CONTENTEditorÊs WordEditorÊs Word                3                             310 Days of Activism10 Days of Activism    ...
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful,                                                        committed citizens c...
Once Upon a Time in Armenia       „Who Could Imagine‰                            Samvel Mkhitaryan                        ...
A special TV Program, organized by the          4 December – 40 refugee women fromNational Assembly of Youth Organizations...
Two conferences about HIV / AIDS kicked                                              off for young people aged between 14 ...
Days of Activism. “We started our activity    All these events were graced by co-early in the morning with beautiful camp-...
working all moved in sync                                                                 in celebration of the Inter-    ...
Notably, there was a “March for the Sex-                                       EGYPTual and Reproductive Rights of YoungPe...
son of the Gender Equality Council; Lali                                               Papiashvili, Chairperson of the Sta...
KAZAKHSTAN                                                   10 DoA in Kazakhstan:                                        ...
occasion of this day. This year, we did it                                               under the slogan “Light for Right...
The activity was followed by the distribu-      ity, free of judgments and ensure the spe-tion of IEC materials by peer ed...
prevention. The TV appearance, which is        And that’s not all, as the students enjoyedthe very first online WAD activi...
The program started with the administra-tion of pre-test among 61 students andtheir teachers to gauge their level ofawaren...
MOLDOVA                                                                MOROCCO     The Best Campaign of                   ...
Despite the tight schedule, Y-PEER still       NEPALmanaged to run booth activities aimed atraising awareness of young peo...
There was also a skit presented by Y-PEER     present a novel way to disrupt the mo-Kathmandu group, showcasing roles that...
vation to succeed in the campaign was           reproductive health and rights, were con-evidently present in the team, wh...
was conducted in two targeted gover-          Towards the end, a theater presentationnorates (Ibb and Mahweet) in Yemen. T...
Y-PEER Members Meet the UN Secretary-General                                                                             R...
Y-PEER and Working with Vulnerable     Young People: My Best Decision                                          Selma Dumpo...
UN Commission on the Status of Women:        Let the voices of the young women be heardNew York, USA – During the meeting ...
Y-PEER Bahrain in AMA                         maining classes every Monday for two                                        ...
Izumi Matsumoto, the other Chilean Focal         Then again in March 2-3, a 45-minute playPoint and trainer of this PaPET,...
The thematic photos of beauty of nature      sentative,    UNFPA    Georgia Tamarand environmental damages caused by      ...
invited as facilitator. She led the two-day     reproductive health based on the peer-to-workshop, shared her expertise of...
Q&A competition on HIV targeting the           Moldova organized a comprehensiveyoung people along the coast of Lebanon.  ...
change their peers’ life style into a healthy   With the goal to prepare national youthone. But they are not deceived; the...
Y-PEER Newsletter on 10 Days of Activism 2010
Y-PEER Newsletter on 10 Days of Activism 2010
Y-PEER Newsletter on 10 Days of Activism 2010
Y-PEER Newsletter on 10 Days of Activism 2010
Y-PEER Newsletter on 10 Days of Activism 2010
Y-PEER Newsletter on 10 Days of Activism 2010
Y-PEER Newsletter on 10 Days of Activism 2010
Y-PEER Newsletter on 10 Days of Activism 2010
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Y-PEER Newsletter on 10 Days of Activism 2010


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Y-PEER organized first 10 Days of Activism in 2010.

You may check the stories and activities that were done during 10 DoA 2010.

If you like to take part in 10 DoA 2011 which will take part between 1 and 10 July you can check 10 Things to Know about 10 DoA document at

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Y-PEER Newsletter on 10 Days of Activism 2010

  1. 1. CONTENTEditorÊs WordEditorÊs Word 3 310 Days of Activism10 Days of Activism 4-20 4-20Y-PEER in Important EventsY-PEER in Important Events 21-23 21-23Country NewsCountry News 24-32 24-32Peers of the MonthPeers of the Month 33-35 33-35
  2. 2. “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has”Dear Reader, ~ Margaret MeadYes! The maxim above is an authentic depiction of what Y-PEERInternational has collectively achieved and affirmed during the 10Days of Activism and beyond. Such is a strong message thatbrings new meaning to our contribution to the International Yearof Youth.Across the regions, we have witnessed the Y-PEER effect throughout the campaign, promoting dialogue and mutual understand-ing. Nonetheless, the enthusiasm and energy of Y-PEER membersengaged in various activities set forth the stage to inspire, inno-vate and reinvent youth revolution. Mario Balanay BalibagoBe inspired by the successful activities conducted by Y-PEERs in Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen andLibya from Arab countries which despite certain national issues, have proven that they re-main active, committed and creative in reaching young people through peer education.Learn from the innovative approaches of our members from Eastern Europe as they show-case our success in the forefront of advocating for adolescent sexuality and reproductivehealth issues. We also have prepared some stories from different Y-PEER countries with pho-tos to enhance your reading experience. Newly joined countries in Asia and Pacific haveshared their stories about their launching initiatives, partnerships and the challenges of theirfirst ever training. And of course, update from the PAPeT in Chile from Latin America. Allthese have paved way for rethinking, reframing and restructuring how young people shouldbe viewed nowadays. These inspiring stories motivate us to reinvent the design.We are also proud to feature our peers of the month, who we are proud to call our models inpeer education. This newsletter covers the period between December 2010 and March2011, and would not have been complete without the help of the writers’ team. They sub-mitted articles and brought inspiration to the development of this newsletter and to Ranaand Hanane for the cool cover design. Special thanks to Ryan Dolan who always helps inediting and uploading news and articles in our website, and to Lina and Toni of PETRI, aswell as to Odina for their help in editing articles, a big thank you to all!More than hundred years ago, Jose Rizal, a scientist, doctor, writer, linguist and above all, anational hero once said, ”The youth is the hope of our future”.And I can strongly say, our Y-PEERians are trying their best to make that youth forecast cometrue.
  3. 3. Once Upon a Time in Armenia „Who Could Imagine‰ Samvel Mkhitaryan sammxitaryan@yahoo.comARMENIA The boundaries between the scene and the audience vanished in a moment re-Once upon a time in Armenia, there was a placing the actors and audience together,cute couple who started their relationship trying to find a solution to the accruedon Facebook. On their first anniversary they problem. The mass-media was as wellmet at the park which was supposed to involved in the event and soon the eventbe one of the unbelievable miracles in was already all over the news.their lives. That THING was supposed tohappen, a night that would change their And… this was a good start of the yearlives forever… for Y-PEER initiatives.The play, entitled ‘Who Could Imagine?’tells the story of a young girl who gave AZERBAIJANinto the demands of her boyfriend, hadunprotected sex, was infected with HIVand finally, was stigmatized by her com- Y-PEER Azerbaijan Rocksmunity. This was part of the InteractiveForum Theatre Performance devoted to in 10 Days of Activismthe celebration of World Aids Day andperformed by "Theatre for Changes", in And now we have a 10-day report from Y-collaboration with the Armenian Forum PEER Azerbaijan. The campaign, imple-Theatre, Y-PEER Armenia and with great mented by Y-PEER in Azerbaijan turned outsupport from UNFPA Armenia. to be a massive success and was covered by several forms of media, including TV!As the story unfolded, information on how 1 December – 10 Days of Activism wasHIV can be transmitted was presented. kicked off in time with World AIDS Day-Incredibly, the performance was warmly flashmob at Park Bulvar trade centre,received by the audience. After depicting Baku. The visitors had an opportunity tothe sad ending, the audience had a view an improvised, collective flashmobchance to get up on stage and develop game with the participation of a localhappier resolutions. Around 100 people break dance group “Floor Fanatix”. Thewere reached, composed of mostly young event caused a big interest among thosepeople between 18 and 25. Soon, the passing by,- thus, all awareness-raisingentire audience became interactive and materials and red caps with inscription "1ignited a discussion due to their interest in of December - World AIDS Day" werethe issue. swept away in the first hour of the action!
