide, among Research4India is the researchother things, physical infrastructure, Pearson will take services arm of Four-S Services Pvtcare of operational expenditure, including the salaries Ltd. Here we provide regular researchin the initial two-year phase. The details about the reports on key sectors of the Indianamount to be invested were not revealed by the economy, and large unlistedeither side. companies in these sectors. These reports will be available on our upcoming site www.research4india.com, as well as from leading international research sellers like Thomson Reuters, Bloomberg, Research and Markets, CapitalIQ etc. Research4India is the research services arm of Four-S Services Pvt Ltd, a leading provider of high-end research, financial consulting and Investment banking services. For subscription / custom queries, please contact Seema Shukla at seema@four-s.com
  2. 2. EduTrackInvestment Activity Recent PE Deals in 2012 Stake AmountDate Investor(s) Target Business Stage (%) ($Mn) SBI Holdings Liqvid eLearning1-Aug-12 NA 3.0 E-Learning Early (Japan) Services Pvt Ltd Educational1-Aug-12 Imagine K12 BrainNook NA NA Early Game Portal Accel Partners & Mind Edutainment13-Aug-12 NA 0.5 Edutainment Early Others Pvt Ltd IndoUS Venture Online Skill13-Aug-12 Mettl NA 4.0 Early Partners & Others Assessment Digital Learning16-Aug-12 Seedfund LurnQ NA NA Early Solutions Recent Mergers & Acquisitions in 2012 Stake AmountDate Acquirer Target Targets Business (%) ($Mn) Ma Foi Strategic Vocational/Skills26-Jul-12 Axis-V 51% NA Consultants Development26-Jul-12 HCL Infosystems Edurix 100% NA Content development Birla Shloka Ojus Healthcare e-Governance &1-Aug-12 51% NA Edutech Ltd Pvt Ltd healthcare solutions Year-to-Date PE and M&A Deals in 2011 and 2012 Research4India 2
  3. 3. EduTrack News and Policy UpdateHigher education poised for huge growth: world university ranking or the AcademicE&Y Ranking of World Universities of Shanghai JiaoIn the next eight years, around 500mn of the Tong University. Foreign institutions would have to ensure that courses offered by them are inpopulation will be under the age of 20. This will conformity with the standards set by Indianthrow open huge scope for the higher education regulatory bodies. Indian partners of foreignmarket to flourish, according to a latest report educational institutions are mandated to haveby Ernst & Young (E&Y). The number of accreditation by National Assessment andinstitutes offering higher education in India is Accreditation Council with an A or an equivalent44,668. Of that, 33,668 offer various degreesand the rest offer diplomas. The total number of grade. Indian collaborators would require at least five years experience of offering educationinstitutes in China is 4,192, while in the US, thenumber is 6,500. The growth has not witnessed at post-graduate level. However, Indian educational institutions run by Centre, state orany abetment so far as the number of institutesis concerned. Says the E&Y report, the numbers Union Territory administration would be free from mandatory accreditation and experience.of colleges, institutions awarding diploma andinstitutes awarding degree stood at 23,264, UGC proposes regional centres for6,500 and 408, respectively, during 2007-08. education managementIn the previous financial year, the numbers The University Grants Commission haswere 33,023, 11,000 and 645, respectively. So, proposed regional centres of educationin the last four years, the number of management in prestigious IIMs to strengtheneducational institutions grew almost 50%. The and improve teachers education and developnumber of students pursuing higher education specialised cadre of academy of teaching andis also on the rise. In 2007-08, 13.6mn teacher educators. It has suggested thestudents enrolled themselves in regular regional centres of education management incourses, while the number of students in IIMs at Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Bangalore andvarious distance learning courses stood at National University of Educational Planning and3.6mn. The numbers swelled to 20mn and Administration, the Consultative Committee of4.2mn, respectively, for 2011-12. Though Parliament on HRD was informed. To developcomparatively lower than developed countries, specialised cadre of academy of teachers, theIndia’s gross enrolment ratio (GER) has been panel was also informed that UGC has proposedwitnessing a rise. In the previous fiscal, it was a centre of excellence in science and17. In the US, GER stands at around 75-80. mathematics in centres such as Indian InstituteUGC lists norms for tie-ups with foreign of Science and Tata Institute of Fundamentalvarsities Research. Towards this end, the Ministry has set up a committee of Central Advisory Board ofWith the foreign educational providers Bill put Education (CABE) on national mission onon hold, University Grants Commission (UGC)has finalized regulations through which foreign teachers and teaching under the chairmanship of Minister of State for HRD D Purandeswari.institutions would be able to come to India incollaboration, partnership or in twinning India backs out of global education test forarrangement with local educational institutions. 