La Prima Catering Menu 2011


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This is our brand new catering menu, items will be available as of next week. This menu will replace the brown catering menu. Let me know what your thoughts.

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La Prima Catering Menu 2011

  1. 1. our kitchen locations Are you plAnning A corporAte breAkfAst, lunch or dinner meeting? do you hAve A sociAl event you would like to hAve cAtered? contAct your neArest lA primA cAtering kitchen. our cAtering AssociAtes would love to speAk with you. Virginia Philadelphia AlexAndriA willow grove 423 calvert Ave. serving princeton nJ to wilmington de phone: 703.519.6940 735 york rd. fax: 703.519.6945 phone: fax: 215.830.8556 fAirfAx 8424-A lee hwy. Maryland phone: 703.204.0191 columbiA fax: 703.204.0192 10983 guilford rd. phone: 301.953.2484 fax: 301.953.1908 herndon 485 spring park pl., suite 450 phone: 703.904.1896 montgomery And fax: 703.904.1899 prince georges phone: 301.588.2377 fax: 301.441.2638 tysons corner 1751 pinnacle drive phone: 703.506.0900 AnnApolis fax: 703.506.2935 phone: 301.953.2484 fax: 301.953.1908 Washington, D.C. phone: 202.783.1001 northern montgomery fax: 202.783.8988 And frederick counties phone: 301.639.7637 fax: 301.441.2638 Corporate Headquarters la prima food group 5105 berwyn road, suite 101 catering menu college park, md 20740 phone: 301.220.1001 fax: 301.220.4489 home & office order online order online
  2. 2. welcome!thAnk you for choosing lA primA cAtering, where we’ve been serving the needs of our customers since 1987. known for our food quAlity And exceptionAl service, lA primA cAtering offers delicious, heAlthy food using fresh, nAturAlingredients in All our recipes. our contemporAry menu emphAsizes imAginAtion breakfast And style, And our unsurpAssed service is fAst And flexible. we AppreciAte the opportunity to serve you And your guests. enJoy! Assorted Pastry Buffet A selection of breAkfAst pAstries including croissAnts, muffins, donuts, dAnish Contents And breAkfAst breAds offered with butter And JAm breAkfAst 3 $3.99 per person, $5.29 per person with bAgels And creAm cheese sAndwiches 6 sAlAds & side dishes 8 Premium Breakfast Assortment soups & hot dishes 9 house mAde Almond croissAnts, chocolAte sour creAm coffee cAke, rAisin entrée plAtters And entrée sAlAds 10 swirls, breAkfAst breAds, muffins And fruit turnovers combinAtion meAls 11 $5.29 per person hot entrées 12 hot buffet collection 14 desserts And beverAges 15 Breakfast Breads A vAriety of fruit And nut breAds And our low-fAt teA breAds served with how we serve you 17 flAvored creAm cheeses customized event cAtering 18 $3.99 per person kitchen locAtions on bAck cover La Prima’s Garden Breakfast Bagel Bar A selection of freshly bAked bAgels served with butter, JAm And A choice of plAin And flAvored creAm cheeses $3.79 per person $7.49 per person with smoked sAlmon, tomAtoes, onions And cApers Assorted Donut Display A selection of freshly bAked donuts from the best locAl bAkeries $3.99 per person Continental Breakfast Selections we’ve designed three delicious combinAtions feAturing our most populAr breAkfAst plAtters with fresh fruit sAlAd And Assorted Juices As pArt of our ongoing commitment to heAlthy And ethicAl food, in 2010 we opened the lA primA gArden in college pArk, mArylAnd. using sustAinAble #1 Assorted pAstry buffet $7.99 per person fArming prActices in our urbAn gArden, we now cultivAte And hArvest fresh $8.99 per person with bAgels tomAtoes, bAsil, oregAno, thyme, pArsley, mint And other herbs. during the growing seAson these ingredients Are used in All our kitchens. in #2 breAkfAst bAgel bAr $7.99 per person Addition, All food wAste from our two lArgest kitchens is now composted into rich And heAlthy soil. with our gArden, composting prActices And green #3 breAkfAst breAds $7.99 per personcAtering options, we continue to support your commitment to responsible eAting. add fresh fruit salad and assorted juices to any of our breakfast selections $4.29 per person Prices are subject to change without notice. order online 3
