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  • International presentation dare to venture - Ghent University

    1. 1. Steve Stevens Business Developer / -Coach Dare to Venture - Ghent University
    2. 2. Welcome in Ghent!
    3. 3. Biggest student city of Belgium 68 000 students 250 000 inhabitants 156,18 km²
    4. 4. ‘The era of small ideas is over’
    5. 5. Ghent University helps student-entrepreneurs with the project ‘Dare to Venture’ and the special statute ‘Student Entrepreneur’
    6. 6. Mission Stimulate entrepreneurial awareness and -behavior among students and staff members Promote and facilitate student entrepreneurship Search, find and help student entrepreneurs in becoming more professional Link (alumni) student entrepreneurs with each other and academics/researchers Create an entrepreneurial ecosytem within the region of Flanders, starting in Ghent, with an open international orientation
    7. 7. “As a student you have nothing to lose, except for your bike.”
    8. 8. Founder ‘Dare to Venture’ Prof. Dr. Koen De Bosschere
    9. 9. How to stimulate entrepreneurship in our graduates through development of the curriculum Koen De Bosschere, Ghent University, Oct 31, 2012.
    10. 10. Knowledge creation Knowledge exploitation Knowledge acquisition ²
    11. 11. What is the best age to start a company? The younger, the better. You have to be clueless… Peter Magnusson Founder Virtutech “What your mother should have taught you about entrepreneurship”
    12. 12. A picture is worth a ... 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 Pascal Vyncke Dries Buytaert Toon Coppens Marc Coucke Larry Page Mark Zuckerberg Michael Dell Bill Gates Steve Jobs Samuel Walton Richard Branson Ingvar Kamprad UGent 30 000+ students Imagine that1% of 1% ...
    13. 13. “When I was in college, guys usually pretended they were in a band.... Now they pretend they are in a start-up.” The Economist March 2009
    14. 14. Two-phased approach Incubator of ideas Business development Tech transfer IWT IBBT Unizo Voka Vlerick management school Centrum voor ondernemen Education
    15. 15. Ambitious goal
    16. 16. Approach at three levels Students Professors UGent facilitates stimulate invest
    17. 17. Student-entrepreneur facilitates UGent
    18. 18. Criteria Statute • Students need to have obtained 60 credits in an academic study programme • Students need to have obtained credits for 50% of the courses of the year before • Students need to own a company of have the intention to create a commercial product or service within 12 months. The venture needs to be formalized, and it must have a growth perspective. • The proposal has to have the support of an academic mentor. • The statute is valid for one year.
    19. 19. Benefits special statute • Office/meeting space • Coaching • Support • ... Flexibility Facilities UGent Quality Label Visibility Network Student owns IP
    20. 20. 0 5 10 15 20 Pol&Soc Geneeskunde Bio-ir Farmacie Diegeneeskunde Wetenschappen Letteren Psychologie Rechten Economie Ingenieurswetenschappen Student-entrepreneurs 2011 & 2012 2011 2012
    21. 21. Student School Venture Glenn Bostoen Engineering Boston Apps Juan Gits Law break down the house Adriaan Thijs Economy break down the house Asger Deloof Social sciences break down the house Ebert Houttekier Social sciences break down the house Frederik Van Hecke Engineering Cluttr Tom Van de Meirssche Economy Cluttr Jelle De Laender Sciences CodingMammoth Sven Cornelis Engineering Cornelis ict Bavo Van Landeghem Arts De scriptorij Caroline Van den Hauwe Engineering Devign Annabel Declercq Psychology D-TEACH Lieselot Declercq Psychology D-TEACH Roeland Delrue Economy EcoRental Bram Vandewalle Engineering Endare Sander Goossens Engineering Endare Dieter Coen Medical EPOS Pieter Leus Medical EPOS Peter Van De Velde Arts Erasmus is Life Karel Dumon Engineering Essential Bookings Ward Verwaeren Law E-Troops Timothy De Ryck Psychology extra vert events Ward Diricks Economy Future Talents Michiel De Meulenaere Economy Gentbijles Jolien Coenraets Engineering G-FLUX Kenneth Saey Engineering G-FLUX Valerie Taerwe Engineering G-FLUX Wim Lingier Engineering G-FLUX Wouter Danneels Engineering G-FLUX Sven Bulterijs Sciences Heales Jeroen Van Loock Law Het bijlesbureau
    22. 22. Student School Venture Jochen Firey Engineering IVIPS Tom Coene Engineering IVIPS Tom Van Haute Engineering IVIPS Willem Dumon Engineering IVIPS Sam Van Eenoo Economy Mythhunt Ruben Verhack Engineering Ninetynine Jasper Van der Jeugt Engineering Niteowl Jens Panneel Engineering Niteowl Pïeterjan Scheir Economy PE Media Margot Gommers Law Phototour Jasmien Vander Beken Engineering Potenza Jeroen Dhondt Engineering Potenza Mathias De Loore Engineering RGBSCAPE Pieterjan Criel Engineering RGBSCAPE Willem Delbare Engineering RGBSCAPE Tom Craeynest Arts Laurens De la Marche Engineering SOS bijles Stijn de Puydt Arts studiebegeleiding Astrid Thienpont Economy studiebegeleiding Matthias Lelie Economy studiebegeleiding Stefaan Eeckloo Social sciences taalstages Lieven Tacq Economy TLA Productions Dominique Tudorowski Law Tudo, comm.v. Michaël Verdonck Economy Verdonck Wouter Devinck Engineering Vikingapps Laurens Naudts Law Voltron Matthias Naudts Law Voltron Thomas Blanckaert Law Voltron Jeroen Vandensteen Engineering yITa
    23. 23. Professors stimulate facilitates UGent • Dedicated courses in curriculum • Projects with commercial value • Master dissertations with commercial value • Mentoring, coaching, ... • ...