15-year-oldsThe regulations, to be notified shortly, mandate India has backed out of this years Programmethat only those foreign institutions would be for International Student Assessment (PISA), aallowed who are among the top 500 institutions global evaluation process by the Organizationin the world as per Times Higher Educations for Economic Co-operation and Development Research4India 3
  4. 4. EduTrack(OECD) Secretariat that gauges where commence from the first week of Septemberschoolchildren stand alongside their peers from and each session would be of 20 days. Another countries. This academic Olympics amount of over ` 204.8mn had been approvedmeasures the performance of 15-year-olds in for the project. In addition, 1,665 recentlytheir reading, math and science abilities. recruited science and maths teachers haveIndians were put to test for the first time in the already received training under the inductionlast assessment in 2009. On the global stage, programme. A 12-days training programme forthey stood second last among 73 countries, 5,784 head teachers had also been approvedonly beating Kyrgyzstan on reading, math and and a sum of ` 11.6mn would be utilised on thescience abilities. India ranked second last project.among the 73 countries that participated in Talent search examination for std VIII, XPISA, conducted to evaluate education systemsworldwide by the OECD (Organisation for The National Talent Search ExaminationEconomic Co-operation and Development) (NTSE), conducted by the National Council ofSecretariat. It is also yet unclear whether India Education Research and Training (NCERT) forwill put itself up for the assessment in 2015. In standard VIII, will be held for standard X asthe last assessment, Tamil Nadu and Himachal well from this year. The examination will bePradesh, showpieces of Indias education and tough and will be held in two parts - Mentaldevelopment, were put through the PISA Ability Test (MAT) and Scholastic Ability Testevaluation and they performed miserably. The (SAT), with a short time gap between the two.idea was that the entire country would Both MAT and SAT will be of 90 minutesparticipate in the next round of assessment. duration and will carry maximum 100 marks.However, that plan was also dropped. Experts The qualifying marks are set at 40 and the twoestimate that an Indian Class VIII student is at tests will have 90 questions each. The resultsthe same level as a South Korean Class III will help identify students for a nationalstudent in math abilities or a Class II student scholarship scheme. The scholarship will befrom Shanghai when it comes to reading skills. awarded on the basis of the combined scores of MAT and SAT.New IIT entrance format may see studentsmigrating to ‘weaker’ States Plan panel: Indian professors better paid than BRICS peersThe furore over the change in commonentrance exam for the elite Indian Institutes of Indian professors are better paid than theirTechnology (IITs) has died down, but concerns counterparts in BRICS countries (Brazil, Russia,over the format persist. There is a clause under China and South Africa) and even in France andwhich students have to score within the top 20 Germany, according to the Planningpercentile to qualify for IITs. Industry experts Commission. The government is examiningbelieve that there is a need to examine if the working conditions as it seeks to attractdifferent boards could be brought on par. Also teachers, of whom there is a shortage, intothe new format may lead to other distortions, higher education in India. The perception thatwhile opening new opportunities for coaching teachers are poorly compensated in India isinstitutes and hike in the fees of around 5-10%. misplaced, according to the official. The Planning Commission note is based on a recentHaryana government announces special study by the Center for International Highertraining programme for teachers Education, Boston, and the Higher School ofIn its effort to improve the quality of education Economics, Moscow that compared academicin the state-run schools, the Haryana salaries across 28 countries on purchasinggovernment today announced a special training power parity (PPP) terms. It said the entry levelprogramme for 68,000 teachers. The training salary (in PPP terms) in India is $3,954 againstprogramme for the in-service teachers would $259 in China, $433 in Russia and $1,858 inResearch4India 4