  4. 4. A special TV Program, organized by the 4 December – 40 refugee women fromNational Assembly of Youth Organizations Pakistan, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and otherof the Republic of Azerbaijan (NAYORA), countries attended the LET’S TALK AIDS, anwas dedicated to World AIDS Day, with interactive HIV/AIDS session organized atguest speakers from the Parliament, Rep- UNHCR-supported International Refugeeresentatives of UNICEF and other United Centre in Baku, Azerbaijan. Aimed to raiseNations Agencies, Non Governmental awareness on AIDS, reproductive healthOrganizations, Ministries of Health and and rights among the most disadvan-Youth and other institutions, who under- taged population, the learning sessionlined the importance of joining efforts to also fused understanding of culture asprevent AIDS. Aysel Asgarova, Y-PEER FPC, they showed off their colourful customsspoke about the work Y-PEER does glob- and wedding and locally. Since young people do not 5 December – International Volunteersapproach their parents when faced with Day party was organised with participa-problems, she highlighted the need for tion of famous Azerbaijani pop stars—peers to give correct information. “I dont Samira, Aygun, Azad Shabanov, Milan andaim at frightening everyone with AIDS. I Maryam Shabanova. Y-PEER FPC openedjust want to call everyone to be responsi- the ceremony and spoke to around 200ble both towards themselves and others. young people who work in the field ofTheres always a choice in life. So I call on youth development and capacity-building.everyone to make responsible choices Kama Babayeva, Chair of Azerbaijaniand take responsible decisions." Medical Students and Doctors Association2 December – Fundraising training for informed everyone about the gravity ofyoung leaders, HIV infectionWestern Univer- among youngsity. The half day people. Shecourse helped 20 emphasizedstudents know that “Peoplehow to make living with HIVsuccessful dona- are among us.tion requests, So, HIV shouldinfluence others not be aboutin a positive and discrimination -effective way, it should beand have effec- about care andtive presentation understanding!"skills. The reading of a joint youth state-3 December – Intercultural Dialogue ment on young people’s reproductiveworkshop at Slavic University, during health and rights, adopted during Y-PEERwhich participants developed an under- GAB 2010 followed shortly. Moreover, thestanding of identity and how it is used message of popular Azerbaijani singerand understood; the ways identities are Samira put everyone in frenzy. She said,formed, changed and influenced; their “Almost half of new HIV infections occurown identities, including values and aspi- among young people. It should make eve-rations, and how they influence and are ryone think and it should start with you!”.influenced; the concept of ‘culture’ and During the event, IEC materials publishedhow it is used and understood; the ways by UNDPI, UNAIDS and Republican AIDScultures are formed, changed and under- Centre were distributed to the youth.stood and the connections between iden- Aysel Asgarovatity and culture.
  5. 5. Two conferences about HIV / AIDS kicked off for young people aged between 14 – 19 years old in the youth center, while Y-PEERs in Le Souk Blida manned booths in the University of Languages. In the after- noon, members of the network attended a concert with the theme: Le Sida, parlons- en (Let’s talk about AIDS) which turned out to be the biggest meeting place in Algiers for various artists, NGOs working for HIV/6-10 December – During the 2nd stretch AIDS issues, the Ministry of Health, andof the activism effort, various activities the media.were conducted across the country, suchas an interactive awareness-raising ses- Around 600 people who walked into thesion on HIV/AIDS/STIs, contraception and booth were received by Y-PEER Algeria,family planning at Agrarian University in and they left with increased knowledgeGanja, Azerbaijan, a session on Intercul- on HIV / AIDS and prevention messagestural Dialogue at Baku State University, an from the enthusiastic peer educators. Theinteractive peer education session called activities gained popularity from the Me-“LET’S TALK AIDS” at American Centre with dia, which covered the entire event. Inter-focus on HIV/ AIDS/STIs, reproductive views appeared on national TV and ra-health and rights, a fundraising training dios. In fact, the biggest newspaper infor young leaders, Khazar University, and Algeria, El Watan also featured us!a speaking engagement with the partici-pation of a doctor from Republican AIDS BAHRAINCenter among 45 students at variousuniversities. There were movie nights aswell showing “Philadelphia”, a movie Y-PEER Bahrain Exploreswhich focuses on HIV/AIDS, stigma and in Mountains, Beachdiscrimination, as well as a workshop on Ahmed FadhulGender Based Violence (GBV) with a gen- maxi2000au@hotmail.comder expert within “16 days of activismagainst GBV” campaign. All these activi- The highest point on the landscape is, andties were done in cooperation with Azer- always has been, a special symbol forbaijan Student Youth Organisations Union human beings. Maybe it’s because the(ASYOU) and Association of Former UN desire to find a way with a more promis-Interns Azerbaijan. ing target plays an essential role. From the top, you have a better view, and you will also be observed by others. In this context,ALGERIA an effective message against AIDS on a hill or mountain top can either symbolize Y-PEER Algeria the dreadful truth, or be an expression of hope.Lyes Ouakli Hits the Target Celebrating the World AIDS Day has been as thrilling before, as Y-PEER Bahrain organized an expedition event in Jabal AlThe celebration of World AIDS Day in Alge- Dokhan, the country’s highest mountain,ria was enjoyed throughout various excit- in cooperation with National Aids Preven-ing activities that reached an estimated tion Committee and the World AIDS2000 young people in just one day. Awareness Expedition, as part of the 10
  6. 6. Days of Activism. “We started our activity All these events were graced by co-early in the morning with beautiful camp- organizers such as the Southern Govern-ing weather” said by Ahmed Fadhul, Y- mental officials, Ministry of Health, Na-PEER Bahrain Focal Point in Charge. tional Aids Prevention Committee, Dr. Su- maia Al Joder, representatives from WorldJoachim Franz and his team, with the sup- Aids Awareness Expedition, Internationalport from partners, carried a big flag with Planned Parenthood Federation, Addictsthe AIDS logo, along with logos of Bahrain Friends Society, Almoayyed Drug and Al-and National AIDS Prevention Commit- coholic Detoxification and Rehabilitationtee’s. When they reached the top, they Unit and Bahrain Reproductive Health andbuilt a tent there and conducted HIV/AIDS Family Planning Association.awareness campaign and health promo-tional activity. This was very timely asmany locals usually hike during this camp- BOSNIA &ing month. The activity attracted attention HERZEGOVINAfrom the media, and was covered by theNational TV in Bahrain. As part of the ac- Y-PEER: The Spirit oftivity, focal points, namely EbrahimElnamlity and Abdulla Qamber, distributed Youth Activismpins and talked to the public about Y-PEER Ena Fejzagić ena_f_9@live.comas an amazing network. The celebration Haris Karabegović harisic_harica@yahoo.comcontinued on December 24, Bahrain’s Na-tional AIDS Day, in Coral Beach, where abig tent was set up where people could Have you ever wondered what can beeasily access many educational materials. done in ten days when young people work together? This is an attempt to give youThe main objective of the event was to just a glance at everything that was donecelebrate the National AIDS Day, minimize in the “10 Days of Activism“ in Bosnia andstigma and discrimination on PLWHIV. The Herzegovina.great opportunity introduced our networkto the public and showcased our method- Members and volunteers of Youth Peerology. There was a drawing competition Education Network in the three info-for children and free medical consultations centers in Bosnia and Herzegovina (in thealong with free Hemoglobin, Sugar, Hepa- cities of Bihać, Mostar and Banja Luka)titis C, and Blood Pressure instant check- engaged in a variety of events anding. Furthermore, people got a chance to reached over 7000 people through differ-see some of the amazing handcrafted ent activities. Copies of the movie Transitartwork from inpatients of drug rehab were distributed in the info-centers andcenters. movie nights were held in two cities, fol- lowed by the successful discussion and distribution of the promotional material of interest. Other interesting edutainment (a term coined from education and entertain- ment) activities were a New Years fair in Bihać, where young people gave little packages to the children and performed informal counseling, especially regarding sexuality, puberty, and adolescence. We also had condom parties (mini and big ones) a rock concert, where Y-PEER educa- tors distributed promo-material.