  3. 3. Healthy Choice Breakfast Selections Breakfast Burritos 10 person minimum served individually wrapped and presented with tomato salsa mccann’s steel cut oatmeal minimum order of 10 per vAriety; serving size is 2 burritos per person served with honey And rAisins $3.69 per person flour tortillAs filled with scrAmbled eggs And the following fillings: with fresh berries $3.49 per person AdditionAl cheddAr And JAck cheeses sAusAge , cheddAr And JAck cheeses individual egg white stratas bAcon, cheese, sun-dried tomAtoes And cilAntro whipped egg whites bAked with blAck beAns, peppers, whole wheAt croutons migAs (onions, peppers, tomAtoes, chopped corn tortillAs And cheese) And cheese $5.99 per person (2 per serving) $5.49 per person (2 per serving) Cold Selections Full Breakfast fresh fruit platter with fresh pineapple, melon, berries, scrambled eggs with turkey or pork sausage, or turkey seasonal fruit and seedless grapes or pork bacon, home fried potatoes, southern biscuits, smAll plAtter serves 8–12 $39.99 eAch butter and jam medium plAtter serves 15–20 $59.99 eAch $8.99 per person lArge plAtter serves 25–30 $79.99 eAch fresh fruit salad $3.99 per person Beverages assorted bottled juices $2.19 eAch whole fruit $1.49 eAch freshly squeezed orange juice $19.99 gAllon assorted individual fruit yogurts $2.29 eAch coffee and tea freshly brewed fAir trAde locAlly roAsted coffees or house made granola $2.49 per person A selection of gourmet And orgAnic teAs with lemon wedges hAlf pint 2% milk $.99 eAch All include sugAr, sweeteners And creAmbuttermilk biscuits with butter and jam $2.29 per person (2 per serving) cArAfe serves 10 cups $19.99 smAll urn serves 25 cups $39.99 medium urn serves 40 cups $59.99 Hot Breakfast Suggestions lArge urn serves 80 cups $99.99 10 person minimum individual egg strata with spinach, mushroom and swiss select from a variety of bottled waters, sodas and iced teas cheese $5.99 per person (2 per serving)individual egg strata with bacon, cheddar and green onion $5.99 per person (2 per serving) scrambled egg and cheese on bagel with bacon or sausage $5.49 eAch banana-stuffed french toast, served with butter and maple syrup $6.49 per person cheddar, bacon and leek biscuits $2.99 eAch southern biscuits with sausage gravy $7.49 per person (2 per serving) scrambled eggs $3.69 per person home fried potatoes $3.49 per personhickory smoked bacon (pork or turkey) $2.99 per person (2 per serving)maple cured sausage (pork or turkey) $2.99 per person (2 per serving)4 la prima catering home & office menu 5
  4. 4. La Prima’s Boxed Lunch 10 person minimumincludes lA primA’s clAssic or wrAp sAndwiches plus your choice of sides:pasta salad, fruit salad, whole fruit, potato chips, pretzels, mini cookies, fudge brownies or toffee nut bars. caprese fresh mozzArellA cheese with plum tomAtoes, pesto Andwith one side $7.99 with two sides $8.99 with three sides $9.99 with four sides $10.99 fresh bAsil on bAguettesandwiches can vary, but please select the same sides for each box ordered. sandwiches mediterranean eggplAnt, provolone cheese, tomAto bAsil relish And roAsted red peppers on herbed focAcciA ham and brie blAck forest hAm And brie with honey mustArd on bAguette All of lA primA’s sAndwiches come with kosher dill pickle speArs And Are dressed with speciAlty condiments. pleAse specify if you prefer your sAndwiches grilled vegetable wrap portobello mushrooms, AspArAgus, bell peppers, dry with