Co-Creating Insights - Face/Coca-Cola Mrs Conference Annual Conference 2010


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We had the great opportunity of co-presenting with Beth from Coca-Cola and a handful of other agencies operating in the co-creation space at the MRS conference in a shared session called Big Brand Co-Creation. It was a great session that we all saw as a chance to collectively raise the profile of Co-Creation as a discipline and show the extent to which it has come of age as a discipline within the industry. Each of us was charged with showing a slightly different dimension of co-creation, highlighting the scope and variety of the ways it could be used to achieve great things with big brands.

The emphasis of our paper was on taking co-creative principles of collaboration, real time, speed & open-ended thinking into a traditional insight focused brief, highlighting how co-creation was not just about bringing new ideas into a business, or a party trick for something fun and low risk, but could actually be applied at the heart of the insight function, aimed at building a complete foundation of insight.

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Co-Creating Insights - Face/Coca-Cola Mrs Conference Annual Conference 2010

  1. 1. co-creating insights working with Coca-Cola GB and Older Teens to understand & imagine the future of the category together (and change the way CCGB approach marketing and research in the process)
  2. 2. co-creation is an idea who’s time has come co-creation is not necessarily a new idea, but it is a now idea that doesn’t mean it’s a fad or a fake participatory brands as culture social things evolved and always in empowered beta consumers
  3. 3. it is an evolution from several existing trends and systems 1) qualitative research move from psychological to pragmatic 2) user-centred design 3) open-source software x) BUT what’s revolutionary is how it is being used
  4. 4. co-creation is not just insight about innovation & inviting ideas from outside the business innovation into the business brand & engagement it’s about direct collaboration planning between users and producers to create better value for both parties in terms of understanding, innovating & imagining the future together
  5. 5. 5 key principles of co-creation; what happens next is just a question of how you apply them consumers as equal partners make it active: doing things with people interaction in real time work in real places researchers as curators & storytellers
  6. 6. Coca-Cola needed to navigate a way through the older teen world which looked a bit like this…. not always easy to do when working with teens in research can be a little like this
  7. 7. Project Hijack an ongoing project that helped step-change the way Coca-Cola worked with older teenagers to co-create the future relationship of the 2 parties foundation of ongoing insights from 2 day workshop to community for online help build ideas of continuous community value and future development of together communications & activation ideas
  8. 8. 1) making it active & participatory moving away from passive response to active participation in doing something together loads of creative and open missions for teens to complete online teens and senior stakeholders solving problems together in the workshop
  9. 9. 2) equal partnership between consumers & clients allowing people to share in the success of the project together – lots of feedback consumers tell clients what to do and working together in groups to create and develop ideas
  10. 10. 3) work in real places doing it online – perfect for older teen they take us to where they really do stuff taking joint ownership of workshop spaces
  11. 11. 4) in real time engaging with online community 24/7/52 working together to create stuff in workshops less going backwards and forwards between clients, agencies & consumers
  12. 12. 5) researchers as curators & storytellers letting members drive content of online communities and workshops more emphasis on helping land ideas in client organisations – making them stick but not about researcher SOLELY as enabler – needs to be able to pull out insights and tell the crucial stories too
  13. 13. consumers people observation immersion respondents partners messages relationships campaigns story one size niche tailored channels experiences silos collaboration monolithic adaptive
  14. 14. out co- g ab e citin at th os t ex t th at i sm no a re w h atio n is mploys way cre ues it e UT the iq B be te chn ifferent now can us lly d y them bitio ica ppl rad n a ore am ec a hm w uc so m