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Cci girls


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Seeking to promote awareness among their peers and the community at large about taking care of the environment, children at City School, Girl’s Branch, Capital Campus, Islamabad launched an awareness campaign in their school. They held a public display of motivational messages about recycling coupled with incentives for students who engaged in positive environmental practices.

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Cci girls

  1. 1. Design for Change “Tackle Trash” Girls Section Capital Campus Islamabad
  3. 3. Feel: What was the problem you were attempting to change?  Our motherland Pakistan is going through many environmental issues nowadays, this is because the citizens are not making any efforts to clean the country.
  4. 4. IDEAS TO BRING SANITATION & HYGIENE IN SCHOOLS  WASHROOMS  Liquid Hand wash  Tissue paper for drying  Hand sanitizers  Germicide  Exhaust fan  Air freshener
  5. 5.    We all think that it is our Government's responsibility to work for such causes. But I personally think that this thought is very useless because we all are a part of this country and not only one group of people can make a change, its us that can bring a change in the environment and join hands for a litter-free Pakistan.
  6. 6. .  Keeping in view all these facts, we, the youth of Pakistan have started to think upon this issue.  We as the citizens of The City School started campaigning and we wanted to change the environment in many ways.
  7. 7. .  We wanted everyone to use dustbins instead of trashing their rubbish here and there, we wanted every one to keep the campus clean, keep their classrooms clean, keep their washrooms clean and be a part of this campaign.
  8. 8. Imagine: Tell us some of the Ideas generated?  As we began our campaigning, we, in groups, five children from each class, went to different sections of the campus for advocacy and to create awareness among the students.
  9. 9. INSIDE AND OUTSIDE SCHOOL BUILDING: Awareness of: proper usage of dustbins recyclable/reusable material promoting use of paper bags instead of plastic bags germs (as monster cartoons for kids) covering the open bins digging a ditch for garbage disposal personal minidustbins introduced in classes
  10. 10. CANTEEN AREA: use hand sanitizers use germicide on table tops benches/small tables with chairs
  11. 11. . We all carried posters in our hands with some slogans written on them, this was to tell the school staff and the students about the cause for which we were campaigning .
  12. 12. .
  13. 13. Do: What was your final solution, and how did it change the situation and yourself?  This campaign actually worked! Our hard work had finally changed the minds of some Pakistanis, who listened to our message and joined their hands in this noble cause.
  14. 14. . The children of our school were so impressed with this campaign that they took a part and helped us spread this word. The small kids of junior grades appreciated our work, and as observed they started to clean their classes and they threw all their rubbish in the bins.
  15. 15. INCENTIVES: Certificate for environment friendly child of the week The best environment friendly activity of the week announcement The best recycled/reused material of the month The environment friendly section of the month / class of the month
  16. 16. .  Our parents were very proud of us, they helped us in every possible way to work for this cause and they were very supportive throughout. They helped to spread this message outside the school as well, and by this means we were able to disseminate our message to a large number of individuals. The students from other sections also took a part in this campaign and worked for a Litter-free environment.
  17. 17. OUTLOOK The incentives will encourage individual student at first and then section wise later on whole school based. The students activities and projects will be introduced to other schools and on media to increase the participation of students on a broader aspect. The fine will be used to further improve the sanitation and environment of school. This will help discourage the students in littering and improve the environment of the school.
  18. 18. . We made many efforts to make Pakistan a litter- free country and we played our parts. Now I hope that every one of us will help keep the surroundings clean and make our dream for a CLEAN and GREEN PAKISTAN come true. I am to learn.