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SBDC Online Marketing Checkup - PPT
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SBDC Online Marketing Checkup - PPT


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A presentation on the basics of online marketing I gave to local business owners at the Arizona Small Business Development Center in August, 2009.

A presentation on the basics of online marketing I gave to local business owners at the Arizona Small Business Development Center in August, 2009.

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. PresentsOnline Marketing Check-uporHow to Stop Worrying andLearn to Love the InternetAugust 6, 2009
  • 2. Let’s Get Acquainted
    • Ed Tankersley
    • 3. President of Eight Trails
    • 4. Smarter websites and online marketing
    20+ years advertising and marketing
    Interactive director
    Creative director
  • 5. Now You
    How many B2B businesses?
    How many B2C businesses?
    Business size?
    How much online marketing?
  • 6. Online Marketing Check-Up
    Today’s agenda
  • 7. What Is Online Marketing?
    Marketing is promoting, distributing, and selling a product or service
    Online is anything you can do on the Internet
    Such as…
  • 8. Online Marketing
    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
    Paid Search
    AKA PPC or Pay-Per-Click
    Email Marketing
    Internet Display Ads
    AKA Banner Ads
    Social Media
    Your Website
  • 9. Internet is THE Place to Be
    More people have Internet connections than have cable TV
    105 million Americans are online at work every day
    92% of those have high-speed, broadband connections
  • 10. Two-Thirds of US is Online
  • 11. Online Marketing is Hot
    80% of advertisers include Internet in their marketing mix
    Online marketing spending increasing 20% each year
    By comparison, TV spending increasing 2.4% and print 3.3%
  • 12. Online Ad Spending
  • 13. Search Engine Optimization
    Make sure you’re found by those who want what you’ve got
  • 14. Search Engine Optimization
  • 15. Search Engine Optimization
    AKA SEO, Natural Search, Organic Search
    SEO is huge, because if someone is searching for your company, product, or service, they're already motivated
    Search is the second most common online task
    Hundreds of millions of searches each day
  • 16. Search Leads in ROI
  • 17. Search Engine Optimization
    How do you get to the top?
    Select good search terms (keywords)
    Integrate terms into key areas
    Build searchable web sites
    Keep your content fresh
    Get connected - Inbound links
    Measure your results
    SEO is a process
  • 18. Check-Up Question - SEO
    My website is optimized and I’m getting great ranking
    My website is optimized but I’m not on the first page of search results
    I’m not sure if my website is optimized
    Boy, I probably should get a website
  • 19. Paid Search
    The hottest advertising going
  • 20. Paid Search
  • 21. Paid Search
    Can have a very high ROI
  • 22. Paid Search
    Several varieties
    Content-based (Google, Facebook, and others)
    Your position (ranking) is based on your bid amount
    Tricky: Your bid amount is based on your quality score
  • 23. Paid Search
    Geotargeting – reach only visitors in specific cities, states, or regions
    Daypart – your ads appear when you think your target market will be searching
    Negative keywords – filter out irrelevant traffic
    Can get fast results
    Good for testing ad themes and headlines
  • 24. Paid Search
    Get yourself some professional help
    Most effective when monitored constantly
    Headlines, copy, and landing pages need to be carefully crafted
    Constant testing is a must to get the highest ROI
  • 25. Check-Up Question - PPC
    I make multiple dollars back for every PPC dollar I spend
    My pay-per-click is all pay and no pay-off
    I think I could make some money with PPC, but I haven’t tried it
    My customers won’t click on ads
    Boy, I should really get a website
  • 26. Email Marketing
    “Don’t call me spam!”
  • 27. Email Marketing
    Email is cheap
    Practically everybody with a pulse has it and reads it daily
    Done well, email will be welcomed by your customers and prospects
    Great at moving customers through purchase cycle
  • 28.
  • 29.
  • 30. Email Marketing
    Guidelines for email campaigns
    Simple design
    Minimal graphics
    Short and to the point
  • 31. Email Marketing
    Use an ESP (email service provider)
    CAN-SPAM compliance
    List management
    Automatic subscription and unsubscribe maintenance
    Advanced features
    Segmented lists
    Event triggers
    Split testing
  • 32. Check-Up Question - Email
    I have a large and growing subscriber list, and I email regularly
    I’ve sent some emails, but I don’t know what it did for me
    I’m spamming like crazy!
