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Web ready devon 2013 full flyer

  1. 1. Green F ingers! Our Food! will be able Soon all of our diners H Life ISS Education has achieved the Bronze Foo 18T H ! to find out how to get growing d for ING COM N... RC Blue Peter Catering Mark for our school menus in Devon. in the garden with This SOO MA Gardener, Chris Collins! guarantees that our food meets the following stan dards: become increasingly • All of our eggs are free range iation, ISS Education has Since working with the Soil Assoc lp them to are eating. We want to he keen to educate pupils on the food they their food comes from and to encourage • Our meat is Farm Assured understand where D evon Our yogurts are organic s! the field to fork proces them to get involved in F ingers comes in! Each day tion where ebrate • We only use sustainable MSC fish we will cel That’s where Green the golden ticket’ competi redients • Our menus contain seasonal ing with a ‘find a different vegetable along n a school visit from P rimary Schools books on growing, and eve pr izes include seed gardens, ment guidelines Blue Peter gardener, Chris Collins! to see! Pupils will • All of our menus meet govern ticket, there’s plenty more For those who don’t find a golden et Garden where the y can watch the • No salt is added to our meals be able to access the online Secr secret garden from • ! Children can unlock the Green Fin gers vegetables in action .co.uk This recognises that we are serving fresh food you can trust! Find out thegardengrows by contacting us th by visiting: w w w.how more about the Food for Life Catering Mark March the 18 or by visiting: www.soilassociation.org/c ateringmark Spring/Summer Lunch Menu 2013 Lunches you can trust. Yeo Valley: What,s behi At ISS Facility Services Education nd the pot? Nutrition rnment’s food and nutrient-based All of our menus comply with the gove ld menus to ensure an average lunch shou we are dedicated to serving standards. We analyse every one of our approximately one fresh food which you can trust. l daily energy and Yeo Valley – a family run dairy tha provide a child with 30% of their tota tion on school food t supplies third of their daily nutrient requirement. For more informa our organic yogurts – has been do standards please visit: www.schoolfo odtrust.org.uk ing great taste the right way in Somerset for over 50 We have been working with the Soil s 3 maincocoursenying years. Association to achieve the Food for Life d ac mpas anrbohydrate But it’s not just taste that makes Yeo ca Bronze Catering Mark for our menus r Valley yogurts so Ounches 2 vegetable options special: it’s also because they are 100 % ‘Yeoganic’. in Devon.This guarantees that we are serving lu clude a Yeoganic is Yeo Valley’s way of going the extra country mile to look after school lunches which are healthy, freshly in oice of... Up to 6 salad choices the land, their animals and people aro und them. prepared and sustainably sourced, ch Wesh, meatyor whidtebread hole l Yeoganic is about nurturing the land as well as delicious! and nature. That means taking fr crus bake great care of the top six inches of soil - the foundations of all life on Ald lectiontsof hot and earth – on their 1,200 acre organic farm se - and Get in touch to find out more! We are co desser ensuring their herd of 420 pedigree Brit Friesian cows are happy, of course! ish always delighted to hear any questions or suggestions which you might have. It also means supporting other British Special Diets and Allergies If your child has a specific dietary need for a medical reason we are delighted farmers. Every week more and more family You can contact us by: your child to have a school lunch, a to provide for them. If you would like from your school’s reception. dairy farms are forced to close down. medical dietary request form is available Small family dairy farms deserve to be around Phone : 0845 057 6467 Meal Prices & Free School Meals . If forever so Yeo Valley supports hundre E-mail : helloisseducation@uk.issworld.com if you are in receipt of certain benefits You may qualify for free school meals se contact your school. ds you would like more information, plea of them by buying their milk through a cooperative of organic dairy farmers Online Payments with Cypad . our online payment system, Cypad, you If your child’s school has opted to use They’ve even got the Soil Association www.feedinghungryminds.co.uk ol meals online. For more information ’s t us Visi ... will be able to pay for your child’s scho visit: www.feedinghungrymi nds.co.uk/online-payments ethical trade mark to show that everyo ne at who they work with, particularly Have Your Say! s rove our service. If you have any idea farmers, gets a fair price. We are always looking for ways to imp or feedback, please do contact us!Devon 3 CH 3 WK.indd 1 04/02/2013 14:26:47
