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GEW European Meet-up / Hendrik Halbe, HOPE, Netherlands Presentation (1 - Erasmus Center for Entrepreneurship)


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Presentation about Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship by Hendrik Halbe and Jochem Cuppen during the GEW European Hosts Meetup 2012.

Presentation about Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship by Hendrik Halbe and Jochem Cuppen during the GEW European Hosts Meetup 2012.

Published in: Education, Business
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  • 1. Inspire, educate, and supporttomorrows leading entrepreneurs
  • 2. IntroductionThe Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship Initiative by Prof. dr. Justin Jansen, Prof. dr. Roy Thurik, and HOPE director Hendrik Halbe University-wide centre for all activities on entrepreneurship Stimulate entrepreneurial behavior and foster ambitious and innovative entrepreneurship Main focus areas are inspiration, education, research and support of startups Coordinator of the Holland Program on Entrepreneurship (HOPE)
  • 3. What we do Develop and maintain a high quality infrastructure to stimulate entrepreneurial behavior and foster ambitious and innovative entrepreneurship. Focussed on:  events  Education  research  startup support Programmes for students, researchers, entrepreneurs, and alumni Collaboration with organizations in Rotterdam, (Zuid-)Holland and various centres of entrepreneurship in Europe
  • 4. IntroductionHolland Program on Entrepreneurship  Founded in 2008 to stimulate entrepreneurship at participating universities  Regional coordination  Local centres of entrepreneurship  Delft Centre for Entrepreneurship  Science Based Business (Leiden)  Erasmus Centre for Entrepreneurship (coordinator of HOPE)  Overview of inspiration track
  • 5. IntroductionPartners HOPE 2008-2011
  • 6. Events  More than 35 events p/y in cooperation with partners  Support, coordination and development of entrepreneurship events  High quality, well coordinated, complementary and well promoted events  Examples: Philips Innovation Award, Entrepreneurship Cycle, 24Hour Business Game
  • 7. EventsGet in the Ring (former Meet the Dragons)  International pitch event  1 of the 10 Featured events of the Global Entrepreneurship Week  More than 700 exclusive visitors (students, entrepreneurs, academics, investors, captains of industry)
  • 8. EducationBachelor courses & Masters  >1000 students p/y following entrepreneurship courses  >16 bachelor courses on entrepreneurship  3 Masters on entrepreneurship  Entrepreneurship & Strategy Economics  Entrepreneurship & New Business Venturing  Cultural Economics & Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • 9. EducationStudent Entrepreneurs Excellence programme  Special programme for student entrepreneurs to make the combination of study and running a business easier  First university in the Netherlands to run this programme  5-10 selected student entrepreneurs p/y Adriaan Buyserd & Hendrik Halbe about StEEP on BNR Nieuwsradio NUzakelijk about StEEP
  • 10. EducationMasterclass Entrepreneurship  Challenging top students to encounter society most prominent issues  Topic 2012: Chances of an aging society  Students learn to go from problem to business model  20-30 students from the Erasmus University, TU Delft and Leiden University and Universities of Applied Sciences in Rotterdam
  • 11. EducationCollegereeks voor Ondernemers  Open programme for ambitious entrepreneurs  Practical- and academic knowledge  10 Classes p/y on various subjects  60-80 particpants per class  Speakers Jan-Peter Balkenende, Harald Swinkels, Marcel Broersma, Michiel Muller, Kees Zegers etc.  Introduction movie collegereeks 2012-2013
  • 12. EducationCollegereeks part 3
  • 13. ResearchErasmus Research Institute of Management  Combined efforts of the Rotterdam School of Management & the Erasmus School of Economics in research  Research seminars to foster the exchange of knowledge
  • 14. ResearchGlobal University Entrepreneurial Spirit Students’Survey  Participation in the worldwide GUESS- Survey  Gives insight in effectiveness of educational programmes  Gives input for development of new programmes
  • 15. Startup supportStartup Campus  Three programmes from idea to a €1.000.000 turnover  Located at the Science Towers Marconiplein  On average 80-100 participants p/y  Collaboration between Erasmus MC and the Erasmus University
  • 16. Startup supportStartup Campus
  • 17. Startup supportFunding  Loans – Banks  Investments – Investeerdersclub Rotterdam  Crowdfunding  Proof of concept fund  Pre-seed  Alumni fund?