How do you run successful Sales Meetings?


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How do you run successful Sales Meetings?

  1. 1. TM Your room is waiting.Online Sales MeetingsA Better Way to Meet Prospects,Pitch Products & Strengthen Relationships iMeet for Sales |Your personal sales meeting room is waiting.
  2. 2. TM iMeet for Sales | Your personal sales meeting room is waiting.Getting to Yes (to Drive Growth) But in many ways the fundamental challenges remain the same. Getting the first meeting or phone call remains a hugeGETTING TO YES CAN STILL obstacle. Part of the problem is time. EvenBE A CHALLENGE prospects with real interest in productsSales. It’s where the rubber has always that can truly help their business havemet the road for business. Sales teams extremely tight schedules. Access is alsoare truly on the front lines – creating new an issue. Some potential clients are nearlyopportunities, breaking down barriers, impossible to contact in the first place.sparking growth. Their efforts can mean And then there’s the need to balance newthe difference between successful product and existing customer imperatives. In otherlaunches or market expansions, and words, how do companies find and attractdisappointing results. The same is true new customers as efficiently and cost-in terms of establishing new customer effectively as possible, while ensuring thatrelationships and strengthening existing the existing base remains satisfied to theones. The implication for companies across point of advocacy? Here again, the salesindustries is clear – successful businesses force has a huge – and hugely important –start with successful sales organizations. job to do.Managing sales forces is also critical Another element of sales that has remained– and more challenging than ever. the same – the need for a personal touch.Leadership teams must ensure their sales Whether you’re selling simple consumerrepresentatives are fully informed on the products or complex solutions to otherlatest product specifications and market businesses, the most rewarding clientintelligence. And they need to keep their relationships start with strong personalteams motivated, engaged and focused connections. Face-to-face communicationson the prize – even if “no” is the most are the foundation for strong ongoing clientcommon answer to requests for meetings relationships. There’s a reason so manyand first sales calls. sales reps know the best restaurants andMASTERING THE TECHNOLOGY are excellent golfers.EQUATION IN SALES Of course, fast-paced markets and tightIn the 21st century, technology has economic times have minimized therevolutionized sales practices. From practice of “wining and dining” product specifications and email Who’s got time for even a long lunch?communications to web-based product And expense accounts have shrunk to thepitches and fan pages on social media sites, vanishing point at many’s salespeople have more tools thanever. 2
  3. 3. TM iMeet for Sales | Your personal sales meeting room is waiting.Still, sales teams must keep in touch withclients and prospects. That’s why manysales organizations have turned to video How Sales Organizationsconferencing. This can be a highly effective Can Use Online Videoapproach to engaging targets or even Meeting Roomsfor enlivening regular sales meetings –provided the video conferencing systems » Offer new prospects an easy andwork effectively. But too often the systems convenient way to learn about yourare complex, costly and require big up- offerings – lowering barriers to entry andfront investments and lots of help from the getting over first hurdle.IT department. The natural next step formany companies is to move to online video » Keep in touch with existing clients andmeetings. A simpler, more cost-effective customers easily and non-intrusively –approach – like personal online video meeting smoothing ongoing communications.rooms – allows for sales teams to come » Connect remote sales teams and reps fortogether, collaborate and share information regular staff meetings – updating on newfrom the field. The most effective solutions offerings, recognizing success and sharingalso enable efficient, “no-hassle” connections market intelligence.with prospects and clients. » Conduct training sessions – onboardingWHAT YOUR MEETINGS AND TOOLS SAY new sales reps more quickly andABOUT YOUR COMPANY AND PRODUCTS supporting new product launches.There’s no doubt that business is undergoing a » Boost team collaboration – share tips,video revolution, and it’s not just about putting tricks and best practices.commercials up on YouTube or posting videobrochures on a website. “Videoconferencing » Personalize all internal meetings – ensuringRises Again” was the name of a 2008 leading participants stay engaged and focused.analyst report that highlighted the fullvariety of systems, from desktop tools to fulltelepresence solutions, and it continues tohighlight video as a “trend to watch. ” A recent report on enterprise videoIn the relatively recent past, video highlighted the specific role video canconferencing was something that happened play for sales teams. “From a salesmainly in the C-suite. Though up-front perspective, video can provide multipleinvestments were huge, there were also large forms of value, starting with salessavings on travel expenses. Today, however, training and preparation and progressingthe use of video meetings has taken off for all to the point of supporting complex andtypes of workers. remote sales opportunities. ” 3
