Is your not-for-profit NBN ready? - Allison Miller


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Is your not-for-profit NBN ready? - Allison Miller

  1. 1. your Not-for-Profit BusinessNBN ready?Allison MillerDirector & Principal Consultant
  2. 2. What is the NBN?
  3. 3. Image: NBN in Plain English - Broadband Network= NBN• High speed internet• Faster than we can imagine• Changing the landscape -• Not just with digital fibrebut with digitalopportunitiesKey enabler for many economic, social, technological andenvironmental developments (Bowles, 2011)
  4. 4. Super-fast internetfrom 100 megabits per second to apeak speed of one gigabit per second*National Broadband Network = NBN* NBN Co Ltd, 2010, Corporate Plan
  5. 5. NBN explainedVideo -
  6. 6. Internet is already a game changerBroken BusinessModels:- Music Industry,publishing, mediaFrom Push to PullFrom one to many tomany to manyNew ways of working:- Collaborative/Co-optition- Open, personalised- Give to get (FB, TW, Gmail)The new digital economywill have an impact on allAustralian industries andwill require every business,community organisationand governmentdepartmentto be NBN-ready(Bowles, 2011)
  7. 7. What does doingbusiness in a digitaleconomy look like?
  8. 8. Digital Presence:• Website – DIY, free/paid,self-hosted• Social media - Facebook,Twitter, YouTube, Google+Pinterest etc• Online Ads - Google,Facebook, LinkedIn• QR codes & AugmentedReality - AurasmaGetting your NFP business ready for the NBNImage: QR-ing it Everywhere - Make up - - Aurasma -
  9. 9. Digital Presence:• Search EngineOptimisation (SEO) - Tags,Keywords, Meta-data• Google Analytics• Google AlertsGetting your NFP business ready for the NBNImage: Google Main Search -
  10. 10. Digital Customer Support:• Apps• Real time support• Google+ Hangouts & SkypeGetting your NFP business ready for the NBNImage: Online Support -
  11. 11. Image: Tada! - - Maker-Bot - Adelaide Mini-Maker Faire - Marketplace:• Digitalisation ofproducts/services - 3D printing,eBooks, iTunes• Booking online - AusPostPassports, Qld Hairdresser, Doctor’sSurgery, Eventbrite• Reminding customers – SMS• Digital reporting – mobile deviceforms, interactive PDFs, live electronicsignaturesGetting your NFP business ready for the NBN
  12. 12. Digital finance:• Online stores /Payments-eCommerce, PayPal, eBay• Mobile phone payments –CommBank’s Ka-ching, PayPalHere• Crowd sourcing finances –KickStarters, micro-loans, peer-to-peer lendingGetting your NFP business ready for the NBNImage: PayPal -
  13. 13. Digital Infrastructure:• ‘Cloud’ storage - Software as aservice (SaaS), Dropbox, Evernote• Mobile devices and BYODs• Virtual servers and desktopsGetting your NFP business ready for the NBNImage: What Type of Cloud?: Private, Public or+Hybrid? -
  14. 14. Digital Infrastructure:• Open source vs proprietary• Interoperability• Web accessibility• User interface & experienceGetting your NFP business ready for the NBNImage: Interopérabilité @ J&Bisc family -
  15. 15. Image: Global Player - Policies/Legal considerations:• HR• ICT• IP/Copyright/CreativeCommons• Digital sovereignty• Moral rights• Spam• Privacy• Social mediaGetting your NFP business ready for the NBN
  16. 16. Are you and/or yourstaff/volunteers NBNready?
  17. 17. Image: NBN Rollout Map - order for Australia to fully leverage theeconomic, social and environmental benefits ofthe NBN, every Australian will need to improvetheir information and communicationtechnology (ICT) skills (Bowles, 2011)
  18. 18. Digital Workforce/Support:• digital literacy• HR policies• tele-work• micro-workGetting your NFP business ready for the NBNImage: Morning Shopping -“NBN-enabled telework may create 25,000 additional jobs in full-time equivalent terms by 2020-21. Around 10,000 of these jobs willbe created in regional Australia”NBN enabled telework: The economic and social impact on labour force participation, March 2013
  19. 19. Implementing andevaluating for digitalsuccess
  20. 20. Image: Dive off! - an eBusiness Strategy/ActionPlan:• Link to Business Plan/StrategicGoals• Input from stakeholders• Communicate to stakeholders• Resourcing• Risk management• Benchmarking - data analytics• Monitoring and review triggers• EvaluateDevelop a digital roadmap
  21. 21. Image: Gary Hamel: Open source is one of+the+greatest+management+innovations+of+the+21st+century - a culture ofinnovation:• PD• Performance Plans• Collaborative learning andrewards• Room to make mistakes andtest new ideas• Workforce development planDevelop a digital roadmap
  22. 22. What digital strategy willyou investigate further?
  23. 23. Want to know more?DBCDE’s Digital Enterprise Program:to find a program nearest
  24. 24. Want to know more?National NBN-enabled Digital Economy Forum30 July 2013Face-to-Face & Online:#nbndigito find
  25. 25. Want to know more?Register for eUpdates: on:Twitter - - - - -
  26. 26. this presentation
  27. 27. Miller0400 732