Example handouts from MW2011 Extensis DAM Forum


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Example handouts from MW2011 Extensis DAM Forum

  1. 1. Portland Art Museum DAM Schema   MIMSY Related Custom Fields  o Accession number  o Title  o Artist  o Artist Nationality  o Artist Life Dates  o Date  o Curatorial Department  o Collection   o Object Type  o Credit Line  o Copyright Statement  o Copyright Instructions Other Custom Fields  o Department  o Copyright Status  o Archival Storage Disc  o Archival Storage Location  o Event(s)  o Exhibition(s)  o Professional Photograph  o Program(s)  o Project(s)  o Resource Type  o Digital image  o View Type   o IPTC Copyright  o IPTC Copyright Status 
  2. 2. Metadata Planning Tool Field Name Description Type Priority Single/Multiple Vocabulary ValuesKeywords Keyword search terms Text Crucial Multiple UnrestrictedDescription Who, what, when, where, and why information Text Block Crucial Single UnrestrictedApproved Is the asset approved for external distribution? Text Crucial Single Controlled Yes NoExpiration Date Asset may no longer be distributed after expiration date Date/Time Crucial Single UnrestrictedPeople Names of people in photos Text Nice to have Multiple Hybrid John Doe Davin Kluttz Marisela Alzuhn Edward SmithRating Rating of asset from 1 (worst) to 5 (best) Number Nice to have Single Controlled 1 2 3 4 5Stock Photo Price Price of stock photo asset Decimal Negligible Single UnrestrictedStock Photo Website Website URL of stock photo source URL Negligible Single Unrestricted
  3. 3. PORTFOLIO Uploading/Downloading InstructionsIn an effort to help standardize and streamline the centralization of our digital assets, you need to follow theguidelines below before uploading images to the Portfolio server.1. File names – Keep names short and use underscores for spaces. Always include the file (.jpg). Never use uncommon characters like /, , or ~ as it may create conflicts. Include photographer initials before file number. Examples: JobFair_PR6723, EXPO_CL4673, Gallery_NLV49282. File formats – Always save your work in the jpg format with maximum quality.3. File resolution – 300dpi (absolutely NO interpolation, we need quality, not quantity).4. Minimum file size – 4” x 6” (1200ppi x 1800ppi) at 300 dpi *Note: 4” x 6” at 300 dpi = 16” x 25” at 72 dpi5. File mode – RGB6. Folder Categories – We have standardized the folder categories at the root level of the Portfolio server and ask you to be descriptive, but concise, when creating sub-folder categories, as this is one way Portfolio generates keywords. Example: Event_Name_090209pr, i.e. Board_Meeting_090217pr, Job_Fair_090116cl7. Edit – Please edit your work before uploading. This will minimize the amount of storage space needed, enhance consistency and promote quality, since only the best of the selection gets exposed.8. Metadata – There are two options on how to get your metadata embedded in your images: Using Portfolio - This is the recommended option to assure consistency and is done once the images are cataloged in Portfolio. Using third party software - You may use Lightroom, Bridge, Aperture or even Photoshop for your Metadata needs. If this is your preference, the Metadata needs to be done BEFORE you upload your images to the Porfolio server. Refer to the following table for Portfolio’s Extracting/Embedding Metadata settings: Portfolio Custom Field* Bridge LightRoom Photoshop file info _People in photo XMP-Headline Headline Headline _Event name XMP-Description Caption Description _Photographer XMP-Copyright Copyright Description _Campus XMP-Source Source Source * All custom fields have a maximum of 250 characters
  4. 4. DAM Technology and Workflow Document Server InformationSERVER SPECIFICATIONS Application Hostname/IP OS Proc. RAM Admin Username* Password*DAM ServerWeb Portal ServerSQL ServerFile ServerSERVICE ACCOUNTS Service Username PasswordDAM ServerWeb Portal ServerSQL ConnectPASSWORDS Type PasswordDAM Server AdminWeb Portal Server AdminWeb Portal Site CreationFILE SHARES Protocol PathOriginalsPreviewsLOCATIONS TO BACKUP Server Data PathDAM Server Catalogs (Windows)DAM Server Catalogs (Mac)Web Portal Server Sites (Windows)Web Portal Server Sites (Mac)File Server OriginalsFile Server PreviewsSQL Server Database
  5. 5. DAM Technology and Workflow Document Software InformationSERIAL NUMBERS License Number of Seats Serial NumberDAM Client (Win)DAM Client (Mac)DAM ServerSQL ConnectWeb Portal ServerFIREWALL PORT EXCEPTIONS From: To: Inbound Port DAM Client DAM Server 2903 Client DAM Client File Server 445 (SMB/CIFS) 548 (AFP) AutoSync DAM Server File Server 445 (SMB/CIFS) 548 (AFP) Web Portal Server DAM Server 2903 Web Portal Server File Server 445 (SMB/CIFS) 548 (AFP) Web Portal DAM Client Web Portal Server (Publish) 8085 DAM Client Web Portal Server (Admin) 8086 Web Browser Web Portal Server (View) 80 Catalog InformationCATALOG OVERVIEW Catalog Name Type UserLevel Password Settings:Catalog 1 Previews Path: Settings:Catalog 2 Previews Path: Settings:Catalog 3 Previews Path:
  6. 6. DAM Technology and Workflow Document Keywords & Custom FieldsCUSTOM FIELDS Field 1 Field 2 Field 3 Field 4 Field 5 Field 6NameTypeMultiple value?Drop down menu?Drop down items