condiments on the side. pesto And bAby greens on A whole wheAt tortillA The Assorted Sandwich Platter our most populAr sAndwich plAtter served on A vAriety of freshly bAked chicken avocado wrap grilled chicken breAst with fresh AvocAdo, ArtisAn breAds And in colorful flour or whole wheAt tortillAs with leAf pepper JAck cheese And chipotle mAyonnAise lettuce And our house mAde dressings. select your fAvorites or let us creAte An Assortment from the clAssic And wrAp sAndwiches. buffalo chicken wrap grilled chicken breAst with hot sAuce, $7.29 per person blue cheese, shredded lettuce And tomAtoes on flour tortillA la prima’s classic sandwiches La Prima’s Deli Platter south street hoagie with cAppicolA hAm, sAlAmi, provolone 10 person minimum And our signAture hoAgie mix choose from A vAriety of meAts, vegetAbles, cheeses, And sAlAds. grilled chicken with roAsted peppers And chipotle creAm served with An Assortment of freshly bAked breAds, sliced tomAtoes, lettuce, roast beef and cheddar with horserAdish dill pickles, honey mustArd, lemon-cAper mAyonnAise And creAmy horserAdish dill ham and swiss with honey mustArd sAuce, And deli sAlAds. roasted turkey and havarti with lemon cAper mAyonnAise $9.99 per person home-style chicken salad meat and vegetarian fillings (select 3): lemon-pepper tuna salad with cucumber And tomAto smoked or roAsted turkey breAst, hAm, roAst beef, cAppicolA hAm, smoked mozzarella, bAsil pesto* And roAsted tomAtoes genoA sAlAmi, itAliAn cAponAtA, sAutéed eggplAnt *in seAson, our pesto is mAde with our own orgAnicAlly grown bAsil sandwich salad fillings (select 1): from our college pArk gArden lemon-pepper tunA sAlAd, home-style chicken sAlAd, hummus, or curried chicken sAlAd la prima’s wrap sandwiches cheese fillings (select 2): smoked turkey with pepper jack cheese, lettuce And chipotle mAyonnAise swiss, smoked mozzArellA, provolone, cheddAr, monterey JAck curried chicken salad with rAisins And celery turkey barbecue with blAck beAns, corn And shredded white cAbbAge deli style salads (select 2) served in deli contAiners: grilled chicken verde with cilAntro, tomAto And red pepper coleslAw, potAto sAlAd or mAcAroni sAlAd roast beef with blue cheese, bAcon And tomAto pan fried eggplant with fetA red pepper spreAd Hot Sub Bar roasted vegetables and red pepper hummus with fresh spinAch 10 person minimum on eAch selection build your own hot sAndwich with your choice of fillings served with sub rolls $9.69 per person La Prima’s Signature Sandwiches itAliAn meAtbAlls, philly cheese steAk, chicken pArmesAn, turkey bArbecue, itAliAn A vAriety of our premium sAndwich combinAtions sAusAge And peppers, eggplAnt cAponAtA $7.99 per sAndwich cajun chicken blAckened chicken breAst And hAvArti cheese with 3-Foot Sub roAsted red pepper And chipotle creAm on bAguette choose up to three different fillings for eAch sub: clAssic itAliAn, roAst turkey And hAvArti, hAm And swiss, roAst beef And smoked turkey, brie and apple smoked turkey breAst with brie, cheddAr, eggplAnt And provolone cheese. includes homemAde dressings grAnny smith Apple And honey mustArd on sunflower breAd eAch sub is cut into 18 sAndwiches $84.99 (less thAn $4.75 per serving) 6 la prima catering home & office menu 7
