y - p e ernewsletterVolume 15            Edited by      Gehad Elsayed             Design by  Beka Berikashvili         Cov...
Editor’s Word         “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.”                          ...
Algeria                                                                                                  ArmeniaWhat’s mor...
going out shopping, meeting friends,                        . Meanwhile the                                         have t...
While creating the portal volun- teers tried to take into account the                                                     ...
mosexual is insu                                                                                                          ...
Youth Development and Education-                                                asn’t                                     ...
le                                                                                                                        ...
main cities namelyWe created 6 HIV school clubs in five                                             Erigavo to promoteHarg...
During the 2nd day of the confer-ence Sarah Natali, Y-PEER focalpoint and Youth Chair for youthtechnical advisory ­ommitte...
ening the partnership and participa-       2012, Y-PEER Uzb                                                               ...
UNFPA Regional Offices to serve as a                                                                                      ...
of different kinds of energizers.          bye Day”. Farewell saying to all the                                           ...
because during this 7 day’s training we       to be later, itjust was an exercise, and   Theatre Based Peer Education Trai...
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
Y-PEER International Network's  Newsletter 2012
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Y-PEER International Network's Newsletter 2012


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Y-PEER International Network's Newsletter 2012

  1. 1. y - p e ernewsletterVolume 15 Edited by Gehad Elsayed Design by Beka Berikashvili Cover design by Kacem Jlidi
  2. 2. Editor’s Word “Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot; but make it hot by striking.” y - p e er National Networks William B. SpragueDear friends, colleagues, partners reading “Me forever young”, “Ele-and youth around the world; phant in the room” or “Reaching out 20.000” and activities like “streetIt’s our pleasure to present you action” and using of “Social me-Y-PEER Newsletter volume 15 dia” for sure you will get inspiration(July-December 2011). to know and do more and more forStarting from briefing about na- your community. Y-PEERians havetional networks and international the main goal and insist to reach it.a­ ctivities to celebrating WAD 2011 Now; I will let you discover moreis like a journey around Y-PEER about Y-PEER.world, and guess what, it will notbe enough to know all the amazing Last but not least; this newsletterwork and ­ ctivities done and their a would have been complete with-their impact. So, you are invited to out writers and editorial team Ayselthis journey to get across three re- Asgarova (FPC Azerbaijan), Bekagions – Arab State, Eastern Europe Berikashvili (FPC Georgia) andand Central Asia and Asia Pacific – Kacem Jlidi (FP Tunisia).and more than 48 countries. Thank you!To write an editor’s article you haveto cover the main topic of the news- Gehad Elsayedletter but the words cannot expressit as the articles themselves. While http://www.ypeerinaction.org/
  3. 3. Algeria ArmeniaWhat’s more? Zahra Benyahia Samvel MkhitaryanY-PEER Algeria was launched in 2005. It involves3 youth NGOs, over 200 peers divided into teams:media, social marketing, field work and pro- Me Forever Young Processing those kinds of situationsgramming. It aims to strengthen knowledge, Before you get bored and thumb and thinking over those questions canawareness, advocacy, education and communi- through the pages let’s do a little ex- influence on your perception towardcation in the field of SRHR, HIV/Aids and support ­ are periment while you’re reading. Try many questions.PLHIV. great things for which we Because we be lieve we are destined for nt of the MDGs, to relax and seat comfortable calm To discover whe speak up for the fulfillme ther it works or not the change and the voice to geria music would be of benefit. :D you Y-PEER Armenia spread of HIV. Y-PEER Al along with UNFPA CO ensure SRH ser vices and prevent the tion and edu- ready to start?