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The Performance Studio, Dance Classes, Singing Classes, Acting Classes
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The Performance Studio, Dance Classes, Singing Classes, Acting Classes


Published on .The number one place for Dance classes, singing classes and acting classes in Sydney. .The number one place for Dance classes, singing classes and acting classes in Sydney.

Published in: Entertainment & Humor

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  • 1. The Performance Studio   The Performance Studio Sydney (02) 9896 5559 Dance Classes | Voice Lessons | Hip Hop Classes | Performing Arts | Musical Theatre The Performance Studio is a Sydney based Performing Arts centre covering all facets of Performing arts such as Dancing , Singing , Acting , and Musical Theatre . The Performance Studio is a performance school with a strong focus on several core elements.  We offer an extensive range of Dance Classes , Singing Classes and Acting Lessons .  
  • 2.
    • Hip Hop Dancing Classes
    • Want to learn to dance like all your favourite RNB stars? A Hip Hop class at The Performance Studio is definitely the way to go. Whether you just want to get your groove on or really work towards a career as a dancer, going to a class will definitely help you. You can learn to pop, lock, krump, break and freestyle as well as working on some basic floor work. It is really important that you find a class that you are comfortable with as every teacher is different and their class will vary according to their own training and style
  • 3.
    • T ap Classes
    • Ever fancied yourself a Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire in the making? Tap classes is a fantastic hobby to pursue. Not only can you make a huge amount of noise but you can discover the inner musician in you at the same time. Tap requires an extraordinary amount of rhythm and confidence. Unlike jazz, the audience can hear you if you get it wrong. Saying that though, almost any step will appear right if done with confidence and with a smile on your face. Tap has evolved from the days of the 1930’s chorus girls into a much more gritty and funky form of dance. The emphasis these days is on intricate rhythms, individuality and showmanship. It is a great class for both males and females to participate in with loads of qualified teachers at The Performance Studio.
  • 4.
    • Voice Lessons
    • Everyone loves to sing. If you have ever wanted to practice your singing and develop your singing voice, The Performance Studio is a great place to start. Offering students of all levels vocal training. Topics covered include vocal warm-up, safe singing technique, pitch, sight-singing, harmony and song analysis and lyric interpretation. The Performance Studio offers singing classes for all ages. Don't die with your song still inside you - enrol today and realise your singing potential.
  • 5.
    • Theatre Production
    • The Performance Studio is one of Sydney's best Acting Schools - offering students the opportunity to learn the craft of acting. Being a good actor involves learning the many techniques that will result in a solid stage/screen performance. At The Performance Studio acting is defined as “believable storytelling”. Acting classes focus on the many areas including: vocal quality, characterisation, improvisation, non-vocal communication, script reading, script analysis, objective/beats/actions and many other areas. Students are given many “tools of the trade” which are practised in class. Public performances are also offered at The Performance Studio, allowing students to put their craft to the test - the ultimate judge of success will of course be...the audience!
  • 6.
    • Acting Training
    • Acting Classes will teach you the craft of Acting. There are many techniques and skills that you need to learn in order to become a good actor. Everyone can act, but a great actor will be versatile and have the skills to be able to create a vast cross section of believable characters. An actors instrument is their body and that is why good acting classes will teach you how to get the most out of your voice and your body to ensure your body is a great canvas on which many fine characters can be created. Many acting methods have been developed over the years, however not all acting methods work for all actors. An actor needs to be open to explore the various methods/techniques and find out which ones best help them produce fine and repeatable performances.
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    • The Performance Studio is owned an operated by professional Performing Arts staff.  All staff have been fully trained and qualified and operate with the highest level of professionalism, honesty and integrity.
    • Take that next step and contact The Performance Studio today to see what you are really capable of!
    • Contact The Performance Studio Today - (02) 9896 5559