  5. 5. saladsSide Salads dishes Lighter & side $3.99 per person soups & hot sides Hot Sides fresh fruit sAlAd side dishes are sold by the pan eAch pAn serves 10–15 gArden sAlAd bAked mAcAroni And cheese $39.99 cAesAr sAlAd gArlic mAshed potAtoes $29.99 citrus spinAch sAlAd roAsted red potAtoes with rosemAry $29.99 greek sAlAd rice pilAf $29.99 bow tie pAstA primAverA sweet corn pudding $36.99 chipotle potAto sAlAd rAtAtouille $49.99 roAsted new potAto sAlAd vinAigrette green beAns with Almonds $36.99 field greens with pArmesAn, peppers And bAlsAmic broccoli grAtin with pArmesAn cheese $36.99 quinoA sAlAd with rAisins, tomAto And scAllion spinAch And cheese pie with tomAto sAuce $49.99 corn And blAck beAn sAlAd House Made Soups Signature Side Salads $4.59 per person served with assorted crackers mesclun greens with sugAred wAlnuts And blue cheese $4.99 per person (10 person minimum) itAliAn greens with bAlsAmic tomAtoes And fresh mozzArellA new englAnd clAm chowder fresh spinAch And goAt cheese french onion soup with cheese crouton plum tomAtoes, bAsil And fetA chicken noodle isrAeli couscous with fetA cheese And roAsted vegetAbles roAsted red pepper (vegetAriAn) *pesto pAstA sAlAd mushroom bisque with roAsted gArlic (vegetAriAn) bAby spinAch with strAwberries And pecAns minestrone (vegAn) gAzpAcho (AvAilAble mAy-september) (vegAn) *our pesto is mAde with our own orgAnicAlly grown bAsil from our college pArk gArden, when in seAson Breads a la Carte gourmet breads – herbed focAcciA, bAguettes And dinner rolls Gourmet Sides $5.29 per person (10 person minimum) with sweet butter $.99 per person grilled vegetAble Assortment of portobello mushrooms, AspArAgus, peppers, garlic knots – pizzA dough knots tossed in seAsoned gArlic butter summer squAsh And onion served wArm $17.99 per dozen fresh mozzArellA with plum tomAtoes And fresh bAsil served jalapeño corn bread with sweet butter with gArlic bAsil dressing 19.99 per pAn (serves 15-20) cheese tortellini pAstA primAverA sAlAd with red wine vinAigrette grilled AspArAgus with roAsted tomAtoespAppArdelle pAstA sAlAd with roAsted tomAtoes, spicy eggplAnt, pArmesAn cheese And itAliAn pArsley Other Sides individuAl bAgs of potAto chips, pretzels $1.29 deli style coleslAw, potAto or mAcAroni sAlAd served from quArt contAiners $9.99 per quArt (serves 6–8) Prices are subject to change without notice.8 la prima catering home & office menu 9
  6. 6. Salmon Nicoise Salad $11.99 per person roAsted sAlmon medAllions served on romAine lettuce with green beAns, red potAtoes, hArd cooked eggs And kAlAmAtA olives AccompAnied by entrée platters white bAlsAmic dressing Chef’s Salad $9.99 per person 10 person minimum Julienne turkey, hAm, cheddAr And provolone cheese on romAine lettuce with Flank Steak $11.99 per person cucumbers, tomAtoes And hArd cooked eggs AccompAnied by creAmy rAnchsoy And bAlsAmic mArinAted flAnk steAk gArnished with pee wee potAtoes And And bAlsAmic vinAigrette dressings peArl onions AccompAnied by horserAdish dill sAuce Cajun Chicken $9.99 per person blAckened chicken breAst gArnished with roAsted peppers And green beAns combination meals Red Pepper Salmon $12.99 per person to ease your ordering process, we’ve designed completeroAsted sAlmon filets glAzed with red pepper pesto And gArnished with grilled packages with some of our most popular selections AspArAgus speArs #1 the Assorted sAndwich plAtter, A lighter side sAlAd selection (choose two Lemon Oregano Chicken $9.99 per person with orders over 10) And our sweet tooth plAtterlemon And herb mArinAted chicken breAst AccompAnied by creAmy citrus sAuce $13.99 per person entrée salads #2 the deli plAtter with Assorted cookies $12.29 per person #3 select from chicken, spinAch, clAssic itAliAn or cheese steAk cAlzones with 10 person minimum gArden or cAesAr sAlAd And A sweet tooth plAtter Black and Blue Steak Salad $11.99 per person $13.99 per person sliced flAnk steAk with cAJun seAsoning, crumbled blue cheese, roAsted peppers And grilled red onion on crisp romAine lettuce served #4 tAco sAlAd served with hot chili, tortillA chips, And mini dessert bArs with tomAto bAsil vinAigrette $13.49 per person, 10 person minimum $2.99 per person AdditionAl with guAcAmole, sAlsA And sour creAm Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad $10.49 per person crisp romAine