  5. 5. EduTrackBrazil. However, it’s relatively low whencompared with the US ($4,950) and Canada Corporate Update($5,733). The study did not take into accountprivate non-aided institutions. Mid-level TCS, HDFC partner to invest in sportsacademic salaries ($6,823) are better than in education startupChina ($758), Russia ($563), and Brazil Tata Consultancy Services and HDFC have($3,190), the note said. come together to invest in a startup that is inDeccan Education Society offers course in the business of sports education. More than aAmerican studies decade ago, both of these companies entered into equal JV Intelenet for Business ProcessDeccan Education Society (DES) will be offering Outsourcing while Susir Kumar playing a keyDiploma in American Studies from September role. This time, Kumar and the Intelenet team3. The course is designed with the help of of a score of executives came up with the ideaAmerican Centre, Mumbai after it was found for Kids Out Of Home (KOOH). Nthat the over 600,000 Indian students going to Chandrasekharan, CEO of TCS and Susir Kumarthe US every year face various difficulties from who is CEO of Serco Global Services havecommunication to food habits, which affects invested 15% each in KOOH. The venture wouldtheir academic performance, said DES ask schools to outsource their Sports Education.Chairman Ajit Patwardhan. The course can KOOH will compete with startups such asmake students overcome these challenges by Edusports, Leapstart and Sportseed, whichfacilitating their understanding of American provide outsourced sports education forculture. schools. Two of the co-founders who were partCredai sets up realty institute, offers of the founding team at Intelenet, Prabhuscholarships at Ahmedabad Srinivasan and Ramachandra Panickar, are onAiming to promote excellence and bring in the board of the new venture along with Kumar.global standards in real estate arena, All the co-founders will continue in their existingdevelopers apex body Credai has announced roles at Serco and leave the management oftwo major projects - an institute for research the new venture to an independent team. Well-and professional studies and educational known cricket personality Ajit Wadekar andscholarships for needy students pursuing higher former Delhi cricket player Sanjeev Sharmaeducation. The Credai Institute of Real Estate have joined as advisors. KOOH will draw onResearch and professional Studies will be set up lessons from the business process outsourcingat Ahmedabad. The Credai institute, aiming at industry to train coaches in areas such as voiceimparting world class education and research in accents and child psychology. The coaches willreal estate related subjects, will be functional also undergo training at the Lausanne,from June 2014. It and will have tie-ups and Switzerland-based Centre for Sports Educationaffiliations with top International Institutes founded by the International Olympichaving expertise in real estate domain. Credai Committee. Discussions with a private equityhas also announced the launch of an fund are at an advanced stage according toEducational Scholarship Scheme (ESS) for Kumar. If a deal fructifies, the fund could holdpromoting higher education by offering 15%. The 20 cofounders, including Kumar, willscholarships to deserving students who are hold the rest.pursue full-time degree/post-graduate degree IL&FS Education to set up skillcourses in Civil Engineering or Management development centreDegrees related to Real Estate sector at any of IL&FS Education and Technology Services Ltd inthe colleges or institutes recognized by the All collaboration with the West Bengal GovernmentIndia Council of Technical Education (AICTE). will set up a skill development centre here for IT and ITeS courses. As part of the NationalResearch4India 5