  7. 7. working all moved in sync in celebration of the Inter- national Year of Youth. Since the campaign “10 DoA” is really special, different kinds of activities were implemented throughout the whole country. The event kicked off with outreach activities in the following cities: Gabrovo, Shumen, Blagoevgrad,The spirit of the activism was visible to Sofia and Stara Zagora. Through Y-PEERmost of the citizens through street actions volunteers, rich information about HIV/in Mostar, where Y-PEER educators distrib- AIDS and STIs were presented to younguted promo-material and displayed people, aiming to reach all, includingposters, billboards and photos regarding those at risk. What interested the crowd aHIV/ AIDS / STIs and the correct use of a lot was the open discussion followed bycondom. There was a media promotion on the distribution of condoms.television as well. In Gabrovo, a discussion with volunteers,Finally, in the city of Banja Luka, there was journalists, and representatives from Re-a symbolic walk through the city centre, gional Health and Education Departmentsdistributing promo-material. All the activi- and Bulgarian Red Cross entitled “Are theties were followed by regular presenta- informed young people responsible in thetions and workshops in the cities and aspect of HIV/AIDS?” took place.urban area. The 10 DoA united the peoplefrom info-centers and showed that there In Sofia and Rousse, a meeting of decisionare no barriers between young people in makers took place, which focused on thedifferent parts of Bosnia and Herzegovina, discussion entitled “Be responsible andand showed the true meaning of Y-PEER Modern”. Other cities like Shumen, Velikospirit of unity, tolerance and hard work. Tarnovo, Dobrich, Blagoevgrad decided to be more informal and organized differentBULGARIA street parades and concerts, which were found to be very exciting for those partici- 10 Days of Activism and pating. In the city of Dobrich, YPEER Volun- Beyond: The Y-PEER teers took the risk of being even less tradi- Bulgaria Way tional and made a campaign called: “Condom photo” (obqsni go tva kvoThe 10 days of Activism in Bulgaria were ozna4ava). All these events spread thereally busy this year. Fourteen (14) cities in message: We may be different, but we areBulgaria where young volunteers are equally tolerant!
  8. 8. Notably, there was a “March for the Sex- EGYPTual and Reproductive Rights of YoungPeople” as a part of the project I want toknow! which aimed to include SRH subject 10 Days of Activism :in the school curriculum. This attracted a Y-PEER EgyptÊs Speciallot of interest, and was even considered Edutainment Campaignthe most memorable activity during the 10days of activism. Gehad Elsayed b.gehad2003@yahoo.comThat’s not all, there was also the longest The first part of our campaign happenedactivity ever planned known as the Na- during the first 5 days of Y-PEER’s 10tional AIDS Campaign, composed of three days of activism, which started with thephases. The first two was completed dur- celebration of World AIDS Day and theing the World AIDS day (1st of December) International Day of Volunteers andfollowed by the Celebration of Valentine’s reached 3227 young people in Cairo andDay (14th of February). The last phase will Alexandria. Exciting activities under thebe on the Sunday of May known as the “edutainment campaign” continued fromInternational AIDS Candlelight Memorial. the 6th and up to the last week of Decem-This year the campaign was named: ber. In youth centers and in schools, inter-“Condomize Yourself”. This is organized by active activities such as a concert focusingthe National Program for Prevention and on HIV/ AIDS, STIs, family planning, smok-Control of HIV/ AIDS and Sexually Trans- ing, nutrition, early marriage and drugsmitted Infections, the Ministry of Health were conducted.and Y-PEER Bulgaria. The final and the A training of trainers reached 40 youngmost fruitful event was the launching of Y- people while a Y-PEER Training on TheatrePEER Bulgaria website in Sofia, attended Based Peer Education Techniques reachedby lots of young people including the jour- 251 students. Furthermore, this was com-nalists. The site covers offers the whole set plemented by a mobile unit activity whichof Y-PEER handbooks translated in Bulgar- provided an opportunity for all young peo-ian language and feature peer educators. ple to receive access to safe use of ICT in reproductive health issues and to activate information technology to disseminate awareness of reproductive health and HIV/ AIDS. Towards the end we recorded results of 12979 students in five governorates, pro- duction of IEC materials with 150,000Petar Mladenov brochures, 1000 posters, as well as ups, pens, t-shirts, wristbands and key
  9. 9. son of the Gender Equality Council; Lali Papiashvili, Chairperson of the State Inter- Agency Council on Domestic Violence; Jamie McGoldrick UN Resident Coordina- tor and UNDP Resident Representative in Georgia; and Lela Bakradze, UNFPA Assis- tant Representative in Georgia. They all filled the air with inspiring messages and presented the award for the Best Gender Media Works contest (, and 4 TV and radio interviews. All 29 Nov and 3-4 Dec: Conducted “Men tothese were made possible through the Men Discussions about Gender-Basedfinancial support of H&M and partnership Violence” in 3 different universities bywith The National Council of Childhood Eduard and Misha, active peer educators and Beka, Y-PEER Focal Point.and Motherhood, UNFPA Egypt, UNAIDS,UNICEF, IFMSA and a few NGOs. And of 1 Dec: The peer educators and volunteerscourse, the warm welcome of the educa- filled the well-ornamented bus withtional administration helped in making the posters of "STOP AIDS" and different logosactivities successful. to conduct an informational and educa- tional tour in 5 different universities duringGEORGIA the World AIDS Day celebration. Other jovial activities were conducted such as Y-PEER Georgia an interactive quiz competition on HIV/ Stretches 10 Days of AIDS and contraception, as well as the Activism distribution of IEC materials and condoms. These helped in raising awareness onTen is not enough and so we made it 16! HIV/AIDS and prevention among youngThat was Y-PEER Georgia’s way of cele- people, and stimulate demand for Youthbrating the International Year of the Youth, Friendly Reproductive Health services. Butwhich was kicked off earlier from Novem- the real highlight was the launching of theber 25 ‘til December 10. newly established Georgian Youth Devel- opment and Education Association (GYDEA)25 Nov: The official launch was celebrated in Ilia State University, followed by athrough a conference on the Campaign candle light ceremony, outlining the redAgainst Gender-Based Violence. Respect- HIV/AIDS ribbon in the yard of theable speakers graced and supported the university at dawn.event such as Rusudan Kervalishvili, ViceSpeaker of the Parliament and Chairper-
  10. 10. KAZAKHSTAN 10 DoA in Kazakhstan: Fun in Facts, Rights on Reel Malika Atasheva The World AIDS Day commemoration started the “10 Days of Activism” organ- ized by the Y-PEER members of the YouthAll these were done with the support of Volunteer Leadership Centre “Dostar” inUNFPA Georgia, CSMA, Georgian State the South Kazakhstan Economics CollegePantomime Theater, Tbilisi Municipality, with more than 60 participating students.and representatives from government and Peer educators conducted a presentationnon-governmental organizations, media and dialogue session with participants,and students. discussing the most important issues sur-10 Dec: A conference: “Speak Up, Stop rounding HIV in their area, which laterDiscrimination” together with IFMSA – helped students in presenting short skitsSCORP – Georgia and ELSA – Georgia was to demonstrate the scale of the HIV prob-held in “AIETI” Medical School, followed by lem in the region. Furthermore, they en-a closing ceremony and photo exhibition in joyed a video showing on HIV, as well asthe exhibition hall. After these events, a “Quiz Show” which earned prizes for thenumbers show that we distributed around winners.3000 educational materials and condoms, With the overarching theme to advocateand our campaign appeared on several for youth sexual and reproductive healthdifferent national TV channels. For more and rights during the “10 Days of Activ-news and updates, please check out our ism”, the Joint Youth Statement devel-page on Facebook "GYDEA." oped during the Y-PEER Global Board Advi- Aleksandra Nadiradze sory Partnership Meeting (October 1, 2010) was disseminated. It was translated and adopted into Russian and Kazakh lan- guages and presented for the local gov- ernment representatives, executives of the Internal Affairs Department of Shymkent and other districts of South Kazakhstan, local NGO representatives, and business women at the Social Market and Women and Entrepreneurship Conference.