…!!! designed a project within the 7 bil- many activities of preven initia ted for the last semester in- t field work and proximity While you’re reading try to visual- lion campaign. The project involved cation in diff erent cities convinced tha ange. als toward behavioral ch ize the scenes, or simply think over a group of volunteers from y-peer Ar- terve ntions will achieve the go those questions and answer them. menia and group of aged people that ss from HIV/Aids ry campaigns for awarene Pe ers organized two Itinera target- leave alone. me 10 Days of Activism What would it feel like to be an aged e project aimed to in summer and autumn under the the huge number From one hand th high risk of infection. A person, per se? ople with the issue ing youth and populations at s, sta- confront young pe blic spaces: markets, street What it would be like to be an aged of growing up as an inevitable part of of Street act ions were organized in pu ital each month. and bus stations in the cap person (Gram or Grandpa) with a life and from another hand to discov - m, popular coffee shops, tar- diu different youth structures anything comm on About 10 Aw areness days took place in uctured youth walking stick in the hand? er whether there is ung nurses, magistrates, str nerations. Moreove r get ing university students, yo as well. How would you treat young people between those ge ablishments and migrants to give a chance to in vocational training est let’s say your grandsons? What kind the project aimed g As a result, 32 51 get to know youn 0 people were ap of advices would you give them? aged persons to Peers also celebrated international proached. 200 pe - and their views, life- ople living with What it would feel like to be the one people to underst events such as the UN Volunteer day HIV were suppor . ted. Over 49 87 0 in this society. style and behavior in action for environment sustainabili- posters and fly ers and 84 520 co volunteers passed ty. For their capacity building trainings doms were dist n- Indeed, questions that few people One day long young ributed. 15 med like they live, do- on SSR took place and targeted 30 peers. representations ia ask themselves or seriously thought with aged persons, were leaded. 2 vi do, watching soap d- over them. ing whatever they What’s more, a project of entertain- eos were realized. As we are aw ok, drinking cof- are operas, reading a bo ment was initiated to support people that only the involvement of al Well now relax :D you’re still middle ors etc. Whereas l ac- fee with other neighb living with HIV in hospitals. Y-PEER tors will have an impact, we colla age. Maybe some of you will picture ed persons lived bo- another full day ag brought happiness to them at each cel- rated with three youth NGOs as it easily and some of you with a bit as they do, such as as UNFPA, UNAID well with young people ebration. S, UNICEF. difficulty. 4 Y -PEER National Networks Y -PEER National Networks  5
  4. 4. going out shopping, meeting friends, . Meanwhile the have to deal withclubbing etc. e chance to get to Olga Gerasenco aged people had th ung people, theirDuring the project Pre- and post- vid-eo interviews were carried out and know the life of yo views toward life, fa mily and future. nteers obtained Belarus Some of the volu ce! On one resouras a result a short movie has been d some of themproduced. The project had incredi- new friendships an ces.ble results. It directly influenced on gained lifetime advi l Volunteers Day , 5th of ovie will be re- On Internationa PEERyoung participants’ views toward se- Soon the short m presentation of Y- t our face book D ecember 2011, the as heldnility and aged people. Young people leased, so watch ou ww.ypeer.by) w Belarus website (w e elec-got deeper understanding of their life page catch up on ne ws. 1 OSHMYANY. “Th at gymnasium № ucationwhat kind of problems aged people ok.com/pages/ rt of the peer ed http://w w w.facebo tronic site is a pa ry of ted by the Minist Y-PEER-Armenia/16 2858060401394 project implemen  said in A and UNICEF” — Education, UNFP sglavny, ch Anna Rysevet her opening spee al and epartment of Soci Aysel Asgarova Inspector of the D of Ed- k of the Ministry Educational Wor project Azerbaijan ucation. “We are is being develope pleased that our d not only at sch ools but rn, will et space. We, in tuSocial video also in the Intern further support the ideas of peer edu-On August 26th, 2011 Y-PEER Azerbaijan in cooperation with Active Citizens cation! Thanks to this website youngAzerbaijan organized media training with focus on movie-making and blog- people, working in the field of peerging at GRBS International Tuition Center. education can find all necessary in-Young people nowadays are often eager to share their concerns or ideas via formation and all on one resource!”social media; however they often don’t know what to start with and most- The portal offers electronic sam­ les ply lack any knowledge and skills to make a social video or write up a good of activities for seminars on rela­blog post. ted topics, dictionaries, information community activists. In a courseThe training brought together 15 students and abo­ t youth organizations working u Windows Movie Making program;of the training young people learnt about on peer education as well as infor- as the tips for writing a good blogassemblage/editing of short films as well mation on scholarships and grants. people for active citizenship andpost. Thus, the project encouraged young In addition to the theoretical knowl- ia and equipped them with movie-promotion of social values via social med edge young people will be able to con- making and enhanced blogging skills. sult online a psychologist, a surgeon and gynecologist. Young people will beUpon the completion of the event trainees had an opportunity to put in prac- also able to consult the peer educators.tice the knowledge and skills gained.6 Y -PEER National Networks Y -PEER National Networks  7