  4. 4. TM iMeet for Sales | Your personal sales meeting room is waiting.For sales representatives with large THE VALUE OF PERSONAL CONNECTIONSterritories or accounts in distant locations, When companies empower their sales forcethe simple online video conversation with their own personal meeting room,saves time and money. It demonstrates they:that your company is forward-lookingwhen it comes to technology, but rightly » Shorten the overall sales cycle byfocused on communication, information lowering barriers to the all-importantsharing and the overall relationships. first meeting with prospectsBetter yet, it allows reps to be seen asproactive, responsive and always available » Gain clearer visibility into prospects’(even when they are on the road). All of overall likelihood to buy and specificthese factors can help keep even the most reactions to key messages, demos anddemanding clients satisfied, even those offerswho want to hear from their sales reps » Help reps connect to prospectsfrequently. And it gives your sales teams via social media and establish aa competitive edge. Who doesn’t want a conversation, laying the groundworkpowerful communications tool that the for long-lasting personal relationshipscompetition doesn’t have? » Show off your organization’s techIt’s also important to remember that as leadership, responsiveness andworkforce demographics change, online communication skillvideo becomes more of a standard.Employees from Generation X and Yexpect to communicate digitally and are In managing their entire organizations,just as relaxed in front of a webcam as in a sales management teams can:conference room. They are also comfortable » Reduce costs based on lower travelwith a less formal approach, and like to expenseshave a little fun in their meetings. Onlinevideo meetings can help senior sales » Share new product information andexecutives engage and build stronger demos seamlesslyteams with their Gen X and Gen Y traineesand new hires. » Promote collaboration among remote team members and on large accountsFor sales leaders, the equation often boilsdown to finding cost-effective and easily » Establish ongoing conversations andaccessible tools that anyone can use from mentoring in the sales forceany location, as opposed to expensive » Onboard and train new salespeoplevideoconferencing suites at central offices more quickly and efficientlythat must be scheduled well in advance. 4
  5. 5. TM iMeet for Sales | Your personal sales meeting room is waiting.Once sales organizations recognize the po-tential power of online video and personal What to Look for in Onlinemeeting rooms in engaging clients and pros- Meeting Technology?pects, demonstrating products and connect-ing to colleagues, the next step is to evaluate EASE OF USE: Ideally, a videoconferencingthe many options. There are a number and service should be as easy as making arange of criteria to consider in seeking the phone call or signing into a Website.right system and tools for the company’s AFFORDABILITY & RELIABILITY: Manyunique needs, objectives and organizational corporate video networks are costly,structure. As a recent report on enterprise complex and prone to technical suggested, companies should not Internet-based services largely avoid such“simply focus on technical standards” but issues.rather “on the characteristics that are mostrelevant to the business.” SIMPLICITY: Online meeting platforms typically distract users with too manyFor sales teams, those characteristics are features, clunky interfaces and requiredusually about simplicity, ease of use and the downloads. Look for technology that isability to seamlessly share information (see ready for everyone, focuses on the peoplesidebar on page 3). It’s important to remem- communicating, and allows sharing ofber that these systems must also be seam- simple content, like video demos, productless and simple for external users – including specs, price lists and social media links.important clients or new prospects – to use. PRIVACY: Salespeople should have a privateFrom the perspective of IT leaders, who will room or space to conduct interviews orinfluence these