  11. 11. occasion of this day. This year, we did it under the slogan “Light for Rights” and “Our Year, Our Voice.” Main activities were held in the city of Mitrovica in order to raise awareness of the population about HIV/AIDS and none discrimination of peo- ple living with HIV/AIDS. A day before December 1st, peer educators held lectures aboutBeing an active advocate during the event, HIV/AIDS in some primary schools in Mi-Aida Darzhanova, Y-PEER Focal Point, said trovica, and two training sessions in Marin“the ’10 Days of Activism’ was a really Barleti High School and Zenel Hajdinisuccessful campaign to advocate and Gymnasium in the city of Gjilane. With themake local decision-makers consider wishes that this 1st of December be re-youth and issues around their SRHR when membered by the people for a long time,designing and delivering various we decided to paint a mural. It becameprograms.” Alongside the activities and one of the highlights that marked this dayadvocacy efforts on the places, Y-PEER in the city of Mitrovica, localized in theKazakhstan members increased visibility center of town as it is the most frequentedthrough posting messages on Twitter and place.Facebook with important sexual and The mural continues to get the attention ofreproductive health and rights facts to citizens till this day. Activities continuedraise awareness among young people in with the decoration of the city with redKazakhstan. ribbons and balloons as a symbol of sup-KOSOVO port for persons living with HIV/AIDS. Two peer educators prepared two corners forY-PEER Kosovo Marks quiz activities, where interested people could participate and learn more aboutWAD in Mitrovica HIV and AIDS, and receive condoms or Bernard Tahirbegolli chocolates for their correct answers.December 1 is the World AIDSDay and has been celebratedsince 1987. In Kosovo, the firstcase of HIV infection was reg-istered in 1986 and since thenthe number of patients hasreached 81. Every year, peereducators organize aware-ness raising activities on the
  12. 12. The activity was followed by the distribu- ity, free of judgments and ensure the spe-tion of IEC materials by peer educators in cific needs of marginalized groups”, asthe city, while simultaneously providing education through brief information It is also envisioned to have a worldto those who expressed interest to know where young people are active and effec-more about HIV/AIDS. Around 120 peer tive participants in developing programs,educators from different cities of Kosovo policies and decisions that affect theirmarched and cheered in the open sky and lives and are supported as leaders ofcame up with different messages written change. So this is our year and we want toon pamphlets. our voice be heard.”And that’s not all! There was an exhibition Meanwhile experts warn that this numberheld at the lobby of House of Culture of 81 persons living with HIV could be“Rexhep Mitrovica” which hosted a collec- higher since there are still prejudices thattion of drawings with different messages impede the registration and treatment ofdone by peer educators. There was a patients. It has been said that Kosovo istheater play “Stop”, shown by peer educa- among the countries with a higher per-tors from Peja City, and a concert held in centage of risk, calling for greater aware-the central area of Culture House, where ness of the population about these risks.young people from Mitrovica concluded So we still have a lot of work to do to pre-the exhibition. Singers Arta Balaj and Blero vent HIV/ AIDS in Kosovo.surprised the audience and startedspreading messages about HIV /AIDS KYRGYZSTANprevention and non discrimination of peo-ple living with HIV. Y-PEER Kyrgyzstan Goes On-line Arman AlibaevDuring this cultural and artistic program, alibaevs@gmail.comMergime Kajtazi, peer educator and coor- When the clock strikes 12:00, many thingsdinator of Mitrovica Municipality, read the change: the people, the surroundings,“Joint Youth Statement on the Sexual and especially the date. Just like the story ofReproductive Health and Rights of Young Cinderalla, Y-PEER Kyrgyzstan was able toPeople.” It was mentioned that one of the transform people’s minds as they becameencouraging reasons to raise young peo- the first youth-led network to organize anple’s voices is that this year coincides with activity to welcome and celebrate theSecretary General of the United Nations’ World AIDS Day. Through “BOLT”, the NBTBan Ki Moon’s declaration of the 12 Au- program on national television, Armangust 2010 as a year of youth. “We foresee Alibaev and Janna Araeva, the focala world where all young people have points of Y-PEER Kyrgyzstan, discussedaccess to a safe and affordable health HIV/AIDS issues, invited young viewers tocare including their needs, of confidential- join activities, and learn more about HIV
  13. 13. prevention. The TV appearance, which is And that’s not all, as the students enjoyedthe very first online WAD activity in the a show which promoted health messagescountry, raised awareness of viewers, as in regarding HIV/AIDS Hosted by TV celeb-young people were allowed to ask impor- rity Mr. Tony Baroud, the event featured atant questions and learn the correct special theater performance by studentsanswers. Towards the end, Y-PEER who took part in the theater based peerKyrgyzstan promised that this will not be education initiative. More entertainmentthe end of the exciting activities they have was still on the menu as the final sectionprepared under the 10 DoA in their was introduced to the audience, wherecountry. volunteers from the Lebanese Preparatory School (LPS) danced to the beat of the Y-LEBANON PEER song “Let’s Fight for Change” which10 Days of Activism: was performed by Star Academy’s MayaFestival of Talents Nehme, rising star Belime, and Y-PEER Marya Abdul Rahman volunteer Nour Nimer. The event was graced by UNFPA Country Director, Mr.1,000 high school students from public Ziad Rifai, Assistant Representative, Ms.and private schools of different cities in Asma Kurdahi, and other representativesLebanon participated in the much awaited from ministries, UN agencies, NGOs,launching of the 10 Days of Activism in school principals and parents’ association.Lebanon. Marked by the celebration of the LIBYAWorld AIDS Day, and under the slogan“Our Health, Our Right: Let’s Take a Stand”, Y-PEER Libya Visitsstudents received information about HIV School Ahmad Alwaheshiand AIDS and had the chance to express alwaheshi@yahoo.comthemselves in various ways. During 10 days of activism, Y-PEER Libya in collaboration with the Libyan NationalThe young participants were first escorted Center for Infectious Diseases Preventionby the Y-PEER ushers to the NGO fair, and Control conducted an Educationalwhich was carefully designed to allow Awareness Program among the ninth-students to rotate among nine different grade students at Abtal Alhejara "prep"games, each organized by a participating Janzour.partner. To allow for a maximumsharing of information, each gamediscussed a certain topic related toHIV/AIDS which included learningabout the modes of transmission,prevention strategies, VCT centers,stigma and discrimination, etc.
  14. 14. The program started with the administra-tion of pre-test among 61 students andtheir teachers to gauge their level ofawareness on HIV and AIDS. Using inter-active Y-PEER techniques, we discussedmore about the virus, its nature, the wayHIV can be transmitted, ways to preventgetting infection. The exercise Agree andDisagree helped to make it easy for thefacilitators to share information about thevirus. Also, another technique was used tohelp the group better understand the In this period, numerous activities weresuffering of people living with HIV in the organized which aimed to empowercommunity and the concept of stigma and young people with the knowledge anddiscrimination and how this can be eradi- skills to make healthy choices. The cam-cated. paign brought together 20 NGOs engaged in promoting sexual and reproductivePositive feedback was received from the health.participants. In return, they were given It opened with a press conference. Luckily,small presents as gift for the completion of Dani Dimitrovska, our Y-PEER ambassadorthe session. The event was organized with was there and attracted the attention ofthe great help from Dr. Wafa Khfaja of 10 media representatives who madeLibyan National Center for Infectious great stories for raising awareness forDiseases Prevention and Control, Ahmad SRHR. A bus campaign on the city trans-Alwaheshi and Sami Rashed from Y-PEER port was even successful with the sloganAl-zawya. LIGHTS FOR YOUR RIGHTS, SEXUAL EDUCA-MACEDONIA TION IN MACEDONIA NOW MAKE IT HAP- PEN!!! We also organized a promotional party within the annual music festivalY-PEER Macedonia in Lights Taksirat on December 1 to raise aware-the City with Rights ness for HIV/AIDS protection. A mobile HIV-testing van was made available to Magde Nikolovska the party guests and we distributed 10, 000 condoms and 2000 brochures on sex-With the support of the Joint United Na- ual and reproductive health and rights totions Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS), Y- young people in Macedonia. EdutainmentPEER Macedonia joined the global Y-PEER was the focus on the night of the 5th ofinitiative “Ten days of Activism”, an aware- December as we organized film showingness raising campaign beginning with on sexual and reproductive health. Y-PEERWorld AIDS Day (1 December) and ending Macedonia celebrated with the youngwith Human Rights Day (10 December people that night, in an ambience full of2010). creativity learning. 3 days later, we organized a debate on Human and Sexual Rights in Macedonia in order to hear young people’s voices. Fi- nally, on the last day of the campaign, we threw a party full of powerful messages on Sexual Education in Macedonia, Now make it happen, in line with the network’s advocacy project.
