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DLP Music Development Plan


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DLP Music Development Plan

  1. 1. DRAFT DLP Music Development Plan 2011 - 12 Looking for Support Step 1. Consider School feedback from Pre Area Review Offering Leadership or collaboration DLP Schools Collaborative Self Evaluation Framework (source: Area Review 2011)Source Date Agreed Shared Development Priorities Cockwood DCC Exminster Gatehouse Kenn Kenton Oaklands Ratcliffe Starcross Westcliff The DLP SEF is based on three stages thatPre Area Review 31/5/11 After school music teachers on site influence how well we perform as a partnership of schools.Pre Area Review 31/5/11 Peripatetic music teachersPre Area Review 31/5/11 Enabling each child to learn an instrument throughout year 1.The development priorities of each individualPre Area Review 31/5/11 Access to ICT support for music school (source; individual school SEF and SDP)Pre Area Review 31/5/11 Whole school productions (dance, drama, music, art) 2. Agreement on which priorities can be addressedPre Area Review 31/5/11 Boys singing KS2 Choir, Wind Band through collaboration. (source; agreement byPre Area Review 31/5/11 Collaborative performances schools)Pre Area Review 31/5/11 Support for large projects 3. Effective collaboration by Action Groups toPre Area Review 31/5/11 Music Room availability address those shared priorities.Pre Area Review 31/5/11 Music funding in school Choir, Wind Band Step 2. Consider other useful information that indicates areas where school improvement is needed School Performance: Other Useful dataSource Date Description To suggest further links to useful data email Cockwood DCC Exminster Gatehouse Kenn Kenton Oaklands Ratcliffe Starcross Westcliff david.dlp@me.comSchool websites Current Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link LinkDfE Performance Tables 2010 Link Link Link Link Link Link Link LinkOfsted Reports Current Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link Link LinkDevon County Council Current Link page for several key Education Statistics Step 3. Prepare DLP Music ACTION Plan Step 4. Each action group member representative to identify direct impact on their school improvement plan DLP Development Plan. MusicDLP Theme: Learning. Action Group: Music Link to each schools development plans Evidence of achievement The DLP MusicAims and Actions Date by Success Criteria Cockwood DCC Exminster Gatehouse Kenn Kenton Oaklands Ratcliffe Starcross Westcliff ACTION Plan is based on the DLP SEF.1. Expand DLP IVT Program beyond First Access.Actions. It is agreed between the DLP Executive and individual DLP Action Groups.2. Establish mechanisms for progression from Wider Opps toNext Steps. (KS2 to KS3) Examples only It is delivered by theActions. individual Action Group responsible for that activity. Step 5. Prepare and manage DLP Music Development Plan Budget Examples only DLP Music Actual Spending 2011 -12 DLP Music Planned Spending 2011 -12 Planned Expenditure Actual Expenditure ITEM Actual ExpenditureITEM Planned Expenditure Meetings 3,758.84Meetings 3,758.84 DLP Admin 450DLP Admin 450 Repairs 3100Repairs 3100 Performance Planning Sub GroupPerformance Planning Sub Group Repairs ProjectProject 42% 42% TransitionTransition Meetings Additional equipment 51%Additional equipment 51% 0 7,308.84 0 7,308.84 DLP Admin 6% 6% Other useful information Press Releases and other Media coverage DLP Website Posts Music Action Group Contacts Date Image Link to item Date and Link Image Link to item First Last Name School Name Helen Brayley Starcross Primary Jan Brown DLP David Carr DLP Angie Lunn Kenton Primary 14/11/2010 Facebook Item 14/11/2010 DLP Website Ian Moore (Chair) Exminster Primary Yvonne Mugford Westcliff Primary Frances Pucknell Oaklands Park Examples only Amanda Somerwill Kenton Primary Ben van Weede Devon LDP Music Service Jon Waterworth Dawlish Community College 09/07/2010 Oaklands Park Newsletter 27/05/2011 DLP Website