decisions (if not make them other meetings.directly), additional video solutions mustbe largely self-contained, with built-in sup- ALWAYS-ON AVAILABILITY: Becauseport and a generally small footprint. In other schedules are tight, look for tools thatwords, they cannot be disruptive to imple- eliminate arduous set-up and schedulingment, difficult to support or expensive to processes and enable spontaneousmaintain. On the other hand, they must also conversations and quick “drop-ins. ”be highly reliable and easily accessible. In-creasingly, these criteria are pointing toward SUPPORT FOR MULTIPLE USERS: This is anweb-based systems. excellent way to streamline and enhance regular sales meetings, training sessions and new product demos. MOBILITY: User-friendly mobile interfaces and seamless integration with smartphones, tablets and other handheld devices. 5
  6. 6. TM iMeet for Sales | Your personal sales meeting room is waiting.Welcome to iMeet®GREAT RELATIONSHIPS START WITHGREAT MEETINGSThe Proven Way for Sales Organizations to: » Engage and qualify prospects more quickly » Share key messages more effectively & demo products more persuasively » No difficult downloads or clunky » Build strong relationships from the first interfaces –all you need is a webcam interaction and a browser » Demonstrate technology leadership » Lose the clutter – iMeet is clean, simple and a personal touch and intuitive » Promote a cohesive culture across the » Your iMeet room is always ready, for aales organization formal presentations to new prospects or “drop-by” discussions with longtime clientsiMeet is as simple as a phone call, but muchmore enriching, powerful and fun. That’s » Individual rooms ensure privacy, butwhy we believe the world’s greatest sales are perfect for groups and full salesmeetings and product pitches happen team meetingsin iMeet.iMeet combines crystal clear, HD-likemultipoint video (up to 15 web camerassimultaneously turned on) in a virtual, “iMeet is refreshingly simplepersonal meeting room that’s perfect for and intuitive. Personalizedgroup sales meetings, product demos and rooms and social media makestrategy sessions. Designed for clarity meetings friendly. ”and instant access to anyone, it combinesthe best parts of conference calling, video Roopam Jainconferencing, and social networking – all Senior Analyst Frost & Sullivancleaned-up, simplified and ready for yoursales team. 6
  7. 7. TM iMeet for Sales | Your personal sales meeting room is waiting.MAKE YOUR MEETINGS MORE PERSONAL. SHOW YOUR STUFF TO PROSPECTS AND CLIENTSGet to know prospects and customers: » Launch demos and product videos – » Gauge reactions, interest levels and just click show buying intent » Share detailed product specs – features, » Ask questions and have real prices and benefits conversations » Link to friends, fans and user » Share your enthusiasm and tailor your communities pitch to specific client needs » Drive collaboration among remote team » Put a face with a name – and let them members do the same » Recognize successes and build team » Build trust and credibility by looking spirit them in the eye » Share best practices, market intelligence and tips » See who’s talking – and get to know your colleagues » Easy links to sales projections, strategic documents and new product information 7
  8. 8. TM iMeet for Sales | Your personal sales meeting room is waiting. IT REALLY IS ABOUT RELATIONSHIPS About iMeet With iMeet, sales professionals can talk with prospects more naturally, connect iMeet is a simple, elegant, wide-open space more personally, and demonstrate products where you can get together any time. It’s more effectively. Yes, this is how good your own personal meeting room where deals get done. But it’s also how the best you can see everyone and learn more about and strongest business relationships are them. Simply put, iMeet is the best parts formed and maintained over time. And of conference calling, video conferencing, when it comes to engaging the entire and social networking, all cleaned-up, sales organization, nothing beats the cost- simplified and ready for business. Our effectiveness and efficiency of iMeet for goal? Do away with soul-sucking meetings boosting teamwork and esprit de corps, and make get-togethers as enjoyable as sharing information and enhancing training. possible. After all, great things can happen And all without losing the personal touch when we’re all in the same room. iMeet is that’s a hallmark of high-performance sales the brainchild of PGi, a company who hosts teams. Now that’s a selling point! over 4 million meetings every month for businesses around the world, including 75% of the Fortune 100 (needless to say, our technology is rock solid). Thanks for reading and hope to see you around. iMeet comes to you from©2011 American Teleconferencing Services, Ltd. |PGi 8