with grilled mArinAted chicken breAst, croutons And freshly #5 bAked ziti, gArden or cAesAr sAlAd And petite cheesecAkes grAted pArmesAn, served with our house mAde cAesAr dressing $139.99 per order, eAch order serves 10 Taco Salad with Hot Chili Topping $10.49 per person #6 choose from the hot subs selections with potAto chips And cup cAkes crisp greens topped with blAck olives, green onions, chopped tomAtoes And $12.99 per person, 10 minimum of eAch vArietycheddAr cheese feAtured with crisp tortillA chips And your selection of spicy beef And sAusAge, mild white turkey, or three-beAn vegetAriAn chili #7 the philAdelphiAn: cheese steAk hot subs, south street hoAgies, Add guAcAmole, sour creAm And sAlsA $2.99 AdditionAl per person herr’s potAto chips And tAstykAke treAts $13.49 per person 10 person minimum Chicken Fettuccine with Dill $9.99 per person #8 signAture sAndwiches with A gourmet side And strAwberry Angels chicken breAst And fettuccine tossed with fresh dill, tomAtoes, cApers And $16.49 per person mAyonnAise on A bed of romAine lettuce #9 lemon-oregAno chicken plAtter, lighter side sAlAd And Assorted cookies Asian Noodle Salad with Beef or Chicken $9.99 per person $15.99 per person, 10 person minimum sesAme noodles with strips of grilled flAnk steAk or chicken breAst tossed with crisp vegetAbles And A blend of AsiAn flAvors10 la prima catering home & office menu 11
  7. 7. Calzones A pocket of our freshly bAked pizzA dough stuffed with your choice of four different fillings: hot entrées • cAppicolA hAm, pepperoni And cheese served with clAssic mArinArA sAuce • itAliAn herb chicken And three itAliAn cheeses served with tomAto sAuce • sAutéed spinAch with fetA, pArmesAn And mozzArellA served with tomAto sAuce • philAdelphiA cheese steAk with shAved steAk, provolone, AmericAn cheese Bourbon Street Chicken And grilled onions tender chicken breAst stuffed with Andouillie sAusAge And crAyfish $7.59 per person 10 person minimum AccompAnied by rice pilAf $11.99 per person, 10 person minimum Grilled Skewers 10 person minimum for eAch selection Chicken Parmesan flAnk steAk, chicken breAst, or shrimp ArrAnged on A lArge skewer with redtender chicken breAsts coAted with grAted pArmesAn And itAliAn breAdcrumbs, And green peppers, red onions, golden pineApple And fresh mushrooms bAked with our clAssic mArinArA sAuce, topped with three itAliAn cheeses And two skewers per person with rice pilAf 10 person minimum AccompAnied by pAstA with tomAto sAuce And freshly grAted pArmesAn steAk or chicken $12.59 per person $10.99 per person, 10 person minimum shrimp $13.99 per person La Prima Lasagna Selections Fajitas pinwheel style lasagna 10 person minimum for eAch selection select from three cheeses, beef And itAliAn sAusAge, or vegetAriAn grilled flAnk steAk, chicken, shrimp, or portobello mushrooms with peppers $89.99 per pAn, serves 12–15 (20 pinwheels per pAn) And onions served wArm with sAlsA, sour creAm, guAcAmole, cheddAr cheese, shredded lettuce And flour tortillAs beef, chicken, or mushroom $13.99 per person layered lasagna shrimp $14.99 per person spiced turkey sAusAge with chopped spinAch And fennel $79.99 per pAn, serves 9–12 The Original Three Chilis Baked Ziti Selections southwestern style with spicy sAusAge, ground beef And red kidney beAns la prima chef’s classic with vegetarian marinara sauce white turkey with gArbAnzo beAns, peArl onions And bArley $69.99 per pAn, pAn serves 9–10 vegetarian with blAck beAns, roAsted corn And chipotle peppers served with tortillA chips, cheddAr cheese And green onions $8.99 per person 10 person minimum mushroom ziti with rosemary and three cheeses $79.99 per pAn, pAn serves 9-10 add a garden or caesar salad to any hot entrée $2.99 per person Eggplant Parmesan thin slices of sAutéed eggplAnt lAyered with fresh ricottA And mozzArellA cheeses And tomAto-bAsil sAuce $79.99 per pAn, serves 9-12 add meatballs or italian sausage to any hot entrée $3.29 per person add a garden or caesar salad to any hot entrée $2.99 per person Prices are subject to change without notice.12 la prima catering home & office menu 13
