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Paper bachao, ped bacaho
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Paper bachao, ped bacaho


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Published in: Business

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  • 1. Paper Bachao, PedBachao
    The Story of Change
    The Indus World School, Gurgaon
    Mentors: Veena & Shikha
    Adrija, Shruti, Atman, Ankur, Ashvin, Lavanya, Mehak, Aryan, Adwithya, Anandita
  • 2. Feel
    A lot of paper was being wasted in the school. The children discussed their concern of paper wastage.
    We collected data of all the places where paper was being wasted or over-used and the results were alarming!
    We interviewed the children and staff members. All of us felt that we need to do something to stopping Paper Wastage.
  • 3. During the discussions we wondered about:
    How is paper made?
    How can we stop wasting paper?
    Why should we save paper?
    What will happen if we save paper?
    And Lo and Behold we actually realized paper is made from TREES…. and if we don’t waste paper, we will also protect the Environment.
    We all earnestly got down to working on the Project and called it…Paper Bachao, PedBachao
  • 4. Imagine
    We started with writing letters to the trees, thanking them for being there for us and telling them that we were planning to do something for them.
    We realized before asking others to do something about paper wastage, we need to stop wasting paper Ourselves.
    Our mentors introduced 3 golden words of Saving paper.
    We chalked out a plan for implementing 3R’s in the class and school and planting trees in the neighborhood too!
  • 5. Do
    We decided to stop tearing paper from our notebooks for making aero-planes and tippi-tippi tap!
    We researched over the net alternate ways of re-using paper and saw processes of re-cycling paper.
    We went and spoke to the Kabaadiwala to know to find out what happens to the paper we give to him and how is it re-used.
    We visited the Tara re-cycle plant and saw paper being recycled.
    We made posters for spreading awareness about paper wastage.
  • 6.
  • 7. Do
    Along with our mentors we made papiermache articles and bags from newspapers.
    For our class and school we made Recycle and Reuse bins.
    We formulated an e-mail for spreading the message across
    To spread awareness we started to work on a play.
    Along with the music sir we composed a song of the Gulmohar Tree Song.
    We also learnt a dance about creation and destruction in Nature
  • 8.
  • 9. Share
    We went to classes to distribute the recycle and reduce bins and explained to the little children about the importance of reducing paper wastage. We narrated stories to get our message across to the smaller grades.
    We had joint discussions with children from Shriram school who came over for filming our project. Our interviews were conducted and recorded by them.
    To spread awareness we put up posters in the school.
    We enacted a play for the school informing them about where all paper wastage is happening and how we can stop it both at home and school.
    Our Families and Friends all got together to Plant trees in the Bio-diversity Park
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  • 12. Thankyou