  6. 6. EduTrackSkill Development Corporation’s programme, Next Education India Pvt Ltd, a digital learningIL&FS Education, a subsidiary of IL&FS India, technology company, will raise ` 1.5bn fromexpects to train 2,000 people a year for five private equity players by December end.years at the proposed local centre. The skill According to Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO, thedevelopment centre is expected to be company had so far invested ` 2.5bn, includingcommissioned by September. IL&FS Education ` 600mn on research and development ofalso plans to set up three multi-skill training content. It raised the money from internalcentres in the State at Howrah, Durgapur and accruals and some debt from Kotak. It clockedSiliguri. In certain sectors, the gap between the revenue of ` 1bn in the last financial year. Thedemand and supply of skilled workers was company has tie-ups with 4,000 schools (inyawning. Dilip Chenoy, CEO and Managing CBSE and ICSE streams) across the countryDirector of NSDC, pointed out that the job and claims a student user base of 800,000.market entrants were less keen to joininfrastructure and construction-related skill Birla Shloka Edutech acquires Ojus Healthdevelopment courses but interested in IT and CareITeS courses. Nearly $ 1tn is likely to be Birla Shloka Edutech Limited, a Yash Birla groupinvested in infrastructure in the 12th Five-year company has acquired 51.1% stake in OjusPlan and the industry requires 103mn skilled Healthcare Private Ltd, thereby making it aworkers. subsidiary of the company. Under the terms ofIT-ITeS firms tie up with educational acquisition, the operations of Ojus will beinstitutes managed jointly by Birla Shloka and Ojus’s promoters. Further, two of Birla Shloka’sTired of complaining about the employability of personnel Vijay Mishra and Sunil Abraham havegraduates in the country, individual information duly been appointed on the board of Ojus.technology-information technology-enabled Established in 2001, Ojus Healthcare providesservices (IT-ITeS) firms are now tying up with innovative IT solutions in e-governance andeducational institutes to be able to hire more health care solutions. Birla Shloka wasemployable graduates. In the bargain, there will established in 1992 by Shyamsunder Rathi andbe not only faculty development and creation of in 1998, the Yash Birla Group acquired thedesired curriculum, but also real-time work controlling stake in the company. It is engagedexperience for students, all at campus level. in providing IT and IT enabled solutions toRecently, Genpact signed an agreement with schools and institutions under the Information &the Indian Institute of Management, Udaipur Communication Technology (ICT) projects. This(IIM-U), to create a “knowledge partnership”. includes setup of computer labs, DigitalUnder the seven-year agreement, IIM-U and classroom solutions and Audio Visual solutions.Genpact will jointly develop a centre for asset-based lending and finance and an analytics Accel Partners invests in Mindlaboratory which will give students the Edutainmentopportunity to solve real-time problems, work Mind Edutainment Private Limited has raised `on proprietary and industry software tools and 27mn from Accel Partners and group of angelstechnology, as well as get hands-on industry led by Meena Ganesh - CEO & MD Pearsonexperience. Genpact will offer summer Education. The funds raised will be used tointernships to full-time students and set up a scale the initial pilot project of THOTS Lab frommerit-based scholarship. HCL Technologies, last 3 cities to 8 cities and to integrate ICT inyear, entered into a unique tie-up with the delivery process to create an ideal mix of ICTMadras University. and Experiential Learning. Earlier, the companyNext Education to raise ` 1.5bn by year- had received funding from the Department ofend Science and Technology and individual angelResearch4India 6
  7. 7. EduTrackinvestors. Founded in 2007 by Sangeeta education startups. Imagine K12 Incubates theKhurana and Ashutosh Khurana, Mind edu-startup from early stage to the point ofEdutainment develops and provides solutions to being a company investable by seed investorsimprove social and emotional thinking skills or traditional venture capitalists. The possibleamong school-going children. The company has funding is in between $14,000 - $20,000developed Higher Order Thinking Skills depending upon the team size, against 4-8%program with the use of physical Thinking Tools stake in the company.and Mind Games. The program created hasbeen adopted by 40 plus schools and 50,000 Mettl raises Series A funding from IndoUSplus students of UKG to Grade VIII as a Venture Partners, existing investorscomplete subject on thinking skills An online skill assessment platform Mettl, hasdevelopment. Mind Edutainment plans to install obtained $ 4mn in funding in its Series A roundTHOTS Lab across Delhi, Dehradun, led by IndoUS Venture Partners and