  5. 5. While creating the portal volun- teers tried to take into account the Alex Festival mod- adors and role interests of all stakeholders. Thus, in Belarus ambass s, Y-PEER Egypt one of a huge networks in UNFPA activitie“Application for a seminar” division el s. In support of con- Egypt and the first branch of Y-PEER in the s participated in representatives of the school can last year Y-PEER . The Arab World, that started in Egypt since 2005 mestic violence specify the dates and topics of the certs against do az- by five peer educators and by support from g people was am requested training. After complet- reaction of youn hat UNFPA CO, and now we have a 42 NGOs part- d Y-PEERs for w ing this form, certified volunteers ing — they thanke indif- ner working with youth and Health in All of d not to remain and leading youth organizations they do and aske o- Egypt also the network relies on 268 national lems of young pe Ahmed Kashkoush are contacted to conduct the train- ferent to the prob trainers of peer educators and approx 10202 ing. “We try to support the initia- tive of young people, and highlight ple and try to so volunteers were lve them. Afterw invited to a peer ards ed- Egypt peer educator perform the peer education activities in these NGOs in the country. how . “Having seen their achievements. High school ucation training ks, ed more than th principle wor culture Festival we reach №1 in Oshmyany was not chosen the youth-to-you Through Alexandria International ide is- accepted the off er of and adolescence and prov by chance. This educational insti- we immediately art- 16.000 young pe ople and talk with youth , in comics. Also h UNFPA and st d Family Planning…etc tution is one of the leaders in pro- cooperation wit sues su ch as STIs, HIV/AIDS, an anged g of the song “D o cipate with us and we arr motion of peer education!” — Said ed with recordin er of Y-PEER Egypt am bassador implement parti , — said the sing Tatiana Pronko, Senior Specialist You Remember” atievsky. musical party. nd Vitaly M of UNFPA Belarus — “Starting from Open Space ba cre- sed that through The second activity was networking meeting between the NGOs partner that January 2012, we will choose the “Our band is plea can volunteering, we meeting helped them to share the challenges and the chances were met and best volunteer monthly!” — added ativity and active peo- havior of young discussed how they can make cooperation among them, also they were Mrs. Pronko. Young musical band influence the be sky, d Maxim Mestov share their experiences in working with youth and how to use peer educa- Open Space was chosen as Y-PEER ple!” — conclude tion methodologies. nd. guitarist of the ba 8 Y -PEER National Networks Y -PEER National Networks  9
  6. 6. mosexual is insu lted and beaten. our fault that he It is not is gay, is it?! And ally, these women gener- , homosexuals an infected should d HIV take care of them it’s none of our bu selves; siness. The above mentio ned problems ar ones that are most e the ignored in Georg ciety. Most of the ian so- people can’t even that we have such realize kind of problems. planning the proj When ect we saw that ta about solving prob lking lems is just wastin time when most g our of the people can’ realize them. So w t even e decided that the aim of the project main should be makin problems more no g the ticeable, showing to the society an them d inducing discus about them. Her sions e came the name project — “Elephan of the Beka Berikashvili t in the Room” Georgia Last year we made one da youth competition where y project – an 6 teams partici- eresting and cre- pated in. We got many intElephant in the Room ative works from the parti cipants, but still y was absolute-“We have already discussed and decided At first glance it seems impossi- we had a feeling that one da out such kind of such kind of problems, come on” it was ble how a big elephant in a small ly not enough to think ab the help of UN- the only answer wherever I tried to start room can’t be noticed. But think, problems. This year with 10 days project. talking about gender based discrimina- what can be easier than clo sing our FPA we managed to create ber 10 different ating his From 1st to 10 of Decem th tion, homophobia and HIV discrimina- eyes when neighbor is be created articles/ tion. We who are “progressive, devel- wife? Of course it is no t our busi- teams (4 people in each) gans about the oped and open-minded” young people ness. What can be easier tha n not let- assays, photo series and slo of them. Be- do not or cannot notice problems in our ting our child play with HI V positive topic that was given to each one day in this society. Yes, we have already discussed children? We know he/sh e can’t be sides this, each team had a flash mob or this problem, thought a lot about it and infected this way but still, we’ll feel 10 days period to organize changed a lot; didn’t we? But if we open safer if our child stays far from HIV street performance. infected children. Yes, it is the easiest project was or- eyes a bit wider we can see that big ele- Together with UNFPA, the ere a ho- DEA (Georgian phant is still standing in our small room. to just pass in the street wh ganized by our NGO – GY10 Y -PEER National Networks Y -PEER National Networks  11