  8. 8. hot buffet collection dessert selections 10 person minimum perfect for buffet dining, our entrées Are prepAred to order Sweet Tooth Assortment An Assortment of freshly bAked miniAture chocolAte chip, oAtmeAl rAisin And vegetAriAn selections $8.99 per person peAnut butter cookies, rich fudge brownies, toffee-wAlnut bArs And chocolAte chicken, flAnk steAk, meAtbAlls, or sAusAge $10.99 per person And white chocolAte dipped pretzels with AdditionAl “bAker’s choice” cookies shrimp $11.99 per person $3.59 per person ordering is simple, Just follow these three steps. step 1: choose A starch – pAstA, brown or white rice, or roAsted potAtoes Assorted Cookies step 2: choose A meat – grilled chicken breAst pieces, flAnk steAk, shrimp, freshly bAked chocolAte chip, oAtmeAl rAisin, peAnut butter And buttery mini meAtbAlls or itAliAn sAusAge teA cookies. Also AvAilAble in mini size step 3: choose An originAl sauce from the following selections: $2.99 per person florentine light creAm sAuce with spinAch And A touch of spicy tomAto Tantalizing Tarts individuAl tArtlets including lemon, key lime, sour creAm Apple, rosemary alfredo our clAssic pArmesAn creAm sAuce with mushrooms, crAnberry pecAn And chocolAte nut infused with fresh rosemAry $4.99 per person cacciatore tomAto sAuce with sweet bell peppers And mushrooms teriyaki clAssic AsiAn brown sAuce with peppers And toAsted sesAme seeds Chocolate Extravaganza tuscan white bean with sAutéed onions, tomAtoes, gArlic And sAge chocolAte nut tArts, petite chocolAte cheesecAkes, chocolAte filled with A splAsh of wine vinegAr cAnnolis, fudge brownies And double chocolAte fudge cookies $4.99 per person sherried mushroom A flAvorful vegetAble reduction with sAutéed mushrooms, creAm And sherry provencal chunky tomAtoes with Artichokes, roAsted peppers Dolce Americana AmericAn And itAliAn fAvorites, including cAnnolis, chocolAte dipped And blAck kAlAmAtA olives coconut mAcAroons, petite cheesecAkes And cArmelitA bArs caponata roAsted eggplAnt, zucchini, tomAtoes, peppers And cApers $4.79 per person southwestern spiced tomAto sAuce with blAck beAns And cilAntro Petite Cheesecakes add a garden or caesar salad to any hot entrée individuAl chocolAte, mArble And clAssic creAm cheesecAkes $2.99 per person $3.99 per person Strawberry Angels light Angel food cAke served with citrus glAzed strAwberries And whipped creAm $5.29 per person Ultimate Sweet Tooth Platter An Assortment of petite cheesecAkes, peAnut butter fudge bArs, chocolAte chip And oAtmeAl cookies served with slices of melon, grApes And strAwberries $5.49 Prices are subject to change without notice.14 la prima catering home & office menu 15
  9. 9. Dessert Bar Platter our fAvorite dessert bArs, including tAngy lemon, chocolAte brownies,wAlnut toffee, cherry crumble, cArAmel cArmelitAs, white chocolAte Almond how we serve you And peAnut butter fudge $3.99 per person Mini Cookie and Fruit Platter Disposable Equipment, Utensils And Serving Items An Assortment of our delicious home-bAked cookies our prices include AppropriAte disposAble serving utensils, plAtes, cutlery And presented with cubed seAsonAl fruit nApkins with every food order. disposAble beverAge wAre is included when $3.99 per person beverAges Are ordered. other service items such As ice buckets And disposAble tAblecloths Are AvAilAble At An AdditionAl cost. rentAl items mAy be ordered Chocolate Rum Cake for An AdditionAl chArge with At leAst 48 hours AdvAnce