What Do We Do About Climate Change? A Simple Three-step Plan


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Venture Capitalist and author of Addicted to Energy, Elton Sherwin recommends three policy changes to reduce emissions, create jobs and lower atmospheric concentrations of CO2. The video of the presentation is on YouTube at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7eyeGrSbFHM

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What Do We Do About Climate Change? A Simple Three-step Plan

  1. 1. What Do We Do About Climate Change? A Simple Three-step Plan EUEC Conference Phoenix January 30, 2012 Elton B. Sherwin Venture Capitalist Author of The Silicon Valley Way and Addicted to Energy These slides express the opinions of the author and Muir & Riggs Glaciers, Alaska have not been endorsed by any organization or government agency
  2. 2. Despite Efficiency Gains AndStronger Regulation, The World’sEmissions Of Greenhouse Gases Continue To Go Up
  3. 3. Will Anything Reverse This Trend? If we don’t do something, We will melt the North Pole Leave a different planet for our grandchildren
  4. 4. Venture Capitalist and Author of Addicted to EnergyOne of Most Common Questions I Am Asked What Should We Do About Climate Crisis? What Should America Do About Energy Security?
  5. 5. • Written as letter of advice to a young governor• Make over 70 policy recommendations• No one wants a 70-point plan
  6. 6. Here are the Big Three Get these right Protect planet Protect our children and their children Grow our economy
  7. 7. #1Simple, Universal, Gradually Increasing Carbon Tax
  8. 8. Gradually Increasing Carbon Tax• Give most proceeds back to taxpayers• Start with a modest pollution fee• Gradually increase
  9. 9. Big Economic BenefitsShifts burden of taxation from labor to pollution Good for American workers
  10. 10. #2Substitute Natural Gas for Coal and Oil
  11. 11. Convert Coal Fired Power Plants to Natural Gas Cut CO2 emission in half Dramatically reduce other polutants
  12. 12. Use Natural Gas in Many More VehiclesNatural Gas vs. Gasoline (US EPA):• Reduces carbon monoxide emissions over 90%• Reduces carbon dioxide emissions 25%• Reduces nitrogen oxide emissions 35%-60%• Emits fewer carcinogenic pollutants
  13. 13. Natural Gas is Cheaper than Gasoline or Diesel Professor Mark J. Perry
  14. 14. Use Natural Gas In All Fleet Vehicles That “Overnight In Place.”• Taxis• Buses• Local delivery trucks• Service vehicles and vans
  15. 15. Domestic Natural GasCreates more jobs than importing oil from Venezuela and Saudi Arabia
  16. 16. #3Benchmark and Disclose Energy Consumption of All Buildings
  17. 17. Buildings Are Responsible for 35% of US CO2 Emissions• Buildings are incredibly wasteful• Most coal is burned to generate electricity that is wasted in buildings
  18. 18. NY City and San Francisco Rating and Publishing ENERGY STAR Scores88 High = 100, Low = 1 97So simple, so inexpensive, so easy Law of the land
  19. 19. Benchmarking Buildings Creates Jobs• Local jobs• Hard to “offshore” a building retrofit 97
  20. 20. Well That Is ItA Three Point Plan in Three Minutes
  21. 21. This Is What We Need To Do• Cut foreign oil imports• Cut trade deficit• Protect the planet• Protect our children and grandchildren• Grow our economy• Create good paying jobs
  22. 22. Simple Plan1. Tax Carbon – Give most money back to taxpayers2. Switch to Clean Burning Domestic Natural Gas – Vehicles – Power plants3. Grade Buildings – Disclose how they are performing Image: flagwallpapers.com
  23. 23. Should We Do More?• Of course• Read my book...• I have a 70-point plan These are the Big Three
  24. 24. Sherwin Plan Big Three1. Tax Carbon – Give most money back to taxpayers2. Switch to Natural Gas – Vehicles – Power plants3. Grade Buildings – Publish the scores Image: mj-services.com
  25. 25. Contact information Elton B. Sherwin Sr. Managing Director Ridgewood Capital 540 Cowper St., Suite 201 Palo Alto, CA 94301 ESherwin@RidgewoodCapital.com www.EltonSherwin.comwww.slideshare.net/EltonSherwin