  7. 7. Youth Development and Education- asn’t win but it w they share the in-al Association) and two other NGOs – “I was so happy to at- We inform youth and . Just particip fellows. So, as peerCSMA and ICCN. The project had two only ab out winning thing formation next to their was a huge of a great and im-winners. Mariam Korinteli’s team was ing in this project so trainers, we are the links ays changed ing the world a bet-the favorite of jury and Tiko Gabu- for me. These ten d think- portant concept of mak y life. I began e of the reasons Inia’s team was the second (according many things in m think ter place. This fact is on lems I didn’tto Facebook likes). The winner team ing ab out the prob riam Ko- chose Y-PEER.  —  ated Ma stgot 4 laptops and the second team got ab out earlier.” am. introduction: I am e winning te But let’s make a little4 Ipods. rinteli , leader of th - I joined Y-PEER 3 duce revolu from Moldova and This proje ct may not in e 50, read the advertise-On 7th of December you would meet inds, but th months ago. When I tions in people’s m e- PEER training I waspeople in Tbilisi who were holding big o were som ment to apply for a Y- 100 or 50 0 people wh egan words: “peer educa-papers with writings: “I am a woman the project b attracted by the main how connected to s. …and ese were the fieldstoo”, “I am a child too”, “I am HIV pos- these problem tor” and “journalism”. Th th inking about theseitive also”, “I am gay”, etc. This flash ant. …And this is very import where I wanted to work the most,mob (organized by Tiko Gabunia’s steps. because they represent my inter-team) had a very important message: are just first ests and fit me the best. Besides, Iwhen there is violence in our society am sure that the Y-PEER mandatethen we should say that we are also is very important and opportunewomen and children, HIV positive or for youth from my country, oncegay. When you feel yourself in the vic- they need to know all the right andtim’s place then the attitude – “it’s not relevant information about repro-my business” – instantly disappears. ductive health. After I passed the selection and became a member Radu Artiom of the network, I understood what the real power of Y-PEER is. I`ve Moldova seen that only Y-PEER, thru a lot of workshops, trainings, informa- tional campaigns, like Pro Health Reasons to choose Y-PEER Campaign, social theatre festival, Yesterday I watched a movie called “Pay it forward”. flash mobs, annual meeting, YAP Have you ever watched it? If no, I recommend this meetings and more activities pro- movie to you, because it’s a very motivational and in- vide information that is really nec- spiring one. It’s about the concept to do something essary for youth. asked me: good to someone and to ask this one to do the same ! Of course were people who It was my choice to join Y-PEER ebook, thing for others. And you know, watching this made better to stay at home, on Fac “W hy did you come here? Is it not es it worth?” me realize that Y-PEER is also based on this concept. rkshops, to write articles? Do than to organize activities, wo 12 Y -PEER National Networks Y -PEER National Networks  13
  8. 8. le e portraits of valuabMy answer was a strong “YES!”, equal with suc- as co nsisting of twenty onsince I was motivated enough For me Y-PEER is The photo exhibit w a, there were politic ians, show the initiativ e to people in the regi on of our city Samar the ecifically to nst AIDS, and evenand willing to change the level cess, sp e,  success c an be e of th e NGO’s fighting agai the citationof information from my com- success. As for m nce, men, representativ was also leaded by s: Persevera ch of the portraits in d in 3 word YOUGA teacher. Ea t the HIV epidemicmunity. define bility erne d the situation abou nd Responsi from the facts concYes! Y-PEER is my first way to suc- C orrectness a , y. The photo exhibit wa I call success the world for toda s just the first step of thecess! Because here I have seen so So, Y-PEE R is all that itude for now, the main idea is project, , because att to implement the knowledmany young peoples with initia- and a lso attitude e ge, de. This is th about HIV prevention, inttive, who believe in themselves determin es the altitu region. The participants of o the community of Sama ra the project, are going to hoand in voluntary work and I un- secret! a small lecture amount the ld we are people whom they are woderstood