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Why we are working on AppSocially


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This is about why we are working on AppSocially.

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Why we are working on AppSocially

  1. 1. Why we are working onAppSociallyContact us / 415.213.4074
  2. 2. Customer Problems
  3. 3. Problem๏ App developers want more users, and want their users LOVE their apps. Your App
  4. 4. Problem๏ Ads and media are discontinuous. • They work only when you spend money. 10000 7500 5000 2500 0 Month # of signups / month
  5. 5. Problem๏ Only those who spend money succeed.๏ Mostly, it is one-way communication. Those who spend Those who don’t spend (12%) succeed. (50%+) don’t succeed. ✓ TOP earners (12%) have ✓ 52% spent $0 set aside for nearly $30,000 set aside for marketing & spent less than an average marketing budget, & 5% of their time promoting spend an average of 14% of their app. their time marketing their app. ✓ 68% reported that their total ✓ They made more than revenue to date was $5,000 $50,000 in revenue with their or less. 59% are NOT earning most successful app, earned enough money to break even enough revenue to break even with development costs. 80% with development costs, and are NOT generating enough confirmed their app makes revenue with their app to enough to be a standalone support a standalone business. businessSource: app promo <>
  6. 6. Problem๏ Developers have little time for Customer Acquisition/Development. { 1 Core Functions 2 App’s Basic Features 3 User Interface, Graphic Elements Customer Development, 4 Customer Acquisition, : Lean Startup/UX
  7. 7. Facts ๏ 88% discovered their favorite apps through friends. 0% through ads. 12% 88% 0% Through FriendsSource: Survey: “A quick survey: mobile apps and you,” AppSocially. Through Ads
  8. 8. Move away from “influentials”“ Were at the beginning of a cycle in business where we can move away from this idea of "influentials" and instead focus marketing activity on small connected groups of close friends. This shift is what marketers are starting to think about, and what will be the prominent theme for this decade.”
  9. 9. Selling less of more “ ”
  10. 10. Needs๏ Therefore, there’s need for ✓ Continuous and ✓ Engaging ways for customer acquisition (=growth).
  11. 11. How it should work1) Help your customers invite 2)Track viral metrics. their friends. Figure out loyal customers you should talk to. 3) Talk to them.5) They love your app more. They invite more. + New customers also 4) Update your app invites. based on their feedback.
  12. 12. (cf) Lean Startup➡ Source KISSmetrics <>
  13. 13. Problem (in short)๏ App developers want more users.๏ There are only a few effective ways to market mobile apps.๏ Inherent marketing functions has lower priority • Developers typically prioritize core functions and infrastructure over marketing functions, but they know they need marketing as well.➡ Developers need a better way to market mobile apps and acquire users.
  14. 14. Solution
  15. 15. AppSocially is your growth provides an easy-to-use tool for mobile appdevelopers to integrate customer-acquisition functionsinto their apps and keep track of viral metrics.How it works:1. Make your app inherently viral with just 1 line2. Track viral metrics and compare with your competitors3. A/B Test "refer-friends" campaign4. Hack invitation with contexts & social actions
  16. 16. 1. Make your app inherently viral with just 1 line Just 1 line!
  17. 17. 2. Track viral metrics and compare with your competitors Individual conversion & viral-coefficient
  18. 18. 3. A/B Test "refer-friends" campaign A: focusing on the app B: focusing on the inviter
  19. 19. 4. Hack invitation with contexts & social actions Include social actions & context to motivate signup.
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  22. 22. AppSociallyYour growth teamContact us / 415.213.4074