    24. 24. Ugent Approach... Intrapreneurship Technopreneurial courses Enterpreneurship Extracurricular activities Start in real economy
    25. 25. Barchelorproject Basicbusinessskills Introduction business administration 1st bachelor 2nd bachelor 3rd bachelor Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Bachelor Master Introductionto entrepreneurship Daretoventure Daretostart Venture factory... Engineering faculty
    26. 26. Entrepreneurial courses ba1 ba2 ba3 ma1 ma2 EC EC EC EC EC: entrepreneurial course TC: technopreneurial course TC TC TCEC TC TC
    27. 27. Intrapreneurship Learning outcomes for intrapreneurship I1 Perseverance I2 Self-knowledge I3 Cost awareness I4 Decisiveness I5 Independence I6 Focus on the future I7 Persuasion I8 Networking I9 Recognizing opportunities I10 Focus on the user/customer I11 Focus on sustainability I12 Focus on learning
    28. 28. Entrepreneurship Basicbusinessskills Introductionto enterpreneurship Daretoventrue Daretostart E1 Understanding the functional domains of an enterprise and their relation X E2 Understanding the skills needed in the different functional domains X E3 Understanding the different types of enterpreneurship (social, academic, growth oriented) X X E4 Knowing the history of enterpreneurship on a gobal scale X E5 Understanding the enterpreneurial process X E6 Knowing the human, financial and technological resources of an enterprise X X E7 Writing a business plan, and pitch it X X E8 Knowing how to start a company X X E9 Knowing how companies grow, and how to manage growth X X E10 Know the different types of companies and their requirements X E11 Understanding internationalization and globalization X
    29. 29. Entrepreneurial attitude Business skills Achiever Energy Ambition to start a business Ambition to grow Small business Enterprise Intrapreneurship Entrepreneurship Final objective...
    30. 30. Student-entrereneurship in Ghent
    31. 31. Organisation Students In coaching 35000 51 18000 30 13000 36 20 (9) Total 66000 117 Who we are?
    32. 32. Winnaar ‘De Ondernemers’ 2013
    33. 33. Filling in on the Star Wars promise!
    34. 34. BI3D @ V-ICT-OR Shopt IT Antwerp 2013
    35. 35. Thé Ghent student entrepreneur of the year Laurens Kinget – King Textiles (HoGent) Jeroen De Wit – Rgbscape (Artevelde) 2010 2012
    36. 36. International orientation
    37. 37. Barchelorproject Basicbusinessskills Introduction business administration 1st bachelor 2nd bachelor 3rd bachelor Sem 1 Sem 2 Sem 3 Bachelor Master Introductionto entrepreneurship Daretoventure Daretostart Venture factory... Engineering faculty
    38. 38. Virginia Tech Global Student Challenge Trophy
    39. 39. International Entrepreneurship Seminar
    40. 40. Concept international seminar • 5-7 day program • Workshops / role plays / theory / presentations • 5-7 countries • Full residential stay • April / May • 30 - 36 students, 4 - 8 facilitators • Nationalities completely spread over teams • Language = English • Entrepreneurial students (basic knowledge economics)
    41. 41. Participating Universities • University College Ghent, Belgium • University College Zuyd, The Netherlands • Université du Littoral côte d’opale, Duinkerke, France • Université de Lille, France • University of the Algarve, Portugal • Laurea University of Apllied Sciences, Finland • Jade University, Germany • Buckinghamshire, UK • Mälardalens University, Sweden • Technocampus Mataró, Spain • University of East London, UK • Ghent University, Belgium
    42. 42. IntEntSem 2014
    43. 43. Possible new project
    44. 44. ‘The era of small ideas is over’
    45. 45. The startup factory
    46. 46. 1. A Strong Pool of Tech Founders 2. Local Capital 3. Killer Events 4. Access to Great Universities 5. Motivated “Champions” 6. Local Press / Websites / Organizational Tools 7. Alumni Outreach 8. Wins 9. Recycled Capital 10. Second-Time Entrepreneurs 11. Ability To Attract a Pool of Engineers 12. Tent-pole Local Tech Companies
    47. 47.