  15. 15. MOLDOVA MOROCCO The Best Campaign of Y-PEER Morocco in Y-PEER Moldova EdutainmentBetween World Aids Day (December 1)and Human Rights Day (December 10)2010, the Y-PEER family in Moldova hasaimed to be one of the best in organizingand conducting activities for promotingSexual Reproductive Health and Rightsthrough different methodologies amongyouth, adults, parents, teachers and deci-sions makers. e organized the followingactivities: participation at the "Gala ofAwards for Organization and PeopleWorking on HIV Prevention in Moldova”, 8 Back to back, like a show where goodflash mobs in 8 different regions, re- performances happen in one great act.cording and broadcasting 2 radio spots, This term best describes the activitiesparticipation in radio and TV talk shows, a conducted by Y-PEER Morocco as they launched the 10 Days of Activism in theround table discussion with the heads of country, with World AIDS Day as theEducation Department from 7 regions beginning.were Y-PEER has not been present till now, In order to demonstrate the preparednessand four (4) social theater performances. and the capacity of the youth network,These were just some of the activities Y-PEER Morocco organized a conference,that contributed to achieve the goal of 10 graced by Dr. Fatima Zohra Serghini, whoDoA, during which we reached around talked about HIV /AIDS, local and global2000 beneficiaries. statistics and the status of young people in Morocco.And the result? Of course this strength- After which the network promoted theened the capacity of the Y-PEER Moldova campaign, which was developed duringteam. We also achieved more visibility at the Global Advisory Board Meeting inthe national level through participation at Turkey. As the event delved deeper,public events and receiving two (2) diplo- Y-PEER also included discussions of themas as the best volunteer team at the International Year of the Youth and the Let’s Talk Campaign for Arab States. The“National Festival of Volunteers.” participants enjoyed listening to the pres-Even it was only 10 days, the success and entation led by Marouan Ben Larbi, Focalimpact is felt until now. After 4 months, we Point in Charge, who excitedly talkedcontinue to receive requests from new about the March at Taksim Square in Istanbul, and how it captured attentionorganizations, youth groups, schools and from the local Turkish media. He also pre-regions that are willing to became Y-PEER sented the message addressed bymembers. In fact, we are waiting for the Thoraya Ahmed Obaid, Executive Directornext 10 days of activism in 2011! of United Nations Population Fund during Anna Susarenco the GAB meeting.
  16. 16. Despite the tight schedule, Y-PEER still NEPALmanaged to run booth activities aimed atraising awareness of young people to-wards HIV/AIDS, Sexual and Reproductive Nepal Joins Y-PEER;Health and Rights and other related top- Launches in Kathmanduics, next to booths of other academic andnon-governmental organizations. Aside Shuba Kayasthafrom the informational materials, such as ypeer.nepal@gmail.combrochures with studies and statistics, con-doms were handed out and reached al-most 300 students. Y-PEER Morocco alsoheld a station for free HIV testing, atwhichmany students got themselves tested. Allthese one-day activities attracted nationalradio and press, which covered the entireevent on campus. Towards the end of theday, another 25 students actively partici-pated in an advocacy workshop.As social networking sites are very largelyexplored by youth in Morocco, we maxi- December 3, Kathmandu - Finally, Y-PEERmized utilization of Facebook for the pro- Nepal was officially launched two monthsmotion of events. We also spread informa- after the first National Training of Trainerstion, especially on fighting stigma and (ToT) on peer education. Around 40 invit-discrimination among people living with ees were present in the program, whichHIV, and the right of young people to be consisted of member organizations andinvolved in making decisions. Because of stakeholders including INGOs, NGOs,the active work, the network was invited media personnel and young people. Onto Radio Tangier, Cap Radio, and even the occasion, Y-PEER national focal point in-received a call from Monte Carlo radio in charge made a presentation on Y-PEER inParis! Isn’t it a proof that young people the global and the national scene as wellhave the power to be heard by decision as the main objectives and the plans ofmakers, and can make a great and pro- the network.fessional event? Marouan Ben Larbi Mr. Bijay Thapa, UNFPA Nepal Assistant representative commented on the impor- tance of the national network in Nepal, and highlighted how essential young peo- ple are as change makers. Mr. Thapa’s wish for Y-PEER’s success was followed by the remarks of Dr. Giridhari Sharma Paudel, Acting Director General, Family Planning Association of Nepal (FPAN). Dr. Paudel highlighted the current trend of young people in their sexual practices, and how peer education can contribute to promoting safe sexual practices. He pro- vided a glimpse on the peer education activities of FPAN since a few decades.
  17. 17. There was also a skit presented by Y-PEER present a novel way to disrupt the mo-Kathmandu group, showcasing roles that notonous activities and thinking of people.peer educators can play in a community to they readily capture the interest of thereduce malpractices. The program was target audience and participants espe-then followed by the official launching of cially when hard-line facts and inconven-the Y-PEER Nepal network by singing the ient truth is presented before them.YPEER Nepal song by Y-PEER’s and guests. So why sacrifice by going barefoot to edu- cate people about HIV and AIDS? Simple,Y-PEER Nepal is supported by the Family nobody nowadays goes out of their housePlanning Association of Nepal (FPAN), barefoot. By going barefoot, we caught theUNFPA CO Nepal and International attention of the people. By catching theirPlanned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) attention, we created a forum to commu-SARO. We look forward for more success! nicate with them; they became eager to listen, their eyes, ears and mouth were set upon us. Hence, we had a higher chance of getting our message across. Going barefoot sends out a strong mes- sage of solidarity for all people living with HIV (PLHIV), especially young PLHIV, that they are not alone in the campaign to end stigma and discrimination brought about by misconceptions and prejudice coming from society. Moreover, it is also a mani- festation of support for the pursuance of universal access to treatment, care and support. Why going barefoot? For me, it is PHILIPPINES like stripping myself from the prejudice that I held for PLHIV, embracing them and Y-PEER Pilipinas in accepting them for who they are and be- Barefoot Campaign ing one with them. The Barefoot Campaign was attended byMotivation is what fuels one’s desires tofulfill a task given the constraints pre- the organization members’ representa-sented along the way. The force behind it tives, together with their advisers at themay vary from rewards, punishment, self G-Hotel grounds in Manila last Decemberfulfillment, revenge, self destruction, or 2010. Though everyone was tired from theself actualization. To put it simply, there grueling sessions and activities, the moti-are reasons behind the thingswe do.When people deviate fromthe norms of society, it couldbe either as a sign of protestor in order to get attention.Whatever the reason , I knowa simple campaign can moti-vate one to think.. How? Abarefoot campaign, hunger Leo Christian Lauzonstrike, salt march and rally