    I don’t know what I would say in an email
  • 33. Online Display Advertising
    Put your ads where your customers’ eyeballs are
  • 34. Online Display Advertising
    Can be targeted
  • 35. Banner Ads Can Be Targeted
  • 36. Online Display Ads
    Sizes and position
    Bigger is better
    Avoid cluttered sites
    Ads that are closer to content get more clicks
    Animation can increase action
  • 37. Place Banner Ads Close to Content
  • 38. Online Display Ads
    Media buying options
    Site direct
    Pricing models
    CPM (cost per thousand) = impressions
    CPC (cost per click) = behavior
    CPA (cost per action) = results
    This one needs a pro, too
  • 39. Check-Up Question
    Online display ads are an important part of my nutritious media mix
    My ads are in the local newspaper, right where they belong
    Geez, I really should get a website
  • 40. Social Media
    Stop talking about yourself and start conversing
  • 41. Social Media
    It's not just for teens anymore
    MySpace - still for teens, actually
    Facebook - explosive growth in adult market
    LinkedIn - professional connections
    Blogs - human voice for business
    Twitter - mini blog
    Flickr and YouTube - share images and videos
  • 42. Facebook is the King
  • 43. LinkedIn Targets Business Relationships
  • 44. Twitter for Work and Play
  • 45. Social Media
    The point of social media is to engage in conversations and build relationships
    Follow / link to people and companies that interest you
    Respond to notes – even the negative ones
    Have a human voice – share your interests and opinions
    Talk about and recommend others 5 times as often as you talk about yourself
  • 46. Social Media
    It’s still marketing
    Social media requires time and attention
    Have a goal – increasing awareness, driving sales, improving customer relations
    What makes you different? What’s your voice?
    Know your audience – are they Tweeters or are they LinkedIn, for example
    Understand how you will measure your efforts
  • 47. A Note About Blogs
    Blogs are easy to set up
    Hosted at or
    Integrate into your website
    You’re already talking about your business. Invite your customers into the conversation.
    Your customers are already talking about your business. Join in.
    Participate regularly - answer comments
    Join in other conversations, too
  • 48. Check-Up Question – Social Media
    I have a clear social media strategy and have lots of engaging conversation going on
    I’m tweeting, blogging, and posting photos and videos like crazy
    This is just for kids, right?
  • 49. Your Website
    Make your website pull its weight
  • 50. Your Website
    Your website is an expense – time and money
    It can pay for itself many times over, if…
    It’s findable
    It’s usable
    It’s designed and written to turn visitors into customers
  • 51. Your Website - Findability
    Search Optimization – make sure you’re found by those who want what you’ve got
    Keyword optimization
    Site structure
    Inbound links
  • 52.
  • 53. Want more about search optimization?
    Attend my Search Optimization seminar next month – details at the end
  • 54. Your Website - Usability
    Make your website work for the people who actually use it
    Who are your website’s most important users?
    What do they want? (Ask them!)
    Ask front-line employees (cashiers, customer service, tech support, sales)
  • 55. Your Website - Usability
    Important stuff first - Make your website an FAQ
    Every page should quickly answer three questions:
    What is this website about?
    What can I do here?
    What should I do next?
  • 56. Your Website - Conversion
    Conversion – turn visitors into customers
    Ask for the order
    Email signup
    Invitation on every page
    Contact form
    Live support
  • 57.
  • 58. Want more about making your website work harder?
    Attend my website optimization seminar in two weeks – details at the end
  • 59. Check-Up Question – My Website
    My website is my best salesperson
    I’ll need to get back to you – I haven’t looked at my website for a while
    My website is a disaster – Flash, frames, pictures of my dog
    Criminy! I really need to get a website!
  • 60. Upcoming Seminars
    Harnessing the White Elephant:
    Make Your Website Pull Its Weight
    Following my multi-point website checklist, we’ll discuss what makes a website effective for its visitors and what can make it work harder for you. Volunteers can offer up your websites for a live site review.
    August 20, 2009
    Are You Hiding from Customers?
    Tune-Up Your Site for Search Engines
    Overview of search engines and organicsearch, followed by a discussion of the top tactics for improving search visibility and search ranking, and concluding with a live review of a website.
    September 10, 2009
  • 61. Questions? Comments?
    Ed Tankersley