Strategic Enterprise Management Seminar


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How to link Corporate Business Strategy with Human Capital Management by integrating Balanced Scorecards and Performance Management to translate Vision and Mission into Objectives and Achievements and sustain Strategic Competitive Advantage!

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Strategic Enterprise Management Seminar

  1. 1. Experts of Choice! Strategic Enterprise Management How to link Corporate Business Strategy with Human Capital Management by integrating Balanced Scorecards and Performance Management to translate Vision and Mission into Objectives and Achievements and sustain Strategic Competitive Advantage! © EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC - All Rights Reserved Business Strategy Map (Sample) Profits Financial Revenue from Revenue from Revenue from Improved New Customer New Services Alliances Operating Efficiency Customers World Value Ongoing Expand Alliances Class Added Reliable Business Partnerships Company Services Support Prospects Processes Business Productivity Marketing & New/Ongoing Benchmarking Knowledge Development & Quality Relationship Business Best Practices Management and Branding Services Management Opportunities Enterprise Admin & Media & Due Talents & Training & ICT Finance Public Diligence Resources Reward Support Services Relations 18 © EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC - All Rights Reserved Managing Human Capital Talents Acquisition Human Capital Excellence Objectives Competencies 360° Feedback Contributions & Demonstrated Achievements Skills/Behaviors Performance Appraisals Performance Strengths & Ratings/Outcomes Weaknesses Reward Development 19 © EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC Strategic Enterprise Management Page: 1 of 6
  2. 2. Experts of Choice! Introduction Strategic Enterprise Management® is a unique one day seminar that introduces broad agenda on how to efficiently implement Corporate Business Strategies to leverage Human Capital contributions for the organizational effectiveness with comprehensive framework that integrates Objectives and Competencies with Performance Appraisal practices, Compensation, Incentives, Career Development, Succession Planning, and Talents Acquisition processes. The seminar introduces extensive information materials with comprehensive presentations of the unlimited advantages through efficiently using measurement-based business strategy model to achieve corporate business objectives by designing and implementing Balanced Scorecard (BSC) concept as Strategic Enterprise Management (SEM) Tool to identify and communicate Corporate Business Strategies and deploy strategy roadmaps with clear Matrix and specific Metrics and cascade business Objectives to effectively manage Human Capital. Value Proposition The seminar shall explain important strategic management concepts and provides critical tools needed to:  Clarify vision and mission and translate them into practical business strategies and corporate objectives;  Communicate, cascade, and link Strategic Objectives with specific performance measures;  Set performance targets, monitor, and align strategic initiatives and projects with business operations;  Enhance constructive performance feedbacks with proactive organizational development process. Key Features Key features in Strategic Enterprise Management are the following:  Focusing on the strategic management rather than the operational admin so that enterprise can dynamically update or modify it policies and procedures to sustain advantages in a competitive business environment.  Maintaining a very high-level of efficiency in the business processes and effectively employs the informed decisions based on the efficient and accurate information workflow and communication systems.  Maintaining, managing, and optimizing the skills and the knowledge-base of the human resources.  Identifying and evaluating activities that are part of the business processes on a continuous basis using value chain analysis or a process re-engineering initiative to improve strategic and operational decisions in the competitive enterprise.  Establishing appropriate relationships between the costs and activities so that the costs can be more precisely allocated to Business Development, Products, or Services. © EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC Strategic Enterprise Management Page: 2 of 6