  18. 18. vation to succeed in the campaign was reproductive health and rights, were con-evidently present in the team, who eagerly ducted in 8 regions around Uzbekistan,participated in the activity in the middle of reaching about 500 young people.the night when everyone was alreadyasleep. At the end of the day, the lesson I Among other events held by local volun-learned from this activity is that in our own teers were musical concerts, drawingcreative ways, we, young people can help exhibitions, and outreach sessions. Whenchange the minds and attitudes of people asked for the reason behind the successtowards HIV and AIDS. of their events, the volunteers pointed out the joint efforts of partners, as well sup-UZBEKISTAN port from the local government, Regional AIDS Centers, and nongovernmental Y-PEER Uzbekistan: organizations to the Y-PEER network. United in 10 DoA UNITED ARAB Odina Salihbaeva EMIRATES odina.salihbaeva@gmail.comNothing beats the concentrated efforts ofY-PEER Uzbekistan as the team of peereducators organized various events indifferent regions under the 10 Days ofActivism Campaign, which started withthe celebration of World AIDS Day.In Samarkand region alone, the team ofvolunteers organized 4 major awarenesscampaigns in 4 cities. Through campaignsthat focused on information about HIV and Creative presentation of report from Y-PEER UAEAIDS and stigma and discrimination, the on their peer education session among studentsteam of volunteers from Samarkand and of Female Higher College of Technology inBukhara reached around 1500 young peo- Western Region.ple. Furthermore, peer-education sessionsaiming to raise the awareness of both YEMENyouth and adults, regarding sexual and Y-PEER Yemen Conducts 3 Trainings in 15 Days Here is our version of the 10 Days of Activ- ism, which we actually extended to 15 days. Enjoy! Dec 1-2: The first training, “Together to Eliminate Early Marriage”, focused on early marriage, SRH and peer education, and
  19. 19. was conducted in two targeted gover- Towards the end, a theater presentationnorates (Ibb and Mahweet) in Yemen. The was performed, where young people fromproject, which was spearheaded by different NGOs were invited. The showMustafa Al-Mamari, and was whole- was touching, educating and entertaining.heartedly implemented by the focal points, It had moments where the audience werereached around 50 young people in rural rolling on floor laughing, and momentsareas. At the end of the training, partici- where they were crying. Five topics: Earlypants became local peer educators, with Marriage, Qat, Adolescent Changes, HIV/the common aim of working together to AIDS, and Family Planning were depictedeliminate early marriage. The project is in the play to represent Yemeni youthconsidered as a great step in eliminating problems. The show was considered to beearly marriage and spreading awareness remarkable and creative. It was a greaton its’ disadvantages among young peo- success to see Yemeni female performersple and society. alongside their male counterparts. Those females proved to us all that even in suchDec 4-9: The second training reached 24 a conservative community, females canparticipants from 7 targeted governorates. jump out of their black dresses and veils,The training entitled “Advanced Y-PEER and shine with their talent and potential.Training of Trainers in Peer Education and Additionally, the audience responded soY-PEER Local Focal Points”, was conducted well to the facilitation sessions after theby trainers from Egypt (Wesam Hassan performances. We had 3 participants inand Ramy Nasr) and Yemen (Yasmin Al- the training with special needs, and evenSayad, and Ala’a Jarban). The training was so they were amazingly involved in theremarkable and, participants were so training process, active with other partici-active and enthusiastic. pants and in the performances. This was made possible with the facilitation of HalaDec 11-15: “Theatre Based Peer Education Khoury (Jordan), Rua Al-Taweel (Syria) andTechniques” was the third training, and Ala’a Jarban (Yemen). Thank you amazingwas conducted for the first time in the team of Y-PEER!country. The 24 active and promisingly Ala’a Jarban alaa2006_2@hotmail.comenthu siasticparticipan tsfrom 7 tar-geted gover-n o r a t e slearned vari-ous theatertechniquesand enhancedtheir perform-ance skills.
  20. 20. Y-PEER Members Meet the UN Secretary-General Ramy Khouili khouiliramy@yahoo.frMarch 22, Tunisia - 15 young Tunisians have had the chance to meet Mr. Ban Ki-Moon, theSecretary General of the United Nations.4 lucky members of the Y-PEER network were selected to attend the meeting namely:Mayssa Rekhis, national president of the committee SCORP (human rights and peace) ofthe Associa Med; Amel Amira Khedimi member of the JMSF (Young Doctors without Bor-ders); Mehdi Ben Youssef, President of the TIMUN (Tunisian international model UnitedNations); and Ramy Khouili volunteer within the Tunisian Association against STIs andHIV/AIDS and Focal Point in Charge of Y-PEER Tunisia.During this meeting the 4 representatives of the network had the opportunity to discussvarious topics relevant to the Tunisian youth after the Jasmine Revolution (politics, econ-omy, civil society, youth participation, culture, education). One of the proposals of the Y-PEER network had many echoes in the Tunisian media. It is a suggestion to create a jointprogram of the UN Youth or UN YOUTH in the image of UN WOMEN.The meeting was covered by several local and international media.
  21. 21. Y-PEER and Working with Vulnerable Young People: My Best Decision Selma Dumpor black_lady_0308@hotmail.comIn this very moment I feel like Im part of Y- This experience not just influenced myPEER network for ages, but the fact is that I work as a peer educator and trainer, butbecame officialy part of the network in on my whole life. Sometimes I think about2007. The truth is that I was at first in- many of my skills and realize that a lot ofvolved as a volunteer. In that very moment them are here thanks to the fact that II realised that I can find myself in that found my space in this big orange Also, my sister had been working as This kind of work gives you a lot of oppor-a peer educator so I decided to try myself tunities. Its not all about hard work itsin that role. I was accompanying this also about fulfilling yourself by accom-group of peer educators and work with plishing all those experiences and workingthem on the volunteer base. Couple on a field. For example even though themonths after that I went to the training for work with vulnerable groups was thepeer educators and became one. Soon my hardest one it gave me such knowledgework as a peer educator started and from and experience that I find precious. I soonthat period till now it was just a progress. I realised what means the word vulnerable,never stopped working. From that period I and how they are more likely to sufferwas part of many presentations, school negative consequences from society thatclubs, fairs, concerts, debates, or any other has no understanding for them. I realisedway that was find appropriate for promo- then, how important is this kind of worktion of sexual and reproductive health and because no matter how much we give togood way to approach to young people. I them, we certainly learn even more. Thealso found difficult to talk to elders about effort that we make can improve peoplessome changes that were happening to ability to handle negative externalities. Asme, so through this experience I had a I already mentioned being part of Y-PEERchance to learn much more then I would gives you many opportunities. Throughbe able to achive without it. Work as a work we have a lot of chances to meetpeer educator on sexual and reproductive new friends, to travel, to learn lots of use-health significantly influenced my ful things and to find a way to become alife. During this time I have worked with better person. In the end I can say that I’mvarious groups. Together with my team, I veryworked on school presentations, work- muchshops, street actions, small theatrical per- proud onformances, participated in a photo shoot my deci-for the UN brochure twice, worked with sion tovulnerable populations. Last year I was becameFocal Point for the info-center in my town, part ofbut now I’m Focal Point in Charge for my thiscountry. I must admit that from all these teamactivities, to work with abandoned chil- and thatdren cared for in childrens home "Egyptian I find itvillage”, means the most to me. Work with as one ofthem tested all my skills as peer educator, my bestand I think Im ready to upgrade to a deci-higher level and set myself higher goals. sions.
