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Devon ISS Information Leaflet Autumn 2013


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Devon ISS Information Leaflet Autumn 2013

  1. 1. Food Facts... Food for life! Find out where ourVegetablesOur lunches include a choice of... Special Diets and Allergies come from inside!• 3 main courses and If your child has a specific dietary accompanying carbohydrates need for a medical reason, we are ISS Education has been working with the Soil Association to achieve the Bronze delighted to provide for them. If Food for Life Catering Mark for our school menus in Devon. This guarantees that our• 2 vegetable options you would like your child to have a school lunch, a medical dietary food meets the following standards:• Up to 6 salad choices request form is available from your• Wholemeal or white fresh, school’s reception. • All of our eggs are free range crusty baked bread • Our meat is all Farm Assured• A selection of hot and Free School Meals • Our menus contain seasonal ingredients cold desserts You may qualify for a Free School • We don’t serve any endangered fish Meal if you are in receipt of certain • All of our menus meet government guidelines for healthy and benefits. If you would like to applyLunches you can trust! please contact your school office for nutritious school meals more information.Nutrition The Soil Association has checked that our food meets these standards, and Have Your Say! awarded us the Bronze Food for Life Catering Mark as a result. The Food for LifeAll of our menus comply with the Catering Mark recognises food providers who serve fresh food you can trust. Thegovernment’s nutritional standards. We are always looking for ways to bronze, silver and gold tiers reward the use of seasonal, local, free range andWe analyse every one of our dishes improve our service. If you haveto ensure that we have just the right organic ingredients to provide fresh and healthy meals. any ideas or feedback, then pleaseamount of the 14 key nutrients that do contact us or visit our website for Schools which receive our Bronze Catering Mark standard menu can get involvedwill give a child at least one third more information. with the Food for Life Partnership – a Soil Association-led programme whichof their Guideline Daily Allowance transforms the whole school food culture. Working with its partners Garden Organic,(GDA) if eaten every day at school At a three week cycle. you will be able to read more the Focus on Food campaign and the Health Education Trust, the Soil Association We’ll explain ‘Food for life’ supports schools to take part in gardening, farm visits, cookery and food education.For more information on the about our service and accessNutritional Standards visit: downloadable versions As well as the kudos of being nationally recognised as a school with a of our menus. standard of food culture, independent evaluation demonstrates that Food for Life Devon Primary Schools As well! schools have improved Ofsted results, support their local economy and have a positive impact on childhood obesity levels. What’s not to like? Find out more at Autumn/Winter 2012 - 2013 School meals keep getting better! To find out more about the Food for Life Catering Mark visit In Devon, ISS Education have been working closely with the Soil Association’s Food for Life scheme to ensure that the school lunches we serve include a Meet the grower! diverse range of seasonal, local, and free range ingredients. These have been carefully selected in order to offer fresh and healthy meals to the children we Theme days & Promotions serve, providing each of our young diners with the nutrients needed to tackle busy Graham Brunt supplies our Devon schools with lots of different types of school days. vegetable. These include cauliflowers, cabbages, broccoli, carrots, parsnips, We love to feed hungry minds and we can proudly say that our service is being leeks and potatoes! He grows these at Home Field Farm in Shepton We are keen to educate hungry minds, as well as feed them! recognised for its excellence. We were thrilled to receive the Bronze Food for Life Beauchamp, Somerset. Catering Mark in Devon for our commitment to the Food for Life scheme, as well We explored the origins of several fruits and vegetables during Home Field Farm covers a whopping 550 acres of land. Graham’s wife was our ‘Green Fingers’ week in March, offering the children salad as the Good Egg Award across the business in 2011. born on the farm and they have two daughters, Laura and Charlotte recipe cards, seeds and growing guides to help them learn more about where our food comes from. As part of the week, we ran We’ve noticed that a number of Devon pupils have ditched their lunchboxes and who also assist in maintaining the land. are opting to have school lunches instead! In the Devon schools we serve, the a ‘find the golden ticket’ competition where the winning school The family are passionate about protecting the environment received a visit from Blue Peter gardener, Chris Collins! percentage of pupils choosing to dine with us has risen by 20% already! Not bad and are careful to ensure that they practice sustainable after less than three months of service! We also place a great deal of importance on fun! farming. There are a number of ponds scattered around We’ve got loads of exciting new dishes on the menu and would love for your Home Field Farm in order to welcome ducks and other The Food Force 5 are a team of superheroes who can often be spotted in our dining halls. They are around child to give us a try. Why not join us for a tasting session to see for yourself? wildlife and support them in their natural habitats. The Get in touch to find out more! We are always delighted to hear from you with any to help teach children about the benefits of a healthy Com ea t he farm has been awarded the Nature’s Trust Award diet. This summer, each of the Food Force 5 members Fo o nd t a st e a ra inb ow at d Forc e Fa rm Ha r ve st ! questions or suggestions you have. You can contact us in the following ways: as a result of these commitments. Learn how competed in the Food Force Farm Sports Day! October lots of differe nt colours on your plate is tast y and Healthy! Phone: 0845 057 6467 Get will see the team in action again, this time exploring involved in lots offun, games and activities! why foods are particular colours. Did you know... green Create a brand new vegetabl and win a e Eating a E-mail: vegetables are packed with vitamin A which helps to rainbow mixture of brig coloured fru htly painting set! it & veg Website: will keep you fit and healthy! maintain healthy vision? Mark where you think the rainbow ends and win a Giant Bubble Maker ! Join us on XXth Anytem ber!