that Y-PEER is what I forget that ing with, and to share the rk- P.S.: And don’t information with someonwas looking for. great things! whom they are working e destined for with. The YOGA teacher have promised to make a lect ure in one of his classes, local radio DJ will make the a report on one of her rad programs and the universi io ty professor, have promise to organize a training wi d th students. Alexey Dzhura In all the words, the huge amount of work has been done by Michael Ush- akov, the leader of the project and our photographer Olga Usoltseva. We Russia should never forget about our rights as young people as one of the main groups or risk, such events is a good example of successful proves that: “It“Numbers, people —  their teachers, and some is possible to stop the epidemic of HIV, but only with the purposeful effortconcerns everyone” were young people who of them of all of us”, how it have been said by Andrey Bikov, the leader of Samara probably just got interested with on State prevention Center.The photo project was dated for the e of the banners on the street.30th year of the opening of the Human ey decided to But the reason why thImmunodeficiency Virus.More than 200 people came for the attend this photo exhi bit, is not re- ost important Somaliland ally important, the m Abdiziz Hersi Warsameopening day of the photo exhibit to lly came over thing that they actuathe gallery “New Space” in the Sama- there, and they rece ived the mes- What have we done in 2011?ra city. Some of the journalists, who ing to the so-are always trying to find the hot news sage that we were send Somaliland Y-PEER Network is getting popularity is world, andfor their newspapers, to impress their ciety: “HIV exists in th and trust of the community year after year because oblems of to-readers with the fresh gossips about it is one of the worst pr of its tireless efforts in fighting HIV and FGM in So- ople are dy-publics life, some of them were school day’s world…lots of pe maliland. In 2011, the network carried out five big should knowkids, who were forced to come by ing from AIDS and we different activities to contribute to the HIV preven- about it!” tion initiatives in Somaliland.14 Y -PEER National Networks Y -PEER National Networks  15
  9. 9. main cities namelyWe created 6 HIV school clubs in five Erigavo to promoteHargeisa, Borama, Berbera, Burao and Vijayanthan high schools and weHIV prevention methods — ABC — in the Thusandra International Youthcommemorated World AIDS Day andDays to provide advocacy messagesto the youth and leaders of the country on HIV, FGM and GBV . We also targeted Sri addicts and youth liv-the youth at high risk including druging in border towns and Internally Disp laced People (IDP) ues and circus shows. Lanka camps through theatre based techniq designed and imple- In addition to that, Somaliland Y-PEER 6th Asian Pacific Conference in Somaliland through mented a project called “Fighting FGM project, which was Peer Education Approaches” in 2011. The In the middle of October 2011, three young people from Sri Lanka partici- influence the attitude completed successfully, was aimed to pated in the 6th APCRSHR conference held in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. All three in secondary schools of 560 university students and 1450 girls of them were internationally trained Y-PEER educators and took this oppor- nd and to create 4 to advocate FGM eradication in Somalila tunity to increase the visibility of Y-PEER Sri Lanka and to broaden their net- Somaliland. The out- FGM clubs in Hargeisa, the capital of work of peer educators. limited to, 358 high The conference come of the project included but not , under the them e FGM eradication, 1115 “Claiming Sexual school students in 6 regions trained on and Reproductiv e munication approach Rights in Asian an reached through interpersonal com d Pacific Societie ed through sensi- was held from th s” and 560 university female students reach e 19-22nd of Octob er. tization meetings. Finally, I would lik We rocked the ev ent — two presen e to mention that - change commun we carried out be tations and on ication messages havior e session   thre — to reach even mor through the mas highlights e e youth. We cond s media and developed 5 ucted 5 radio talk e Ami- radio spots all of them on HIV prev shows On the 1stday of the conferenc and stigma reduct and ion. We also prod uced the second ed ention laWensiri, Y-PEER focal point of “BAAQ magaz ition for the Glob- ine” or “The Cal ler”. 630 copies w National Focal Point tributed in the un AIDS iversities and high schools of Somal ere dis- al Youth Coalition on HIV and sion We believe that So maliland Y-PEER iland. (GYCA) facilitated a satellite ses rship. gest local organiza tions that address is now one of the stron- on youth and adult partne when other youth issu es in Somaliland HIV, STIs, FGM, GB V and Challenges faced by youth . We will continue ways ing hard and hope we will achieve m work- working with adults and the s the Thanks to UNFPA, ore in 2012. to overcome such challenges wa . The Ministry of Educ MTV Staying Aliv e Foundation, SO main focus of his presentation ation, Ministry of LNAC, th ac- ners for their colla Youth and all ou session was appreciated by you boration and supp r part- ort. tivists and adults alike. 16 Y -PEER National Networks Y -PEER National Networks  17