  22. 22. UN Commission on the Status of Women: Let the voices of the young women be heardNew York, USA – During the meeting of During the presentation, Aysel touchedUN Commission on the Status of Women upon the problems faced by the young(CSW) on February 2, 2011, Aysel Asga- people in the region and presented therova, Y-PEER Azerbaijan Focal Point in key findings of the report, followed byCharge (FPC) presented the latest ASTRA-Youth report “Reproductive Health and Q&A session. Moreover, Aysel had aRights of Adolescents in Central and East- chance to talk about Y-PEER and its activi-ern Europe and Balkan countries”- http:// ties worldwide especially the Y-PEER cacy tools such as the social theatre andSRHR_of_adolescents_in_CEE_and_Balkan 10 days of activism campaign which spar-_countries_AY_2011.pdf. kled a big interest among the comers. TheThe publication presents interesting facts FPC of Azerbaijan also underlined theon the situation of youth in the Central / pivotal role of peer education in promotingEastern Europe and the Balkans in the field comprehensive sexual education for youth.of sexual and reproductive health and The event was attended by researchers,rights which covers topics on sexuality students and NGO, STIs and HIV/ AIDS, abortion,contraception and youth-friendly servicesin 10 countries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bul- Aysel Asgarovagaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Georgia, Kazakh-, Macedonia, Poland, and Ukraine. Y-PEER IC , UNFPA Philippines meet UN Youth “Love yourself more and do not be an easy prey of your prob- lems, who are always in dis- guise to sexual activities” was the message of Disney’s High School Musical Star and Un Youth Ambassador Monique Coleman. The message was said as a reminder to young people during the brief but meaningful meeting with the RH Youth Leaders in the Philip- pines attended by Ms. ArleneAlano, UNFPA Info Officer, Jonathan Monis, AYNLA Representative, Doreen Murata, Chairof UNFPA Youth Advisory Panel, Mario Balibago, one of the Y-PEER International Coordina-tors, Emee Lei Albano, UNFPA Youth Advocate, Francisco Dela Tonga, Chair of Youth Con-sortium for the Passage of RH Bill and Ms. Rena Dona, Asst. Country Representative ofUNFPA Philippines held last Feb. 23 in UNFPA CO, Makati City. Towards the end of hervisit, Monique was eagerly invited to the community to witness the lives of the poor youth,to enrich understanding of their situation and to make it as an inspiration towards activeand meaningful advocacy for the youth. . Mario Balibago
  23. 23. Y-PEER Bahrain in AMA maining classes every Monday for two months. We continued on the 24th withSchool Ahmed Fadhul more Y-PEERians involved in conducting the sessions. Our FPs Ebrahim Al Nam- lity, Abdulla Qamber, Khalid Duha and Qassim all showed great leadership andIn January 2001, Y-Peer Bahrain received facilitation skills which set a good exam-an invitation from AMA International ple to the students.School, a very well known private school inthe country, to organize a two-hour ses-sion for intermediate students aged 17 - Second Panamerican Peer20 years. As this was seen as an opportu-nity to practice our beautiful work and Education Trainingshowcase our great exercises, we were Juan Andrés Papagno, Chilemore than happy to accept the invitation. As a follow up to the incursion of Y-PEERThe first session was held on 17th of Janu- through the Americas, the 2nd Panameri-ary 2011 attended by 40 students with can Peer Education Training (PaPET) wastheir teachers. I, as the Focal Point in held in collaboration with the InternationalCharge (FPC) Ahmed Fadhul and Focal Federation of Medical Students’ Associa-Point (FP) Abdulla Qamber started by intro- tions (IFMSA), now taking as venue the cityducing the network and an ice breaker. of Cochabamba in Bolivia.This was followed by the interesting exer- 13 medical students from Argentina, Bo-cises and discussion of How Careful are livia, Brazil, Canada (Quebec) Chile andWe with Our Health and Whos At Risk Peru took a journey from January 3-5,which were really enjoyed by the partici- sharing 3 days of reflexive discussions,pants. This was concluded by the game practicing facilitation skills, learning manyand meaningful discussion about drug PE methods, rehearsing theatre-based PEaddiction. and developing the Y-PEER attitude to be the best Peer Educators they can be! The linking scope of the entire training was the common socio-cultural context, so the discussions were aimed to see the simi- larities and differences of the problems we want to work on among these coun- tries and then try to come up with possible strategies. We worked a lot combining vision and present actions.With all these, the feedback received fromthe students was amazing. They were allhappy after the session and expressedthat they would love to join and partici-pate in with Y-PEER Bahrain activities. Be-cause of the positive feedback, the schoolprincipal invited us again and requestedto continue holding sessions for the re-
  24. 24. Izumi Matsumoto, the other Chilean Focal Then again in March 2-3, a 45-minute playPoint and trainer of this PaPET, and yours entitled "Markb f Ard El bahr” literallytruly as the focal point in charge (FPC Chile) “boat at sea” was brought into life by 13were very excited to see so many capable young actors, all trained by 4 focal points.characters in the group that, although The play which tackles stigma and HIV/inexperienced in Y-PEER, have great con- AIDS ran in Theater of Alexandria Univer-science of the issues to address and ex- sity for 3 nights and reached around 650perience dealing with youth. That’s why young people.the level could have been more advanced Amazing training methodology: Two Y-than a common PE Training and for this PEER Egypt focal points conducted sessionsreason these are all potential trainers and on partnership, Most At Risk Populationleaders to create, with a few more people (MARPs) and techniques for exploringand help, a Y-PEER network in each of their values and attitudes for the eight socialcountries. workers in high schools last March 12th and 13th. The event which has a themeAfter Revolution: Y-PEER "Raise the capacity of school social work- ers" was organized by Caritas NGO inEgypt Gets More Active Alexandria. This was followed by the Gehad Elsayed training of trainers for SAIF (kindly spell out meaning of SAIF) organization in El-Y-PEER Egypt did not stop doing exciting Menofia last 17th and 19th of March 2011and challenging activities despite crucial which was attended by 17 peer educa-issues happening in the country. Between tors. For both events, the participants andJanuary to March 2011, we are proud to organizers found our methodology greatconduct activities which were really amaz- and are good to be! Post-revolution and our way to improve-Theater play in peer education that works: ment: To strengthen the network, the coreThree young people were selected to rep- team held meeting with nine of Local Focalresent AUC (kindly spell out meaning of Points and discussed further the upcomingAUC) Alumni group at the theater based activities and the plan for expansion inpeer education. After which, 20 more new locations and the call for new localyoung theater professionals were trained focal take part in a one-hour play called“Be’eed Annak – Away from you.” The playwhich tackles HIV and AIDS was shown in Y-PEER Georgia Supportsa theater in Cairo for seven nights. Eachnight has a small group of youth; the total Earth Hour 2011 Aleksandra Nadiradzeaudiences were 250. Georgian Youth Development and Educa- tion Association (GYDEA) showed support to the international campaign "Earth Hour", the largest global climate change initiative observed by millions of people around the world on 26 March, 2011. Celebrating Earth Hour started in the morning in Tbilisi with the launching of an environmental photo exhibition in front of Youth Palace.