notice. rich chocolAte fudge cAke soAked in dArk rum with bittersweet chocolAte chunks, topped with sliced Almonds “Green Catering” $45.99 per cAke (serves 15–20) At lA primA cAtering we Are sensitive About the environmentAl impAct of whAt we do. we now offer 100% compostAble plAtes, cups And utensils mAde from Miniature French Pastries corn And sugAr, As well As compostAble trAsh bAgs with your order. to Join A vAriety of petit fours, nut tArts, creAm puffs, nApoleons, éclAirs, fresh fruit our environmentAl efforts pleAse Ask About our optionAl “green cAtering” tArtlettes And our bAker’s speciAls pAckAge which is AvAilAble for An AdditionAl chArge. $4.99 per person Orders And Cancellations while plAnning your order, pleAse note thAt some items mAy require 24 to 48 Cupcakes hours notice. Although our policy is to mAke every effort to AccommodAte A vAriety to include clAssic vAnillA, double chocolAte fudge, your cAtering needs, we require 48 hours notice for cAncellAtions. lemon with cherry butter creAm icing And chocolAte guinness $2.99 per cupcAke Delivery delivery is AvAilAble seven dAys A week, including nights, weekends And holidAys. Fresh Fruit Platter pleAse Ask your customer service representAtive About fees for delivery to your with fresh pineApple, melon, berries, seAsonAl fruit And seedless grApes locAtion in the evenings And on weekends. smAll plAtter serves 8–12 $35.99 eAch medium plAtter serves 15-20 $57.99 eAch Deposits And Payments lArge plAtter serves 25–30 $74.99 eAch A 50% deposit is required on All orders over $500.00. deposits mAy be wAived for corporAte clients Approved for credit. for finAl pAyments, we Accept mAJor Specialty Cakes – ask about our variety of flavors credit cArds or A compAny check upon delivery. pleAse Allow A minimum of 48 hours AdvAnce notice 10” round lAyer cAke serves 12–16 Additional Information quArter-sheet cAke serves 20–25 for more informAtion or AssistAnce with plAcing your order, pleAse cAll the hAlf-sheet cAke serves 30–40 cAtering kitchen neArest you. you cAn Also visit us on the web At full-sheet cAke serves 75–80 And plAce your order online. AvAilAble decorAted for birthdAys or speciAl occAsions Appetizers and Seasonal Meals pleAse Ask for A copy of our seAsonAl And Appetizer menu for AdditionAl menu Beverages options And A complete selection of hors d’oeuvres, sAvories, seAsonAl meAls And desserts. you mAy Also downloAd these menus from our website Atassorted soft drinks, spring water, fresh juices and iced teas coffee and tea service – offering A vAriety of orgAnic, blended, single origin And flAvored coffees And orgAnic And herbAl teAs Prices are subject to change without notice.16 la prima catering home & office menu 17
  10. 10. customized event catering! lA primA cAtering offers personAlized speciAl event plAnning services thAt integrAte fresh ideAs, knowledge And experience to creAte innovAtive And memorAble events tAilored to your needs And budget.lA primA cAtering’s plAnners hAve orgAnized functions including events for mAJor corporAtions, embAssies, nonprofits And government orgAnizAtions. our extensive expertise with sociAl events includes weddings, bAr And bAt mitzvAhs, first communions, grAduAtions, birthdAy pArties, picnics, bArbeques, fundrAisers And gAlAs. our services include: coordinAting A locAtion customizing A menu providing And supervising stAff estimAting expenses ArrAnging for rentAls, décor, Audio/visuAl And entertAinment developing A theme Assisting with Any necessAry permits of course, our professionAls will be there the dAy of the event to ensure thAt everything is perfect. to get stArted, pleAse cAll our event plAnners: wAshington, dc And bAltimore 301.220.1001 philAdelphiA 215.830.1225 www.laprimaevents.com18 la prima customized event catering 19