  10. 10. During the 2nd day of the confer-ence Sarah Natali, Y-PEER focalpoint and Youth Chair for youthtechnical advisory ­ommittee cof the Fam ily Planning Asso-ciation in Sri Lanka present-ed a posteron “Sexual violenceagainst women in public trans- portation systems in Sri Lanka”.This innovative project focused on empowering women to speak up when they experiences sexu- al abuse or name calling in pub- lic buses. It also spread aware- Odina Salihbaeva ness on how to take legal action against serious offences. Uzbekistan During the 3rd dayof the confer- enceThusandra, Y-PEER focal Reaching out to 20.000 a point in charge presented an oral The happy coincidence —  Thu­s­andr Y-PEER is working in Uzbekistan since 2005. Today it is a paper on “A peer education proj- reads out the Youth Decla­ r a­ion t network of more than 200 volunteers and 17 active Focal ect on HIV and Sexual and Repro- of APCSHR Points. The main partner of the Network is Youth Initia- ductive Health with the involve- - On the final day at the closing ceremo tive Center “Kelajak Ovozi”, and there are a number of ment of Sri Lankan youth in Post opportu- NGO’s and international organizations working together ny, Thusandra had the unique Armed Conflict Areas”. This was nity to be part of a three member team with Y-PEER. July of 2011 starte d with active invo the only oral pres nt. The lvement in 10 Day entation accept- that read out the youth stateme Activism — 21 act ivities were cond s of ed from Sri Lank young ucted, among w a for the confer- Youth declaration focused on there were eight peer-education se hich, ence. His presenta e health ssions aiming to tion highlighted people sexual and reproductiv the knowledge of young people in th raise e areas of reproduct the need and im portance of peer rights and their access to services. health, STIs and H IV/AIDS preventio ive education for yo teers helped to ho n. Then, Y-PEER vo ung people, out al lun- of school, and in There is no doubt that “Y-PEER Foc tion Day that in ld an event dedica ted to World Popu post conflict en- Points”left a lasting impress ionat the cluded women’s la- vironments. The chalk competitio marathon and ch pilot project was n. Y-PEER also ce ildren’simplemented in 6th APCRSHR conference. as International lebrated such big 2 of the 25 dis- Youth Day in Aug eventstricts in Sri Lank a. “Passion rebuilds the world for the ber. In the framew ust and WAD in D ork of advocacy eff ecem- youth. It makes all things alive and members took pa rt in UNAIDS wor orts for PLWH, Y- PEER n significant.” — Ralph Waldo Emerso kshop on «Stren gth-18 Y -PEER National Networks Y -PEER National Networks  19
  11. 11. ening the partnership and participa- 2012, Y-PEER Uzb ekistan implemention of civil society including PLWH ed 143 activities re t- aching over 20,0in expanding universal access to HIV young people na 00 tionwide.prevention, treatment, care and sup-port». It is crucial to mention that Y- this period: We learned fromPEER was the only youth organization anisms for stron- 1. Creating mech y - p e erinvited to participate in this event. ent in networkThere were two National ToTs in the ger FPs involvem creases their re-fall, as well as a Special Training for (FPs Council) in work as coordi-Medical Staff in Andijan. One of the sponsibility and orkmost-awaited events of the year for nators of the netw volun-Y-PEER Uzbekistan is Annual Experi- 2. Expanding the topics of d a variety of teer activities an Internationalence Sharing and Planning Meeting, es sustainabilitywhich for the third time gathered 50 partners improv d raises its rec-most active Y-PEER volunteers in the of the network an ng mechanismmountain resort in November. Mem- ognition as a stro ’s empowermentbers gave their feedback on the overall for young peoplework, challenges, lessons learned, and t and distribution 3. Developmenways to improve our work. And the increases the of Trainers KitsAward Ceremony celebrated the most rate of nation- implementationactive and committed volunteers of n activities.the year. Overall, during July-January al peer-educatio20 Y -PEER National Networks