  2. 2. Devon Menu - Spring / Summer 2013 Week One Monday Tuesday Wednesday T hursday Friday Meat or Fish Option Sausage served with Mashed Potato & Gravy Lasagne served with Garlic Bread Chicken & Mushroom Pie with Roast or New Potatoes & Gravy Beef & Chicken Pizza or Cheese & Tomato Pizza Fish Fingers served with Chips Vegetarian Option Vegetable Lasagne served with Fresh Chunky Bread Vegetable Korma served with Rice Vegetable Roast served with Roast or New Potatoes Quorn & Summer Vegetable Pasta Vegetable Burger served with Chips Jacket Potato Option Jacket Potato topped with Quorn Chilli Jacket Potato topped with Tuna Mayonnaise Jacket Potato topped with Beans Jacket Potato topped with Vegetable Curry Jacket Potato topped with Bolognaise Vegetables Peas & Carrots Sweetcorn & Roasted Vegetables Carrots & Broccoli Sweetcorn & Mixed Salad Peas & Baked Beans Dessert of the Day Orange Shortbread Jelly served with Ice Cream Pineapple Upside Down Cake served with Custard Chocolate Brownie Oat & Apple Cookie Dates Week commencing 25th Feb - 18th March - 15th April - 6th May - 3rd June - 24th June - 15th July Week Two Monday Tuesday Wednesday T hursday Friday Meat or Fish Option Sticky Chicken Wrap Roast Beef served with Roast or Cheese & Ham Pizza or Battered Fish Fusilli Bolognaise served with Rice New Potatoes & Gravy Cheese & Tomato Pizza served with Chips Vegetarian Option Quorn & Vegetable Wrap Cauliflower & Broccoli Cheese Cheese, Spinach & Tomato Quiche Cheese & Potato Pie Tomato & Pepper Pasta served with Rice served with Roast or New Potatoes served with New Potatoes Jacket Potato Option Jacket Potato Jacket Potato topped Jacket Potato Jacket Potato topped Jacket Potato topped with Beans with Ratatouille topped with Tuna with Vegetable Curry topped with Quorn Bolognaise Vegetables Carrots & Sweetcorn Peas & Fresh Mixed Salad Green Beans & Carrots Sweetcorn & Broccoli Peas & Baked Beans Dessert of the Day Pear & Ginger Sponge Parsnip & Marmalade Cake Apple Crumble Chocolate & Orange Sponge Oat & Raisin Biscuit served with Custard served with Custard served with Custard served with Chocolate Custard Dates Week commencing 4th March - 25th March - 22nd April - 13th May - 10th June - 1st July - 22nd July Week T hree Monday Tuesday Wednesday T hursday Friday Meat or Fish Option Chicken Curry served with Rice Cottage Pie Roast Turkey served with Roast or New Potatoes & Onion Gravy Chicken Tikka Pizza or Vegetable Pizza Fish Fingers served with Chunky Chips Vegetarian Option Salmon Quiche served Vegetable Stew Roast Vegetable & Cheese & Tomato Pinwheel Macaroni Cheese with New Potatoes served with Rice Chickpea Cous Cous served with Chunky Chips Jacket Potato Option Jacket Potato Jacket Potato topped Jacket Potato Jacket Potato topped Jacket Potato topped with Cheese with Quorn Chilli topped with Beans with Vegetable Curry topped with Ratatouille Vegetables Peas & Spinach Sweetcorn & Green Beans Curly Kale & Carrots Sweetcorn & Mixed Salad Peas & Baked Beans Dessert of the Day Apple Cake Squash Sponge served Chocolate Muffin Cake Rice Pudding Fruity Biscuit served with Custard with Yogurt Topping served with Custard Dates Week commencing 11th March - 29th April - 20th May - 17th June - 8th July r available The following are available daily: g wate Chilled drinkin Freshly prepared salad bar containing 4-6 choices Yeo Valley ted into te is incorpora (minimum of 3 with no dressing) Organic Yogurts! T he carbohydra less otherwise stated Organic fresh white & wholemeal crusty bread un the whole dish Selection of seasonal fresh fruitDevon 3 CH 3 WK.indd 2 04/02/2013 14:27:34