How do you live your mission


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Vision, Culture and Feeding It to Build The Brand Within

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How do you live your mission

  1. 1. “How Do You Live Your Mission?” Vision, Culture and Feeding It To Build The Brand Within
  2. 2. Company Vision = 100% ClarityWhat does the company stand for? All must communicate that to customers and partners. Size of company doesn’t matter.
  3. 3. 3 Main Components:#1: How Vision impacts brand strategy #2: Which influences your Culture#3: Culture is fed by content marketing provided by brand ambassadors ”
  4. 4. Or as I like to call it:Building The Brand Within ”
  5. 5. VISIONt’s t
  6. 6. Beyond what you do, what are you about?t’s t
  7. 7. Great companies understand they must deliver more than a product or service.t’s t
  8. 8. How Will I Live My Mission Today?
  9. 9. “I want to build something that looksdifferent in terms of its outside design and how people interact with it.” “Everything we create here must be remarkable. A revelation.”
  10. 10. What’s the feeling someone gets when they deal with you? What do you rescue them from? What do you empower people to do? Do your employees really believe that too?t’s th
  11. 11. This has nothing to do with what you DO. But who you ARE.t’s th
  12. 12. CULTUREt’s t
  13. 13. The Equation That’s Been Around FOREVER: If Customer Has X Need = We Provide Y Goods/Services
  14. 14. Creating A Culture of Rewards
  15. 15. Everything in the Culture of Rewardsis geared to make us happy and elicit an emotion. They go above and beyond. How?
  16. 16. A friend told me. I got a coupon or free sample.I was asked my opinion and received evidence the company heard me. I had fun. It was personalized. It was wonderfully dependable. It was the fastest response I’ve ever encountered. They gave me something for my trouble. They gave me something for being loyal.
  17. 17. “Unexpected Surprises”Don’t Happen by Accident.
  18. 18. FEEDING IT
  19. 19. Content Marketing (a.k.a. Inbound Marketing) White Papers eBooks Webinars eNewsletters Blogs Case Studies VideoMicrosites and Landing Pages Podcasts Mobile
  20. 20. Who Can Help Us?A) Content Marketing ConsultantB) Brand Ambassadors from Within
  21. 21. Bad Selection for Brand Ambassador “I’m in the Marketing Department so I should do it.” “I don’t get this social media stuff. But I guess I’ll try it out if I have to.”
  22. 22. Good Selection for Brand Ambassador Title/Dept. matters little Already passionate about social media Never see it as a chore Excited to channel their passion into telling and sharing the company storyDon’t mind being measured based on criteria and results See it as part of their work, not extra work
  23. 23. Integrating content marketing 1. Get the CEO to buy into it.2. Identify employees already passionate about it.1. Identify one person (at least) to guide structure and direction as a brand resource for all
  24. 24. Question Time!Let’s Hear Them.
  25. 25. Dan 773.677.6043