  12. 12. UNFPA Regional Offices to serve as a ӷӷ Aida Darzhanova (Kazakhstan) young people’s input in the region- International Coordinator al youth and SRH including HIV/AIDS in charge of Monitoring & programmes Evaluation Also, Y-PEER International Coordi- nators (ICs) serve a term of 2 years, ӷӷ Shubha Kayastha (Nepal) and as a result, Ms. Fatma Hacioglu International Coordinator in (Turkey), Ms. Carla Daher (Lebanon) charge of Advocacy and Mr. Davron Mirsagatov (Uzbeki- stan) graduated and became part of ӷӷ Ana Rizescu (Romania) Y-PEER Alumni Board. International Coordinator Three new ICs were elected and are in charge of Partnership & Ms. Aida Darzhanova (Kazakhstan), Networking Ms. Gehad Elsayed (Egypt) and Ms. Shubha Kayastha (Nepal). Along with ӷӷ Gehad Elsayed (Egypt) the four other International coordina- International Coordinator tors who will continue their positions in charge of Media & until October 2012, Y-PEER IC Team Communication has 7 members.Y-PEER Global Advisory Board (GAB) in In this regard, and after a thoroughManila, Philippines assessment of the priority needs of the The annual GAB meeting served as a international network, the new Interna-Y-PEER has recently completed impor- space for Focal Points in Charge from tional Coordinators team has dividedtant meetings in Manila, Philippines: a 40 countries to share information, re- their roles for 2011 and 2012 as follows:Global Peer Education Conference on3rd October, followed by a New Areas port, plan and build their knowledge ӷӷ Bothaina Qamar (Jordan)Meeting on 4th and the annual Global within the framework of Y-PEER Tran- International CoordinatorAdvisory Board (GAB) Meeting from sition and strengthen their capacity in charge of Organization5th to 8th of October 2011.  and skills on leadership, communi- Development The meetings served as a platform cation approaches to increase qual-to formally introduce the Y-PEER in- ity and delivery of Y-PEER activities, ӷӷ Dina Jaffary (Syria)ternational network in the region, giv- and overall improvement of the net- International Coordinator ining a face to the international network work. Moreover, elected Y-PEER rep- charge of Capacity Buildingamong the newly joined countries as resentatives and ICs with supportwell as to the potential regional and from Y-PEER Alumni’s have drafted ӷӷ Mario Balibago (Philippines):intentional partners in Asia and Pa- Y-PEER International Action Plan for International Coordinator incific region. 2012 which will soon be presented to charge of Resource Mobilization22 Y -PEER International Y -PEER International  23
  13. 13. of different kinds of energizers. bye Day”. Farewell saying to all the Some of the exercises were real- friends who became so close to me ly strong, and some of them were for the last eight days was the hard- even hard psychologically. But I had est part of the training. But I am not a feeling that I was opening my in- sad at all because I know that I have ner world to the group of participants, so much to share with my communi- the people who became the real team ty over here in Russia! So much stuff in the end, and those were some of to do, and if I need new ideas or new the most amazing feelings of my life. experiences, then I will just write to Probably the only thing that I real- my friends and we will cooperate to- ly didn’t like was the “Saying Good- gether for the best result! Evdokia Romanova - NGO “Youth Theatre “Light” – Y-PEER RussiaY-PEER Advanced Training of Trainers inPeer Education and Civic Engagement “Thanks to this training, I had a With the other participants we’veBack home to snowy and windy Rus- their free time to contribute to their chance to think on my own attitudes shared our ideas about new projectssia from warm and hilly Bulgaria. society and help others. Now I know and values regarding SRH and HIV/ in Y-PEER.Even though I’ve been back for two what the real power of Y-Peer is. We AIDS, as well as gender, and other I feel that I am improving myself asdays already, I still can’t describe all will never stop believing in the op- health and social issues. a peer educator day by day…the feelings and emotions that I had portunity to change this world for the We’ve also learned about Y-PEER Everytime in my life I think thatfor the week of training. best. We are young, free, and full of Network, its structure, elements, the world is a big house for every- Who could imagine that the pro- energy. No act of kindness, no matter tools and resources as well as new body, where people live. The sun iscess of education and learning new how small, is ever wasted. Once you roles as Y-PEER Focal Points. shining for all of us. Watching thestuff could be so fun? Our trainers/ become a Y-Peer, you will hold this In my opinion group discussions in sun, we understood that Y-PEER ispeer educators, showed some really in your heart for the rest of your life. this training will contribute my whole one of the most important tools toamazing techniques to learning new During the whole week, we were re- works in Y-PEER Turkey! I think it will think about how to create a bridgethings, but also inspired us with the ally busy with our schedule, but the assist to elevate the Y-PEER! of benevolence!”unforgettable Y-Peer spirit. process of training wasn’t even a little Bulut Oncu – Y-PEER Turkey In my country, Y-Peer is used just bit boring. We did a lot of improvisa-like training methods in NGO’s, but tion, working in the groups and do-after the week in Pravets, I was able ing activities for cross-cultural com- Well, few days ago I had may be the Peer regional ToT and Civic Engage-to fully realize that it is much more munication. Each of us could hold most exciting and interesting expe- ment training. The atmosphere of thethan that. You can meet only special the floor during facilitation and feed- rience of my life. In Pravets , not far event was full or energy and fun. Wekinds of people in events like that: backs, and we were able to keep our from Sofia more than 30 gifted and had a lot of things to do. Every singlethose who are ready to give up all energy on a good level with the help motivated young people had their Y- day we were busy doing some stuff ,24 Y -PEER International Y -PEER International  25
