iphone applications and adoption


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How to think about and build iphone applications that never get removed by users.

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iphone applications and adoption

  1. 1. iPhone apps and adoption June 2010
  2. 2. Phones are highly personal To get on here and stay here, app needs to be valuable. “what’s in it for me?” Consumers are empowered, self- centred beings
  3. 3. Iphone is not another push channel If I can get it from the Not a substitute web, retention of the app for desktop. will decrease over time
  4. 4. Positive retention of iphone apps Positive user reviews and ongoing marketing will increase retention Adoption will start off small, but grow over time Adoption of app
  5. 5. Positive retention of iphone apps The app benefits alone will ultimately dictate The users experience of success, not the app is paramount. marketing Competing with Facebook and Twitter Getting the value proposition right at the beginning is important. Things which we do not value, we throw away
  6. 6. adoption of iphone apps
  7. 7. Leverage existing coms channels Facebook community Find the best 3 mediums to Email marketing promote app based on level of engagment and eyeballs SMS marketing SEM marketing You needs lots of people to see the app hourlt, daily, weekly. Above the line Event marketing
  8. 8. Event marketing Events create immediate, relevant opportunities for users to adopt an iphone application. Users are a captive audience and the significance of the application is much clearer.
  9. 9. Digital marketing Be wary of using digital media to push another digital medium. Are you saying the same thing?
  10. 10. firestarter case studies
  11. 11. beer o’clock application Corporate objective – get people buying home delivered beer before leaving the office Useful counter to remind consumers to go home at a certain hour. Website: http://www.firestarter.com.sg/fs_document.php?id=153
  12. 12. online research Google Keywords reveals online consumers in Singapore are more interested in ‘kegs’ than brands when buying online. Key search can direct web content, services and products.
  13. 13. singapore movie gadget yes please! This is fast. Instead a single gadget can provide the same content, consolidated in one place. This kind of search might save hours of trying to find and compare content from different sites.
  14. 14. results Became a default gadget for all users of iGoogle in Singapore Saves users approx 30min searching movies online. Success in Singapore saw rollout for iGoogle Thailand and Malaysia. “Try doing this search without the gadget. page refresh, hanging, boring. this gadget sorts it out. thanks!!!”
  15. 15. Desktop research Currently available calendars have low adoption due to their poor aesthetics and relevance. They are too general. One user described the gadget as follows: “Absolute rubbish. I need a calendar that I can make future notes on. This is as basic as they come.”
  16. 16. Beauty gadget Tangs Beauty Calendar Tangs Beauty Hall is the ultimate beauty destination in Singapore. Each day, we share with you our amazing beauty tips and related promotions on a dynamic calendar, so you always look stunning. Try our tips, then indulge yourself at our beauty haven with the newest and best cosmetics and skincare products. www.tangs.com Appear in a highly visible area in igoogle app store
  17. 17. Recommendated wireframe Tangs Beauty Calendar Tangs Product Calendar Wed, 5 Nov Wed, 5 Nov $ 30 (UP) Wear cream blusher in Asian Climate for a more long-lasting look. more The latest cream blusher more from Benefit is now 20% off at Tangs. Promotions ends 30 Nov. more Currently available calendars have low adoption due to their poor aesthetics and relevance. They are too general. One user described the gadget as follows: “Absolute rubbish. I need a calendar that I can make future notes on. This is as basic as they come.”
  18. 18. Content planning Beauty Product Beauty Product image Date Product Price Calendar Calendar Product image link Calendar Tip link (icon) Text link Text Link Wed, 5 Wear cream The latest $30 (UP) Link to the www.tangs.com/i www.tangs. www.tangs.com/images/ Nov blusher in cream product mages/ com/promo promos/harnnthann.jpg Asian Climate blusher at calendar promos/harnntha tion1/ for more long- Tangs is now page nn.small.jpg lasting look 20% at Tangs. Promotion ends 30 Nov. Planned a 6 month engagement to drive traffic to counters instore
  19. 19. recommendations
  20. 20. deliverables Description Timing Desktop Research Find out what the audience is 1 week looking for using online tools Focus group Road test online research via focus 1 week research groups to narrow / refine Concept From research, define value 1 week development proposition Wireframing Develop a bullet proof user 2 weeks experience Promotion Actively promote app via 3 channels 3-6 months eg Facebook, ATL and events
  21. 21. The concepts, ideas, strategies, information, materials, artwork, plans and copy contained in this document are presented in absolute confidence and are the property of Firestarter Pte Ltd and must not be reproduced, adapted, communicated to third parties or in any way used without the express permission of Firestarter Pte Ltd. © Copyright Firestarter Pte Ltd 2010. www.firestarter.com.sg