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Why video

  1. 1. Why Video? by David Kocol DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  2. 2. Video is Effective, because it: Appeals to our Emotions Both Technical and Artistic Appeals to all types of learners (visual, auditory, and kinesthetic)  Both Passive and Active (watch and engage) DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  3. 3. The Purpose of Video The Purpose of a Video's Content leads to the Desired Result (purchase, lead, inquiry) because Video leads to Emotional Reaction, which leads to Action, which yields the Desired Result DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  4. 4. The Purpose of Video is Engagement DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  5. 5. Emotions that Engage: Enjoyment Helpful In the know Surprise Fear Trust Understanding Conflict DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  6. 6. Emotions Created by Video Enjoyment Humor, fun, escape, entertainment, and more Old Spice “I’m on a horse” Disney commercials Disney World, Cruises “World’s Smartest Man” - Dos Equis “Flo” from Progressive DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  7. 7. Emotions Created by Video Helpful Useful, educational, problem-solving, etc. Home Depot Menards Lowes The Smithsonian Channel DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  8. 8. Emotions Created by Video In The Know First to know, on the inside, in the know, etc. Angie’s List Hollywood shorts (Entertainment Tonight) “What You Need To Know” Emergencies E-Trade 60 Minutes DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  9. 9. Emotions Created by Video Surprise Shock value, unexpected, unique perspective Anything Honey Boo Boo Lottery Drawings Anything Lady Gaga Memorable Sporting Events Some Comedy DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  10. 10. Emotions Created by Video Fear Warning, investigative, being prepared, etc. The Weather Channel Personal Finance Clips – Suzy Orman Scope commercials Allstate’s Mayhem spots DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  11. 11. Emotions Created by Video Trust Safety, reliability, honesty, integrity, etc. We’re the … you can trust FedEx – when it positively…. Banks Doctors Michelin Tires DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  12. 12. Emotions Created by Video Understanding Belonging, empathy, crusade, etc. Harley Davidson - product or brand Green Bay Packers – sports teams Patriotic/Patriotism/Nationalism DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  13. 13. Emotions Created by Video Conflict Debate, discussion, point/counterpoint, etc. Politics NRA ALCU PETA DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  14. 14. Psychological Reasons Video Works Faces Voice Emotions Movement DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  15. 15. Psychological Reasons: Face  A face that is speaking grabs our attention because that is how we are programmed.  Scrolling text does not capture our interest, but a speaking face does. DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  16. 16. Psychological Reasons: Voice  Hearing a voice that is speaking to us keeps our attention. It also serves as a way to deliver a message, with emotion, that transforms plain text into audio content. DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  17. 17. Psychological Reasons: Emotions  Posting a message in a video also brings along the added advantage of spreading the excitement.  We can exhibit body language and emotion through video that we may miss when reading text. DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  18. 18. Psychological Reasons: Movement Movement on the screen keeps us engaged. By keeping our attention, it allows the viewer to receive the emotion in the message, stimulating the viewers and help them to stay excited. DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  19. 19. Ideas for your Business Video USP Unique Selling Proposition Features or Key points Spotlighted History (how you got to where you are) Show a process, demystify (factory tour) Your Uniqueness (What makes you stand out?) Core Value or Values DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  20. 20. More Ideas for your Business Video Product Demos Customer Submitted Video Hints or Tips (Kinks and Hacks) Showcase of your Customer’s successes Frequently Asked Questions Testimonials DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  21. 21. If you need my help  If you need some help planning your first video, I am happy to consult over the phone.  I can also do a one on one webinar type session that can help you start. DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  22. 22. Please call or e-mail with any questions. dkocol@usa.net www.DavidKocol.com 414-265-6783 DavidKocol.com 414-265-
  23. 23. This presentation can be found at: www.slideshare.net/DavidKocol/ and www.DavidKocol.com/downloads DavidKocol.com 414-265-