  14. 14. because during this 7 day’s training we to be later, itjust was an exercise, and Theatre Based Peer Education Training kicks were supposed to learn a lot. But still when they hugged and smiled to each off in Beirut were had time to have some fun and other I was happy. Now I know what the whole process was not so hard, be- should we do and what is forbidden Y-PEER Regional Theater Based Peer ater experts from Jordan and Egypt, cause the way of giving the informa- to be done during our work as peer Education training kicked off today alongside certified Y-PEER trainers. tion to participants was simple and in- educators. in Beirut, Lebanon with 25 partici- Its aim? To explore ways to use in- teresting. I really appreciate the work One thing is also worth mention- pants from across the Arab World. teractive theater in delivering key of our trainers, very hard task they had ing that I liked great job of partici- This year, the training is hosted by messages to the community, follow-, working through all these days. They pants as one team. During different Y-PEER PETRI AUB unit in the Amer- ing edutainment techniques. did their best to organize this event exercises, especially team building ican University in Beirut.  It brings By the end of the training, partici- most productive, interesting and un- exercises we worked as people, who together Focal Points, peer educators pants will put together a play using forgettable for all of us. I find them to know each other for one year at least. and theatre enthusiasts. Participants the new skills and knowledge they be very good, taking into account both I liked them all, everyone has some- are being trained by qualified the- acquired through the sessions. their personal and professional char- thing special, that I was interested to acteristics: they are very kind as peo- learn, they are very motivated, hard- Y-PEERs attend the Global Youth Economics ple and qualified and experienced as working and creative people. I never Conference in Washington DC trainers of peer education. I consider thought before that people from dif- them to be a very good example for ferent countries have a lot in com- Three Y-PEER focal points attended the job market. Throughout the ses- me. Moreover, some of them could mon and that they can understand the Global Youth Economic Con- sion, challenges to employment were be good actors and actresses! On the and support each other. It is very ference last week, a platform where discussed, with close attention given training, while doing one of the exer- good feeling when you know that 400 young professionals from over to case studies in Zambia and China. cises I found them to be very talented young people from different spots 60 countries meet annually to discuss Speakers included the Moroccan in acting. Actually, this exercise is one of our planet do the same job, that ways to improve economic opportu- ambassador to the United States, Ms. of my favorite exercises, when train- you do actually. It pushes you to work nities for youth around the world. Barbara Chilangwa, Executive Direc- ers “ quarrel” with each other for us to twice as well as you can. The conference took place in Wash- tor of Campaign for Female Educa- show how we can communicate with During the training I learned a lot ington DC, Sept. 7-8. tion in Zambia and Mr. David Ar- our co-facilitators on training. I have of new things, as well as from our Participants representing differ- kles, president of Manpower Group, never before had such an exercises, trainers and from participants’ per- ent organizations gathered through a leading company in workforce so- and was shocked when Rua and Ivi- sonal experience. Thank you very workshops and plenary sessions, lutions in the US. ca (our trainers) had a conflict, when much for such splendid event we had sharing methods, lessons and con- According to Mahmoud Nabul- we were all together. But, as it turned all together. tacts, all in an effort to alleviate em- si, Y-PEER Jordan, “the conference is ployment challenges faced by the a great chance for networking and Liliya Sabitova – Y-PEER Uzbekistan. world’s 1.5 billion youth. learning new techniques especially Day 1 for youth economic projects, entre- Speeches at the opening session fo- preneurship ideas.” cused on the importance of education Day 2 and vocational training for entering During the second day of the confer-26 Y -PEER International Y -PEER International  27