Case Study: Carrot Fest Mobile Event App (MyEventApps Features)


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Follow the fun story of one boy's journey through a carrot festival to discover the features of a MyEventApps mobile app!

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Case Study: Carrot Fest Mobile Event App (MyEventApps Features)

  1. 1. WHAT ARE THE DIFFERENT FEATURES OF A MYEVENTAPPS APP? Brought to you by the Mobile Experts at & Let’s get mobile
  2. 2. Who We Are: FaveQuest, A Canadian Software Company,Is Revolutionizing The Mobile World With MyEventApps,A Mobile App Solution Anyone Can Afford And Use Simple Online Dashboard Native Apps Web Apps iOS BlackBerry Android Mobile Web Site Web Widget (HTML5) Deliver end users the best possible Reach any mobile user & integrate experience & presence in app stores with existing websites
  3. 3. About the BWG Carrot Festival• The Bradford West Gwillimbury Carrot Festival was voted as one of the top 100 events in Ontario by Festival & Events Ontario (FEO).• Deemed “The World’s Greatest Carrot Fest!”, Carrot Fest takes place on the streets of Downtown Bradford, Ontario. Here you will find many vendors, a farmers market, Ontario Dockdogs Association Competition, Pro Wrestling, Carrot Fast 5km Charity Run, Midway, amusement rides, main stage acts, strolling entertainment, buskers, bands, new this year B.A.G. “Artist Walk!”, and much more!• Bradford West Gwillimbury hosted it’s 14th Annual Carrot Fest on Saturday, August 18th 2012.
  4. 4. Meet Curtis…• Curtis lives in Bradford, Ontario. Like 63% of live event attendees, Curtis has a smartphone.• Every year, he looks forward to his favorite event: the BWG Carrot Festival. This year is no different…except that now there’s a Mobile App!
  5. 5. Two weeks before the festival, Curtis downloadsthe app so he can start planning the event. He opens up the Event Calendar and one particular event piques his curiosity right away... …The Flaming Carrot Fire Show!
  6. 6. He browses the Event Detail Page to read the description, look at pictures, and watch the video!
  7. 7. He gets really excited and decidesto share the event with his friends on Facebook thanks to the App’s Social Media Integration. Success! Now five of his friends are also coming to the Festival.
  8. 8. It’s the day of the festival! Curtis wakes up anduses the App to find his way to the Carrot Fest. Thanks to the Map, he is able to get precise real-time driving directions to the event and get road closure warnings.
  9. 9. Somebody is thankfulfor that road closure information! 9
  10. 10. Curtis finally gets to enjoy whathe’s been waiting for…theFlaming Carrot Show! He Tweets during the performance directly from the App.
  11. 11. While Curtis is enjoying the Carrot Fest with hisfriends, he notices there’s a contest going on… By entering photos taken with the SouvenirCam feature, he gets the chance to win some cool PRIZES! It’s so simple to enter too!
  12. 12. Curtis takes a photo of his friendand enters the contest! The SouvenirCam adds a fun themed frame around photos 12
  13. 13. AND….HE WINS! Cool! I won some GREAT prizes from the BWG Leisure Centre and Canadian Tire….they’re awesome sponsors! 13
  14. 14. After a day of good fun, Curtis is tired and goeshome to sleep…but what a great day that was!
  15. 15. MyEventApps provides feature-rich mobile appsfor event-based organizations that are incrediblyaffordable and easy-to-use.There are also plenty ofways to integrate sponsorswhich can help cover thecost of your app!
  16. 16. Sign-up today to request a FREE demo at you have any questions – please contact us at Thank You!