Importance of Broadband to Business in Nebraska


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This presentation prepared for the Connecting Young Nebraskan's Conference in Seward NE. This topic is presented in the Digitally Connected Sessions.
It talks about the importance of Broadband. Reference to

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  • Today the topic is to convince you that broadband is important to business today and into the future!
  • The ability to connect with consumers, businesses and clientes anywhere in the world is a great advantage for rural businesses. It extends the potential market way beyond the traditional market.The ability to track your clientes, send special messages to your clientes and potential clientes also has increases the capacity to make new sales and develop new customer bases.The growth in sales has the potential to create new jobs.The management of the business using the latest technologies may save time and resources to be used for additional growth.These are a few arguments for keeping abreast of new technologies.
  • What happens when a community is innovative and supportive of new and existing businesses?Communities with great entrepreneurial support increase opportunities for young families.Parks, education, businesses, main streets remainThe pride for the community is echoed by it’s residents.
  • We just came off of a fantastic 3rd Annual Broadband Connecting Nebraska Conference in Kearney last week. After 2 ½ years serving as one of the regional broadband coaches, building a data base, gathering and compiling data, we have now have a tentative broadband plan for Nebraska that I want to give you an overview today.
  • Some of the things we learned through our research with broadband is thatThere is an overall lack of understanding of what broadband isTherefore, there is not a good idea of the potential broadband brings to a communityOnly a small percentage of rural businesses are using broadband in their business to make a profit
  • So what is your definition of broadband?Go to and respond to this poll.Broadband is a term that considers that you are:Close to a main fiber Internet connection.Can access a minimum of 10 MBps download and 2 MBps upload.It is basically high speed Internet.
  • The website is a portal of resources for communities and businesses. At the bottom you will see the website address. This website can help address the issues of how a business can gain from use of broadband and provide new knowledge on the benefits of using technology.
  • The newly completed drafts of the Regional Broadband Plans can be accessed from the site. I have left copies of the Southeast,Central Region and Northeast Regional Broadband Plans for you to pick up.Note that key elements of the plans have to do with accessibility in rural areas in agriculture and adaptation of broadband in rural community businesses.
  • We have also put together several videos that demonstrate how businesses have successfully used broadband to grow their business. Check some of them out.
  • We also continue to add success stories to the web site in order to help potential rural businesses get some ideas of how to incorporate new technologies and broadband into their business.
  • The Nebraska Public Service Commission is a major partner in the broadband effort in Nebraska. We have shared the link and process of taking a speed test all over the state to help us identify where there is broadband and where there isn’t. Of course, we all know that outside of village or town limits is where the largest deficit in broadband access is.Go ahead and check your download and upload speeds using this tool.
  • This Speed Test was taken from my home cable connection. Note the browsing or download speed. Makes it way more than is presently needed for viewing movies online. The more in the household, of course, the greater the demand.On the other hand, if I was really wanting to share a lot of video’s via email or uploading to a server, it would be quite slow.
  • On the other hand, at my place of work, I have almost equal download and upload speeds, thus sending large data files is much much faster.If a business has a large data base, customer data base, product base with images or is starting to create video to enhance their business, this type of broadband would be very helpful.
  • Just released at the Broadband Conference last week is a new mobile app called mobilepulse (all one word)that we are encouraging mobile device users to download. Data collected will now help identify the broadband capabilitiesand accessibility of cell data at any geographical location in the state. This data will be used to help strengthen broadband access with mobile devices.
  • The example shown here demonstrates the download and upload data collected from the mobilepulse app. If the app is left to run on your phone, it will randomly run a test and submit to the overall Nebraska Pubilic Service Commission broadband map. The app does not drain your battery and only takes up to 100 mbs of space.
  • If you own or work in a business, I’d highly encourage you to complete the FREE Business Assessment Survey at your earliest convenience. If you complete the survey, or those parts that fit your business, you will receive a SCORECARD that will share where your digital strengths presently are and what aspects of technology you could gain more from.
  • (Strategic Networks Group)SNG research reveals that more than 1 in 5 new jobs (22.4%) is directly attributed to broadband and the use of e-solutions.An October 2010 figure from North Carolina Broadband.
  • As with every new innovation, the rate of technology adoption follows the same curve with innovators to the early majority and beyond. But now as change happens so quickly, businesses need to be on board with the latest technologies that will make them money. A key to being sustainable in the future.
  • The goal of each Nebraska business should include high quality technology and well trained employees.
  • The higher the DEi (Digital Economy Index) the greater the average annual revenues and the greater the average annual cost savings.Business that make greater use of esolutions:Generate higher revenuesAchieve greater cost savings
  • This is an example of a portion of the Dei (Digital Economy Index) Impact Calculator and Scorecard.In the bottom table we note that a new benefit of developing better supplier communication and coordination made a significant difference in cost saving, thus raising the DEi.
  • The DEi Calculator will help businesses take action byLearning about the potential resources available to themChoosing the right tactics based on the Scorecard and online DEi CalculatorDevelop a technology plan for the business.
  • In 2014 we plan to hold several Broadband Technology Fairs across Nebraska. We hope you will help us encourage people from your communities to participate at one of these. We will be emphasizing several technology solutions for businesses to learn about, and also hope to target businesses who have opted to work with a business coach on there business scorecard. Watch for more on our website.
  • Today the topic is to convince you that broadband is important to business today and into the future!
  • Importance of Broadband to Business in Nebraska

    1. 1. How Important is Broadband to Business? Dennis Kahl UNL Extension Educator Seward, NE
    2. 2. Reasons why broadband is important to rural businesses • • • • Social networks extend potential markets Track and communicate with clients Business growth creates new jobs Technology in management saves time and resources
    3. 3. What happens when a community is innovative and supportive of new and existing businesses? • Young people are attracted • Community resources such as recreation, education, businesses and organizations continue to thrive • Community pride
    4. 4. Findings • Very few people could define broadband • Don’t realize the potential of broadband • Small percentage of businesses using broadband
    5. 5. With your phone, please go to: – and answer this question please.
    6. 6.
    7. 7.
    8. 8.
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    10. 10.
    11. 11. • Download – Browsing – Searching • Upload – Email attachment – Data sharing Average in NE • Download – 3-5 Megabytes/second • Upload - .5-1 Megabytes/second
    12. 12. In Work Environment
    13. 13. NEW App for Mobile Devices • Wireless broadband performance metrics, mapping, and analytics – Find at your phone’s App Store – mobilepulse • Takes only 100 megabytes of space • Does not wear down battery • Randomly pulls broadband data if left on or running
    14. 14. Here’s example data being collected. This data comes from a 3G iPhone. If you have a 4LTE you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the difference. 4LTE is actually better than the average home Internet connection.
    15. 15. SNG research reveals that more than 1 in 5 new jobs (22.4%) is directly attributed to broadband and the use of e-solutions.
    16. 16. DEi (Digital Economy Index)
    17. 17. Here’s one way to learn more about the potential for broadband Take a few home to your community.
    18. 18. Thank You! Dennis Kahl UNL Extension Educator Seward, NE