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Foursquare marketing

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Foursquare marketing

  1. 1. Foursquare campaign May 2010
  2. 2. Four square background
  3. 3. Real time feed Badges for of activity unlocking achievements App available on a slection of phones Top score for a particular merchant Check into location
  4. 4. Power of foursquare Location based. Time based. Accessibility. Get it where you are. Get it when you need it. Get it now.
  5. 5. overview Allows users to "check in" at participating locations by logging in to the website, typically via their mobile phones. The phone's (GPS) pinpoints a user's exact location. Friends are informed of the user's whereabouts through alerts. The mayor of a location is the person who has checked in there the most number of times. Launched March 2009, initially in only 100 cities in the United States and Europe. Launched in Singapore in November 2009.
  6. 6. adoption by SG merchants The Garden Slug Brewerkz offers a Standing Sushi Bar offers offers its mayor gets free pint of beer – two free pieces of salmon a free cup-sized for the Mayor on nigiri sushi or tuna nigiri soup of the day. FourSquare. sushi for its mayor on FourSquare.
  7. 7. adoption by topshop + topman "We find Foursquare a perfect platform to excite, engage and interact with our target audience, making their shopping experience more fun, unique and rewarding. This is totally in sync with our fashion forward brand positioning," says Lisa Chai, senior marketing & communications manager, Wing Tai Clothing Pte Ltd.
  8. 8. opportunity Twitter and Facebook currently have no location-based features. Relatively new in Singapore Merchants welcome social media campaigns: "It's a little hard to tie direct profits to social media, but the awareness generated by participating in social media has led to an increase in the number of customers." Tech/Story/A1Story20100219-199587.html
  9. 9. engagement
  10. 10. focus Precint specific: Mayor of Orchard Mayor of Clark Quay Merchant specific: SPC Burger King
  11. 11. events Swarm events Physical badges at locations
  12. 12. Engage foursquare experts Contact top 20 Invite well known foursquare users foodie bloggers + syndicate their content on amex site
  13. 13. The concepts, ideas, strategies, information, materials, artwork, plans and copy contained in this document are presented in absolute confidence and are the property of Firestarter Pte Ltd and must not be reproduced, adapted, communicated to third parties or in any way used without the express permission of Firestarter Pte Ltd. © Copyright Firestarter Pte Ltd 2010.