its existingChandigarh, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, investors. The startup had earlier raised angelKochi & Pune. rounds from Blume Ventures and otherSBI Holdings Invests In eLearning Content individual investors including SashaProvider - LIQVID Mirchandani, Puranjaya Singh, Sunil Sharma and Naveen Tewari. Founded in 2010 by KetanLIQVID, an integrated eLearning content Kapoor and Tonmoy Singhal, both IIT - IIMsolutions company specializing in English alumni, Mettl is an assessment platform toLanguage Training, has raised $ 3mn funding measure, analyse and improve professionalfrom SBI Ven Capital, a subsidiary of SBI skills across multiple industries. TheHoldings, Japan. The company plans deeper assessment platform is primarily used forpenetration into the school market with its screening pre-hires for recruitments and forEnglishEdge Portable Language Lab and to employees for competency tracking/ trainingexpand its offerings in the college segment with across aptitude, personality and technicala comprehensive solution that caters to the aspects. In addition, job portals, educationgrowing demand for English Language companies, large publishers,Enhancement, Business Communication skills colleges/institutions and training/skilland Personality development. LIQVID is focused improvement companies are also using Mettl foron providing technology-aided English Learning their business needs.& Training (ELT) solutions to individuals andorganizations under the EnglishEdge brand Seedfund Invests In Digital Learningname. The solutions are offered on PCs, Tablets Platform LurnQand Mobiles. LurnQ, a digital learning platform run byImagine K12 invests in BrainNook Mumbai-based Technium Labs Pvt Ltd, has raised an initial round of funding fromEducational games portal, BrainNook has Seedfund, as reported by Techcircle. The reportsecured seed funding from Imagine K12. claims that the funds raised will be utilised toFounded by Abhijeet Vijayakar, BrainNook is develop more digital content, and to hireonline educational games based on important people. Technium, that runs LurnQ, wasconcept in the critical foundational subjects of founded in 2011 by Tarun Mitra, RajshekharMath and English Grammar. The startup started Ratrey, Ramesh Nidadavolu and Devvrat Arya.off with a focus on India, but is now solely LurnQ is a digital learning platform where usersfocused on US market. BrainNook partnered can post collection of articles/videos to create aeducation-focused social networking platforms lesson. Other LurnQ users can follow the postslike Edmodo to sell its products in US. Imagine and comment on the topics.K12 is a Silicon Valley incubator focusing onResearch4India 7
  8. 8. EduTrackHCL My EduTab Wins ‘Best TabletProviders in Education’ Award at the WorldEducation Awards 2012HCL Learning, the education & learning divisionof HCL Infosystems Ltd., India’s premierhardware, services and ICT Systems Integrationand Distribution Company, bagged the PublicChoice Award for the ‘Best Tablet Providers inEducation’ for My EduTab at the WorldEducation Awards 2012, held recently as part ofthe World Education Summit in New Delhi.HCL’s My EduTab received the maximum votesfrom the people and emerged as the winneramongst competition by a huge margin ofpublic votes. HCL Learning continued itswinning spree by bagging its fifth award sinceDecember 2011. The HCL My EduTab comes intwo versions: K12 and HE (Higher Education).My EduTab– K12 version enables students,teachers & parents to connect, collaborate andshare information as well as content over theCloud. My EduTab - Higher Education (HE)Version is an edutainment platform whichbrings together world class rich multimediacontent on technical and professional skills,assessments and Apps.Innovation in education gets EzVidyamBillionth South Asia AwardChennai-based education research and serviceprovider EzVidya bagged the mBillionth SouthAsia Award for their attempts to bridge thedigital divide in the country. The organisationreceived the jurors distinction under the m-education and learning category for its BridgeITIndia project from among 60 nominations.EzVidya representatives were given the awardfor their innovations in reaching out togovernment schools to share improved teachingmethodologies using mobile phones. Preloadedcontent on phones were attached to televisionsin 89 rural and urban government schools.Research4India 8