  3. 3. Experts of Choice! Seminar Objectives This interactive and hands-on seminar shall help participants assess their corporate business strategy, develop an action plan for transformation and organizational development process, and learn from other Business Leaders, top Management Executives, and Line Managers. By the end of this seminar, Attendees shall:  Understand the importance of Strategic Planning with Balanced Scorecard concept and learn the best practice approach of Strategy Map’s design and processes.  Learn how to translate organization’s Vision, Mission, and Values into a clear Business Strategy Map with Performance Scorecards, Matrix and Metrics.  Learn how to cascade Corporate Business Objectives to “S.M.A.R.T” Individual Objectives with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).  Start-up integrated Talents Management programs.  Learn how to integrate Individual Objectives and Competencies with Reward, Career Development, Succession Planning, and Talents Acquisition processes.  Identify the best practices to implement strategic performance management framework and identify ways to improve existing performance management process.  Decide which performance appraisal techniques make sense for respective organization and compare experience with others.  Contribute to the corporate efficiency by reducing operational costs with the implementation of effective performance management initiatives.  Clarify the performance management myths and resolve misconceptions about the nature of performance appraisal practices and challenges.  Learn how irrational managerial behaviors can make a dramatically negative difference and consequently leads to serious adverse impact on the business prospects.  Diagnose the most difficult and elusive performance problems and be prepared to deal with factors that would distort performance appraisal results. Who Should Attend  Business Leaders and top Management Executives who are responsible of formulating and deploying business strategies and corporate objectives.  Investors/Entrepreneurs who are setting-up their Joint Ventures or in process of Mergers and Acquisitions.  Line Managers and Supervisors are responsible of implementing business strategies and cascading corporate objectives to evaluate performance.  Accounting and Finance Executives who are responsible of monitoring business strategy progress, assess adverse impact, and reporting financial outcomes.  HR Practitioners interfacing with business strategies and aspire to play strategic business partner role.  IT Experts who are involved in the applications development and automation technology solutions for interactive online workflows and Intranet portals.  Management Consultants involved in developing and implementing business strategies. © EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC Strategic Enterprise Management Page: 3 of 6
  4. 4. Experts of Choice! Seminar Topics The Seminar introduces comprehensive real-world topics which cover:  Overview of Organizational Strategy:  Vision, Mission, and Values  Business Strategy & Stakeholders  Introduction of Corporate Finance  Business Challenges and Corporate Problems  Business Evaluation, Due-Diligence, and Feasibility  Business Model Framework  Business Processes Model  Organizational Structure vs. Personnel Structure  Corporate Strategic Planning with Balanced Scorecard:  BSC Concept & Definitions  Objectives & Importance  Overall Framework (Strategy Map)  Perspectives & Synergies  Methodology of designing Strategy Map  Corporate Performance Metrics  Master Plan Worksheet  Cascading & Alignment  Deployment: Roles & Responsibilities  World-class methodology and best practices for establishing Competency Models, the cornerstone of effective Talents Management programs.  Managing Human Capital with world-class Strategic Performance Management (Integrated Model):  Talents Acquisition,  Objectives Management,  Competency Models,  Performance Appraisals,  Reward and Incentives,  Training & Career Development, and  Succession Planning.  Description of the fundamental areas of performance management framework for modern organizations by designing new Performance Management System:  Alignment with Corporate Business Strategy  Concept, Definitions, and Techniques  Problems! (Design, Practice, and Outcomes)  Pitfalls & Perceptions  Options & Goals and Key Design Principles  EDCOM Strategy and Change Management  Key Success Factors  Methodology (Input-Process-Output)  Strategic Leadership, Roles & Responsibilities  Performance Scorecard Template  Appraisal Errors and Appeal Procedures  Performance Distribution  Monitoring and Audit (Executive Reports and Impact Analysis) © EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC Strategic Enterprise Management Page: 4 of 6
  5. 5. Experts of Choice! Instructor’s Professional Bio Mr. Mohamad J. Samman is the Founder and Managing Partner of EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC and Managing Director of EMPOWER Research Center based in Doha, State of Qatar. Mr. Samman is Certified Professional in Global Human Resources Management (GPHR) with 20 years of hands-on experience and track-records of value-added achievements in the Strategic HR Management field. He graduated with Master’s Degree in Human Resources Management from The American University - Kogod School of Business in Washington D.C., USA and had attended extensive Training Programs on HR Management and Professional Development. Mohamad has broad experience in corporate HR management transformation and integration with IT solutions and ERP modules. His distinguished areas of expertise are mainly in the Organizational Development, Situational Analysis (SWOT & PESTLE), Business Continuity Planning and Risk Assessments, Communication & Change Management, Business Modeling and Process Reengineering, Policies & Procedures, Org Structure & Job Design, Local & Global Recruitment, Performance Management, Training & Career Development, Total Reward Administration, HR Audit, and Legal Compliance. Mohamad is high-caliber Business Partner whose prime objective is to proactively support Organization’s Vision and Mission by developing and implementing Value-added HR Services and Innovative Initiatives that are consistent with the Corporate Business Strategy. He applied his knowledge and expertise to help several Companies grow to their greatness by developing and implementing HR 76Programs that made significant contribution to the Corporate Business Intelligence, Efficiency, Productivity, Profitability, and Employees Development. His work experience involved major assignments at Real-estate Development Projects, Industrial Consulting, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Banking, and Telecom Corporations in the United States and Middle East where he coordinated the development, communication, and implementation of management strategies that were consistent with corporate business plans. His recent engagements involved the overall development and implementation of HR Management Infrastructure based on HR Vision, Mission, Strategies, Measures, and Master Plan, with a prime Leadership focus on the Talents Acquisition and Development Initiatives and other HR Management Practices that transformed employers to a strategy focused and performance driven organizations. Being seasoned corporate management strategist, he is now playing critical business partner role to support his Clients surviving economy crisis and recession challenges by developing and implementing a reform-driven management strategies with innovative restructuring initiatives. His senior-level executive experience in starting-up organization-wide management practices has primarily focused on leveraging human capital for corporate competitive advantage by implementing Balanced Scorecards, as a strategic enterprise management tool, and cutting-edge Talents Management Model to translate vision, mission, and business plans into attainable objectives and tangible achievements that contributes to the organizational effectiveness with comprehensive framework that integrates Key Performance Indicators and Competency Models with Performance Appraisals, Compensation, Incentives, Career Development, Succession Planning, and Talents Acquisition processes. Mohamad is the Founder and Executive Chairman of the HR Executives Club and Steering Committee Member of the HR Best Practice Group in Qatar; he is also Group’s Manager of the Management Consultants and EMPOWR Talents on LinkedIn. He is professional member of several international HR Management Associations and Societies and had participated as a Guest Speaker on strategic management topics and Panel Moderator of round-table discussions at local Conferences and global Forums and has been interviewed by Local and International Newspapers. As a professional Lecturer, he conducted many seminars on Strategic Enterprise Management and delivered training courses on Executive HR Management and other professional programs and seminars. © EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC Strategic Enterprise Management Page: 5 of 6
  6. 6. Experts of Choice! Schedule  Day: Saturday  Duration: One Day  Date: September 25, 2010  Time: 08:00 AM – 04:30 PM  Venue: Business Center  Location: Doha, Qatar This Seminar can also be delivered as in-house training program. Please contact us for details. Investment  Individual Fee: $ 900 USD per Individual Participant.  Group Discount: 10% for minimum Three Participants.  Corporate Discount: 20% for minimum Seven Participants. Total investment includes: Handouts, Information Materials, Lunch, and Refreshments. Important Note Seats are limited and registrations will be accepted on a first-come first-serve basis. E-mail of confirmation will be sent to the approved participants two weeks prior the actual start date of the seminar. Empower Management Consulting LLC reserves the ultimate right to cancel, postpone, or reschedule this seminar due to unforeseen circumstances or insufficient registrations. Seminar fees will be fully billed unless the registration is cancelled in advance by a written request at least one week prior to the confirmed start date, in this case, refunds will be processed after deducting (10%) administrative fees. If the registration has been confirmed and payment received but the participant couldn’t attend due to any reason, then a replacement would be admitted otherwise the entire course fees will be considered as non-refundable. Participants shall take care of their own Travel arrangements including Visit Visa, Hotel booking, and Transportation if needed. Participants requiring visit visa should directly contact the Hotel they wish to stay at to avoid delay since Visit Visa might take several days to process. Information & Registration Headquarter Office Syria Office Ms. Ola Al-Yafi Ms. Huda Al-Midani Phone (+974) 4411-7561 Phone (+963-11) 374-0850 P.O. Box 11537 - Doha, Qatar P.O. Box 4879 - Damascus, Syria © EMPOWER Management Consulting LLC Strategic Enterprise Management Page: 6 of 6