  25. 25. The thematic photos of beauty of nature sentative, UNFPA Georgia Tamarand environmental damages caused by Khomasuridze took part in all eventshuman beings were chosen on purpose to throughout the day.remind people to switch off the lights inthe evening and to stand together with Earth Hour Georgia appeared on differentthe worlds people against climate national TV channels and there was LIVEchange. The photo exhibition was accom- broadcasting of our event onpanied with a street concert. and video on http:// to Deputy Head of UNDP Ms.Georgia Inita Paulovica, “People all over „Time to Speak Up‰the world are coming together to cele-brate Earth Hour, to remind everyone that Media Advocacy Project inthe earth is only one for us, that we have Kazakhstanto save and think about how we can Aida Darzhanovamake our lives much more greener. We Zauresh Amanzholovaorganize an event to remind lets save “Time to Speak Up” media advocacy pro-energy, lets save nature and lets go ject which included the three phases ofgreen." implementation: research, training forIn the evening, at exactly 8:30, lights journalists, and youth leadership confer-were switched off in the UN House and ence was put into action in South Ka-the neighbouring Round Garden, where zakhstan Oblast with the support of UN-live performances from Movement Thea- FPA during December 2010 and Januarytre’ special fire-show and the Georgian 2011.Technical University’ musical band wereenjoyed by people of different ages and Training for Journalists. The training fornationalities while the candles and envi- journalists entitled the “Correct Coverageronment-friendly torches go on for an of HIV Issues in the Media,” an integralhour. part of Y-PEER Kazakhstan’s Media Advo- cacy Project was held in South Kazakhstan Oblast on December 21-22, 2010. Eleven (11) journalists from 3 rural regions of South Kazakhstan Oblast and Shymkent City attended and learned various aspects of HIV issues through video showing of educational documentaries on HIV/AIDS, discussion of media techniques and ethi- cal issues of HIV coverage in their profes- sional practice, and many other aspects ofThis event in Tbilisi was organised by HIV-related issues in relation to massGYDEA, the Ministry of Environment Pro- media. They also had the chance to inter-tection of Georgia and with assistance view people living with HIV as well as thefrom the UNDP and UNFPA. Minister of Deputy Chief Doctor of the South Kazakh-Environment Protection Giorgi Khachidze, stan AIDS Center.Georgian Parliament Vice- As part of practical knowledge implemen-Speaker Rusudan Kervalishvili, UN Resi-dent Coordinator in Georgia Jamie tation, the UN-certified trainer MarinaMcGoldrick, Deputy Head of UNDP Geor- Maximova, an outstanding journalist ofgia Inita Paulovica, and Assistant Repre- the national “Almaty” TV channel, was
  26. 26. invited as facilitator. She led the two-day reproductive health based on the peer-to-workshop, shared her expertise of HIV peer tools.issue coverage in mass media, and pro- The second, ARTem was here, served as avided professional feedback for each place for young people’s creativity to craftwork of participants. art that promotes healthy lifestyles. Partici-“I found this training very productive,” said pants and volunteers used various tech-by the training participant, Aydana niques and practiced theater elements,Eslamgalieva, youth socio-informative produced self-written songs and dancednewspaper reporter of “Molodezhka”. She the “Dance for Life” way. The third is theadded, “I used to write a lot of materials "Youth Leadership and Development"for youth audiences and now, after this booth, facilitated with the help of the, I will be able to report even more Government Alumni Association and thebroadly and accurately about HIV.” U.S. Embassy in Kazakhstan. Young people learned the opportunities to the educa- tional development such as exchange and volunteer programs. The fourth booth known as "Advocacy: Time to Speak UP" taught the youth participants about the basics of advocacy. They practiced pro- ducing messages that would raise public and local government’s attention towards the issues of young people. Afterwards, young people of ShymkentTowards the end, all the participants re- and South Kazakhstan districts showedceived certificates and were able to pro- their interest in Y-PEER volunteer work andduce HIV - related media materials. planned to join the network. This pilot interactive conference format was a huge"Be a Leader - Act Now" Conference success and will be used in organizingThe conference was formally opened by future events.Malika Atasheva, chairperson of the YouthVolunteer Leadership Centre "Dostar." A Y-PEER Lebanon: Activismwelcome letter for young people at the with a Twist Marya Abdul Rahmanconference from the Embassy Deputy Chief marya_abdulrahman@yahoo.comof Mission Pamela Spratlen was readthrough the great presence of Balapan Double celebration means double the fun!Ibrasheva of the U.S. Embassy in Astana. This explains how Y-PEER Lebanon cele-Different from previous ones, the confer- brated the International Youth Day and theence incorporated a fully interactive set- launching of the International Year of theup. Youth while enjoying summer with style. Under the theme “Our Year, Our Voice”,Four booths with different activities were enthusiastic Y-PEER members took advan-implemented by Y-PEER volunteers and tage of the blazing sun and head theirpartner organizations. The first booth was way to the beach ~ the ideal hangout forcalled Densaulyk Koshesi or Health Street, young people where they organized awhere volunteers held mini-sessions on
  27. 27. Q&A competition on HIV targeting the Moldova organized a comprehensiveyoung people along the coast of Lebanon. training on Sexual Reproductive HealthTo top it all, Y-PEER invaded the sound and Rights.waves of a local radio station with a pow- From 9th to 11th of March 2011, active Y-erful message: Information is the key to PEER Focal Points were fully involved inprevention on The Comedy Revolution conducting a Training of Trainers (ToT) forshow hosted by brilliant stand up come- the 16 new young people who are willingdian Nemr Abou Nassar on Mix Fm (104.4 to become among the best Y-PEER mem-FM) radio station. The national network bers in the world.also ventured into an initiative entitled The most complicated but fructuous partCapacity Development for Integrating of the training, as it was almost totallyTheatre Based Peer Education in Education focused on areas surrounding sexual andSector. By partnering with the Visual and reproductive health, was to make thePerforming Arts Association (VAPA) and group aware of human reproductive sys-with the support of UNFPA Lebanon, this tem, sexually transmitted infections (surelyinitiative was launched in four schools including HIV/AIDS) and contraceptive methods. In this session, trainers and par-training 68 high school students on the ticipants analyzed several major problemsTheater Based Peer Education approach. that Moldova confronts with, such as:At the end of the workshop, short play increasing infections with STI, as well aspresentations were shown by the partici- premature pregnancy, and abortions. Afterpants tackling different health topics such which, the participants with the help of theas substance abuse, HIV/AIDS, smoking, trainers, identified workable solutions todomestic violence, bullying, and parents- ameliorate situation and translated itchildren communication. The culmination through the action plan which containsset up real quality performances! A total of activities to monitor the population, the11 shows were organized in the four par- improvement of education and health care, self-protection etc.ticipating schools and reached 630 stu-dents. Each theatrical performance is an- For visibility and promotion of the network,chored with interactive discussions be- the last session of the training was dedi-tween the audience and actors facilitated cated to basic journalism. Just like all re-by Y-PEER peer educators. gional Y-PEER networks, Moldavian has a national newsletter that features obtained results and future plans.Y-PEER Moldova Conducts Hence, it is important for Y-PEER membersToT in Chisinau Victoria Colesnic to report correctly recent success and various activity of the network in an article.The necessity of an active, productive In this session, participants discovered theteam in the country was the reason for structure of the news, how to formulaterecruiting the new generation of peer edu- questions in doing interview and how tocators in Chisinau, capital city of the Re- write these in an article.public of Moldova. Because teens have to As expected, participants have plannedlearn and understand the importance of training and other activities for the nextreproductive health which in effect leads months. Aristotel affirmed that youth isto changing of attitudes to take responsi- easily deceived, because it is quick toble decisions regarding their health, the hope. Y-PEER members are veritably closeYouth Peer Education Network (Y-PEER) to hope, because they believe they can
  28. 28. change their peers’ life style into a healthy With the goal to prepare national youthone. But they are not deceived; they teach peer educators and support the healthand empower young people to make re- education nationwide, the Training ofsponsible decisions. After completing the Trainer’s Manual was translated and ap-training, they received diplomas and offi- plied into practice, hence, made our train-cially became peer-to-peer educators. ing successful. Through the participation in the training, 2 members from UN YouthMongolia Joins Y-PEER; Advisory Panel (UNYAP) who have experi- enced conducting peer educators trainingConducts Various Activities felt that they gained more learning whichIn June 2010, Mongolia joined the Asia helped them to deal better and to workPacific Youth Peer Education Network with a team as well as became betterthrough participation in the Advanced moderators in such events.Regional Training of Trainers held in Pat- We took our role as moderators seriouslytaya, Thailand. Since then UNFPA’s spe- as we listened to the terms and expres-cialist and the trained peer trainer jointly sions aired by the participants especiallystarted the effort to found it. Soon in a during the session on power walk in work-couple of months, Ү-PEER network was ing with especially vulnerable youth. It wasintroduced at the ceremonial opening of memorable when a 14-year old boy whoInternational Youth Year on August 25 and picked the role of a handicapped sincerelythen launched a call for youth organiza- portrayed his role. He closed his eyes. Hetions to join. almost stumbled, holding tight the otherShortly, we organized the first 5-day train- participants as they walked. He caughting of “Y-PEER Mongolia Training of Train- our attention especially afterwards wheners” at Nairamdal International Children’s he said with tears in eyes, “I had seenCamp from November 5-9, 2010. A total of physically challenged kids before, but I28 participants representing “Child for never realized how hard it is for them.” ItChild”, “Mongolian Pupils Union”, took some time for him to get out of from“Mongolian Red Cross Youth Association”, the role. His reflection became a goodand Adolescent Council of Future Thresh- experience for us; served as a test of ourold Adolescent Health Centers of the Dis- flexibility, skills, and psychological prepar-trict Health centers of Ulaanbaatar were edness as well as to have a real andtrained as Youth Peer Educators. meaningful understanding of working with youth. Since then, we became more focused up to the end of the training. We improvised especially when we do the “steps to rights” exercise where we played piano music before and after the exercise to invoke par- ticipants’ happy memo- ries and to successfully