  9. 9. EduTrack Stock Market Update Share Price Performance As on 17th Aug 2012 Market Cap Price Percentage Price Change (`mn) (In `) 1 Week 1M 3M 6M 12M Core Education 33,288 294 0.8% 1.6% -0.6% 5.7% -1.3% Educomp 22,958 159 -1.7% -5.5% 0.0% -31.7% -38.1% Navneet 12,876 54 -1.4% -5.8% 2.1% -6.2% -12.8% Tree House 8,570 254 5.5% 16.9% 27.2% 16.8% - Zee Learn 6,713 26 -6.4% -1.9% 33.4% 70.9% 35.9% NIIT Ltd 5,704 35 -3.0% -16.0% -14.5% -28.7% -27.3% Everonn 3,593 164 -0.8% -13.6% -21.4% -47.6% -66.7% Aptech 3,569 73 5.4% -1.4% 2.3% -20.8% -45.1% MT Educare 3,310 84 -3.9% -7.0% -10.8% - - Career Point 2,678 148 1.2% -7.4% -6.1% -37.6% -47.5% Compucom 866 11 -0.5% -2.2% 6.3% - - Edserv 503 19 -2.8% -4.3% 16.5% -53.9% -82.1% Jetking 250 42 -2.0% -9.7% 0.5% -27.5% -39.3% Financial Benchmarking Quarterly Results – Q1 FY ’13, ending 30th June, 2012 Revenues EBITDA PATFigures in Rs mn Year Ending Fiscal year Quarter Current Last Year % growth Current Last Year % growth Current Last Year % growthEducomp March 2012-13 Q1 3,253 2,924 11% 707 1,054 -33% 49 366 -87%NIIT Ltd March 2012-13 Q1 1,999 3,148 -36% 114 307 -63% 115 131 -12%Core Education March 2012-13 Q1 4,826 3,255 48% 1,901 1,240 53% 785 662 19%Navneet March 2012-13 Q1 3,587 3,030 18% 1,140 959 19% 718 611 18%Everonn March 2012-13 Q1 671 669 0% -105 343 NA -229 110 NAAptech March 2012-13 Q1 386 464 -17% 28 46 -39% 38 537 -93%Edserv March 2012-13 Q1 121 267 -55% 35 118 -70% 1 73 NACareer Point March 2012-13 Q1 158 158 0% 23 29 -22% 31 33 -6%Compucom March 2012-13 Q1 179 183 -2% 100 112 -10% 25 44 -43%Zee Learn March 2012-13 Q1 233 154 52% -16 -4 NA -34 -8 NATree House March 2012-13 Q1 275 163 69% 158 94 67% 80 52 54%Jetking March 2012-13 Q1 88 82 7% 7 16 -59% 4 10 -63%MT Educare March 2012-13 Q1 362 43 25 Figures in Rs.`mn Trailing Twelve Months (TTM) Revenues EBITDA PAT % EBITDA % PAT Figures in Rs mn TTM Quarter TTM Y0 TTM Y-1 % growth TTM Y0 TTM Y-1 % growth TTM Y0 TTM Y-1 % growth margin margin Educomp Q1 FY13 15,242 14,154 8% 3,737 5,813 -36% 1,017 3,440 -70% 25% 7% NIIT Ltd Q1 FY13 12,883 12,743 1% 1,282 1,613 -21% 1,086 923 18% 10% 8% Core Education Q1 FY13 17,950 11,967 50% 6,878 4,487 53% 3,355 2,479 35% 38% 19% Navneet Q1 FY13 6,719 5,641 19% 1,529 1,387 10% 911 849 7% 23% 14% Everonn Q1 FY13 3,041 3,239 -6% 237 1,660 -86% -504 767 NA 8% - Aptech Q1 FY13 1,666 1,920 -13% 223 204 9% 259 938 -72% 13% 16% Edserv Q1 FY13 711 1,274 -44% -176 548 NA -137 395 NA - - Career Point Q1 FY13 796 786 1% 285 298 -4% 318 274 16% 36% 40% Compucom Q1 FY13 696 767 -9% 392 429 -9% 92 133 -31% 56% 13% Zee Learn Q4 FY12 687 427 61% -222 25 NA -301 19 NA - - Tree House Q4 FY11 885 392 125% 484 169 186% 245 92 166% 55% 28% Jetking Q1 FY13 338 371 -9% 40 91 -56% 16 58 -73% 12% 5% MT Educare Q4 FY12 1,272 1,051 21% 231 187 24% 128 80 61% 18% 10% Figures in Rs.`mn Research4India 9
  10. 10. EduTrackFour-S Services Pvt Ltd Founded in 2002, Four-S has a strong & successful track record of genuine, accurate and objective advice to top Indian & global companies & PE Firms. Four-S has already proven success in corporate finance, strategy consulting, fund-raising, investment banking and investor relations mandates with 100+ corporates and large PE funds. Four-S, trusted advisor to top Indian & Global Cos Offering comprehensive bouquet of services to SMEs, Corporates and PE Funds Research4India 10
  11. 11. EduTrackDisclaimerThe information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable but is not necessarily completeand its accuracy cannot be guaranteed. No representation, warranty, guarantee or undertaking, express or implied, ismade as to the fairness, accuracy or completeness of any information, projections or opinions contained in this documentor upon which any such projections or opinions have been based. Four-S Services Pvt. Ltd. will not accept any liabilitywhatsoever, with respect to the use of this document or its contents. This document has been distributed for informationpurposes only and does not constitute or form part of any offer or solicitation of any offer to buy or sell any securities.This document shall not form the basis of and should not be relied upon in connection with any contract or commitmentwhatsoever. This document is not to be reported or copied or made available to others.The company may from time to time solicit from, or perform consulting or other services for, any company mentioned inthis document.For further details/clarifications please contact:Seema Shukla Ajay JindalSeema@four-s.com Ajay.jindal@four-s.comGurgaon Office: Mumbai Office:214, Udyog Vihar, Phase I, 101,Nirman Kendra, Opposite Star TV,Gurgaon – 122016 Off Dr E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi,Tel: +91-124-4251442 Mumbai – 400001 Tel: +91-22-42153659Research4India 11