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IND-2012-219 AKYSBI Mumbai- Roads!


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IND-2012-219 AKYSBI Mumbai- Roads!

  2. 2. LAUNCH OF “DESIGN FOR CHANGE” ON 18th MAY 2012 (During Final of Holiday club)
  3. 3. Held meeting to plan for our program/event
  4. 4. Came up with idea of “FUN FAIR” to raise fundsfor purchases and also accumulated scrap from places to aid fund raising
  5. 5. Preparation of how to present “FUN FAIR”
  6. 6. COLLECTEDWith The Help Of Funfair We Not Only Raised RS 800/-Fund But Also Passed The Message Of Save FROM THEEnvironment Clean Our Society In Jamat Khana FUN FAIR
  7. 7. Asked for suggestion from Jamat ondesign for change (During Fun Fair)
  8. 8. Preparation of Rally’
  9. 9. Street Play
  10. 10. Street Play in Jamat Kahana
  11. 11. Rally was organized for awareness withan objective of “ Do not litter yourcity keep it clean”
  12. 12. Participants• Inara Dodhia -Age 14• Anika Motani -Age 14• Noreen Lalani -Age 13• Riya Daredia -Age 13• Saheba Motani -Age 12• Ali Lakhani -Age 12• Zahid Sarangwala -Age 12• Salil Kamdar -Age 14
  13. 13. • Event was launched on:- 18th MAY 2012 • Final implementation started in August • Planning for fund rising started in September • Funfair was organized on 25 and 28th September 2012. • Rally was organized on 28th September 2012• Putting dust bin and street play in first and second week of October
  14. 14. Thank you